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Michelin Premium Tyres: Still Amongst the Best

Michelin Premium Tyres

Michelin Premium Tyres
Michelin Premium Tyres

Michelin Premium Tyres

Just the other day, I was filling out a tyre complaint form. So, for a suspected faulty tyre, that was made by Continental . The tyre was from an SUV and had started to crack around the shoulder area. The cracks were very deep. Naturally, I recommended that we send the tyre back to Continental.

Importantly, have a look and see what their opinion was. I always say “suspected manufacturing fault.”. We never know for sure whether a mechanical issue was to blame for the issue. Some faults are easy to detect! So, I have learned what to look for over the years. Of course, to determine if it’s a fault or not.

But in this case, I was not sure. These SUV’s  are very big now and must come up against much flexing. While carrying a large weight, perhaps causing flexing cracks in the shoulder area. So I decided to send them back. Faulty ones are not a very common site these days. Including the budget tyre brands. In fact, after giving it much thought,! I have not seen a genuine, faulty tyre for years now.

Bad Old Days

I am old enough to remember the bad old days when the tyre manufacturers had a hell of a time with steel-belted radials. The two companies with the biggest problems were Goodyear  and Firestone, and thousands were recalled or exchanged free of charge.

The problem was that the steel wire that was used to make the steel belts in the tread area was not properly protected from oxidation (rusting). When they were punctured, the water would penetrate the steel belt and cause it to rust. The tyre then started to lift the treads , causing them to go out of shape. We also had them with bad balancing problems.

Michelin  coated their steel belts with an alloy made of brass, which was able to stand up to oxidation, and therefore they did not have any problems with out-of-shape tyres. The patent that Michelin had on the wire was eventually sold to the other tyre companies, and the problems that they were having were eventually eradicated.

Michelin tyre warranty

This brings me to the reason that Michelin is perhaps still the best tyre product in the world. From the off, the tyre manufacturer from France was streets ahead with the Michelin Premium Tyres X range . They were streets ahead of the other tyre makers, and the X tyre became famous for its high mileage and reliability;

The tyre would cover twice as many miles as its nearest rivals

and the X was followed by other well-known tyre designs in their repertoire. We had the  ZX tyre, the  XZY tyre, the XZL tyre, the XM tyre, the XC tyre, and many more that have escaped me. Michelin Premium Tyres also has an excellent winter tyre range, led by the Agilis Alpin. This tyre was developed from years of involvement in motorsport, especially auto  rallying.

Michelin Premium Tyres have always been the epitome of

of the best products you can buy. They can always guarantee your safety on the road through good handling and steering qualities, while at the same time giving the car a smooth ride, whatever the type or make of the vehicle might be. Michelin Tyres France has always incorporated leading technology into their tyre products, making them a world leader.

When it comes to first-rate premium products, Michelin Tyres PLC has become a household name. These premium ones give much better handling, grip, endurance, driving comfort, and accuracy. Michelin Premium Tyres quality has never been compromised in terms of its tyre materials and design.

the Primacy 3, Michelin Pilot Sport 3, and the tyre developed for the SUVs, the Michelin Latitude Tour HP.

Michelin tyres are leaders in green tyres.

Because of mounting pressure from governments on car manufacturers to make more fuel-efficient models, car makers exerted pressure on tyre companies to produce

with a much improved rolling resistance. Michelin Premium Tyres were quick to react and developed the more eco-friendly Fuel Saver tyre.

Because the tyres grip the road,

They consume a large portion of the car’s fuel. Because of this, they brought out the Michelin Energy Saver tyre range. They reduced the rolling resistance of these tyres by incorporating a secret compound mix that reduced the carbon monoxide emissions from the car that they were fitted to.

One of the ingredients used was known to be silicone, which has been used by other tyre companies. Another breakthrough has been the making of a different type of tread rubber, known as Durable Security Compound (DSC). This enables  Michelin Premium Tyres to retain the gripping characteristics of the tyre right down the tread ware indicating bars, yet another first for Michelin tyres energy-saving tyres.