Driving on Bad tyres

Driving on Bad Tyres: Risking Lives,

Driving on Bad tyres

Driving on Bad tyres
Driving on Bad tyres

Driving on Bad tyres

So, this is a question that I often ask myself! Of course, as the owner of a tyre business here in Halifax, UK,. Responsibly, have we, as an industry, educated the public? Enough about the dangers and safety aspects of having baldness or other dangerous things wrong with the tyres on their cars.

Just as in every other walk of life in this world,. So, we have different types of tyre-buying consumers. Significantly, we have rich and poor people of different races and colours who all drive cars on our roads. Of course, the majority of us uphold the laws of our country. Including motoring laws! So, to make it a safer place for us all to drive about,.

This is a good thing, in my opinion.

Enabling a person from another country to drive about. Of course, to look for, say, a job or to look for accommodation. We have all seen cars driving around from all over the world. Generally, I think that this is a good thing. I love to visit other countries in my car. Significantly, it is one of the pleasures in life that I have always enjoyed. But I always check the important driving laws of the country that I am visiting. Before I embark on my journey,.

The point that I am making is: do we educate drivers enough about the facts about better road safety and the general upkeep of our cars? It seems to me that as a nation, we should be hammering home the safety aspects of driving and looking after your car so that it is also safe for other road users. This also includes immigrants and other foreign visitors, including foreign students.

We should perhaps give them a copy of our highway code in their own language; whether or not they will look at it is up to them, but it would be a step forward. On a student website, it is recommended that if you are going to drive here in the UK, you should buy a copy of the Highway Code, available from most bookstores for £2.50. More reading…”Help for International Student Drivers

A mixture of foreign visitors that have good knowledge about their tyres

Here in Halifax, UK. We have a large mixture of people from other countries and continents. All of them are welcome as our customers. It is an interesting subject to study the different attitudes that people have towards road safety.

This includes all of our customers, not just visitors. I think that we should make everybody more aware of the laws and rules that we have to stick to make the UK a better place to drive in.

I have been lucky enough to visit many countries in my life. So, like most tyre guys, I always end up looking at the tyres on the cars. Usually in some car park.

It is no surprise to me that the poor countries. Such as Egypt, which I recently visited. Think nothing about driving their cars  Driving on bad tyres. Driving on bad tyres is simply a matter of economics. The richer countries that I have visited. Europe and the USA all have high standards. They are richer and can usually afford to have better tyres fitted to their vehicles.

Education is a must for all drivers: Driving on Bad tyres

I think that the problem that we have in the better off countries. Importantly, are having the crossover of different  backgrounds. In my opinion we should all re-educate the public. Keeping the high standards that we now enjoy. Some sort of campaign would remind the car driving public about the safety aspects. Of driving around in cars with tyres that are within the law.

One of the best moves that the British government have made was the introduction of the MOT test, and this model has also now been adapted in many other countries. The MOT test is carried out on the car a does not take into account where the drivers are from or the ethics of the drivers when it comes to road safety. The cars are tested and the failures must be rectified before the car can be driven on the road again.

MOT Test catch out bald tyres

Many of the worse tyres that we see have been picked up on the MOT Test Requirements and thank goodness for that? We are now finding many more cars that are coming to us with bald or faulty tyres fitted to them, and the tyres have to be changed before the car is road worthy or not.

Here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax we also fit tyres from other garages that carry out MOT tests. One of these garages rang up the other day to ask us to collect four wheels and tyres from an MOT that he had just failed. Jim the other garage owner had asked me to take a look at the condition of these tyres, as he was both amazed and amused at the state of three of the tyres.

Shocking tyres: Driving on Bad tyres

Adam one of my drivers picked up the wheels and asked me to take a look. I could not believe that this car had been driving on our roads. Dangerously, with his tyres in such bad condition. So, you can see the state of them in the pictures that we took.

Many of the tyre problems that we are coming up with, are stemming from the rise in the sale of part worn tyres and I believe that this covers my whole article, I believe that our standards are being eroded by a lack of education across the whole of the driving public and this should be tackled before the situation gets any worse.

One of the organisations that are supporting the battle against Driving on Bad Tyres are www.tyresafe.org and you can see some of their excellent work by visiting their website.

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