Bald Tyres-and Rain Soaked Roads = AQUAPLANING

Post Updated 28th Dec 2013

Bald Tyres;Change your tyres at 3 mil to avoid aquaplaning

This has been one of the wettest days of the year here in the UK. I say this because when I was driving along the M62 motorway I noticed that many parts of the motorway were flooded

Bald Tyres

Driving your vehicle on flooded roads at speed could result in your Bald Tyres loosing grip and aquaplaning.


and had large areas of standing water, on all the carriageways. This meant one thing to me “AQUAPLANING”. We know as the tyre industry that many motorists are putting off buying new replacements. All our sales figures are down, so the mixture of bald tyres on these very wet roads is a disaster waiting to happen. As I am writing this blog some motorists will be experiencing aquaplaning when driving along the motorway at speed with no tread left on their tyres, as I say this is a disaster waiting to happen and it will happen, “mark my word”

What is aquaplaning on Bald Tyres ?.

Bald Tyres

A glass road is used to film the tyres on test by the tyre manufacturing companies to test for aquaplaning. this picture shows the tyre from underneath as it drives over the flooded glass road.

This is a word that became synonymous with a Goodyear advert in the 1970s, but has now become a very important word because of our changing climate and faster roads. The word means that your wheel loses contact with road surface due to a thin layer of water between the tyre and the road surface, and the driver loses control of his car very often causing an accident.. A good tyre with more than 3 mm of remaining tread will push the water away as the car drives through the water at speed, giving good grip and safe conditions. All the leading  manufacturers design their tyres with aquaplaning (Driving in Wet Weather) as one of the main aspects of design.

Michelin  have even developed a system called “the anti-surf system” to enable their products to give maximum grip when going through areas of static water on the roads, this system is built into the Michelin Pilot sports 3. This tyre has also got added shoulder design to help push the water away and help delay the onset of aquaplaning.


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    Are your tyres safe for travelling? Are you sure that it can keep you safe on the wet roads? Bald tyres and wet roads are potential accidents that you can encounter. It is just there lurking and waiting to happen. We have been witnessing plenty of rains lately. Weather changes unexpectedly.


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