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Yokohama Racing Tyres: DAY OUT AT SNETTERTON 300 CIRCUIT.

Yokohama Racing Tyres

Yokohama Racing Tyres
Yokohama Racing Tyres

Yokohama Racing Tyres

To be truthful, I am not a mad follower of motor racing ! It probably has something to do with the fact that in the whole of West Yorkshire, we do not have a race circuit. The nearest one is Croft in North Yorkshire, and I have visited this track a few times in the recent past.

Of course, I live in North Yorkshire, and I have visited this track a few times in the recent past. So to see various motor racing events. The last one was a British BMW championship meeting through Kumho tyres.

It came to me with great pleasure ! So when I was invited to a race meeting in Snetterton, Norfolk, UK,. The race meeting was a good four-hour drive from my beloved Yorkshire. But never the less, I decided to do the round trip in the day and set off at 5.30 in the morning. The day was going to be red hot ! You could just tell, and I was looking forward to watching the cars perform. Especially on the Yokohama Racing Tyres that we sell in Halifax to our customers.

I arrived early because the roads were quiet due to the fact that it was Sunday morning

I met the Yokohama Racing Tyres UK guy, Paul Cox. Paul was to be my guide ! Shyly, as I have said, I know little about the motorsport circuit. Although I love the atmosphere that these events can generate,. I took my camera to take some shots of the cars. Especially with the Yokohama racing tyres fitted. This is always a sign of a good tyre company, and the research and development that these companies gain is invaluable when it comes to developing tyres for the regular cars that we use in our daily lives.

Paul turned out to be a very knowledgeable guide, having competed in motorsport racing himself for a good many years and now helping to coach his son to become a race car driver at the age of seventeen. The racing today was to be the British F3 and GT championships, and when I arrived, it was a lovely sunny day and the crowds were already building up.

British F3 has always been one of the proving grounds for future F1 drivers, including 2009 World Championship winner Jason Button. Some of the drivers competing on that day are expected to become future F1 stars, including Kevin Magnussen and Daniel Riciardo, so watch out for those names.

The weekends of racing also included the BRDC Formula 4 Championships: Yokohama Racing Tyres

Including up-and-coming stars on the show, I could not wait.  These cars run on 2-liter Ford Duratec engines and develop 175 braking horsepower (BHP). They are supplied with a Cosworth engine management system and are operated with a 6-speed Sadev transmission system that works from a paddle shift. Yokohama Racing Tyres are the suppliers of wet and slick compound tyres, which was the main purpose of my visit.

Paul was really enthusiastic about showing me around. So, I was very impressed with the politeness of the drivers. Including the guys in the pits ! Allowing me to take pictures at will. He also knew many of the drivers. Introducing me to a couple of them in between their busy schedules. One of the drivers was Jon Minshaw the owner of the famous Demon Tweeks motor parts store. Consequently, taking time out between changing driver’s midway through a race.

Yokohama tyres fitting area was most impressive. Yokohama Racing Tyres

Paul also introduced me to the YOKOHAMA TYRES UK tyre fitting team fully equipped with fitting machines and wheel balance’s all ready for the action, in fact when we were there they had already fitted in excess of  a hundred slick tyres due to the hot sunny weather the slick tyres give a better grip, than tyres with a tread on them.

One of the other drivers that I saw was Sir Chris How, who has only recently changed from cycling to the British GT Championships and is said to be a “natural” at motorsport, making 2014 his debut year in the Nissan Academy Team known as RJN. Also in his year of racing was Rick Parfett Jr., son of his famous namesake from the band Status Quo, whom I incidentally saw live at Leeds First direct Arena, last December with my wife Michelle. Rick the elder often watches his son race but was not there on this day.

After watching a great day of racing and talking to many of the pit guys, I thanked Paul for a great day out and headed for my long drive back to Yorkshire, looking forward to my next race meeting later this year.

Pellon Tyres is now a member of

mot testing and car servicing

Suzuki servicing is neglected

Suzuki servicing is neglected

Suzuki servicing is neglected

No Suzuki servicing could end up costing you a fortune.

Suzuki servicing is neglected
© Can Stock Photo / romarti

Suzuki servicing is neglected

This is not just one of my rants about car servicing, but I think that it is important to give a few sad cases of what can happen when the car owner neglects to have their Suzuki serviced.

carried out at regular intervals. Suzuki servicing is neglected

We all should be having our Engine Oil checked at regular intervals. If your car’s engine is in good condition and operating correctly, then you should not have to use any oil to top up the engine. In my opinion, there are a few variations to this theory, and one of them is if you are travelling long distances at high speed. Then it would be possible that your car may need an overhaul when you arrive at your destination.

Modern cars will have an oil level warning light, but older cars may not, so it is best to check the level just to be on the safe side. In fact, I had an experience myself on a recent trip to France. I drove my two-year-old Peugeot Partner van 700 miles to a Rufec in the Charente area of south-west France. The following morning, I went to the local supermarket for some odds and ends when my oil level warning light came on, much to my horror.

I know that my staff had serviced the van before my journey: Suzuki servicing is neglected

So, I too checked the level before I set off on my journey. I stopped the van and turned off the engine so that the oil level could settle down to get a correct oil level reading. Some dipsticks are impossible to see, but mine was just below the minimum mark on the dipstick. I was still in the supermarket car park, so I bought a two-litre can of 10W-40 diesel oil (this is what the van used).

As I topped the engine up, I kept checking the level but found that the engine did not need much oil at all. I think some of the oil sensors are very sensitive, but your engine oil level is

very important, just as the young guy with the Suzuki Swift was about to find out. Another important piece of advice is that when you are topping up the engine oil again, put the oil in a small amount at a time. It is just as important not to overfill the engine with too much oil; this could cause too much pressure to build up in the engine, causing all sorts of expensive repair work.

The Suzuki did not have any servicing for two years, at least: Suzuki servicing was neglected.

The only warning he had was when the car engine started to make very loud noises. Unfortunately, this was on the M62 motorway. Doing 70 mph in the third lane. A cloud of black smoke followed this. Frighteningly,  followed by a complete loss of power. Luckily, the guy managed to manoeuvre the Suzuki across the carriageway and onto the hard shoulder.

He suspected the worst and called for recovery from a roadside assistance phone box on the motorway. The guy was either lucky or a very skilled driver! I am convinced that this sudden loss of power is the cause of many highway accidents.

The recovery truck brought the car into our garage

in Halifax, Yorkshire. Urgently, we started the postmortem on the lifeless Suzuki. We checked on the history of the car on our computer system.

Finding out that although the car had had a few MOT tests over the past few years,. We did not have any record of Servicing a Car. We asked the guy if he took the car to any other garage for his Suzuki Servicing. Frighteningly, he told us that we were the only place that the car had come to?.

Suzuki Servicing neglected
Suzuki servicing is neglected

The previous owner also brought the car into us: Suzuki servicing is neglected

So, to be looked after, it was at the Suzuki Dealers. Indeed, the last service was three years ago. The car was a Suzuki Swift 1.6 petrol 2007 model and looked in good condition! Apart from the engine,.

It became obvious to Ryan Linton that the engine was completely gone. So, it was caused by a lack of engine oil starving the Big End Bearings due to lack of Servicing. That is to say, damaging the crank and much more.

The owner of the car was a 26-year-old man: Suzuki servicing is neglected

Consequently, he led a busy life and did not have time for his car. Hence, this is a thing that is most common these days. As for the car, we found that it would be more economical to fit a reconditioned engine. With the whole job costing around £2500 to the customer,.

The lesson to be learned is to have your servicing carried out at some sort of regular interval. Finally, this guy is not the first and will not be the last. But look at the price that he had to pay in the end?.

diesle engine ready for conversion

A Massive Diesel-Hydrogen Fuel Mix Breakthrough

A Massive Diesel-Hydrogen Fuel Mix Breakthrough

A Massive Diesel-Hydrogen Fuel Mix Breakthrough
A Massive Diesel-Hydrogen Fuel Mix Breakthrough

A Massive Diesel-Hydrogen Fuel Mix Breakthrough

Eric Roberts says-

Of course we all now know about the ridiculous race-A Massive Diesel-Hydrogen Fuel Mix Breakthrough

Set out by our government to rid the world of carbon burning materials including our beloved cars. In recent times we have had the world of electric and hybrid cars rammed down our throats. I know that I am a small garage owner and so have self-interests in this drive to disaster. Of course to rid the planet of petrol and diesel vehicles.

However people are realizing the foolishness and impossible targets set out by our politicians. Living without our cars will be an impossible disaster to most drivers in the UK. Millions of drivers will be forced off the road so that our politicians can brag about their achievements.

Well thank God that there are people out there looking for alternatives to the dreaded electric cars. I do understand the need for cleaner air to protect the planet from greenhouse gasses but scientists are working all the time to prevent this. Giving us cleaner cars from engine designs that use other materials along with the “status quo” of our regular petrol and diesel engine cars.

Electric and hydrogen cars already with us-A Massive Diesel-Hydrogen Fuel Mix Breakthrough

Of course, electric battery operated cars are now with us thanks to people the likes of “Tesla”. However these are far from perfect. Speaking from the UK, s prospective, we are a country of old “Victorian” architecture. We have very narrow streets and roads which will be unable to support the millions of electric charging points required.

At the moment the winner for me will be in the form of “hybrid” cars. These are now becoming very popular. With an engine supported by a standard battery and run on petrol. Combined with a lithium type battery. Hence the word “Hybrid“.  Car manufacturers certainly like this type of idea for their customers and engineers have been studying and working on different ideas with mixed types of fuels. Including “Hydrogen fuel cells“.

Thanks to a great article by journalist “Will Locket“. Then we are looking at very strong and affordable competition to the EV revolution.

Australian Engineers come up with a great new revolution-A Massive Diesel-Hydrogen Fuel Mix Breakthrough

I must confess that reading article has made my day. Researches in Australia have come up with a technology that can convert a diesel engine into a “carbon neutral” engine. The idea is to combine the burning of twin fuels, diesel and clean burning hydrogen. This is fantastic news and will include other diesel vehicle, including, and trucks farm vehicles.

So confident are the Australians that they are looking to convert certain types of diesel engines in the next couple of years. This is fantastic news for the public in the UK who love their small run around cars and the small garages that service and repair these vehicles.

The full technical merits can be read in this great article by Will Locket.

I will certainly having a beer tonight to celebrate this great news and keep my fingers crossed that everything goes well for the Australian car designer and developers, without retributions from the EV and green lobby. This development may also make the UK government change its mind about banning the sale of  petrol and diesel cars by 2030. So allowing millions of families in the UK to keep their diesel cars which will be by then “carbon neutral” and fit for purpose.

Original article by “Will Locket

Exhaust Systems Explained


 EXHAUST SYSTEM Last Longer Than They Did? Now drivers Benefit


Exhausts Changed


So, thinking about this, I suppose that there are many reasons that an exhaust system fitted to a modern car will last longer. Than say a car exhaust would 15 to 20 years ago. The cars of yesteryear were not subjected to the emission laws that today’s modern cars are. The big change came when all cars were fitted with catalytic convertors.

In fact, it was about 22 years ago that the new cars were produced. Hence, it had to be fitted with a petrol and diesel catalytic converter. Cars registered after January 1, 1992 (i.e., K prefixes onwards) .

This is about the same time that exhaust systems. Thus, they appeared to last longer than their predecessors. In the good old days, we used to buy car exhausts from the manufacturers directly in containers. We knew that certain cars were fitted with exhausts that would only last about 2 years.

Certain cars, such as Vauxhall Vivas and Cavaliers,. They were very vulnerable to their back box’s rotting. They used to collect the dilute acid from the engine in the tail boxes, and this would rot them from the inside.

catalytic converter
Better exhaust systems were made with the addition of the catalytic converter.

Also, there were many more models of cars produced by the manufacturers.

I would buy say 100x VW Beetle exhausts. Simply because there were so many of them out on the roads. Today, because of computers, car makers can alter and change a model within minutes using modern computer software. I believe that it is the same with exhaust systems. The designs are much better and are made of better materials than they used to be.

We in the trade do not stock the same number of systems anymore. Because of the large number of variations within one model of car,.

Of course, there was one exhaust to fit one model, whatever the engine size. Staggeringly, there will now be ten different systems and shapes for the different engine sizes. So, this could have to do with the different catalytic converter sizes that a different engine size may have to have; the rest of the exhaust will be a different shape or size.

The exhaust system has now become part of the emissions service.

We have now had to become qualified in car emissions, using sophisticated hand-held computers to diagnose any faults in the system. Also the addition of the catalytic converter to the front of the exhaust system. I also added the need for a better-quality exhaust pipe product.

The catalytic converter is made of a ceramic or stainless steel honeycomb core. A silica and aluminium wash coat, and a precious metal for the catalyst (platinum). The car makers then started to use aluminium exhaust systems to match the quality of the catalytic converters and enable the guarantee to extend to two years on a replacement system.

EXHAUST SYSTEMS AT A GLANCE-Your exhaust system lasts longer because they are now aluminised: EXHAUST SYSTEMS AT A GLANCE

Previously, most exhausts were made from mild steel, which would only last about eighteen months. Small niche businesses that produced replacement exhaust pipes from mild steel made these. Because of the growing demand for cheap exhaust prices from fast-fit centres,  such companies as Pioneer Exhausts did a roaring trade.

Companies like Bosal Exhaust system made aluminium systems for car manufacturers and gradually started to sell their products to motor manufacturers and specialised exhaust system wholesalers, who would in turn supply garages and fast-fit centres.

The only problem was that they were more expensive and would only be bought by customers with up-market cars; the regular guys still wanted the best price for exhaust for their cars.

The larger companies were on the streets ahead. EXHAUST SYSTEMS AT A GLANCE

Cleverly, with the equipment they used to make the catalytic converters and exhaust systems,. In fact, most of the exhaust system parts were built very accurately with “robots.”. The robots also made better exhaust systems. Because they are more precise when welding the parts together. Bosal Exhausts also added a small hole in their back boxes to allow the excess acid to drain away.

The simple fact is that yes, exhausts are made from far better quality products and built to a much higher standard (no dodgy welding); therefore, they last much longer than they used to, hence the two-year warranty given to the replacement parts fitted.


Catalytic Converter Theft: Watch where you park your car !

Catalytic Converter Theft

Catalytic Converter Theft

So, here we are still in the grip of this terrible pandemic. Millions of businesses are now struggling due to government restrictions. Especially the pubs and catering establishments. Of course, as a businessman, I really do feel for the people who are pulling their hair out trying to survive. Fortunately, as a garage and MOT testing station, we are able to open.

So, earlier, we did have to close for a while!

Because of this, the government decided to suspend MOT testing for six months. Of course, this killed our business over night, and we kept one fitter to fit and repair tyres. Unfortunately, the rest of the garage staff had to be furloughed. Anyhow, we are back to almost normal trading at the present time and are thankful for all our loyal customers.

Our customers are supporting us, and we are keeping prices as low as we can to help support them in this terrible period of time. On the other side, we are also trying our best to support local businesses in the Halifax area!

Catalytic Converter Theft
catalytic converter

Increase in cat thefts

Sadly, we are now seeing an increase in Catalytic Converter Theft. Especially here in the Halifax area. This week, October 2020, we had two Honda cars submitted with the catalytic converters cut off. These cats are manufactured using precious metals. So, this is to filter the engine’s emissions to give us cleaner air.

Vehicle owners do not realise the value of  this part hanging underneath and connected to their exhaust pipe. Incredibly, most catalytic converts contain many different types of  precious metals! Including rare and precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium. So, other valuable metals such as copper, magnesium, cerium, iron, and nickel are also in the mix.

This makes these cats worth stealing, and thefts are increasing. Catalytic Converter Theft

The worst case of this has come from a tyre wholesaler in Elland. All their vans were left out over the weekend. Consequently, thieves stole the catalytic converters from all the vans! Incredible!

Police advice to motorists: Catalytic Converter Theft

After looking at this problem, I have discovered that the problem is nation-wide. In fact, the police have given out some advice about preventing this from happening. The advice is given on the “West Yorkshire Police” web site.

The images are from one of the Honda Jazz cars, showing where the catalytic converter was cut off.

In recent months, there has been a concerning rise in the number of thefts of catalytic converters.

Naturally, from vehicles in the United Kingdom. Catalytic converters are devices fitted to the exhaust systems of motor vehicles. Importantly, they use a chemical process to convert harmful gases into less harmful substances.

The converters contain precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium. So they are valuable to thieves. There are a number of ways to help prevent catalytic converter thefts. Such as fitting security devices to vehicles or parking in well-lit, busy areas.

Auto thefts in the U.K. have been on the rise in recent years. Catalytic Converter Theft

Unfortunately, one of the most common items targeted is catalytic converters. These devices, located between the engine and the exhaust pipe, are made of precious metals. Like platinum, palladium, and rhodium, and can be sold for scrap metal value.  In order to prevent your catalytic converter from being stolen,.

Nationally, officers of the Metropolitan Police Service recommend engraving your car’s registration number on the device. Alternatively, have it marked with a forensic coding system. CCTV cameras can also be effective in discouraging thieves


Hybrid Car Ownership

Electric Battery Cars or Hydrogen fueled Cars?

Electric Battery Cars

Electric Battery Cars
Electric Battery Cars

Electric Battery Cars

Electric Battery Cars or hydrogen-fueled Cars?

It is for certain that one of these days we will run out of oil. Although we have now discovered new oil reserves by means of “fracking” we will still run out of oil one of these days. This together with the need to clean up our planet has lead us to try and discover new technologies to drive our transport system forward using less polluting fuels and renewable energies.

How the hydrogen-cell car works

One of the biggest steps has been towards the development of battery power to drive our Electric cars. This development took place at a rapid pace in the first instance, but in my opinion, it has now slowed down as we try to refine the technology to give us more distance on one charge of the electric battery cars.

The technology here has been the use of Lithium-Ion batteries. Some car makers, such as Nissan, have developed the Hybrid Electric Battery Cars, a car that is battery-driven with a backup petrol engine that kicks in when the car reaches a certain speed for out-of-town driving.

Other car producers have opted for full-blown electric-battery cars, which rely totally on a battery for their power. These cars have the problem of travelling any distance, but are good for around-town usage. In my opinion, the battery solution is not the answer to the bigger problem of distance before the battery needs re-charging.

Charging stations are cropping up all over the place and the electric car will have a part to play in the big picture but in my opinion, it is looking like a short-term fix and in any case, these cars are charged up using “dirty fuel” that we use to fuel our power stations; it is just applying a “sticking plaster” on a gaping wound.

Battery cars for short journeys, and hydrogen for long journey?

Many different car companies have been looking at hydrogen technology. Hence, many governments have been investing large amounts of money into the development of hydrogen fueled engine.

Car companies such as BMW, Toyota Cars and Mazda have come up with new and improved methods. Of course, to meet the growing demand for an alternative fuel,. One of the biggest steps has been towards the development of battery power. Driving our Electric Battery Cars.

This development took place at a rapid pace. Driving cars so that larger distances can be covered. Governments across the World are at this very moment working together. Trying to produce a stable hydrogen product. Thus, that can be used in regular filling stations. Indeed, these filling stations are beginning to pop up. As these car companies have become closer to producing their hydrogen-fueled vehicles,.

General motors and Honda are also interested in this fuel.

Importantly, and are developing engines accordingly. As the only by-product is water, then the hydrogen fuel cells produce no pollution. On top of that, fuel cells are safe, more reliable (as they do not have many moving parts). Using, the most abundant of elements in the universe as a power source (hydrogen).

The governments need to tie up with the major car manufactures in the world. Of course, to accelerate the use of hydrogen and similar energy efficient cars. Instead of lining up at the gas filling stations. So, the hydrogen car owners can buy tanks of liquid or gaseous hydrogen. Though the general trend for fuel efficient cars. Hence with alternative and better fuel designs will keep on increasing. Various political, consumer, legal, environmental and technological factors will decide the extend of deployment.

Toyota is expected to fund a new network of hydrogen filling stations in the California area of America

Hence, by way of a loan to a company called First Element Fuel Inc. in conjunction with the state of California and eventually rolling the stations out into a wider area. Toyota estimates that 68 refuelling stations will be required to satisfy the needs of California’s 10,000 fuel cell customers.

By the end of 2016, Lentz hopes to have 50 stations operating across the state. Toyota estimates that 68 refuelling stations will be required to satisfy the needs of California’s 10,000 fuel cell customers. By the end of 2016, Lentz hopes to have 50 stations operating across the state.

Believe it or not Toyota started working on the fuel cell car as long ago as 1992. That is 25 years of experience in this technology, with the first production model to be available by 2015. The ironic part of my opening question is that the hydrogen fuel cell is really a battery?

“FCVs are powered by fuel cells, which generate electricity from hydrogen, which is not only environmentally friendly and highly energy-efficient, but can also be produced using a variety of readily available raw materials. Thanks to these characteristics, fuel cell vehicles are ideal for achieving sustainable mobility. Therefore, Toyota is striving to make this vehicle technology widely available as soon as possible.”…More reading…

These new cars will be expected to drive twice the distance on a full tank of fuel

Thus, fuel costs are about the same as gasoline (petrol). In my opinion, this will be at the forefront of leading car technology for cars that will travel medium and long distances.

Leaving the One of the biggest steps has been towards the development of battery power to drive our Electric Battery Cars. This development took on rapid pace, to cover urban and town driving. There will also be a mix of other fuels such a bio-fuels in the big mix and things that are not yet invented.

For more reading about Toyota Hydrogen cars,

First Time Drivers Guide

Company Vehicles: Choosing a Work Van

Choosing a Work Van

Choosing a Work Van

A lot of businesses need to secure transportation in some form. The company vehicle of choice tends to be a van, simply because they are bigger and can obviously fit a lot more in them. Choosing to invest in a company van is a big deal; it will quickly become invaluable to the business.

It is also often a pretty sizable investment, which is why you need to ensure that you have made the right choice. This is why we have put together the following whistle-stop tour through the purchase of a new work van. So, let’s get into it. 

Buying New vs Second-hand 

One of the first things that you will need to consider when it comes to purchasing a work van is whether to buy a new van or to go for a second-hand model. You need to come up with a budget to give you an idea of exactly how much you have to spend on your new vehicle.

Some businesses will not be able to afford to buy a van outright, regardless of whether it is new or second-hand. There are also other costs to consider, like insurance, fuel, and taxing the vehicle. Luckily, there are sites out there that can offer you advice and recommendations on low-cost ford transit custom vans

Choosing a Work Van

The Vans Usage Choosing a Work Van

The next thing to consider when looking for a work vehicle is the demands on its usage. Think about your business; what will the van be used for in terms of travelling and transporting goods? Do you need to be able to accommodate passengers on the journeys?

There are a lot of commercial applications for vans, and the specificities of your business will help to inform the type of van that you need. It would also be beneficial to consider the distance that needs to be covered as well as the type of terrain encountered. Lastly, think about the weight that your van needs to hold. Overloading the vehicle is dangerous, so be sure to read the small print. 

Making ModificationsChoosing a Work Van

If you have to make a compromise when purchasing your work vehicle, you can make modifications if you need to. Stripping the van and rebuilding the interior to make it fit for purpose is still often cheaper than purchasing a new van. You can fit cages, modify the doors and seating arrangements, and fit locks and shelving as needed. If you are going to be housing expensive equipment in the van overnight, you might also want to fortify the safety features too.

InsuranceChoosing a Work Van

If you run a small business or if this is your first work vehicle, then you need to be aware of your legal obligations in terms of insuring it. Obviously, all vehicles legally need insurance in order to drive them in the UK.

However, there are separate insurance policies for personal and commercial vehicles, so you need to make sure that you have taken out the right policy; Remember to be as honest as possible; otherwise, you risk invalidating your insurance. 

To ConcludeChoosing a Work Van

Securing transportation for your business can really help you when it comes to fulfilling your business’s objectives and helping it grow. There are a number of factors that will affect the type of transportation that you need. Including the specifics of the business and your budget, too, so be sure to keep those in mind. Sometimes it will be necessary to make compromises, although you can still modify the van to suit your needs, so that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for you.

What’s New About Your Cars Oil

What’s New About Your Cars Oil

What's New About Your Cars Oil
What’s New About Your Cars Oil

What’s New About Your Cars Oil

“Unveiling the Grades of Oil: Navigating Car Servicing at Our Halifax Garage”

As the owner of Pellon Autocentre in Halifax, UK, I think it important to write about important things concerning our customers cars.

This article is a rough guide to the many different oils that we now have to use when servicing your cars and vans. Subsequently, we now have to keep in a multitude of different oils to suit all the car models out their!

We often talk about the many different oil grades available for vehicle repair at our garage in Halifax, which is a symbol of trust and service. Like me, you’ve likely pondered the seemingly endless variety of engine oil alternatives and wondered what the big deal is. Alright, then, let’s solve this mystery of automobiles and find out what the different oil grades are all about.

As time has progressed, the automotive industry has undergone tremendous change. No longer can all vehicles be adequately serviced with a single, universal oil.

When I was a child, the oil company provided us with a Castrol oil cabinet, which contained the only three grades of oil necessary to service 90% of cars at the time.

We now service a wide variety of vehicles at our Halifax garage, including hybrids and electric vehicles as well as more conventional petrol and diesel models. The different grades are based on the unique engine oil needs of each of these cars.

What's New About Your Cars Oil
Car oils

Why is there an excess of grades? What’s New About Your Cars Oil

The wide variety of oil grades is the first step in meeting the varying demands of modern engines. Proper oiling is essential for the efficient operation of any engine, be it a vintage British car or a cutting-edge electric vehicle. Including the most recent hybrids and electric vehicles, we are proud to service all makes and models at our Halifax garage. This implies that we have extensive knowledge of the specific oil needs of different types of automobiles.

Issues of Viscosity

Viscosity is one of many characteristics that distinguishes different oil grades. The viscosity of an oil is a measure of its thickness. When it comes to lubrication and protection, thicker oils are superior, while thinner oils are easier to work with. Engines run at different temperatures and necessitate oils with varied viscosities for best performance.

Nearby Views

To add some regional flavour, let’s do that now. Innovation has long been a part of Halifax’s storied past. Similar to how the town has transformed through the years, the automobile sector and the oils utilised within it have also undergone changes. Our garage’s dedication to meeting the varied demands of the Halifax community exemplifies this synthesis of history and innovation.

Electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles – What’s New About Your Cars Oil

We have had to adjust to new maintenance issues brought forth by the increasing number of electric and hybrid cars in Halifax. Transmissions and differentials still require specialised oils, even though these cars depend less on conventional engine components and more on intricate electrical systems. No matter how the car industry changes, our garage can adapt.

Environmental Factors to Consider

Here in the eco-conscious United Kingdom, we also consider how our actions may affect the world around us. In order to lessen their impact on the environment, certain types of oil are engineered with greener ingredients. We take into account the environmentally responsible choices of our Halifax community while we service all kinds of automobiles.

In Conclusion

To sum up, the multiple oil grades used in automobiles aren’t merely an example of complexity in action. It’s a reflection of the varied and dynamic requirements of modern cars. Our garage is here to take care of all kinds of vehicles, from vintage rides through Halifax’s historic streets to cutting-edge electric wonders, and we know just what kind of oil they need.

Whether you own a classic car or a cutting-edge electric vehicle, the next time you bring it to our Halifax garage, we will customise our services to meet your vehicle’s unique requirements. Our unwavering determination to meet the needs of our valued Halifax community and its dynamic automotive scene is reflected in our focus to offering the optimal oil for each vehicle.

car brakes problem

CAR BRAKES TO BE UPDATED: AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking)




car brakes to be updated for improved road safety

This is one of those articles that can be difficult to write. Of course, due to complex and differing points of view,. Firstly, the ruling, although not compulsory, is aimed at the car manufacturers. So, to update their cars by the end of this year (2014).

My problem is that now I am getting on a bit! I am realising that my concentration is getting a few seconds slower than when I was a younger man. A couple of years ago, I did a battery delivery to East Yorkshire. On a nice, sunny, clear day. Because of my passion for cars, I am always looking out when I pass a garage or a parking lot. Just in case I see a vintage or classic car.  So that I can photograph it for my blog.

On this particular occasion, I glanced away from the road as I passed an old Land Rover parked in a field. I was driving at about 40 mph when I turned to look back at the road in front of me. To my horror, the traffic had stopped ahead of me, and I had to slam on the car brakes ! Of course, as hard as I could. I missed the car in front by a whisker. I was really shaken, and further on I had to pull into a pub car park. Thus, I re-composed myself and thought of what could have been.

This incident and the fact that there are millions of other drivers

So, you are in the same position as me. It propelled me to reflect on the snippets that I had been reading about a new system that would be introduced in 2014. It was in the think tank stages of the Eu New Car Assessment Programme then, or (Euro NCAP).

The system known as AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking) will be expected to be fitted to new cars. Hence, by the end of this year (2014),. The new technology will become part of the crash test assessment. So, cars that are not fitted with the AEB car brakes will not get the 5-star rating for road safety. Michaels Van Ratingen, the secretary general of the Euro NCAP, says…

“We don’t want to force the car makers into this immediately, but we’ve made it very clear that the best way to ensure a five-star rating from 2014 is to have AEB on the vehicle,”

He must be disappointed though because at the moment only just over 20% of new cars have the new system fitted.

Your car  will, be much safer with the new car brakes system fitted

The new brake technology will reduce my quoter of near misses. Importantly, I have nearly had it in the past year. So, reduce the number of small bumper-to-bumper accidents and hopefully “whiplash claims.”. It’s a new system that uses radar, lidar (laser), and also video technology. Happily, to warn the driver of an impending frontal collision. This must happen to all of us on the congested roads here in the UK. Before priming the brakes and eventually performing an emergency stop.

The new system is expected to save up to 8000 lives-CAR BRAKES TO BE UPDATED

in the EU Countries alone, but not everyone agrees and thinks that better driver training (as in my case) would be a better option, he says…

“Although you are right to a small degree in that “advanced drivers” are predisposed to better driving, the techniques they use are hugely influential. To prove my point.

I train learner drivers using the system of car control and commentary skills. In the last decade, I have only had one pupil seriously injured in the two years after they passed their test. She was hit by a stolen car, travelling at double the speed limit, on the wrong side of the road, and coming around a blind corner. I do not select my pupils by their predisposition to advanced driving, but I do train them to a much higher standard than is required for the driving test.”

In my opinion it will be the same problem as ABS car brakes. CAR BRAKES TO BE UPDATED

It is alright if your car has them fitted. But not the other guy who doesn’t have them fitted. Until all cars have the new In my opinion it will be the same problem as ABS car brakes. It is alright if your car has them fitted. But not the other guy who doesn’t have them fitted. So, it is going to be a lottery of the does and don’ts. If a line of cars all have to slam on. You will stop because you will have the new car brakes system fitted. But the car at the back of you may not stop because he has not got the new car brakes system fitted.

All new CAR BRAKES TO BE UPDATED and technology is going to help motorists in today’s heavy traffic, and I am all for safety measures that will help this cause. In my opinion, this is a great idea.

It will also save the future lives of some cyclists and pedestrians, so there is no reason to be negative about it. This is one of the best ideas to come out of the EU Parliament, amongst all the other rubbish that they dish out.

I am not sure if the car manufacturers will be using standard systems or doing their own thing, but as a garage owner, I say “bring it on”. Brakes safety is one of my biggest promoted subjects and the AEB system will be a great advantage to us in the long run when they are fitted to all cars as standard  

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Revolutionise Your Tyre Shopping Experience

Car Tyres Greener: Technical Developments.

Car Tyres Greener

Car Tyres Greener
Car Tyres Greener

Car Tyres Greener

So the tyres that were made thirty years ago would not be suitable for today’s cars. The tyre has developed into part of the evolution of greener cars, especially in recent times when vehicle emissions have become a very important part of new car development.

Tyre companies are trying all sorts of new techniques. To develop car tyres that will give better “rolling resistance.”. Better rolling resistance makes it easier for a car to move forward . While at the same time enabling the car to give a smooth ride. Sticking to the road when cornering and in bad weather conditions.

Tyre companies are using new and much lighter materials. Car Tyres Greener

Including new materials that go into the compounds. Ultimately, that makes the materials that are used for the outer layers of the car tyres. Hence, for making the sidewalls and tread area. One of the main products used is still latex, of course. But tyre companies are now trying other materials. So, to reduce the use of petroleum-derived chemicals.

One of these leading the charge is Yokohama tyres. Yokohama is experimenting with many materials. Importantly, one of the more successful ones has been “orange peel oil.”.  Another tyre company that is trying new materials is Goodyear Tyres.

Goodyear has teamed up with a biotechnology company called DuPont.

The two companies are working together to produce molecules to try to match the molecules that are found in tyre compounds. Rubber is a molecule!

So by replicating similar molecules from sugar molecules, they will be able to manufacture a product. Of course, that could be used to make tyres and replace the dependency on latex. The natural material that tyres are made of at the moment. For more reading…

Continental Tyres are also one of the world’s leading car tyre development innovators.

Over the years, they have formed what they call their “green kitchen” to enable them to develop more environmentally friendly compounds by replacing the more dangerous chemicals used in tyre making with new, more eco-friendly products, similar to what Goodyear and other tyre companies are experimenting with. More information… 

Michelin Tyres UK is going down the same road. Michelin have always been at the forefront of car tyre development, ever since the invention of the “steel belted radial,” and are now looking at all possible ways of future tyre development, including the use of old tyres…

“Terry Getty’s, Michelin’s research and development director, stated that the tyre giant’s innovation strategy continues to focus on exploiting raw materials to the maximum. He further said that TREC is a perfect illustration of eco-design and will help them create the latest high-performance tyres using high-quality raw materials derived from old car tyres.”.

 This includes Michelin’s latest tyre, which will not lose any grip all the way down to the tyre tread wear bars due to the different compound depths within the tyres.

Now more important to switch your Michelin tyres round– Car Tyres Greener

Tyre rotation has become just as important as ever because of the new developments and the need to gain every bit of wear that you can out of your tyres. In my opinion, there is also a need to match the tyres that are fitted to the car, especially if your car has the latest tyre specs that have been developed between the car and the tyre manufacturers.

We are pleasantly surprised, though, at how many of our customers do indeed practice this now. They are up to date with the fact that car tyres from different manufacturers are now different and that they should be matched up for better performance, which will give the car the same handling qualities when braking and cornering in any type of weather condition.

Pellon Tyres is now a member of