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Had a wheel alignment done on your car- shouldn’t the steering wheel be straight?

Had a wheel alignment done on your car

steering wheel straight

Had a wheel alignment done on your car

So, as cars are getting more sophisticated then so are the steering systems. Including the need to keep your steering geometry up to scratch. If your alignment is out then your tyres are not working correctly. Significantly, your tyres are fighting against the road surface. Importantly, this is because it can also affect your fuel consumption.

Also we all know that towing in or towing out will scrub off your tyres. Especially more important if you are buying a set of new tyres. Younger drivers have been brought up on accepting that their wheel alignment is important. Consequently, they will ask for the alignment service when they have new tyres fitted. Often asking us to have it done !

A few years ago it was up to us to try and sell the service.

So, this acceptance from our customers has been the driving force behind me buying the most up to date equipment ! Especially, now that many cars are requiring all the 4 wheels aligned. BMW’s spring to mind. Most BMW’s need a 4 wheel alignment. Because of this then we have installed a brand new alignment system.

In the past then I rejected the idea ! Because the 4 wheel alignment machine had to be fitted to its own ramp. This restricted the amount of cars that we could work on ! However after a reshuffle of the whole bay then we were able to fit a new ramp. All our bays are now fitted with ramps making this much easier. So, our new tracking machine now sits on its own ramp. Thus offering a new better service for carrying out wheel alignments.

Steering wheel must be straight

Finally it is important to make sure that your steering wheel is straight after a wheel alignment has been carried out ?

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Yes if your service center is doing a good job it should be straight when your going straight, on occasion if the crown in the road is excessive the wheel my be off a little. If  the wheel is off t…

Source: I have had a wheel alignment done on my car, should’t the steering wheel be straight? – Poiriers Service Center

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS for short)

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Latest Update-Bluetooth”TPMS” tyre pressure monitor for Perodua cars

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Latest Update

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Latest Update

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Latest Update

I must admit that I was not convinced about the eventual effectiveness of TPMS systems fitted to the earlier car models. So, as a busy tyre business! the first time that we had come across one of these systems was when a member of my staff broke a TPMS sensor. Thus, when removing a tyre from the rim?

In the past prior to the TPMS valves being fitted, we just used to rip the old tubeless valve out and then fit a new one. Consequently, we did this with every tubeless. So, a new valve was fitted to every new tyre or puncture repair.

The first time we came across a TPMS valve was when one of my fitters ripped out the valve. Consequently, a complete new sensor had to be fitted. So, in the early days then we had to buy a replacement from the main dealers. In this case it cost me £130 for a new valve? wow !

Sensors are now made by specialist companies and the price has halved! Of course this was all part of the service and price here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax UK.

Then came the dreaded TPMS systems.

This all started with car manufacturers drive to produce cars with lower emissions. Tyres were an important factor in this. As a result, tyre companies looked for materials to make tyres lighter in weight. Also it is well known that if tyres loose the recommended tyre pressures, then this increase fuel consumption.

Less air in your tyres means that the cars engine has to work harder to drive the car along. SO using more fuel and causing more emissions. This is the subsequent reason that tyre retailers like myself, are always ranting on about having the correct tyre pressure.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Latest Update-Along came Tyre pressure monitoring systems.

This concern about the lack of tyre care by the general public, lead to the invention of the TPMS systems on our cars. Of course, cars are all now fitted with computers. Making it possible to control the data that the magic sensor in the wheel of your car. So, this sensor is able to read your tyre pressure? any fall in pressure will alert the computer and illuminate the TPMS warning light that is situated on the cabs dashboard.

Most drivers have by now seen this happen. Judging by the amount of cars that we see in any given week. Then this is becoming a common thing!

Each wheel sensor is fitted with an attach rubber or metal valve. These look no different to the old style tubeless valves that were so easy to replace. These new style valves still need replacing, but not as often as the old style valve.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Latest Update-More care is now needed when fitting a new tyre?

So, to bring the whole thing up to scratch. Then we have to take much more care when removing the old tyres. Of course ,this is so that we dont damage the TPMS sensor fitted to the inside of the wheel. Although we are now finding that the first models of cars that were fitted with these sensors, Then we have to replace them because they sensors are failing due to corrosion.

Although I was not convinced in the first place, then I now realise how important the TPMS system is on a modern car. Customers do not like to see the illuminated light in the cab. Consequently, if the light comes on then they have the problem attended to straight away. In the past our customers were driving about with half flat tyre for ages?

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Latest Update

The latest thing to come out now is this Gear Up Bluetooth app which lets you take complete control of you tyre pressures.

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Van Wheel Alignment Including Suspension  PERODUA has introduced the Gear Up Smart Bluetooth TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system), an innovative product that allows users to keep track of their

Source: Bluetooth tyre pressure monitor for Perodua cars

Continental tyres are experimenting by using the sap of the humble "dandelion" plants. Of course, this sap is also of the same molecular structure as latex rubber.

Goodyear Soybean Tyres-Massive compound ingredients breakthrough wins global prize

Goodyear Soybean Tyres

Goodyear Soybean Tyres

Goodyear Soybean Tyres

Of course that we now all know about the  growing awareness of the nutritional benefits of consuming foods made from soybeans. So, what are they? Soy beans, aka soya beans, are a species of legume and are often classified as an oil-seed. Naturally, soya beans are known to have been in existence in China some 5000 years ago. Having been consumed and including use, in medical preparations. Hence, for at least the last 2000 years.

It was many centuries later before soya beans are grown commercially in the western world. It took until 1906 in the USA and 1910 in Europe before there was deemed to be a sufficiently large enough market to encourage farmers to grow soya beans in significant enough quantities.

Now soya beans are used in millions of food products.

Of course Goodyear tyres like many other tyre manufacturers. have been looking for alternatives using rubber latex in their tyre products.

Soya beans have have become one of these natural ingredients that match the molecular structure of latex used in the production of rubber in tyres.

Other tyre companies that have come up with similar natural products are Continental tyres. So, Continental tyres are experimenting by using the sap of the humble “dandelion” plants. Of course, this sap is also of the same molecular structure as latex rubber.

Yokohama tyres are now using the oil extracted from orange peel skins. All these methods will give tyres a greener more sustainable tyre product in the years ahead.

Eric Roberts

Van Wheel Alignment Including SuspensionThe Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company has won the Tyre Technology International Award for Innovation and Excellence in the category ‘Environmental Achievement of the Year’, during the 2018 Tyre Technology Expo in Hannover, Germany. The technology represents a breakthrough by Goodyear. So, in applying soybean oil in the tread compound of tyres, instead of traditional petroleum oil.

Source: Goodyear’s soybean breakthrough wins global prize

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Van Wheel Alignment Including Suspension – Spring Car Care | North Bros Ford

Van Wheel Alignment Including Suspension

Van Wheel Alignment Including Suspension

Van Wheel Alignment Including Suspension

Of course, wheel alignments are very important to both tyre wear. Including, the very important part? the overall control of your vehicle. So, improper wheel alignment or, as they are also called, “tracking” can cause your tyres to wear unevenly and prematurely. Of course this also includes “vans”. Van drivers cover many more miles than most car drivers? So, it is just as important for your van to have the alignment checked at regular periods.

Out of alignment can also affect the position of your steering wheel ? That is why it’s very important to make sure the wheels of your vehicle are properly aligned by a professional.

When your wheels are out of alignment

So, your tyres are pointing in the wrong direction or at the wrong  angle. Subsequently, this affects your steering and suspension. Most importantly though, it can greatly affect your safety of the driver and the safety of your passengers.

If you think you have a steering problem ? How do your wheels get unaligned?

Steering and suspension parts are free moving ? So it doesn’t take much for your vehicle’s wheel alignment to become out of line. Several things that can cause improper wheel alignment are  including:

In my opinion the biggest cause-Running over potholes
Secondly- By hitting a curb
Thirdly- By bumping into concrete parking blocks ( these are getting more common where parking is being restricted)
Other causes are general wear and tear. This is affected when your vehicle ages. Subsequently, the rubber parts that contain lubricants start to dry up and crack. Of course, this causes ball and socket joints to become loose. So, getting progressively worse over time.

How often should you have your alignment checked?

Here at Pellon Autocentre in Halifax .it is recommended that you have your vehicle’s alignment checked every annual service. Or when you get your tyres changed. As a result, a lot can happen to your wheel alignment after 6,000 miles. The longer you wait to get your wheels aligned. Then the more damage can be caused. Especially to your tyres prematurely  wearing.

So van owners take heed?

Eric Roberts

Van Wheel Alignment Including Suspension

Source: Alignment & Suspension – Spring Car Care | North Bros Ford

Volvo Winter Tyres Test

Volvo Winter Tyres Test-Carried out at the Snowdome with Louise Thompson a Volvo Driver

Volvo Winter Tyres Test

Volvo Winter Tyres Test

One of my customers is a Volvo owner. Hence, one of my business objects is to talk as much as I can to my customers. I was recommending to him about the benefits fitting winter tyres to his Volvo. he referred to the fact that he had purchased a set of Nokian winter tyres. In addition he explained how he bought the tyres to combat a snow storm in January. However, by the time that he had fitted the winter tyres a bit too late to try them out as the snow had cleared quickly.

He went onto tell me the following- As a result, the bad January snow had all gone . Hence, by the time I got my Nokians fitted to steel wheels. However, there was a light dusting of snow a few weeks later.

Of course, that allowed me to experiment briefly on our very steep driveway. Consequently, our Polo, which had behaved much better than the S60 in the heavy snow. Naturally, would get stuck almost immediately it hit the slope.
As a result, I bought winter tyres for the first time last January. Soon after discovering that the S60 was worse than useless in the snow. Fitted out with regular Michelin summer tyres on 17 inch wheels.

Moreover, as soon as it hit the slightest slope it just spun the drive wheels and refused to move. Regardless of driving style and regardless of traction-control settings.

[bctt tweet=” I could feel the Nokians sliding a little. So but nothing that a passenger would have ever noticed” username=”pellonauto”]

Volvo Winter Tyres Test

There was another incident in February when I hit sheet black-ice on a country road, which had already caused three recent vehicles (one a police car) to be stranded in the ditch and another embedded in a telegraph pole.

Safely for me, I could feel the Nokians sliding a little. So but nothing that a passenger would have ever noticed . My Volvo had no trouble at all slowing down. Luckily, keeping my car on the road, and driving around the crashed cars.
It is true that in  Europe they are recommended to fit  purely winter tyres.

Although we are now looking to fit more all-weather tyres. I think that the truth is that if you live in hilly district, then proper winter tyres should be used. In countries that are flat then all-weather tyres should be fitted. Therefore ,any upgrade of your tyre in winter will benefit us all with much safer roads.

After my conversation with the guy, I felt better about the public perception. Hence, about the knowledge that more and more drivers are more savvy about winter tyres.

Eric Roberts


Snow Testing General Altimax Winter Tyres

Snow Testing General Altimax Winter Tyres-Shows what a winter tyre can do in this snow test

Snow Testing General Altimax Winter Tyres

Snow Testing General Altimax Winter Tyres

General tyres was acquired by Continental in 1987. Hence,today, operating worldwide. As a result General manufactures tyres for cars, trucks and industrial applications. Including, specialty tyres for 4×4 vehicles.

From the start, the brand has been making tyres for all kinds of motor vehicles. Creating, a large choice of tyre sizes and patterns. Thus, General Tyre continues the long tradition of being the customers’ choice when it comes to Quality, Value and Performance. Especially, for the 4X4 and Altimax products that are produced.

Subsequently, founded in 1915. General Tyre are now based in Fort Mill, South Carolina. So can look back on a proud heritage. Having proven its ability to compete in the ever changing tyre industry. With manufacturing and technological advancements for 100 years.

Unknown, to many motorists. Of course, General tyres are owned and manufactured by the great Continental tyres group. As a result, the famous AT 4×4 tyre ranges are also made by General tyres. Consequently, some in the USA and some in Europe. Therefore, the attached video shows the great performance that these tyres can cope with in winter snow conditions and also in mud and slush.

Snow Testing General Altimax Winter Tyres

These days our customers are very well educated about the virtues of winter tyres. As expected, these tyres are also much safer than summer tyres in winter driving conditions. Many drivers also know about the 7 degrees temperature rule. Of course, many do know this. Accordingly, I will explain in simple terms. Hence, that winter tyres contain a “Silica”based component. Hence, this silica, allows the tyres compound to be flexible when the outside temperature falls bellow 7 Degrees.

Summer tyres do not silica added to their compound. This flexibility allows the tyres more aggressive tread grip better. Therefore, clearly seen in the video. As a result winter tyres are much safer than summer tyres when fitted in the winter months.

Eric Roberts  General Winter tyres.

Text to go with the above video-General Tyre Altimax Winter + test in snow and mud road in Chistau Valley (Huesca – Spain)

Wheel Alignment Explained Video

Wheel Alignment Explained Video-The Importance of Proper Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment Explained Video

Wheel Alignment Explained Video

It is a proven fact that correct wheel alignment can help extend your tyres life. Regular, alignment checks helps you identify if your vehicle wheels are out of alignment. Therefore, it is not rocket science, to have your wheel alignment checked. Thus, at the same time as you have new tyres fitted. This video is a good example and explains what the alignment process includes.

Of course, many of our customers, do not know what the alignment procedure involves. Therefore this video, defines what common alignment is and adjusting the settings such as positive and negative camber and toe-in and toe-out.

The other complaint from our customers, involves their steering wheel. Accordingly, we may get a complaint, that their steering is pulling from left to right and visa-versa. This is often after we have fitted new tyre. Especially to the front of the vehicle.I must admit, that in busy periods, then we sometimes neglect to ask the customer to check their cars alignment.

With early snow fall. So this winter is especially busy with our customers buying winter tyres. I know that some will return with steering wheel problems. Time is always a problem in a very busy business. Unfortunately, we cant devote the time to every customer. As a result, we always advise the client to call us back if they have a problem and this has worked over the years.

We charge the driver £29.90 for a full front alignment. This is if the steering is not seized. Of course, this is a problem on the older cars. As a result, if the steering is too bad to adjust, we then re-quote for each individual job. As expected, we have to use heat equipment to release seized up parts and this costs extra money.I must stress though that most alignment jobs are straight forward and require no heating.

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Inflating your tyres

Inflating your tyres-DIY into How To Check Tyre Pressure and Inflate Tyres

Inflating your tyres

Inflating your tyres

Auto Talk 101: How to Check Tire Pressure and Inflate Tyres – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

Checking and inflating your tyre pressure is usually a simple process. Firstly you should check to see what your correct tyre pressure should be and you have to determine what is proper inflation for your cars tyre. Consequently, there is two pressure settings. It looks simple but some drivers may not understand this. There are two readings but most people do not realise this. Hence, the difference is what we call the regular operating pressure and also what we call maximum pressure. Of course, the maximum pressure is for when your car will be fully loaded, such as when you are loaded for your holidays.

The heavier loading may read a  maximum inflation 44 PSI. What that means is that is the maximum amount of air you can put in that tyre.Of course, without affecting the structural integrity of the tyre. This should only be done when your car is fully loaded. Therefore,you should inflate your tyre to the normal operating pressure which can be found on the inside of the door pillar or in the cars owner manual. Pressures can even be found online these days.  It is important not to over inflate your tyres. It can be dangerous and make your car uncontrollable.

Inflating your tyres

naturally, the first thing to do is remove the cap that covers your tyres valve.If your cap is ever missing you can buy a 4 pack of these at any auto parts store. Of course, you will need a pressure gauge. These are relatively cheap and can be bought from any auto-store.

If the pressure is correct to what the manual says. Hence, toy can replace the cap and you go to the next tyre. If it requires some more air, because the pressure is low, you can use the air line at the local petrol station.

car wont start

Car Wont Start-No Crank No Start, Checking Battery Terminals – EricTheCarGuy

Car Wont Start

Car Wont Start; No Crank No Start, Checking Battery Terminals – EricTheCarGuy

This video looks at a very common problem. You turn the car key and the engine wont start. At this stage there are a few different noises that come from under the engine. Sometimes it is a clicking noise, or a loud whirring sound. Of course, you could hear a continuous clicking sound.
In most cases the problem is a battery problem. hence, your car may require a new battery. A common problem could be bad or faulty battery connections. Naturally, your battery cables could have rotted from the inside, resulting in a poor connection.
Another problem is that the connection between the negative battery cable and the earth could be broken and not working. Therefore, all these things must be checked first of all. Of course, if they are all fine and working, then it must be another problem.
The car in the video is losing voltage between the battery and the starter motor. This is a sign of a bad or faulty starter moer solenoid or the starter itself. A common problem, is the part of the starter that engages with the cogs on the flywheel is well worn and will not engage. This problem can also make a loud and scary noise.

Car Wont Start

This problem can also affect certain car models. For example, the 2000-2006 Ford Taurus in America would not start.Because of starter solenoid problems. Another make and model with starter problems developing, was the Toyota Camry. The starter would make a clicking sound, but would not work and start the cars engine.
Starter motors have changed over the years. hence, early starters were repairable, but now they are just exchange units. Hope you enjoy the video, as this is what we have to do to correct our customers with starting problems.

This is one of those situations where someone has gone in replacing a bunch of parts trying to correct a starting problem only for me to find that it was the battery cables and terminals the entire time. Next time you run into a no crank no start situation and you have these cheap battery terminals or damaged battery cables it’s probably a good idea to check there first before you start replacing batteries and starters, it might just save you some money.

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Vauxhall Corsa Danger Car-Corsa came to us with a “Worn Tyres problem”-Scary Story Unfolded?

Vauxhall Corsa Danger Car

Vauxhall Corsa Danger Car

As many of us garage owners all know, then we do get some scary cars presented to us. Especially when things turned out to be something I would consider to be dangerous. As the owner of an MOT centre, we do see some worrying things!

Things such as holes in the car floors. Sometimes we have had cars presented to us with completely rotted brake pipes. So, rotten brake pipes could go at any time and cause a nasty accident. Many drivers are oblivious to these problems and just shrug them off as “one of those things”.

Vauxhall Corsa Danger Car

Tyres like this are dangerous and presented to us on a fairly regular basis?

Tyres are another problem.

Recently a driver complained that his car was making a bumping sound from the back of the car. As a result of a close examination we discovered a rear tyre with a massive “egg” on the inside shoulder. Apparently, he had noticed the noise got worse when he was doing 70 MPH on the M62 motorway. Wow, this is one of the reasons why we have so many road accidents. Drivers neglecting their vehicles.

Some cars have problems from when they were brand new. We have had several cars presented to us in the past. Hence, with on going problems. One Citroen Picasso had constant tyre wear problems. We never really got to the bottom of that after several wheel adjustment attempts. The car had to go back to Citroen for some alterations in the end.

This particular Vauxhall Corsa was having “tyre wear” issues.

The owner said he had to keep buying part worn tyres because the car was eating them up and he could not afford new ones. Of course, we suspected the wheel alignment at first. Consequently, we set the car up on our new “wheel alignment centre” So, as soon as we had the car up on a ramp we do a visual inspection of the steering parts.

What a shock when we found the cause. A “track rod end” which is an important part of the steering was so badly worn that it was ready to come off. Of course if this had come off at high speed then the driver would have lost control of the car. These things are presentable by having your car regularly serviced. Vehicle owners think that we just change the oils and filters.

However, if this guy had a regular service to his Corsa. Then parts that are starting to wear would have been found at an early stage. Including this track rod end.

Other interesting fault cars presented to garages for testing can be seen on this DVLA article.

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