Winter Tyre Articles

Winter Tyre Articles

Because of the rise of the illegal part worn tyres. Then I think it important to explain “how to check the age” of your tyres. There are no strict rules about this subject. However it is thought that tyres start to deteriorate. Of course, when they are five year old and above.
This Winter Tyre Articles knowledge is specially important if you have recently purchased a second hand car. Or were tempted into buying some second hand tyres. Tyre date codes were changed in the year 2000.

Hence, from three digits to four digits. Therefore, pre-2000 tyres would be as such. say the age code was 261. Then this tyre was made in the 26th week of 1991. Moreover, after 2000 a tyre code of 5110, would mean that the tyre was made in the 51st week of 2010.

Part worn winter tyres are just as Dangerous ??

Nokian Modern Tyre factory-building ‘most modern tyre factory in world,’ company says | Times Free Press

Nokian Modern Tyre factory

Nokian Modern Tyre factory

Standing in a green pasture a few miles from downtown, Nokian Tyres’ North American chief on Wednesday called its planned tire-making plant a milestone for the company.

Nokian Modern Tyre factory

Prior to this Nokian opened another state of the art factory. Hence in Russia. Of course, Nokians flagship tyre is their winter tyre range. As a result, most vehicle in the cold northern countries. Such as Norway, Sweden and the other Scandinavian countries. Including Russia. Therefore use millions of winter tyres for most of the long cold northern winters.

Nokian experienced personnel problems in their new Russian factory. In January 2016, an agreement was reached. Thus, regarding flexible working time. Hence, for workers in forthcoming years. Hence,the agreement will enable production. So to become more flexible. Including, the company’s competitiveness to improve. The agreement supports the plant in Nokia, enabling it to continue to play a significant role in producing tyres and in developing new products and production methods.

Nokian Modern Tyre factory

As a result, by using shift arrangements. Then  the annual capacity of the factories in Finland and Russia. Hence, can be more than 20 million tyres. Tyre production costs are considerably lower in Russia. Of course, than in Finland and other western countries.

Nokian Tyres‘ production plants are located in Finland and Russia. At the headquarters in Nokia, Finland. Centralized product development is carried out. Of course, where prototypes. Including, test runs, are completed. Naturally,the Nokia factory manufactures car tyres, heavy-duty tyres, and produces retreading materials for truck tyres.
Therefore, in 2016. Then the capacity utilization increased year-over-year. Of course,the production output  increased by 5%. Production output (metric tons) increased over the  2015 target. Continuous investments into production technology improved productivity.

As a result, Nokian hope to replicate this success. Thus, in their proposed factory in North America.

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Nokian building ‘most modern tire factory in world,’ company says | Times Free Press

Nokian SUV Winter Tyres-When SUV’s arrived we soon noticed that they were useless in Snow?

Nokian SUV Winter Tyres

Nokian SUV Winter Tyres

You should consider a set of winter tyres. Especially in areas where it is difficult to get around in a vehicle fitted with regular summer tyres. Your need for winter tyres will increase.
Because they are a mix of summer and winter tyres. The winter tyres outperform the all-weather tyres by a mile.
As a result, a study put out by the Quebec Ministry of Transport. Showed that proper winter tyres can improve braking by up to 25%. Compared to the all-season tyres and can consequently improve accident avoidance by about 38 percent.
SUV Winter TyresWinter tyres generally have deeper tread with specifically designed patterns that allows snow and slush to be cleared as the car drives through the snow. As a result, that provides more contact to the road surface and thus more control.
Subsequently, winter tyres are absolutely essential for winter driving safety. Some countries snow tyres are often mandatory. Consider renting one with snow tyres in any mountain area. Sometimes it will cost a little extra, but it is well worth paying.When getting out of the city in any higher elevation it is likely you will encounter winter conditions and therefore will require snow tires to get you to where you have to go safely.

Nokian SUV Winter Tyres

Thus many of our customers do fit winter tyres. As a result, these SUV tyres are the most popular tyres that we fit.The winter tyres outperform the all-weather tyres by a mile.Winter tyres generally have deeper tread with specifically designed patterns that allows snow and slush to be cleared as the car drives through the snow. Subsequently, Nokian winter tyres are absolutely essential for winter driving safety. Thus many of our customers do fit winter tyres. As a result, these SUV tyres are the most popular tyres that we fit. As a result, we also recommend General winter tyres.

Mazda Winter Tyres Testing-2016 Mazda MX-5 GS Winter Test Video

Mazda Winter Tyres

Mazda Winter Tyres

It has always been my pleasure to write about how different car makes respond in bad weather conditions. As a result, this little Mazda MX 5 is no exception. Of course a good place to look was in the Mazda owners club forum. Consequently, the MX 5 had good reviews when it came to driving in the snow. Of course, like many other cars, it is always best to fit winter tyres. Especially,in areas where snow may be forthcoming.

As a result the general consensus is to keep a set of spare wheels. Hence, with winter tyres fitted. Subsequently, your spare wheels can easily be changed over as winter approaches. Other advisories are. Keeping the fuel tank full and keep the engine  revs as low as possible. Also try to use the highest gears possible . Hence, without laboring the MX 5’s drive train.

Consequently you should be using winter tyres and ensure that your tyres have plenty tread. Bald winter tyres are as useless as summer tyres? Drive the  School of Motoring way. In other words slow down and use your high gears without stalling he engine. As  result I have read many good reports of the MX 5 handling very well in adverse weather condition. Like any other car then safety has to come first. Therefore prepare for the winter. Especially if you live in snow prone areas such as Northern England and the whole of Scotland.

Ownership of a MX 5 should not restrict you from winter driving. Locate a new set of steel wheels and fit a set of winter tyres. As a result we would recommend fitting General Altimax winters. By all means, you can choose your own favourite make. Winter tyres are manufactured by almost all the leading tyre companies. Consequently they are becoming more popular even here in the UK.



Nokian Tyres-Durability-Grip- around the year – Nokian Tyres releases a new winter tyre for city buses – Automotive World

Nokian Tyres-Durability-Grip

Durability and grip around the yearNokian Tyres-Durability-Grip

Truck tyres are not something that I usually write about. However, winter tyres are my thing and so I thought that these Nokian tyres should be mentioned. Of course, the worlds first ever winter truck tyres were made by Nokian in 1934.

As a result, coaches drive passengers around in all climates at every time of the year. So it is important to have the correct tyres fitted . Especially in the winter when a tour bus may be hurtling along a motorway before having to climb mountains to reach a ski resort.

Winter tyres for the car are well documented and publicized. Therefore it is just as important to offer the same high standards for coaches and buses. Coach companies are professional at carrying large numbers of people about.

Consequently, they are  expected to be there safely and on time. Hence, regardless of the weather or road conditions. Make sure your tyres won’t fail that trust when people trust you with their goods or lives.  As a result Nokian produce tyres you can rely on. Of course even when the weather gets bad.

Nokian Tyres-Durability-Grip in city conditions

Buses run on all types of road surfaces. Including, city streets which are a hostile environment for bus tyres. Breaking, chafing, cornering and curb-scratching. In winter time the hazard. Becomes more intense ? Of course with added slippery cobblestones and icy, snowy and rainy conditions. Genuine advantages are gained by fitting the correct tyres for the job .Including good and correct winter tyres. Even on trucks and coaches. As a result Nokian have come up with this excellent coach tyre. Nokian excel in winter tyres for cars and vans. As a result the new coach tyres will match the quality and effectiveness in bad winter conditions that we experience throughout Europe and North America.

Source: Durability and grip around the year – Nokian Tyres releases a new winter tyre for city buses – Automotive World

Nokian Safety Winter Tyres-Worth Thinking About the Winter Ahead? Look At Winter Tyres For Family Safety

Nokian Safety Winter Tyres

Nokian Safety Winter Tyres

Nokian Safety Winter Tyres

It seems crazy to me? here I am In the middle of August. Writing about winter tyres. This is something that I have done for years now. Unfortunately, I just cant get out of the habit.

I think it may be that the days are already getting shorter. Of course, I am an early riser. Consequently,the mornings are now in darkness at 5 am when I get up and see to my dogs.

So this is when I start to think about the winter and of course, winter tyres. As a result, I always order my first load of logs for the winter fires at this time of year.

Nokian Safety Winter Tyres this winter at Pellon Tyres

Of course winter tyres are the ultimate safety companion for your car. Therefore, a number of separate tests. Have shown that winter tyres are the only tyre that reduces braking distances. Thus, when driving in winter. Winter tyres have a far less stopping distance when braking in snow than the regular summer tyres. Hence that are fitted as original equipment by car manufacturers.

Of course, in many parts of Europe motorists are required by law to fit their car with winter tyres. From November onwards, vehicles that are not fitted with approved winter tyres. Hence, are not allowed to use the roads. According to a number of separate tyre tests. Winter tyres are the only tyre that reduces braking distances when driving in winter.

The countries with winter tyre laws do have a harsher winter than the UK. However as we all know then bad weather can strike at any time. Drivers in say Finland will drive on snow throughout the winter. The UK is different with our climate of mixed weather. it is though a more dangerous scenario. When the snow does arrive, then we are not ready for it. As a result, we get into all sorts of trouble. Trying to drive on snow covered roads with summer tyres fitted to their cars.

Nokian Safety Winter Tyres Whats the difference?

When you look at a winter tyre compared to a summer tyre. Then you will see the main difference? Winter tyres are designed with very small slits called sipes. Down the edges of the main tread blocks. On top of helping with grip, they displace the slush and snow a lot better than other seasonal tyres. In my opinion including all-weather tyres. Summer tyres for example, when going over snow, compact it, making it extremely slippery and solid.

Also winters are made out of a different compound than summer tyres. This includes a silica based material that allows the tyres to flex better. Especially when the temperature drops below 7 degrees C. This allows the tyre sidewall to become more flexible. Thus, giving the tread with all the sipes a better footprint in bad weather. We have nothing but praise from our regular customers. When they have fitted winters and therefore have had no safety issues in any types of weather.

For us the past couple of years our winters have been mild, wet, slushy at worst.So there is now almost an entire generation of drivers. That may have to start learning the skills of snow and ice driving. So, during those late autumn months it would be a good choice to take those summers off and slap on the winters. As I have emphasized . Winter tyres will pay for themselves in terms of control and safety before you know it.

Nokian Safety Winter Tyres a massive safety feature

For a long time, we in the tyre trade have had to dispel a wide spread and out dated belief. Hence,that winter tyres can only be used in icy or snow covered surfaces. Perhaps at one time this was true, but with the advances in rubber compound technology by adding “silica“. Including, tread pattern design. Then these tyres today can be used in many other inclement weather circumstances.

A recent survey in Canada. Reported that those who drive with winter tyres on their cars. As a result suffer less accidents. In fact most of Canada make winter tyres compulsory in the winter months. British Columbia have very stringent tyre laws relating to winter driving. Including a 3.5 mm tread depth on winter tyres. Of all the accidents that happened in Prince Edward Island, only 6% were fitted with winter tyres.

What is the reason behind such laws? Well, it’s pretty obvious – winter tyres significantly help you maintain control during times when perhaps other tyres, not designed for driving in ice, snow or heavy rain would let you down. This includes the drivers here in the UK. For this reason, I have chosen Nokian winter tyres together with General winter tyres as my main tyre lines this winter. Both these tyre brands have world wide recognition for their quality a durability in the toughest of winter weather conditions.

Thanks  Eric Roberts

Driving in Winter-How to Safely Operate a Vehicle in Slushy Conditions

Driving in Winter

Driving in Winter

Driving in Winter

Most people understand that driving in snow can be a little tricky. However, the danger hasn’t always passed once the snow has begun to melt. It’s also risky to drive in slush, the combination of melting snow, water, ice salt, and other debris that commonly develops on roads in late winter.

It can also develop at times when temperatures are just above freezing but ice salt is melting any snow that lands on the ground. This can cause problems for pedestrians, as well. If you’re a property owner, be sure to clear any slush from the sidewalk to avoid slip and fall accidents. This is a relatively quick job, and can help you avoid being contacted by a personal injury lawyer.

Cleaning slush off the road is not as simple as cleaning it off the sidewalk, though. Read on to learn how to safely operate your vehicle even while the road is full of slush.

How to Safely Drive on Slush

Driving on slush is difficult because it allows for very little traction. Additionally, slush tends to accumulate in mounds or piles. This makes the surface very slippery for tires traveling over it. Tyres that turn against slush mounds are often met with a stronger-than-expected obstruction, which creates a side force.

This makes changing lanes particularly difficult. When the wheels meet the slush, it creates a braking effect in the front of the vehicle. Combined with little to no traction in the rear tires, as well as the turning movement which has already begun, the car may continue to turn. This could cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle.

That doesn’t have to happen. To make sure you don’t spin out when driving in slush, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Never change lanes over slush mounds unless you genuinely have no other option.
  • Make a point of planning lane changes ahead of time so you can perform them in areas without slush.
  • When you are changing lanes or turning, do so gradually. This ensures the vehicle’s angle of approach is shallow. As a result, less force is exerted on the tires.
  • Grip the steering wheel firmly but loosely in order to maintain control of the vehicle if you do run into slush.
  • Exert a consistent amount of pressure on the accelerator. You want to maintain a relatively consistent speed in order to prevent a sudden braking or accelerating force.

All this said, the best way to avoid being involved in an accident is to avoid driving in slushy conditions whenever possible. However, there may be instances when it is necessary to get behind the wheel despite the presence of slush on the roads. In these cases, remember that “slow and steady” is key to making safe lane changes. You also need to maintain a safe distance between yourself and other vehicles, as it can be difficult to brake in slush. By remembering these points, you’ll be much safer out on the road all winter long.


Nokian Tyres Partners-With NFL Canada to Boost Brand Awareness – Tires & Parts News

Nokian Tyres Partners

Nokian Tyres Partners

Nokian Tyres Partners

As a result, Nokian like many other tyre companies are connecting themselves to sport and sporting events. Therefore some of the larger tyre companies do massive deals with the biggest sporting companies. Yokohama and Chelsea football club are a good example?

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Many drivers are now aware of the excellence of Nokian winter tyres. Therefore it is no surprise that a deal has been struck between Nokian and the giant NFL of Canada. Consequently, winter tyres are popular in Canada. As a result, we all know about the winter climate and therefore the need for winter tyres.
Nokian Tyres has signed a new partnership deal with NFL Canada as part of its drive to boost its brand awareness in Canada.

Source: Nokian Tyres Partners with NFL Canada to Boost Brand Awareness – Tires & Parts News

Nokian Tyres Vice-President-Nomination to Nokian Tyres’ management team – Automotive World

Nokian Tyres Vice-President

Nokian Tyres Vice-President

Mr. Frans Westerlund has been appointed Vice President, CIO and Processes. He will join Nokian Tyres plc as a member of the management team on August 1, 20

Nokian Tyres Vice-President

As the new appointed Nokian tyre dealer for the Halifax area of the UK. Then I will be bringing my blog readers any news referring to Nokian tyres. For this reason, this appointment is no exception. As a result, Nokian make one of the best tyre products in the world . Including the summer and winter range of tyres.

Eric Roberts

Source: Nomination to Nokian Tyres’ management team – Automotive World

Quality Yokohama winters- Yokohama winter tyres are available from Pellon Tyres in Halifax UK

Quality Yokohama winters

Quality Yokohama winters for real tough weather

As I look out of my office window at the snow falling . Therefore, I can not help but feel a certain amount of pride. Proud at the fact that I have sold hundred of Quality Yokohama winters. In fact, probably thousands oQuality Yokohama winters

winters. Hence, to my customers over the past few years.

For this reason, I know that the people who have bought these tyres. Will be safer when driving through the snow and ice. Here in Calderdale and Halifax we have a mixture of valleys and steep hills. Thus, making it very difficult to travel in bad weather,snow,ice and heavy rain. (we have a large amount of flooding during heavy rain) making driving with winters  much safer as they get rid of the water much faster than summer tyres, making driving much safer.

Now because of the ability to ship all around the World at speed, it is possible for us to buy many different brands of winters . One of these brands is a well known make called Yokohama tyres from Japan. We here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax, UK were able to start buying from Quality Yokohama winters when we were privileged to be able to join a nationwide tyre group called Point-S.

Point-S enables to buy direct from tyre manufacturers such as Continental tyres, Firestone, Avon tyre,Quality Yokohama winters  and many more including the top tyre company Michelin .

Introduced us to Yokohama winter tyres

One of the great benefits this brought to us was the introduction to Yokohama winters . We bought our first ones in October 2012 and sold out four times. We were surprised to learn of how many of the public had heard of Yokohama tyres. The thing that does stand out about this product though, is how deeply involved Yokohama are into motor sport. They are involved with a multitude of motor racing events, this includes the prestigious FIA World Touring Car

Quality Yokohama winters

Quality Yokohama winters cope with conditions like this.

Championship(WTCC).The racing kicks off in 2013 on 24th March at Monza in Italy and I cannot wait to the report the events in my blog and with a bit of luck I may be able to visit a race and take some real time pictures.

So to get back to my point Yokohama tyres make a mean winter tyre and we are now able to sell this product to our customers in Calderdale and Halifax. I know from reports back to me that my customers are highly delighted with the winter tyres performance in the early cold spell we had here in the north of England which included a fair amount of snow, unfortunately the weather turned mild again, but we are now into our second cold snap and are selling winter tyres again, remember it is becoming popular to keep the winter tyres on your car all year round, because we now seam to be in a spell of wet summers and winter tyres get rid of the water at a faster rate when driving at 80mph on a motorway in torrential rain.

This post was written by Eric Roberts..

    Point-S members

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles.

Nokian supply Winter tyres-News- Winter Adventure Resorts-The Tire Dealer’s No. 1 News Source

Nokian supply Winter tyres

Nokian supply Winter tyresSource:

Nokian supply Winter tyres

Nokian tyres are probably the number one winter tyres in the world. Hence, the company will have on-site branding at POWDR‘s nine North American resorts .

Consequently, the Powdr Corporation are probably one of the largest ski resort operators in North America. As a result, Nokian tyres will be used on cars that are used to teach holidaymakers. Thus, how to drive their cars in snow and winter conditions. Driving conditions are tough in the mountains where the resorts are situated. These resorts are full of people looking for winter adventure. They are paradise for this type of adventurer.

Good tyres are imperative. Hence, Nokian have been chosen as the tyre supplier partner a great choice. Nokian tyres are well known in Canada and the USA. Especially in the mountains where the ski resorts are situated.

Eric Roberts

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