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Frightening to think about what is going to happen when the new idea “Smart Motorways” take off! Many people don’t yet know this, but the new idea is this; when you use the new Smart Motorway and your vehicle develops a fault that causes your vehicle to loose power and stops running.

Consequently, you the driver is then expected to slow down to a stop in whichever lane you are in. Accordingly, you will not be required to try and move over to the hard shoulder. So, it will not be there anymore, you simply stop in whichever lane your vehicle breaks down in.

Tyre issues- are the biggest cause of breakdowns

Tyre issues

Tyre issues
Tyre issues

Tyre issues

Tyre issues are the biggest cause of breakdowns

Of course, this is nothing new. In my opinion, the main reason is that the car manufacturers have failed their duty of care! Cars no longer have spare wheels in many cases. Drivers are left with either nothing at all or a can of inflation fluid. Some vehicle are fitted with skinny-looking spare wheels. On the, say, posher part of the car market, many have run flat tyre systems.

Cars are also fitted with TPMS systems. These light up when a tyre is deflated and under pressure. As the owner of a busy retail tyre outlet here in Halifax, UK, I must stand up for the customers. Subsequently, I find that most car owners are concerned about the condition of their tyres.

Like many other things in life, we always get people who dont give a damn about their tyres or rod safety in general. These are also the people who think nothing about fitting worn tyre and the dangers that these can bring to our busy roads.

Drivers are now forced to join the national breakdown services because of the lack of spare wheels in millions of cars. It was originally done to lower the weight of the cars to reduce emissions. But this must have also increased the profit margins ?

Tyre issues
Tyre issues

More than 41,500 people broke down on National Highways roads last year because of tyre issues – that’s more than 20 per cent of all breakdowns. National Highways, which is responsible for motorways and major A

Tyre Problems: An Ongoing Challenge for Breakdown Services in the UK

The mere notion of a flat tyre or a blowout causes much perspiration among drivers in the United Kingdom. Notwithstanding progress in vehicle technology and tyre longevity, tyre-related issues continue to constitute a significant proportion of breakdown service calls throughout the United Kingdom. This enduring concern not only induces inconvenience for motorists but also presents significant perils to safety.

What Makes Tyre Problems So Frequent?

The spectrum of tyre issues extends from gradual punctures and tread degradation to more severe blowouts. The causes of these problems are diverse, but frequently include:

Low Maintenance:

A significant number of motorists disregard routine tyre inspections, disregarding the criticality of tread depth and tyre pressure. Such carelessness may result in untimely deterioration and hazardous road conditions.
Pavement Conditions:

Debris, potholes, and uneven road surfaces are all potential sources of significant tyre damage. Particularly in areas with inadequate maintenance or following severe winters, British roads can be a minefield for tyres.

Age and Garment:

Tyres deteriorate naturally with use and age. Particularly when damp, the rubber loses its elasticity and the treads deteriorate, diminishing the tire’s ability to adhere to the road.
The Consequences for Breakdown Services

Breakdown services are dispatched to thousands of tyre-related incidents annually in the United Kingdom. Tyre issues are among the main causes of stranded vehicles, according to the RAC. This phenomenon not only imposes a burden on service resources but also hinders their capacity to address more critical emergencies.

Safety Issues

Significant safety implications result from tyre failures. Tyre damage or inadequate maintenance can result in a loss of vehicle control, particularly when travelling at high velocities on highways. Not only does the vehicle with the defective tyre face danger, but so do other motorists.

Suggestions for Motorists

To mitigate the likelihood of tire-related malfunctions, drivers are recommended to:

Check Routinely: Conduct routine inspections of the tread depth and tyre pressure. It is advisable to replace a tyre well in advance of the legal tread wear threshold of 1.6mm.
Age Monitoring: Regardless of tread wear, tyres ought to be replaced every five years as a result of the detrimental impacts that ageing has on rubber.
Travel Prudently: Vigile deceleration and abrupt stops should be avoided, as they can accelerate tyre degradation. Additionally, driving slowly over substandard surfaces can prevent unanticipated damage.
A View Looking Forward

Despite ongoing advancements in tyre technology,

The enduring challenge of maintenance and awareness persists. By means of educational campaigns and consistent reminders concerning the significance of tyre inspections, the frequency of tyre-related callouts could be diminished. Furthermore, advancements in puncture-resistant materials and tyre durability may ultimately reduce the frequency of these failures.

To conclude,

Tyre maintenance is an essential component of road safety, not merely a means to prevent the inconvenience of a punctured tyre. Drivers can promote a safer voyage for all by adhering to basic tyre maintenance procedures, which effectively mitigate the likelihood of mechanical failures. At this time, tire-related issues remain a significant obstacle for breakdown services in the United Kingdom, highlighting the critical nature of sustaining education and awareness regarding this matter.

Source: Tyre issues biggest cause of breakdowns, National Highways data shows

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Michelin Quality Pays

Michelin Quality Pays

There is no doubt in my mind that, over the many years of being in the tyre industry, Michelin has the best reputation for quality and reliability. Michelin is one of the best-known and most respected tyre brands in the world. The company has been in business for over 100 years and has a long history of producing high-quality tyres for a wide range of vehicles.

I can honestly say that in all those years, I have never seen a genuine Michelin faulty tyre. Michelin has played a significant role in the development of the tyre industry and the advancement of tyre technology from the early days of the automobile to today’s modern tyre market.

Michelins History

The history of Michelin began in 1888. Of course, when the company was founded by brothers Andre and Edouard Michelin in Clermont-Ferrand, France. The company began by producing bicycle tyres. However, they quickly expanded into the automotive market. In 1891, the company developed the first removable pneumatic tyre. Importantly, this revolutionised the tyre industry and made it possible for cars to travel at faster speeds.

throughout the early 20th century. Michelin continued to innovate and develop new tyre technologies. In 1946, the company introduced the radial tyre. which had a stronger and more flexible sidewall and offered improved fuel efficiency and a longer tread life. This innovation quickly became the industry standard and was widely adopted by other tyre manufacturers.

Michelin became well-known for the excellent mileage that their car tyres could achieve. Other tyre companies could just watch and try to follow. The secret was in the steel chords that were part of the radial tyre mix. These were patented by Michelin. making it very difficult for other tyre companies to copy.

The result for some tyre companies was a mess. when the steel chords were broken, say, by a puncture. The steel belts would rust and cause all sorts of problems. Michelin coated their steel belts with a copper coating. So, the steel is protected, and a nail or screw that goes through the steel belt won’t let water in and cause problems.

Moving quickly on

In the decades that followed, Michelin continued to push the boundaries of tyre technology. The company was one of the first to make run-flat tyres, which let a car keep going even if one of its tyres gets a hole. They also made tyres that can fix themselves and have sensors that keep track of the pressure and wear.

Today, Michelin is known for producing high-performance tyres that offer superior grip, handling, and overall driving experience. The quality and performance of Michelin tyres are demonstrated by the fact that Porsche, Ferrari, and BMW all use them on their high-performance vehicles.

Michelin ruled supreme when it came to innovation, recently developing the Michelin CrossClimate, a summer tyre with winter capability.

Michelin is also a major manufacturer of commercial vehicle tyres such as trucks and buses. The company has developed tyres that are specifically designed to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, which is important in today’s world where there is a growing concern about environmental impact.

Michelin and the environment

In addition to producing high-quality tyres, Michelin is also committed to sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of its operations. The company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and has put money into projects to use renewable energy and recycle.

Finally, Michelin is a tyre brand that has made significant contributions to the growth of the tyre industry and the advancement of tyre technology. From the invention of the automobile to the modern tyre market. As I have said earlier in this post, Michelin has been at the forefront of innovation and has consistently produced high-quality tyres that offer superior performance, durability, and safety. Michelin Quality Pays

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Bridgestone Runflat Tyres

Bridgestone Runflat Tyres

Bridgestone Runflat Tyres
Bridgestone Runflat Tyres

Bridgestone Runflat Tyres

6 reasons why I am happy to have run-flat tyres on my car

  1. Safety: Run-flat tyres can help to maintain stability and control of the vehicle even in the event of a puncture, allowing the driver to safely navigate to a repair shop or service station.
  2. Convenience: Run-flat tyres eliminate the need to change a tyre on the side of the road, which can be time-consuming and dangerous.
  3. Peace of Mind: With Bridgestone Runflat Tyres, you don’t have to worry about getting stranded on the side of the road with a flat tyre.
  4. Space saving: Run-flat tyres do not require a spare tyre, which can save space in the trunk and allow for more storage options.
  5. Cost-effective: Run-flat tyres have a longer lifespan than traditional tyres, which can help save money on replacements over time. However, this is not always true. Some of my customers say that the tyres have less mileage. Due to the weight of the extra rubber layers. Therefore, they can be less economical.
  6. Better fuel efficiency: Bridgestone Runflat Tyres are designed to maintain their shape and structure even when deflated, which can help improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Bridgestone tyres

So, Bridgestone Tyres first started to develop the concept of the Bridgestone Runflat Tyres. Of course, in Japan, it is part of a type of aid for disabled people. The tyre that was used was a 175/70×13 that had a strengthened side wall. Consequently, this was fitted to the Honda Civic. As a result, this was done in the “International Year of the Disabled.”.


Later this side wall protection technology was used on the Porsche 959. Bridgestone called the new tyre the Potenza RE71.

This new development proved to be a success.

So, in the 1990s, Bridgestone  developed the TPMS, or ”Tyre Pressure Monitoring System” . This was to enable the driver to know when a tyre had lost pressure. Henceforth, a light on the dash would light up when the tyre pressure dropped. Subsequently, warn the driver if a tyre goes flat.

In my opinion, this made the Bridgestone Runflat Tyres much safer. Of course, this system was going to become very popular as a safety feature. So, it was fitted to many of the German-made cars, such as BMW.

Runflat Tyres are Safer allowing the driver to carry on driving the car with a flat tyre. Bridgestone Runflat Tyres

There are restrictions, though. Specifically, the car must be driven at 50 mph for a maximum distance of 50 miles. This enables the driver to drive the car to a safe stopping place. explicitly, without the car swerving or deviating off course. Those cars that are fitted with this Runflat Tyres Safer system. Therefore, do not carry a jack or spare wheel !

In my opinion, this lets the system down.

Some car makers will tell us that this makes the car lighter. As a result, it is more fuel-efficient and, thus, greener. In my opinion, I feel that, in general, it is a good idea and makes the vehicles much safer. Significantly, if the car experiences a sudden loss of air (blowout),. Assume you’re on a busy highway. Of course, with run-flats, the car will not deviate. Keeping it in a straight line makes driving with Runflat Tyres much safer.

The odds of this happening though are not as high as the motorist having what I call a “normal puncture”,

this is where the grey area is and this is what Bridgestone says…

With certain types of punctures in the tread area, the Bridgestone Runflat Tyres technology tyres may be repaired subject to certain conditions (depending on how far and at what speed the car was driven after the puncture). Please consult your nearest RFT-authorised dealer to have yours inspected.
Before attempting a repair, consult the vehicle owner’s manual for restrictions. “The vehicle manufacturer may restrict the use of repaired tyres on its vehicles.” 

In my opinion we would repair a runflat tyre only if the customer says that he has had a slight loss of pressure and we can find an object such as a screw or nail within the legal area of a normal tyre puncture for example ¾ of the tread width from the centre of the tread outwards and the tyre had not run whilst in a totally deflated state, we would have to take the drivers word for this, so we always take caution and inspect the tyre for any signs of running under inflated, such as

carbon dust or creasing and cracking on the inside of the casing. If we are not sure, we will always fit a new tyre.

Eric Roberts…

Can I replace run flat tyres with normal tyres ?

In my opinion, the answer is no, but the following text from  Bridgestones  website does open a slight gap…

Bridgestone EU do not recommend mixing tyres with Run-Flat Technology and standard tyres on the same vehicle, even if paired in axle sets. If you have a puncture, tyres with Run-Flat Technology are designed to permit you to proceed to a tyre dealer where you can have the tyre checked and replaced if necessary with another tyre with Run Flat Tyres Technology. In exceptional and emergency circumstances, a conventional tyre of the same size can be fitted. It must be noted that standard tyres do not have Runflat Tyres Safer characteristics and should be removed at the earliest opportunity”…

In my opinion, they should say that the two different types of tyres should not be mixed, but they say that you can mix them in an emergency. Could the fact that the car owner just can’t afford them be classified as an emergency?

Ring your insurance company is the advice that I give to all you 2nd and 3rd hand BMW Mini owners when you fall on the floor at the cost of replacing runflat tyres.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-Centre offers car and van servicing and repairs for all makes of vehicles. We sell cheap runflat tyres online from our website, Of course, by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. Offering courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work Naturally, they leave their cars with us for work. official MOT testing station.

tyre were invented for old bikes

History of Car Tyres

History of Car Tyres

History of Car Tyres

As a guy working in the tyre industry all my life then this subject fascinates me. Especially when I was young and working in tyres for the very first time. Little did I know then but my interest in tyres and the surrounding industry was to last the rest of my life. I even sometimes lie on my back in bed and try to real off the tyre types that say Michelin or Pirelli produced when I was a young tyre fitter in Dewsbury West Yorkshire UK.

The guys in the paragraphs bellow dont know what they started all those years ago, in different parts of the world. The pneumatic tyre was first invented by Robert William Thomson in 1845. However, it was John Boyd Dunlop who developed the first practical pneumatic tyre for use on bicycles in 1888.

Thomson, a Scottish inventor, came up with the idea for the pneumatic tyre as a way to improve the ride comfort of carriages. He filed a patent for his design, which consisted of an inner tube made of India rubber, filled with compressed air and surrounded by a casing. However, the patent was not granted and the invention was not developed further.

Dunlop, a Scottish veterinarian, was motivated to develop the pneumatic tyre for his son’s tricycle.

He observed that the solid rubber tyres on the tricycle caused a rough and uncomfortable ride, and sought to improve the situation. It is also great to know that once again it was the British who were at the forefront of yet another great world invention.

He experimented with different designs and eventually came up with a tyre made of canvas, filled with compressed air and sealed with a layer of rubber. He filed a patent for this design in 1888 and established the Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company to manufacture and sell the tyres. Dunlop were the first tyre company that I worked for and still have fond recollections of this great British icon.

The pneumatic tyre was a significant improvement over solid rubber tyres, providing a much smoother and more comfortable ride. It also had better traction and durability. The invention of the pneumatic tyre revolutionized the transportation industry and is still in use today.

Dunlop’s invention was not the first attempt at pneumatic tyres, but it was the first practical one, that could be mass produced and that would work well in real-world use. The invention was a response to the need for better tyres for vehicles, which would provide a more comfortable ride and increased safety.

Profound impact

This invention has had a profound impact on the transportation industry, making it possible to travel faster, longer, and more comfortably than ever before. A great story from Scotland Who would have thought the car tyre would keep rolling on right up to today?

  • 1845: Robert William Thomson patents the first design for a pneumatic tyre
  • 1888: John Boyd Dunlop patents the first practical pneumatic tyre for use on bicycles
  • 1891: The Michelin brothers begin producing their own version of pneumatic tyres under the brand name “Michelin”
  • 1895: The pneumatic tyre is first used on automobiles
  • 1908: The first pneumatic tyre for motorcycles is developed by Dunlop
  • 1946: Michelin develops the radial tyre
  • 1971: Radial tyres become the standard for cars and light trucks

As you can see, the development of pneumatic tyres was a gradual process, with several key inventors and companies contributing to its evolution over the course of many decades.

New tyre labelling, bridgestone

New Bridgestone A001-Weather Control tyres for a safer all year round driving experience.

New Bridgestone A001

This tyre the New Bridgestone A001 developed for certain European countries

Of course, Bridgestone tyres are the largest tyre company in the World. So, who are always developing new tyre products. Consequently, to suit different weather conditions on our roads. The new tyre the A001 is no exception. This new Bridgestone tyres has been developed for countries that have very wet winter (and summer) climates. Naturally, with the addition of very cold and snowy spells.

This of coarse includes us here in the UK. Including, other European countries consisting of France ,Ireland,Belgium and perhaps Denmark. Subsequently, in my opinion. The new New Bridgestone A001 tyre is really in the class of an all weather tyre. Possibly should be left on the car the all year round. Especially in a very wet summer that we are definitely experiencing in more recent years.

The new tyre achieves this ability to get rid of high water volumes. Including, a large amount of sipes on the tyres edges. As a result, this has also found to be an advantage when facing ice and snowy conditions. Of course, during the hardest winter months.

Bridgestone tyre have also added their expertise in tyre compounds, probably emanated from their days in F1 racing and added “silica” to the tyres compound, this gives the new ones the ability to stay more flexible when the temperature drops bellow the dreaded 7 degree, this is the temperature where summers  start to loose their grip by becoming harder and not allowing the tread to grip.

And is marked as an M+S to cope with all winter conditions and as I say earlier will be best kept tyres on the car as an all-weather tyre not having to change from summer to winter tyres.

For further reading…

Bridgestone has recently launched its A001 ‘all weather tyre’ in the UK. The tyre is designed to cope with the more challenging winter driving conditions whilst at the same time maintaining high performance in the summer months and is available at 400 selected stockists across the UK. Honest John checked with Bridgestone that sufficient stocks are available to meet the current surge in demand”…

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We also sell Cheap Bridgestone Tyres online from our website

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Best Tyres Revisited-What our Customers Ask Us When buying Tyres

Best Tyres Revisited

Best Tyres Revisited

Incidentally, the majority of my customers really are very caring people. Consequently, really do make a huge effort to keep their car. Including the tyres in tip top order. We are also proud of our female Customer Experience. Many of whom that will call in to see us periodically. Asking us to check their tyres. Of course, for both wear and their pressures.

In many cases the women of the family is also the keeper of the purse strings and she always asks

“which is the Best Tyres prices for her car”. It is also an observation that the lady

drivers do not always want the cheap tyres, but very often will opt for a mid-range brands, in our case we offer them General tyres or GT Tyres as these are the ones that we major in at the moment.

The drivers who want the major brand Best Tyres

Usually, are the older drivers with more tyre buying experience and are male customers. Subsequently, this customer type, also usually owns a Mercedes . Likewise, or a better quality upmarket Honda or Audi. These are the guys that are the better off financially and do not worry about the cost, but just go for the Best Tyres that they care to choose. In most cases they will ask for a certain Michelin  or a Pirelli that matches the ones on the car, on the imported cars such as the Honda’s and Mazda’s the cars usually come out on the Bridgestone brand of tyres.

We always make sure that we give the customer the best price for all our products

So, the last thing that we want. Of course, is the person going home and checking the  Best Tyres price on some internet web site. Comparatively, only to find out that he was overcharged never to return to us again. In fact we would prefer the opposite to be the truth, so that they are confident in our pricing structure and are satisfied that they have had a good deal. This type of customer is the one that will just order a tyre without asking for a price but he will have an idea in his head as to what the price should be.

There has been many an occasion say just after a price rise. Of course, that a customer has queried a price since they last bought a new one. But a price rise is a good enough excuse. We also get the person who tries it on with a price match. They ask for a price for a certain size. So, then tell us that they can buy it for such and such on a certain web-site and can we match the price?

Best Tyres Revisited-Some people will try it on when buying their tyres

 We are ahead of them now and always check the web site that they say they were quoted from. In some cases the customer has looked at a lower speed rating or even the wrong size completely, but these are just genuine mistakes and when we point this out they are usually happy to admit that they have made a mistake and buy the Best Tyres Revisited from us. The ones who are trying it on usually end up leaving with egg on their face, knowing that their little scam back fired on them, in any case we do not want these type of customers in the first place.

This also happens on the phone

Customers will tell us that they can buy a set of winter tyres for so and so at some other company or online. Our response to that is to check out the place to see if this is true and the crux of the matter is that they are always telling fibs to try and drive down the price of their Best Tyres. We are all wise to these little tricks and as I said before there is no magic place where these people can buy them at very cheap prices. There are variations and sometimes we may have to lower our margins to compete, but we are ahead of the game now and check everything that these people claim to be able to buy tyres at.

Bridgestone Concept Tyres

Bridgestone Concept Tyres: brings out greener Concept Tyre

Bridgestone Concept Tyres

Bridgestone Concept Tyres
Bridgestone Concept Tyres

Bridgestone Concept Tyres

Of course, this great tyre company first introduced the forerunners to the latest developments. Consequently, the Bridgestone Concept Tyres, Ecopia 422, and Ecopia 422 Dueler Hl tyres. Forthwith, they were first introduced at the Chicago Motor Show in 2010.

Of course, Bridgestone has always been one of the world’s largest innovators of new ideas. Consequently, designers design tyres with safety in mind. Of course, the Ecopia range will be no exception. So, back in 1962, Bridgestone started to build their first steel-belted car and truck tyres, competing with the great Michelin tyre company.

Further on in their history, Bridgestone bought and rescued the ailing  Firestone Tyre Company, including all of the Nashville Plant. This factory was the USA tyre production plant.

“Bridgestone’s Eco Marvels: The Rise of Ecopia 422 and Dueler HL Tyres”

Oh, the tyres! Not simply round rubber bits, but unsung heroes that keep us safe on the road. Today, we’ll talk about two Bridgestone tyre behemoths: the Ecopia 422 and the Ecopia 422 Dueler HL. You’ve probably heard of them, especially if you’re interested in making greener choices for your vehicle. And if you’re familiar with Pellon Tyres, you’ll know that we’re all about providing the best for your wheels!

A Little History, Please, Love- Bridgestone Concept Tyres

Bridgestone, a brand famous for high-quality tyres, created the Ecopia line a few years ago, emphasising fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness. The Ecopia 422 and its tough cousin, the Dueler HL, arrived on the scene with a bang. They weren’t just any old tyres; they were Bridgestone’s response to the expanding eco-conscious audience, and boy, did they respond loudly!

What’s the big deal about it?

The Ecopia 422 is one of a kind. It’s intended for people who want their vehicle to be as environmentally friendly as their landscape. What is the secret sauce? A one-of-a-kind tread compound and design that lowers rolling resistance. This means your engine doesn’t have to work as hard, saving you money on gasoline and lowering pollutants.

The Dueler HL is now the tougher sister of the Ecopia 422. It’s like the tough Yorkshireman of tyres, made for your SUVs and 4x4s—dependable, tough, and ready for a challenge. It provides the same eco-friendly benefits but is made to withstand a little more abuse.

From Simple Beginnings to Today’s Highways-Bridgestone Concept Tyres

These tyres were like a breath of fresh air when they initially appeared. They quickly caught on, especially among drivers looking for something that would benefit both their wallet and the environment. Their popularity has only grown over the years.

At Pellon Tyres, we’ve witnessed how these Bridgestone beauties have become favourites among Halifax and UK drivers. They’re more than simply tyres; they’re a statement, a pledge to a better future.

Why They’re Perfect for UK Roads- Bridgestone Concept Tyres

We Brits are well aware that our weather can be, well, unpredictable. The Ecopia 422 and Dueler HL are ideal for dealing with sudden downpours or the odd sunny spell. Their performance isn’t just about being environmentally friendly; it’s also about safety and dependability.

Pellon and Bridgestone: A Tyre Match Made in Tyre Heaven

We’re thrilled to be able to offer these Bridgestone marvels at Pellon Tyres. We believe in offering excellent service and goods that not only fulfil your demands but also align with our environmental commitment.

A Hint towards the Future

Looking ahead, it’s evident that eco-friendly tyres like the Ecopia 422 and Dueler HL are more than a passing fad – they’re the future. And we at Pellon Tyres are ready to ride with you towards a greener, brighter future.

So, the next time you’re considering giving your automobile an eco-boost, stop by Pellon Tyres. We’ll fit you with Bridgestone Ecopia 422 or Dueler HL tyres, and you’ll be helping the environment while driving down the road in style! Cheers!

Bridgestone tyres For more reading…

“Bridgestones  target is that sustainable material tyres should be commercially available from 2050. In addition, Bridgestone Europe have also announced it will introduce an AA rated tyre in October 2012, the Ecopia EP001S  the industry’s first tyre to be awarded two A grades in both fuel efficiency and wet grip in the new EU tyre labeling system, both in Japan and Europe”

Pellon Tyre and Auto-Centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We also sell Bridgestone Tyres online through our website.

Mintex provides stopping power

Dunlop Tyres Motorsport: in Birmingham closes, ending a long history

Dunlop Tyres Motorsport

Dunlop Tyres Motorsport
Dunlop Tyres Motorsport

Dunlop Tyres Motorsport

Dunlop tyres Motorsport division was a memorable visit for me in the 60s

This narrative of the Dunlop Motorsport tyre division’s meteoric ascent and fall is as riveting as a fresh set of tyres on a rainy road, so let’s get into it!

The Glorious Days and Lowly Origins

Dunlop, a name that conjures images of tyres everywhere, wasn’t your average tyre manufacturer, either. Time travel back to the late 1800s in Britain is where the story starts. Fort Dunlop, in Birmingham, was the site of the miracle. The Dunlop tyre empire was founded at this famous site, and boy, were they prolific tyre manufacturers!

Dunlop wasn’t merely competing; they were utterly destroying it in the motorsports world. All the way from the Isle of Man TT to the Le Mans 24 Hours, these guys were in it. Round and black tyres weren’t enough for these technological wonders; they could race through the worst terrain at dizzying speeds. The drivers had no idea what they required until they were told!

The Age of Grace-Dunlop Tyres Motorsport

Fort Dunlop stood as a monument to the engineering brilliance and pioneering spirit of the British people, more than simply a factory. During its prime, it was a beehive of creativity and activity. They were producing racing tyres that were unparalleled in quality. Also, many local families relied on the jobs it created for their daily needs.

Dunlop Motorsport’s heyday was legendary. The winning cars in every race were using their tyres. Everything they touched seemed to magically transform into gold. Why wouldn’t drivers swear by Dunlop tyres? Having a dependable barrier between you and the asphalt is essential while travelling down a track at absurd speeds.

A Reduction in

However, a melancholy section is inevitable in any good story. Problems started to arise for the once-mighty Fort Dunlop. The tyre industry was evolving into a battleground for multinational behemoths. Both prices and competition were on the rise. Our cherished tyre division quickly found itself in a precarious situation.

The Dunlop Motorsport division’s demise was gradual. Competition wasn’t the only factor; new rules for motorsport, advancements in technology, and other market forces also played a role. It’s as if all these trendy new bars are stealing customers away from your beloved watering hole.

A New Chapter Begins-Dunlop Tyres Motorsport

Eventually, the inevitable happened. Many people’s hearts broke when the Dunlop Motorsport division at Fort Dunlop shut down. Not only did a factory close its doors, but an entire period did as well. Birmingham was losing a piece of its history and a piece of British motorsport as it faded away.

However, history is something that truly endures. Remembering the thunderous engines, the aroma of burning rubber, and the jubilant throng is how Dunlop Motorsport will be remembered. It’s an inspiring tale about overcoming adversity and embracing change.

Embracing the Present while Looking Ahead

Now that I’ve finished explaining everything, I want us to pause and think about Fort Dunlop, not as a place of business or a structure, but as a representation of an era when British industry was at the forefront of motorsport. The rest is anybody’s guess. Perhaps, given the current state of affairs, a fresh chapter in the Dunlop saga will be written, culminating in a resurrection. Indeed, in the ever-changing realm of tyres, like in real life, surprises abound!

An account of the tenacity, ingenuity, and, yes, change that is the Dunlop Motorsport tyre division’s ascent and collapse. Stories like these serve as a constant reminder of the unwavering determination of the individuals responsible for these monumental undertakings. They also highlight the fact that in cities like Birmingham, history is not confined to books; it is etched into the same pavement we traverse on a daily basis.

So, the Dunlop Tyres Motorsport division always brings back great memories for me

. In the 1960s, a local racing driver called Paul Craven wanted us to obtain some Dunlop racing slicks for his racing car (i think it was F2 racing but I am not sure)

Of course. Paul was the wealthy son of a company that made building breeze blocks. Importantly, it was made out of waste from the local coal-fired power station (now demolished).

In those days, I worked for the local National Tyres in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, UK, and I was chosen to go to the  sports division in Birmingham, West Midlands. This was in pre-motorway days, and the journey would have been about four hours.

We did not have Sat-Nav then, but I finally found the giant  tyre factory. In those days, we did not ever travel far away from our small tyre depot. So I was very excited.

The guys at the factory were very helpful and showed me around the racing division, the rally tyres, and the F1 tyres, and of course, the ones that I had to collect were loaded onto my van, and off I went back north. It was a great day out.

The  factory was now becoming old and was systemically dismantled over the coming years, and the tyres were made in other parts of the world; only the racing division remained.

  Dunlop Tyres Motorsport now to close

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 “Fears for future of Dunlop Tyres Motorsport in Birmingham; Birmingham Mail NILGOSC claimed that its proposed development will employ about 140 people, but the Dunlop Motorsport unit, off Ashold Farm Road, currently employs 303 people, many of them highly skilled”…

Self sealing tyres

Tyre Puncture Repairs

Tyre Puncture Repairs

Tyre Puncture Repairs
Tyre Puncture Repairs

6 best puncture precautions

  1. Keep your tyres properly inflated: Underinflated tyres are more susceptible to punctures because they have a larger contact patch with the ground, which increases the chance of hitting a sharp object.
  2. Use tyre liners or puncture-resistant tyres: These are designed to prevent or reduce the chance of getting a puncture.
  3. Avoid riding on rough roads or through debris: This is especially important when riding through construction zones or areas with a lot of broken glass or other sharp objects on the road.
  4. Keep your vehicle in good condition: Regularly inspect your tyres and other components for wear or damage that could make your bike more vulnerable to punctures.
  5. Check for unusual vibrations: as it can help you notice any unusual vibrations in the tyre that could indicate a puncture before it becomes a full-blown flat
  6. Have a spare tyre repair kit, pump, and tyre lever with you when you ride so that you’re prepared if you do get a puncture, which can help you get back on the road quickly and safely.

Yes it is worth having tyre Puncture Repairs

Many motorists go through life without having any tyre punctures repaired. As a result, on their automobiles. Some of our customers are forever having punctures and their tyres

repaired. For this reason, they require new tyres. As a result, they had a puncture. Is it that their tyres have little tread left on them?

The tyres become “softer” when the tread is very low. Therefore, a bald tyre will tend to pick up objects such as nails and screws. Thus, you will have a puncture. having tyres with good tread. Of course, it actually deflects objects located on the road. Of course, some drivers are just completely unlucky. Therefore, picking up objects even with a new tyre fitted. So this is not very common in general. As previously stated, the majority of tyre punctures are caused by bald tyres on the vehicle. which can easily pick up nails and screws from the road.

The common type Tyre Puncture Repairs

Punctures that occur in the tread area of a tyre are known as “minor repairs.” is the document that addresses these. Naturally, this sets out the reasons. Of course, a flat tyre can be repaired in the UK. The tyre to be repaired must be examined. Naturally, it can be repaired only under the following conditions:

1: The tyre must have a legal tread depth of 1.6 mm or above across the central ¾ of the tread around the full circumference of the tyre.

2: The tyre must be inspected for any run-flat damage or any damage to the tyres structure.

3: The tyre should show no signs of secondary damage caused by the injury.

4: The tyre should show no signs of ageing; cracking on the bead area is usually a sign of ageing.

5: Look for signs of any bead damage.

6: Look out for any old repairs that may be coming apart.

These points are pretty common sense because tyre puncture repairs that are not correctly repaired can cost lives. We at Pellon Tyres will only repair a tyre twice, and we will only repair the tyre if there is a clear penetration. Many tyres on today’s cars are high speed and load-rated, and the customer should be notified if a puncture is not recommended for their type of car.

Run Flat tyre and puncture repairs this information from the tyre manufactures…

“With certain types of punctures in the tread area, the Bridgestone Run-Flat technology tyres may be repaired subject to certain conditions (depending on how far and at what speed the car was driven after the puncture). Please consult your nearest RFT authorised dealer to have your tyres inspected.
Before attempting a repair, consult the vehicle owner’s manual for restrictions. “The vehicle manufacturer may restrict the use of repaired tyres on its vehicles.” Bridgestone Tyres

for further reading regarding repairing run flat tyres

Winter Tyres Insurance

Pirelli Winter Tyres- Pirelli recommend that UK motorists to fit “WINTER TYRES”

Pirelli Winter Tyres

Pirelli Winter Tyres

SUV owners are especially vulnerable to snow and do need Pirelli Winter Tyres

Of course, I am convinced that the tyre industry is not targeting young drivers. Especially when it comes to educating people about tyre safety. As the owner of Pellon Tyre in Halifax, UK, I am finding it more common for young drivers to make tyre-related mistakes.

Naturally, only slight observations would be correct.
Running on completely bald tyres that are well over the legal limit is one example.

Many young drivers, including married and single people, As a result, they do not appear to or simply do not want to know anything about the car. Especially the tyres?

Any driver who fits winter tyres on a regular basis knows how much safer it is to drive in winter weather. Even in heavy rain, the driver will feel much safer with a good set of winter tyres fitted to their car. You can handle anything that a British winter can throw at you.
Some of these young drivers are driving around without any tread on their summer tyres, never mind winter tyres. These drivers are also the ones that take risks on bends and speed on our roads.

This, combined with bald tyres, is a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, this is what happens. How often do we see a car on its roof in a ditch? Too often, many would say.

Pirelli Winter Tyres

So lets target the young drivers with more education about tyre safety and the use of winter tyres.

Here at Pellon Tyres We have noticed that the vehicles that are most affected by bad weather Hence, in winter, there are more SUVs. As a result, these cars have been fitted with very large and wide tyres.

As a result, car manufacturers. because these cars are at the luxury end of the car market. requiring them to be a quiet and comfortable ride.

This is why they are fitted with summer tyres. In my opinion, the job of giving these cars a much safer ride Especially in winter. As a result, the sole responsibility has been placed on the car owners.

SUV cars perform very badly in winter conditions. As a result, in the winter, either should be parked.

As a result, or fitted with a set of Pirelli Winter Tyres. These tyres are typically only made by premium tyre manufacturers, such as Pirelli Winter Tyres, due to their extremely large tyre sizes.

They produce an excellent winter tyre for SUVs called the “Scorpion Winter SUV tyres,” and the new saloon winter tyre from Pirelli tyres is called the “Snowcontrol 3.” Pellon tyres UK

  1. Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3: This tyre is designed for high-performance vehicles and offers excellent traction on both wet and snowy surfaces. It is known for its precise handling and improved braking in winter conditions.
  2. Pirelli Winter Sottozero Serie II: Another high-performance Pirelli Winter Tyres, the Serie II provides enhanced grip on icy and snowy roads while maintaining good handling capabilities on dry surfaces.
  3. Pirelli Winter Snowcontrol Serie 3: This tyre is targeted at passenger cars and offers reliable traction on winter roads, along with good fuel efficiency and ride comfort.
  4. Pirelli Scorpion Winter: Designed for SUVs and crossovers, the Scorpion Winter provides stability and control on snow-covered and icy surfaces, making it suitable for winter driving with larger vehicles.
  5. Pirelli Ice Zero FR: This studdable Pirelli Winter Tyres is crafted to handle extreme winter conditions with excellent grip on ice and snow, delivering reliable performance for cold climates.
  6. Pirelli Cinturato Winter: A Winter tyre designed for compact and mid-sized cars, the Cinturato Winter offers reliable traction and handling on snowy and wet roads, along with reduced rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency.

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“Pirelli urges UK motorists to fit Pirelli winter tyres. The Pirelli Winter Tyres Scorpion Winter SUV is designed to be much more balanced for cold and wet weather conditions, Pirelli told Tyres Accessories, while retaining its ice performance qualities”…

Pirelli tyres are not known for their winter tyre products here in the UK, but it is a growing market all across Europe, and it is a market that they would like to be part of. his Snow Patrol 3 tyre will definitely help them achieve this in the winters to come, in my opinion.