Solar Storage Batteries

Solar Storage Batteries

Solar Storage Batteries

Eric Roberts‘s insight:

Solar Storage Batteries using AGM Batteries

This attached article by Kalyan Jana. Senior applications engineer for Trojan Solar Storage Batteries renewable energy group. Thus is one of the most informative articles on the subject that I have ever read.

The World of Solar Power Systems and Solar Storage Batteries. So, has now become a crazy mixed up mix of different peoples. Setting up different ways of storing their renewable energy. There are also many Universities all over the Planet looking for different types of batteries to use for storing the suns energy or the energy created by wind turbines.

Indeed it was only a few days ago that I wrote an article about Stamford University in the USA developing the nickel-iron Solar Storage Batteries, first invented by Thomas Edison and these batteries have been ear marked for the use of Solar Storage Batteries from the sun to store the large amounts of electricity that sun produces.

 The future from Trojan batteries

Many countries in the world do not have access to a grid electric supply. This sort of thing is taken for granted in the western world. But for many

When shopping for Solar Storage Batteries for a renewable energy (RE) system, it is important to choose a battery designed for deep-cycling, and one with a track re (Understand batteries to buy the right ones for your #RE system

countries, such as parts of Africa. So, an electric supply is just a dream. In these days of the rapid growth in solar energy production,. Hence, the dream is starting to become a reality. It is difficult to believe that over 1.6 billion people do not have any mains electric power supply.

As the price of electricity continues to rise, solar battery storage is becoming an increasingly important technology. Solar battery storage allows for excess energy generated by solar panels during the day. Of course, then, it is to be stored and made available for use during the night, when there is a greater demand for energy.

This helps to reduce reliance on the grid and reduces the amount of money spent on electricity. Homeowners who use solar battery storage can also become more self-sufficient while simultaneously increasing their independence from the grid.

In addition, solar battery storage can aid in the reduction of carbon emissions by facilitating the increased utilisation of renewable energy sources. As the price of solar battery storage continues to fall, this technology is becoming an option that is more readily available to both residential and commercial property owners.

Solar Storage Batteries
Solar Storage Batteries

With the solar power revolution.

Solar battery storage is an important technology that enables homeowners and businesses to store excess energy generated by solar panels during the day for use at night or during periods of high energy demand. This allows homeowners and businesses to reduce their reliance on traditional power sources. Solar battery storage is becoming an attractive option for many people who want to reduce the amount they spend on their monthly energy bills and become more self-sufficient as a result of the rising cost of electricity.

One of the most significant benefits of solar battery storage is that it enables residential and commercial property owners to reduce their reliance on the electrical grid. This is of utmost significance during times of high energy demand, when the grid has a greater risk of becoming overloaded and prices have a greater potential to soar. Solar battery storage systems are able to help alleviate pressure on the grid and reduce the likelihood of power outages by storing the excess energy that is generated during the day from solar panels.

Solar battery storage has the potential to both lessen one’s reliance on the grid

and cut down on the amount of carbon emissions produced. Homeowners and businesses are able to increase their reliance on renewable energy sources and decrease their consumption of fossil fuels if they store the excess energy that is generated by their solar panels. This has the potential to contribute to the reduction of the effects of climate change and the promotion of a more sustainable future.

As the price of solar battery storage continues to fall, this technology is becoming an option that is more readily available to both residential and commercial property owners. Increasing numbers of utility companies are beginning to offer financial incentives for solar battery storage, which makes the practise an even more appealing option for people who want to lower their energy bills and become more environmentally responsible.

It means that for the first time people will have the doors opened for better lighting. Including, better communications that will lead them to better education. Educated people can become nurses and business men. This will also mean that the people will have better school facilities. Of course,  and more access to clean drinking and bathing water.

All this will be possible because of smart grid technology that we are developing in the western world. New renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and wind turbines and better Solar Storage Batteries systems that are developed by Trojan batteries are all playing a hand that is making the dream of electricity come true to some of these poorer nations.

We think that one of the best  Types of Energy battery storage products at this present time is the Trojan AGM batteries for this purpose.

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Continental Tyres Halifax

Continental Tyres Spies In Your Tyres

Continental Tyres Spies In Your Tyres

A few years ago, on a week-long bus tour of Continental Tyres UK Ltd.’s technology and engineering centres in Germany, one item attracted more attention from journalists than nearly any of the other whiz-bang connected-car stuff: a simple tyre pressure monitor.

Continental Tyres Spies In Your Tyres

Continental Tyres Spies In Your Tyres
Continental Tyres Spies In Your Tyres

Eric Roberts‘s insight:

Revolution on the Road: The Impact of TPMS Valves on Tyre Performance.

Okay, let’s get into something that’s shaking up the world of motoring, especially when it comes to keeping our tyres in tip-top shape: the mighty TPMS, or Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. It’s a handy piece of equipment that’s becoming as indispensable as a decent brew on a long journey.

For those who don’t know, TPMS is a sophisticated system that monitors your tyre pressure and informs you if it becomes too low or too high. It’s like having a little mechanic tucked away in your dashboard, continuously ensuring that your wheels are in good condition for your travel.

Why is TPMS a game changer?
First and foremost, safety is a major concern here. Properly inflated tyres are essential for safe handling and braking. Before TPMS, you had to get down and dirty with a tyre gauge to ensure your pressures were correct. But let’s be honest: how many of us did that on a regular basis? With TPMS, there is no guesswork. If something goes wrong, you’ll know right away, allowing you to fix it before it becomes a major issue.

However, it is not just about avoiding flats and blowouts. TPMS helps keep your tyres wearing evenly, allowing them to last longer. No more replacing tyres sooner than necessary because one was under a higher load than the others. That is not just beneficial for your budget; it is also good for the environment because you are not wasting tyres.

TPMS with Fuel Efficiency: A Happy Marriage.

Another benefit is that using the proper tyre pressure results in increased fuel efficiency. Think about it. Under-inflated tyres increase resistance as you roll. More resistance implies your engine is working harder and using more fuel. With current fuel prices, every penny counts, doesn’t it? TPMS keeps your tyres at the proper pressure, allowing you to use a more fuel-efficient powertrain.

A Local Perspective: Keeping Yorkshire Rolling.
Returning to our hometown of Yorkshire, we understand that our roads may be a mixed bag. From Halifax’s cobblestone streets to the twisting country routes around the moors, you’ll need your vehicle to be in top condition. TPMS provides an extra boost of confidence, whether you’re hauling items across the country or simply going to the store.

It’s also great for our local garages. This technology means that they are not only treating problems but also preventing them. It’s another string in their bow, another service they can provide to keep us safe on the roadways.

Wrapping up with a bow. Continental Tyres Spies In Your Tyres

So, there you have it: TPMS is more than just another acronym to know; it’s a true revolution in keeping our vehicles running safely and effectively. It’s about having peace of mind knowing that while you’re blasting out the songs on your trip through the Dales, your car is looking after itself and you.

Next time you stop by your neighbourhood garage, talk about TPMS. If your car is not currently equipped, it may be time to consider upgrading. After all, we all deserve a little smart tech in our lives, especially when it helps us stay safe and efficient. Let’s keep those tyres inflated up and keep enjoying the ride!

Continental Tyres Spies In Your Tyres

This article written by Bob Gritzinger. Therefore, it is all about new ideas and inventions. Thrown about by the Auto industry at the moment. Consequently, this idea from Conti has now been tested on truck tyres. But at the moment, I don’t know whether it has been a success or not.

I suspect it will be effective. Because the concept of a monitor. Hence, vulcanised into the tyre. Relaying out information electronically about such things as tyre pressures and the inside temperature of the tyre is obviously of great benefit to the driver of the vehicle.

The device will be able to aid truckers. Because it will also be able to send the driver information. Thus, about the load that the tyre is carrying. Including  the traction details of the tyre, with this gives the driver the knowledge that the full load and road conditions can be checked as the truck is rolling along. I don’t know what sort of signals the “Ice road truckers would be getting from their in-built TPMS tyres?

TPMS valves are becoming more common. Continental Tyres Spies In Your Tyres

The new Continental Tyres UK Ltd valve sends out the information. Hence, out by wireless signals. Therefore, is picked up in the cab by the driver on an in-car system very similar to the ones now where the TPMS Valves signals are fitted to the wheels. Continental Tyres UK Ltd says that this is all part the future that may introduce the driverless vehicle to our towns and cities. If an object penetrates a

tyre the system will pick up the loss of pressure and stop the car in some sort of safe area and the problem reported and fixed.

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Continental Tyres Spies in Your Tyres are still a great favourite of company boss Eric Roberts. Continuing to do so in the future drive to build sales at Pellon Tyres in Halifax.

Big Five Tyre Makers

Conti Eco Contact 5

Conti Eco Contact 5

Conti Eco Contact 5
Conti Eco Contact 5

Conti Eco Contact 5

Eric Roberts‘s insight:

Conti Eco Contact 5 and Michelin have amongst the best Rolling resistance in the  World of tyres

Rolling resistance is a word that we in the tyre World have been familiar with for many years now. It is only in recent years that the words have come to be synonymous with

Saving fuel and reducing running costs are important to drivers. Our ContiEcoContact5 eco tyres are engineered to provide the best fuel economy possible.

saving energy and reducing fuel consumption.

The Conti Eco Contact 5 is the new fuel-saving tyre from the Continental tyre company.

In recent years tyre manufacturers have published the rolling resistance of each individual tyre that they bring out. The tyres have to put the fuel efficiency on the left hand side of the new labels, the best starting at A and then downwards.

Over the years Michelin tyres have always been amongst the top performance when it comes to energy saving tyres with Bridgestone a close second as shown in the figures bellow from the excellent: The daily green website:

The best performer was

the Michelin Energy Saver A/S, which delivered 53.8 mpg in a Prius, meaning a 4.74% improvement. The Bridgestone Ecopia EP100 was next, with 53.5 mpg and a 4.12%. On the other hand, both the Michelin HydroEdge with Green X and the Goodyear Assurance Comfor Tred (terrible name) actually did worse (down .59 and 2.64%, respectively) than the control tires…

Please do not forget though the thing that makes all tyres more fuel efficient is to keep your tyres correctly inflated at all times and that includes the Continental Eco Contact 5

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Car batteries Care

Car batteries Care

Car batteries Care
Car batteries Care

Car batteries Care

Car batteries Care: during the winter months

The Rome Observer

(METRO) — Few things can be more frustrating than jumping into the driver’s seat on a frosty morning, turning the key in the ignition and failing to hear the engine roar to life.

Car batteries care: Why do your Car Batteries fail in the Winter?

As silly as it may seem, many drivers hardly use their cars. Especially in the winter months,. Indeed, some drivers lock their cars away in the garage (if they have one).

Nothing can be more stressful. As a result trying to start your car on a cold winters morning. Therefore, only to find that your car wont start. Of course, it is one of the saddest sounds that you as a driver will hear. When the battery just makes a slow grinding noise. Hence, made by the starter motor. As it tries to start up your car. Normally the engine just zips up. Hence, at the turn of the key and off you go. So but not this morning, it’s frosty and -2 C or bellow. Therefore, the car will not start up.

This is the scenario .That thousands of motorists a day will experience. Of course, a bit of knowledge goes a long way. Setting out a few facts can help the motorist understand. Consequently, a little more about their 12 Volt Battery car batteries. Including, how they respond to the climate. The two extremes of weather conditions, the cold and the heat will affect your car batteries performance.

Here in the UK we rarely experience excess heat, so I will concentrate on the cold.

In cold weather the chemical action in the battery will be slowed down and I have actually seen the battery liquid (sulphuric acid) frozen solid.

Car batteries care: the corrosion on this battery must be removed- Car batteries Care

So of keeping your car in a garage if possible, either in really cold weather or overnight. What happens is that although it may be cold in the garage, the heat from the engine when the car was run the day before, will act as a heater for the battery as the engine compartment will still retain the heat.

If the battery is over five years old, then it should be replaced with a new battery, Most car batteries will fail after the five-year period, and this is what we have found over the years. Also, imported cars from the Far Eastern countries such as Japan, China and South Korea are imported with 038 car batteries that have lower specifications that the ones made for the European market, These batteries do not stand up to the cold weather and usually fail early in the cars life.

The best thing that drivers can do is to have their car batteries checked before the onset of winter and replace It if necessary, but in really severe cold as experienced in the USA recently, then the battery could still fail without further protection from the cold.

 Car batteries care: a few things to look out for when buying your new battery. Car batteries Care

Make sure that it is the correct battery for the car and has the same power, the same number of amps and cold cranking amps. It will be all right to go bigger if it will fit the cars battery compartment as long as the battery has the same voltage, usually 12volts and 6volts on classic cars and vintage cars.

Here are a few more tips if the weather forecast is for really cold conditions. You can use a battery blanket to cover the battery and stop it freezing. You could also use a trickle charger, because the battery will retain some heat as it is been charged up and stop it from freezing. If your car is stored in the garage for a period of time, then disconnect the car battery and try to keep it on a trickle charger when the battery is in storage, You can buy cheap intelligent chargers now that will do this job.

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Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

Changing car tyres

Changing car tyres and then report that they regularly check them. Here is a list about what you should be …

Changing car tyres

Changing car tyres
Changing car tyres

Changing car tyres

Eric Roberts‘s insight:

When should we think about changing our car tyres?

Why You Should Consider Changing Your Car Tyres: Safety, Performance, and Peace of Mind.
Hello, everyone! Today, let’s talk about something important for your vehicle: tyres. Yes, those round, rubbery chaps that keep you attached to the pavement.

You may think, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but when it comes to tyres, there’s a little more to consider. Let’s look at why changing your automobile tyres can be a great idea.

1. Safety first.
First and foremost, safety. Worn tyres are like a flimsy umbrella in a downpour; they’re of little use. The tread depth has a significant impact on how your automobile grips the road, particularly on rainy and windy British days.

The legal tread depth in the UK is 1.6 mm, but experts often advocate replacing them before they get worn. It’s more than just following the law; it’s about keeping you and your loved ones safe.

2. Improved Performance
New tyres can dramatically improve the appearance of your vehicle. They increase handling and make your automobile more responsive.

Whether you’re navigating the winding roads of the Yorkshire Dales or cruising down the M1, new tyres can make your ride more comfortable and pleasurable. Furthermore, they can help your automobile become more fuel-efficient, and who doesn’t like saving a few pounds on petrol?

3. Preventing Future Issues
Consider this scenario: you’re driving to Blackpool for a fun day out, and then you get a flat tyre. Regular checks and timely modifications might help you avoid these unanticipated annoyances. It’s like having a little buffer, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck or being late for a crucial appointment.

4. Increasing Your Car’s Value
If you’re thinking of selling or part-exchanging your vehicle, having brand new tyres can be a huge advantage. It demonstrates that you’ve cared for the vehicle and can possibly increase its value. It’s about making a good first impression, right?

5. Keeping up with the seasons
In the UK, we don’t just speak about the weather; we experience it. If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow or ice, consider seasonal tyres. Winter tyres provide higher grip and shorter braking distances in cold, wet conditions. It’s like having the appropriate coat for the weather—just for your car.

In conclusion
. Changing car tyres
So there you have it—a few compelling reasons to consider changing your car tyres. It’s not just about following the rules of the road; it’s also about assuring your safety, improving your driving experience, and potentially increasing the worth of your automobile. Remember to check your tyres and drive safely. Until next time, good motoring!

This is an interesting article from Automotive Tools Revue.

You would think that it would be easy to determine when you are changing car tyres, but it is the same as everything in life; some people know what to do or what they are looking at, and other people do not and have to ask for advice.

Watch for the Pellon Tyres sign. Changing car tyres

Fortunately, we are one of those trades that are only willing to help people with their tyre problems ! So, most tyre companies are only too willing to give a free tyre report to their customers. Many independent tyre retailers are affiliated with an organisation . However, look out for an independent local garage.

Many also have their own web sites. Where can you find your nearest tyre retailer. Who will only be too willing to give your car a free tyre check . Also recommending when you should be changing car tyres.

Look out for an Independent tyre depot in your area

If you do not have an independent tyre retailer in your area,. Then I am sure that a local garage will do the job for them at no cost to the customer.

The first thing to look at before changing car tyres. Of course, you should check your tyres and see if they are worn on one side. Naturally, they will look as if they have no tread cut into the tyres.

This is a sure sign that your tyres will need replacing ! Significantly, the car will also need a wheel alignment. This is a sign that the tyre has been scrubbed off at one side because the wheel alignment was not set correctly.

The other way is to check to see if it may be necessary. Changing car tyres

to change car tyres, look for the small bumps of rubber that are set between the tread at 1.6 mm deep, This is the British Government’s law for the tread depth that your tyres should be at, although we in the trade think that it should now be 3 mm because of the change in driving conditions since the last tyre laws were passed.

These laws are pretty much the same in the USA and much of Europe to help maintain high standards of safety.

To conclude, the best way  to check your tyres. Including winter tyres. So, take your car to your tyre retailer, and they will check it for you free of charge.

Pellon tyre online tyres and car repairing servicing

Unexpected car repair costs

Unexpected car repair costs

Unexpected car repair costs
Unexpected car repair costs

Unexpected car repair costs

Britains Motorists: Unexpected car repair costs

British motorists forked out hundreds of pounds last year repairing whining engines, wonky wheels and patching up scrapes and dents, according to a recent…

EricRoberts‘s insight:

British drivers have put off performing routine maintenance on their cars.

So, in this good article,. hence the “countrywide independent garage scheme” . They carried out a straw poll of 100 UK motorists. Consequently, they found that many of them had car repair bills of up to £500! In fact, 64% of them, to be precise. Of course, this is no surprise to me . I believe that many UK motorists have failed to have their cars serviced in the past two years.

This neglect will lead to all kinds of problems affecting  their cars and the cars performance. We see the effects of this all the time, but I think that the most common problem is the brakes. If the cars brakes are checked on a service, then the usual things that need replacing are the pads, this together with a good brake cleaning is usually all that is required. The problem then is that if the car is not serviced, then the Brake pads wear even further down before getting down to the metal plate. This then affects the brakes especially the Disc Brakes.

New Brake Discs and Car Brake pads are fitted- Unexpected car repair costs

then becomes metal on metal then the discs get damaged and they may need replacing. Other problems include the brake cylinders overheating and leaking and the problems can go on and on, always leading to a bigger repair bill for the UK motorists.

This is also a problem with the modern engines. The engines these days are controlled by a computer system in the car and if the filters and oil are not changed then the parts that are part of the engine management system can start to fail and the engine light will illuminate in the cars dashboard, often causing panic amongst the drivers who come into us garages to have the problem checked out. Sometimes the problem is a simple one and the car only requires an oil and filter change and other times it could be more complicated, but in the main most of the causes are due to the car not having a service and general neglect.

Although we are not members of the country wide garage scheme, we are not now a member of the Unipart Car Care Centres (UCCC), but we all share the same thoughts and know what the problems are likely to be if the car is not serviced.

Mot will find any mechanical problems- Unexpected car repair costs

Another slightly worrying trend amongst car drivers is the concept of using the annual MOT Test as a gauge for the condition of their car. The MOT test is not the same as having a regular service, and although the test is fairly strict it is not the same as having a good service say once a year. The UK motorists  can then keep an eye out on such things as your oil levels and tyre pressures and check your own light bulbs.

We all understand that money is tight, but in my opinion, the failure to service your car will lead to UK motorists having bigger problems and bigger repair bills.

Fast forward to 2024, and prices are still rising. Oil prices have risen to new highs . Different car models now require different oils. Hence, retailers have to keep larger stocks to satisfy the needs of their customers.

Why Are Oil Prices So High Now? Advice for Garages and Vehicle Owners

Anyone who has recently looked at the news or entered a garage may have noticed the dramatic increase in oil prices. This increase in oil costs has been perplexing and expensive for a lot of drivers and companies, particularly neighbourhood garages like Pellon Autocentre in Halifax. What, then, is the true cause of this sharp increase in expenses?

An Overview of the World Oil Market
Comprehending the intricate network of worldwide components that impact oil prices can aid in clarifying the reasons behind the increased cost of motor oil or filling up your car. In general, several factors influence oil prices:

Dynamics of Supply and Demand: The fundamental economic idea of supply and demand lies at the core of oil pricing. Oil prices typically increase when output declines as a result of choices made by OPEC (Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) or geopolitical concerns. Prices, on the other hand, typically decrease when there is an excess. Recently, prices have increased as a result of production reductions and a recovery in post-pandemic travel.

Geopolitical Tensions: Political upheaval frequently occurs in areas with significant oil deposits, which has the potential to interrupt oil supplies. For instance, developments in the Middle East may have an instant impact on world oil prices.

Economic Sanctions and Policies: Sanctions imposed on significant oil-producing nations, such as Iran and Russia, have the potential to limit their oil exports, so reducing world supply and driving up prices.

Currency fluctuations: Because oil is traded in US dollars, shifts in the dollar’s value may have an impact on oil prices. When the value of oil declines relative to other currencies, demand and prices rise.

Effect on Local Auto Repair Shops and Drivers- Unexpected car repair costs

Rising oil prices have two effects on neighbourhood garages like Pellon Autocentre, which is located in Halifax’s historic centre. First, as motor oils and lubricants become more expensive, service providers’ profit margins are squeezed. Second, increased costs may cause consumers to spend less on auto maintenance, which could have an impact on the industry.

It’s not all bad news, either. Garages can seize this challenge by doing the following:

Educating Customers: Take advantage of the price increase to inform consumers about the advantages of routine auto maintenance for maximum fuel economy. This aids in long-term cost savings and boosts customer loyalty and trust.

Encouraging High-Quality Products: Stressing the value of utilising premium oils, which may initially cost more but end up being more cost-effective over time because of their longer change intervals and improved engine protection.

Diversifying Services: Providing a selection of services, such as air filter changes or tyre checks that can increase fuel efficiency, to assist clients in managing their vehicles more cost-effectively.

A nod to Halifax’s heritage with a local touch- Unexpected car repair costs

A little amount of local character is added, and it’s interesting to see how important effective transportation used to be to some of Halifax’s old businesses, like the wool trade. Similar to how horses and waggons needed to be well-maintained to ensure smooth cargo transportation, modern car owners and garages need to adjust to fluctuations in oil prices in order to retain vehicles in optimal operating condition. It carries on Halifax’s long-standing tradition of resilience and adaptability.

Last Words
The sudden spike in oil prices serves as a reminder of the unpredictability of international markets and the interdependence of local economy and world events. Navigating these turbulent waters can be made easier for drivers in Halifax, Pellon Autocentre, and garages by being aware of the bigger picture of the economy, being proactive with auto maintenance, and remaining educated. The town’s drivers and companies need to change along with it over the years.

Being on top of things is crucial to preventing the impact of rising prices on your pocketbook, whether it’s monitoring world events that influence the supply of oil or just selecting the proper oil for your car.

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brand new alloy wheel

Potholes are damaging alloy wheels.

Potholes are damaging alloy wheels.

Potholes are damaging alloy wheels
Potholes are damaging alloy wheels

Potholes are damaging alloy wheels.

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EricRoberts‘s insight:

Potholes Damaging Alloy Wheels and tyres are a major problem everywhere? But you can claim your money back

Of course, this is a story that I have been harping on about for a few years now. It seems that local government highway departments and city government departments are struggling with the enormity of the problem.

Originally, this excellent article was from the Detroit metropolis in Canada, but the story could be from any city in the “Western World.” including here in little old Halifax, UK. From a local point of view, we have the same problems across the whole of the UK. We are also benefiting from the extra business that this problem is bringing to us: damage to the wheels, damage to the  wheelsdamage to the tyres, and many broken springs.

Of course, the condition of our roads is a hot issue for us drivers.

We appear to be riding a bumpier ride the more we talk about it. You’re driving along, taking in the odd glimpse of sunshine, when suddenly another pothole appears. It’s a real threat to alloys and tyres equally, not simply a bother.

Everyone is aware that the UK has many beautiful drives and historical charm, but our roads? Given all the fissures and craters that dot them, they could narrate a few historical stories themselves. It is like trying to drive through a poorly written novel’s plot holes.

Here in Halifax and around the UK, the problem is quite acute.

Potholes deep enough to cook a Sunday feast are what we are discussing! And the promise of smooth tarmac is still just that, a promise, with the council’s finances tighter than a gnat’s chuff. It hurts, especially for those of us who deal with batteries and tyres on a regular basis. You could wind up with a charge for a wheel alignment, a new tyre, or both after one poor turn.

Why, then, is there a crack? As it happens, the funding and prioritisation of maintenance are part of the issue. Apparently, rather than appropriate, long-term improvements, our roadways become victims of band-aid treatments. It’s not really as effective as slapping a plaster on a broken leg. When the frost arrives each winter, those plasters simply fall off.

The effect is on our finances as well as our safety.

Avoiding potholes may make a routine commute seem like an obstacle course. And it causes serious difficulty for companies like ours, where daily operations include customer visits and delivery. It detracts from our service and, to be honest, is a little embarrassing when a customer arrives to pick up a brand-new battery and leaves with a dented alloy.

It was about time we chatted about things other than band-aid solutions. Putting money into our roads is putting money into our health, safety, and scones—after all, no one wants a scone that has endured a seismic tremble in a pothole.

The next time you’re out and about negotiating the lunar terrain of our neighbourhood lanes, consider how a little investment in our roads could make your trip safer, smoother, and a little more enjoyable. Keep an eye on things and keep your tyres inflated until then. You know where to find us if you need a battery that can withstand the highs and lows of British roads. I hope for a more comfortable journey ahead, and be careful out there.

What to do if your wheels/tyres are damaged !

The potholes also cause damage to the car’s suspension and often knock out the wheel alignment. Some of the damage can be claimed back from your local authority here in the UK.

Unfortunately, I do not know how the law works in other countries. However, if you do have pot-hole damage. Firstly, then you should take a picture of the potholes.  Secondly get an invoice for the work carried out on your car. Thirdly, then you can put in a claim for compensation. Of course, to recover your losses from the damage that the potholes have caused.

A few of our customers did this after our advice and were successful with their claim.

Because of the rise in the number of damaged alloy wheels. So, we have purchased an alloy wheel straightening machine. I feel that this, along with a new tyre vulcanizing machine, will give our customers better all-round service !

Importantly, improving customer services is always one of my business priorities. Consequently, many damaged tyres can be repaired with the correct equipment ! So, large tyres that are now used on many SUV family cars are very expensive. Getting a nail in the side wall normally means a new tyre.

However, we have now invested in equipment to be able to repair such damage! Significantly, these repairs are both safe and legal.

independent garages Test and Trace

1 in 10 thinks the MOT test is only an OPTION?

1 in 10 thinks the MOT test is only an OPTION?

1 in 10 thinks the MOT test is only an OPTION?
1 in 10 thinks the MOT test is only an OPTION?

1 in 10 thinks the MOT test is only an OPTION?

Millions of UK motorists are clueless

about the legal requirement for MOT test, insurance, and road tax (Mot’s only cover approx 20% of your car being checked, but servicing covers approx. 70%, as I was told when I last…

As the owner of an MOT test station. 1 in 10 thinks the MOT test is only an OPTION?

Of course, I do believe these figures from the excellent Auto Express magazine. Significantly, this article makes for interesting reading ! Stating that 10% of UK motorists . Many car owners do not know that the MOT test is compulsory ! Importantly,  on cars that are over three years old,.

The British government is computerising the vehicle system. Including the whole system of car insurance and road tax, along with the DVLA MOT Rules. In my opinion, they would be better off aligning the three systems. This, of course, would make it much easier to regulate and also easier for vehicle owners to use.

So, it is impossible to have one thing without the other ! 1 in 10 thinks the MOT test is only an OPTION?

Of course, at the moment, they are not aligned . Incredibly, you could have a car insured without an MOT test. In my opinion, this will be the government’s aim. Because at the end of this year, the road tax disc will be abolished and the system will go online. To make it easier for UK motorists, the List of New MOT Rules and  details will probably have to be entered along with the insurance details. Thus tightening up on the whole system, which is at the moment flawed.

Today, in 2024, this will have all been implemented. 1 in 10 thinks the MOT test is only an OPTION?

Therefore, no UK vehicles have to show a tax disc ! Vehicle data is all computerised and also available at any time for police officers to check.

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