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Frightening to think about what is going to happen when the new idea “Smart Motorways” take off! Many people don’t yet know this, but the new idea is this; when you use the new Smart Motorway and your vehicle develops a fault that causes your vehicle to loose power and stops running.

Consequently, you the driver is then expected to slow down to a stop in whichever lane you are in. Accordingly, you will not be required to try and move over to the hard shoulder. So, it will not be there anymore, you simply stop in whichever lane your vehicle breaks down in.

Part Worn Tyres





WASTE TYRE TALK-Looking for a fun and effective new piece of exercise equipment to burn fat and sculpt lean muscle?

Eric Roberts‘s insight:

This is a great way to use an old spare tyres.

I have seen ways of using old tyres . Including “how to keep fit” . Helping to “Get Rid of your Spare Tyre“. Especially in recent times. Reminding me of when I was a young tyre fitter in my twenties. Consequently, I worked for a company in Leeds called Kurt Neilds.

Then owned by Goodyear . Fitting Earthmover tyres for a living. The job was fantastic. We lifted and carried the giant tyres on Euclid Earthmovers and other giant plant hire vehicles, such as Cat Earth-movers like the Cat 631s and Terex dump trucks; we were fit as fiddles” and got paid for it as well.

I only weighed 11 stone and could eat what I wanted

Of course, it is no wonder that the use of tyres has been taken up by sportsmen and women to help them exercise. I was impressed at the way rugby union players played. Who can throw these big tyres about ! So now it looks like old tyres are being used for the exercises.

As described in this article from the WASTE TYRE TALK-Savannah Morning News. I am too old to take this up now but if anybody would like some old spare tyres to train with, you can have them for free here in Halifax.

Old waste tyres are now used for all sorts of things.

One of the main uses is to make them into rubber crumbs so that they can be made into safe flooring for, say, children’s play areas, These are replacing wood chippings that were once used and are much safer for the children to play on.

The waste tyre industry also supplies rubber pellets to cement-making companies to power their cement drying kilns. Also, large amounts of rubber pellets go into the making of tarmac for our roads to give a more cushioned ride and a harder-wearing surface when driven on.

Continental Tyres Halifax

Continental tyres boost

Continental tyres boost

Continental tyres boost
Continental tyres boost

Continental tyres boost high-performance tyres at Korbach plant

KORBACH, Germany—Continental A.G.

Eric Roberts‘s insight:

Continental tyres keep on moving forward

Significantly, this is just one of the expansion plans. Including a Continental tyre boost for the giant tyre company of Continental. Consequently, the Continental Car Tyres company and all its subsidiaries have leaped ahead of most of its

Continental Seal tyres protect the tyre from nail penetrations like this one. In recent years, there have been some innovative new products, such as the “Seal Tyres,” that contain a protective layer of sealant made of polymers that stop the tyre from deflating when penetrated by a screw or a nail.

Continental Tyre Sport Contacts: Continental tyres boost

The protective layer is inside the sealed tyres,  just underneath the tread area. Other products to give Continental tyres a boost include “runflat technology” and new tyres that are greener and lighter to save on emissions for new EVs and electric vehicles, altogether an impressive portfolio of products.

Continental Tyres boosts their market share by continuously adding new tyre products to their range. One of their latest tyre products is a new winter tyre, the Vanco 4 season 2 tyres.

In 2020, Continental Tyres is still steaming ahead as one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers.

Although we here at Pellon Tyres support Continental, we did enjoy the privilege of selling General Tyres. Of course, General was bought out by Continental Tyres for their expertise in the design and manufacture of the General 4×4 tyre range! Including the world-renowned “General Grabber range of 4 x 4 tyres

Of course, General also makes a range of summer tyres and, more importantly, a great winter tyre range. With attention to their range of tyres, they have been able to fit probably 99% of European cars.

Of course, general tyres are also sold in a lower price range. Because of this, the tyres are very popular here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax.

How Continental Tyre’s innovation outperformed its rivals

Hi, you charming bunch! I hope things is okay with you. I have a really intriguing topic to talk about today. We’ll explore how Continental Tire has remained competitive through unrelenting innovation. Well, they have been heavily investing in research and development, and I can assure you that it has been successful. Now grab a beverage, and let’s get to work!

Invent or Perish- Continental tyres boost

First things first: in the world of tyres, if you aren’t rolling forward, you are. That just happens that way. This was something Continental Tyre long before realised, and they made the decision that they would not be passed. No, sir! Instead, they have poured money into R&D like it’s a dying trend.

Discuss Tech Now

Okay, so what have all of these studies and developments produced? We’re basically talking about tyres that last longer, grip better, and even help you save fuel. I’ll spare you the technical language. They have ‘Black Chili Technology’ for better traction and ‘EcoPlus Technology’ for increased fuel efficiency. Magic!

Monitoring the Weather

If you are from the UK, you are aware that our weather makes decisions about going outside more frequently than a cat. There, too, Continental Tire has us covered. Whether it’s pouring down rain or hotter than a vindaloo, their tyres are built to perform in any situation.

Making it Green

Keep your heads on because this is a shocker: they are developing environmentally friendly tyres. Aye, you heard correctly. Continental Tire is already way front of the curve despite all the recent hype of becoming green. sustainability and effectiveness? Count me in!

What Impact Will This Have on Halifax? Continental tyres boost

What does this have to do with Halifax, then? In actuality, quite a bit! Due to our winding roads and erratic weather, we are no strangers to difficult driving conditions. Since I started promoting Continental Tires to my clients, they have all given me excellent feedback. I promise you that these tyres are priceless.

A Conclusion

So, there you have it! Continental Tire is actively altering the game; they are not just sitting around doing nothing. They have successfully repelled competition by putting their money where their mouth is in terms of research and development.

Friends, that’s all for today. You know where to find us if you’re looking for some premium tyres. Drive carefully and keep those wheels rolling until next time.

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Continental tyres will continue to play a big part in the development of the Pellon Tyres business plan going forward past 2021.

Winter Tyres Insurance

Winter Tyres Work

Winter tyres work
Winter tyres work

Winter tyres work

Winter tyres work

Your winter tyre Tips

Eric Roberts‘s insight:

Snowing scenes like this call for “Winters to be fitted ” 

Winter tyres have, in the past three years, helped millions of motorists make safer journeys and arrive home safely. Remember, winters work. We are now approaching the time, usually November, when you should fit your winter tyres, or if you do not have any, then you should consider buying yourself a set.

Even if you can’t afford a set of four, it is still a better and safer proposition to fit a pair on your drive wheels. Out of all the thousands of customers that have had winter tyres fitted, I have never had a single complaint about the performance; in fact, most drivers will give them a raving revue.

This is one of the reasons why fleet companies are fitting winters into their fleets. all  weather Tyres work. They know that it makes sense to fit them for the safety aspect, and they also know that it will benefit the drivers when they are out in snow and wet weather, and when the fleets buy them, you know they must be good as they will not waste a penny unless it is necessary.

Better Winter and All-Season Tyres for Improved Safety on the Road

What’s up, folks? What’s up with that? It’s getting frigid, no doubt about it. So, now is a good time to discuss winter and all-season tyres. Significant advancements in tyre technology over the past few years have greatly increased road safety. Let’s get a cup of coffee and dive in!

Tyre land: A Tale from Long Ago; Winter Tyres Work

Do you remember when all-season tyres weren’t truly appropriate for all seasons and winter tyres were in short supply? The time for that is passed. We now have solutions that make driving safer in practically any weather, from the blazing heat of summer to the whiteout conditions of the apocalypse.

Tyres for the Winter: It’s Not Only for the Mountains

Winter tyres used to be something only mountain residents or those going on a ski trip would think about. Nonetheless, they are quickly becoming necessities due to the erratic nature of modern winters. These tyres now have improved tread patterns, deeper grooves, and cold-resistant rubber compounds.

All-Season Tyres Can Handle Any Road Condition

When it comes to safety, all-season tyres are a clear victor. Recent updates have made them more effective in the rain, and their grip in snow and ice is excellent. A set of all-season tyres is like a Swiss Army knife for your automobile, especially now that more storms are hitting the UK.

Being Calm Throughout the Storm

More and more storms have been occurring recently. Tyres have been modified to function in a variety of wet conditions, including floods, deep snow, and dreadful rain. What I mean is stuff like stiffer sidewalls for improved control in windy circumstances and water-dispersion technology to help minimise aquaplaning.

Improving Traffic Safety in Halifax

What’s in it for us here in Halifax? The weather here, as we all know, is indecisive. It could be sunny one second and hailing the next; the weather is impossible to predict. More than anywhere else, we need reliable tyres to keep us safe on the twisty roads we drive on every day.

Finishing Up; Winter Tyres Work

That’s all I’ve got, guys. Technology advancements in tyres have greatly increased traveller security, particularly in the face of erratic weather patterns. Technological advancements are worthy of praise, whether we’re talking about all-season tyres that can handle any weather or grippy winter tyres.

So long for now! Winter tyres work

You know where to find me if you’re thinking about getting new tyres. Be careful, stay warm, and help me make this winter’s roadways as safe as possible! Winter tyres work; its a fact

We at Pellon Tyres here in Halifax, West Yorkshire, recommend that you go for an economy winter tyre such as Jinhu winters if you are on a low budget, or an excellent mid-range tyre is the Falken Winters. For SUVs or larger sedan types of cars, you could look no further that choosing a leading brand such as Michelin or Pirelli Winters; they are all excellent products

.As the article says, there were 6,000 road accidents here in the UK due to snow and ice, according to the Department of Transport (DFT)

Part Worn Tyres

Worn Tyres Dangerous

Worn Tyres Dangerous

Worn Tyres Dangerous
Worn Tyres Dangerous

Worn Tyres Dangerous

One-in-six motorists puts safety at risk by driving on Worn tyres.

Penny-pinching motorists are throwing caution to the wind when it comes to their tyres.

EricRoberts‘s insight:

The Hidden Risk: Driving in the UK and Ireland with Dangerous Tyres

We’ve all experienced the joy of getting into the car and driving slowly through Yorkshire’s twisting lanes or maybe taking a picturesque excursion to the Irish countryside.

But one part of our cars that is sometimes disregarded until it’s too late is the tyres. It is a serious risk to drive with unsafe tyres, not simply a little mistake. Here’s why you should always check those rubber lifelines on your car.

The Reasons Behind Tyre Safety
The only thing that comes into contact between your car and the road are its tyres. They are essential to general driving performance, handling, and safety. Here in the UK and Ireland, where routes range from highways to little country lanes and weather can be erratic, keeping good tyre health is even more important.

The Hazards of Damaged or Worn Tyres Less Traction Less tread implies worn tyres can’t grip the road as well. Particularly hazardous on snowy or wet roads, this increases the chance of skidding and requires longer stopping distances.

Aquaplaning: This is a legitimate worry given our renownedly wet weather. This happens when the car loses touch with the road surface when a layer of water builds up between the tyres and the road. Wet weather driving is dangerous since worn tyres are far more susceptible to this.

Blowouts: You run a higher chance of blowouts when you drive on worn or underinflated tyres. Consider driving down the M62 and all of a sudden losing control when a tyre bursts. That is a frightening idea that might result in major mishaps.

Inadequate Handling: Worn Tyres Dangerous

In an emergency, especially, tyres in bad shape might make your car more difficult to handle. Reliable tyres are essential to maintaining the stability of your vehicle, whether you’re driving down the seaside roads of County Kerry or the twisting Yorkshire Dales.

Laws and Penalties
Tyres must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm over the middle three-quarters of the tyre in the UK and Ireland. It is illegal as well as unsafe to drive on tyres that fall short of this requirement. For every defective tyre, you risk a large fine and points on your licence if discovered. Sometimes this means losing your licence completely.

Checking Your Tyres. Worn Tyres Dangerous

One easy way to be safe and stay out of legal hot water is to get routine tyre checkups. Quick reference:

Use the edge of a 20-p coin or a tread depth gauge to measure the depth.

Put it into the tread grooves; your tread is too low if the coin’s outside band is visible.

Before long excursions and once a month, check your tyre pressure. The ideal pressure levels are listed in the handbook of your vehicle.

Check for tyre bulges, cracks, or cuts. These might point to interior damage and an increased chance of blowouts.
Alignment Even tyre wear can indicate problems with alignment. It’s time for an inspection if you see one side of the tyre wearing down more quickly than the other.
Views from the Local Level
Halifax puts a lot of strain on your tyres with its combination of urban and adjacent country roadways. The rough landscapes and little lanes of Ireland are the same. The regular rainfall and sporadic frost in our area add yet another level of complications. The goal is to make every trip as safe as possible, not merely to follow the rules.

What to Do in the Event of a Suspect Problem. Worn Tyres Dangerous
Don’t wait until your next planned service if you believe your tyres may be past their best. Visit our Halifax garage to for a fast tyre check. This small amount of time commitment can significantly improve your safety and mental health.

Recap. Worn Tyres Dangerous
Driving on potentially hazardous tyres is just not worth the risk. Safe tyres are essential, whether driving in the busy streets of London or the quiet lanes of Ireland. Ongoing inspections and maintenance can keep you out of legal hot water, save lives, and prevent accidents.

Think about those tyres the next time you go for a drive. Could they handle the work? If not, your neighbourhood garage may need to be visited. Maintain your tyres in excellent condition, drive carefully, and have fun!

Come by our Halifax garage if you require professional advice or have any inquiries about tyres. Our team is always available to assist in maintaining your driving safety. Cheers to travel!

Check out tyre safety…

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Safe and cheap way of shopping

Safe and cheap way of shopping

Safe and cheap way of shopping
Safe and cheap way of shopping

Safe and cheap way of shopping

The year 2020 has brought about some serious changes in our way of life. We have all needed to make certain adjustments in the way we perform some of our daily tasks. Eating out has changed, meeting people is not the same anymore, and even shopping is different now.

The thing is that “in the midst of every crisis, lies an opportunity.”. We should take the ever-true words of Albert Einstein to heart and make use of the situation on our own terms. Since shopping for things such as clothes, electronics, or car parts might pose some risk now, it’s better to consider the alternative: online shopping.

It’s an idea that has been growing in
popularity, but with the current situation being this dire, it has become the go-to move for a vast majority of products. Just because our lifestyle has changed does not mean that we don’t need  to buy things other than food (which you can also buy online, by the way).

If you like saving money, remember about discount codes

Of course, online shopping would be nothing more than an interesting novelty if it were more expensive than its traditional counterpart. It took a while for online retailers to catch up in terms of price, but now you can find a variety of products that are actually cheaper to buy on the internet than in a regular store down the street.

One of the reasons for this state of affairs is the fact that internet retailers have embraced the wonders of technology and decided to use it to the advantage of resourceful shoppers. The trick that has made a lot of frugal people tick was the introduction of promo codes. It’s a special phrase you enter in a box at the store’s checkout, and it makes a part of your order total disappear. The discount amount depends on the code because each one is different.

Here are the top 3 things you can save on with discount codes

Tyres. Safe and cheap way of shopping

You did not expect that one to be at the top of the list, did you? Well, the thing is, people need to replace tyres every now and then, and the competition on the market is as fierce as it has ever been. That is precisely why discount codes play such an important part in plenty of online deals in tyre shops.

You don’t believe it? Just check out the offers here: And there is more where that came from. Whether it’s tyres or any other car parts, online retailers are looking to bite off a large part of the sales cake. Regular sale events just aren’t enough, especially when it comes to enticing more conscious buyers. Considering the fact that a set of good tyres is not cheap, using a discount code is a wise choice in this situation.

Clothes. Safe and cheap way of shopping

The use of discount codes has been extremely popular in clothing stores for a long time now. Online sellers realized that it’s a type of reward that more savvy customers get for spending a little bit of time searching for money-saving solutions. Nowadays, pretty much every single online store has a discount code or two, especially during Black Friday or Cyber Monday. So if you want to find a great deal on a t-shirt or a dress, an online store is your best bet.

Electronics. Safe and cheap way of shopping

Buying TV’s, laptops, or appliances in a brick-and-mortar store is a thing of the past. Why? Because using discount codes is better for products that are more expensive. The bigger the price, the bigger the discount is with a code. Most places offer free delivery on larger items, and you get them delivered straight to your doorstep.

It’s the ultimate convenience, with the added benefit of a great price. What’s not to like? Now that you know everything you need to know about online shopping, it’s time to put your newfound knowledge to the test. Find the best discount codes, choose your products, and save  more than before. Now is not the time to overpay for anything.

Are Continental the Best Tyres

Are Continental the Best Tyres

Are Continental the Best Tyres

Are Continental the Best Tyres

Continental Tyres: A Brief History

Are Continental the Best Tyres
Mixed brands of tyres on the shelf

I must admit that in my early days in the tyre industry, Continental was not a company that was much heard of. Working for a local tyre fitting station in the mid-sixties was the beginning of my lifelong tyre experience. It was a time for a mass expansion in the tyre industry as cars became easier to afford for the working class of  Great Britain. Continentals involvement in the UK tyre market was through the back door. Hence, they acquired two smaller tyre manufacturers, Uniroyal and Semperit.

These two tyre companies had already a foothold in the UK distributor network. So, competing with the likes of Dunlop, Michelin, Firestone and Pirelli for their place in the UK pecking order. In my opinion Conti were involved in motor racing and built up their reputation on the race track.

Importantly, the German company has been producing tyres

for more than 145 years. Of course, the company has become a global powerhouse in the tyre sector, with outlets in more than 60 countries. A long-term investment, including their racing expertise and investment in R&D, has paid off. So, it is little surprise that the German tyre company has earned a solid reputation for quality and innovation.

Continental Tyres is well-known for its commitment to R&D, which ensures that the company’s products consistently represent the cutting edge of tyre Continental Tyres constantly introduces new tyre designs and safety features. Especially where safety is concerned, self-sealing punctures *ContiSeal™ is a technology developed by Continental designed to seal damaged tyre tread and run flat tyres at the forefront.

Effectiveness and dependability. Are Continental the Best Tyres

More importantly, Conti Tyres has earned their reputation as the industry standard. Of course, in large part due to their exceptional quality and dependability,. All weather conditions, including dry, wet, and snowy, are no match for the superior grip and handling provided by Conti Tyres.

Technology advancements in tyres—like the 3D sipes that improve traction in the rain and the asymmetric tread pattern that improves handling and stability—make this possible.
Continental tyres are well-known for their long life and high performance. Tyres can last longer than other brands since they are built to endure high loads. In the long run, this can help you save money on tyre maintenance and replacement.

Quality. Are Continental the Best Tyres

Continental tyres, also including Uniroyal and Semperit tyres are the best since they are of the highest quality. The company is dedicated to producing items of the highest quality, and to that end, it employs only the finest raw materials and production methods. Continental tyres are tested to the limits to guarantee their safety, dependability, and superior quality. Because of how carefully they craft their products. Continental Tyres is often regarded as a top name in the tyre market.

Varieties of Goods. Are Continental the Best Tyres

Ultimately, Continental Tyres has a large selection of tyres to fit a variety of cars and driving preferences and climates. The company manufactures tyres for a wide variety of vehicles, including everyday commuters, sports cars, off-road machines, and racing cars. Good to know that Continental Tyres also provides an assortment of tyres for use in various climates, including summer, winter, and all-season models. This makes it so consumers can find tyres that are ideal for their vehicles.

Last but not least,

The German Tyre company is lauded for its unparalleled commitment to client satisfaction. Here at Pellon Tyres, a group of hardworking experts is always ready to assist consumers with any inquiries they may have about the product. To further reassure its customers, Conti Tyres backs each purchase with a warranty that covers manufacturing faults and possibly other difficulties.


For a variety of reasons, Conti makes the best tyres on the market, in my opinion.The company’s dedication to R&D, high standards of performance and dependability, superior quality, extensive product line, and superb customer service make it the go-to brand for motorists all over the globe. Continental Tyres are possibly the best tyres you can buy. So if you’re in the market for a new set, look no further  than to Pellon Tyres Halifax, UK.

Now onto 2024 Pellon Tyres are now members of

Revolutionise Your Tyre Shopping Experience

Big Five Tyre Makers

Big Five Tyre Makers

Big Five Tyre Makers
Big Five Tyre Makers

Big Five Tyre Makers

There is no doubt about my long presence in the tyre industry.

Then the top five tyre companies have always been in contention. Hence, for the top spot.

Whether it be on numbers sold or quality, the top five manufacturers have kept in front. Therefore, the likes of Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, Bridgestone and Pirelli.

One of the main reasons is that premium car manufacturers tend to stick to premium car tyres. Hence, for the original equipment tyres they choose.

Consequently,there has begun to be a wider variety of OE tyres chosen in the mass-market car sector. Previously, most car manufacturers have stuck to the top five tyre manufacturers.

Big Five Tyre Makers, could it change. Big Five Tyre Makers

This has already started to change. manufacturers that were previously labelled as “mid-range” tyres are now appearing on new car models. Especially if the country of origin is the same. Indeed, this is how the big five started out. Michelin supplies the mass car markets in France. Including Citroen and Renault. Pirelli had a good foothold with supplying Fiat and Alfa Romeo cars.

Of course, in Germany, the huge car brands Mercedes and  BMW, not to mention VW, were supplied by the giant Continental conglomerate. Goodyear had a firm hold of the North American market before going global. Japan cars were coming out as original equipment on famous car brands such as Toyota and Nissan.

In recent years, Big Five Tyre Makers

The mid-range and budget tyre market have increased with world demand as the car industry has flourished. Including the introduction of the new tyre labelling laws. This manifested itself with the shock that some of the budget brands had just as good a rating as the big 5. Causing some embarrassment, to say the least. Going forward, this could very well encourage mass-market car manufacturers to look closer at budget-brand tyres. Especially if they have similar, good-looking results on the new labels.

We at Pellon Tyres have noticed that consumers will take these labels into consideration when choosing tyres. In my opinion, this could increase the likelihood of seeing a change in the original equipment tyres. of course, that mass-market car manufacturers may choose?

Car makers are under pressure to bring down costs. Big Five Tyre Makers

Under constant pressure to bring costs down, car manufacturers may feel able to justify this to consumers. That the economy brands will deliver the same performance as the more expensive mid-range. Not forgetting the premium brands. In my opinion, the top five companies also lead the way in tyre technology. As a result, they are always looking at innovative ways to improving their tyre products,

A great example of this is the tremendous effort that Pirelli have put in to the F1 racing scene. This involvement has given great confidence to the general public  when buying Pirelli tyres.

Consequently, there is actually much more to a tyre’s performance than just wet braking. Including rolling resistance and external noise, but it is often first impressions that count. Especially when people are trying to save money. Of course, surveys have so far shown that many drivers don’t even know about the tyre label. Although this has improving in recent times,.

Foreward to 2024, and things have not really changed in the top-brand tyre market. Brands such as Falken, however, are now pushing them hard.

Now onto 2024 Pellon Tyres are now members of

Yokohama Tyres investment

Yokohama Tyres investment

Yokohama Tyres investment

Yokohama Tyres investment
Yokohama Tyres investment

Yokohama Tyres investment

Alright, friend, let’s talk about Yokohama Tyres

a significant brand in the tyre industry, and what they’ve been up to lately. Yokohama was founded in 1917 in Japan and has made a name for itself in the tyre sector. Fast forward to recent years, and they’re still doing strong, with several creative manoeuvres and collaborations that are worth discussing.

One of their major collaborations has been with Chelsea Football Club. You’ve undoubtedly seen their name on the players’ shirts since about 2015. Isn’t it a sensible move? Gets their name out to millions of football fans around the world. In 2019, they also collaborated with the NBA’s Boston Celtics, demonstrating that they are not only passionate about football but also basketball.

Yokohama has not only been rubbing shoulders with sports legends, but they have also been active in the automotive industry. They’ve been the official tyre supplier for the Macau Grand Prix since 1983, which is a long time! In addition, they participate in the World Touring Car Championship and the IMSA Sports Car Championship in the United States.

However, it is not just about sports and fast automobiles.

Yokohama has also been working to improve the environment. They introduced their “BluEarth” tyre line, which focuses on being environmentally friendly by reducing fuel usage and CO2 emissions. It’s an excellent selling point for clients who care about their carbon footprint.

Speaking of footprints, Yokohama has been leaving them all over the world. They’ve been expanding their reach by establishing new factories in locations like India and Mississippi. This means they are more than simply a household name in Japan; they are a global player in the tyre industry.

So, there you have it. Yokohama Tyres, Yokohama Tyres investment

An old dog with new tricks, is keeping up with the times by sponsoring sports, promoting environmental projects, and expanding globally. They’re not just creating tyres; they’re also having an effect. Whether you’re a football lover, a car enthusiast, or simply someone who cares about the environment, Yokohama has something for you.

Yes that’s right in 2014 (not far off now!) I have been the proud owner of Pellon Tyre and Autocentre here in Halifax, West Yorkshire, in the UK.I just can not believe where the time has gone. My kids are all grown up, and we have been here for almost 25 years and have loved every minute. As an independent tyre business and garage, it has been a great time in the tyre industry, with many changes taking place.

In my opinion,. The computerization of business and the internet have had the greatest impact. So on the way that modern garages are run. It has been fascinating to see the massive changes. climate change that has entered the world of auto’s.

Yokohama Tyres investment

Changing and re-shaping the way we think and the massive drive towards lower emissions. Now comes the development of the electric car. Consequently, and all the implications that will go with that.

I am pleased to say that as a small independent garage. We have taken the right roads. I am still able to confirm that we are very busy. Despite all the competition from the huge national companies,. So that they are able to expand (and are able to get cash to enable them to do so). We, as a small business, can not get cash from the banks. Thus, there is a terrible state of affairs.

Car Tyre Prices have plummeted in recent times. So, due to internet competition,. Subsequently, we are still able to compete

 due to our online tyre selector

Enter Yokohama tyres

This gave us better prices and also targeted rebates. As a result, we have been able to hold onto some of the margins that the competition on the internet has reduced, and I feel more secure moving forward. Another important part of dealing with the tyre manufacturers, is that they are willing to help with other aspects of the business, such as promotional work and display materials.

This is where Yokohama Tyres Online comes into the picture. Apart from a great range of tyre products, Yokohama Tyres is also interested in promoting the small tyre dealer with some Yokohama Tyres investment They believe, as I do, that the local independent tyre dealer has a part to play in the big picture. So I was taken aback when they offered to redesign my depot’s frontage and reception.

This would also coincide with our 25th anniversary next year

only a few months away in 2014. Yokohama tyres are a top class product, and we at Pellon Tyres feel honoured to sell their tyres and work in partnership with the guys at Micheldever Tyres. I have included some images of what the depot will look like when the work is completed.

This Yokohama Tyres investment facelift has added a great new facial look to our tyre shop. The Yokohama Tyres investment also included our reception area, which is now a much brighter place for our customers to relax in. Yokohama, like most other tyre companies, is having to adapt tyre designs to include the effects of climate change and weather conditions.

Now onto 2024 Pellon Tyres are now members of

Tyres Online Halifax

Revolutionise Your Tyre Shopping Experience

Revolutionise Your Tyre Shopping Experience

Revolutionise Your Tyre Shopping Experience
Revolutionise Your Tyre Shopping Experience

Revolutionise Your Tyre Shopping Experience

The Benefits of Utilising Your Local Tyre Shop’s Website to Compare Costs Across All Manufacturers

Eric Roberts says, as the owner of our local tyre business, we take pride in being a one-stop-shop for all major tyre manufacturers. Of course, at unbeatable pricing on our established websites. One can choose from a wide variety of tyres on the market today. However, I think that there are a number of benefits to working with a local tyre shop instead of a big chain. In this article, I will go over some of the advantages of using the online storefront of our local tyre shop.

Knowledge and Long-Term Practice. Revolutionise Your Tyre Shopping Experience

I pride myself on having a staff of professionals. Importantly, with years of experience in the tyre sector,. This is one of the biggest benefits of using the website of our local tyre firm. With our years of experience in the industry, we can confidently guide you towards the best tyres for your car. Our skilled technicians are well-versed in all varieties of tyres. Hence, we will advise you on the best choice for your cars needs. With our cutting-edge tools and technology, we can guarantee a quick and effective tyre-fitting service.

Tyre Selection of All Kinds

A variety of tyres are available at our local tyre shop website to accommodate a variety of cars and price points. We have a wide variety of tyres in a wide range of sizes and specifications for any vehicle you might need them for. So, be it a car, van, light truck, or SUV,. Discover the best fit for your car by searching our online catalogue and narrowing your search according on brand, size, and price. You may find both inexpensive and high-quality tyres from well-known manufacturers in our selection.

Costs That Are Hard to Beat. Revolutionise Your Tyre Shopping Experience

We here at Pellon, Halifax, UK, at the neighbourhood tyre shop know that buying new tyres can be a big investment. Therefore we strive to keep our costs low. On our site, you can easily compare costs across a wide range of manufacturers and sizes to find the best available offer. Quality tyres are already reasonably priced, but thanks to our frequent sales and specials, you can save even more money.


The ease of using the website for our neighbourhood tyre shop is a major perk. Tyres may now be shopped for and purchased online, eliminating the need to leave the convenience of your own home or place of business. When you shop with us, you won’t have to worry about anything because our website is so simple to use. We also offer tyre fittings for free and included in with the price. Saving you the time and effort of tracking down a separate tyre fitting service.

Revolutionise Your Tyre Shopping Experience
Revolutionise Your Tyre Shopping Experience
The Guarantee of Quality. Revolutionise Your Tyre Shopping Experience

You can trust in the high quality of the tyres you purchase from our neighbourhood tyre shop’s online store. We only carry tyres made by trusted manufacturers, so you know you’re getting a product you canYou can purchase all of our tyres with a warranty.hem with To ensure that they are of the highest calibre and safety, all of the tyres we stock have undergone inspection by our specialists.highest quality and safety.

Assisting Clients. Revolutionise Your Tyre Shopping Experience

Our neighbourhood tyre shop is known for its friendly and helpful staff. Showing all the other services that we can offer. We want each and every one of our clients to have a satisfying experience with our website and tyre purchases. Therefore we work hard to make that happen. We are here to address any issues you might have and work hard to ensure a simple and stress-free buying experience. Subsequently, we also provide assistance and guidance long after the sale has been made.

Conclusion. Revolutionise Your Tyre Shopping Experience

Furthermore, there are several benefits to ordering your tyres from our local tyre shop’s website rather than from a big chain. You can rest easy knowing that you’ll have a great experience buying tyres from us because of our extensive knowledge, extensive inventory, low prices, convenient location, rigorous quality control, and kind, helpful staff. Incidentally, my office staff have worked for me well over forty years between them. So, come check out what we have to offer and see how we can help you now by visiting our website reviews.

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Unsafe Partworn Tyres

Unsafe Partworn Tyres

Unsafe Partworn Tyres
Unsafe Partworn Tyres

Unsafe Partworn Tyres

EricRoberts‘s insight:

Tyre Review RMA Warning: Unsafe Partworn Tyres

On-Sale Tyre Review The Rubber Manufacturers Association has taken a proactive stance regarding the sale of unsafe used tyres to consumers, issuing a news release to consumer publications and newspapers…

Are Part-Worn Tyres a Deal or a Danger Due to Their Growing Popularity?

When it comes to keeping the family automobile on the road without breaking the bank, it is common knowledge that everyone is constantly looking for the best deal. This is especially true when it comes to maintaining the vehicle.

As a result of the fact that the expense of living is biting harder than a Yorkshire winter in Halifax and around the United Kingdom, there has been a substantial increase in the number of people resorting to partially worn tyres as a solution that appears to be friendly to their wallets. Is this tendency, however, a genuine necessity for individuals who are working with limited financial resources, or are we moving in the direction of greater risk than reward?

What Makes Part-Worn Tyres So Appealing
When it comes to the cost of car maintenance, which is already rather high, the appeal of part-worn tyres is not simply about saving a few pounds; rather, it is frequently regarded as an important necessity. This is because many families in our community are responsible for every penny.

Generally speaking, you can purchase a tyre that has been partially worn for a fraction of the price of a brand new one. This can seem like a godsend when you are trying to balance your costs.

There is a proliferation of shops selling these tyres all over the place, from the backstreets of Halifax to the main routes of Leeds, providing drivers with an alternative that is more convenient and less expensive.

The majority of the time, they are obtained from automobiles that are no longer in need of them, possibly because the owner has upgraded or the vehicle has been demolished. For someone who is trying to stretch each paycheck, selecting part-time may appear to be a financially prudent choice.

The Costs That Are Not Visible. Unsafe Partworn Tyres

Nevertheless, despite the fact that the initial cost savings are appealing, there is more to these tyres than meets the eye. When it comes to safety, worries regarding tyres that are only partially worn are serious business. A significant number of times, these tyres are sold with very little to no information regarding their past.

There is a possibility that they originated from a motor that has been written off, or even worse, that it was engaged in a serious collision. Given that you wouldn’t put a used helmet on your head, why would you put your loved ones and yourself in danger by using tyres that will keep you and them stuck on the asphalt?

It’s possible that many tyres that have only been partially used don’t meet the safety criteria that are in place in the UK. Despite the fact that the minimum tread depth required by law in the United Kingdom is 1.6 millimetres, safety experts advise replacing tyres far before they reach this level.

Unfortunately, some part-worns are marketed close to this limit, which can considerably increase the danger of accidents, particularly in conditions that are wet or slippery, which is something that we are not unfamiliar with here in Halifax.

Is This a Fake Economy? Unsafe Partworn Tyres

To get down to brass tacks, the initial savings can end up costing more in the long run than they initially could have saved. You will need to return to the tyre shop sooner than you might imagine if you have tyres that are getting close to the end of their lifespan because they will not last as long. The increased chance of a blowout or failing your MOT owing to tyres that are not in good condition can further add unanticipated expenditures and hassle to the situation.

Avoiding Danger and Being Wise
Shopping wisely is the key for individuals who are working with a limited budget. It is not necessary to resort to part-wear when there are alternatives available that are both safe and inexpensive.

There are several tyre manufacturers and merchants who provide budget choices that are brand new, dependable, and comply with all safety criteria without being prohibitively expensive. Additionally, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for sales or specials at local garages; you might be able to find a discount that does not compromise on the quality of the product.

The Final Thoughts, Unsafe Partworn Tyres

It is not worth it to purchase tyres that have only a portion of their tread left on them, despite the fact that we all enjoy a good deal, especially when times are difficult. It is possible to maintain your safety on the road without having to compromise on safety if you ensure that you are well educated and consider all of the available options.

Keep in mind that it is not just about saving a few pounds; it is about ensuring that you and your family are safe each and every time you journey on the roads of the United Kingdom, which are notoriously unpredictable. Enjoy your safety, Halifax!

Used tyres are a Worldwide problem

Of course, the problem is of unscrupulous part-worn tyre dealers selling Unsafe Partworn Tyres . Consequently, those are not fit for purpose ! So this problem will not go away! Unless the law supports strong enforcement, This article from the “Tyre Revue”

points out the problem facing cash-strapped motorists all over the world .Including drivers here in the UK and the USA.

Authorities such as “Trading Standards” must keep on trying to stamp out the people who are selling these death traps. Here in the UK, we even import the old tyres that German drivers discard and take off their cars.

What a stupid state of affairs ! Unsafe Partworn Tyres

It makes me feel sick! Subsequently, we also fit unsafe, Partworn Tyres taken from scrap yards. Of course, these tyres are from end-of life cars and there could be any amount of structural damage to the tyres without knowing anything about it.

UK Motorists just fit these Unsafe Secondhand Tyres onto there cars ! As long as the price is right ! Of course, not knowing what dangers lurk inside them. Significantly, they could blow out at any time. So you are puttingthe lives of your families and other motorists at risk. Good luck to the RMA in America.

Unsafe Partworn Tyres

So lets all think twice before buying these potential death traps just to save a few pounds ?

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