Winter Tyre Articles

Winter Tyre Articles

Because of the rise of the illegal part worn tyres. Then I think it important to explain “how to check the age” of your tyres. There are no strict rules about this subject. However it is thought that tyres start to deteriorate. Of course, when they are five year old and above.
This Winter Tyre Articles knowledge is specially important if you have recently purchased a second hand car. Or were tempted into buying some second hand tyres. Tyre date codes were changed in the year 2000.

Hence, from three digits to four digits. Therefore, pre-2000 tyres would be as such. say the age code was 261. Then this tyre was made in the 26th week of 1991. Moreover, after 2000 a tyre code of 5110, would mean that the tyre was made in the 51st week of 2010.

Part worn winter tyres are just as Dangerous ??

Winter Tyres Insurance

Winter Tyres Insurance: Could fitting Winters Affect Your Car Insurance?

Winter Tyres Insurance

Winter Tyres Insurance
Winter Tyres Insurance

Winter Tyres Insurance

So, I always find it strange to hear my customers say, “Will my car be insured if I fit winter tyres?”. I used to think that they were joking at first. But for some reason, they were very serious. Apparently, it was something that they had read in a national newspaper. When I checked this out, it said that if you modify or change your car from the original specs,. So, then you should inform your insurance company. Subsequently, you could not be insured in case you had an accident.

I suspect that this covers thousands of motorists. Importantly, driving about today, “with what they would consider minor adjustments” to their cars. Of course, such as fitting winter tyres or a “go faster stripe “down the side.

There is no doubt that winter tyres do affect your car’s performance. However, only for the better!  By making the car drive with better control and brakes. Especially in winter weather, from rain to ice and snow. As long as you stick to the same size and the advised load rating for your car. Then you should be fine and proud to fit the winter tyres.

Insurance companies should give you “discount” for fitting winter tyres-Winter Tyres Insurance

Even this year, our customers have asked about the affect winter tyres can have on their insurance. So I thought that I would look into it a little deeper and write an article about the subject. In my opinion, I think that you should get a rebate from your insurance company. Of course, if you make your car safer by fitting winters to it,. In fact, the big debate for me is, “Are cars with illegally worn tyres insured” and the answer is no. But I will look at that in a future article.

The problem has also become an issue with the insurers themselves. Consequently, after a deluge of inquiries from worried car owners,. Strangely, they thought that they would not be insured if they fitted these tyres to their car. According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), the problem has been taken up with its members. So, now over 90% have agreed that they will not increase premiums. Happily, for their customers, they fit the correct winter tyres on their vehicles.

Winter tyres much safer- Winter Tyres Insurance

They also agreed that fitting winters to their car. So, it made for better road safety over the winter period. In fact, many of the other European countries make it a law to fit winters between November and March of the following year, so why should the British motorists be penalised?

A statement from the ABI says, “often motor insurers will not charge an additional premium when their insured customers use winter tyres, provided that they meet and are fitted in accordance with the vehicle manufacturers’ specifications and are in a roadworthy condition”

If you are unsure about your own insurance company’s stance on the matter, then you can either ring them up or go to the ABI website, where insurers are listed who comply with the “good to fit winter tyres “rule. The web address is “ABI a guide to winter tyres“.

Winter tyres will not incur extra insurance costs- Winter Tyres Insurance

As I stated earlier in this article,. So, the insurance companies often increased the cost of your insurance if you modified your car in any way and did not inform them; things like an upgraded, modified engine spring to mind. They regarded you as being more likely to have an accident if you had modified your car, and your car may have become a bigger target for car thieves, so an extra premium would have been charged.

At first when winter tyres became more popular, the insurance companies gave out mixed messages, but the ABI can now confirm that winter tyres are a safety issue and are a great improvement when fitted to your car during the winter period.

My own advice would be to inform your insurance company that you are fitting winter tyres. You will, not have to pay any extra premiums. Some companies do require you to inform than a list can be found on the ABI web-site. Nick Starling, ABI’s director of general insurance, said: “Insurers do not want to penalize motorists who take steps, like fitting winter tyres, to improve their safety on dangerous winter roads. Last year cold weather came early and there was some uncertainty for customers about the insurance implications of fitting winter tyres. This commitment clarifies the position for motorists.”

A good tyre retailer will have a website where you can legally convert sizes. Important and should be accepted by the insurance companies. Some insurance companies, such as Tesco and The Co-operative Insurance Company, state that you are alright to fit winters, but you should not oversize them. Oversizing any tyres is not a good thing anyway?

Pellon Tyre and Auto-Centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. Finally, we are still the Nokian tyre dealers for the Calderdale area of Yorkshire.

We also sell General Winter Tyres Online from our website, .

Winter Tyres Insurance

Yokohama Winter Tyres: Yorkshire Winter Ahead?

Yokohama Winter Tyres

Yokohama Winter Tyres
Yokohama Winter Tyres

Yokohama Winter Tyres

Tyres are arguably the most important part of your car. They fill a variety of roles in car performance, most importantly making sure that the car can roll! Without strong, adequate ones, you run the risk of getting a blowout on the motorway or not being able to control your car in extreme weather conditions. Your mileage will also be lower with poor tyres fitted to your

car. You want tyres that are strong, durable, and silent on the road. You also want them to last a long time. If you live in a snowy area, you probably want even more specialised wheels that perform well in snowy or icy conditions. Yokohama Winter Tyres are one of  the best in their class for such a job.

Now there are no overall “best tyres.”. Some will enable faster driving. Others function better with wear and are more durable. However? if you live in cold areas, such as the Welsh mountains, North and West Yorkshire, the Lake District, and most of Scotland. Yokohama Winter Tyres  are among the best.

Yokohama Winter Tyres

Are designed to give you complete control over your car and maximum traction in icy conditions. They use specialised technology and tread designs to ensure that icy driving is no problem. Just driving slowly and carefully isn’t a valid option, especially if you live in a city that receives tonnes of ice and snow. You need the control, grip, and precision that Yokohama Tyres offer.

There are several false ideas that people have concerning winter. First, many people believe you only need two winters  or that you don’t need winters  at all. Regular summer ones or even all-season ones don’t offer the same level of control or safety as winters, especially in extreme conditions.

you want to have four winters fitted. If your car uses a winter pair in the front and a regular set of tyres on the back, then each end of your car will react differently. This can be extremely detrimental if you are sliding on ice or driving in extreme weather. Investing in Yokohama Winter Tyres is much safer for accelerating, braking, and handling the car.

Traction control and ABS brakes offer only limited benefits to cars with winters fitted. Traction control does not help with the the traction of your car in any way, but  controls the

acceleration of your tyre. Winters will give you the grip you need in winter conditions. Similarly, while ABS brakes will only ensure that car tyres will not lock up, they also don’t improve the actual  traction.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the benefits of Yokohama Winter tyres.

Winter Tyres Insurance

Snow Testing Winter Tyres: what a winter tyre can do

Snow testing winter Tyres

Snow testing winter Tyres

Unfortunately, general car tyres are not available in the UK any more. A strange decision was taken by there owners, Continental Tyres. However, the General mix of 4×4 tyres is still available to buy in the UK.

“Stay Safe and Secure with Falken Winter Tyres: Your Trusty Companion for Winter Driving”

As the weather becomes colder in Halifax and the rest of the United Kingdom, drivers should prioritise road safety. I understand the need to maintain our vehicles to the highest standard throughout the year because I own a garage business in Halifax. Having the correct winter tyres fitted to your SUV is crucial for safe winter driving. To ensure your safety on our local roads this winter, I would like to present you with the outstanding Falken tyre line.

A Tradition of Excellence in Performance, Value, and Quality

Falken has always been committed to making high-quality tyres for any vehicle, with a wide range of sizes and designs to choose from. Falken is carrying on the family business’s legacy of being the first choice of drivers looking for value, performance, and quality.

One Hundred Years of Distinction; Snow testing winter Tyres

The current headquarters of the long-standing Falken Tyres company are located in the Japanese province of Fukushima, which is home to the biggest tyre factory in the Sumitomo Group, at Shirakawa. So the company was founded in 1974. After more than 1/2 a century in the business, Falken is justifiably proud of its legacy and its capacity to adapt to the dynamic tyre market. They have maintained an impressive level of dedication to production and technological progress throughout the past century.

Our clients nowadays have extensive knowledge regarding the benefits of winter tyres. As anticipated, these tyres provide significantly more traction and stability in winter driving compared to summer tyres. The 7-degree temperature rule is also well-known among drivers.

True, a lot of people are aware of this. Because of this, I will explain things simply. Therefore, a “Silica“-based component is used in winter tyres. So, as the temperature drops below 7 degrees, the silica in the tyre compound makes it flexible.

Choosing Winter Tyres Wisely- Snow testing winter Tyres

Our clients are now aware of all the benefits of winter tyres. Not only are these tyres a possibility, but they’re also a safer bet for winter driving than summer tyres. Most motorists have heard of the “7-degree temperature rule,” but in case you haven’t, I’ll explain it.

As I have said, an ingredient known as “silica” is an integral part of winter tyres.

The tyre compound can maintain its pliability in temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius thanks to its silica. Important in the winter, this silica-based component is absent from summer tyres. Winter tyres are able to adapt to colder and slippier surfaces thanks to their more aggressive tread patterns, made possible by this flexibility.

Last but not least, investing in Falken winter tyres for your SUV is a choice that prioritises your safety.

These tyres are your reliable winter driving companions, thanks to a century of excellence, a legacy of quality, and the backing of the Continental Tyres Group. Put your trust in Falken winter tyres and drive safely this winter on the roads of Halifax and the United Kingdom.

Stay warm, drive with assurance, and take in the breathtaking winter scenery that the United Kingdom is famous for. Take care on the road till we meet again!

AQUAPLANING and Bald Tyres

Nokian E-Line 2 Summer Tyres: A Tyre with An AA Rating due to Tough Aramid Protection Technology

Nokian E-Line 2 Summer Tyres

Nokian E-Line 2 Summer Tyres

In my early days of blogging,. Then I used to write about almost every new tyre that was introduced by the manufacturers. Eventually, this began to grind me down. Most new tyres were similar to the last one or claimed to be the tyre that was greener than the rest. As a result, I have been selling tyres for about forty years now. In the long run, tyres are just a consumer product.

This is certainly true to an extent. Tyre companies have had to come up with different solutions in recent years, mainly due to the pressure from car manufacturers. In turn, car manufacturers have also been under pressure from governments to reduce the emissions produced by their cars. This pressure has effected every part of the car. Including the tyres.

Tyres were beginning to become smaller and fatter.

The 50 and 55 series tyres were introduced to fit some of the sportier cars on the market. Looks were the thing. If a car looked good on fat tyres, then that was good?

Things had to change for cars to become more eco-friendly. Tyres were being made from unusual materials to make them lighter in weight. Continental are developing the white sticky liquid from “dandelions” Strange, but dandelions have the same molecular buildup as latex rubber. Yokohama tyres are using “orange skin oils” in their tyre compound mix.

Therefore, a tyre that is lighter in weight and built with a taller overall diameter is much greener.

These tyres will go further. using less of the vehicle’s fuel. Because they are carrying less weight than there predecessors.  The European Union brought out a guideline to show which tyres were the best in each department. The “A” is for fuel efficiency, the “B” is for wet cornering, and the “C” is in decibels for tyre noise. When the SUV market began to take off, there was a need to improve “Rolling Resistance” This was done by hardening the tyre compound.

Consequently, this had the effect of the tyres having poor cornering. Especially in wet weather. Experiments were carried out with the new materials, and “silica” would become the answer. Now most tyres contain silica. This gives the tyres better rolling resistance and also helps the grip in wet weather situations. Companies were coming out with AA-rated tyres; the first were the Goodyear Efficient Grips, Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blue, and Bridgestone Ecopia EP001S tyres.

The latest addition to this group is the Nokia E-Line 2 tyres.

As a result, Nokia has added an excellent safety feature to the tyre: “Aramid” reinforcement, which is fitted to the range of SUV summer tyres .This new reinforcement is fitted to the range of SUV summer tyres. Extremely durable Aramid staple fibres, which are also successfully used in bulletproof vests, stiffen and reinforce the sidewall to make it exceptionally resistant to wear and cuts. This is a major safety feature. Especially with the growing number of potholes that are appearing all over the place.

These sidewalls are so tough that the Nokian Tyres Aramid Guarantee covers accidentally sidewall damaged tyres and provides you with a new, corresponding product free of charge.

You can check out if Nokian E-Line 2 Summer Tyres make an Aramid tyre for your car by clicking and putting your car details in.

Finally, here in 2021, Pellon Tyres will be Nokian tyre dealers for the Calderdale and Kirklees districts of West Yorkshire.

Winter Tyres Insurance

Nokian Targets SUV Tyre Market- With Dealer Expansion in The UK and The USA Markets

Nokian Targets CUV-SUV Tyre Market

Nokian Targets SUV Tyre Market

This was great news for the tyre industry. But also great news for road safety. So at last the motorists have taken notice of the tyre experts and friends. Many garages and tyre dealers are beginning to increase stocks of snow tyres. But stocks are very low so telephone or go online to see what you can find. Remember this is only the beginning of winter and so snow or winter tyres will be a good investment.

Garages and tyre retailers began to see the motorists complimenting them. On how good these type of tyres really were in snow. Many garages and tyre dealers have some stocks of snow tyres. Hence, stocks are very low so telephone or go online to see what you can find.

Motorists from all over the country. Were bestowing the advantages of changing to winter tyres. From summer tyres for the winter months. Prices in the last few weeks have doubled. Indeed put the price out of reach for many motorists.

Nokian Targets SUV Tyre Market
Nokian Targets SUV Tyre Market

Nokian Targets CUV-SUV Tyre Market 1

Especially with smaller cars, silly when safety is at stake, perhaps next winter people should start buying their tyres at the end of summer. Thus, when prices are not much different to summer tyres.

It looks like the penny may have dropped as regards the drivers of SUV and Crossover vehicles. Indeed many SUV owners are also thinking about a set of spare wheels with snow tyres fitted. This seems to me to make the most common sense thing to do. Of course, you could go to a breakers yard for a set or pair of used wheels to keep the cost down.

SUV drivers really suffered in the harsh snowy winters of a couple of years ago. We noticed that the BMW drivers were all over the road. Skidding on their summer tyres. I think that some of these drivers thought that they were invincible in bad weather. As a result they were far from safe? The large diameter wheels on this type of vehicle meant that in bad weather then they lost control very easily.

Many of these SUV drivers did eventually fit or buy a set of spare steel wheels. This is the most effective way for using winter tyres and you would probably make a set last three winters or more. So, by changing them from your summer tyres from say November to March. Some tyre dealers have started storing customers winter tyres or wheels over the Summer months. Known as “tyre hotels” some for a small fee others may do it for free. Therefore, it may be worth asking, especially for those living in flats or drivers without a garage.

Nokian Targets CUV-SUV Tyre Market 2

As mentioned before I have had many customers telephoning me. Thanking me for the advice I have given them about fitting snow tyres. One lady customer was so pleased that she came back and wanted a set fitting to her mothers car she was so impressed. The sting in the tail is that suppliers started to inflate prices due to demand. Especially internet companies from the continent. Another good reason why Nokian Targets SUV Tyre Market, for more sales.

Nokians were in great demand. They were always number one in European tyre tests and so were much sought after. Now of course Nokian tyres have built up a UK tyre dealer network. Pellon Tyres are the Nokian dealers for the Calder valley area of the UK.

This winter 2010/ 2011 has proved to be worse than the winter before. Indeed November of that year had been breaking records for the coldest and the amount of snow fall. A good reason why Nokian Targets SUV Tyre Market took off. Indeed in South Yorkshire the snow reached depths of two feet in some areas. Of course, stranding many motorists, the only people who could move had either 4×4 s or were fitted with winter tyres.

Garages and auto centres have noticed a massive increase in All-weather tyre sales this winter. However some motorists took the advice of some experts, who commented that, “motorists are becoming much more safety conscious” and “have bought new snow tyres this winter for the first time”. In fact there has been a rapid growth in the number of tyre companies. Due in part to the Nokian Targets SUV Tyre Market. Hence, that are developing the all-weather tyres. Including the Nokian Targets SUV Tyre Market.

Nokian Targets CUV-SUV Tyre Market 3

Most notably Michelin tyres brought out the excellent CrossClimate tyres. This is a bit of an anomaly. because it is a summer tyre with winter tyre capabilities. This tyre carries the three peaks snow tyre sidewall emblem.

These Michelin CrossClimate have proved to be a great success. In fact many motorists are beginning to discover the great advantage of snow and winter tyres in bad weather situations. Of course this is why Nokian Targets SUV Tyre Market. Garages and tyre dealer began to see the motorists complimenting them. of course, on how good these type of tyres really were in snow.

Finally Pellon Tyres are still Nokian Tyre dealers after their re-shuffle here in 2021.

Source: Nokian Targets CUV and SUV Tire Market With eNtyre C/S – Suppliers – Modern Tire Dealer

Winter Tyres Insurance

Your winter safety tyres-Making sure your ready for your winter tyres – KSHB-Eric Roberts

Your winter safety tyres

our winter tyres Tips
our winter tyres Tips

Your winter tyres, will help you drive like this in the coming winter


Tips from Toby: Making sure Your winter safety tyres are ready for winter


Eric Roberts‘s insight:

Your winter tyres Tips from Eric

Winter is now on its way here in the Northern hemisphere, and if you want to get to work on time and impress your boss, it is time to fit your winter tyres.

Your winter tyres do not only give your car stability in snow, but they also protect you by gripping the road better in very wet conditions and preventing your car from aquaplaning. This is when a film of water forms between the road surface and your tyres, causing your car to lose grip on the road surface.

We always fit Best Winter Tyres to our vehicles, and I can guarantee that they make you feel much safer in snow and bad inclement weather, and that’s because they are much safer than summer ones.

The Development of Winter and All-Season Tyres for Safer Driving: Tyres Through the Seasons

Hello there, everybody! What’s the weather like? It’s becoming chilly, don’t you think?

Therefore now is the ideal moment to discuss winter and all-season tyres. Driving has significantly improved over the past few years, and a large part of that improvement may be attributed to tyres. Now grab a beverage, and let’s get started!

A Long Time Ago in TyreYour winter tyres Tips

Remember the days when all-season tyres weren’t truly for all seasons and winter tyres were scarce as hen’s teeth? The era has long since passed. These days, we have solutions that make driving safer in practically any situation, from the heat of the summer to the snowy end of the world.

Winter Tyres: They’re Not Only for Ski holidays

Hence, winter tyres were formerly just something you’d think about if you were going on a ski trip or resided at the top of a mountain. Yet they’re turning into a necessity considering how unpredictable winters are. These tyres now have improved tread designs, deeper grooves, and modern rubber compounds that maintain flexibility in freezing temperatures.

All-Season Tyres: The Multi-Tasker

Another huge winner in the safety category is all-season tyres. They now operate better in the rain and have excellent traction in snowy and icy weather thanks to recent revisions. Having a pair of all-season tyres is like having a Swiss Army knife for your automobile as more storms approach the UK.

How to Handle Storms- Your winter tyres Tips

Speaking of storms, don’t you think they’re getting more frequent? Whether it’s flooding, significant snowfall, or plain dreary drizzle, tyres have been modified to withstand anything. I’m referring to features like stiffer sidewalls for improved control in windy conditions and water-dispersion technology, which helps to prevent aquaplaning.

Enhancing Road Safety in Halifax

Why should Halifax residents care? Now, as we are all aware, our weather is frequently indecisive. It may be sunny one minute and hailing the next, and then who knows? Here more than anyplace, having safe tyres is essential, and fortunately, advances in tyre technology are keeping us safe on our unpredictable roadways.

In summary-Your winter tyres Tips

There you go, people. Our roads are now much safer thanks to advances in tyre technology, particularly when Mother Nature decides to throw a wobble. The technological advancements are impressive, whether it’s the grippy winter tyres or the adaptable all-season alternatives.

All OK, bye for now. You know where to find me if you’re thinking about changing your tyres. Maintain your safety and warmth, and let’s make this winter a safe one for drivers!

Summer tyre lose their suppleness  when the temperature drops below 7 degrees C, whereas Your Your winter tyres Tips contain silica in the compound, which helps them to be more flexible

“The control of the vehicle, you can imagine having three tyres at the proper pressure and one that is say 10 pounds or even 15 too low.

Your winter tyres Tips
Your winter tyres Tips

A couple of brands that I would recommend would be a budget tyre brand

called Jinyu and a mid-range tyre brand called Falken Tyres UK. Both these brands have been tested and proven by us here in Halifax, UK, and in many other Winter Tyres Test Results.

Of course, your winter safety tyres are not just designed for coping with ice and snow! So, I must confess that I am a winter tyre enthusiast always giving people Your winter tyres Tips. Whatever vehicle I drive, I fit winter tyres. Confidently, these tyres are capable of coping with all types of weather. Including the very heavy rainstorms that we have had in recent years.

Importantly, winter tyres will get rid of the worst rain storms. Confidently, giving you control of your vehicle when others could be suffering. Safety is the word, and winter tyres certainly give you and your family better safety when driving in these conditions!

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