Nokian Winter Tyres

Nokian Winter Tyres

The compound on the Nokian Winter Tyres, is generated from computers to provide the tyres with tread pattern with, high-void all-terrain pattern with interlocking tread blocks. This is also backed by placing the sipes in a way that rejects and throws out pieces of grit and gravel. At one time tyres with many sipes would also be noisy when driving on normal tarmac roads. The Nokian Winter Tyres, with all their siping can now run much quieter, on normal tarmac roads, due to the computer design.

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Nokian Targets SUV Tyre Market

Nokian Targets CUV-SUV Tyre Market

Nokian Targets SUV Tyre Market

This was great news for the tyre industry. But also great news for road safety. So at last the motorists have taken notice of the tyre experts and friends. Many garages and tyre dealers are beginning to increase stocks of snow tyres. But stocks are very low so telephone or go online to see what you can find. Remember this is only the beginning of winter and so snow or winter tyres will be a good investment.

Garages and tyre retailers began to see the motorists complimenting them. On how good these type of tyres really were in snow. Many garages and tyre dealers have some stocks of snow tyres. Hence, stocks are very low so telephone or go online to see what you can find.

Motorists from all over the country. Were bestowing the advantages of changing to winter tyres. From summer tyres for the winter months. Prices in the last few weeks have doubled. Indeed put the price out of reach for many motorists.

Nokian Targets SUV Tyre Market
Nokian Targets SUV Tyre Market

Nokian Targets CUV-SUV Tyre Market 1

Especially with smaller cars, silly when safety is at stake, perhaps next winter people should start buying their tyres at the end of summer. Thus, when prices are not much different to summer tyres.

It looks like the penny may have dropped as regards the drivers of SUV and Crossover vehicles. Indeed many SUV owners are also thinking about a set of spare wheels with snow tyres fitted. This seems to me to make the most common sense thing to do. Of course, you could go to a breakers yard for a set or pair of used wheels to keep the cost down.

SUV drivers really suffered in the harsh snowy winters of a couple of years ago. We noticed that the BMW drivers were all over the road. Skidding on their summer tyres. I think that some of these drivers thought that they were invincible in bad weather. As a result they were far from safe? The large diameter wheels on this type of vehicle meant that in bad weather then they lost control very easily.

Many of these SUV drivers did eventually fit or buy a set of spare steel wheels. This is the most effective way for using winter tyres and you would probably make a set last three winters or more. So, by changing them from your summer tyres from say November to March. Some tyre dealers have started storing customers winter tyres or wheels over the Summer months. Known as “tyre hotels” some for a small fee others may do it for free. Therefore, it may be worth asking, especially for those living in flats or drivers without a garage.

Nokian Targets CUV-SUV Tyre Market 2

As mentioned before I have had many customers telephoning me. Thanking me for the advice I have given them about fitting snow tyres. One lady customer was so pleased that she came back and wanted a set fitting to her mothers car she was so impressed. The sting in the tail is that suppliers started to inflate prices due to demand. Especially internet companies from the continent. Another good reason why Nokian Targets SUV Tyre Market, for more sales.

Nokians were in great demand. They were always number one in European tyre tests and so were much sought after. Now of course Nokian tyres have built up a UK tyre dealer network. Pellon Tyres are the Nokian dealers for the Calder valley area of the UK.

This winter 2010/ 2011 has proved to be worse than the winter before. Indeed November of that year had been breaking records for the coldest and the amount of snow fall. A good reason why Nokian Targets SUV Tyre Market took off. Indeed in South Yorkshire the snow reached depths of two feet in some areas. Of course, stranding many motorists, the only people who could move had either 4×4 s or were fitted with winter tyres.

Garages and auto centres have noticed a massive increase in All-weather tyre sales this winter. However some motorists took the advice of some experts, who commented that, “motorists are becoming much more safety conscious” and “have bought new snow tyres this winter for the first time”. In fact there has been a rapid growth in the number of tyre companies. Due in part to the Nokian Targets SUV Tyre Market. Hence, that are developing the all-weather tyres. Including the Nokian Targets SUV Tyre Market.

Nokian Targets CUV-SUV Tyre Market 3

Most notably Michelin tyres brought out the excellent CrossClimate tyres. This is a bit of an anomaly. because it is a summer tyre with winter tyre capabilities. This tyre carries the three peaks snow tyre sidewall emblem.

These Michelin CrossClimate have proved to be a great success. In fact many motorists are beginning to discover the great advantage of snow and winter tyres in bad weather situations. Of course this is why Nokian Targets SUV Tyre Market. Garages and tyre dealer began to see the motorists complimenting them. of course, on how good these type of tyres really were in snow.

Finally Pellon Tyres are still Nokian Tyre dealers after their re-shuffle here in 2021.

Source: Nokian Targets CUV and SUV Tire Market With eNtyre C/S – Suppliers – Modern Tire Dealer

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Falken Safety Winter Tyres

Falken Safety Winter Tyres

Falken Safety Winter Tyres
Falken Safety Winter Tyres

Falken Safety Winter Tyres

It seems crazy to me? here I am In the middle of August. Writing about winter tyres. This is something that I have done for years now. Unfortunately, I just cant get out of the habit.

I think it may be that the days are already getting shorter. Of course, I am an early riser. Consequently,the mornings are now in darkness at 5 am when I get up and see to my dogs.

So this is when I start to think about the winter and of course, winter tyres. As a result, I always order my first load of logs for the winter fires at this time of year.

Falken Safety Winter Tyres: this winter at Pellon Tyres

Of course, winter tyres are the ultimate safety companion for your car. Therefore, there are a number of separate tests. It has been shown that winter tyres are the only ones that reduce braking distances. Thus, when driving in the winter,. Winter tyres have a far shorter stopping distance when braking in snow than regular summer tyres. Hence, they are fitted as original equipment by car manufacturers.

Of course, in many parts of Europe, motorists are required by law to fit their car with winter tyres. From November onwards, vehicles that are not fitted with approved winter tyres. Hence, they are not allowed to use the roads. According to a number of separate tyre tests,. Winter tyres are the only ones that reduce braking distances when driving in the winter.

The countries with winter tyre laws do have a harsher winter than the UK. However as we all know then bad weather can strike at any time. Drivers in say Finland will drive on snow throughout the winter. The UK is different with our climate of mixed weather. it is though a more dangerous scenario. When the snow does arrive, then we are not ready for it. As a result, we get into all sorts of trouble. Trying to drive on snow covered roads with summer tyres fitted to their cars.

Falken Safety Winter Tyres Whats the difference?

When you look at a winter tyre compared to a summer tyre,. Then you will see the main difference? Winter tyres are designed with very small slits called sipes. Down the edges of the main tread blocks. On top of helping with grip, they displace slush and snow a lot better than other seasonal tyres. In my opinion, this includes all-weather tyres. Summer tyres for example, when going over snow, compact it, making it extremely slippery and solid.

Also, winter tyres are made out of a different compound than summer tyres. This includes a silica-based material that allows the tyres to flex better. Especially when the temperature drops below 7 degrees C. This allows the tyre sidewall to become more flexible. Thus giving the tread with all the sipes a better footprint in bad weather. We have nothing but praise from our regular customers. When they have fitted winters and therefore have had no safety issues in any types of weather.

For the past couple of years, our winters have been mild, wet, and slushy at worst.So there is now almost an entire generation of drivers. You may have to start learning the skills of snow and ice driving. So, during those late autumn months, it would be a good choice to take those summers off and slap on the winters. As I have emphasised,. Winter tyres will pay for themselves in terms of control and safety before you know it.

falken Safety Winter Tyres are a massive safety feature

For a long time, we in the tyre trade have had to dispel a wide spread and out dated belief. Hence,that winter tyres can only be used in icy or snow covered surfaces. Perhaps at one time this was true, but with the advances in rubber compound technology by adding “silica“. Including, tread pattern design. Then these tyres today can be used in many other inclement weather circumstances.

A recent survey was conducted in Canada. It was reported that those who drive with winter tyres on their cars. As a result, we suffer fewer accidents. In fact, most of Canada makes winter tyres compulsory in the winter months. British Columbia have very stringent tyre laws relating to winter driving. Including a 3.5 mm tread depth on winter tyres. Of all the accidents that happened on Prince Edward Island, only 6% were fitted with winter tyres.

What is the reason behind such laws? Well, it’s pretty obvious: winter tyres significantly help you maintain control during times when perhaps other tyres, not designed for driving in ice, snow, or heavy rain, would let you down. This includes the drivers here in the UK. For this reason, I have chosen Falken winter tyres as my main tyre line this winter. Both of these tyre brands have world-wide recognition for their quality and durability in the toughest of winter weather conditions.

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Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Nine

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Nine

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Nine
Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Nine

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Nine

In years gone by, winter tyres were made to look like tough tyres that gripped in snow. However, these tyres were probably made from the same materials as summer tyres. Older drivers amongst us have many concerns about the effectiveness of winter tyres. Hence, some consumers think that these types of tyres wear quicker and may degrade at a faster rate than those of normal car tyres.

As a result, it depends on your priorities; winter tyres are actually more expensive too. In my opinion, it is far better to be safer and spend a little more money than if you were to go skidding off the road. Hence, we just cannot compromise when it comes to the safety of your family. Yes, these tyres are expensive, but if you buy some at the very beginning of winter, you can get some really good deals. For example, here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK. So, we have a few last-year stocks for sale at reduced prices?

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Nine-Winter tyres have special compounds

Nowadays, Winter tyres are made from special compounds. Consequently, that works best at temperatures of 7 degrees or less. Most of the UK experiences temperatures below this between November and March. In particularly cold years, we can usually expect frost on almost half the days of winter. When you have winter tyres fitted to your vehicle, your stopping distance can be shortened by up to 30 feet on icy roads. Of course,your safety and the vehicle’s handling will be greatly improved. reducing the risk of skidding, aquaplaning, or sliding.

Tyre manufacturers are always striving .Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Nine

to make better winter tyre products.So, go with the rule that the newer the type of tyre, the better it will be when you fit your new tyres. Tyre manufacturers are always working with car makers to come up with a better tyre product. Therefore, year after year, we are seeing better tyres. Including winter tyres. This is due to the fact that the technology that designs tyres these days is constantly advancing and evolving. Meaning that the latest tyres will always be the safest and most roadworthy.

Nokian Tyres are no exception to this rule. Constantly striving to make a better tyre product. New innovations include better tyre designs for newer types of vehicles. Including SUV’s and Crossover vehicles. hence, the tyres for these vehicle are designed to maximise traction on icy and snow-covered roads.I can remember that the first recent bad winter coincided with the advent of the SUV’s from BMW in particular. These cars were sliding all over the place and useless in the winter weather.

Nokia Tyres Hakkapeliitta Nine-Best fitted in early November

People were really panicking ? Winter tyres were difficult to get hold of. Most of the allocations were taken up and tyre dealers wanted silly prices due to the panic. When you first start to use snow tyres, you should understand when the best time is to put them on your motor vehicle.So,the usual rule is to have them fitted to the car before the first predicted snow fall of the year.  I usually fit the winter car tyres in early November.

Safe driving is really important during winter, and in addition to fitting winter tyres to your car, there are other ways to improve your driving during the colder months:
Winter tyres are essential when preparing to drive in ice conditions. The winter tyre (also known as the snow tyre) can protect you in those unexpected times when you get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Indeed, I can remember when I took my family to Chester zoo. It was a beautiful, sunny winters day. Later that afternoon, we sat down and went back home to Yorkshire.

So, as we approached the Pennine Hills, Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Nine

On our way home, the sky became darker and darker. Never suspecting an imminent blizzard, I decided to take a short cut across some minor roads as we headed home. Of course, the snow began to fall? my kids were very excited at the thought of playing out in the horrible white stuff. Blizzard condition ensued. At the time, we had a Toyota minibus, and the roads soon filled with snow. As a result, I could feel the rear-wheeled Toyota slipping on the packed snow.

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Nine-Better designed tread pattern

Fortunately , I practice what I preach and fitted a set of Falken winter tyres to the minibus just a few weeks before. I knew that all I had to do was drive carefully, and the winter tyre would do the rest. Sure enough, they helped me get home when many other vehicles became stranded in the snowy conditions.

In my eyes, this was the “proof of the pudding” . Giving me even more enthusiasm when talking to my customers about the benefit of fitting Nokian winter tyres.

This experience proves that in winter. Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Nine

The condition and performance of your Nokian tyres are extremely important. Winter tyres have a specially designed tread and composition. So, in order to provide the most effective grip, handling, and safety for drivers,. It’s an excellent idea, therefore, to change to specialist tyres to improve your winter driving. Increase your fuel efficiency. Ensuring the safety of you and your passengers during the winter months.

Nokian Tyres are constant tyre test winners with their winter tyre products. Then we at Pellon Tyres can only endorse them as probably the best ones that you can buy to keep your family safe? just in case you get caught in the wrong place. As me and my family did returning from a sunny Chester Zoo.

Finally, here in 2024, Pellon Tyres are not now Nokia dealers for Calderdale, Yorkshire, UK.

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Car Winter Preparation: Preparing your car for winter

Car Winter Preparation

Car Winter Preparation
Car Winter Preparation

Car Winter Preparation

Of course, I write about this subject on a regular basis! Especially as winter approaches. Although winters have been very mild in recent times,! Then I can still remind drivers that it was not too long ago that we indeed had some bad snowfall.

Including the so-called “Beast from the East” phenomenon. As a result, the cold air blast coming out of Russia surprised many millions of drivers. Vehicle drivers were, in fact, caught up with all sorts of easily rectified problems.

Of course, we may discuss the necessary steps a Halifax automobile owner can take to safeguard their cherished vehicle in the lead-up to winter.

Halifax Drivers, Get Your Vehicle Winter Ready Now! Car Winter Preparation

Winter preparations for your vehicle are more than just a chore—they’re an absolute must in Halifax, where the weather can be merciless. In preparation for winter, here are some suggestions from locals on how to keep your ride safe and dependable when the snow starts to fall.

  1. Seasonal tyres:

Based on what we know about the area, the winters in Halifax may be rather snowy and slippery. Putting on winter tyres instead of your usual ones is an absolute must. Skidding and accidents are less likely to occur on roads coated in snow and ice, thanks to these specialised treads. Make sure to periodically check your tyres’ pressure because cold weather can affect it.

Part 2: Antifreeze and Coolant: Car Winter Preparation

Your engine might take a serious beating in Halifax’s frigid winters. Always use the recommended ratio of antifreeze to water when filling up your vehicle’s cooling system. Doing so will keep the engine coolant from freezing and harming it.

  1. Verify the Battery:

Your car’s battery may experience increased strain in colder conditions. Get your battery checked up before winter arrives to be sure it’s in good shape. You can avoid being left out in the cold if you replace a weak battery before it fails.

Kit for Surviving the Winter: Car Winter Preparation

A winter survival pack should be kept in your vehicle in case you become trapped in a snowdrift. Things to bring are a small shovel, non-perishable snacks, a blanket, and a torch. The weather in Halifax is notoriously unpredictable, so it’s wise to pack accordingly.

  1. Fluids and Oils:

Engine oil and other fluids can thicken in cold temperatures, reducing your car’s efficiency. For use in colder climates, you might want to think about reducing the oil’s viscosity. Also, to avoid freezing, use a winter-specific washer fluid recipe.

  1. Inspect the wipers and Lights:

Winter driving, with its shorter days, makes visibility all the more important. Check that your turn signals, taillights, and headlights are all functioning properly. Since they are subjected to heavy use in maintaining a clear windscreen, replace old wiper blades.

  1. Anti-Rust Formulation:

Winter road salting is common in Halifax due to the city’s maritime position. The undercarriage of your vehicle may rust more quickly if exposed to this salt. Protect your car from rust and corrosion by using an undercoat or rust prevention.

Identifying People to Call in an Emergency: Car Winter Preparation

Remember to have the numbers of local emergency services and towing companies on hand as a last point. Being prepared for winter weather by knowing who to contact in an emergency is crucial.

If you follow these instructions, you should be able to drive through Halifax winters without any problems. Even when winter slams on the brakes, you may drive with confidence on the picturesque streets of our town because your automobile will not only survive but thrive in the snow.

Screen bottles frozen?

So, apart from drivers being caught out trying to drive through snow with summer tyres fitted,. Another main problem was cars with frozen windscreen washer  bottles and their associated plastic pipes. To prevent this, all that was needed was to fill the washer bottles with the correct strength of washer solution? I must confess that our total commitment to advising drivers about fitting winter tyres is starting to pay off.

November is the start for many of our customers to fit winter tyres on their vehicles.

Drivers are now aware of the vast safety features that winter tyres offer. Our advice is that all winter tyres are better than driving on summer tyres. Significantly, in winter driving conditions,. However, we do recommend that you consider looking at the award-winning Falken Winter Tyre range.

In recent times, we have also recommended the fitting of all-weather tyres for all-year-round safer driving. Much more winter car protection advice is given in the attached article from the Metro Newspaper.

IF YOUR car has any developing faults, winter is the time when they’ll be exposed. Snow and ice generates cold and damp, which can be very bad news for cars. Road salt and grime can also cause problems, and can quicken the appearance of rust if left unchecked for long periods of time. Fortunately, there… View Article

Source: Wheels: Preparing your car for winter | Metro Newspaper UK

AQUAPLANING and Bald Tyres

Nokian E-Line 2 Summer Tyres: A Tyre with An AA Rating due to Tough Aramid Protection Technology

Nokian E-Line 2 Summer Tyres

Nokian E-Line 2 Summer Tyres

In my early days of blogging,. Then I used to write about almost every new tyre that was introduced by the manufacturers. Eventually, this began to grind me down. Most new tyres were similar to the last one or claimed to be the tyre that was greener than the rest. As a result, I have been selling tyres for about forty years now. In the long run, tyres are just a consumer product.

This is certainly true to an extent. Tyre companies have had to come up with different solutions in recent years, mainly due to the pressure from car manufacturers. In turn, car manufacturers have also been under pressure from governments to reduce the emissions produced by their cars. This pressure has effected every part of the car. Including the tyres.

Tyres were beginning to become smaller and fatter.

The 50 and 55 series tyres were introduced to fit some of the sportier cars on the market. Looks were the thing. If a car looked good on fat tyres, then that was good?

Things had to change for cars to become more eco-friendly. Tyres were being made from unusual materials to make them lighter in weight. Continental are developing the white sticky liquid from “dandelions” Strange, but dandelions have the same molecular buildup as latex rubber. Yokohama tyres are using “orange skin oils” in their tyre compound mix.

Therefore, a tyre that is lighter in weight and built with a taller overall diameter is much greener.

These tyres will go further. using less of the vehicle’s fuel. Because they are carrying less weight than there predecessors.  The European Union brought out a guideline to show which tyres were the best in each department. The “A” is for fuel efficiency, the “B” is for wet cornering, and the “C” is in decibels for tyre noise. When the SUV market began to take off, there was a need to improve “Rolling Resistance” This was done by hardening the tyre compound.

Consequently, this had the effect of the tyres having poor cornering. Especially in wet weather. Experiments were carried out with the new materials, and “silica” would become the answer. Now most tyres contain silica. This gives the tyres better rolling resistance and also helps the grip in wet weather situations. Companies were coming out with AA-rated tyres; the first were the Goodyear Efficient Grips, Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blue, and Bridgestone Ecopia EP001S tyres.

The latest addition to this group is the Nokia E-Line 2 tyres.

As a result, Nokia has added an excellent safety feature to the tyre: “Aramid” reinforcement, which is fitted to the range of SUV summer tyres .This new reinforcement is fitted to the range of SUV summer tyres. Extremely durable Aramid staple fibres, which are also successfully used in bulletproof vests, stiffen and reinforce the sidewall to make it exceptionally resistant to wear and cuts. This is a major safety feature. Especially with the growing number of potholes that are appearing all over the place.

These sidewalls are so tough that the Nokian Tyres Aramid Guarantee covers accidentally sidewall damaged tyres and provides you with a new, corresponding product free of charge.

You can check out if Nokian E-Line 2 Summer Tyres make an Aramid tyre for your car by clicking and putting your car details in.

Finally, here in 2021, Pellon Tyres will be Nokian tyre dealers for the Calderdale and Kirklees districts of West Yorkshire.