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Tyre labelling: good for the motorist

Tyre labelling

Tyre labelling
Tyre labelling

Tyre labelling is too vague for modern tyres

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Tyre labelling

Eric Roberts’s insight:

Since this post was first release,. Hence, I have now changed my opinion. As a result of tyre labeling. For this reason, at first, I did not think that the buying public. I would take any notice of the tyre grading’s. But now we are getting more drivers.

That are comparing the makes of tyres.

Thus, before they make their purchase,. Consequently, I did not think that this would ever happen. Therefore, I thought that most people would  buy on price alone. But I admit that I was wrong. I would say that out of all of our  purchasing customers, about a third now compare the Tyre labelling, ratings. We now show all the different tyre labelling ratings of all the tyres that we offer on our website, so that our customers can look at the different labels and make a more informed choice of tyre for their cars.

Tyre labelling does not affect tyre virtues.

What do I mean ?

So, the big five tyre makers, have always been torn between two things: Good grip or high mileage. it is very difficult to get the correct balance, We all know about the Michelin “X” when it came out ? it knocked the socks off mileage compared to all the other manufacturers, but also became famous for not being very good in the wet.

This is a great example

of the imbalance that can take place between the two things that tyre makers are trying to achieve. With today’s modern tyre testing techniques, these  companies have a much better chance of getting the balances correct. So much so that tyres can now be made for specific car models such as BMWs and Mercedes, which have their own specific ones to aid the cars performance.

What I am getting at is that, in my opinion, Tyre labeling, is not a good way of determining how good a tyre really is and is just another piece of bureaucracy that came from the European Union. The tyre companies are way ahead of these stupid labels, that really tell the motorist nothing. Also, how true is the tyre labeling on imported economy brands ?

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