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Frightening to think about what is going to happen when the new idea “Smart Motorways” take off! Many people don’t yet know this, but the new idea is this; when you use the new Smart Motorway and your vehicle develops a fault that causes your vehicle to loose power and stops running.

Consequently, you the driver is then expected to slow down to a stop in whichever lane you are in. Accordingly, you will not be required to try and move over to the hard shoulder. So, it will not be there anymore, you simply stop in whichever lane your vehicle breaks down in.

Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max-Tyres from Pellon Tyres in Halifax UK

Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max

Another great tyre from Goodyear tyres USA Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max

Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max

Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max

The new Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max or “AFM” for short. Is an all-season tyre. Thus, that can cope with both dry and wet conditions. This attribute is built into the tread pattern. Of course, the Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max has strong shoulder block. Hence, to give the tyre better handling in dry conditions. While the centre of the tyre has aquachannel grooves. Thus, to evacuate the water quickly in very wet conditions. This Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max is a true all-weather. So also handles superbly in snowy conditions. This is mainly due to the notched out centre rib. Also, shoulder grooves that go round the circumference of this great Goodyear tyres product.

The primary Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max carcass is made of polyester, this is covered by two steel belts which are re-enforced by nylon belt edge strips. This new tyre is made for the cars, vans and cross over vehicles that are looking for an all-season tyre well within the Goodyear tyres excellent price range of competitive tyre prices. Goodyear promise a good long wearing time from the Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max and it also offers a low rolling resistance thus making the tyre more environmentally friendly cutting the cost of fuel.

Fuel Max wins product of the year for Goodyear tyres in India

Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max

Other Goodyear products include these Indy racing slick tyres

The product of the Year is a special honor that recognizes and also rewards and celebrates new and exciting product innovations that come from independent consumer surveys. The main winners in the differing categories set by the “Product of the Year” are scrutinized in two ways. Firstly, the selection process begins with a selection of industrial experts that revue the entries from each category. The next step comes from a company called “ Nielsen”, who are a leading global research company, they conduct personal interviews and gather together some 30,000 votes from carefully selected customers of the various products.

The best tyre brands and tyre products were selected and the Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max came out top by a mile. One of the main attractions for the tyre winning was its fuel saving technology, this what all tyre companies are striving to achieve, and most are succeeding, congratulations to Goodyear tyres on this great achievement. We at Pellon tyres  are great

Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max

This Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max tyre is yet another great new tyre from the Goodyear stables. It is much lighter and more fuel efficient for the cars driver giving the tyre an excellent green credential.

fans of the Goodyear product.

The Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max is available in the USA and the UK equivalent is the  vector all -season tyres.

Michelin Tyre Policy Saves Money-MD Transport chooses Michelin | HGV

Michelin Tyre Policy Saves Money

Michelin Tyre Policy Saves Money

Michelin Tyre Policy Saves Money

This claim does not surprise me? Michelin have always been the world leaders in truck tyre management. Hence, my experience in truck tyres goes back about forty years. Of course, most tyre dealers know about the quality of the Michelin truck tyre casings. When the original tyre wears down to the limit, then the old tyre is used for retreading. Michelin tyres are perfect for the job. They were then and they are now. So by using the Michelin system then these trucking companies can not lose.

Leicester-based bulk aggregate haulier BMD Transport has cut its monthly tyre bill by 25 per cent after switching to a Michelin policy. The family-run company reported the savings soon after switch…

Source: BMD Transport chooses Michelin | HGV

Of course going forward then Michelin are still number one! Especially when it comes to the quality and performance of their truck tyre range. So, even when the tyres wear down to the legal limit them the truck tyres casing is still regarded as the number one to be re-treaded. Importantly, other brands can only come a close second. Of course other truck tyre manufacturers are getting close? I am thinking perhaps of Bridgestone tyres.

TYRE BLOWOUT-Caravan Travelling on his holidays has a Lucky Escape.

This guy managed to steer his caravan to safety after a nasty tyre blowout.

Fortunately, this customer was very lucky. Unluckily, when the tyre on his caravan exploded.  When travelling down the A1 motorway. Importantly, he managed to stop the car and caravan rig. Dangerously, from swerving all over the road Thus bringing the rig to a standstill. It looks to me as if the tyre has had problems for a while and the problem was not spotted early enough. How many times do we see caravans completely turned over after a crash. Because the owner was not able to control the caravan after a tyre blowout?

A tyre blowout disaster could have been avoided?

In my opinion caravan, owners do not take enough time to check their tyres before setting out on a journey, they are perhaps the most important thing to check, and, in this case, the


This Michelin tyre is a good example of why you should not be buying un- regulated part worn tyres. The tyre had recently being purchased and fitted to this VW car. IT did look OK but we noticed some cracking occurring in the bead area. This is a telltale sign for Michelin tyres. Cracking means ageing. We were shocked to find that the tyre was 19 (nineteen) year old. This is happening all the time as these small back street companies have opened up selling illegal part worn tyres to the cash-strapped motorists.

the problem would have been solved by a quick inspection by a tyre expert, and a possible disaster would have been avoided, with a much safer journey for all of us. A tyre blowout can be easily avoided by only fitting new tyres to your caravan, do not be tempted with remould or part worn tyres because you can put your own and other peoples life’s at risk. A tyre blowout can be avoided.

Eric Roberts

Hi, I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years.

tyre blowout

lucky guy with his blowout pic 1

Runflat Tyres Are-Safer

Runflat Tyres Are-Safer-When a rapid tyre de-flation happens on your car

Runflat Tyres Are-Safer

Runflat Tyres Are-Safer-So what do runflat tyres actually do ?

In general, many of my customers complain. Especially, when they have to buy their first replacement runflat tyres. Customers, simply do not understand how these tyres have evolved during the past 10 years of car design. Consequently,its all linked with green house gasses and your cars emissions.

Runflat Tyres Are-Safer and also help to reduce the overall weight of your car. Of course, this is done by not having a spare wheel, jack or wheel brace. So, which reduces the overall weight of the car thus making your car more fuel efficient.

No spare wheel reduces weight

Runflat Tyres Are-Safer

Runflat Tyres Are-Safer;How run flat tyres work

Also the fact that you do not have a spare wheel gives you more space in the boot and as stated a lighter load. The runflat tyres are also made from less materials than the conventional tyres. Which also makes them more environmentally friendly.

As far as tyre performance is concerned the BMW Run Flat Tyres are just the same as the conventional tyres. Providing all the benefits of the modern performance tyres. Predominantly, the main difference is that when your car has a puncture while you are out driving.

Then the runflat tyre will not deflate giving your car normal handling and cornering. Therefore reducing the risk of an accident with other road users. So, in other words Runflat Tyres Are-Safer . This is especially important say if you were in the fast lane of the motorway when the puncture occurred. Your normal tyre would instantly deflate making your car very unstable and possibly causing a bad accident, in fact figures show that tyres cause a large percentage of motor related accidents, and the runflat tyres are a big improvement on the accident figures, enabling the driver to keep a straight line when a puncture occurs in one of the runflats. .

These new runflat tyres systems were originally created to keep drivers safe

Because punctures and blow-outs can be dangerous.Accounting  for a large majority of fatal accidents on the road. Apart from safety, a flat tyre can be a real inconvenience. Adding time and cost and sometimes embarrassment to your journey. Changing a tyre is fairly straightforward. But it often occurs at the most inopportune moment. Frighteningly, getting stuck on the side of a motorway.Especially, in the pouring rain with noisy kids in the back seat is really no fun at all! And trying to change a tyre on the hard shoulder can be dangerous in itself, or even impossible if you are disabled or elderly, in fact many drivers have to call out the rescue services to change the wheel for them,

But the drivers with runflat tyres and tpms systems do not have to put up with this

Of course, once the tyre warning light comes on in the cab, they can safely tootle home or carry on with their journey,(all be it at 50 mph, which is the recommended speed once you have a flat on your runflat tyres).

Runflat Tyres Are-Safer;Any vehicle fitted with runflat tyres

should also include a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) this will show you whether you tyre pressure has been lost, this is because without this the loss of pressure in your tyres will not be noticed

Runflat Tyres Are-Safer

Runflat Tyres Are-Safer;Tyres construction

Of course, Runflat tyres are meant to maintain there speed, handling and smoothness of driving. Particularly, when a puncture occurs. Indeed, even when driving on a motorway. A TPMS is essential to alert the driver to a loss in tyre pressure. To be sure it will indeed becoming part of the MOT test in the near future. Your TPMS works from either a sensor in your wheel , which is usually a special valve or from the cars ABS braking system.

Almost all of the Worlds leading tyre companies Bridgestone Run Flat Tyres make runflat tyres including Continental and Goodyear, cheap tyres can be bought online, but I recommend that you stick to the make that you have on the car at the moment or as a good cheaper alternative we recommend General and Apollo tyres.

Since first writing this post, the the runflat tyre has increased in the popularity of the car manufacturers.

However the public still begrudge paying for them. Consequently, these tyres are now fitted as original equipment to smaller car models. So, the problem start when the cars become second hand and start to need new tyres.

Fortunately,  runflat tyres are now available in “budget tyre” brands. One of the most popular tyre sizes is 205/55R16. Of course this is also a runflat tyre size as well as a conventional radial tyre size. Significantly, this size is available in several brands. Including, the 205/55R16 WINMAX EURUS63 91V RFT at £67 fitted. Chinese tyre manufacturer Jinyu also make the Jinyu YU63 economy runflat tyre range.

So these advancements have helped with the motoring expenses of the not so well off drivers with smaller cars.

There is no doubt now in my mind. hence that these runflat tyres are indeed a great safety feature. Especially when driving on our extremely congested motorway system. Only the other week a poor motorist had a tyre blowout on the M6 motorway. I know because I was caught up in the massive tailback.

Subsequently, it was a lady driver with a very flat tyre caught in the fast lane with a tyre blowout. She looked terrified as the traffic began to back up and during the vehicles recovery. So, I just could not help thinking that if she had runflat tyres fitted then she would have been able to limp the car off the motorway and home. Albeit at 50 MPH. Expressly, these tyres do save lives and get drivers home safely.

Eric Roberts

Van Wheel Alignment Including Suspension

Bridgestone Prize Winner-Automotive Blog Grandmother wins surprise £20,000 BMW with Bridgestone – Automotive Blog

Bridgestone Prize Winner

Bridgestone Prize Winner

Grandmother wins surprise £20,000 BMW with Bridgestone – Automotive Blog

Bridgestone Prize Winner

It is very refreshing to be able to see an actual prize winner. Therefore, how many times do we see these competitions.As a result, and never see who is the actual winner. This reminds me about a few years ago. My wife Michelle, was an avid competition fanatic. Michelle would enter all the competitions available.Especially, on our local radio stations.

Thus, it would drive me crazy when she thought that she had a chance of winning and she thought that she knew the answer to a said competition. One of the competitions was to win a brand new Toyota Yaris GT. She spent hours and hours checking on all the clues that were released on a daily basis. As expected, Michelle thought that she had formulated the answers. The winner would be asked a type of riddle that was formulated from all the different clues.

All the winner had to do, was to be the lucky 100th caller on that day. Of course the odds against being the 100th caller must have been tremendous? On that particular week, the guest presenter was Tony Blackburn. When Tony gave the go ahead for the 100th caller then Michelle went mad trying to get through. On that day she did get through and was the 100th caller. She gave Tony Blackburn the correct answer and was the owner of a brand new Toyota Yaris GT.

Source: Automotive Blog Grandmother wins surprise £20,000 BMW with Bridgestone – Automotive Blog

Online sales doing well-Pellon Tyres-impacting way dealers do business-The Tire Dealer’s No. 1 News Source

Online sales doing well-Pellon Tyres

Online sales doing well-Pellon Tyres

Online sales doing well-Pellon Tyres

This article comes out of the USA. As a result, reflects the growth in internet tyre sales across the globe.Hence, including tyre retailers here in the UK. As a tyre dealer of over forty years. So I have seen many changes. Including, the beginnings of the internet revolution.Therefore, I decided at an early date to embrace the internet, by having an online presence.

At first, it was just to show local people, what we did as a local garage. Of course, this was twenty years ago now. Things have moved on at pace and we now offer a full priced tyre website, where our customers can buy tyres online. Naturally we can now compete with the large national companies. Because of our alliance with Micheldever Tyre wholesalers.

Thus, our Pellon Tyres website can keep up with all the other internet prices and compete.Accordingly, our sales online have increased. Because, our customers can buy their tyres from the local company that they have always dealt with. The other revolution that has come from the internet.So is the increase in social media.We always try our best and give the best prices to our customers.

This has now escalated through social media, mainly Facebook and Twitter. I can honestly say that the future is bright as long as we keep up with the big boys.I do believe that this is possible as long as you the garage owner give the best service to your customers and remember that bad news travels as fast as good news.

Source: Online sales impacting way dealers do business – Tire Business – The Tire Dealer’s No. 1 News Source

New Radial Tyres

New Radial Tyres-Tyre History-Early days gave a hard Ride when fitted with wrong suspension?

New Radial Tyres

America was slow to take to New Radial Tyres

Of course in the early days of tyre development. So, the American tyre market was much slower to use the option of radials. Especially, on the new cars that they were then producing. Predominantly, the rest of the world including Europe and the UK were starting to use New Radial Tyres in much larger numbers.

New Radial Tyres

New Radial Tyres; The Michelin X was the first steel belted radial tyre in the World and gave double the mileage, although the grip in wet weather was nothing to write home about.

Especially in France and Germany with Peugeot and Citroen leading the way. Of course, fitting Michelin tyres on most of their early Diane models.

However, things were very different across the pond in the USA. Indeed, they tended to go for the Bias-belted tyres, which complimented the type of suspensions. Consequently, that were used on most American cars. One of the problems they had with the New Radial Tyres was that the precise handling. Hence, showed up hidden weaknesses in the American cars.

Ford became the front runners in correcting the problems. Introducing “radial tuned” suspension on the new Thunderbird and Lincoln models. Modification enabled Ford to offer radials  as an optional extra. Indeed, this started in 1967 a couple of years after I started my career in tyres here in the UK.

At first, the offers of radials were not taken up very well. Of course, by the public and one of the reasons was supply problems. Other major car makers followed fords footsteps. Though subsequently, they were supplying sub-standard radials. Therefore, suffering quality problems. Because radials were in their infancy in the United States.

Many of the manufacturers had to replace these sub-standard tyres

Firstly by importing Michelin tyres. Michelin had tyres that were tried and tested without any quality problems. Accordingly, one of the biggest players in tyre supplies in America was the department store, Sears. Sears controlled about 25% of the American tyre replacement market in those days. Later,that settled down to about 10%.Because their competitors had all  started to sell New Radial Tyres. This ate into Sears tyre numbers. Sears had done a deal with the tyre makers Armstrong Rubber company which supplied Sears with their Bias belted products, but things certainly picked up when they started to introduce radial tyres, making them one of the top tyre retailers in the States.

Ford used the first radial tyres in America

In 1968 top Ford officials had a meeting with the Michelin company. Offering to fit their radials to the new Lincoln Continental as original equipment. Michelin would be the exclusive supplier of tyres for this new model. In general, the American public knew that radials  lasted far longer than the Bias belted tyres that the were used to driving on, sometimes up to four times longer. It is widely reported that Ford paid $19.50 for the first Michelin, only $5 more per tyre than for bias belted, this was indeed a great deal for Ford and the first American cars rolled off the production lines on cheap Michelin Tyres UK.

Eric Roberts

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Car batteries-Cold weather

Goodyear Tyres Early Days-How things were In the nineties.

Goodyear Tyres Early Days

Goodyear Tyres Early Days- no longer number one in 1990.

So, in 1990 the French company Michelin tyres. Bought out another tyre company called BF Goodrich tyres of America.This was a good acquisition for Michelin because Goodrich had previously merged with Uniroyal tyres. So making a massive tyre manufacturing conglomerate.

of course, in Goodyear tyres early days. Consequently, Firestone tyres and General tyres had suffered declining sales volumes. Subsequently, at the hand of Goodyear tyres dominance. Especially, in the radial tyre market. Firestone were taken over by Bridgestone tyres of Japan.


The famous Goodyear Eagle emblem

 General  were bought out by Continental  of Germany.

Due these amalgamations. These bigger companies had now grown into the same size as Goodyear tyres. So,  having an impact on Goodyears sales. Goodyear, had their fingers in other non-tyre ventures. Including the “All American Pipeline”. This company was producing operational losses and was costing Goodyear over $3 billion of debt. However, Goodyear tyres were slow to react and make changes . Resulting in the appointment of a Mr C Gault as chairman of the company.

Goodyear tyres were now suffering. Consequently, between 1989 and 1991 they shed over 12000 jobs, 10% of its workforce. Redundancies came mainly from the white collar section of the workforce. The giant tyre company also set about restructuring its factories with some closures and others being modified, this reconstruction of the company was estimated to save Goodyear tyres over $250 million a year in savings.

Goodyear tyres believed adamantly in the research and development programs

Of course, they kept up the spending on new tyre development. Something that GOODYEAR TYRES  were very passionate about. The company started to bring out new products on the back of these new developments. Passionately, new tyres began to emerge. First ones been the The Goodyear Eagle GT and the Eagle GA. I remember these tyre well, they were modeled for the more luxury cars in the early nineties. These new products helped Goodyear tyres to regain the market share that they lost to the Michelin group and in 1992 they restructured their debts to a more manageable amount of around $1.5 billion.

 Another great new tyre to come out of Goodyear tyres in the early nineties

 Of course, was the “Aqua tread”, which was an all season tyre sold around the World and will be remembered by older drivers. The new tyre was launched simultaneously across the globe. I remember attending the Goodyear tyres launch on their test track in Luxembourg and the tyre became a huge success.GOODYEAR TYRES Early Days

the excellent Goodyear efficient grip tyre  Eric Roberts

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Jaguar XJ needs Winter Tyres

Jaguar XJ needs Winter Tyres-A good look at a Jaguar performing in winter snow conditions.

Jaguar XJ needs Winter Tyres

Jaguar XJ needs Winter Tyres

We see this thing every winter time. Of course, many models of cars will not perform well when presented with a sharp snowfall. Vehicles that seem to suffer more than others are naturally the heavier cars. As expected, this includes the Jaguar car models. The car on this video, even struggled in snow on a flat level drive.

here in Halifax UK, most homes are located on hills. So you can imagine the problems that motorists encounter when the snow hits us. Because we are a tyre retailer, then we fit all our vehicles out with winter tyres every November without fail. Therefore, it makes us laugh, when we see abandoned cars parked at the side of the roads and streets after a snowstorm.

You would think that the drivers would learn. After all we in the tyre industry, try to hammer home the safety angle of the winter tyre, year after year. I must say that we have had some success. Hence many of our customers do fit winters every year. These are the drivers that know how good winter tyres are when the snow arrives. These people are the ones that get their cars to work and school, in a safe manner.

Eric Roberts  Winter Tyres

Text to accompany video-Winter tyres needed can not even get off a level driveway, what chance do you stand on the roads.03/12/2010

Bridgestone Winter tyres

Bridgestone Winter Tyres-Winter vs Summer Tyres – What’s The Difference?

Bridgestone Winter Tyres

Bridgestone Winter Tyres

Modern tyre design has enabled tyre compounds to be more flexible in low temperatures. As a result, summer tyres are made to perform in possible “hot” weather. Thus, the added ingredient is a “Silica” compound. Therefore,  the third type of tyre is the “all-weather” tyres.Which is a compromise between winter and summer tyres. Not wanting to be too complicated, the major difference between the two compounds comes down to something called the “glass transition temperature.”

Tyre rubber is made of “molecules”. Glass transition temperature, is the temperature that the rubber molecules begin to move more freely. In winter tyres the GTT is very low and so they start to perform better at lower temperatures. Hence the 7 degrees that most tyre makers relate to their tyres. In higher temperature, then winter tyres will start to wear most. Summer tyres will simply grip better at higher temperatures.

Eric Roberts  Bridgestone Winter tyres

Bridgestone Winter tyres

Text that accompanies this video.

This temperature range of the compound remains vitally important regardless of conditions. For example, if it’s raining, and it’s say, 70 degrees F outside, the summer tire will have a grippier compound at this temperature. Assuming you don’t have standing water, and the tire is touching the road, the summer tire will have more grip in the rain at this temperature.

So what are some of the other advantages of a summer tire? Well, this RE71R tire specifically was surprisingly inspired by motorcycles, developed from a high grip polymer Bridgestone used in MotoGP. The tread pattern has a wide center rib, which gives you a lot of response in steering and turn in, and it has massive shoulder blocks on the outside, unbroken, with no pass through grooves. The stiff shoulder blocks provide high grip and cornering, and for accelerating while going straight. You’ll also notice two large circumferential grooves with angled grooves and directional tread pattern for removing water.

Bridgestone Winter tyres

Another interesting change on the RE71 is that it’s a little more rounded than the RE11, kind of like a motorcycle tire, and what Bridgestone has found is that this slightly increases the contact patch of the tire versus the RE11 during steering and turn-in, maximizing grip while cornering. The sidewalls are also stiffer than your average touring tires.

The winter tire, on the other hand, has significantly different design characteristics. Immediately you’ll notice a deeper tread. Deep tread allows for collecting snow, as snow on snow traction is actually pretty good. The trade-off, however, since the tread blocks stick out further, is that they’ll be less stiff. The stiff tread blocks of summer tires is what gives them a more responsive, precise feel. You’ll also notice siping, little zig zag grooves in the tread, which you won’t find on summer tires. This provides more bitting edges to grip the snow and ice, and is also another location to collect snow. Zig-zags help minimize the loss in stiffness, however the sipes will still result in more flexible tread blocks.