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BMW MINI TYRES- 3 Millionth Engine built in the UK.


BMW MINI TYRES; Three million BMW Mini engines built in Hams Hall Birmingham UK

 Of course, the success story for the BMW Mini just goes on and on. Hence, you have only to look on our roads. Thus, to see how many of these excellent cars are on our roads. Consequently, the factory

BMW MINI TYRES;BMW Mini in for a brake service

where the BMW Mini is made. Is the first plant to be built outside of Germany. Of course, and is a compliment to all the people in Birmingham. Hence, with its great tradition of building good quality cars. Naturally, by a good quality workforce.

The factory that builds the BMW Mini is about 800 strong. Of course, and is expected to increase in size in the near future.

Last year (2011) . The British factory produced around 1.3 million new cars. This is expected to rise in 2012. This is a fantastic result. Therefore, it is anticipated that the UK car market. Thanks to the BMW Mini Coupe, will be a net exporter of cars for the first time since 1976 a great achievement for the British car market and their workers.

We at Pellon Autocentre love servicing and working on the new BMW Mini Countryman. They are a pleasure to work on and they have become a large part of our car servicing daily life. 

Of course the BMW Mini has replaced the old classic Mini. In my opinion the two cars have no comparison with each other. So, the BMW version is not really a mini but a mid sized saloon car. Happily we can still see some of the old classic minis driving about town. Consequently the first thing you notice is their small size. These cars are tiny compared to the BMW versions.

A great I opener in a 2020 update is that there is now a conversion kit to transform the old minis into electric cars. a great article to look at https://garagewire.co.uk/news/british-firm-launches-classic-mini-electrification-kit/


BMW MINI TYRES; BMW mini at a track day