017 EFB Batteries

017 EFB Batteries

017 EFB Batteries
017 EFB Batteries

017 EFB Batteries

So,  bringing this post up to date in 2021, the EFB battery is becoming very popular. Happily for us, the winter of 2020/21 has become a very cold, snowy winter. If most people hate the bad weather, then of course we love it. cold weather means a little more business for us.

Specialist products give us a few more sales than normal. However, this year is the year when batteries on new car sales from a few years ago are due to be replaced! Including the start-stop batteries known as the EFB and the AGM.

Vehicle owners will have noticed by now that these batteries are more expensive than a regular car battery. Of course the batteries are different due to technology and more expensive parts inside the battery.

Numax EFB batteries are great mid-range battery

So, when sourcing a good-priced battery for my customers, I finally chose the Numax brand.  Firstly, Numax are available at the moment! Like many other products, batteries are suffering shortage problems.

Mainly due to the massive demand from consumers after battery factories were shut down due to the “Corona Virus Pandemic”. This is causing massive shipping problems, with stock orders going out of the window.

However, Numax and Lucas are now the same products and are coming through at regular intervals.

Lucas brand AGM Batteries

There has been an increasing degree of partnership with Japanese corporations. Such as with Sumitomo on car-body systems . Or Yuasa Battery Company. In response to the growing likelihood that Japanese components firms.

Therefore, will make inroads into the European market . So deeply as they already have in the United States. Lucas Automotive have had  success in 1989 in attracting orders. From BMW and Saab-Scania . Thus, for fuel injection systems,. Was an indication of its ability . Hence, to compete directly in Europe…

As we can see in this. History of the Lucas company .

Then, Lucas were doing cross-country deals. In the expanding car component sector. Including a deal that was struck with Yuasa batteries of Japan. As a result, these batteries went under the Lucas brand name. They were imported with many battery part numbers .

Coming into the UK and the USA that were unfamiliar to the British battery manufacturers .

Yuasa batteries actually started producing batteries in the USA in 1979. Producing car and AGM batteries . Hence, in 1996, the great Lucas empire. It merged with the American company Varity Corporation and the UK part of the company.

017 EFB Batteries

More reading…

“Now trading under the name of ‘Lucas Electrical’ . Then the company concentrates on after-market component supply. Rather than as an original equipment supplier to manufacturers.

Initially, the Lucas name was used on Elta’s existing products . Automotive light bulbs have been gradually expanded to cover much the same range as the original Lucas company: light units, batteries, switches and controls, ignition components, re manufactured starter motors and alternators, wiper blades and electrical accessories.

Operations and manufacturing take place at several locations in the UK as well as overseas”…

This is the stage where the Lucas battery label in the famous green and white Lucas colours was sold off to a British Battery company in the Midlands.


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