MOT fraud is on the rise

MOT fraud is on the rise

MOT fraud is on the rise

MOT fraud is on the rise
MOT fraud is on the rise

Uncovering MOT Testing Fraud: Essential Information to Understand

In order to guarantee the safety and roadworthiness of vehicles on UK roads, MOT (Ministry of Transport) testing is an essential stage. Regretfully, a few dishonest garages and testers participate in dishonest activities that jeopardise the accuracy of this procedure. We’ll examine typical MOT fraud tactics in this post, along with tips on spotting them and taking preventative measures.

MOT Fraud Types

Accepting Bribes: Some inspectors take money in exchange for approving MOT certifications for cars that ought to have failed. This renders the test’s entire purpose moot and allows dangerous cars to return to the road.
Unnecessary Failures: Fraudulent testers may purposefully cause cars to fail tests for trivial problems or even make up defects. Their reason? to increase sales by persuading car owners that major repairs are required.
Issuing Untested Vehicle Certificates: It is shocking to learn that there are situations in which testers issue MOT certificates without first inspecting the vehicle. Road safety is at risk due to this deceptive conduct.

How to Identify MOT Theft- MOT fraud is on the rise

Examine the MOT certificate. Make sure your MOT certificate is authentic at all times. Verify that the details on the official DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) hologram match those on your car.
Beware of Overly Critical Failures: You should think about getting a second opinion if your car breaks down for what appear to be minor problems. Malevolent testers could inflate errors in order to increase repair revenue.

With suspicion Fast tests: A hurried MOT test could indicate that the tester hasn’t properly evaluated your car. Valid tests require time, so if they’re finished too soon, proceed with caution.
Report Suspected Fraud: Contact the DVSA if you believe there has been MOT fraud. You can provide information about the occurrence, the tester, and the location while being anonymous. The DVSA looks into these reports seriously and conducts appropriate investigations.

Repercussions for Deceptive Examiners

The DVSA actively investigates fraud reports. Depending on how serious the offence was, testing facilities or testers could be subject to:

Prohibitions: They might not be allowed to administer MOT exams.
Fines: Penalties in money for breaking rules.
Legal Action: Penalties or jail terms may result from criminal prosecution in extreme circumstances.2. Remarks
When undergoing a MOT test, remain alert. Remember that everyone has a responsibility to drive safely and report any suspicious conduct. Let’s keep our roadways free from dishonest behaviour and safe.

Recall that you can report MOT fraud to the DVSA anonymously if you come across it. By working together, we can safeguard all drivers and maintain the integrity of MOT testing.

The DVSA has issued a warning to fraudulent MOT testing stations after the number of serious cases relating to dishonesty and negligence more than doubled in 2021 to 2022. More than 1,300 counts of MOT fraud

Source: MOT fraud on the rise, DVSA figures show

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