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Yorkshire Car drivers

Yorkshire Car drivers

Yorkshire Car drivers
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Yorkshire Car drivers

Yorkshire Car drivers BEWARE of M1 and M62 Speed Cameras

So, I am a resident of Kirklees and have been a user of the M62 motorway ever since it was built. In my opinion, it has been a great asset to the people of West Yorkshire and Lancashire. In fact, I do not know what we would have done. Including, how the roads would have coped without this motorway.

The big problem with the motorway, as we all know,. Of course, there are stretches between junction 25 (Brighouse turn off) and junction 27 (Gildersome turn off). Over the years, this stretch has had many accidents and hold-ups. So, making it one of the major black spots on the UK motorways. It came as great relief to the Yorkshire Car drivers, “including myself.”. When it was announced that this section of the M62 was to be upgraded and turned into a controlled system,. Similar to the one in Birmingham on the M 42 and part of the M 1 Motorway south of Sheffield.

50 MPH Road works

The work began about three years ago. Strangely, we were all subjected to a 50 mph speed limit. With many delays due to accidents and vehicles breaking down,. Eventually, the work progressed, and we started to see the rise of the gantries covered in motorway traffic cameras over the road. Which would be used to control the traffic in the various lanes. I could not wait, and gradually the work was completed. As a result, the speed signs direct us to what speed we should be doing.

In my opinion,

The new system is excellent, and it is nice to see some progress on the road system for Yorkshire car drivers in the North, where I believe that previous governments have heavily neglected us in all fields of investment. As I drive all around the country, I cannot believe the investment that has been poured into the South and places like Wales and Scotland. I truly think that we have been starved of money here in West Yorkshire at the hands of politicians to please other regions of the country.

However, we must not complain that the car driving population of Yorkshire has now got a new controlled section of the great M62, knowing that we will see fewer holdups and witness fewer delays.

Keep your car speed below 70 mph?

There is, however, one thing that we should all watch out for, “DON’T TAKE YOUR CAR ABOVE THE 70 MPH LIMIT.”. It is now known that when the traffic lights are off, the speed cameras are still working and have been “flashing” drivers who have been exceeding the speed limit. I am an older driver and rarely take my car over the limit, but there are thousands of Yorkshire car drivers who think that the limit is now 80 mph. So when you are driving your car on this section of the M62, beware, the speed cameras are there to get you.

Speed Camera Gantry signs now in operation ?

As an update, I have observed that the gantries are regularly switched onto the white cross over each lane. Signifying the no speed limit signs . The information box on top says “Speed Camera.”. In my opinion, this is a good development! I presume that this is a clear signal, and any driver exceeding 70 MPH will be flashed and prosecuted. Other devices will not be switched on as “speed Cameras” . So giving a definitive line not to cross ?

According to the Huddersfield Examiner, “West Yorkshire Police refused to comment further but the Highways Agency has now confirmed the new £150 m overhead gantry system between Huddersfield and Leeds CAN catch speeding Yorkshire Car drivers, even when it is not being used to slow the traffic”…More Reading…

Winter Tyres Insurance

Quality Winter Tyres

Quality Winter Tyres

Quality Winter Tyres
Winter Tyres or safer

Quality Winter Tyres

Autocars extol virtues of Quality Winter Tyres

“I was running a long term BMW 1M at the time, and at BMW’s insistence the car was fitted with a set of

The Bridgestone Blizzak Winter Tyres are a great choice.

Michelin Alpin winter tyres.

Of course, winter is on its way yet again! So, I wonder what the 2024 winter will bring us. However, it is important to keep you and your family safe and consider winter tyre if new tyres are required.

EricRoberts‘s insight:

Winter tyres

Of course, there has never been any doubt about  Winter Tyres . Significantly, including the fantastic job that they do when winter arrives. Including most in the Northern hemisphere, no matter what country you live in.

It is always an advantage when great car magazines !

The likes of Autocar reinforce what us tyre experts have been saying for years. So, the reason that we tend to harp on about safer Winter Tyres. Importantly, there is the safety aspect of the product. These days, cars are getting much faster and more powerful and we also have had a recent influx of SUV’s and crossover cars. These vehicles are next to useless when it comes to coping with the winter conditions of snow and ice. They are large and powerful and are absolutely useless in the snow without Winter Tyres fitted.

Quality Winter Tyres are now an essential safety commodity

Significantly, to be used on our modern-day vehicles. Winter tyres will even give you a significant safety advantage when driving on the highway on a stinking wet day. So must be considered before the winter sets in. We at Pellon Tyres in Halifax recommend a couple of makes that have been proven to us over the years. They are Falken and Jinyu! Although Jinyu is an economy brand,. Importantly, we have tested these on our own vehicles over the past few years.


017 EFB Batteries

017 EFB Batteries

017 EFB Batteries
017 EFB Batteries

017 EFB Batteries

So,  bringing this post up to date in 2021, the EFB battery is becoming very popular. Happily for us, the winter of 2020/21 has become a very cold, snowy winter. If most people hate the bad weather, then of course we love it. cold weather means a little more business for us.

Specialist products give us a few more sales than normal. However, this year is the year when batteries on new car sales from a few years ago are due to be replaced! Including the start-stop batteries known as the EFB and the AGM.

Vehicle owners will have noticed by now that these batteries are more expensive than a regular car battery. Of course the batteries are different due to technology and more expensive parts inside the battery.

Numax EFB batteries are great mid-range battery

So, when sourcing a good-priced battery for my customers, I finally chose the Numax brand.  Firstly, Numax are available at the moment! Like many other products, batteries are suffering shortage problems.

Mainly due to the massive demand from consumers after battery factories were shut down due to the “Corona Virus Pandemic”. This is causing massive shipping problems, with stock orders going out of the window.

However, Numax and Lucas are now the same products and are coming through at regular intervals.

Lucas brand AGM Batteries

There has been an increasing degree of partnership with Japanese corporations. Such as with Sumitomo on car-body systems . Or Yuasa Battery Company. In response to the growing likelihood that Japanese components firms.

Therefore, will make inroads into the European market . So deeply as they already have in the United States. Lucas Automotive have had  success in 1989 in attracting orders. From BMW and Saab-Scania . Thus, for fuel injection systems,. Was an indication of its ability . Hence, to compete directly in Europe…

As we can see in this. History of the Lucas company .

Then, Lucas were doing cross-country deals. In the expanding car component sector. Including a deal that was struck with Yuasa batteries of Japan. As a result, these batteries went under the Lucas brand name. They were imported with many battery part numbers .

Coming into the UK and the USA that were unfamiliar to the British battery manufacturers .

Yuasa batteries actually started producing batteries in the USA in 1979. Producing car and AGM batteries . Hence, in 1996, the great Lucas empire. It merged with the American company Varity Corporation and the UK part of the company.

017 EFB Batteries

More reading…

“Now trading under the name of ‘Lucas Electrical’ . Then the company concentrates on after-market component supply. Rather than as an original equipment supplier to manufacturers.

Initially, the Lucas name was used on Elta’s existing products . Automotive light bulbs have been gradually expanded to cover much the same range as the original Lucas company: light units, batteries, switches and controls, ignition components, re manufactured starter motors and alternators, wiper blades and electrical accessories.

Operations and manufacturing take place at several locations in the UK as well as overseas”…

This is the stage where the Lucas battery label in the famous green and white Lucas colours was sold off to a British Battery company in the Midlands.


car suspension parts

Suspension Arm Bolts: BMW 1 Series Car- Breaks Suspension Arm Bolts

Suspension Arm Bolts

Suspension Arm Bolts

Sadly, on one of the worst windy and rainy days of the year. So, one of our good customers was out and about in his BMW 1 series car, a 2008 model . Consequently, he found himself having to swerve his car. Thus, we have to avoid a broken branch ! That had just snapped off a tree due to the high winds.

Dangerously, his car skidded and crashed into the curb. causing damage to the underside of the car. Of course, the customer suspected that something had broken the front suspension. Perhaps an “Arm Rubber Bush” or the “Suspension Arm Bolts.” Carefully, his car  limped into my garage in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

The manager of the garage department examined the BMW

Ryan Linton pulled the car onto a ramp. Of course, we examined the car to see what had happened. Ryan discovered this when the car skidded and hit the curb. Indeed, it had snapped the suspension arm bolts on the multilink suspension that these BMW cars have.

Also, the TPMS sensor lights were illuminated! So when checking the BMW’s tyres . They were discovered to be inflated to the incorrect pressure. Unfortunately, we later thought that this could have caused the car to swerve. As a result, the car hit the curb while attempting to avoid a tree branch.

So, the problem was discovered, and the hub had to be removed to solve the problem. Also, the broken stud was drilled out, as the stud had been snapped off flush with the hub. Subsequently, the bolt was drilled out and the hole was re-tapped. Of course, I’m up for a new stud. The other suspension arm bolts were BMW parts (supplied by the local BMW dealer in Wakefield, the nearest one to my garage in Halifax) that were also changed, and the assembly was re-fitted.

Suspension Arm Bolts for Your Beloved BMW 1-Series

Alright, my fellow BMW enthusiasts, gather round! Today, we’re going to talk about something that doesn’t always steal the spotlight but plays a pivotal role in your car’s performance – the suspension arm bolts on your trusty BMW 1-Series. Now, you might be wondering, “What’s all the fuss about these bolts?” Well, stick around, and I’ll spill the beans.

The Heart of the Matter: Suspension in Your BMW 1-Series

First things first, let’s set the scene. You’re cruising down the picturesque lanes of the UK, perhaps enjoying the stunning sights of the Lake District or winding through the charming streets of Edinburgh. Your BMW 1-Series, with its perfect blend of sportiness and elegance, hugs the road like a true champion.

What makes this possible?

You guessed it – the suspension system. The suspension system is like the unsung hero of your car, working tirelessly to ensure a smooth, comfortable, and safe ride. It absorbs bumps and imperfections in the road, keeps your tyres in contact with the tarmac, and provides stability when you take those corners like a pro. And at the heart of this system are the suspension arm bolts.

The Bolts that Hold It All Together Picture this: your BMW 1-Series suspension arms

are like the limbs of a gymnast, gracefully flexing and pivoting to maintain balance and control. Now, the suspension arm bolts are the sturdy joints that keep those limbs in place. They connect the suspension arms to the chassis of your car and play a pivotal role in ensuring everything functions as it should. But why are these bolts so important?

Well, consider the conditions our British roads can throw at us

from potholes that appear out of nowhere to the unpredictable weather that can make the road slicker than a greased pig. Without robust suspension arm bolts, your car’s suspension system could be compromised, leading to a bumpy, uncomfortable ride, and potentially even safety risks. Smooth as a Cup of Earl Grey:

The Importance of Suspension Arm Bolts Ride Comfort:

We all know the British weather can be quite the handful, and our roads aren’t always as smooth as we’d like. Suspension arm bolts help absorb the shocks and vibrations, ensuring you enjoy a comfortable ride even on challenging terrains. Safety First: Maintaining proper suspension arm bolts is crucial for your safety. They help your car maintain stability and control, especially during sudden manoeuvres or emergency stops.


Just like a well-brewed cup of Earl Grey, your BMW 1-Series deserves longevity. Properly maintained suspension arm bolts contribute to the overall lifespan of your car’s suspension system, saving you money in the long run. Handling Performance: If you enjoy spirited drives through the countryside, you’ll appreciate the importance of suspension arm bolts in maintaining precise handling and cornering capabilities.

Conclusion: Keeping Your BMW 1-Series Rolling Smoothly

In the grand scheme of your BMW 1-Series, suspension arm bolts might seem like small components. Still, they play an indispensable role in delivering a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable driving experience – the kind of experience you’d expect from a high-quality German-engineered car.

So, as you explore the beautiful landscapes of the United Kingdom in your BMW 1-Series, remember to give a nod of appreciation to those suspension arm bolts, quietly working to keep your ride smooth and steady. It’s all part of the British tradition of appreciating the finer things in life, even if they’re hidden beneath the chassis of your beloved car. Cheers to smooth rides, old chap!

BMW car had low tyre pressures

In conclusion, we now think that the guy’s low tyre pressures was the cause. of the car correctly, not handling it when he swerved to miss the branch. Finally, we also checked and inflated his tyres to the correct pressures. Our happy customer went off on his way three hours later.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-Centre offers car and van servicing and repairs for all makes of vehicles.


BMW rear hub area where the Suspension Arm Bolts sheared from

car brakes problem

BMW Mini Brakes: Regular servicing for your safety

BMW Mini Brakes

BMW Mini Brakes
BMW Mini Brakes

BMW Mini Brakes

 With millions of new BMW Minis driving about on today’s roads, it is worth thinking about your brakes. When did you last think about your car’s stopping ability?

Just think about your brakes when speeding down the motorway. If you have a soft top, just imagine the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. This is the type of feeling that you get when you are at peace with the world and your Mini Cooper is driving like never before. feels great, doesn’t it?

This time, imagine having to slam on the anchors as a car hurtles towards you on the wrong side of the road, then finding out that your cars do not work. That would be a bad thing, but if your BMW Mini Brakes were serviced on a regular basis, you would have no problem stopping your Mini and continuing your journey.

The braking system of automobiles has been constantly updated and modified over the years, particularly in recent years. The modern BMW Mini Brakes system has now become extremely reliable. I can remember when, years ago, cars were always having problems with faulty brakes; in fact, the brakes were one of the parts that failed the most. However, manufacturers have developed the braking systems for contemporary vehicles, such as the new Mini, with some input from motorsport.

6 signs of bad brakes on your BMW Mini

  1. Squealing or grinding noises when braking: This could be a sign that your brake pads are worn and need to be replaced.
  2. Vibrations when braking: If you feel vibrations in the brake pedal or steering wheel when braking, it could be a sign of a problem with your brake rotors.
  3. Soft brake pedal: If the brake pedal feels “soft” or spongy when you press it, it could be a sign of a problem with your brake master cylinder or brake booster.
  4. Pulling to one side when braking: If your car seems to pull to one side when you brake, it could be a sign of a problem with your brake callipers or brake pads.
  5. Brake warning light: If the brake warning light comes on, it could be a sign of a problem with your brake system.
  6. Burning smell when braking: If you smell a burning smell when braking, it could be a sign of a problem with your brakes. Overheating brake pads or a fluid leak in the brake system could be to blame for this.

BMW Mini Brakes

The BMW Mini Brakes system generally consists of discs all around. The front and rear brakes are usually discs and pads. A system of low-pressure metal pipes connects the brakes. Hence, from the rear and front discs and wheels to the “master cylinder.” For this reason, the system also includes the hand stop mechanism, or parking brakes. Consequently, the anti-lock system that most cars have these days.

when you apply the BMW Mini Brakes pedal.

Thus, to stop or slow down your car, the pedal operates a plunger that applies pressure. As a result, the fluid in your brake pipes. Then it’s on to the master cylinder. The master cylinder then spreads the pressure from the pedal to the other wheels. It is important that your master cylinder is topped up to the correct level because it is impossible to stop your car without brake fluid in the cylinder at the correct level.

When you apply the foot pedal to stop your car

The pressure is spread out throughout all of your brake pipe system, and when the pressure is released, the pressure goes back to normal and the brake pads are released so that you can drive your Mini normally. These are some of the reasons why it is important to have your brakes serviced at a reputable auto centre, and by using manufacturer-approved parts, your car will be safe to drive in all weather conditions and will stop when you want it to stop, not an extra ten feet further on than you wanted to be.

“BMW Brake Servicing: Ensuring Your Beemer’s Brakes are in Top Nick at Pellon Autocentre”

While driving a BMW Mini through Halifax, one can appreciate the pleasure of a comfortable journey. However, even the most reliable Beemer’s require some maintenance, particularly the brakes. Maintaining your BMW’s stopping power at Pellon Autocentre is our top priority, just as we would a brand-new suit from Harvey’s of Halifax.

Brake Repair at BMW: Not Your Ordinary Fix

In regards to BMW brake repair, a simple spanner operation does not suffice. We’re discussing a meticulously calibrated apparatus that requires the assistance of skilled individuals. Whether it be a routine inspection, a squeak, or a grind, our team has the expertise to maintain your brakes in pristine condition.

An Overview of BMW Brake Discs and Pads

We should discuss BMW brake discs and pads. These unsung champions are responsible for stopping your vehicle. Similar to an excellent Yorkshire tea, they must be robust and dependable. They deteriorate with the passage of time; this is where our role comes into play. We will resolve the situation so that your BMW Mini stops for six pennies.

The Significance of Consistent Brake Maintenance

Brake maintenance should be performed routinely, just like a Sunday roast. It goes beyond mere safety; it ensures that your vehicle operates with optimal efficiency, comparable to a Yorkshireman’s flat cap. Pellon Autocentre conducts a comprehensive inspection of your brakes, from the handbrake to the brake fluid, to ensure that they are in impeccable condition.

Remember to replace the brake fluid in your BMW. BMW Mini Brakes

In relation to brake fluid, changing the brake fluid in a BMW Mini is analogous to pouring a glass of its preferred lager into its vehicle. It guarantees the responsiveness and effectiveness of your braking system, particularly on those precipitous Halifax hills.

Inspection of BMW Brakes: Prefer to Be Safe Than Sorry

We conduct a comprehensive brake inspection on BMW vehicles. We inspect each and every crevice to guarantee that your brakes are as dependable as a Yorkshireman could say. This inspection is thorough for your peace of mind; it is not merely a cursory look.

Concerning the Use of BMW OEM Parts: Quality

We use BMW OEM parts at Pellon Autocentre because your vehicle deserves the finest. It is comparable to donning an authentic Yorkshire tweed over your BMW Mini; the craftsmanship is impeccable.

The BMW Brake System Is Vital to Your Automobile

We accord the BMW brake system the utmost deference due to the engineering marvel that it is. We verify that every component, from the master cylinder to the brake lines, operates with the utmost efficiency, comparable to a bustling Halifax Borough Market.

Observing the BMW Schedule for Maintenance

It is essential to adhere to the BMW maintenance schedule. Maintaining your BMW in pristine condition, prepared to tackle both the serpentine lanes of Shibden Valley and the M62, is not enough.

At Pellon Autocentre, our mission extends beyond mere vehicle repairs; we strive to preserve the essence of motoring in Halifax. Therefore, please deliver your BMW to our workshop, where we will care for it as if it were a member of the Yorkshire family!

BMW Mini Brakes

This can be detected during a brake inspection or on the floor where you park your Mini. You will see a small patch of what looks like oil on the floor where you park your car. If you see this, then please have your brakes checked as soon as possible; it could be very serious and perhaps lead to a total loss of your brakes.
In Halifax, we offer a complete Free brake check on all models of cars, and we love Minis.

TPMS warning light Ignored

BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres

BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres

BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres
BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres

BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres

BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres: Many owners of BMW Minis are just coming to terms with run flat tyres. Here in Halifax, we pride ourselves on our excellent client base, from mini drivers who trust us to carry out servicing on their cars. Trust is essential when it comes to advice about your car.

BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres: Price is important when selecting the correct run flat tyres

 A few years ago, I could see the writing on the wall. Of course, regarding a popular car,. BMW Mini and the high cost of parts, including BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres. Hence, the cars were becoming second- and third hand. This time has now arrived. Therefore, drivers are looking for Cheap Run Flat Tyres.

The original Minis (British Leyland) were built for the main masses of the population. Thus, to enable working-class motorists to afford a good, reliable little car,. I myself have owned five minis (old type) in my time and loved them all. You could get the up-market minis. Such as the Mini cooper.

But you would expect to pay a higher price for such things as new tyres. The normal tyres for Mini Cars were 145×10, and they would cost the same price for years on end (except for inflation). You knew that if you went on to a mini Cooper, you would have to pay more because the tyre size was 16570×10; get what I am on about ?.

Run Flat tyres

Then bring us back to the present. Hence came the BMW mini. Naturally, a completely different animal. This car has all the modern gadgets on board. Hence, to help in the battle against greenhouse gases,. Therefore, it is fitted with many things that were not dreamed of when the old minis were around.

Cars must now be made much lighter, and one of the first things they did was experiment with spare wheels and no spare tyre in the boot. In my opinion, this had a dual effect: it reduced the weight of the car while also lowering the cost of the tyre and wheel, which adds up to significant savings when multiplied by millions.

Most BMW minis started to come out on what we now know as “run flat” tyres. This simply means that if you have a puncture, the tyres will remain strong enough to get you to safety, provided you only drive at 50 mph.

Run Flat Safety Tyres

In my opinion, the theory behind this idea is a good safety feature: the strength of the tyre does not allow the car to move, thus keeping the car in a straight line and avoiding other traffic. The problem occurs when the driver shows up at the local tyre centre.
most run-flat tyres will not be repaired once they have had a puncture

The people that buy second and third-hand BMW minis are usually young people, mostly females, and when they realise the cost of new BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres, they freak out. Some of the sizes now cost £180 each, so they’re buying them online at cheap tyre prices.

Cheap BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres may be bought in budget brands, but do not go for part worn  run flat tyres, as it is more important to know where they have been and used for (the history) than normal tyres.

Catalytic Converter Theft

Catalytic Converter Care: Regular Servicing can help your Cat

Catalytic Converter Care

Catalytic Converter Care
Catalytic Converter Care

Catalytic Converter Care

This is an interesting point; I suppose that regular car maintenance has an effect on all your car parts in the end. Your catalytic converter (CAT) is a crucial part of your vehicle. Therefore, it is fitted with your engine and the rest of the exhaust system. Thus, some are attached to the manifold, onto the engine; these are known as manifold cats, and some are fitted at the end of a short front pipe on the rest of the exhaust system.

Bigger models of cars sometimes require two cats; cars such as BMWs and MERCs usually have two cats fitted, which is very expensive to replace.

Your cat’s primary job is to clean up the engine particles that the engine omits. Catalytic converters are made out of ceramic. Thus, with added precious metals (another reason why catalytic converter care is critical),. Naturally, filter the dirty particles from your engine. Thus reducing the pollutants from entering the atmosphere, this helps us to clean the environment and is part of the UK MOT test.

Bibliography: “Cleaner Roads and Greener Halifax: The Crucial Role of Catalytic Converters in Our Modern Vehicles”

To begin,
Consider this: You become enthralled by Halifax’s breathtaking scenery and rich history as you drive along its winding roads. The catalytic converter, a small marvel concealed beneath your vehicle, is the last thing on your mind. However, what is it precisely, and why should we be concerned with it in contemporary automobiles?

In essence, what is a catalytic converter? Catalytic Converter Care

A catalytic converter, colloquially known as a “cat converter” or even “cat” for short,. So it is an extraordinary apparatus concealed within the engine compartment of your vehicle. Its critical function in mitigating detrimental emissions consequently contributes to the enhancement of air quality in our picturesque northern town of Halifax.

With its picturesque moors and serene pastures, Halifax has a long history of embracing the natural environment. However, as the number of vehicles on our roads continues to rise, air pollution has become a concern. In such situations, catalytic converters are of great assistance.

Catalytic converters are engineered to convert noxious byproducts of combustion into substances that are less hazardous. Catalytic Converter Care

These organisms fulfil the role of environmental protectors by facilitating the conversion of carbon monoxide (CO) to carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides (NOx) to nitrogen (N2), and unburned hydrocarbons (HC) to carbon dioxide and water (H2O). This chemical ingenuity guarantees that the emissions from our vehicles are considerably less detrimental to the atmosphere.

The unique combination of natural beauty and historical significance in Halifax is a treasure that every local holds precious. It is crucial to preserve our environment for the benefit of future generations. Automobile catalytic converters are a minute but crucial component of this endeavour.

One might imagine traversing the picturesque landscapes of Brontë Country or admiring the cobblestone streets of Halifax’s town centre while travelling. Knowing that catalytic converters help to preserve the local environment by reducing the amount of air pollution that our vehicles emit, we can do so with greater peace of mind.

Regulatory Standards: Catalytic Converter Care

The United Kingdom, including Halifax, strictly adheres to the government-established emissions standards. Contemporary vehicles are not merely permitted to have catalytic converters; they are mandated in order to satisfy these standards. Noncompliance can lead to monetary penalties and sanctions, thereby underscoring the importance of these consequences.

Fuel efficiency and performance: Catalytic Converter Care

Catalytic converters have the potential to enhance fuel efficiency and overall vehicle performance when operating at peak efficiency. They optimise our journeys throughout Halifax and further by ensuring that the combustion process is thorough and environmentally friendly.

In conclusion

As a result, adding catalytic converters to modern cars is a key way to protect Halifax’s beauty and appeal, going beyond just being a technological necessity. These discrete devices assist us in diminishing our ecological impact, adhering to regulatory requirements, and travelling through our cherished city in a more environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient manner.

Therefore, the next time you drive through Halifax in your vehicle, spare a moment to recognise the catalytic converter that quietly operates beneath the surface to ensure that our roads and air remain fresher. This is an additional method by which we can enhance the quality of life and ventures in our community.

Salutations, esteemed drivers from Halifax, and may our forays consistently be mindful of the ecological impact of our vicinity!

Your cat will only work correctly if the engine operates with the correct ratio of air to fuel. Naturally, this was where your car service comes in.

Most cats take care of themselves: catalytic converter Converter Care

So, since writing this post, the catalytic converter has become even more important. Especially with the tightening of exhaust emissions regulations coming from European governments. Of course, this important filtering of the gas system is on every new petrol and diesel car produced these days. So, diesel cars and vans call them the “particulate filters“.

However, they work very similar to each other, filtering out poisonous gases from the vehicle’s engine before emitting the gas into the atmosphere. It may be interesting to know that the catalysts are made up of some precious metals.

Precious metals used in catalytic converter

So, one of the main reasons that many catalytic converters are stolen  from vehicles. Thus, many of them contain some rare metals. Given these points, the main metals are rhodium, palladium, and platinum.

TPMS warning light Ignored

BMW Runflat tyres: are a great safety feature.

BMW Runflat tyres

BMW Runflat tyres
BMW Runflat tyres

BMW Runflat tyres

Higher safety levels with BMW Runflat tyres

Keep on Rolling: Run-Flat Tyres’ Amazing Success Story, Featuring BMWs in Halifax

Hello, fellow sons of Halifax! The incredible popularity of run-flat tyres is something we’ll be discussing today, and it’s affecting the way we drive in general and those of us lucky enough to cruise around in BMWs in particular. More important than how the car handles on the road are factors like comfort, security, and enjoyment while behind the wheel. Of course, we must include some regional flavour when discussing BMWs and run-flat tyres.

Let’s go back in time to when changing a flat tyre meant making an unplanned stop in the middle of nowhere, probably in the pouring rain that is Halifax’s signature weather. The revolutionary invention of run-flat tyres has made those days a thing of the past.

The ease of use is the first point to be made. Reliability is key in Halifax, thanks to the city’s busy streets and often fluctuating weather. Our BMWs would be remiss without run-flat tyres. If you have one of them, you can keep on the road even if you get a flat tyre. You won’t have to stop and fiddle with jacks and spare tyres anymore; just keep going till you find a safe place to fix it.

On the other hand, security is a major consideration. Hilly and winding roads are nothing to laugh at in Halifax. An additional safeguard is provided by run-flat tyres. Your BMW’s handling and stability are unaffected by a flat tyre, so you can confidently drive through our town’s difficult streets. It’s like if your vehicle has a guardian angel beneath it, watching over you always.

We can discuss the BMW connection now.

The people of our town adore these legendary vehicles, and rightfully so. Many of us have had our driving experiences revolutionised by BMW’s pioneering use of run-flat technology. With run-flat tyres, BMWs provide an unrivalled level of confidence, whether you’re negotiating the tight bends of Dean Clough or enjoying a picturesque drive through Shibden Valley.

The reliable local tyre specialists at Pellon Tyres have played a crucial role in introducing this technology to the BMW lovers of Halifax. They have a good grasp on the significance of dependable tyres and the specific requirements of our neighbourhood. To make sure that BMW drivers in Halifax can take advantage of this innovation to its fullest, Pellon Tyres offers a variety of run-flat tyres.

Finally, the run-flat tyre success story

Exemplifies how innovation may revolutionise our driving experience, particularly on the picturesque Halifax roads. When it comes to comfort and security, these tyres have revolutionised the game, and they’re tailor-made for BMWs on our city streets.

So, the next time you’re out for a spin in your BMW, stop and think about how much better life is with run-flat tyres. Pellon Tyres are the unsung heroes of our community; stop by if you need some professional guidance or new run-flat tyres. With poise and self-assurance, let’s continue moving forward, Halifax!

Here at Pellon Tyres, we sell all types of car tyres. Of course, including the BMW Runflat tyres. Thus, it is found on many of today’s BMW and Mini cars. The usual thing that happens when confronted with having to buy

replacement runflat tyres. of course, the moaning customer is complaining about the cost. This is from people who have bought second- or third-hand cars. Accordingly, such as BMW minis or older BMW’s and Mercedes saloons.

I suppose you can’t really blame them in these days of recession.

Of course, the idea of BMW Runflat tyres was to give the car added safety features. Because that’s what these tyres do. So it’s understandable that the price of the tyre is more expensive. Because the tyre has more materials during its manufacture. As a result, research and development costs will recover.

The runflat tyres have special side walls that are made to take the weight of your can when driven on in a deflated state. (IN OTHER WORDS, IF YOU HAVE A PUNCTURE, THE TYRE WILL NOT TEAR UP AND ALLOWS YOU TO GET HOME AT A LOWER SPEED.).

If you have a puncture, this will sometimes be detected by a tyre deflation warning light.(TPMS) Some drivers are not even aware that they have a puncture, only noticing later that the tyre “looks flat.”.

BMW Runflat tyres

If you have a flat tyre, do not travel long distances or at high speeds. You can check the correct speed from your local tyre dealer or tyre manufacturer; the usual limit is 50 mph, but check this out for yourself, check for speed and distance, and then you can travel home safely with the flat tyre. Check your runflat tyres regularly

It is important to check all tyres on a regular basis.

Thus, preferably at least every week. This is especially important with runflat tyres. If you don’t have a TPMS system you will not notice that the tyre may be flat or, at best, have low pressure. When run on, “underinflated” tyres may cause the “inner tyre” to be damaged without detection. But this will be detected with regular pressure checks.

The BMW Runflat tyres are a great invention. But I can foresee that all cars will have this safety feature in the future. You must expect to pay more for your runflat tyres because you are getting much more for your money Check your pressure at a regular interval at all times; remember, you don’t have a spare wheel.