MOT Test Fee-How “LOW” can “MOT TEST FEES GET” ?


mot test fee

Popular MOT Test sign seen throughout the UK

We have all seen the cheap “In recent times the price of an MOT Test Fee has dropped to enable garages to attract the cash strapped motorists. All sorts of deals have been advertised, even “FREE”, testing that is allowed under the DVLA MOT Rules” signs outside garages.

As the owner of an MOT test centre in Halifax, I am amazed at the number of garages giving away . The official mot test fee should be £54.85 (no vat), as stated on the web-site.

This MOT Test Fee is only a recommended charge to be used by garages, based on the time and equipment that it should take to carry out the mot test according to VOSA the Government test agency here in the UK.

The Government totally regulate our testing stations, including visits by inspectors and also make sure that we have the correct equipment and that all our paperwork is in order, we have regular updates for testing procedures such as any mechanical updates or different specifications that may have to changed during a test. Our testers are also checked by the ministry guys, to make sure that they are carrying out the correct testing procedures. We have to provide a suitable reception and viewing room for the customers, and also use VOSA’s own computer system to register the test results and store all the other information about my garage and the cars that are entered into the system.

In other words in my opinion we are controlled by the Government, to ensure that the testing procedure is carried out correctly and within the law. If we stray form the correct procedures we are subject to all sorts of penalties, which would ultimately result in the closure of your MOT station. I am not moaning about all this, to the contrary. I think that the system is a very good system and is the envy of many countries, it is not perfect but then again nothing is in the World of garages.

The average hourly rate that we charge for mechanical work in the independent garage sector is said to be around the £40 per hour mark and in my opinion is a very fair price to charge. The Government maintain that because we here in the UK use the private sector to test cars that the MOT Test Fee is only a recommended fee and garages should charge what they want, the problem is that when they visit, they ask you what you charge in your garage and don’t seam to like it if you charge too small  MOT Test Fee,(that’s the impression that I get). But surly they are the ones that think the pricing should be controlled by the private sector.

mot test prices have dropped “big style”

In recent times the price of an MOT Test Fee has dropped to enable garages to attract the cash strapped motorists. All sorts of deals have been advertised, even “FREE”, testing that is allowed under the DVLA MOT Rules, has been seen up and down the country. This obviously a move to attract the motorist into you garage in hope that you may get some mechanical work from a test failure, nothing wrong with that,”you may say”. The problem is that we have all huge investments in these mot test stations and the price we are getting is far lower than the investment in staff and machinery. I understand that we all have to the good with the bad, but I now feel that it is time that the Government stepped in. They could do two things in my opinion. They could have a minimum priced paid for a test, based on the average hourly rate, say perhaps £40, or make the £54.85 in to a mandatory MOT Test Fee to all motorists, and not just a recommendation.

It will be interesting for some feedback from other garage owners with mot test stations here in the UK.

Article by Eric

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