All Alloy wheels Stuff

All Alloy wheels Stuff

Naturally, wheel refurbishment, will bring your cars wheel virtually back to new. So, the process includes totally stripping down all the old materials. Consequently, down to the original metal. Including, the total wheel both the inside and the outside. Of course and starting the renewing process all over again. All the wheels are resprayed with colour of the customer’s choice. Then they are baked in an oven at high temperature.

The final process is to apply a coating of lacquer. Of course, to give the alloy wheels a further coating for protection.

The Perils of Metal Valve Caps

The Perils of Metal Valve Caps

The Perils of Metal Valve Caps
The Perils of Metal Valve Caps

The Perils of Metal Valve Caps

Hi, there was a time when it did not matter what type of valve caps were fitted to your car’s wheels. As long as you had something to keep the dirt out of the tubeless valve on the wheels, then that’s all that mattered.

Now, because of TPMS, things have changed.

So, your car’s wheels now have a small device fitted to them. This device sends a signal to a receiver whenever the tyre pressure in the wheel or tyre drops. A warning light is activated on the car’s dash. Normally, things work fine. However, we have found that metal valve caps have become problematic.

Here at the garage, we’ve run into a less-than-charismatic problem that’s been giving us a headache in the picturesque town of Halifax, where history and modernity coexist. Metal valve caps are involved, which may not seem like a big deal, but they can have serious and expensive implications, particularly for your TPMS valves.

An Enigma Regarding Metal Valve Caps: The Perils of Metal Valve Caps

Think about this: You’re taking in the breathtaking scenery as you drive through Halifax when, all of a sudden, the TPMS light on your dashboard starts blinking menacingly. This is an indication that your tyre pressure is low, and the culprit could be those pesky metal valve caps.

For what reasons are metal valve caps made?

Metal valve caps are attractive to many vehicle fans due to their long lifespan, lustrous finish, and resistance to corrosion. They appear to be a subtle yet effective method of expressing yourself via your automobile while also adding style to your wheels. Underneath the shiny exterior, though, is a secret issue.

A Catch-22 Situation: The Perils of Metal Valve Caps

When left outside, metal valve caps can swiftly cling to your car’s tubeless valves. All sorts of issues might arise from this apparently harmless relationship. For us as Halifax garage owners, this is a problem that comes up more often than we’d like, and it’s starting to worry our clients.

The Expensive Repercussions

The topic of TPMS valves will now be discussed. When it comes to keeping you safe on the road, these little wonders are indispensable for checking your tyre pressure. Changing them, though, can cost a significant penny. The removal of those metal valve caps might turn into a real hassle when they get stuck on your TPMS valves.

Problem Avoidance: The Perils of Metal Valve Caps

Problematically, what steps can we take to ensure that this problem does not worsen in Halifax? If our clients care about their TPMS valves lasting as long as possible, they should avoid using metal valve caps. The valve caps made of plastic or rubber are more hygienic and easier to remove in case of an emergency.

Also, you really must do maintenance on a regular basis. Because road salt can hasten corrosion, it’s important to inspect your valve caps on a regular basis, but particularly after the winter. Get in touch with our Halifax garage’s experts as soon as you notice any problems if you think your metal valve caps are to blame.

An SEO Perspective: The Perils of Metal Valve Caps

If you’re a Halifax resident looking for information on how to fix a metal valve cap, you’ve come to the correct spot. Our goal is to give you helpful information that solves your problems and boosts our search engine rankings, so you can discover us more easily. We know how important it is to have good SEO.

Ultimately, metal valve caps have a certain attraction to young motorists

but we’ve noticed that they can become stuck and cause costly damage to TPMS valves here in Halifax. If you’re looking for recommendations and solutions to keep your vehicle running smoothly, your local garage is the place to go. Keep in mind that taking small precautions with valve caps will greatly benefit both your TPMS valves and your budget.

The bottom line is that if the metal valve does get seized onto the valve signal sender, then a new one has to be fitted. Motorists don’t realise that this can cost up to £100, depending on the car model and make. The rubber or plastic caps can be easily broken and removed without the need for a new sender valve. New plastic caps are replaced by us free of charge.

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brand new alloy wheel

Potholes are damaging alloy wheels.

Potholes are damaging alloy wheels.

Potholes are damaging alloy wheels
Potholes are damaging alloy wheels

Potholes are damaging alloy wheels.

See on

EricRoberts‘s insight:

Potholes Damaging Alloy Wheels and tyres are a major problem everywhere? But you can claim your money back

Of course, this is a story that I have been harping on about for a few years now. It seems that local government highway departments and city government departments are struggling with the enormity of the problem.

Originally, this excellent article was from the Detroit metropolis in Canada, but the story could be from any city in the “Western World.” including here in little old Halifax, UK. From a local point of view, we have the same problems across the whole of the UK. We are also benefiting from the extra business that this problem is bringing to us: damage to the wheels, damage to the  wheelsdamage to the tyres, and many broken springs.

Of course, the condition of our roads is a hot issue for us drivers.

We appear to be riding a bumpier ride the more we talk about it. You’re driving along, taking in the odd glimpse of sunshine, when suddenly another pothole appears. It’s a real threat to alloys and tyres equally, not simply a bother.

Everyone is aware that the UK has many beautiful drives and historical charm, but our roads? Given all the fissures and craters that dot them, they could narrate a few historical stories themselves. It is like trying to drive through a poorly written novel’s plot holes.

Here in Halifax and around the UK, the problem is quite acute.

Potholes deep enough to cook a Sunday feast are what we are discussing! And the promise of smooth tarmac is still just that, a promise, with the council’s finances tighter than a gnat’s chuff. It hurts, especially for those of us who deal with batteries and tyres on a regular basis. You could wind up with a charge for a wheel alignment, a new tyre, or both after one poor turn.

Why, then, is there a crack? As it happens, the funding and prioritisation of maintenance are part of the issue. Apparently, rather than appropriate, long-term improvements, our roadways become victims of band-aid treatments. It’s not really as effective as slapping a plaster on a broken leg. When the frost arrives each winter, those plasters simply fall off.

The effect is on our finances as well as our safety.

Avoiding potholes may make a routine commute seem like an obstacle course. And it causes serious difficulty for companies like ours, where daily operations include customer visits and delivery. It detracts from our service and, to be honest, is a little embarrassing when a customer arrives to pick up a brand-new battery and leaves with a dented alloy.

It was about time we chatted about things other than band-aid solutions. Putting money into our roads is putting money into our health, safety, and scones—after all, no one wants a scone that has endured a seismic tremble in a pothole.

The next time you’re out and about negotiating the lunar terrain of our neighbourhood lanes, consider how a little investment in our roads could make your trip safer, smoother, and a little more enjoyable. Keep an eye on things and keep your tyres inflated until then. You know where to find us if you need a battery that can withstand the highs and lows of British roads. I hope for a more comfortable journey ahead, and be careful out there.

What to do if your wheels/tyres are damaged !

The potholes also cause damage to the car’s suspension and often knock out the wheel alignment. Some of the damage can be claimed back from your local authority here in the UK.

Unfortunately, I do not know how the law works in other countries. However, if you do have pot-hole damage. Firstly, then you should take a picture of the potholes.  Secondly get an invoice for the work carried out on your car. Thirdly, then you can put in a claim for compensation. Of course, to recover your losses from the damage that the potholes have caused.

A few of our customers did this after our advice and were successful with their claim.

Because of the rise in the number of damaged alloy wheels. So, we have purchased an alloy wheel straightening machine. I feel that this, along with a new tyre vulcanizing machine, will give our customers better all-round service !

Importantly, improving customer services is always one of my business priorities. Consequently, many damaged tyres can be repaired with the correct equipment ! So, large tyres that are now used on many SUV family cars are very expensive. Getting a nail in the side wall normally means a new tyre.

However, we have now invested in equipment to be able to repair such damage! Significantly, these repairs are both safe and legal.

How Not to get at Your Locking Wheel Nuts

Damaged Alloy Wheels Repaired

Damaged Alloy Wheels Repaired

Damaged Alloy Wheels Repaired
Damaged Alloy Wheels Repaired

Damaged Alloy Wheels Repaired

Relaxing. Last week, I was sitting in my small office . Daydreaming and  just looking out of the window. So. I noticed a breakdown recovery truck with a blue car on the back. I never thought more about it, as we have these broken down cars brought into us all of the time, as most busy auto centres do.

About ten minutes later

a member of my staff came in, shouting for me to have a look at this wheel. The damaged alloy wheel had come off the car that was brought in on the back of a transporter, a Ford Focus with a sport conversion, up-rated brakes, and oversize cheap alloy Alloy You know the thing I mean, this was a young guy’s car and a bit sporty.

However, the guy had been going at speed and hit a massive pothole in the road. The impact had caused a massive blow out to both his offside (drivers side) alloy wheel and completely

wrecked the tyres and caused severe damage

to the alloy wheels. We can have small damages repaired by a local alloy wheel welding specialist. These are very often small cracks that appear on the rims and start to leak air from the wheel and tyre assembly. This is most common on some BMW models, and sometimes we have known BMW to replace wheels free of charge.

These small cracks can be repaired successfully, much to the pleasure of many of our customers. It has been a bad time for broken and cracked alloy wheels recently due to the large increase of potholes on our roads, and so it is good to be able to give our customers the good news when they do not have to buy a new wheel, but we can have their damaged refurbished Alloy Wheels repaired.

I had not seen alloy wheel so badly damaged ? Damaged Alloy Wheels Repaired

We were all amazed at the massive split in the Pothole Damaged wheel that came off the front. Shockingly, I have never seen one so bad. Splitting was almost all around the circumference of the wheel. If you look at the image below, then  you can see what I mean. Luckily for the customer, we have just become members of a buying group. Now, here in the UK, it’s called MD . Fortunately, this is one of the suppliers we can deal with. Hence, TSW Wheels sells alloy wheel and tyre packages. We were able to supply four new wheels along with two new Falken Tyres, and the guy went on his way, a happy driver.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-Centre offer car and van servicing and repairs

now including “wheel repairs” for all makes of vehicles.  Also, we sell Falken tyres online from our website.  Using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. Offering courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work. Leaving their car with us for work. Of course, we are also an official MOT testing station.

So, 80% of cars now have alloy wheels fitted to them! And as you know, every day, thousands of these wheels cause minor damage. Of course, from kerbing, potholes. Causing  stone chipping and lacquer discoloration. Predominantly, this damage stands out like a sore thumb. Especially on polished rims. Of course, by offering this new service, we were looking for a cost effective method. Of course, to repair and bring the damaged alloy wheel(s) back to a showroom finish.

Locking Wheel Nuts Lost

Locking Wheel Nuts Lost!

Locking Wheel Nuts Lost

Locking Wheel Nuts Lost
© Can Stock Photo / wslawa

Locking Wheel Nuts Lost

“Ensuring Wheel Security: The Significance of Locking Wheel Nuts for Motorists in Halifax, UK”

In the picturesque town of Halifax, where traditional cobblestone lanes intersect with contemporary roads, our automobiles serve as our reliable friends. Regardless of whether you are traversing the historical centre of town or venturing into the picturesque Yorkshire countryside, one aspect stays unchanging: the significance of ensuring the security of your vehicle’s wheels. Locking wheel nuts are essential for drivers in Halifax due to their critical role in vehicle security. Let’s explore the reasons for their importance.

Safeguarding Your Capital: Locking Wheel Nuts Lost

Your car serves as more than a mere means of transportation; it represents an investment in both autonomy and convenience. Therefore, it is inherent to have a desire to safeguard it, particularly in relation to those costly wheels and tyres. Locking wheel nuts serve as protective measures for your wheels, guaranteeing that they remain securely in place on your vehicle.

The topography of Halifax is diverse and varied.

The scenic landscapes of Halifax provide a wide variety of driving experiences. Our vehicles face a range of challenges, from the steep slopes of the metropolis to the twisting country roads of West Yorkshire. Locking wheel nuts offer enhanced security, particularly when driving on difficult terrain or when parking your vehicle alone in public spaces.

The act of deterring thieves: Locking Wheel Nuts Lost

Vehicle theft is a possibility in any location, including our close-knit town of Halifax. Locking wheel nuts serve as a barrier for potential thieves who take advantage of easy opportunities. These specialised nuts necessitate a distinct key for extraction, rendering it notably more arduous for potential wrongdoers to abscond with your wheels. It is akin to adding an additional security measure to protect the precious items in your car.

Ensuring Tranquilly for Motorists in Halifax

Being a proprietor of a garage in Halifax, I have witnessed numerous regrettable occurrences involving pilfered wheels. The tension and inconvenience it induces can be overpowering. Locking wheel nuts offer drivers in our area a sense of security, as they reduce the likelihood of their wheels being easily stolen.


Although you may perceive the addition of this additional security layer as inconvenient, there is no need to worry. Utilising locking wheel nuts is a straightforward process. Upon purchase, you will be provided with a distinctive key that securely slots onto a single wheel nut. Implementing this straightforward measure provides an additional level of protection for your car.

In conclusion :Locking Wheel Nuts Lost

In Halifax, our automobiles are not merely machines but rather important components of our everyday existence. Locking wheel nuts may appear insignificant, but they are crucial for protecting your vehicle and ensuring your peace of mind. Whether you’re exploring the picturesque streets of Halifax or travelling into the breathtaking Yorkshire environment, locking wheel nuts are essential for keeping your wheels securely attached to your car. If you have not done so already, I recommend investing in wheel protectors to ensure the safety and security of your driving experience in Halifax.

So, most people in the auto trade know about the “locking wheel nut problem.

” As a result, cars arrive at our garages and tyre shops with no way of removing the vehicles’ locking wheel nuts. In the beginning, most cars have a set of tools that enable us to remove the locking wheel nuts. These tools are fitted to secure the alloy wheels and prevent theft. Indeed, some alloy wheels are very expensive and an easy target for thieves.

Many modern vehicles are fitted with alloy wheels, and indeed, at one time, they were a selling point when garages sold a new car. In the early days of this, the wheels were often stolen. The alloys were probably sold as scrap and eventually melted down for other uses. Similar to the latest spate of “catalytic converter” thefts that we are having at the moment!

Alloy wheel thefts: what was the answer?

Importantly, the theft problem had to be solved! So, the answer would be the invention of the locking wheel nut. These came in a set of four (one for each wheel). A simple tool would fit on the locker, enabling the driver or garage to remove the locker when required. Over the years, the system has worked, except for a few hiccups!

Mainly, the car owner would lose the lockers, and when the car turns up for, say, a service and needs the wheel removed, “whoops,” there is no locker to remove the wheels. So, this happens time and time again. Fortunately, as an ingenious industry, we again solved the problem. Most garages now carry a special tool that enables us to get the locker nuts off without damaging the car’s valuable alloy wheels.

How not to remove with a saw!

So, I thought that I had seen it all until my staff sent me this image for our blog. One of our customers had attempted to cut out the locker with a hacksaw! This can clearly be seen in the images. What do you think? Have you ever seen anything like this? Please let me know.

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