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Automotive Jobs To Go-Sales ban of petrol, diesel and hybrid cars could start in 2032

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As the owner of a small garage in Halifax UK then I am disgusted by our Governments decision. So, I am now in my early 70’s and remember the complete devastation of the coal mining! Of course,  caused by the Margret Thatcher government. As a long life Conservative supporter then I feel let down already by this decision ?

So at the moment electric cars have to go back to the main dealers with anything to do with the cars giant battery. Going forward, my fear is that this is how it will remain. Car manufacturers dealerships will be the only way that motorists will be able to have there battery serviced. In other words they will be tied down to the place where the car was bought from.

In my opinion this will mean that thousands of small garages, parts companies and indeed petrol stations will have to be shut down! Including thousands of factories making engine parts and Automotive batteries. Of course, because of lack of work due to car electrification.

Government bows down to the “extinction rebellion” lobby

So, also millions of people in the UK will not be able to afford an electric car. Nissan leaf owners are already having problems sourcing affordable replacement batteries. Because of a blog that I did about this then I get many emails asking for help! regarding the whereabouts of a reasonably priced replacement battery. One guy in Leeds was quoted £20,000 by the nissan dealer.

What I cant understand is why car makers were not given enough time to develop greener engines from fossil fuels. Vehicles out now are very green with low emissions.  Also I am surprised at our government. Who incidentally claim that they are on the side of hard working small and medium size businesses such as the independent private garage sector. Like the coal miners I fear that we will be all trodden over, by this stupid surge for electric cars.

I would love to hear what other people in the industry think.Importantly, I would also like to know why the World did not come to and end after the catastrophe that was the first and second world wars. The poison gases that were emitted over the period of the wars surely must have brought the world to an end ?

Finally we are going to need millions of charging points all over the country. Also where is all the electricity to come from to charge them all up. The country will be littered with thousands of stranded cars with flat batteries ?

Eric Roberts

.Eric Roberts

The UK’s planned ban on sales of new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars could start as early as 2032, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has said. The government sparked industry concern after it brought the date forward

Source: Sales ban of petrol, diesel and hybrid cars could start in 2032 – Garagewire

Dunlop Tyres

Dunlop Tyres-One the founder and therefore earliest tyre companies and still a great tyre company.

Dunlop Tyres

It was back in 1888 in Scotland. Thus, when the pneumatic tyres were invented by John Boyd Dunlop. Yet, another great British invention. He was working on his son’s bicycle at the time. Hence,he came up an inflated rubber tube filled with air. Of course,it was fitted around a metal rim for comfort. Hence, the rubber tyre was born.This invention paved the way for the future of the great company we now know as Dunlop tyres.

In 1985 Dunlop were bought by BTR plc and later a Japanese company Sumitomo were given the rights to make tyres under the Dunlop tyres road brand, it then started producing tyres in its UK subsidiary under the Dunlop Tyres Ltd name.

In 1999, the Sumitomo group began talks with Goodyear tyres and Goodyear bought a 75% stake in the company. Sumitomo carried on making Dunlop products in Japan and Goodyear made Dunlop in North America.

Motorsport tyre introduced

In 2006, The new tyre company stopped making tyres here in the UK. Motorsport tyres are still produced out of their BirminghamDunlop Tyres UK factory, turning out about 300,000 specialist tyres a year.

The old factory can still be seen from the M6 motorway as you travel through Birmingham but it is a shadow of its former self, joining in with the rest of the decline of British manufacturing in the UK, very sad, I have had many visits to the old tyre factory in its former glory days but now the tyre products are produced in China, Poland and Slovenia, not a British product anymore.

 Goodyear Dunlop tyres also own two smaller tyre companies,

 Fulda and Sava both brands that we used to sell in past and are good quality tyres. Goodyear tyres now operate from offices in Luxembourg and Brussels, who report to the main head office which is still in Akron USA.

 Eric Roberts

.Eric Roberts

agm batteries

Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries- Absorbed Glass Mat batteries AGM are now a very popular battery

Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries

agm battery

Many people think that GEL and Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries are the same

Many people buying new golf batteries or mobility batteries. Therefore, believe that the two types of battery are the same. They are very similar.Hence, they are a deep cycle with a low discharge. Because they do not spill they are classed as sealed.Therefore, may be mounted in any position.For this reason, are safe to use in a confined area. Naturally, and may be carried safely.

Absorbed Glass Mat batteries. Are filled with a type of fibreglass material.As expected, that is fitted inside the battery and then soaked with the electrolyte between the batteries plates. Therefore, this makes the battery leak proof.In other words, if the battery casing is broken.Accordingly, then no acid will leak out. This type of battery is also the most popular here in

the UK (in my opinion this is due to the price difference) these are usually much cheaper batteries, in particular with the golfing fraternity.

Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries

GEL batteries have filled a type of silica gel mixed with the electrolyte making a thick jelly that allows the electrons to flow through the plates. Once again as in the other kind, they do not leak when the casing is broken.

One of the most common reasons. Thus, for people using the Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries. Is it can give out a high burst of amps if required to do so. Of course,they can also be charged with a standard battery charger. So, and an alternator if necessary.Also, they have a longer life expectancy.Especially, if these batteries are not fully discharged between discharges. In my opinion, this is a mistake that people make, they fully discharge their batteries too often causing premature failure, I think that people should keep a backup battery as a spare so as to not allow their batteries to become too discharged.

 GEL batteries as stated before cost more than Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries

But offer better-working conditions.Especially, in hotter climates. Although, this does not affect us here in the UK. The big problem with gel batteries is that they must be charged correctly. Hence, or failure will follow. If you have a GEL charger then stick to a GEL battery.For this reason, they are designed especially for these types of battery. GEL  should not be charged with an alternator. Unless appropriate adjustments are made. Another battery that is starting to appear in the marketplace. Naturally, is the Lithium-Ion battery.So, watch out for this one.
To conclude. We think that Absorbed Glass Mat. Now has the upper hand and unless you only have an own charger on your golf buggy or mobility scooter you would be better off buying AGM.

Eric Roberts

43 Suspension System-Components-Suspension

43 Suspension System-Components-Suspension and Parts explained in this Video

43 Suspension System-Components-Suspension

43 Suspension System-Components-Suspension

This is a simple but effective video. Hence to help our customers understand the parts of their car. Of course, that goes into making the car suspension up. Our main suspension problem, is shock absorbers. Of course we call them shockers for short. Shocker problems, usually come with the cars age. Of course shocker problems are also picked up in the cars annual MOT test. Of course the main problems we get is that the shockers dont work at all. Believe it or not, customers are never aware that the shocks on there car are defunct.

The oil in the shocker piston slowly dissipates or leaks. Hence this is over a number of years. A simple bounce test will show ineffective shocks up. Replacing them is usually very simple. Nuts at the top and bottom are removed and the old shocker comes out. naturally we just do the opposite to fit the new one and the jobs done. More complicated ones include the Mc pherson strut. The shocker is fitted inside the coil spring assembly. Therefore this job is more difficult. So I would leave this job to the professionals.

Basic Principles – Spring Action & Control – Solid Axle – Independent Suspension – Independent Suspension – Rear -Coil Springs – Leaf Springs – Torsion Bars -Rubber Springs -Hydraulic Shock Absorbers – Gas Pressurized Shock Absorbers-
Load-Adjustable Shock Absorbers – Manual Adjustable-Rate Shock Absorbers – Electronic Adjustable-Rate Shock Absorbers -Automatic Adjustable-Rate Shock Absorbers

110 Amp Caravan Battery

110 Amp Caravan Battery-Some general caravan battery information for Beginners

110 Amp Caravan Battery

110 Amp Caravan Battery

110 Amp Caravan Battery-Is there such a thing as a Caravan battery?

To a novice, caravanner wanting to buy their first battery. Therefore, it could be a beginner’s nightmare. There are many different products. hence, that are  on the market for your caravan battery. Manufacturers all try to create an individual product. Hence, that makes it easy to choose a new one. Of course, the battery may not be the right one for you.


I am thinking about the type of person that I would class as a leisure caravanner. Who would probably stay in the UK. Thus, for the holiday season. For perhaps their two-week summer break and not a touring around the World holiday. Therefore the owner that uses his caravan. Perhaps, to tootle around the roads and lanes. Probably, only need the same kind of ones used on other recreation vehicles; These are a cross breed. Thus, between a“car starter battery” and a “deep cycle battery”. naturally, Starter batteries are measured in CCA or “cold cranking amps”. But once again it does not mean that leisure caravan batteries are deep cycle batteries. Therefore, the  way that you can tell would be to cut one in half. I am sure this would not be a very practical thing to do.

110 Amp Caravan Battery

Caravans usually have a single one the (same as a car posts) for example one negative and one positive post, this is to link the battery to your accessories, these will come in different amp sizes the most popular one that we sell at  is the 65 amp/85 amp/100 amp and 110 amp. These come with a three-year guarantee from the dealer and are sealed calcium alloy of the highest quality. These batteries from 65 to 110 amps usually go up according to the caravan size and the amount of appliances in the caravan.

For example, a small caravan could use a 65 amp or an 85 amp, with the bigger caravans going up to 110 amp battery size. Some batteries such as the 100 amp battery fit the VW camper van, but will also be alright for caravanners. Please do not forget that when not in use your battery must be fully charged and tested when not in use, or the battery will fail and will not be covered by your guarantee.

A leisure caravan battery will also double up with the starter battery.

Hope this is not too complicated, in general, buy a caravan battery from a reputable company make sure it is sealed and maintenance free. (check for screw tops) these are not sealed and not suitable.

Eric Roberts

Van Wheel Alignment Including Suspension

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles.


Fuel injectors/Piston rings

Astra 1.6 Engine Problem-Lack of regular servicing the cause of the problem!

Astra 1.6 Engine Problem

Astra 1.6 Engine Problem

Astra 1.6 Engine Problem

So, I must confess this was a ne one to me! Of course my staff give me some out of the ordinary car problems that we encounter from time to time. Knowingly, these car problems are good for our blog. So informing driver about things that could be a future problem with their cars. This particular day last a guy with a Astra 1.6 Engine Problem called into our reception.

As usual we asked him to leave the car with us for a test drive and solution to the problem. So, the car was a Vauxhall Astra 1.6 16 valve VVTi model. Importantly the VVTi stands for “Variable Valve Timing with intelligence” a term that was new to me!

So, the problem with the car was that the engine had become very noisy and was rattling its head off. The guy could not remember when the Astra was last serviced. Tactfully we suggested that he should start with a good service. Ryan examined the car and straight away suspected that the engine parts were getting starved of oil!

Oil filter had totally collapsed

So, on examination we found that the engine oil was in a bad state and commenced to change the oil filter as part of the service. Astoundingly, we found that the oil filter had never probably been changed! Not for a long while in any case. The filter had totally collapsed into itself. Therefore blocking the path of the oil from the sump to the engine parts.

Of course you can see the sate of the old oil filter in the posts image. So, the customer had been very lucky, bringing the car in just in time before the engines cam had seized up. probably requiring a new engine?

Attentively, we carried out the full service, hoping that the problem was solved when we re-started the Astra’s engine. Happily, the car was fixed and the engine was running normally. Although there was no lasting damage the driver was very lucky. Of course this would not have happened with regular car servicing. The oil filter would have been changed at the correct time. So, alleviating the possibility of engine failure and an expensive bill ?

Eric Roberts



Fuel Thefts Halifax UK-Thieves are drilling holes in petrol tanks to steal fuel – Pellon Tyre and Autocentre

Fuel Thefts Halifax UK

Fuel Thefts Halifax UK

Fuel Thefts Halifax UK

Firstly, I just could not believe my ears when my depot manager, Debby Bastow first told me this story ! Firstly, I did not even know that car manufacturers were fitting “plastic” fuel tanks . Secondly, I was astonished to find out that thieves were drilling the plastic tanks and stealing the cars fuel.

How low can you get! This was first brought to our attention when a lady customer could smell fuel when going to her car. Subsequently, she found that her sill was also damaged and a there was a patch of fuel from underneath the car.

Been local she was just about able to drive the car into us with the fuel left in the fuel pipes. Fortunately, for her we are able to weld the plastic tanks using a special method. So, the cost of this job is about £300 to £400 depending on the make and model of the car.

Fuel stealing becoming more common

Of course, this is not the only case that we have had to deal with. So, a gentleman customer had the same problem. After fetching the car in the guy did not want the drill hole fixing ! the other alternative is a new tank. He wanted to put this through his insurance. Afterwards he realised that he would have to pay the excess. However, it would not have been worth it. So he decided to pay for the job out of his own pocket.

Because, he had notified the insurance company then he was told that his premiums would go up the following year ! how bizarre ! The reason being, is that all though he did not claim, he had contacted them about the petrol tank. So this trigger was enough to warrant the insurance company putting up the guys insurance.

Of course this is a lesson to be learned. Do not contact your insurance company unless you think it will be worth a claim. Work out your no claims and excess before even contacting them.

Eric Roberts

Van Wheel Alignment Including Suspension    Source: Thieves are drilling holes in petrol tanks to steal fuel – Wales Online

Great Looking Triumph Spitfire-Calls in at Pellon Tyres Halifax UK for some new tyres

Great Looking Triumph Spitfire

Great Looking Triumph Spitfire

Here at Pellon tyres in Halifax West Yorkshire UK.We are very proud of the different type of customers. Naturally, and their interesting cars that come to us to buy their car tyres.

Great Looking Triumph Spitfire

Great Looking Triumph Spitfire-It is always a pleasure to have a Triumph Spitfire into my garage for whatever the problem, this one had a new battery fitted. a 038 Tungstone battery.

  We sell and have available millions of sizes and types of car tyres. Hence, that are available on a daily basis to our customers.

The other day. We were honoured by the visit of a Great Looking Triumph Spitfire Car. Of course, for a set of new car tyres.

Great Looking Triumph Spitfire

Great Looking Triumph Spitfire-triumph Spitfire at Pellon tyres

This car reminded me of a friend of mine called Peter. When we were in our early twenties.Hence, we both worked at the same tyre company in a town called Dewsbury . Thus, in the North of England. We both had different types of cars on and off.For this reason, my favourite was my Triumph Spitfire. As expected, was a white colour. But Pete bought a splendid blue Triumph Stag.

Great Looking Triumph Spitfire

Unfortunately, after about three weeks. Peter blew up the Stags engine. “Peter was in tears”.However, after a few phone calls (non-internet in those days).Of course, he found a garage in Leeds who could repair the engine at a reasonable price. In those days, we received a bonus for each car tyre that we fitted. So the new engine took some saving up for.

Pete had to get the car to Leeds, so we borrowed a trailer from a friend that owned Plant hire business and buy all of his car tyres from us. We loaded the car onto the flat trailer and headed for Leeds. The A62 was very quiet that Saturday morning but unbeknown to Peter the pin connecting the trailer to the tyre van came out and the Stag and trailer went crashing into a nearby field and was duly written off, what a horror story, one I will never forget, certainly Pete won’t.

Peter is now the owner of a successful car tyre outlet in Huddersfield but we still have a laugh about the incident.

Eric Roberts

Bald Tyres Can KILL !

Tyre offences-Courts convict 10,500 motorists for “CAR TYRES” Offences

Tyre offences;Convictions at a four year high for “defective”car tyres

Defective car tyre convictions in England and Wales are up year on year to a four year high in 2011. Of course compared with figures from 2010. These figures were obtained by the UK tyre safety.

Tyre offences,tyre checks

Tyre offences;West Midlands Police are regularly stopping motorists at road side checks to test the cars tyres for legality.

So, organisation known as “Tyre Safe”, retrieve the information from the Home Office and the Ministry of Justice.

Incredibly, this figure is up by more than a thousand motorists. Reflecting, the determination by motorists. Of course, to keep their cars on the road. Staggeringly, even if their cars are not road worthy! Including many vehicles with defective and illegal tyres.

Drivers with defective tyres will take all kinds of risks to avoid having to buy new tyre. But if they get caught it is a warning that the courts will lay down the law.Importantly, with “heavy hands”, if they are stopped. Especially by the Thames Valley Police with defective car committing Tyre offences. Or if the illegal tyres are spotted at the scene of an accident.

We as a tyre company are very aware that drivers are under much financial restrain. Especially, in these days of recession. However, it will cost more in the long run if you are stopped and have your tyres checked at a road side police block. Importantly,it is not in your interest to hold off buying your car tyres for too long. So, the law is clamping down and fining people. Armed with a greater use of “road side checks”.Stopping and prosecuting motorists with Tyre offences for bald or faulty car tyres.

Have your car tyres checked for free

The law states that your tyres must have 1.6 mm of tread depth across ¾ of the tread width from the centre outwards. This must cover the full circumference of the car tyre. If you are not sure about what you are looking for you! Of course, you can call into your friendly tyre dealer for a free tyre check. This is important because you could face a fine of up to £2500 and have 3 penalty points deducted for each defective and Tyre offences car tyres.

About Eric Roberts

.Eric Roberts

Tyre Safety Don't Compromise

Tyre Safety Don’t Compromise-Don’t Chance It, Check It at regular intervals Safety is Paramount.

Tyre Safety Don’t Compromise

Tyre Safety Don’t Compromise

In my opinion, have been one of the most influential road safety groups in the UK. Hence, the not for profit group are constantly informing the public about tyre related safety issues. Of course, the organisation also campaign against the sale of illegal part-worn tyres. part-worn tyres are also my particular bug-bare.

The people that sell these tyres, must know that the tyres they sell are illegal. Of course, we all know the people that are doing this. naturally we will be called racists if we say anything about it. At the moment the law does not want to know. We have all seen the piles of scrap tyres pilled up outside their premises. I can remember not too long ago. When many long standing legitimate tyre retailers were heavily find for not keeping their waste tyre out of the eyes of the public.

In fact we had to buy a container to store away our waste tyres in. Therefore, before they were collected by legally licence scrap tyre companies. All this has gone to pot? I am also disgusted at the amount of taxis and private hire vehicles that i see having these illegal tyres fitted. What will it take for the law to intervene?

Tyre Safety Don’t Compromise

We in the tyre retail trade have seen this illegal tyre selling before. In fact, new tyre laws were passed in the 1990’s. These laws were introduced to make part worn tyres safer. These back street part worn are not selling tyres under this law and they should be closed down by the authorities. Tyresafe are trying to combat this by using awareness and warning the public about the problem. The law is very clear

Eric Roberts

This is the text that accompanied this video

October is Tyre Safety Month. New research by Tyresafe reveals that one in four motorists are replacing their tyres after they have reached the legal minimum standards. Don’t chance it, check your tyre tread, pressure and general condition every month to stay safe on the road and avoid fines and penalty points on your licence.