Reception Revamp at Pellon Tyres

Reception Revamp at Pellon Tyres

Reception Revamp at Pellon Tyres
Reception Revamp at Pellon Tyres

Reception Revamp at Pellon Tyres

Greetings from Pellon Tyres’ newly renovated customer reception!

Hello everyone,

Tyre depots and garages are and have always been dirty places. However, these days we have a wide spectrum of customers, many of whom are lady customers. So to welcome them into our businesses, we have to make extra effort. Especially when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene.

Gone are the days of our customers wallking out of their cars with dirt and grease on their shoes. I must give credit to the larger national chains of tyre retail companies for showing us the way by having a nice reception area for their customer base. We can all match them now, and many of us do.

A good-looking reception, together with competent reception staff, will and does now give us the edge when it comes to customer care. Therefore, we are expanding our business in our local towns and cities.

Reception Revamp at Pellon Tyres
Reception Revamp at Pellon Tyres

We would like to share some wonderful news!

We’ve been hard at work at Pellon Tyres in Halifax renovating our customer waiting room. Our objective? to ensure that your stay is as relaxing and pleasurable as possible. Let’s now take a brief look at what’s updated and new!

Initial Impression Counts

We want you to feel comfortable and welcomed as soon as you enter our reception area. The old, dull surroundings are gone. A modern space with cosy seats and inviting colours will now welcome you. Imagine it more like a comfortable living room than a place to wait.

Amusement While You Wait- Reception Revamp at Pellon Tyres

You know how boring it can be to wait for your car? Not any longer! We have a brand-new TV installed, so you can watch daytime television, catch up on the news, or, if you’re lucky, watch a match. Making the most of your waiting time is the key.

Reception Revamp at Pellon Tyres
Reception Revamp at Pellon Tyres

Enjoy a Cuppa on Us

Who doesn’t enjoy a cup of tea or coffee? The best part about the amazing new coffee maker we introduced is that it’s totally free! We have you covered, whether you’re a connoisseur of cappuccinos or just like a plain cup of tea. Sit back, have a nice beverage, and unwind while we take care of your car or van.

Cosy and welcoming- Reception Revamp at Pellon Tyres

Your comfort is our top priority when designing our new seating area. It’s a place you can really relax with lots of reading material, new chairs, and a light, airy atmosphere. We want you to feel comfortable, whether you’re waiting for a fast tyre change or a more involved service.

A Hint of Regional Charm

To keep us reminded of the lovely town we serve, we’ve also incorporated certain regional elements. It’s a tribute to the community that has supported us over the years, with local history and historic photos available. After all, we’re a member of the Halifax family, not simply a company.

What Caused the Change?

You may be wondering why we changed the way we welcomed people. It’s straightforward: we want to provide you with the finest experience possible since we value you as one of our clients. Our primary goals are your comfort and enjoyment, and we think these adjustments will have a significant impact.

Thus, do stop by and take a look at our Reception Revamp at Pellon Tyres the next time you’re at Pellon Tyres. Savour a steaming beverage, catch up on some TV, and take in the friendly ambiance that we’ve especially designed for you. We’re ecstatic with the change and are eager for you to see it!

I appreciate your support and hope to see you at Pellon Tyres soon!

Eric Roberts MD

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Low Tyre Pressure Costs you Money

Low Tyre Pressure Costs you Money

Low Tyre Pressure Costs you Money
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Low Tyre Pressure Costs you Money

The financial impact that low tyre pressure can have on your company


Greetings, fellow citizens of the United Kingdom! Today, let’s talk about something that might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about ways to reduce costs in your company, particularly if you operate a fleet of vehicles. It’s not about gimmicky technology or significant organisational shifts.

The tyre pressure is something that is simpler but quite important. You did indeed read that correctly. There is a big impact that the pressure of your tyres can have on your pocket, and here is how it might happen.

To begin, let’s take a look at some facts from Michelin that will open your eyes.

They conducted some tests and discovered that a tyre that is underinflated by just twenty percent will wear down twenty percent more quickly. This indicates that a tyre that you would anticipate to last for around 25,000 miles might only make it to 20,000 miles throughout the course of its lifetime. That’s 5,000 miles of tyre life that’s going to vanish into thin air, very literally!

Nevertheless, as the owner of a fleet, why should you take this matter seriously? However, tyres are not the only thing that is wearing out more quickly. It’s a double-whammy situation right here. Tyres that are not properly inflated result in increased fuel consumption.

And let’s not forget that the price of petrol is as predictable as the weather in the United Kingdom’s climate. According to the AA’s fuel report for petrol and diesel, the average price of the two has increased by 13.9% and 14.5%, respectively. Because of this, not only are your vehicles consuming more fuel than usual due to low tyre pressure, but they are also doing so at a time when the cost of fuel is continuously rising.

Having said that, let’s speak about the figures, Low Tyre Pressure Costs you Money

since that is where it truly hits home. Imagine that your entire fleet is driving down the M62 with tyres that are not quite pressurised to the appropriate level. Each of those automobiles is not only using petrol or diesel at a faster rate, but it is also accelerating the time at which it will need to replace its tyres.

The annual weight of each car could be hundreds of pounds as a result of this. Depending on the size of the fleet, this may mean the difference between making a tidy profit and barely making ends meet.

There is more to consider than just the price. Low Tyre Pressure Costs you Money

It is comparable to having a shop in Halifax and failing to properly lock up at night if you are operating a fleet of vehicles with tyres that are underinflated.

It is a potential danger. Under-inflated tyres can have a negative impact on the vehicle’s handling and braking, which can ultimately result in accidents. In addition, we are all aware that safety is of the utmost importance, not just for your drivers but for everyone else who is on the road.

What, then, are your options? In reality, it is quite easy. Regular inspections and upkeep are required. A regular check of the tyre pressure should be performed by your staff. It’s a simple task, but it has the potential to save you a significant amount of money and make everyone safer on the roads.

Make sure you don’t forget to ensure that your tyres have the appropriate pressure

isn’t just about saving money. Being a responsible business owner and doing everything you can to reduce emissions is the focus of this discussion. Having a lower fuel use implies that your company will have a reduced carbon impact, which is always excellent news for our beautiful green islands.

As a conclusion, the next time you are strolling around your fleet, be sure to check the tyres on each vehicle. Even though it’s a simple action, it can result in significant cost savings and safer travel.

It is possible that you will use the money you have saved to reward yourself with a delicious cup of coffee and a biscuit, or even better, you may choose to reinvest the money in your company. Remain cautious while driving, and make sure your tyres are in good condition! and that Low Tyre Pressure Costs you Money