All Car Repair Articles

All Car Repair Articles

of course car repairs are what we call a “bread and butter” job. Hence, i thought that i would show a video to demonstrate the things that our technicians have to do when repairing a car.
We often have our customers ringing us. Significantly, they ask the question, “how can i tell if my car needs repairing”. Therefore, I usually answer with the same explanation. You’ll know when the vehicle requires attention! So, when a car eventually arrives in the workshop. We treat it with extreme care and attention.

7 Tips to Save Fuel While Driving

Nissan Navara-Blocked EGR Valve

Nissan Navara-Blocked EGR Valve

Nissan Navara-Blocked EGR Valve

So, we are now starting to increase our work-power after the drop in business due to the “Corona Virus” pandemic. Importantly cars are now been driven after the long lockdown. Because vehicles of many shapes and technologies have been stood about unused then different problems are occurring. The other day was no exception with various cars turning up. Including a Nissan Navara with engine running problems.

The Navara was suffering from a few problems! Mainly suffering  from a reduction in power. Hence the car was struggling to accelerate without much power. Immediately, we suspected a problem with the EGR valve. Importantly, EGR valves play a vital role in controlling your vehicles exhaust emissions. Introduced to aid vehicles that are controlled by strict emissions regulations in place.So, our laws governing this come from the European Union at the moment.

However like most mechanical and electrical parts can eventually go wrong! Including this Nissan Navara. So here at Pellon-Autocentre, Halifax, then we make sure that we have all the latest electronic diagnostic tools and associated equipment. Of course all my regular customer know that we have a team of highly trained technicians. Categorically, enabling our staff to diagnose and treat any EGR valve problems.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve (EGR)

There is no doubt that the EGR valve is an important part when it comes to the smooth flow and running operations of the modern car engine.  Failure of this valve can lead to a reduction in power as in the Nisan presented to us. Other problems ensuing will include a reduction in fuel efficiency, the vehicle will start using more fuel. This problem is often picked up on the MOT emissions test. Causing the vehicle to fail the test due to emissions failure.

The EGR valves eventually get sooted up. Especially when the vehicle is only used locally. Of course, motorway driving increase the heat of the engine and therefore keeps the soot level down by burning the soot off.

So, this Nissan was found to have a very heavily sooted up EGR valve as seen in the image. After cleaning with a special fluid the EGR valve worked fine and the Nissan was back to normal running, including fuel efficiency.

Eric Roberts

eric roberts




Diesel Cars Future-What does 2017 have in store for diesel tech?

Diesel Cars Future

Diesel Cars Future

Diesel Cars Future

This could be the year 2017, when diesel drivers are hit for a six. We all remember the words of Gordon Brown. Hence, telling us all that diesel was to be the future. Many of us switched to diesel. This fuel also provided us with a better return on our pockets. Due to better miles per gallon. In fact as I remember we were also given tax breaks when buying diesel vehicles.

Look at the situation know? Diesel owners are going to be the victim of possible tax hikes and even city centre bans. What a load of rubbish?

Many of the leading car companies have been cheating us for years. Giving false emission figures when their cars were really heavy pollutants.The task of ridding our roads of diesel cars will be enormous. It is anticipated that there is around 10 million diesel cars in Britain at the moment. Diesel engines are much more efficient than the old black smoke blowing diesel cars of ten years ago. A good article to look at.

Eric Roberts


Source:     What does 2017 have in store for diesel tech?

Cheap Exhaust Pipes-Not Any More? Why are they more expensive on modern cars?

Cheap Exhaust Pipes

Different reasons why the Cheap Exhaust Pipes cost more.

Going way back in time. I can remember when we used to buy Cheap Exhaust Pipes in bulk quantities. Until changes started to happen. Because, car manufacturers became computerized . Therefore, they were able to change car designs and shapes at a much faster pace.

Cheap Exhaust Pipes

A modern exhaust part costs more but better made

The car models.  When I first started fitting car “Exhaust Pipes”. Were fitted for years before they were changed. Hence, cars like the Vauxhall Viva (remember the old vivas?), Vauxhall Cavaliers, the Minis . Of course, the VW beetles were also very common. Because these cars were built in such huge quantities we could buy the Cheap Exhaust Pipes in bulk and pass the savings onto the customers.

After the start up of Kwik-fit many smaller companies like my self started up as Tyre and Exhaust centres and because they were a relatively new concept we enjoyed great success and thrived, with Cheap Exhaust Pipes one of big sellers.

No internet selling exhaust pipes

Of course things changed with the advent of the internet. At first it did not affect us , but the old faithful car models began to decline followed by cars that were built in smaller quantities with different designs and engine sizes within the same car models. This meant different exhaust fitted to the same models, for example the same car may have a 1.1 or a 2.0 litre engine requiring a different exhaust system to be fitted. This change made it

Cheap Exhaust Pipes

badly repaired exhaust box two

difficult to keep a large stock of exhausts at Cheap Exhaust Pipes prices, because of the vastness of the stock we would require.

Cheap Exhaust Pipes

This brought a string of large exhaust wholesalers selling Cheap Exhaust Pipes to the fast fit centres and regular garages. Here in Halifax we had five companies who were wholesaling exhausts  and this meant that another string of costs were added to the price of an exhaust pipe to the general pubic and therefore a rise in cost.

Also better manufacturing methods made the exhaust pipes last longer

As time went by Cheap Exhaust Pipes were not as important to us fast-fit centres and we went onto other things such as servicing and MOT testing, also car batteries became a more important of our business, although we still fit exhausts, but nowadays they are better made and last much longer than they used to last, but better quality means that the motorists get a better deal with a better product, but at a much higher price.

This post was written by Eric Roberts a member of  Point-S

Broken Springs- How would you know if your car had a broken spring?

broken spring due to bad weather

Winter is a bad time for motorists to suffer broken springs

Of course, broken springs can happen at any time of the year. This is the time of year that many motorists experience weird noises. Their car having strange banging and rattling noises whilst driving along.

More reading...AA patrols have reported a big increase in the number of broken springs – in the year to February 2011 we saw more than 21,000 breakdowns related to spring failure.
Micra McPherson strut sowing the oil leak (dark part)

We are certain that the motorists are breaking their springs. Of course. as the hit pot holes and pavements that in most winters are covered in ice or snow. It always seams to be this time of year (Winter time) . When their suspension takes a pounding from the bad winter weather. We have also noticed that we have had more MOT test failures due the very same problem.

Some car owners do not notice that they have a broken spring . Until it comes to having their car tested on its annual MOT. But the damage is noticed most in winter. Once again we think it was caused by their car running into the kerb or some other raised object or hole, hidden by snow and ice, its easy done.

Broken spring is due to ice and snow and probably a kerb stone ?

So if you hear your car rattling or banging coming from your car it will probably be a Broken Spring on Car or shock absorber that you broke struggling home in the recent snow fall that we have just had.

More reading…AA patrols have reported a big increase in the number of broken  springs – in the year to February 2011 we saw more than 21,000 breakdowns related to spring failure. The number of broken springs in January 2011 was 25% higher than in January 2010.  Figures from 2012 (the graph below shows, 2010, 2011, and 2012) show no signs of the problem going away…

Eric Roberts

eric roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Ford Focus  Battery business now for 40 years. I have worked for a couple for national tyre companies in my younger

Broken Springs
Many cars are presented to us for the MOT test with a broken spring and do not know a thing about it. The main damage is caused when the car goes down a pothole or mounts the kerb for some reason. If the Broken Springs are only broken at the bottom, then the driver very often does not hear any rattling or banging coming from his car, but when the spring breaks say halfway up then the noise will drive him or her mad.

days, before starting my first business. I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre, and I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products that will help my business.

Pellon Autocentre Halifax UK-An Honest look at our Apprenticeship training on the job.

Pellon Autocentre Halifax UK

Pellon Autocentre Halifax UK

Of course, apprenticeships have helped Pellon Tyre and Autocentre in Halifax. Hence, to develop their workforce to meet the needs of the business. As a result, Branch manager Debbie Bastow and Apprentice Connor Kennedy. Happily, explain the advantages of Apprenticeships.Particularly, the support Rathbone Training has provided.

To add to the above. Indeed, it is very important to be able to train your young staff. Actually on the job. Gone are the days when I was an apprentice mechanic. As a result it was tough on employers and employees. Indeed, we had to take a day a week off work to attend college. Also, we had to attend for one night a week, in our own time.

As a result I found it very difficult. The reason was that I am a visual person. Therefore, finding it difficult to pick things up in a classroom. Without doubt, I was under pressure to learn. In fact, I learned much more on the job when working in the garage that employed me. College became a grind. First I started to skip Night school. Football had become more important?

Eventually, I started to get bad exam results. Subsequently, I decided to confess and opened up to my boss Tom. Fortunately, he understood the problems that I was having. Because of this he kindly suggested that I gave college up and just learned on the job. Hence, under the supervision of the more experienced mechanics.

I only wish that the opportunities that today’s kids have had been open to me?

Eric Roberts


Peugeot 406 Lights

Peugeot 406 Lights-This car was left with us for a flashing lights problem?Going Mad ?

Peugeot 406 Lights

Driver of the Peugeot 406 could not switch off the engine

Peugeot 406 Lights

water damaged connectors from Peugeot 406

Subsequently, the first time that we saw this particular car was when it was in for an MOT test. Gloomily, the owner said that the car would probably fail the test. Because some of the lights were not working as they should! However the owners disappointment came to an end when the car passed the test.

Surprisingly, contrary to what we thought all the lights were indeed fine. In good working condition. The weather at the beginning of the year.Indeed, was warm and sunny. The customer picked up his car ! and we heard nothing from the customer or his Peugeot 406 (with the suspected Lights problem).

Peugeot turns back up with a central locking problem

So, we did not see the car again until later on in the year. Turning up again with an unrelated problem. Hence, the central locking was not working as it should ? We checked out all the likely things and found nothing a miss. When the car was in our hands then the central locking was working fine. Subsequently, we could not find any problems.

The customer collected his Peugeot 406 back home and sure enough he returned with yet another problem ! The cars side lights were staying on in a permanent position. In other words they were switched off but remained on,(if you get what I mean) .So,once again we checked all the likely culprits. Including the fuses and switches and everything was just fine. Significantly, the car was having a number of “Lights and other electrical problems” at differing times,(very strange). When investigating we found this a clip from another Peugeot owner with similar problems from the forum of the Peugeot 406 web-site…

Then, with the car locked, the brake lights came on. Then went off, then glowed dimly then stayed on. At this point I pulled the fuses for the brake lights and bugger all happened. The lights stayed on. Disconnected the battery and then reconnected. Lights stayed off until I tried the brakes with the ignition on.
“I removed the BSI (with the battery disconnected) and (with battery back on) turned on the ignition to find all the lights still lit up.
Must be the dash board. Out with the dash on with the soldering iron.

Every pin and connection to the dials.
Put back in, no joy. Brake lights on with or without the dash board.
Removed brake light switch. (what a swine that is to remove)-lights still on!
Looked for all the earth points round the car. Got to the drivers foot well and I could hear a buzzing noise. Could it be a relay?”…

Of course, this was a problem that we had not come across before. Surprisingly, the whole thing came to a head ,when the car engine would not switch off ! To stop the engine running then we had to stall the cars engine. Amazingly, we just could not find a problem.

peugoet 406 lights

Peugeot 406 lights problems

Had to call in an a Citroen/Peugeot expert !

As a last resort, I had to call for help and enlisted the help of a mechanic friend called Richard. Richard had heard about this problem before and went straight to the foot well of the drivers side.

The weather was terrible for a couple of weeks prior to the cars problems occurring ! Torrential rain and wide spread flooding was a national problem ! Because of all the heavy rain here in the UK ,the foot-well had become flooded. Consequently, when we lifted the carpet at the drivers side we found a wet soggy mess.

Peugeot 406 wiring was rotten with the wet ?

Specifically,the Peugeot 406 lighting and engine  problem was found . Subsequently, the plugs that connected the wiring together were perished and rotten. Of course,causing all the short outs, and strange electrical things to happen. Firstly, we drilled a hole to release the water . Secondly we  re-wired the damaged wires together. So, it was very time consuming but  a good job done. We still do not where the water is getting in but I have added some advice from the Honest John website…

“Dry the interior out, remove all mats. Stay inside car whilst a friend gently sprays a hose a one section at a time for several minutes, wait a few minutes, then inspect. Make sure you train the water on the sunroof, side windows, light clusters, rear hatch, doors and main windscreen – these are the common areas that could leak.
IF after a thorough dowsing, gentle bounce rear and front of car to dislodge any water that maybe sitting somewhere inside. Also covering the the dry car interior carpets with newspaper will show presence of water and possibly direction of leak , if you have a dark trim”…

Water can cause many electrical problems in your car ?

Thinking back the cars owner could relate the problems after we had had heavy rain fall. So, when the water leaked into the car then it shorted out some of the cars electrics . Of course if any water enters the car then much damage can occur. It even happened recently to a nearly new Ford transit delivery van that I bought from the local Ford dealer.

Apparently, unknown to me the van had a new windscreen fitted before we bought the van. On a recent delivery to a customer in Lancashire I experienced a very heavy period of rainfall. Surprisingly, the van came to a sudden stop ! Fortunately, I had just pulled off the M56 motorway. So, the engine was completely dead , refusing to start !

After a couple of hours waiting the RAC guy turned up and recommended that I be towed to our base in Halifax, UK. To our horror we found that the windscreen had been incorrectly fitted and water had entered the cab onto the ECU (Vans computer). So, after the shock and a couple of thousand pounds lighter, the van is now back on its delivery runs !

All caused by water entering the vans cab ?

Eric Roberts

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts.

Garage Training-Rathbone Training | Garage receives award for nurturing its apprentices

Garage Training

Garage TrainingPellon Tyre and Auto Centre has received the National Apprenticeship Week Employer award for engaging six young people in apprenticeship training and employment

Garage Training

I must admit that I was Highly delighted, when I heard the good news from my manageress Debby Bastow, the one on the left? Training staff is by no means easy when you have to run a busy garage. However, with help from Rathbone training. Hence ,we managed to fit the training in between jobs. Of course, you also require some keen members of staff.

In this respect, I am very proud in way that all my staff have performed and are so keen to expand their knowledge. Naturally, it has not always been plain sailing. However, with the help of Rathbones, we have always pulled our staff through. These guys are all young and have to cope with other problems that we all associate with young people.

Our main training guy is Adrian Milner, Motor Vehicle Tutor for Rathbone Training. Adrian says “I have worked with Pellon for several years and the relationship with Rathbone Training has secured dedicated staff for the business that have all benefited from progressive training. Our work with them has also allowed the company to continue to develop and gain a good return on investment.”

Therefore, it is no surprise, that we as a company are doing very well. Accordingly, in my opinion then the well being of your staff are in the top three of your successful business priorities. Consequently, your staff are the beating heart and soul of any business. Accordingly, the staff should be rewarded at every opportunity. Small financial rewards and even by just saying “how well they have done” is always a good thing.Especially, coming from the manager or boss.

Eric Roberts and “well done to my staff and for the help of Rathbones in the Yorkshire area.

Source: Rathbone Training | Garage receives award for nurturing its apprentices

Skoda Mirror Bodge-After the Lockdown Stories

Skoda Mirror Bodge

Skoda Mirror Bodge-After the Lockdown Stories

Skoda Mirror Bodge-After the Lockdown Stories

So, because there have been millions of cars parked up and down the country. Then I have decided to write a few “car condition” stories. Of course after we become busier after the lockdown restrictions. Here at the end of May we are not yet fully staffed. However we are able to cope with the work that we have now coming in for MOT Tests and general car repairs. Including new tyre sales and of course puncture repairs.

Writing my blogs help our customers to understand the large variety of car repair jobs that we have to carry out in any week. Of course many jobs are regular “bread and butter” stuff. But we often get anomalies where our customers have had to do DIY repairs to keep their cars on the road!

Skoda repair job on the mirror

So, our newly promoted garage foreman, Dale Linton has promised me to send in some images that may interest our blog customers. We have all seen the rows of cars parked up as the lockdown was implemented. Consequently going forward a couple of months then I have seen many cars with side damage and the odd flat tyre. So, with little room to get through some of the streets packed out with parked cars! Then some damage will have occurred without the knowledge of the cars owners.

This was the story from the Skoda owner who brought in a badly patched up mirror for us to repair. The guys car was parked up for almost two months. So, not noticing that his drivers side mirror had been damaged and was hanging off! I must confess that this is something that I have had to do myself. Modern cars are now fitted with a spring system.So, if the mirrors crash when driving too close then the mirror just springs back and can be pulled back into place. Importantly, this Skoda did not have such a system and was broke off ?

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

Check Your Car-Importantly After Lock-down

Checks Every Driver Needs To Make When They Start Using Their Car After Lock-down

The nationwide lockdown imposed by the UK government to stop the spread of the Coronavirus is slowly lifting, meaning that you are now allowed to travel further to exercise, and many workplaces are reopening. 

If you’re planning on using your car again, but have left it sitting in the driveway since March, then you need to check that it is safe and running properly before you start driving. 

Here’s a list of the essential checks that you need to make before you get back in your car after the lockdown. 

Look Out For Dents And Damage

If your car has been parked on the street for months, then there is a chance that it has been damaged by passing cars or vandals. As such, you need to check that your car doesn’t have any bumps or scrapes. Minor damage can be dealt with at a later date, but serious dents to the bumpers or wheel arches need to be fixed before they cause significant damage to your vehicle. 

Check The Wing Mirrors

One of the parts of your car that is most exposed is your wing mirrors, particularly if they don’t fold inwards. Check that your wing mirrors haven’t been chipped, scratched or smashed by any passing pedestrians or speeding cars. If you notice that your wing mirrors have been damaged, then it’s crucial that you replace or fix them immediately so that you have complete visibility when you’re out on the road. You can mend your wing mirror yourself if the damage is minor; all you need to do is visit a site such as where you can find replacement wing mirrors, wing mirror glass and clip-in wing mirrors that you need to make your car safe again. Thankfully they are still open and shipping products throughout lockdown so you can ensure it arrives before you head out onto the road again. 

Make Sure You Have Enough Oil And Fuel

Neglect car servicing

It might sound like a basic part of car maintenance but now has never been a better time to check that your car has enough oil and fuel in it. Dip your tank and check your oil before you drive your car, and if you notice that you don’t have enough, then add more before you set off. You should also change the coolant water to make sure your car is safe to drive and save yourself a job later on in the year. If possible book your car in for car servicing.

Check Your Tyre Pressure

Your tires can deflate if left to hold up your stationary car for many months, so check your tyre pressure before you start driving again. So, if your tyres are low on air. Then top them up at a service station. Subsequently, if they are very low or flat, then change the tyres .Ensuring that your car is controllable and safe as you go about your life after the lockdown. 

If In Doubt, Take It To A Professional

Driving a car is a big responsibility, as any mistakes you make while driving could impact on the life of yourself, your passengers and your fellow road users. As such, it’s crucial that you drive safely and that your car runs properly. Garages are still open to service vehicles, so if you notice that there is significant damage to your car, or you’re concerned about a small issue, then contact them and book an appointment. Many of them have put practices in place to keep their staff and customers safe, so check their website or call them before you attend so that you know exactly what you need to do to stay safe and get your car back on the road.

Leaving your car sat in the driveway or on the road for months can lead to deterioration and damage, so it’s vital that you check it is roadworthy before you start driving again. Use these tips to remind yourself of everything that you need to check before you get back on the road and slowly start to carry on with your life, in line with the government’s advice, of course. 

Motorists shun diesel cars-while eco-friendly sales rise – BBC News

Motorists shun diesel cars

Motorists shun diesel cars


Motorists shun diesel cars

I do not believe in this propaganda, from the BBC.It is just more rubbish put out by the government. The government were the ones that put out word about diesel cars being more ECO friendly than petrol driven cars. Neither do I believe the number of people living in London with respiratory problems, due to diesel emissions. Please see the report published in the carbuyer on the link below?

What happened to the fact that diesel engines can be converted to use biofuels. This is the recommendations that were coming from motoring organisations. This conversion,would help us to produce more cost-effective vehicles.Also. that run more efficiently and with cleaner engines. Diesel engines start by a compression ignition system instead of a fuel-injection system, they do not have spark plugs.  WyoTech, say that the difference can increase the efficiency of diesel engined vehicles. Thus over petrol driven engines. For this reason, by as much as 30 percent.So, what has happened to the claims. That as bio-fuel becomes more and more available. Then diesel engines can easily be modified.

Now they are telling us to scrap our diesel cars? what a load of tosh?


Motorists are turning to more eco-friendly models as diesel sales decline, industry figures suggest.

Source: Motorists shun diesel cars while eco-friendly sales rise – BBC News