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Unexpected car repair costs

Unexpected car repair costs

Unexpected car repair costs
Unexpected car repair costs

Unexpected car repair costs

Britains Motorists: Unexpected car repair costs

British motorists forked out hundreds of pounds last year repairing whining engines, wonky wheels and patching up scrapes and dents, according to a recent…

EricRoberts‘s insight:

British drivers have put off performing routine maintenance on their cars.

So, in this good article,. hence the “countrywide independent garage scheme” . They carried out a straw poll of 100 UK motorists. Consequently, they found that many of them had car repair bills of up to £500! In fact, 64% of them, to be precise. Of course, this is no surprise to me . I believe that many UK motorists have failed to have their cars serviced in the past two years.

This neglect will lead to all kinds of problems affecting  their cars and the cars performance. We see the effects of this all the time, but I think that the most common problem is the brakes. If the cars brakes are checked on a service, then the usual things that need replacing are the pads, this together with a good brake cleaning is usually all that is required. The problem then is that if the car is not serviced, then the Brake pads wear even further down before getting down to the metal plate. This then affects the brakes especially the Disc Brakes.

New Brake Discs and Car Brake pads are fitted- Unexpected car repair costs

then becomes metal on metal then the discs get damaged and they may need replacing. Other problems include the brake cylinders overheating and leaking and the problems can go on and on, always leading to a bigger repair bill for the UK motorists.

This is also a problem with the modern engines. The engines these days are controlled by a computer system in the car and if the filters and oil are not changed then the parts that are part of the engine management system can start to fail and the engine light will illuminate in the cars dashboard, often causing panic amongst the drivers who come into us garages to have the problem checked out. Sometimes the problem is a simple one and the car only requires an oil and filter change and other times it could be more complicated, but in the main most of the causes are due to the car not having a service and general neglect.

Although we are not members of the country wide garage scheme, we are not now a member of the Unipart Car Care Centres (UCCC), but we all share the same thoughts and know what the problems are likely to be if the car is not serviced.

Mot will find any mechanical problems- Unexpected car repair costs

Another slightly worrying trend amongst car drivers is the concept of using the annual MOT Test as a gauge for the condition of their car. The MOT test is not the same as having a regular service, and although the test is fairly strict it is not the same as having a good service say once a year. The UK motorists  can then keep an eye out on such things as your oil levels and tyre pressures and check your own light bulbs.

We all understand that money is tight, but in my opinion, the failure to service your car will lead to UK motorists having bigger problems and bigger repair bills.

Fast forward to 2024, and prices are still rising. Oil prices have risen to new highs . Different car models now require different oils. Hence, retailers have to keep larger stocks to satisfy the needs of their customers.

Why Are Oil Prices So High Now? Advice for Garages and Vehicle Owners

Anyone who has recently looked at the news or entered a garage may have noticed the dramatic increase in oil prices. This increase in oil costs has been perplexing and expensive for a lot of drivers and companies, particularly neighbourhood garages like Pellon Autocentre in Halifax. What, then, is the true cause of this sharp increase in expenses?

An Overview of the World Oil Market
Comprehending the intricate network of worldwide components that impact oil prices can aid in clarifying the reasons behind the increased cost of motor oil or filling up your car. In general, several factors influence oil prices:

Dynamics of Supply and Demand: The fundamental economic idea of supply and demand lies at the core of oil pricing. Oil prices typically increase when output declines as a result of choices made by OPEC (Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) or geopolitical concerns. Prices, on the other hand, typically decrease when there is an excess. Recently, prices have increased as a result of production reductions and a recovery in post-pandemic travel.

Geopolitical Tensions: Political upheaval frequently occurs in areas with significant oil deposits, which has the potential to interrupt oil supplies. For instance, developments in the Middle East may have an instant impact on world oil prices.

Economic Sanctions and Policies: Sanctions imposed on significant oil-producing nations, such as Iran and Russia, have the potential to limit their oil exports, so reducing world supply and driving up prices.

Currency fluctuations: Because oil is traded in US dollars, shifts in the dollar’s value may have an impact on oil prices. When the value of oil declines relative to other currencies, demand and prices rise.

Effect on Local Auto Repair Shops and Drivers- Unexpected car repair costs

Rising oil prices have two effects on neighbourhood garages like Pellon Autocentre, which is located in Halifax’s historic centre. First, as motor oils and lubricants become more expensive, service providers’ profit margins are squeezed. Second, increased costs may cause consumers to spend less on auto maintenance, which could have an impact on the industry.

It’s not all bad news, either. Garages can seize this challenge by doing the following:

Educating Customers: Take advantage of the price increase to inform consumers about the advantages of routine auto maintenance for maximum fuel economy. This aids in long-term cost savings and boosts customer loyalty and trust.

Encouraging High-Quality Products: Stressing the value of utilising premium oils, which may initially cost more but end up being more cost-effective over time because of their longer change intervals and improved engine protection.

Diversifying Services: Providing a selection of services, such as air filter changes or tyre checks that can increase fuel efficiency, to assist clients in managing their vehicles more cost-effectively.

A nod to Halifax’s heritage with a local touch- Unexpected car repair costs

A little amount of local character is added, and it’s interesting to see how important effective transportation used to be to some of Halifax’s old businesses, like the wool trade. Similar to how horses and waggons needed to be well-maintained to ensure smooth cargo transportation, modern car owners and garages need to adjust to fluctuations in oil prices in order to retain vehicles in optimal operating condition. It carries on Halifax’s long-standing tradition of resilience and adaptability.

Last Words
The sudden spike in oil prices serves as a reminder of the unpredictability of international markets and the interdependence of local economy and world events. Navigating these turbulent waters can be made easier for drivers in Halifax, Pellon Autocentre, and garages by being aware of the bigger picture of the economy, being proactive with auto maintenance, and remaining educated. The town’s drivers and companies need to change along with it over the years.

Being on top of things is crucial to preventing the impact of rising prices on your pocketbook, whether it’s monitoring world events that influence the supply of oil or just selecting the proper oil for your car.

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