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Engine Carbon Clean Service: Pellon Autocentre in Halifax UK

Engine Carbon Clean Service

Engine Carbon Clean Service
Engine Carbon Clean Service

Engine Carbon Clean Service

Howdy, everyone! Car emissions are going to be today’s topic of discussion, so pay attention because we’re going to dive right into the thick of things. You’ve been keeping up with the news, right? The United Kingdom is taking a tough stance, and automobile manufacturers? They’re putting in more effort than ever before; that much is clear. Let’s take a look at how these bigwigs are cleaning up their act in order to comply with the newly enacted emission laws.

To begin, we need to have a conversation about hybrid forms of technology.

In all seriousness, it’s in every single place now! The days in which hybrids were a novelty have long since passed. Automobile manufacturers are cleverly integrating electric systems so that they can function in conjunction with internal combustion engines. Result? Reduced our emissions by a significant amount. Isn’t that ingenious?

The turbochargers are up next. You heard that right: small is the new big. Those cumbersome engines are being phased out in favour of more streamlined, turbocharged alternatives by automakers. It may be hard to believe, but these smaller engines pack a powerful punch while significantly reducing their CO2 emissions. More power comes at the expense of less pollution. Win-win!

Do not overlook the importance of exhaust filters. Engine Carbon Clean Service

These stunning devices intercept the harmful particles even before they have a chance to enter the atmosphere. Filtration systems for particles? Check. Converters for catalytic emissions? Verify everything. These devices are a significant step forward in terms of eliminating those odours and fumes.

You ask about diesel, so let’s talk about that. Wonderful question. Technology is based on AdBlue, folks. This liquid solution is sprayed into the exhaust, and as a result, harmful NOx emissions are converted into water and nitrogen, which are not harmful at all. Unbelievable; I’m sure of it.

Let’s talk about stop-start systems as our very last topic of discussion. You are stopped at a red light when suddenly your engine dies. The light changes to green, and it starts working again. Reduces emissions from idling vehicles in a straightforward and highly efficient manner. In all honesty, why didn’t we consider doing this earlier on?

Now you know everything there is to know. Engine Carbon Clean Service

about how car manufacturers are stepping up their game in order to comply with the new emission laws in the UK. It’s a combination of creative thinking, some good old-fashioned engineering, and, let’s face it, a touch of desperation as well. Even though time is running out, businesses are stepping up to meet the challenge. It’s about time, isn’t it? Cheers!

All these new procedures have come about as a result of a change in the MOT testing rules in May 2018.  So, from May 2018, the smoke test limit for Euro 6 and some Euro 5 diesels will be halved.

This also ties up with the number of cars that have had their DPFs (diesel particulate filters) removed completely. So it will now be an MOT test failure if your vehicle does not have an EGR valve fitted and has had it removed.

Of course, this will affect drivers who have bought a second-hand car and are unaware of its removal. In a statement obtained by Garage Wire, the online care repair specialists, a Department of Transport  spokesperson said:

“We are taking strong action to stop the removal of DPFs. “We expect future changes to the MOT emissions test for diesel vehicles, due to come into force by May 2018, to make it easier to detect vehicles with failing or removed DPFs.”


Fuel and Oil are organic matter; when they are burned or left to naturally degrade, they form contamination, which adheres to different components within the engine, namely:

Over the last 20 years, engines have become more complex, and the tolerances within the engine have become finer. As a result, it takes just a small amount of contamination to adversely affect engine performance.

Pellon Autocentre invest in a new Carbon Clean machine

Your vehicle can now fail the emissions part of the MOT test due to the new stricter smoke test that comes under the Euro 5 and Euro 6 lowered limits. So to keep up, we here at Pellon Autocentre have invested in a new machine for Engine Carbon Clean Service on your vehicle’s engine. This can be done in conjunction with a regular service or to just get your vehicle through the MOT tests, which have stricter emission rules.

Modern engine design, coupled with a drive to reduce harmful emissions, has led to a significant increase in contamination-related issues, such as

  • Blocked DPF’s
  • Fouled Fuel Injectors
  • MOT emission failures

The Tec4 Carbon Cleaning Machine, backed up with our unique marketing package, allows you to fix these issues with minimal fuss and promote a preventative maintenance solution.

Some of the text in this post and the video were kindly provided by Tec4.

Winter Tyres Insurance

Falken Safety Winter Tyres

Falken Safety Winter Tyres

Falken Safety Winter Tyres
Falken Safety Winter Tyres

Falken Safety Winter Tyres

It seems crazy to me? here I am In the middle of August. Writing about winter tyres. This is something that I have done for years now. Unfortunately, I just cant get out of the habit.

I think it may be that the days are already getting shorter. Of course, I am an early riser. Consequently,the mornings are now in darkness at 5 am when I get up and see to my dogs.

So this is when I start to think about the winter and of course, winter tyres. As a result, I always order my first load of logs for the winter fires at this time of year.

Falken Safety Winter Tyres: this winter at Pellon Tyres

Of course, winter tyres are the ultimate safety companion for your car. Therefore, there are a number of separate tests. It has been shown that winter tyres are the only ones that reduce braking distances. Thus, when driving in the winter,. Winter tyres have a far shorter stopping distance when braking in snow than regular summer tyres. Hence, they are fitted as original equipment by car manufacturers.

Of course, in many parts of Europe, motorists are required by law to fit their car with winter tyres. From November onwards, vehicles that are not fitted with approved winter tyres. Hence, they are not allowed to use the roads. According to a number of separate tyre tests,. Winter tyres are the only ones that reduce braking distances when driving in the winter.

The countries with winter tyre laws do have a harsher winter than the UK. However as we all know then bad weather can strike at any time. Drivers in say Finland will drive on snow throughout the winter. The UK is different with our climate of mixed weather. it is though a more dangerous scenario. When the snow does arrive, then we are not ready for it. As a result, we get into all sorts of trouble. Trying to drive on snow covered roads with summer tyres fitted to their cars.

Falken Safety Winter Tyres Whats the difference?

When you look at a winter tyre compared to a summer tyre,. Then you will see the main difference? Winter tyres are designed with very small slits called sipes. Down the edges of the main tread blocks. On top of helping with grip, they displace slush and snow a lot better than other seasonal tyres. In my opinion, this includes all-weather tyres. Summer tyres for example, when going over snow, compact it, making it extremely slippery and solid.

Also, winter tyres are made out of a different compound than summer tyres. This includes a silica-based material that allows the tyres to flex better. Especially when the temperature drops below 7 degrees C. This allows the tyre sidewall to become more flexible. Thus giving the tread with all the sipes a better footprint in bad weather. We have nothing but praise from our regular customers. When they have fitted winters and therefore have had no safety issues in any types of weather.

For the past couple of years, our winters have been mild, wet, and slushy at worst.So there is now almost an entire generation of drivers. You may have to start learning the skills of snow and ice driving. So, during those late autumn months, it would be a good choice to take those summers off and slap on the winters. As I have emphasised,. Winter tyres will pay for themselves in terms of control and safety before you know it.

falken Safety Winter Tyres are a massive safety feature

For a long time, we in the tyre trade have had to dispel a wide spread and out dated belief. Hence,that winter tyres can only be used in icy or snow covered surfaces. Perhaps at one time this was true, but with the advances in rubber compound technology by adding “silica“. Including, tread pattern design. Then these tyres today can be used in many other inclement weather circumstances.

A recent survey was conducted in Canada. It was reported that those who drive with winter tyres on their cars. As a result, we suffer fewer accidents. In fact, most of Canada makes winter tyres compulsory in the winter months. British Columbia have very stringent tyre laws relating to winter driving. Including a 3.5 mm tread depth on winter tyres. Of all the accidents that happened on Prince Edward Island, only 6% were fitted with winter tyres.

What is the reason behind such laws? Well, it’s pretty obvious: winter tyres significantly help you maintain control during times when perhaps other tyres, not designed for driving in ice, snow, or heavy rain, would let you down. This includes the drivers here in the UK. For this reason, I have chosen Falken winter tyres as my main tyre line this winter. Both of these tyre brands have world-wide recognition for their quality and durability in the toughest of winter weather conditions.

mot testing and car servicing

Worn out vehicles failing MOT

Worn out vehicles failing MOT

Worn out vehicles failing MOT
Worn out vehicles failing MOT

Worn out vehicles failing MOT

Worn-out vehicles failing MOT

So, this is something that we at Pellon Autocentre in Halifax have been noticing. However, it is not rocket science! Modern-day cars are meant to run all the time and have regular servicing. During the on-going pandemic, cars have been stood outside houses without being run at all. This can effect many of the vehicle’s engine parts, causing a failure on emissions when taking the MOT test.

We know for a fact that many cars have missed out on years of service.

So, this can lead to dirty oil and, indeed, blocked air and oil filters. Even further down the line, engine valves could be sticking, of course, due to the lack of servicing. Older cars will find that their plugs were not changed on the due servicing date. Once again, this causes the vehicle to have lower emission standards and possibly fail the MOT test.

Other problems due to standing vehicles

So, its not just emission problems that have occurred; other things have become relevant. We have noticed an increase in broken springs and other suspension and steering parts. As I have explained, modern cars need to be used, and standing about has not done them any good.

Such things as coil springs

are put under pressure when they stand in one place all the time. The springs are under tension and will become more rigid and more likely to break once the car is finally driven. This metal fatigue also causes other tensioned parts to fail when put under pressure, like hitting a pot hole.

Almost 1.3 million vehicles failed their MOT last year because of faults relating to exhaust emissions, new data suggests. A Freedom of Information (FOI) request to the DVSA found more cars have failed on emissions

Source: Vehicles failing MOT in record numbers over emissions

Bridgestone Concept Tyres

Bridgestone Tyre Safety: The importance of Tread Depth

Bridgestone Tyre Safety

Bridgestone Tyre Safety
Bridgestone Tyre Safety

Bridgestone Tyre Safety

Importantly, Bridgestone Tyre Safety is one of those self-explanatory videos. Of course, the video demonstrates the different actions and reactions. Naturally, when tyre are being driven with differing tread depths,. For this reason, tyres will act completely differently. Mainly, the stopping distances are severely affected.

Of course, most drivers do know this.

However, they do not realise just how far a car will travel when braking occurs with little or no tread. This Bridgestone tyres video will show the drivers just how a lack of tread affects their cars performance. Sit back and watch.

Introduced by Tony Jardine, learn more about the impact tread depth can have on your vehicles performance and safety, as well as how to monitor tyre tread depth and take care of your tyres.

Bridgestone’s Tyre Safety videos

Specifically, show not only what can happen when tyres are not properly maintained. But also just how easy it is to keep tyres in proper working order.

Of course for winter driving,

you cant be much safer when fitting the Blizzak range . Naturally, bringing together new innovations in tread and material technology. So deliver the safety and performance you need for your families safety. Significantly, when combating today’s increasingly diverse and unpredictable conditions,.

So with the Blizzak winter tyre fitted to your vehicle,you can hit the road with total confidence in all winter conditions. Including sunny to slush and snow and everything in between. Bridgestone tyres are engineered in Germany with your safety in mind.

More essential tyre safety information visit

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Motorhome tyre Pressures

Motorhome tyre Pressures

Motorhome tyre Pressures

Check the Motorhome tyre Pressures 

Of course, after the recent “lockdown” many thousands of people will be getting their caravans and motorhomes ready. The British bank holiday season starts this year with the Easter holiday. Significantly, this is a time when thousands of holidaymakers will be checking their tyres. Including tyre pressures, ready for their first trips away.

So us Brits do this every year. Even though we know that we will be stuck in massive traffic jams and hold ups.  Wherever we go, but especially to the coast. Never the less we do it every year. We Brits yearn to get away over the bank holiday period and the adjoining school holidays.

What we do not all do is to check our tyres and Tyre Pressures ?

You would think that it was common sense. But many set off and do not think anything about it. These are the ones that we see on the hard shoulder of the motorway. Including, the grass verge. So, having to change a flat tyre or a blown out tyre on their caravan. The worse culprits seem to be the guys who are going camping and towing a little trailer. These small trailers are usually fitted with 400×8 trailer tyres. Similar to wheel barrow tyres. Because they are so small. Therefore, it is imperative that you inflate them to the correct

Tyre Pressures for carrying the weight that you have in the trailer, this will usually be the highest pressure for this type trailer. Motorhome tyre Pressures

I have seen hundreds of these trailers parked up with a wheel missing. Because of the tyre blown out and the owner not having a spare the same size. If you use this type of vehicle! Then you must carry a spare wheel. So, if you are doing sixty mile an hour and you have a puncture in one of these trailers.

Then the small tyre will simply disintegrate. Because of its small size and the weight that it is carrying. Of course, a spare wheel is a necessity. Also make sure that you are buying a spare wheel for a trailer. Importantly, these are usually a six ply tyre that are made for highway and NOT a wheel barrow tyre. I have mentioned this because many people make this huge mistake, we have seen this many times.

This is also a important thing to think about when buying a new tyre for a caravan or mobile home. Motorhome tyre Pressures

Make sure that you buy the correct tyre that has the correct weight carrying loads; It should tell you what tyres to use in the hand book or make sure that you fit the same tyres as your vehicles original equipment.

In motorhomes, the tyres are usually of a higher ply rating than normal car tyres. As we all know, some of these vehicles are massive, even as big as a double-decker bus, so it is very important to get the exact tyres with the correct ply rating and load rating, In my opinion, it is always best to fit the exact same tyres, even the same makes of tyres, as your original equipment.

This will ensure your safety and, probably, your fuel consumption. I know that our customers are on a tight budget, but in this instance, buying cheap tyres is not an option, If the vehicle is fitted with Michelin tyres, then replace them with exactly the same ones using the same tyre pressure, and unless you are really unlucky, you should have a problem free journey as far as your tyres are concerned.

Tyres can help with fuel consumption

As I have said earlier, fuel consumption is very important for the motor home, as some of these vehicles will only do about fifteen to twenty miles per gallon. So having the correct tyre pressure will help to maintain the correct mileage performance. How it works is that if your tyres are underinflated, then your vehicle engine has to work much harder to drive along. This is known as “ROLLING RESISTANCE”

Also, a good tip is to check your tyre pressure when the tyres are cold and to make sure that you have a valve cap fitted, to ensure that the valve does not leak and reduce your tyre pressure.

You should always know what the weight limit is for your type of vehicle . Importantly, do not exceed these recommendations. Also, spread out the weight throughout the vehicle; this will

To maximise the stability of the total unit, we have all followed caravans that are swerving about doing 60 mph on the motorway. Of course, this is also illegal and dangerous.

Another really important point that is sometimes overlooked is to keep a spare wheel for your caravan or camping trailer. Also try it on the vehicle before you set off on your journey; we have had to help many caravan owners who were stuck on the M62 motorway because their spare wheel did not fit. They may look the same, but they could have different stud holes and offsets, so try them out before you travel on a journey…See more at:

Have a safe and carefree holiday ! Motorhome tyre Pressures

 Keeping tyres correctly inflated ensures an even wear rate, leading to a longer tyre life. Under-inflated tyres place excess loads on the outer edges of the tyre, causing the shoulders to wear more rapidly. Over-inflated tyres will experience higher wear rates in the centre of the tread.


mot testing and car servicing

Drivers Avoid Car Servicing

Drivers Avoid Car Servicing

Drivers Avoid Car Servicing
Drivers Avoid Car Servicing

Drivers Avoid Car Servicing

Of course, modern cars are all controlled by computers these days. In fact almost all aspects of manufacturing today’s cars are controlled by computers and this includes the servicing schedules. The servicing details that are written out in your cars hand book. SO, have been designed to give the best possible Smart Car Servicing schedule. Importantly, you should not really vary from that by giving your car extra oil or filter changes.

Drivers neglect their car servicing plan why?

As I have stated earlier today’s cars are better built and more reliable than the cars say ten year ago and before. They have the ability to run for much longer periods that their older counterparts. The only exception to this in my opinion is that we have more problems with the cars electric systems than before. Because modern cars have more of them (car electrics).

The thing that some drivers neglect is to have their cars serviced at the correct periods according to their Servicing a Car manual. We often get cars in for  servicing and when we stamp and enter the details into the servicing booklet we find that they have missed out a service completely, and when we sometimes question this they simply come out with some excuse, such as the previous garage forget to fill it in. I do not believe this and it also important to keep a Car Servicing history to keep up the value should the owner ever want to sell the car.

Some car owners ignore the service book completely. Drivers Avoid Car Servicing

You would be surprised at how many drivers do not have a service book or have lost it. Many car owners are guilty of this. As luck would have it. Most good garages have a car service times and repair schedule times computer. We at Pellon Auto-centre here in Halifax use the Auto-Data computer software for all our mechanical work timings and service schedules. This means that we do not get stuck if a customer does not have a service schedule book for their cars.

Another problem in our busy world. So, is that people do not have their car serviced at all ! Consequently, the end result of this is that although the car will perhaps keep on running. Then it will inevitably start breaking down at some stage or another.

In most cases the warning light will come on for the particular problem that may arise.

The common lights to illuminate are the oil warning lights and the brake warning lights. When a car is regularly serviced these parts are checked and any problem will be rectified for example oils will be changed and brakes will be checked and any problems will be rectified, such as replacing worn out brake pads.

When the car is not serviced then these problems will become exaggerated and lead onto to more damaged parts. A car with a low oil level could lead onto a damaged engine or cylinder head. Worn out brake pads will inevitably lead onto damaged brake discs or burned out wheel cylinder’s, once again leading onto a much higher garage charge. So, than they would get if they did not Drivers Avoid Car Servicing.

Some other things that may affect your car. Drivers Avoid Car Servicing

Other things that could go wrong would fluid changes. On a very big service some car manufacturers recommend that the cars fluid should be changed. These are things such as transmission oils, brake fluids. not forgetting, the engine coolant levels and steering fluid levels. Of course,these are all things that are checked or changed while Car Servicing. Importantly, all of which could be critical if neglected and the drivers Avoid Car Servicing.

The one thing that would give you big problems though is as I have stated earlier. Your ENGINE OIL. You should at least give your car an oil and filter change. This is the very least you should but this could stop your engine blowing. Especially, on the way to the airport for your valuable holidays. I do not really recommend it ! But even if you change the oil and filter yourself, then please do it, a car with a blown up engine is not worth anything to anybody.

Garage servicing does other things

Other things that a garage will do for you during  Car Servicing. Of course, is things like changes your wheels round. Thus will ensure, a better wear out of your tyres. Also many garages are now in nationwide schemes and only fit the best parts.

Using low quality spare parts for your cars servicing. Drivers Avoid Car Servicing

This is a cost saving that is false economy ! So, will it really save you money. By fitting your own parts from the local corner accessory shop. Inferior parts will wear out quicker. This is most common to see on tyres. Cheap car tyres will wear out in a faster time than a leading make, say such as Michelin tyres, and this has been proven time and again. A little extra money will give you much better value in the long run

So respond to that check engine oil light on the dash

When the check engine oil warning light or brake warning light goes on,. Your car will still be operational. But please do not ignore it and put it off for another day. So, eventually, you will spend a lot of money. Naturally, you are in the car, and you regret your negligence. When the check engine light or any other warning light comes on,. Urgently, schedule an appointment with your garage and start a new campaign for your car. So, to have regular Car Servicing. Importantly, we also check the car owner’s timing belt change time when we service their cars.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles.

Peugeot 406 Lights

Searching For The Perfect Porsche

Searching For The Perfect Porsche

Searching For The Perfect Porsche
Searching For The Perfect Porsche

Searching For The Perfect Porsche

Your in a fortunate position if your considering the purchase of a high-end sports car like a Porsche. Its only right that you make the most of that opportunity.
Of course, these purchases can also be sizeable investments.

Today, some people buy cars quickly and conveniently online, but its worth taking extra precautions when buying a high-end sports car. Its important to spend your money wisely and to ensure that you buy something that aligns with your lifestyle.
So, what types of things should you think about here? Here are some things to remember when searching for the perfect Porsche.

Know Yourself. Searching For The Perfect Porsche

You might be a fan of Porsche, but not every make and model will be compatible with your needs. Some serious self-reflection is required here. Before you commence all of your research, reassess what type of Porsche it is that you really want. Questions to ask yourself include:

 What will you use the Porsche for? Pleasure-filled longer drives or the primary car of your daily routine? Do you dream of a modern or vintage Porsche? These vehicles have a long and storied history, and your decision will affect what features you can expect and the associated costs.

 Is your budget satisfactory? The price range of Porsche vehicles can fluctuate wildly, and they do not appreciate as rapidly as other vehicles. These questions might not seem new to you when buying a car. Still, more specificity can be needed when looking for a Porsche. If you dig deeper, you’ll be more certain.

Research Competitive Takes. Searching For The Perfect Porsche

Everybody has different opinions about which Porsche model is the best. While you shouldn’t always be concerned with the verdicts of others, detailed explanations from experts can provide some useful insights.
One breakdown of the Porsche GT3 vs GT4 makes comparisons through a storytelling perspective, creating a more engaging read.

That way, you can become more invested in the analysis and more vividly picture the capabilities of both cars. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the vehicles being driven in different contexts.

Choosing a Porsche is supposed to be fun and exciting, too, and copy like this will certainly facilitate those feelings for you. Porsche is a famous sports car brand, and many people have a lot to say about iterations, old and new.

Even if you dont agree with the verdicts given, if you do enough reading, you’ll soon be able to trace a consensus and feel more confident about the Porsche you’re looking for. Even the opinions you disagree with can be useful, as you can note them down as anomalies once you are suitably informed and know that you should contentedly ignore them.

Learn Brand Jargon

Different car manufacturers and dealers use unique terminology when describing their vehicles. Not only does this create an air of luxury, but it can also bolster brand recognition. Porsche is a perfect example of these efforts. For instance, the term refers to a retro Porsche chassis style that is part coupe and part convertible.

There’s also the word tiptronic, which means the sports car has an auto transmission mechanism with shifting modes that can be controlled
manually. Meanwhile, the beginning of negotiations is often referred to as the Base MSRP. Try to embrace the terminology, as while you might not need it in daily life with the sports car, it may help you make a better purchase.

Using it may help you get more immersed in the buying process and feel more knowledgeable about the brand you’re engaging with. You may not use the words in daily life when owning a high-end sports car, but the language can reveal much about the vehicles character

Assess Engine Noise. Searching For The Perfect Porsche

The engine noise of a Porsche can appeal to many. Its a sign that the interiors of cars are just as glorious as the chassis; aesthetics are proof of quality engineering.
Obviously, one shouldn’t rev the engine of a sports car to the point of annoying others, but it can be an indicator that the vehicle has substance. That said, each sports car will sound different, and you may wish to pay attention to the nuances of each rev so that you dont buy anything that’s sure to grate on your ears in time.

So, lets look at Porsche again.

There is a signature sound from the engine, but it can alter slightly depending on the type that’s been installed. It’s usually the air-cooled variety of engines that have that guttural sound many Porsche fans listen out for, and typically, these engines would have been made before 1998.

So, anything after that, or a Porsche with a water-cooled engine, likely won’t yield the same results.
Consequently, if you’re yearning for that specific engine sound, you’ll need to narrow your search.

There are different nuances behind all the engines a Porsche can feature, and researching their history and the care they require will help you make progress. You can also build on your enthusiasm as a fan, as you’ll have a more detailed understanding of how these vehicles are masterfully made.

Flat Tyres A Guide for Women

Traffic Chaos Expected-on UK roads

Traffic Chaos expected

Traffic Chaos is expected
© Can Stock Photo / XXLPhoto

Traffic Chaos expected

Traffic Chaos expected

So when I read this attached article, it made good sense to prepare your car for any unexpected traffic holdups. I can see that there will be many traffic jams and hold ups as the expected figures of traffic volumes come into fruition.

Simply put, there will be millions of motorists who are hell-bent on a good holiday here in the UK. Hence, as restrictions on the near continent continue to haunt frustrated drivers and their families from travelling abroad,. I certainly intend to stay at home this year and see what the situation is next year. However, millions are expected to visit the big tourist spots. While also enjoying the great weather that we are experiencing here in the UK.

In my opinion, there is no better time. Traffic Chaos expected

than to have your car serviced, or at least check your levels and your air-con system. I can foresee many traffic hold ups. As millions of frustrated motorists and their families head out,. In the great August heat wave that we are promised by the weather men.

The number of breakdowns is expected to soar as cars head for spots such as the “Lake District,” Scotland, and the coastal areas of the UK, not forgetting the beautiful Welsh countryside.  Bottlenecks are inevitable, so protect your car by having a check-out before you set off on your journey.

Dont forget the tyres! Traffic Chaos expected

Lastly, but very important, are your tyres. The weather is expected to be very hot in August so please have your tyres checked out. So, good tyres with the correct pressure for a loaded car will see you safely home. Many drivers just load up their vehicles with the family and their luggage and not give a second thought to their tyre pressures or, indeed, the condition of the tyres in general.

Especially when towing

a camping trailer or any other type of trailer, including caravans. Respectfully, though, many drivers do have the tyre checked! Especially the caravan fraternity.

This attached article gives you some idea of the expected traffic volumes. Heading out on our roads this summer school holiday period . Good luck and have a safe journey!

This summer will see unprecedented levels of traffic on UK roads due to drivers planning in excess of an estimated 29m staycations – 16m of these in the school holidays alone – according to a

Source: “Unprecedented summer” expected on UK roads

Caravan tyre Pressures

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System-Latest Update

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System-Latest Update

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System-Latest Update
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System-Latest Update

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System-Latest Update

I must admit that I was not convinced about the eventual effectiveness of TPMS systems fitted to the earlier car models. So, as a busy tyre business! the first time that we had come across one of these systems was when a member of my staff broke a TPMS sensor. Thus, when removing a tyre from the rim?

In the past prior to the TPMS valves being fitted, we just used to rip the old tubeless valve out and then fit a new one. Consequently, we did this with every tubeless. So, a new valve was fitted to every new tyre or puncture repair.

The first time we came across

a TPMS valve was when one of my fitters ripped out the valve. Consequently, a complete new sensor had to be fitted. So, in the early days, we had to buy a replacement from the main dealers. In this case, it cost me £130 for a new valve? wow !

Sensors are now made by specialist companies and the price has halved! Of course, this was all part of the service and price here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax, UK.

Then came the dreaded TPMS systems. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System-Latest Update

This all started with car manufacturers drive to produce cars with lower emissions. Tyres were an important factor in this. As a result, tyre companies looked for materials to make tyres lighter in weight. Also it is well known that if tyres loose the recommended tyre inflation pressures, then this increase fuel consumption.

Less air in your tyres means that the cars engine has to work harder to drive the car along. SO using more fuel and causing more emissions. This is the subsequent reason that tyre retailers like myself, are always ranting on about having the correct tyre pressure.

Along came Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System-Latest Update

This concern about the lack of tyre care by the general public, lead to the invention of the TPMS systems on our cars. Of course, cars are all now fitted with computers. Making it possible to control the data that the magic sensor in the wheel of your car. So, this sensor is able to read your tyre pressure? any fall in pressure will alert the computer and illuminate the TPMS warning light that is situated on the cabs dashboard.

Most drivers have by now seen this happen. Judging by the amount of cars that we see in any given week. Then this is becoming a common thing!

Each wheel sensor is fitted with an attach rubber or metal valve. These look no different to the old style tubeless valves that were so easy to replace. These new style valves still need replacing, but not as often as the old style valve.

More care is now needed when fitting a new tyre. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System-Latest Update

So, to bring the whole thing up to scratch. Then we have to take much more care when removing the old tyres. Of course ,this is so that we dont damage the TPMS sensor fitted to the inside of the wheel. Although we are now finding that the first models of cars that were fitted with these sensors, Then we have to replace them because they sensors are failing due to corrosion.

Although I was not convinced in the first place, then I now realise how important the TPMS system is on a modern car. Customers do not like to see the illuminated light in the cab. Consequently, if the light comes on then they have the problem attended to straight away. In the past our customers were driving about with half flat tyre for ages?

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System-Latest Update

The latest thing to come out now is this Gear Up Bluetooth app which lets you take complete control of you tyre pressures.

PERODUA has introduced the Gear Up Smart Bluetooth TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system), an innovative product that allows users to keep track of their

Source: Bluetooth tyre pressure monitor for Perodua cars


Winter Tyres Insurance

Driving in Winter

Driving in Winter

Driving in Winter
Driving in Winter

Driving in Winter

Most people understand that driving in snow can be a little tricky. However, the danger hasn’t always passed once the snow has begun to melt. It’s also risky to drive in slush, the combination of melting snow, water, ice salt, and other debris that commonly develops on roads in late winter.

It can also develop at times when temperatures are just above freezing

but ice salt is melting any snow that lands on the ground. This can cause problems for pedestrians as well. If you’re a property owner, be sure to clear any slush from the sidewalk to avoid slip-and-fall accidents. This is a relatively quick job and can help you avoid being contacted by a personal injury lawyer.

Cleaning slush off the road is not as simple as cleaning it off the sidewalk, though. Read on to learn how to safely operate your vehicle even while the road is full of slush.

How to Safely Drive on Slush. Driving in Winter

Driving on slush is difficult because it allows for very little traction. Additionally, slush tends to accumulate in mounds or piles. This makes the surface very slippery for tires traveling over it. Tyres that turn against slush mounds are often met with a stronger-than-expected obstruction, which creates a side force.

This makes changing lanes particularly difficult. When the wheels meet the slush, it creates a braking effect in the front of the vehicle. Combined with little to no traction in the rear tires, as well as the turning movement which has already begun, the car may continue to turn. This could cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle.

That doesn’t have to happen. To make sure you don’t spin out when driving in slush, keep the following tips in mind: Driving in Winter

  • Never change lanes over slush mounds unless you genuinely have no other option.
  • Make a point of planning lane changes ahead of time so you can perform them in areas without slush.
  • When you are changing lanes or turning, do so gradually. This ensures the vehicle’s angle of approach is shallow. As a result, less force is exerted on the tires.
  • Grip the steering wheel firmly but loosely in order to maintain control of the vehicle if you do run into slush.
  • Exert a consistent amount of pressure on the accelerator. You want to maintain a relatively consistent speed in order to prevent a sudden braking or accelerating force.

All this said, the best way to avoid being involved in an accident is to avoid driving in slushy conditions whenever possible. However, there may be instances when it is necessary to get behind the wheel despite the presence of slush on the roads.

In these cases, remember that “slow and steady” is key to making safe lane changes. You also need to maintain a safe distance between yourself and other vehicles, as it can be difficult to brake in slush. By remembering these points, you’ll be much safer out on the road all winter.