All Battery Information

All Battery Information

As the batteries become fully charged and are no longer able to accept any further electrical energy. Consequently, the battery voltage will rise. Of course, when the voltage reaches the regulation level (varies with battery type see below) So, starts to dump power the controller’s lights are a solid red. Naturally,this energy is dissipated as heat into the surrounding environment. Significantly,more or less power is diverted to the dump load. According to how much is being supplied to the battery from the turbine.

lead-acid batteries

lead-acid batteries- How they were developed and improved-Eric Roberts

lead-acid batteries

lead-acid batteries

Bill explains the essential principles of lead-acid batteries. He shows the inside of motorcycle lead-acid batteries, removes the lead and lead-oxide plates an…


eric roberts‘s insight:

Lead acid batteries have now been around in their present form for many years.

Of course, it is only in recent times that the lead acid car battery has been overcome. Subsequently, by the more modern technology batteries . As a result, that are now being developed for the modern electric and hybrid car manufacturers. Significantly, due to the rush for a more environmentally friendly battery products. Such as the Lithium-Ion ! Now used many car models such as the Nissan leaf and the Toyota Auris hybrids.

In my opinion though, the ever faithful lead acid batteries, that we still use in the millions. Thus, will still be around for many years to come. They have been tried and tested and proven for almost a hundred years since their invention in 1859 by French physicist Gaston Planté.

Nothing much has changed in the past forty years of time

As an old guy then, I have bought and sold batteries now for more than 40 years. Car battery types have had modifications. Additionally, such as different lead alloys. That are now used in the manufacture of the battery plates. Increasing development of casings to help suppress and resist vibrations. Most truck and car ones are now sealed and maintenance free. So the motorists do not have to top them up any more. Although some battery makers have the old fashioned screw tops. So that you can top up the electrolyte when the acid  has evaporated.

The big development came when the AGM lead-acid batteries was invented in 1985 for military use and was developed by Concorde batteries for commercial use outside the military. The AGM (absorbed Glass Matting) lead-acid batteries is completely sealed and now used in hundreds of applications, although once again these batteries may be slowly replaced by the Lithium-Ion batteries. I know that some golf trolley ones are coming out in Lithium-Ion, but at the moment they are very expensive and golfers have a reputation of shall we say, “not putting their hands in their pockets”. The Lithium-Ion’s  were also developed for the military and used on the stealth bombers and they were also used in space flight and on the Mars Lander Craft “Curiosity”.

Another recent development of the lead-acid batteries

So a new introduction has been the introduction of “stop Start” technology. Used on some new models of cars. This was developed by the World’s leading battery company, Johnson Controls. The trade name that they use for these batteries is Varta batteries. What happens is when the car stops the engine is switched off and

lead-acid batteries

Micro hybrid battery similar to the one used in the Mars lander

when the car wants to set off again the accelerator is pressed and the car restarts. The batteries for this job have to be more powerful that the standard lead acid battery and so the AGM battery lead-acid batteries are used.

In my opinion the lead acid battery will be further developed and used on other applications that have not been invented yet, and will still be a player in the crazy mixes of the development of the modern car, their big advantage is that they are almost 100% recyclable, which is more than can be said about the lithium-Ion batteries.


Eric Roberts

lead-acid batteries

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Cheap UPS  Battery business now for 40 years.

lead-acid batteries

Narrow Post 054 Car Battery-Available Online From BatteriesOnTheWeb UK

Narrow Post 054 Car Battery developments

054 car battery

Lucas premium Battery

I am now old enough to remember when the first popular cars were imported into the UK. Of course, cars were still manufactured in the UK in those days. Buying anything from a Rolls Royce to the tiny Austin A35 cars, Consequently, and they were all made here in the UK.

Britains were loyal car buyers in those days! The car manufacturing sector was booming. Naturally, this car growth boom also attracted parts companies. So, there were many engineering firms that serviced the car industry.

Included the great tyre companies. Apart from our own Dunlop tyres. Giant tyre companies such as Goodyear tyres started to become a major presence here in the UK.

Unfortunately. battery companies were a little slow to start up. Most car batteries were still the old black rubber casing type. Then came the front wheel drive cars. Of course, the first minis that were introduced.Likewise, had to have their batteries fitted in the boot of the car. Because the car was a front wheel drive ! There was no room in the engine compartment for a battery to be fitted.

Car Battery industry on the move

Correspondingly, the battery industry was beginning to change. Batteries were changing shape and were made of different materials. Plastic casings were the becoming new norm.

Now enter the imported cars.

Furthermore, working class man here in the UK. Were beginning to be able to afford to buy a car for the first time. Continental car makers saw the UK as a great new market. Companies such as Datsun, Renault and Sunbeam Talbot were becoming common sites on our roads. With this brought different battery types, including size and shape.

Many of these batteries were made in Japan and were narrow in width with narrow battery posts. I remember the fact that I had never seen anything like this before. So,replacement batteries were difficult to get for some of these obscure cars.

The battery in question turned out to be a common part number to us in the UK, the Narrow Post 054 Car Battery. This Car Battery fits many of our modern cars. It can

be found on cars such as the Hyundai such as the i10 petrol model.

054 Car Battery

The narrow post Car Battery also fits many Nissan Micra petrol models.

Many Proton and Suzuki smaller car models are fitted with the Narrow Post 054 Car Battery. The Daihatsu car models are almost all fitted with “thin posts Battery”, making this battery a major stocking item for BatteriesOnTheWeb.

Finally, the makes that are recommended are the ApolloPower batteries and Banner battery range and are available to be sent out online to most UK post codes.

Eric Roberts.

054 Car Battery

Mobility scooter man Found driving down Motorway-92, stopped on UK motorway –

Mobility scooter man Found driving down Motorway

Mobility scooter man Found driving down Motorway


Mobility scooter man Found driving down Motorway

Of course, this is an incredible story. Strange thing is, I bet it’s not the first time? However, this 92 year old was found driving down  Motorway in Scotland. I wonder if the policewomen could keep a straight face. Take a look at the story, as I say I suspect it was not the first time that this has happened. Horse and carts have also been spotted driving down the M1. Consequently, it turned out that it was travellers who went junction to junction just for a bet.

Traffic on Britain

Source: Mobility scooter man, 92, stopped on UK motorway – WeirdNews – Dunya News

UPS Batteries Have Many Uses-12 Volt 12 Amp are very popular

UPS Batteries Have Many Uses

UPS Batteries Have Many Uses; 12 volt 12 amp in most backup batteries supply systems ?


I would not be exaggerating to say that that the 12 volts 12 amp UPS  (uninterrupted power supply) battery will be found in most large offices around the World. The most common


usage for this one is as a backup supply source of power in the event of a mains power supply failure. When the mains go down then the 12 volts 12 amp battery bank kicks in and allows the computers to carry out a proper shutdown, saving very valuable data from being destroyed. The UPS battery will be used in very large banks of backup systems .

These UPS Batteries Have Many Uses including, backup systems will usually come within a surge circuitry and also have a built in filter this will protect the circuits and the computer from power surges, these surges are known as transients, spikes and surges and can destroy and even delete data as well as damaging the computer equipment. One of the commonest forms of power surges is lightening, even if an adjacent building is struck then a surge can occur and damage an unprotected computer system, but thanks to the 12 volts 12 amp battery then this will be protected.

For further reading…

“Even entry-level battery backups provide visual and audible alarms based on various states of alert. They also include automatic shutdown software that controls the connected microcomputer via USB port so that if the user happens to be away from the computer when the power fails, the system takes over and initiates safe shutdown procedures before they drain”…

 12 volt 12 amp batteries also fit many mobility scooters

This 12 volts 12 amp is also now used to power some smaller mobility scooters. As a result, it takes 2 these 12 volts 12 amps to make a 24-volt system . UPS Batteries Have Many Uses and here is some very important information about the care of your 12 volts 12 amps when they are not in use and during the winter months from an excellent website called…

 Always store your batteries FULLY CHARGED.

– Check all batteries once a month and recharge as needed.
– Wet ones can hold their charge up to 3 months.
– Sealed ones can hold a charge for up to 6 months.
– When storing a chair or scooter for more than 2 weeks, charge them and then disconnect them.
– Avoid hot and cold extremes when storing.

What is the proper way to store batteries for the Winter?

A: Store them fully charged. Check them once a month and recharge as needed. Sealed ones can hold their charge from 6 to 12 months. Remember, if storing your chair for longer than a couple of weeks, it’s best to charge them up  and then disconnect them”…

 by Eric Roberts 


lead-acid batteries

063 Car battery Online-is Still one of the Most Popular batteries sold by BatteriesOnTheWeb

063 Car battery Online

063 Car battery Online

063 Car battery Online

Of course, this battery is still the most popular as we head into the beginning of 2019. Consequently, your regular car battery is still the thing that keeps your car electrics going. Especially, when your cars engine is switched off. Significantly, your battery is the thing that your car relies on. Especially the cars ECU (computer). Accordingly, when you switch off the engine and park it up for the night. Without being charged up, your 063 Car battery just does not work.

Just another reason why it is important to have your battery checked. Hence, at regular intervals such as service times. Including a check on your cars charging system. Of course a battery test is usually free of charge at your local Unipart Car Care Centre (UCCC). Naturally, you can find your nearest centre online, by clicking the link.

By testing your 063 Car battery at regular intervals. So, you should avoid having a flat battery. Specially, when this always happens at perhaps a crucial time or an inconvenient place. Subsequently, your Car battery always goes flat where you don’t want it to. Perhaps, say in the supermarket car park. Particularly,when you have an appointment with the doctor. So a regular battery check should avoid all of this.

When buying a new 063 Car battery

Always importantly check out the specifications on the new battery that you require. Although,the part number may be the same !Then the number of amps may not be the same. For an example newer car models now have much more electrical components built into them.

Requiring much more power from the same size battery. The 063 battery came out years ago and was sold with a capacity of 35 amps.As a result was fitted onto early Vauxhall Novas and Corsas as well as early “British Leyland” cars. Such as the BMC 1978 Mini that I used to ownReplacing the very common 038 battery which was very popular at that time. In brief, the 063 Car battery was made more compact. Fitting into the smaller car models of the day more easily.

However as time went on and emissions became an issue. Cars were increasingly fitted out with more electrics and emissions control computers (ECU’s) . So the amps were increased to 44 amps. Of course on on exactly the same battery casing size,the 063 Car battery.

063 car battery now up to 44 amps

The up to date 063 Car battery is still the most popular car battery on the market in the small to medium size car market, but the difference is in the power. The power output is now up to 44 amps almost twice the capacity of the earlier 35 amp battery. This is a very important point when buying an 063 battery! Make sure that you have ordered the right capacity of your battery.

063 Car battery Online

All you have to do is to replace the battery with the exact same car battery. Of course the same one that you have on the car. So, do not let people kid you that they are all the same ? They are not. Modern cars now charge and dis-charge at a higher voltage. In short, it is important that you get the right battery for the job. The new higher capacity Varta 063 heavy duty 52 amp car battery is now available online .

Eric Roberts

Van Wheel Alignment Including Suspension

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years.

Lead Acid Storage Batteries-Are they the answer for storing Solar Storing

Lead Acid Storage Batteries

Lead Acid Storage Batteries;You will need a Deep cycle lead acid batteries

Lead Acid Storage Batteries

Lead Acid Storage Batteries

Many people are using solar energy. Hence, to bring down the cost of their energy bills. Or to use when out and about in their motor homes and R/V vehicles. Here in the UK. Particular, customers buy many what is known as“Leisure batteries”. Which are a sort of hybrid between a starter and a storage battery.

In most cases. This type of battery. Thus, is sufficient for the purpose. Of perhaps going off on holiday for a few weeks in a year.Perhaps, on a touring holiday. Hence, charging the battery up whilst the vehicle is been driven. As a result, via a charger or the alternator. Incredibly, keeping more up to date charging by means of a portable solar panel.

As I have said.These types of batteries are more than adequate for this usage. However, some people want to use Lead Acid Storage Batteries.Consequently, to store the electricity produced by turbines or solar panels. In my opinion this is a different proposition. Requiring, different batteries to the leisure batteries.So that are common here in the UK. Especially, a type of battery that should be used is the deep cycle battery. These Lead Acid Storage Batteries. Therefore, have much larger plates than the typical car and leisure battery. Therefore, can be charged and discharged.Very similar to the batteries used on boats and marine applications. Not forgetting golfing carts and mobility applications.

 Lead Acid Storage Batteries- These are known as an AGM batteries (absorbed Glass Matting).

Lead Acid Storage Batteries

Lead Acid Storage Batteries-Solar panels can use back up storage AGM batteries

These Lead Acid Storage Batteries take a much bigger cycle and are totally sealed, with no requirements for ventilation . The other option is a GEL but in my opinion the GEL  is now going out of favour towards the AGM battery, one of the reasons is the cost of the batteries, AGM are cheaper than GEL  and are also easier to re-charge, more suitable for solar energy storage. For further reading…

 “For solar charging applications, you instead want a deep cycle battery, similar to those used for marine vessels or golf carts – a typical car battery will not work. Deep cycle batteries are designed with larger plates and different chemistry to avoid the corrosive effect of frequently using the full capacity. They are designed to be regularly deeply discharged using most of its capacity .Flooded, vs. GEL vs AGM.

There are a few types of lead acid deep cycle batteries: flooded, sealed gelled, or sealed AGM. For most situations a sealed AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) is the safest and best option. AGM batteries require little maintenance. There is no need for ventilation and they will not spill. Flooded batteries have the advantage of being significantly less expensive, but they require adequate ventilation, maintenance, and also have the potential liability of tipping or spilling.

Lead Acid Storage Batteries

 AGM batteries are typically lighter and less expensive per amp-hour compared to gel. As an example, on Alt E Store a Trojan AGM 12V 100 amp-hour battery is 64 pounds and $241, or 0.64 lbs/AH and $2.41/AH. A Trojan Gel 12V 77 amp-hour battery is 52 pounds and $231, or 0.68 lbs/AH and $3.00/AH. In addition gel batteries need to be recharged in a specific way that is not optimal for solar. Basically, AGM batteries are more forgiving in the way that they are recharged”…

all so more solar reading…

Of these things, the one you should be spending the most money on is the batteries. Most systems have enough battery backup to power the whole house

Lead Acid Storage Batteries

Trojan Lead Acid Storage Batteries

for 5 days, if the sun did not show itself. This might seem a bit excessive because if the Sun does not rise for 5 days then we all have bigger things to worry about than powering our electricity”…

Eric Roberts

Varta Batteries Driven BMW…All Electric of 1972 – Top Gear

Varta Batteries Driven BMW
Varta Batteries

Varta Batteries Driven BMW powered 1602e was BMW’s first EV, and grandaddy to the i8. Here’s its strange story


This was a surprise to me when i read about it?

So, I knew that battery driven cars are nothing new. But have never heard of BMW getting involved, and using Varta Batteries . Of course scientists are now developing the electric cars . Driven by a different type of battery. But, BMW apparently used the only technology available! The good old lead acid battery and Varta ones to boot.

Electric cars driven by batteries are nothing new?

Consequently, many car manufacturers have tried to produce the electric cars. Going back to the 1800’s. One of the efforts came from Ferdinand Porsche, the guy who started the Porsche car company.

Varta Batteries

This Renault was an early experiment into electric cars, but the lead acid batteries were too heavy.

So, he developed an electric car known as the P1 as far back as 1898. Consequently, he also developed what could have been the first hybrid in the world a car that was powered by a gasoline engine and a battery.

Thomas Edison also thought that electric cars were going to be the future and was always trying to improve a better batter to drive cars. Edison teamed up with Henry Ford to try to create lower cost electricity. Bur it was Ford who scuppered Edison’s plans by bringing out the model T, which would run on a petrol engine and not battery driven.

The cost of the cars driven on a gas engine was half the price of a battery driven model.

The gas engine cars out sold the battery cars and this was amplified even more when the starter motor was invented and it became far easier to start a car by pressing a button, than by hand cranking the engine to start the car.

Varta Batteries

The Urbee experimental electric car

Petrol became more popular! As oil was discovered in more and more of the American States. This meant that the new roads that were been built. Of course, all across the States and were serviced by petrol filling stations . All across the country! Giving the gas powered engine an even bigger advantage to the consumers. Who were buying these more affordable cars in droves. A new freedom had arisen ! People were wanting to explore the new road networks that were opening up all over America.

Petrol shortages spark interest in  electric vehicles driven by batteries

Nothing much happened in battery development for years. Bringing me up to the time when I became interested in cars. Working as an apprentice mechanic.Of course, here in Yorkshire UK, my home county.

The 1960’s and 1970’s the world was shook by the Arab Oil Embargo (1973). Which worried the USA about importing oil. So, in 1976 they passed a law authorising the development of battery driven electric and hybrid vehicles. Specifically, nothing new here, what goes round comes round?

General motors developed an urban electric car, in 1973

So, the American Motor company developed an electric battery driven jeep. To be used by the American post office in 1975. Of course, things were starting to move .But the problem of distance traveled on one charge, was rearing its ugly head. The same old problem that we are getting in today’s Lithium-Ion battery power trains.

Interest in the electric car then slowed down. Significantly, there were no further developments to name. As a result, regarding battery powered cars. That was until the 1990’s came along and the desire for cleaner air and pollution controls, Increased the interest once again, about developing the battery driven electric car.

Governments were introducing clean air acts and implementing emission controls on the car manufacturers. Unknown to the public which includes myself, governments were throwing billions of dollars in the surge to develop a better battery that would drive the electric vehicle of the near future. Oil prices were rising after the relatively cheap price of gasoline in the 1990,s and a similar scenario to the 1970’s was now emerging.

The world needed electric cars powered by batteries again

The race was on between the huge car companies in different parts of the world. Toyota of Japan was the first car maker to make big inroads.Into the electric car developments. In 1997 they introduced the Prius. Which became the first mass produced hybrid car. So, a car with a petrol engine and a battery train. This to me is still the better option than the elusive all battery driven car. Toyota used a nickel metal hydride battery to power the Prius. So, as I stated earlier the gas prices were starting to rise, which made this car a very popular choice for consumers.

Honda had also produced their new hybrid in 1999

Expressly, the developments after that are another story. This article gives my readers a little insight of a period. Hence, before the development of the new technology batteries. Such as the popular Lithium-Ion batteries, that scientists are still trying to perfect to this day.

Please note these are the words and opinion of the author (Eric Roberts) only. Neither the author nor the website can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. You should seek professional assistance if in doubt about your choice of battery. The article may contain a link to Batteriesontheweb where you can buy Varta Batteries products online.

Could Driverless Cars Empty Cities

BATTERIES MAY NOT BEEN KING- 8 Amazing Green Vehicle Technologies from Recent Years


If present trends continue, the number of automobiles on Earth – now at one
billion – will double by 2030. The earth will be overrun by an alien
species with toxic breath…



The Nanoflowcell Quant e-Sport limousine has now been given the clearance to drive on Europe’s roads

This new type of fuel could knock batteries from powering the cars of the future and BATTERIES MAY NOT BEEN KING?

Consequently, this is a  great article and one of many to come out recently. So, it writes about what it thinks that the new technologies have brought to car manufacturing in recent times.

I am particularly interested in the piece about Nano Flow cell. Because of my business interests in car batteries and BATTERIES MAY NOT BEEN KING!!!

This all new type of car was introduced at the prestigious Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland and has indeed been turning some heads.

The new car is named the “QUANTe”.Explicitly, made by a small company from the principality of Lichtenstein. By the name of Nano FLOW CELL AG (NFC).

The car not only looks fantastic, but the part that interests me is the fact that it is powered “flow cell” technology. Naturally, that is run on “SALT WATER”, yes, “SALT WATER”?, well a type of metallic salt electrolyte.

The technology for this came originally from “NASA” way back in the 1970’s. But for some reason the idea was not followed through. So,the patents have since expired.Because of the new surge in interest to make more fuel efficient cars . Subsequently, that do not run on fossil fuels. The interest in flow cell technology has been re-ignited by several companies.

In real simple terms the flow cell is a battery that will operate like a fuel cell

Of course, the thing that holds the energy are liquids. Including, the power that is generated uses a membrane and electrodes. The car is powered along using an electric motor. Of course, fitted to each wheel (so four in total). To enable a charge or discharge the nano flow cell, there are two kinds of different electrolytic solutions . Of course, that are pumped through the appropriate battery cell in which an electrode (anode or cathode) is located. A partition separates the two electrolyte holding chambers and their different  chemicals. At a nominal voltage of 600 Volts and 50 Amps nominal current, the system in the lab is achieving a steady steam of output of 30 kW.

The new car is expected to have a driving range 375 miles and they can be filled up with electrolyte fluid, the experimental car carries two 200-litre (53 gallons US) electrolyte tanks on board, for a total energy capacity of 120 kWh, to give a similar experience  to the driver filling up with conventional petrol or diesel. Unlike conventional fuel though when the electrolytic fluids in the tanks are discharged, the contents of both tanks must to be replaced. The prototype features a double tank system with dual filler necks, one for each electrolyte, to keep times for the electrolyte liquid replacement to a minimum. This new flow cell car will not have the same inherent dangers that the Lithium-Ion batteries(BATTERIES MAY NOT BEEN KING) poses at the moment and a flow cell will be able to run for a very long time.

This brings up my personal theory once again that each car technology is starting to outstrip another. On face value this fuel method looks like the best one?


the quant nano flow cell car a great looking car with a green future

This type of fuel cell will not be explosive and dangerous. Like the hydrogen Fuel Cell Energy technology that car manufacturers like Toyota and Honda are favouring, or as I say the Lithium-Ion battery technology that Tesla are investing in.

Also the flow cell are not made from precious metals, and this is another blow to all the other players in their quest to provide the car that will travel a good distance and compete or even better the performance of the petrol driven car that we all rely on at the moment, only the future will tell us who the winner will be, but at the moment, this flow cell car is going to take some beating.

For more reading …


Please note these are the words and opinion of the author (Eric Roberts) only. Neither the author nor the website can be held responsible for any errors or omissions, that where found when compiling this article. You should seek professional assistance if in doubt about your choice of battery. The article may contain a link to, where you can buy battery products online.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Graphene Could Kill Lithium-Ion Batteries

Graphene Could Kill Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-Ion Batteries


Graphene Could Kill Lithium-Ion Batteries

Don’t break out the widow’s weeds just yet, but it looks like momentum is building for energy storage to move past the lithium-ion batteries phase and get into the more powerful territory of lithium-sulfur technology.


Lithium-sulphur batteries could take over the Lithium-ion batteries

Of course, the race to create the Elderado of batteries that will save our planet is truly on. Hence, since the beginning of the year. Consequently, many new contenders have come forward.

So, the latest next one in line is the more powerful area of the Lithium-Sulphur (Li-S) batteries. A huge breakthrough in this technology. Thus, has seen the use of “wonder material” graphene. Which will be used as a bridge between the different components of the batteries.

Li-S contains a much higher energy density that the lithium-Ion counterpart. Of course,the breakthrough will come when the technology can be put into use. So by developing a commercial battery model. This will send a shudder down the spines of the Lithium-Ion Batteries manufacturers. Particularly, those such as Tesla cars. Who at this very moment are building a giant factory. Producing Lithium-Ion Batteries UK on a grand scale.

Zinc-poly iodide flow batteries know as redox flow batteries

Many new types of creations to help the planet achieve a greener future are now coming into fruition. PNNL have been working on a new type of battery. Of course, known as the “redox flow battery”. Consequently,this battery will also be a competitor to the Li-on batteries.

It will have great advantages over the Lithium-Ion Batteries ; one of them will be the fact that the battery contains no acids and can operate at much lower temperatures, eliminating the need for expensive equipment to cool the batteries down as used on the Li-in power trains. The new type of battery will at first be known as the “zinc-poly iodide flow” batteries.

Nano Flow batteries are also here.

Another contender in the fight for the battery future is the “Nano flow battery”. So, which has already been fitted into a road car by the Nano FLOW CELL AG (NFC) Company in Lichtenstein a small principality in Europe. The car can now legally drive on the roads and is very snazzy looking; the name of the model is the “QUANTe”.

We also have many other technologies that are in development, including the Hydrogen car developments, taken up in Japan by Toyota and Honda. With more and more car companies trying to gain a foothold in the market place by building cars that are zero emissions. This will, as I have predicted,  give the auto industry a very interesting future and it will be interesting to see if any one player will eventually become the winner, and could it be the end for cheap car batteries online.


Please note these are the words and opinion of the author (Eric Roberts) only. Neither the author nor the website can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. You should seek professional assistance if in doubt about your choice of batteries. The article may contain a link to Batteriesontheweb where you can buy battery products online.

Waste Battery Recycling-Dispose of Old Batteries safely in Your Own Area

Waste Battery Recycling

Waste Battery Recycling;Dispose of your old batteries safely

This post is about Battery Recycling. Hence, the right thing to do when disposing of your old battery. Therefore, it does not really matter which type of battery that you are disposing of. But for now I really mean your old 

Waste Battery Recycling

Waste Battery Recycling;Waste car and tuck batteries ready to go for recycling almost 95% of these will be recycled a fact that not many people know outside the battery industry an excellent achievement.

golf,scooter,mobility,ups and car batteries. What most people do not know is that these types of battery are re-processed and go for Waste Battery Recycling . Almost all these batteries can be made into brand new ones. If you buy your battery from the internet.

Then you will probably have to dispose of the old one yourself. Perhaps, if you are a disabled person you should ask a relative or friend to dispose of the old battery for you. We find that for some reason our customers want to save their old battery. But they deteriorate even further.

Especially, with age and really should be got rid of. You will find that your old batteries. Will be accepted at your nearest council Waste Battery Recycling plant or licensed scrap metal dealer. Either, you or a friend can take them to the tip. Because they will be taken care of and then  be reprocessed into new ones. Job done!

For more reading about batteries re-cycling

“While it can be easy to just consider throwing your old battery into the trash, its actually against the law. Most of the UK requires that Waste Battery Recycling should be done through a safe means of disposal. Usually this means taking them back to the store where you purchased them, or finding another available waste disposal.

Currently less than 25% of used ones are returned using a safe disposal method, which does actually harm the environment through landfills and other trash disposal”. Andalay High Performance Solar Power Systems … Currently less than 25% of used batteries are returned using a safe disposal method, which does actually harm the environment through landfills and other trash disposal
At the moment 95% of waste battery products are re-processed into new ones. These are from the ones that safely make it to the re-processing plant. Some are discarded or just dumped, but the battery re-processing rates are in fact getting higher and higher, which is a great attribute to the industry, from cradle to grave so to speak.

Eric Roberts

Waste Battery Recycling

Waste Battery Recycling;Old battery discarded on a beach