Air-conditioning in Halifax

Air-conditioning in Halifax

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Auto-Air Conditioning

Auto-Air Conditioning

Auto-Air Conditioning

Auto-Air Conditioning
Auto-Air Conditioning

Eric Roberts says:

Of course, the air conditioners found in the car works

similarly to the air conditioners used at present in offices and houses. In simple words, the air conditioning system of a car is the smaller unit of window air conditioning systems found in many homes.

Although they come out with the same end result,. So, the mechanism of a car air conditioning system is quite different from that of conventional domestic air conditioning units. The car system, in my opinion, is a little more complicated.  The car system takes the warm air from out of the vehicles cab and recycles the air. Hence, through the cars air-con system. Returning the air to the cab as cold air.

Auto Air Conditioning: Not for DIY motorists

The system is really a heat exchange unit fitted under the cars bonnet. Therefore, the air-con system can be very complicated to repair by a DIY motorist. So if you have certain problems in the car air conditioning system, then you need to visit your local car service centre. Such as Pellon Tyre and Auto Centre in Halifax, UK.

In order to understand how the car air conditioning system operates,

Then, it is required for you to know some of the various parts of the air-con unit. Although systems slightly differ,? so In this system, there are two types of valves. There are expansion and dryer valves, which are required for the correct functioning of the air-con system. The function of expansion valves is to regulate the internal temperature of air and also control the refrigerant flow inside the system.

This also reminds me that air-con systems are serviced by specialized equipment. Subsequently, our operators have to attend a course and be certified to using the specialist machines that we use.

Auto-Air Conditioning-Leaking gas is the main problem

In general, though, if your air-con system is giving you certain problems,. So, call a local garage. Of course, most of the problems that we encounter areas not simple to rectify. I recommend that drivers have an annual air-con service. Possibly at the same time as as your cars full service. Leakages take out all the gas present inside the air conditioner unit. This is probably the most common problem that we encounter. Of course, with the passage of time, the system becomes useless.

This attached video gives an excellent description of how the Auto Air Conditioning system works in most models of car.

This video represent a “Typical Auto Air Conditioning System – How It Works” as well shows the potential problem of over-charging systems with TXV Valves. Our solution at AC AVALANCHE is to use SMART CLIP Technology for the correct fill!

Car Air-Conditioning

Car Air-Conditioning-2

Car Air-Conditioning (air-con)

Air conditioning was one of the last things that you would have needed here in the United Kingdom’s cool climate, but now that we have it in almost every vehicle, I do not know how we did without it? This time of year is when our customers are starting to get their cars ready for the summer, and this includes having their Car air conditioning system serviced.

I must admit though that I remember the pre-Car

Air-Conditioning days of motoring on a hot summer’s day. In those days, the only way to cool down was to open the car’s windows and stick your head out of the window.

Not only that, I also remember when the windows of cars would steam up in spring and winter due to condensation; this has now stopped because of car air-conditioning fitted to most cars. We used to arrive at our destination dripping with sweat, with our legs sticking to our trousers and other bits.

Car Air-Conditioning
Car Air-Conditioning

America was way ahead of us here in the UK as far as Car Air-Conditioning is concerned

Although they had far more hot days, they really did need it especially in the southern states. Air-con in cars was actually invented and used in America as far back as 1939 and Packard were the first car makers to install Car Air-Conditioning as far back as 1940. Although it was a crude system compared to today’s used cars, it was

better than nothing at all. In fact, it was Chrysler that was the first to introduce a properly integrated air-con system into their cars in 1953 as an optional extra. By 1970, almost half the cars in America were equipped with Car Air-Conditioning and us in Europe were still miles behind.  

Car Air-Conditioning (air-con)

At the same time, in 1970, the USA adopted a new “Clean air act”, but the regulations for motor vehicles did not come into force until 1990. This meant that the refrigerants inside the Car Air-Conditioning had to be re-cycled and a different refrigerant had to be used.

The gas that we all use at the moment is R134A, but we think that a newer gas will be used in the near future. The family car market, all the way down to the small Citroen and Toyota Yaris cars, quickly followed suit as European automakers quickly installed air conditioning in all of the large production cars, including BMW and Mercedes.

Hot weather is expected in the UK, so consider car air conditioning.

The main parts of the car air-con system consist of the Air Conditioning Condenser Unit, compressor and evaporator and a few other parts that all work together to remove and cool the humidity that is in the air and circulate it into and through the car. The warm, humid air is replaced with cool air at the temperature that you set it at. That is until things such as the Car Air-Conditioning Condenser start to go wrong.

It is a well-known fact that cars fitted with air-con use more fuel, so some drivers switch off the air-con when the weather is cold. It is in actual fact false economy to switch off your air-con in winter. This is an extract from the Autokool website…

“It is false economy to turn the system off in the winter.

This can lead to deterioration of the seals and gaskets in your system and, even more, rapid refrigerant loss. On the coldest of days turn the system on to ensure that the windows are demisted and the interior of the car is comfortable.

Contrary to popular belief this does not greatly reduce your mpg or performance. With modern engines and increased fuel efficiency the cost of using your vehicle air conditioning system has been considerably reduced with modern advancements in engineering”.

Most modern garages are equipped to service your Car Air-Conditioning system on your car

And the members of staff at the garage should all be certified to use the equipment and handle the refrigerant that is used, so check out the air-con before the summer arrives and keep yourself cool and dry. car air conditioning, car air conditioning servicing, car air conditioning cleaning, car air conditioning parts.

Car Air-Conditioning

Check Your Car’s Air Conditioning

Check Your Car’s Air Conditioning

Check Your Car's Air Conditioning
Check Your Car’s Air Conditioning

Check Your Car’s Air Conditioning

Firstly, I know that we have all seen and heard these  false weather warning ! So, in the past, nothing ever came of them. Especially from the “Daily Express” newspaper group. This warning from the “Daily Mirror” is of a heat wave that may last up to two weeks; nice if it happens.

I did think that it was about time I did an article about your air conditioning system. In my opinion, it is always a good thing to remind our customers. It is important to have your air conditioning system checked out and serviced.

Car air conditioners in winter, Check Your Car’s Air Conditioning

Many drivers make the mistake of turning their car air conditioning off in winter. I appreciate that having it on the car uses slightly more fuel. But the truth is that when it is switched off,. Then the parts of the car air conditioning system are not being used and will eventually deteriorate. Up to the present time, most of the parts and hoses are often made of rubber and plastic. Because it is a sealed system. You are likely to feel a loss of pressure.

Of course, due to leakage, this leads to the system failing. In due time, the car’s air conditioning system will not work, probably leading to a more expensive repair. Some of our customers think that the heating system will not work. Hence, with the air conditioning switched on,. But this is not so; the car will be hot or cold with the air conditioning in winter and summer.

How does your air conditioner work? Check Your Car’s Air Conditioning

Basically, all car air con systems work in a similar fashion. It operates by taking a gas known as R134a refrigerant and pressurising it in a sealed system using a compressor. As the system is pressurised, it heats up by absorbing the air around it. The hot gas is then passed through a series of tubes, similar to a car radiator which dissipates the heat.

The gas loses its heat and gets really cold by turning into a liquid. Consequently, this is the stage when the cold air blows into the cars cabin! Cooling you down.

Some of your cars air conditioning component parts. Check Your Car’s Air Conditioning

At the very heart of your air conditioning system is the compressor. The compressor is the part that takes the R134a refrigerant gas and pressurises it  to cool the air. An engine belt drives the compressor. But it also has an electric clutch system that controls the demand for colder air. In other words, the compressor will turn on and off as you demand colder air in the cars cabin.

Importantly, the next part to explain about is the Condenser. The condenser is mounted at the front of the car, next to the main car radiator. For this reason, it is usually smaller in size. This is the part that converts the gas into a liquid as it becomes cooler. Just like the radiator cools the water that comes from the engine, a similar principal.

The next part is like a small radiator and is called the Evaporator. The evaporator does exactly opposite of the condenser and super-cools the liquid as it passes through the tubes. At this stage, air is forced through and into the cars cab. Thus, super cooling the cars interior to the delight of the occupants on a hot, sunny day. As the gas cools down again, it is turned back into a liquid, and the cycle starts over again.

Another important part of your car’s air conditioning is called the thermal expansion valve.

The expansion valve controls the flow of the super-cooled refrigerant to the evaporator; Without delay, this equipment helps to regulate the cold air that ends up in your cabin. The next part of the car air con system to mention is the accumulator, also known as the “drier”. The drier protects the compressor from damage that may be caused by any liquid that makes its way back and could damage the compressor. It does this by a chemical process that absorbs any moisture to the system; it also acts as a filter, catching any small pieces of rubbish that may have made its way into the system.

That just about covers the general idea of how your car air con system works without trying to get too complicated. Cars have all got different variants and are fitted with sensors to pick up temperature and differences in pressure, but most Old Cars work off a similar system. Toyota Cars have a different system than BMW cars.

We at Pellon Auto centre here in use a Duel gas air conditioning machine

to service the cars, and what it does is recirculate the gas, add more if required and then repressurize the system. Many cars loose pressure because they have not had their air con switched on in winter and the system has lost pressure, but most servicing machines can find a fault and we use a special spray to find any possible leaks in the cars system.  

I hope this air conditioning advice was useful to you. Check Your Car’s Air Conditioning

 Pellon Tyre and Auto centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are not now members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. We also sell tyres online from our website,

 Important Notice

Because of air pollution, we now have to use a new type of gas on new car models. Importantly, we will notify our customers as to which type they have on there vehicles. So, new-style gases cost twice as much as old-type gases. We are sorry about this and will charge as fairly as possible ?



Car Air-Conditioning

Air-Con Service-Service your cars AIR-CON the weathers getting hotter ?

Air-Con Service

Air-Con Service

Air-Con Service Summer may be here at last.

Our weather here in the UK is forecast to get get hotter this Summer. The weather companies including the BBC have said that a high pressure system is due to start building.

 Although motorists are feeling the pinch.With the economy and the price of fuel. It could be a nightmare stuck in your car with the kids screaming in the back.Just because they are too hot.

We all know the feeling. Especially on roads like the A14 and M11, busy holiday destinations. Where there are always traffic jams whatever time of day. You can be guaranteed of getting caught up in a huge snarl up.

If this happens and the temperature reaches 30 degrees. Thus, you will definitely need your cars Air-Con working. Also now is time to have your Air-Con serviced. 

It is no good leaving it until you are on your journey.

If you are driving on the Continent and your AC fails. It could cost you up to 10 times the price as it does here in the UK. In France.

A friend of mine , (who lives there). Always waits until he visits the UK to have his Air-Con Service. Also buys tyres and batteries, because of the price difference.Especially, between here and the other European countries.

Just out of interest.The first air con- system for a car was invented back in 1939 by Packard, in America and was the first to be fitted in the factory in 1940. The first refrigerant originally used was highly damaging to the atmosphere, and a safer gas was later used in the 1960s.

Air-Con Service

Here at Pellonautocentre in Halifax GB. We have many customers that have an annual Air-Con service. This ensures that their car performs properly all the year round.It ensures that  their  system works without a hitch.

This will clean out all the dirt and germs that have built up in the course of time. It will also recharge the gas as necessary. The other option would be to leave yours on until there is a drop in the  temperature and performance.

This way will leave a risk of leaving yours on  until there is a problem, the problem may arise with the result in a bigger repair and service bill.

Either way, in between summers, you do still need to think about your air conditioning system, we recommend that you leave yours on all through the autumn and winter, this stops the gas pressure from falling.

Most of the public do not know

that you should leave the Air-Con on all year round, but I do understand that the cars now coming out with smaller and greener engines will use more fuel with the Air-Con Service in cooler weather.

Any bad smells coming from your air- con system should be checked at your nearest Autocentre for a Car Service, if you do not know of one in your area look online for your nearest Unipart Car Care Centre, where you will get free advice on what to do with your car  Air-Con System.

In the Halifax area of West Yorkshire, you can have your Air-Con Service done by experts, and should be looking to pay around £45 for a complete Air-Con service.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. Selling  tyres online from our website . Using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. Consequently, we offer courtesy cars to local motorists. So, who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. We are also an official MOT testing station.

Car Air-Conditioning

Air Conditioning Problems: For this VW Golf ?

Air Conditioning Problems

Air Conditioning Problems
Air Conditioning Problems

Air Conditioning Problems

As I have said many times, this is the time of year that we can be busy rectifying air conditioning problems on our customer’s cars. This year, we are enjoying a nice, warm, sunny summer. So, many of the new model cars have been fitted with air conditioning as standard.

Of course, then, the need for the air conditioner to work and cool the car interior has never been more important. Many of our customers also travel to continental Europe for their holidays. So a good cold-air conditioning system is imperative for a good and comfortable journey.

There are many reasons why your car’s air conditioning can fail you.

By and large, the most common is that the customer switches it off in the winter. Importantly, when summer comes, expect their  air conditioning to work normally. But in over half the cases, their system will need a re-gas.

After the re-gas, other problems occur. The main problem is that if the air conditioning system is not used, then the system does not get lubricated. Consequently, this will dry out, causing common problems such as failed “O” rings and rubber hoses due to the drying-out process.

Sometimes we may get a customer who says that the car is blowing cool air into the cab but not cold air. This is usually when the air conditioning is set to high with the fans on high, but the car is still only blowing in cool air. We have all been there; you just can’t get the car cold enough?

What we do in this case is first check that the cooling fans are running

On the refrigerator condenser (the thing that looks like a radiator, usually at the front of the car’s engine), when the air conditioning system is switched on,. Naturally, checking out the condenser for any debris, such as dead leaves, dust, or insects, that may be clogging the condenser up, you would be surprised at what we find clogging the air conditioning condenser unit up?

We also check out the pollen filter, or cabin filter, Air Conditioning Problems

as it is sometimes known; if it is clogged up, we will replace it. We then check the pressures of the air con system to see if they confirm what they should be set at in the user’s manual. The condenser is a very important part of the air conditioning system.

It works the opposite way to the radiator (evaporator); it sits at the front of the car, and air is blown over the condenser, but the air soaks up the heat and then cools the refrigerant inside the air conditioning system. All this is done under high pressure; the air carries the heat out of your car, and the refrigerant converts it back to a liquid.

The liquid is then sent back to the evaporator (a low-pressure area), and the system moving from a high-pressure area to a low-pressure area forces the refrigerant temperature to perform a rapid drop, and the cycle starts all over again, supercooling the cab of your vehicle.

VW Golf had- Air Conditioning Problems

On a day last week, we had a car presented to us with this exact Air Conditioning Problems. We carry out all repairs and other work on car  air conditioning systems here at Pellon Autocentre in Halifax, UK. Subsequently, the air coming out of the cab cool but not super cool. The car was a 2010 VW Golf (only 4 years old). The

The customer left the car with us, and we proceeded to connect up our air conditioning machine and re-gas the car’s cooling system. The problem was spotted right away because the car started to leak liquid from the condenser at the front of the car.

After an examination of the condenser, we found out that the car had recently had a minor bump at the front end, which consequently damaged the air conditioning condenser. In earlier times, this is what happened to car radiators; nowadays, this is where the air conditioner condenser sits, and it takes the brunt of any damage from stones or small accidents.

However, this was one of our easier jobs to do, and we replaced the condenser with a new one, re-gassed the system, and the customer and his VW Golf went on their way, with a nice cold cabin in their car.

Car Air-Conditioning

Car Air conditioning (air con)-A busy time of year

Car Air conditioning

Car Air conditioning bring many problems for their drivers

Here in Halifax in the UK, we are experiencing a particularly warm and pleasant summer. We are at the moment in the middle of the main holiday season and trade can be a little hit and

miss. Many of our customers have had their cars serviced in preparation for their summer holidays, so the servicing side of the business can be a little slower this time of year.

However, one of the things that have kept us going in this hot summer is the number of cars with Car Air conditioning systems that break or have never worked for years. The hot weather makes them dig deep into their pockets and have the air con Operating Systems serviced or repaired. The cars that come to my garage with problems are usually older cars and some come to us complaining that they are having strong smells coming from inside the car.

This is due to the Car Air conditioning system not been used often

with a build-up of nasty’s in the evaporator located just behind the dashboard, this consists of molds, fungi and bacteria, that can cause some drivers to feel ill. This problem can be remedied by using an anti-bacterial spray which should get your car back to smelling fresh again.

Unfortunately, the Car Air conditioning system in cars are not covered by warranty and the system will need servicing from time to time when the gas starts to deplete and the air con system stops working properly, leaving the driver hot and sweaty.

For some reason motorists in the UK, where we have four seasons a year switch off their air con systems in the winter time. I do not think they know that you can run the air con and the car heater at the same time and also the smaller cars with the lower engine capacities will use much more fuel and so they switch the air con off.

Car Air conditioning system can dry out if not used

This result is that the system will dry out and start to damage some of the internal parts. Including small “O”, rings that act as seals within the air con system. These are normally lubricated by the “PAG OIL” that circulates within the system when the air con is in use. The consequences of this are the refrigerant gas that is confined to the system . So,will leak out through the broken “O” ring. Causing it not to work.

To find where the leak is we have to re-gas the system . So,and try to find the leak with a special chemical .That we use to show us where the leak is and then repairing the fault.

In fact, this was the case just the other day. A customer called into to see us with a problem with his Car Air conditioning. In fact, it was not working at all. The car was an older Volvo V40 and the customer always switched the air con off in winter. The car was five-year-old and so we started the process of re-gassing the system. So, in order that we could find out what the problem was.

Indeed, we used our special leak detecting tool.

Finding out the place where the gas had leaked more or less straight away. The problem was due to his air con system drying out. Breaking one of the “O” ring seals. This is a common thing with most cars. If the engines do not run then the hoses and other rubber parts will dry out and perish, because of no lubrication exactly the same as the air con system, the “PAG OIL” circulates in the system and oil all the parts when the system is running. The particular “O” ring was located in the high-pressure pipe part of the condenser which had to be removed and a new one fitted. Here at Pellon Autocentre can repair most models of cars air con and heater systems in the Halifax area of West Yorkshire.

Many other things can go wrong with air con but I will cover those when and if they happen in other blogs.

The new “O” ring was fitted and the driver drove away much happier with his nice cool Volvo.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes and models of vehicles. Significantly, we also sell tyres online from our website  . Finally, by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size.

Car Air Conditioning in Halifax UK

Car Air Conditioning in Halifax UK

Car Air Conditioning in Halifax UK

In 2024, most models of cars and vans will be equipped with air conditioning. It is not long ago that only the cream of cars, such as the BMWs and Mercedes of this world, were fitted out with this wonderful driving aid. I can remember when cars were either too hot in the summer or freezing in the winter months.

So, as cars developed over the years, there was a battle developing amongst the car manufacturers to improve equipment levels, and this would attract the public to buy their cars.

Fast forward to today, and most car and van models will have air conditioning fitted as standard. Of course, garages such as the one that I own have had to keep up with the never-ending cycle of new equipment to service the air conditioning systems.

Because of emission concerns

Different gases have had to be used in these air conditioning systems The latest gas is known as R1234yf . Older vehicles still use 134a, which will still be in use as long as there is a demand for it.

Car Air Conditioning in Halifax UK
Car Air Conditioning in Halifax UK

Pellon Tyres Limited, which is situated in the town of Halifax in the United Kingdom, provides a variety of services to guarantee the best possible performance from vehicles. One of them is an Air Con Re Gas for your vehicle, which is essential for ensuring that car air conditioning systems are not only maintained but also improved in terms of their effectiveness.

If you notice that the air coming out of the vents is not as cold as it used to be,

If the process of demisting the windscreen is taking longer than usual, if there is a loss in fuel economy that cannot be explained, or if there is an odd scent, these are all indications that you may want an air conditioning repair or service. The following are some of the many advantages that may be gained by ensuring that the air conditioning in your vehicle is operating at its highest possible efficiency:

Enhancement of Cooling Performance: Car Air Conditioning in Halifax UK

The levels of refrigerant in an air conditioning system might decrease with time, which can result in a decrease in the system’s ability to cool effectively. By re-gassing, the correct levels of refrigerant are restored, which guarantees that the air conditioning system will operate at its highest possible efficiency. The outcome is a cooling process that is both more efficient and more rapid, which results in increased comfort for the passengers.

Re-gassing the air conditioner on a regular basis helps to preserve the overall health of the system

which, in turn, serves to extend the total lifespan of the system. A sufficient amount of refrigerant prevents the compressor and other components from experiencing needless strain, which has the potential to lengthen the overall lifespan of the system. This can provide long-term cost benefits by lowering the probability of major system failures, which in turn can contribute to cost reductions.

For the purpose of preventing damage to components, low refrigerant levels might cause the air conditioning compressor to work harder than it should, which can result in increased wear and the possibility of damage. The process of re-gassing helps to prevent problems like these, ensuring that components function within the parameters stated by the manufacturer and lowering the likelihood of expensive repairs being required.

Efficiency with regard to energy consumption: Car Air Conditioning in Halifax UK

An air conditioning system that is adequately charged operates more efficiently. It is possible for the system to chill the air more efficiently while putting less load on the engine if the levels of refrigerant are maintained at the appropriate amounts. It is possible that this will result in enhanced fuel efficiency, particularly during the summer months when the use of air conditioning is frequently increased.

Considerations Regarding the Environment Certain refrigerants

that are used in air conditioning systems have the potential to cause environmental damage if they are allowed to escape into the atmosphere. Re-gassing on a regular basis helps reduce the likelihood of leaks, which in turn contributes to the preservation of the environment by lowering the amount of dangerous substances that are released.

When compared to the process of addressing serious system faults, the process of re-gassing an air conditioning system is a very straightforward and cost-effective maintenance procedure. It is possible for car owners to save money in the long run by doing routine re-gassing because it can assist in the identification and resolution of minor faults before they develop into more serious and time-consuming difficulties.

Comfortable Driving Experience: Car Air Conditioning in Halifax UK

Having sufficient cooling in the car improves the entire driving experience, particularly when the temperature is high. If your air conditioning system is in good working order, it may make driving more enjoyable and minimise fatigue, regardless of whether you are going to be travelling for a long distance or commuting to work.

Compliance with Manufacturer Recommendations:

In order to guarantee the highest possible level of performance, it is common for automobile manufacturers to call for routine maintenance of the air conditioning system, which may include re-gassing. By following these various instructions, it will be easier to maintain the warranty on the air conditioning system and any related components.

It is recommended that you take your vehicle in for a checkup and maybe a refuelling at least once every two years, according to our professional experience. Pellon Tyres Limited will remove the old refrigerant and replace it with fresh refrigerant. Additionally, the system filters and any lubricants will be cleaned or replaced when necessary. As an additional measure, we will examine the state of all of the other components of the air conditioning system.

Auto-Air Conditioning

Air-Conditioning Time: Service your cars AIR-CON

Air-Conditioning Time

Keeping You Comfortable While Driving:

The Value of Using and Maintaining the Air Conditioning in Your Vehicle

Your level of comfort and the condition of your vehicle are directly correlated to how well you operate and maintain the air conditioning (AC) system in your vehicle. Let’s investigate the benefits that come from this aspect of car maintenance, which is frequently ignored.

An air conditioning system that has been properly maintained will keep the interior of the vehicle cool and comfortable, which is especially important during the sweltering months of summer (Air-Conditioning Time). Comfortable drivers are attentive drivers!
Better Air Quality: Performing maintenance on your air conditioner can help improve the air quality inside your vehicle. Filters should be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis as part of preventative maintenance to cut down on dust and allergens.

Defogging the Windows

Your vehicle’s air conditioner is an essential component in the process of defrosting the windows as quickly as possible. This maintains clear visibility, which contributes to conditions that are safer for driving.

Having your air conditioner serviced on a regular basis can help you avoid having to pay for expensive repairs down the road. If you catch any problems early on, you can avoid having to pay for more expensive repairs later.
Protect the Value of Your Vehicle Having an air conditioning system that is fully operational helps to protect the value of your vehicle.

If you are thinking about selling your home, Air-Conditioning Time

Having a functioning air conditioner can be a major selling point.
Comfort for Passengers: Everyone in the vehicle will be able to travel in comfort if the air conditioner is in good working order, elevating the overall experience of taking long car rides or short trips to the grocery store.

Improve Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency Your car’s air conditioning system can use more fuel if it is not properly maintained. Regular maintenance keeps it operating at its peak performance, which contributes to improved fuel efficiency.
In conclusion, there are a variety of advantages that come from maintaining and making routine use of the air conditioning system in your vehicle.

It improves the comfort of driving, helps maintain the quality of the air around you, and even helps preserve the value of your vehicle.
Keep in mind that a cooler car is not just a comfort; rather, it is an investment in improved driving, improved health, and improved vehicle longevity. Keep your cool and drive safely!

Air-Conditioning Time: Air-Con was invented in 1939 in the USA

The weather here in the UK has now started to get warmer, and it is generally the Air-Conditioning Time of the year that motorists turn their air conditioning on and find that it isn’t

working as well as they would like. Sometimes it won’t be getting cold, and sometimes there will be a musty sort of smell coming from the inside of the car. It is just not the same as driving on a hot day with the windows wound down. You will probably find that your air conditioning needs to be re-gassed, or a more thorough service and inspection may be required.

was invented back in 1939 by Packard in America and was the first to be fitted in the factory in 1940. The first refrigerant used in air conditioning was thought to be  highly damaging to the atmosphere, and a safer gas was later used in the 1960s.

Most of our customers know that it is air conditioning time to choose again and choose to have their air conditioning serviced yearly.

This will clean out all the dirt and germs that have built up over time-Air-Conditioning Time

, and it will also recharge the gas as necessary. The other option would be to leave your air conditioning on until there is a drop in the air conditioning temperature and performance.

There is a risk of leaving your air-con until there is a problem. The problem may arise, resulting in a bigger repair and a bigger bill. Either way, in between summers, you do still need to think about your air conditioning system. We recommend that you leave the air-con on all through the autumn and winter; this stops the gas pressure from falling.

Many motorists are under the impression that Air-Conditioning Time is just for hot weather.

In fact, you will need to use it all year round; otherwise, it will be highly unlikely to work properly on the hot days we do have, (as we are experiencing at the moment) In the colder months of winter, you can use your air- con system to warm the car, and it will also remove moisture from the air so that windows do not get misted up. This is something that drivers do not know.

If your car is fitted with climate control, it is often tempting on really hot days to turn the cold button as far down as it will go, but unless you are on a long journey, the chances are the system won’t be able to achieve the low temperature that you are looking for. Then, when you exit the car, you feel like you’re stepping into a hot, steaming forest. Not very comfortable at all.

You are much better off aiming for an in-car temperature that is just a couple of degrees lower than the outside temperature.

You will feel more comfortable in the car, and it won’t be such a shock when you get out of the car (we have all been there; when we hire a car in, say, Spain and the inside of the car is nice and cool, then when we get out it’s like stepping into an oven). If you don’t have the inside temperature so cold, then your body won’t get such a shock when you hit the heat.

Any bad smells coming from your air-con system should be checked

out by a good auto-centre as soon as possible, particularly if you or any of your family has any breathing problems such as asthma. It indicates that there are bacteria in the car’s air-con system (often caused by leaves going mouldy and blocking up the exterior vents in Autumn, so do remove any that you see there!)

You can also smell the bad smell coming in from other cars, this is very common and nothing to worry about.

In the Halifax area of West Yorkshire, you can have your air-con serviced by experts.

1234YF Car Air conditioning gas

1234YF Car Air conditioning gas

1234YF Car Air conditioning gas

1234YF Car Air conditioning gas
1234YF Car Air conditioning gas

1234YF Car Air conditioning gas

So, although we are now out of the European Union, there are certain things that we are still aligned with! Of course, one of the continued alignments is for vehicles. This includes a new directive that came into force this January. Consequently, we are referring to a new type of air conditioning gas. So the new gas is known as 1234YF. This new gas will eventually replace the other older gases used in car air conditioning units. So, the old gas was redeemed “not environmentally friendly” and had to be replaced.

Subsequently, the reason is that the old-style gas that we used was damaging the environment when it leaked out of the vehicles. Known as “R134” refrigerant, the old gas was considered a damager to “global warming” and had to be replaced.

In fact, the R134 gas was considered to have a much worse effect on the environment than the dreaded “carbon dioxide.”.

New gas has a higher cost1234YF Car Air conditioning Gas

Of course, like all new product developments, this new gas comes at a higher price for motorists. So, this new gas is the result of years of development and industry research. Initially, the gas has been developed by two manufacturers, so the end costs to the consumer are considerably higher. So the new gas, 1234YF is more expensive than its old counterpart, R134 gas.

Importantly, this cost should level out as other manufacturers make the price more competitive and more vehicles are using the new gas.

Can my garage supply the new gas? 1234YF Car Air conditioning gas

Of course, the answer is yes; your local garage or auto centre will have access to the new  gas. So, here at Pellon Autocentre, we have invested in a new air conditioning gassing machine specifically for re-gassing cars with the new 1234YF gas installed. So, if you know that your car is charged with the new gas, it may be prudent to check with your garage and make sure they are equipped to do the work! Apparently, not all garages have made the investment required.

This could also include the main dealership garages, so its well worth a check before you have a wasted journey. Finally, our image shows a new BMW with air conditioning issues using the new 1234YF air conditioning gas.

Q1: Why is my car’s air conditioning not as chilly as it used to be?
A1: If your car’s air conditioning isn’t as cold as a frosty morning in Yorkshire, it could be for a number of reasons. The most typical cause is low refrigerant levels. A car’s air conditioning system will naturally lose some refrigerant over time. Also, if there is a leak in the system, the refrigerant will escape more quickly. Other possible causes include a dirty air filter or problems with the compressor. It’s similar to attempting to get a nice brew out of an old kettle; sometimes it only has to be cleaned or repaired!

Q2: How frequently should I service my car’s air conditioner?
A2: Regular servicing is essential, just like giving your automobile a good run on the M1. Most manufacturers recommend that you service your air conditioner every two years. Typically, this service includes a refrigerant recharge as well as a leak and bacteria check. Regular servicing will help maintain your car’s air conditioning efficiency and save you money on future repairs.

Q3: Is there a way to keep my car cool without constantly utilising air conditioning?
A3: Absolutely! On a bright day in Blackpool, you may not always want to use air conditioning. Parking in the shade or utilising a parasol can significantly reduce heat buildup in your vehicle. Also, try opening the windows for a few minutes before turning on the air conditioning. This helps to push away hot air, making your air conditioner’s job a little simpler.

Q4: Does using air conditioning effect my car’s fuel efficiency? 1234YF Car Air conditioning gas
A4: Yes, it can. Using air conditioning can raise your vehicle’s fuel usage, particularly at lower speeds. It’s like running with a big backpack: it requires more work and energy. If you’re driving around town, consider using a fan instead. However, at higher speeds, such as on the motorway, the impact on fuel efficiency is less obvious.

Q5: What is the musty scent I get when I switch on the air conditioner?
A5: The musty odour, which is reminiscent of a damp day in the Lake District, is typically generated by bacteria and mould in the system. This might happen when the air conditioner isn’t used on a regular schedule. To combat this, turn on your air conditioner on a frequent basis, even in cooler weather, to keep air circulating and prevent the accumulation of nasties.

Q6: How can I keep my car’s air conditioning system working properly in between services? 1234YF Car Air conditioning gas
A6: To keep your air conditioner operating as smoothly as a cricket ball at Lords, use it on a regular basis. This helps to lubricate the system and avoid leaks. Also, keep your car’s air filters clean because they can affect the efficiency of the air conditioning system. Regular checkups can help keep your vehicle cool and comfortable.

Car Air-Conditioning

Air conditioning system flushing: Vital says Nissan

Air conditioning system flushing

Air conditioning system flushing
Air conditioning system flushing

Air conditioning system flushing

“Out of Action: The Hidden Troubles of Cars Left Idle in Halifax”

Greetings, dear people! Today, let’s have a conversation about something that quite a few of us in Halifax and beyond experienced during those COVID lockdowns that occurred not so long ago: cars collecting dust rather than mileage. Isn’t it a little bit like us, that’s for sure?

After being caged up for a while, our cars felt the same way, which was to say that they were a little creaky and out of sorts. Let’s have a look at the annoyances and problems that our four-wheeled companions might have encountered during those times when they were seemingly doing nothing but sitting around doing nothing.

Perhaps you are thinking, “Out of sight, out of mind,”

But are you sure? For an automobile to remain in pristine condition, however, it requires a little bit more upkeep than a cup of coffee does. In the course of our work at the Pellon Autocentre in Halifax, we encountered a number of automobiles that, following the lockup, developed a number of peculiarities and problems.

To begin, they are batteries. Air conditioning system flushing

They have a tendency to become irritable when they are left alone. It’s exactly like when you forget to turn off your phone for a long time and then have a hard time getting it to turn on again. There is no difference between automobiles. If you did not start the engine for a decent run while the vehicle was in lockdown, there is a good likelihood that the battery said, “I’m off for a nap,” and that it did not want to wake up.

Additionally, there are tyres. Air conditioning system flushing

When a vehicle is left parked for an extended period of time, the tyres may develop flat spots. This occurs when the portion of the tyre that is in contact with the ground becomes dislodged. It is not exactly what you want for a journey that is enjoyable all the way down to Shibden Park, is it?

There is also the matter of brakes.

If they are not used for an extended period of time, they may become rusty or stick. Imagine that you are getting ready to go to The Piece Hall and you discover that the brakes on your automobile are acting a little bit sulky. This would not be an ideal situation.

Let us not overlook the importance of animals. You did hear that correctly. There are times when rodents, bless their tiny cotton socks, have the misconception that a stationary car is an excellent spot to start a new existence. It is possible for them to unintentionally consume wires and hoses as a snack. The precise opposite of what you want.

So, don’t be concerned. Air conditioning system flushing

It is not a completely gloomy situation. It is possible to find solutions to these problems, and that is where your neighbourhood heroes, such as those of us here at Pellon Autocentre, come into play. In order to ensure that your vehicle is once again suitable for driving, we are here to perform a thorough inspection of it.

What is the lesson that can be learned from this? In the same way that we do, our automobiles require some physical activity and tender, loving care. Although you might not be driving very far, it is still a good idea to take your car out for a drive around Halifax every once in a while. The battery should be charged, the tyres should be in good condition, the brakes should be free, and the animals should be kept at bay.

In a nutshell, if you take care of your vehicle,

It will take care of you, whether you are going to the store nearby or going on a journey through the breathtaking countryside of Yorkshire.

Before we meet again, be sure that your wheels are turning and that your engines are purring. Also, don’t forget to visit Pellon Autocentre if you notice that your vehicle is feeling a little under the weather after a prolonged period of rest. Without wasting any time, we will get you back on the road!

Customers are well advised to book their cars early when it comes to having their air conditioning looked at. Especially after lockdown, when cars have been standing for a while. Importantly, things like your air conditioning are affected. Of course, all cars that have been standing for a while should have a full service and checkover.

Silly things can often occur! Because cars are built to be used, many things can go wrong with your car’s infrastructure. Silly things like gaskets can shrink! Especially rubber gaskets. Also, rubber steering joints that hold the grease to lubricate the steering can dry out, causing steering wear to advance over time.

Air conditioning fits this bracket. Air conditioning system flushing

Of course, cars have many rubber pipes fitted into their infrastructure. Including your air conditioning system. So, if the weather picks up,. When we eventually have a hot spell, motorists will panic to have the air conditioning checked out and working again.

This particular attached article is giving good advice to garages and auto-centers that offer air conditioning repair and refrigerate service. So, to bring our customers up to date, things are returning to normal after the catch-up time with the COVID-19 MOT restrictions.

Spaces are now available for servicing and general repairs. Including air conditioning work.

One of the major problems that any air conditioning (AC) system can suffer from is contamination of the refrigerant and lubricant mixture, which is necessary for the system’s correct operation. Moisture, particle formation due to uncontrolled

Source: Air conditioning system flushing ‘a vital procedure’, says Nissens