Solar Storage Batteries

Battery Storage systems

Battery storage systems

Battery Storage systems
Battery Storage systems

Battery Storage systems

Because of the way that we built our national power plants. Interestingly, in some cases over a hundred years ago. Importantly, will have to change in the future! Of course, to meet our electrical needs. So for the production of solar energy and its distribution. Through our home solar panels collections and solar collection farms. Including the wind turbine installations.

So the original “national grid” plants were originally owned by the government. But in recent times, were privatized here in the UK by the Conservative government. Of course, led by “Margret Thatcher“. These massive coal and gas powered installations distributed power all over the “British Isles“.

Subsequently, many of the power stations were located in coal mining areas of Yorkshire. Importantly, where the coal was transported locally. Resulting in the electricity being sent across the country. Carried on massive power line systems. Then diverted into smaller sub-stations. So, then before distributed to homes and businesses. Of course, usually in an underground power network.

Things are about to change: Battery Storage systems

In recent times we have seen massive investment into the solar energy collecting market. Including, the introduction of new technologies.  Such as wind turbines and solar panel farms that turn the sun and the winds energy into producing electricity. Most people will now have seen these giant turbines across the countryside of most countries.

Technological advances

including battery storage systems will soon mean that things may have to change in the near future. Importantly, for these nationalized electric companies. Increasingly, as the end consumers start to install solar systems to their homes. Including many businesses across the world.

The price of fitting

a solar system to your roof has come down dramatically. mainly because things have become mass produced and affordable. Helping people reduce their electric bills. The only other problem has been that the power produced could not be stored! Until recent years when battery storage systems have become widely available. So, becoming more easily installed using a few simple instructions.

Advantage to isolated communities- Battery Storage systems

This has become of great benefit to cut off people who live in the country. Or in larger countries the “wilderness” . Of course,who are now able to make the production of electricity.  Storing it for the night use when the sun goes down. This can also lower the cost of their energy . Consequently, which has gradually become one of the most expensive household items in recent years.

Interestingly, I have electricity-collecting panels on my roof.

Selling the electricity back to my provider. Thus reducing my electric bills by half. Here in the UK, we are limited to the number of solar panels to one roof. For this reason, I don’t think that we are allowed to be self-sufficient. Of course, by producing all our own electricity. However, some countries are different. Such as the USA, where consumers can go their own way.

In many people’s opinions, the day is not too far away when our roof panels will generate electricity, which will be stored in a battery storage system. The householder will own an electric car, and along with powering the rest of the house, the battery bank will also charge your car battery at night, making you totally self-sufficient in electric power.

As I have said this is a perfect scenario for the perfect little houses in a perfect little village, but what about the rest of the population who live in multiple units and don’t even have their own roofs? Could we be looking at communal units of solar panels and storing the electricity in a battery bank, or is that a dream?

Island communities go solar-sufficient- Battery Storage systems

Perhaps not, because I have heard of some island communities that have become self-sufficient by using this method. The batteries are packed into a 20-foot cargo container, and the battery Storage systems will store electricity to be used at night. This also eliminated power failures due to storms and broken cables causing outages. The sun-reliant system was fitted using up-to-date technology and now works perfectly, leaving the island self-sufficient by using the sun’s energy and storing it in batteries.

My interest in all this is

that I sell solar storage batteries. Subsequently, I am very interested in the whole sun collection project. I cannot see the end of the national grid model! But alterations are going to have to be made in future. So, to accommodate the public’s wishes to produce their own electric power on their own premises,. Neither do we know what new future technologies will be available. Especially for collecting the sun’s power. Significant ideas are coming along all the time.

There is one thing for sure that governments are going to have to face:. Give this greenhouse gas  problem much thought in the years ahead. Of how we use the power of our sun in years to come.