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Big Five Tyre Makers

Big Five Tyre Makers

Big Five Tyre Makers
Big Five Tyre Makers

Big Five Tyre Makers

There is no doubt about my long presence in the tyre industry.

Then the top five tyre companies have always been in contention. Hence, for the top spot.

Whether it be on numbers sold or quality, the top five manufacturers have kept in front. Therefore, the likes of Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, Bridgestone and Pirelli.

One of the main reasons is that premium car manufacturers tend to stick to premium car tyres. Hence, for the original equipment tyres they choose.

Consequently,there has begun to be a wider variety of OE tyres chosen in the mass-market car sector. Previously, most car manufacturers have stuck to the top five tyre manufacturers.

Big Five Tyre Makers, could it change. Big Five Tyre Makers

This has already started to change. manufacturers that were previously labelled as “mid-range” tyres are now appearing on new car models. Especially if the country of origin is the same. Indeed, this is how the big five started out. Michelin supplies the mass car markets in France. Including Citroen and Renault. Pirelli had a good foothold with supplying Fiat and Alfa Romeo cars.

Of course, in Germany, the huge car brands Mercedes and  BMW, not to mention VW, were supplied by the giant Continental conglomerate. Goodyear had a firm hold of the North American market before going global. Japan cars were coming out as original equipment on famous car brands such as Toyota and Nissan.

In recent years, Big Five Tyre Makers

The mid-range and budget tyre market have increased with world demand as the car industry has flourished. Including the introduction of the new tyre labelling laws. This manifested itself with the shock that some of the budget brands had just as good a rating as the big 5. Causing some embarrassment, to say the least. Going forward, this could very well encourage mass-market car manufacturers to look closer at budget-brand tyres. Especially if they have similar, good-looking results on the new labels.

We at Pellon Tyres have noticed that consumers will take these labels into consideration when choosing tyres. In my opinion, this could increase the likelihood of seeing a change in the original equipment tyres. of course, that mass-market car manufacturers may choose?

Car makers are under pressure to bring down costs. Big Five Tyre Makers

Under constant pressure to bring costs down, car manufacturers may feel able to justify this to consumers. That the economy brands will deliver the same performance as the more expensive mid-range. Not forgetting the premium brands. In my opinion, the top five companies also lead the way in tyre technology. As a result, they are always looking at innovative ways to improving their tyre products,

A great example of this is the tremendous effort that Pirelli have put in to the F1 racing scene. This involvement has given great confidence to the general public  when buying Pirelli tyres.

Consequently, there is actually much more to a tyre’s performance than just wet braking. Including rolling resistance and external noise, but it is often first impressions that count. Especially when people are trying to save money. Of course, surveys have so far shown that many drivers don’t even know about the tyre label. Although this has improving in recent times,.

Foreward to 2024, and things have not really changed in the top-brand tyre market. Brands such as Falken, however, are now pushing them hard.

Now onto 2024 Pellon Tyres are now members of