Alfa Romeo Exhaust Problem- Back-Box matched and fitted from Bosal Fiat Part?

Alfa Romeo Exhaust Problem

Alfa Romeo Exhaust Problem;There was a time when certain exhaust manufacturers would do a replacement exhaust system for every car model on the market. If the car makers made it, then companies such as Bosal would make a replacement.

In fact, come to think of it, Bosal actually made the exhausts that were fitted to many of the European cars that were produced. This means that an exact copy could be purchased when the exhaust system needed a replacement.

Last week we had a customer with an Alfa Romeo Exhaust Problem. The backbox was perished and needed replacing. We put the car in the air on one of our hoists and checked to see what needed replacing.

Over the years, we have learnt about many ways of repairing cars and this Alfa Romeo Exhaust Problem, would turn out to be one of them?

When we were checking our exhaust book to find a replacement we soon noticed that this Alfa Romeo Exhaust Problem, would not be covered in the replacementAlfa Romeo Exhaust Problem market. This usually means that the only route for us then is the main dealers.

As with all other parts the main dealers are very expensive, and exhaust parts are no exception. The original Alfa part was a one piece system from the catalytic converter back. The price from the Alfa garage was expensive, to say the least.

Alfa Romeo Exhaust Problem

Our other alternative was to match up a similar back-box as the old one and sleeve it to the centre-pipe exhaust. With the customers wallet in mind, we decided to go down this road.

We contacted our local exhaust wholesaler for advice. He said that we should look at other similar Italian car back-boxes because some models inter-changed. Sure enough, we found that a back-box from a Fiat model was almost exactly the same.

The only difference was that the exhaust diameters were the same. This was not a problem for us. All we do is to sleeve the two parts together and so that is whatAlfa Romeo Exhaust Problem we did.

The customer was highly delighted that we had put ourselves out for him and also saved him £100. The exhausts carry exactly the same warranty as the main dealer would have been.

Here at Pellon Auto Centre in Halifax, Yorkshire UK, we offer a full range of exhausts for all makes and models of cars, and will even put ourselves out to help you.

Nissan Navara Clutch replacement-Duel Mass Flywheel replaced.

Nissan Navara Clutch replacement

Nissan Navara Clutch replacement;One of the car problems that increase after the winter driving period, is a noticeable rise in the number of clutches that we fit. The other day was no exception. One of our first jobs that were booked in was a Nissan Navara Clutch replacement.

Clutches fall into two main categories. These are cars that are fitted with manual gearboxes and also automatic gearboxes. In the UK, the most popular type of gearbox, by far is the manual type of gearbox

Other types do exist, but they are mainly on the upmarket car models and motorsport cars.

As most of my readers probably know the clutch fits between the engine and the manual gearbox and this Nissan Navara Clutch replacement, was no different.

Nissan Navara Clutch replacement

Nissan Navara Clutch replacement

The clutch enables the driver to change gears, in response to the car engine speed. This enables a smooth transfer of power, from the engine to the gearbox.

The clutch plate is made from a similar material to your brake shoes and eventually, wear away. Like anything else it depends on how the driver treats the clutch, as to how long it will last. The guy with the Nissan Navara could feel the clutch slipping when the truck was fully loaded. He also had problems engaging his gears on occasions.

Nissan Navara Clutch replacement

He brought it into us here at Pellon Halifax UK, for us to check it out. Sure enough, the clutch was slipping and in need of a new one fitting.

The Nissan Navara Clutch replacement, meant us removing the gearbox away from the engine. The Navara is an inline unit, which means that the engine and gearbox are lined from front to rear, driving the rear wheels.

Alex was allocated the job and he soon started to remove the holding nuts and bolts. The Navara is a big vehicle, compared to the clutches that we normally fit and Alex had to use hydraulic engine stands to take the weight of the extremely heavy gearbox when it was removed.

When we checked out the parts, the computer informed us that this model could be fitted with a Duel mass Flywheel (DMF). These were invented to take out many of the stresses and vibrations that were associated with diesel engine cars. In my opinion, some vehicles do not need it. This has become more obvious to me, when certain clutch manufacturers, make an alternative solid “Blue-Print“clutch to replace the DMF.

We contacted the customer and explained to him about the DMF and the solid clutch. He phoned back and gave us permission to fit the solid clutch. This was fitted and the gearbox built back up. The Nissan Navara Clutch replacement was complete and the customer collected his car and away he went.

Tyre registration-Will Europe follow the Path of the American Tyre Market?

Tyre registration

Tyre registration- When I first saw this tyre law coming out of America, the thought crossed my mind that what started out over the pond, usually ended up here in the UK or even Europe. In other words, would we have to start registering every tyre that we sold?

I suppose the big difference is that the USA have a much bigger culture of suing people and companies for every little thing. However, when looking at the whole picture, then it could make a little sense, on behalf of the tyre Manufacturers.

The story is that every consumer that buys a new tyre has now to register their purchase, under the requirements of the federal law. Tyre retailer and dealers,

tyre registration

Tyre registration-Image courtesy of Pirelli from their tyre registration website

must provide a registration form to fill in, or an electronic platform so that you can register the purchase online.

The reason for this is that the consumer can be notified by the tyre manufacturer if there is a tyre recall or a problem with a certain batch of tyres. This will give an early warning should any problem occur and also cover the tyre producers from possible further problems from faulty tyres, say causing accidents when running too much on these tyres.

I must say that we in the UK do not have these problems. On the contrary, I think that tyre products have improved over the years and faulty tyres are far and few between. We do not have the legal culture of the states and do not take everybody to court when a problem arrives.

Tyre registration

What strikes me though is the fact that the tyre makers are going to have a heap of information about who buys their tyres and where from. Although I have read that the consumer’s personal information, will be protected by federal law, I can’t help seeing the number of tyre manufacturers that offer registration forms online.

This information could give them a mass of details about who, what and where their tyre products were purchased and many other things that I don’t know

tyre registration

Tyre registration-Image from Michelin tyres registration website.

about. I am sure that tyre manufacturers in Europe will catch onto this idea as will give them a huge insight as to who and why consumers buy their products.

As for the consumer? It will give them the responsibility to register their tyres and help become more aware of the safety aspect of their tyres. If they do not carry out tyre registration then I presume that they could not sue the tyre company, if a faulty tyre caused an accident.

As for the tyre dealers, well it is just extra work for us?

For more information…

Michelin Energy EV-tyres- Fitted to a Renault Zoe in Halifax UK.

Michelin Energy EV-tyres

Michelin Energy EV-tyres -Saturday’s at Pellon Tyres, in Halifax. Are filled dealing with tyre customers and tyre enquiries. Thus, like many UK tyre dealers, we attract a varied amount of different models and makes of cars. Saturday is generally a tyre day?

This Saturday just gone was no exception?. It was a steady day with cars calling in and out at regular intervals. We often jack car’s up outside to remove their wheels and fit tyres or carry out puncture repairs. Especially, if the weather is dry, and this Saturday it was.

There had been nothing special in on this day, we fitted a couple of General tyres onto a Toyota, an odd Bridgestone and few economy tyres. This was until one ofMichelin Energy EV-tyres my staff pointed out a sort of plain looking car, a Renault Zoe.

The Zoe was jacked up and having a damaged Michelin tyre replaced. Because this was exactly the same tyre that came off. The guy had brought the car in for a puncture repair. As a result, to be repaired. But the screw was too close to the shoulder, and could not be repaired.

I noticed that the 195/55R16 91Q Michelin EV-Tyres were, in fact, double A rated. Not forgetting that the two companies, Renault and Michelin have deep roots in France and have been developing tyres together, ever since tyres were invented? The joint tyre development for the Zoe tyres began over four years ago. Both companies worked very hard in the development, to design a tyre that would achieve

Michelin Energy EV-tyres

Both an increased driving range and would also fit in with the French emission standards, and the Michelin EV-Tyres, are what they came up with.

When I had a chat with the customer, he said” I bought the car for my wife?.  Most of her driving is done at a local level around town, so we tried the Zoe, it’s great, and we just plug the car in on a night and recharge it for her next day’s driving”.Michelin Energy EV-tyres

Vincent Rousset-Rouvière, Head of the Michelin Passenger Car tyre Replacement unit in Europe, and Bernard Dumondel, who is the “Customer Specifications Electric Vehicle Director” with Renault, look back on this exciting developments and the technological challenge and the major stages in the fruitful collaboration between the two groups, to develop and introduce the Michelin EV-Tyres.

Engine Overheating Problems-Can cause permanent engine damage.

Engine Overheating Problems

Engine Overheating Problems-When driving home up the M1 motorway, here in the UK, I counted four cars that were pulled into the hard shoulder and were broken down. We all see this common event, but as a garage owner I often think about what may have caused the problem in the first place?

One of the cars had white steam coming out of a lifted bonnet (hood). This looked like a typical case of an overheated engine. The guy did the correct thing and pulled over. The car engine overheating can turn out to be a costly and dangerous thing, especially for your car engine. It could come to having a new engine.

If this happens to you there are one or two tips that I can give you. First, try to pull over in a safe place and turn your engine off. You would have been warned by

Engine Overheating Problems

Engine Overheating Problems-A typical water expansion tank ina modern car.

your car’s instruments, either flashing on the dashboard or the temperature gauge hitting the roof.

The guy on the M1 , with the Engine Overheating Problems, did the right thing by lifting the bonnet to allow the engine to cool down quicker. A good tip is that if there is not a safe place to pull over, then turn the car heater to full. This acts as an extra radiator and helps cool down the engine. Even if it is a hot day, you must try to peek the engine as cool as possible.

Engine Overheating Problems

If your car is equipped with air-con, then turn the air-con OFF. The air-con produces more heat, and this is the last thing that you want.

At this stage, you would want to call for help? Another tip is NEVER to try to remove the radiator cap if your car has one when the engine is overheating. This happened to an apprentice mechanic that I worked with back in the day. The engine cooling system is under great pressure and when the lad removed the radiator cap, he was burned by steam and red hot coolant. He did recover but spent a couple of days in the local burns unit.

Most modern cars are now fitted with a plastic expansion tank. This tank is filled with a special water and coolant mix. The same applies to the expansion tank as to the radiator. You will get the same results as with a radiator cap. Some vehicles are fitted with a pressurized expansion tank. If you have one of these then there is a warning on the tank cap.

It may be that your car just needs some more water and coolant.

Engine Overheating Problems

You have access to a water supply then you could top the tank up. Therefore, if are confident enough to do this then make sure that you only use warm water, to mix the already boiling water in the engine. Finally, if you have no coolant available then it should be fine to use water only, until you can get the car to your local garage for a check over.

In my experience, the Engine Overheating Problems can occur when the car has had recent engine work carried out. Say a new head gasket or rubber hose fitted. The water system has had an air lock, and this can cause the engine to overheat. If this is the case then take the car back to your garage and ask them to bleed and check the water system, because of overheating. At Pellon, we find that it is always better to recheck the coolant levels after the car has had engine work carried out. The engine is run, keeping an eye on the temperature. We switch the engine off and recheck the levels after a good ten minutes. This will get rid of any trapped air that may cause later problems.

Although some drivers will think this article as pretty basic, many drivers will be thankful for the advice as they may have never come across such a problem. Thanks,  Eric Roberts.


Car Servicing Different Levels-There are Three types of basic car servicing

Car Servicing Different Levels

Car Servicing Different Levels-As part of most adults working life, then driving is a big part of it. We do though take our cars for granted. We rush or breakfast, and dive into our car, hoping it will the same old mister reliable as ever. It always starts up in the morning and gets me to work, every time?

Whatever the weather, in winter or summer, we all expect our cars to perform. Cars are a bit like anything else mechanical, and that includes us (humans)? They wear out the older they get. It is up the owner to look after their car and keep it in good condition. And this includes servicing. As the owner of Pellon Tyre and

Car Servicing Different Levels

Car Servicing Different Levels-Alex carrying out a car service.

Auto Centre, in Halifax Yorkshire, UK I often see the results of customers who just expect their car to carry on year after year, without any kind of maintenance.

In recent years, cars have become very sophisticated pieces of machinery. Technology has come along in leaps and bounds, due to the drive to produce cleaner car exhaust emissions. The older cars went years without servicing and were just driven until they came to a halt. A quick oil change and some new spark plugs and the cars were back on the road again.

Car Servicing Different Levels

Most new cars are also fitted with changeable timing belts. They are made of the same materials as the fan belts and must be changed at certain intervals depending on the make and model of the car. The advice will be picked up at service time by the garage. As I have said earlier in this article, customers lead a busy life. This is why it helps them remember that a service is required, by having an MOT and service at the same time. We find this a most satisfactory way to

Car Servicing Different Levels

Car Servicing Different Levels-Jake working on a car service

keeping their car in good condition.

Any extra problems, such as brake problems can also be picked up at this stage, as the service will also include a brake examination. This is as well as the usual oil and filter changes, that come as standard. We also find that our customers like to use our servicing menu system which often ties up with their car owner’s service manual. The menu system also ensures that the customer can afford to pay for at least a minimum service, to keep their car on the road.

This article by Eric Roberts is part of a new car servicing advice series.

Buying cheap online tyres can be a time saving exercise.

Buying cheap online tyres

Buying cheap online tyres-As we all know most of the major stores in the retail sector have their own websites. The stores also have an online presence for selling their products and have embraced the great idea of selling the products online. This includes the tyre retail sector. Tyre companies can now sell a range of tyres from cheap tyres, including many budget brands to quality brands, such as Continental tyres and Goodyear Tyres.

Now in 2016, the small local retail tyre companies, such as Pellon Tyres in Halifax Yorkshire UK, can offer tyres online at prices just as competitive as the large multi-national companies. If the customer knows the correct replacement tyres for their vehicle then they can visit their favourite, local tyre retailer and buy the tyres for just as cheap as the big companies. All they have to do is enter the tyre size or the registration number of the car and order the tyres online for fitting at whatever date they require.

Buying cheap online tyres

Buying cheap online tyres

Our customers in Halifax can even have the tyres sent out to most postcodes in the UK for the same price. The prices online include fitting or delivery, with no extra charge for sending the tyres out.

Buying cheap online tyres

Why order from a national tyre company, when you can buy from your local tyre retailer online and still get a very competitive price. Many of the larger online tyre retailers send their customers to some back street garage for the tyres to be fitted. Drivers must cringe when they turn up to some of these places?

Another good part of having an online presence is that our local customers can check to see what their tyres are going to cost. We have many customers that just turn up and tell us that they have been online at our website, and could they have say two of those 205/55R16 General mid- range tyres.

Buying cheap online tyres

This is great for us because we know that many of our customers return time and time again, because of our great customer care and service. Looking online for their tyres is just an extension to that service.


By looking at our prices and tyre brands they can knowingly trust our prices to be very competitive, and also know that we will give them an excellent service, where they can sit in a nice warm reception, have a coffee and watch TV or read a women’s magazine, while we take care of fitting their tyres. The larger internet tyre sellers could send you anywhere?

So to finalise, most local tyre retailers have a good online presence. They should have a priced sight, for you to choose the tyres that you are looking for and the correct price range. You then know that you will be treated in the same clean and friendly way that you were on past visits.



Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres- a great all-year round tyre performer

Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres

Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres-As I have stated many times, Firestone tyres have had a shaky past. We all now know about the problems of the past with faulty steel belt problems?.

The good news is that since the Bridgestone take over. Then Firestone are reaffirming their status as a leading European tyre brand. The new Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres are heading the company in the right direction. With a tyre that allows the driver freedom to visit anywhere he likes.

Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres

Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres- One of Firestone tyres latest offerings to improve the companies image in the mid-range tyre market.

This Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres. Along with other great tyres in the range including the TZ300 run flat tyres and the Destination HP SUV tyre range. Are helping to establish Firestone as a leading mid-range tyre manufacturer again. Firestone also produces the S790 high-performance tyre for the large sports saloons.

The Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres were introduced at the beginning of 2015. Because, the new tyre offered a welcoming fresh design. It is made of innovative new materials to add a touch of class to the mid-range tyre sector.

Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres

Because, the Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres, comes with a new slogan “freedom to drive” and is aimed at the young at heart, (that must include me?). Consequently, the new tyre is more fuel efficient due to a better rolling resistance and a silica added compound, which is the general theme for most tyre manufacturers these days.

Therefore, Firestone drivers will love the nice comfortable journey on their new Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres. The tyre buying public should have few problems finding a Multihawk 2 to fit their car: We offer these tyres IN my Tyre Shop in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK. Finally, the tyre will be introduced in 36 sizes for 13″ to 15″ rims, covering more than 95% of EU demand in the small to compact segment cars.


Climate Change Affects Tyres-Should we change our tyres in different weather conditions?

Climate Change Affects Tyres

Climate Change Affects Tyres-In my opinion, two things have changed our tyre buying habit over the past five years?

One is our climate. We are having a spell of very wet weather from autumn right through until the end of springtime. Like many of us, I take great interest in the weather, probably as a garage owner, I am very dependent on the weather and it determines what I order for stock.

Should I buy some extra winter tyres? Or just keep summer tyres in stock? Like most things in business, it is a bit of a gamble. I usually get things right, although last winter I had a few popular sized winter tyres left over. There is no doubt about the fact that Climate Change Affects Tyres.

Climate Change Affects Tyres-winter tyres-summer tyres

Climate Change Affects Tyres-winter tyres-summer tyres

This winter has been the mildest on record according to the weather people. The truth is, though, that we still sold a lot of winter tyres at the beginning of winter. I think that drivers have become more aware now, that winter tyres are very important in the wet weather and although they are great in snow conditions, they are far safer in wet weather.

Here in the Halifax area of the UK, it is very hilly. In recent wet weather, when we have seen much flooding, the water has been cascading down the hilly roads, into the valley and river below. Many drivers, in the Halifax area, use SUV vehicles and convert their tyres on to something like the General AT tyres. These tyres give them far better grip in harsh conditions and, therefore, more safety.

Climate Change Affects Tyres

In parts of the UK that are flat, such as Lincoln then the winter is shorter and summer tyres would probably suffice for most of the year. Sometimes when the weather comes from the east, then it can bring snow. If the snow prolongs, then Climate Change Affects Tyres and I would recommend fitting winter tyres.

I know I feel much safer and confident with winter tyres fitted to my vehicle in winter and it is pleasing to know that many of my customers now feel the same.

The other thing that has affected the tyre scene in recent years is the change of vehicle design? The car market is now flooded with SUV and crossover vehicles. These vehicles have changed the whole range of tyre sizes. Car tyres have become bigger and wider. They are also made to be more fuel efficient and handle better, with a quiet driving experience.

In my opinion, this is another reason why Climate Change Affects Tyres. The tyres for these vehicles are made from softer compounds, to help give them a winter tyres eric 2smoother drive with less road noise. This makes them practically useless in bad winter weather. Tyre manufacturers have been quick to react. They can now make tyre sizes fit these types of vehicles. When it snowed badly a couple of years ago, the worse cars to cope were the big BMW, s and Audi SUV’s.

I remember these drivers panicking. The phone never stopped ringing, with these drivers wanting to fit winter tyres. When the winter tyres were fitted, then it solved the problem. This and the fact that way that Climate Change Affects Tyres, has been a big influence on recent tyre buying trends and more and more drivers are going for the safety option of fitting winter tyres in November.

Slick Tyres- Often seen used at F1 race meetings on a Dry day-What are they and what do they do?

Slick Tyres

I have written about “slick tyres” on many occasions, but I have never stopped to think that my readers and customers, may not have a clue what I am writing about. Do I use the word slicks for a couple of reasons?

The first is when a customer calls in with “bald” tyres. The fact that they are bald makes them look like slick tyres. They are shiny with no tread left on the tyres at all. This is what the real thing looks like. The difference is that the real thing is used for motorsport. These tyres are designed for the use on sports cars and racing cars.

slick tyres

Continental slick tyres ready for the Indy racing

We have all seen the F1 racing cars with their huge tyres that look to have no tread on. Well, they are used on very dry tracks, usually in a hot country, such as Australia or Brazil. The other criteria for using slicks is on a nice tarmac road surface.

The tyres are first heated in special tyre tents. This makes the compound of the tyres very soft and the tyre actually sticks to the road surface. One of the downsides is that the slick tyres pick up small stones and grit. These can be removed and the task usually falls down to one of the race team to sit on a stool and painfully remove all the stones and grit.

A type of slick tyres was also used in the 1960’s.

These were used on “hot rods”, but the tyres did not handle well in wet conditions, due to the lack of tread pattern. Some drivers would cut a thin tread pattern out on the slick tyres tread. This helped with a partial grip, but tyres were developing fast and the radial tyres came out in wider sections, with a proper tread pattern. These made the hot rod slick tyres obsolete.

Slick tyres are also used on the rear of drag cars. The soft compound often burns up and creates a huge amount of smoke, making the racing more exciting to watch.

Here in the UK, Slicks are of course illegal to use on our roads, so the circuits are the place to try them out.