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Anti-Lock Brake Systems: ABS

Anti-Lock braking systems

Anti-Lock Brake Systems
Anti-Lock Brake Systems

Anti-Lock Brake Systems

So, this is one of the things that I am most proud of. Of course, I have been a garage owner ! Is when a customer contacts my garage for a brake problem sorted out? Subsequently, it appears not to be the price that the person is worried about. Because they know how important it is to have good brakes on their car.

Before we remove the wheels, we examine the brakes. So, generally, we have a blank canvas to work from. We know that most cars get to the stage of having practically no brakes! Then the braking system will be in pretty bad shape. Believe me, they usually are.

Back in the old days! Then the car’s brakes were a much simpler affair to diagnose and repair. Of course, with only the upper end of the market cars. Having any type of electrical modification in order to aid  better braking. As in almost all the car developments. So, brakes were originally tested and tried on motorsport vehicles. Long time before being tried and tested on average road cars. Including the beginning of the ABS braking systems! Importantly, those are in common use today.

At first, Anti-lock braking systems only came out on prestige cars such as BMW and Mercedes

but many drivers had not heard of them before; in fact, we still get customers today who do not know what it means when their ABS warning light comes on and have to be investigated. Twenty years ago, many vehicle owners were given the option of having ABS brakes or not, a similar sort of thing to fitting alloy wheels or steel wheels; they were an optional extra.

Anti-Lock braking systems: work differently to a standard braking system

ABS brakes do act differently from a normal braking system. The main two advantages are that when you are braking on a wet, slippery road surface, or, say, on ice, your car will stop quicker; this also applies to normal roads, of course. Also, the car will handle much better when the driver has to brake and steer at the same time. Once again, in bad weather conditions, the car will handle much better than when using a conventional braking system.

In any normal driving situation,

such as stopping at traffic lights or at a road junction, the Anti-Lock Braking Systems do not activate, but if you need to brake sharply and suddenly, the Anti-Lock Braking Systems will be activated and assist you in braking more safely.

The Anti-Lock Brake Systems send out pulses of pressure instead of the single pressure that is asserted when braking a normal car. You can actually feel the pulses coming through the brake pedal when you have to exert pressure on the brake pedal in an emergency stop. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that if you do encounter a challenging situation, such as snow or a non-tarmac road, you will still need to slow down because your ABS system won’t be able to assist you.

The main benefit of Anti-Lock Braking Systems is that the driver has full control when braking and steering at the same time, which can help the driver steer away from danger; they prevent the wheel from locking in certain conditions.

Practice your ABS brake system—Anti-Lock Brake Systems

In my experience, it has always been a good idea to take your car and practice with the brakes if you are driving a car fitted with ABS brakes for the first time and get used to the different feel of the brakes when going straight and when steering.

The in-cab ABS warning light may come on if there is a fault with the ABS system or the normal braking system. If the warning light comes on, then you should have the brakes looked at as soon as possible. In our experience it is usually something simple, such as a faulty electrical connection or even that the car needs a set of new pads. You can also find problems with Anti-Lock Brake Systems and other Anti Lock Brake Parts. Once the problem has been found and rectified the ABS warning light can be re-set with a computer.

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