All Car Repair Articles

All Car Repair Articles

of course car repairs are what we call a “bread and butter” job. Hence, i thought that i would show a video to demonstrate the things that our technicians have to do when repairing a car.
We often have our customers ringing us. Significantly, they ask the question, “how can i tell if my car needs repairing”. Therefore, I usually answer with the same explanation. You’ll know when the vehicle requires attention! So, when a car eventually arrives in the workshop. We treat it with extreme care and attention.

Breakdown Cover Important-Car and Van Drivers are running around without any?

Breakdown Cover Important

Car Drivers are Driving without any Breakdown Cover

This is the sort of thing that never crosses your mind as a problem? I actually thought that breakdown cover was nothing much to do with me and that the general motorist would be sensible enough to take cover out, especially when considering a long journey.

However I have now changed my mind, primarily because of the advent of cars that are now without spare wheels. Today’s cars come with all sorts of mismatch spare wheel systems and some of my customers did not even know this and have been driving around without a spare for ages, not knowing that they could get stuck anywhere they traveled, especially without the breakdown cover insurance  to protect them.

breakdown cover

Mass air flow sensors are now a common problem for cars breaking down

Fortunately for ourselves we are finding that many of the tyres that we are getting in for puncture repairs are just too damaged to repair and require a new tyre and in some case’s a new wheel. This is because they have had to run their car with a flat tyre and they called a relation or friend up to change the wheel, because they do not have a spare.

Breakdown organisations attending more tyre relates incidents

We have noticed that in the past couple of years that the motoring organizations such as the AA or RAC here in the UK, are attending more and more call outs to motorists with tyre related problems. A few years ago the driver would just stop and fit his spare wheel, until he could get the tyre repaired; now many of the cars on our roads do not carry a spare wheel.

So the real issue would be to join one of the breakdown schemes that are available, to me it is the sensible thing to do, but according to a recent report for the Halifax Bank. One in seven motorists do not have any breakdown cover and so risk getting stranded this winter.

Another problem that is more prevalent on our modern cars. Of course, is the computer systems. Consequently, that now control our emissions are breaking down. Practically all cars now have these computers (known as ECU’s) and they are creating their own problems for the motorists. Not a week now goes by without a car with that is having electrical engine problems coming in to the garage with a problem.

If the car is stranded in Halifax then we can attend to it with one of our own breakdown vans, but it when the car is away that the customer will get stuck if they do not have sufficient breakdown cover, the survey also says that almost a ¼ of the drivers questioned say that they have been unable to get to work because of car problems, and in my opinion this figure will rise unless more drivers take out breakdown cover.

Young drivers are more likely NOT to take out breakdown cover

As with most things that are driving related it is young drivers that fail to take out any breakdown cover. It is the same as most car related things, the young drivers are also more likely to buy a part worn tyre and skip on car servicing.

 breakdown cover

Breaking down in winter time is not a pleasant thing so consider breakdown cover insurance.

Hence, it appears that the car is not one of their priorities in life.So, they would rather look good and have a good night out than spend money on their car. The figure for young drivers was 23% of 18-24 year old’s did not have breakdown cover for their cars! No surprise their then!

Jeremy Ward, spokesman for Halifax, said: “Many motorists could find themselves left out in the cold this winter as they fail to carry essential items on long journeys, or check their car is roadworthy. We’d recommend drivers ensure they have an adequate level of breakdown cover in place, and also make some monthly maintenance checks such as tyre pressure and tread depth to stay safe.”

The breakdown cover issue was not the worst thing that drivers came with.

Over a third of drivers said that they last checked their tyres over a month ago and more that I in ten had not checked them for over six months. This is why I am always harping on about tyre safety, these drivers are a danger to themselves and other road users.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. Solid members of Unipart Car Care centres. Who give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts.Also sell Michelin car Tyres online from our website So, by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. Offering courtesy cars to local motorists. Importantly, who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. Also an official MOT testing station and are members of Trading Standards. Lastly,who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.

Eric Roberts

Ford Focus Duel Mass Flywheel

Fiat Punto Clutch problems- since 2004? Popular car in Halifax UK

Fiat Punto Clutch problems

Fiat Punto have had a raw deal when it comes to clutches

Fiat Punto Clutch problems

2004 Fiat Punto in for a new clutch

So, recently, we have noticed that we have done more than our fair share of clutches. Especially on the Fiat Punto model of car. Interestingly, then I decided to do a little research. Finding some real horror stories. Subsequently, going back to the 2002 Punto models.

One unlucky customer. The owner of a “52” plate Punto 8 valve version. Complained to me about several problems that he had encountered. Including a very bad transmission judder and other small irritants.Unpleasant things, such as engine noises and various oil leaks. Recently, he had just had a clutch fitted! But 1400 miles later the juddering had returned.

Checked out his car on Fiat forums

Inquisitively, he too looked up the Fiat forums. Noticing the amount of Fiat owners who were experiencing various clutch problems on their Punto’s. So, the cars came mainly from the main dealers. Coming from different parts of the country. However, it looked as though Fiat knew about the problem. Subsequently,  did little about the Punto problem.

Interestingly, other Fiat owners were experiencing problems. Especially, with a low biting point clutch pedal and rattling noises. Increasingly, when changing gears. Sounding as if there was a broken spring rattling noise. This can be a common sign that you have a clutch that needs changing. But disgruntled customers did not get much joy from Fiat. Indeed many Fiat drivers opted to have their clutches changed by an independent garage. In some cases a mechanically minded friend or relation was called into to help ?

Fiat Punto Clutch problems

Fiat Punto clutch old and new.

Other owners complained about their  pedals becoming hard when pressing to change gear. This then developed into them hearing scratching and clicking noises coming from the pedal area of the car, once again this is a sure sign that you need a replacement , in fact this is similar to the latest customers car that we fitted a new clutch to the other weekend and sure enough when we stripped it down the Punto needed a new clutch.

Fiat Punto clutch went again after only 2 weeks

Thank goodness the one that we did the other week was good and the car ran well after we had fitted it with a new clutch, but for some owners that was not the case. One unlucky gut had recently had a new clutch fitted, only to find that a few weeks later the same problems had come back to haunt him. The car had also had a new clutch pedal fitted, but after a few weeks the car once again became difficult to change gear, back to the same problem as pre new clutch?

The problem turned out to be a problem with the clutch bleeding. The mechanic who repaired the car did not know how to bleed the clutch because the Punto’s do not have a normal bleeding nipple system as do many other models of cars and for some reason some air had entered the fluid system of the clutch, making it difficult to change the gears again.

These Fiat Punto Clutch problems were corrected by the garage.

Who had just fitted the new clutch and the mistake was just put down to lack of Fiat Punto experience. So, this can very often happen in a garage that repairs mixed makes of cars.

Going back to the Fiat Punto in at my garage for a clutch. Well it was only the second clutch that this particular car had fitted since 2004 (ten years), so I do not think that that was at all bad. The job to fit a Fiat Punto clutch is one of the easiest to do and the car was back on the road in a couple of hours, the customer was delighted and off he went a few hundred pounds lighter, but happy?

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts.

Eric Roberts

Fiat Punto Clutch problems

Clutch components removed

We also sell Dunlop Car Tyres online from our website by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. Offering courtesy cars to local motorists. Needing to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. So, we are also an official MOT testing station and are members of Trading Standards. Carrying out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.

Driving in Winter

Different driving conditions confront us all in the autumn before Winter arrives?

Different driving conditions confront us all in the autumn

Firstly, I must admit that autumn is one of the times of year that I have grown to love. It is almost magical how the weather changes as autumn approaches. One day we have warm sunshine and then the next day we have gales.

autumn tyre

This washer bottle needs topping up before autumn

Especially from the west giving us very heavy rain fall. Of course,  this also adds to different driving conditions for you and your car. Importantly, we know that this is the end of summer and that winter will soon be here.

As a garage owner and keen driver! I also know that we must prepare our cars for autumn and winter. Helping to face whatever the weather may throw at us. Annoyingly, the first thing that I notice is the glare of the sun. Especially in the early morning and late afternoon as the day gets darker.

Screen washer never works

So, the first time this happens it always catches us out. We press the washer button and a tiny squirt of water trickles out. Worst still the last squirt comes out and smudged the entire windscreen.

If only we had checked the washer bottles and top up the screen wash bottle ?  I would have had a clear screen and not been blinded! Worryingly, driving along with one eye closed . So,trying to see the road ahead. Because of the blinding sun bringing different driving conditions with dirty windscreen.

Of course, making driving very difficult. Most of the supermarkets and fuel garages have this stuff on display. Significantly, a month before we need it. So the first lesson is to buy some screen wash with added antifreeze. Making sure that your water bottles are filled with it. I also keep some in the car boot! Because it always runs out when you least expect it to. make sure you have a reserve supply in the car (not at home).

First Icy Windscreens in autumn bring Different driving conditions.

This is also the time of year when we are most likely to have an ice covered windscreen, when setting of on a dark morning, (not much fun?). This is the where a good old fashioned ice

autumn tyre

Wiper blades need changing to combat sun dazzling

scraper comes into its own. The ones with the handles on are best, and then you won’t freeze your hands and fingers off. Once you have scrapped off the ice you should have a new tin of de-icer handy to clear away the remainder of the frost on the windscreen. Some people use their credit cards for this, but a nice new ice scraper does the job far better and so this is number two on your autumn shopping list, an ice scraper.

Dont put hot water on your screen !

Never be tempted to do what some drivers do and pour hot water onto your screen, I know that this is what some people do, and some drivers get away with it, but thousands also shatter their windscreen using this method.

Another good point to remember to help you against low sun dazzle, is to clean the inside of your cars windscreen as well as the outside, the cleaner all the windscreen is the easier it will, be to see against the autumn sun dazzle.

Change your windscreen wipers in autumn

This is also a good point to practice. Have your windscreen wiper blades changed before the onset of any bad weather and prevent windscreen smudging and poor visibility, you know this makes sense, there is nothing worse than a smudged screen and it can be a very dangerous thing to happen to you. I have had to

Different driving conditions

check your tyres tread depth

stop my car on a number of occasions in the past to clear my car windows, but now I make sure that I am better prepared.

Check your tyres in autumn

It is not rocket science to know that the onset of winter can be a disaster if your tyres are bald and have no tread left. Wet roads covered in leaves can be as dangerous as driving on black ice, so please have your tyres checked and if you do have to buy some, think about fitting winter, they are not much different to the summer tyre price these days and will give a far safer car in the bad winter weather.

Check your light bulbs at least once a week in autumn

I do realize that much of this stuff is common sense. Of course, to many drivers but how many cars do you see driving along with a light out? Whilst driving on a local motorway recently . Annoyingly,there were three cars in row with a light bulb out. This must have added more danger when facing different winter driving conditions . So it is important to check your lights at least once a week. Thus you could let your local garage check them for you.

Some bulbs are now difficult to fit for the DIY motorist. I am sure that your local garage will do this for you! Especially, if you are a regular customer. Regular garage customers will notice that most garages will not charge you. If you have to pay through the nose ! Like some of the national companies such as Halfords. Then go to a local garage they will be only too willing to help you. Importantly, with any of the checks that I have talked about.

Car batteries can be checked, but in my opinion when they go then they just go. So if you want them testing then fine, have them tested, but they tend to go when you least expect them to, they should last you three years so if your car is older than that you could expect the battery to go at any time, all the other things in this article can be prevented by a little preparation before the winter arrives in the autumn.

Finally, please have your tyres checked ? Importantly, fit winter tyres or all-weather tyres for safer winter driving.

Eric Roberts

Different driving conditions

Check your lights and fit new bulbs where required


Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. Members of Unipart Car Care centres. Giving a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. Also sell New Winter Tyres online from our website . So,by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. Offering courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work. Leaving their car with us for work doing. Also an official MOT testing station and are members of Trading Standards. Finally,who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.


Peugeot 406 Lights

Shock Absorbers- Nissan Micra – MOT Test-Failure if they are Worn and Leaking

Shock Absorbers

Leaking shock absorbers are an MOT test fail

The most frustrating thing about shock absorbers and struts, (which are basically the same thing) is that they are sealed units and although they are classed as maintenance free, they will

Shock Absorbers

A Nissa McPherson strut unit, the shock absorber part (strut) is fitted inside the spring .

very often start to leak. In some countries shock absorbers are known as dampers, because that is exactly what they do they damp down and level out the bumps that your car is picking

shock absorbers

Nissan Micra in for a new shock absorber

up as it drives along the road.

Depending what the model of your car is, then the shock absorbers should be changed at certain mileage intervals,

If you are not sure what this is then you can perform a simple bounce test. All you have to do is to press the corner of your car a few times with your body weight and then stop the bouncing. Once you stop then your car should settle back down straight away, if it bounces again more than twice then the shockers require changing. You do this procedure on each corner, bouncing the car and then releasing it.

In my opinion this is not a very satisfactory way of checking your shock absorbers, but at the moment I have not seen a satisfactory machine that will do the job. The best machine that I ever saw and consequently bought was a tester that was sold by SUN equipment. You drove the car onto vibration plates, which shook the cars suspension very violently and then suddenly stopped. The action of the shock absorbers was then recorded on to paper printouts via an ink needle, similar to the ones used in hospital heart machines. If the pattern was tight then the shocks were good, if they were wide, then the shocks needed replacing.

This was a great machine because it produced a print out so that the customer could see the state that his shocks were in. ironically the machine was scrapped by Kwik-Fit after I sold them the business and I don’t think that they are made any more.

How do Shock Absorbers work?

Some cars never have their shocks replaced, but with age the ride of your car will get bouncier and the cars steering will be all over the place when cornering, although this is sometimes

Shock Absorbers

Micra McPherson strut sowing the oil leak (dark part)

blamed on the cars tyres it is more often than not the shocks that need changing.

As I have said earlier, the most common problem is the fact that they leak oil. If this is the case then they will need changing. Any kind of shock absorber works on the same basis. There is a piston rod that enters a chamber that is filled with oil. The piston has oil seals to prevent leakage. As the piston is compressed by the weight then it takes the force of the road surface and the car. Your shocks take all the up and down pressure (bumps) and the cars chassis remains level, or as level as possible whilst driving along.

When the shocks are worn or broken then you will get an uneven ride in your car. I think that the worse culprits of this are on cars that are used as Taxis. You can often feel the older cars bouncing up and down as you drive along, and apart from alcohol, I am convinced that this is one of the reasons that people are sick in the back of a Taxi.

Struts are normally fitted at the front of cars and are fitted inside a coil spring unit.

These are known as McPherson struts and just like the shock absorbers, they can leak oil. These struts along with the springs that they are inserted into can very often break, and the symptoms  are rattling and banging noises coming from the car when going over bumps in the road, This is another problem that the potholes can cause. “Broken springs

An old perennial that keeps cropping up is that when a shocker has to be replaced then should they be replaced in pairs. In my opinion this is a grey area, the manufacturers always recommend that you fit two, and I think that this is the perfect scenario, but in practice the customer wants to get away with having to spend as little as possible and in general only has the one fitted. The rule to this is simple, if your car is relatively new, then just change the one, the one on the other side should still be good, but if the car is an older model then you should change the shocks on each side of the same axle, backs or fronts. This will give you an even ride and more stable cornering.

Normal shocks are fairly easy to change for the home mechanic

But the struts are more difficult and require some special tools, such as spring compressors and so I would take your car to a local garage, for the work doing.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts.

Eric Roberts


Peugeot 406 Lights

Turbocharger-What Does It Do?- A look Into the use of the Turbocharger


First turbocharger

I am sadly old enough to remember when the mention of the word “Turbocharger”it was something special. The first production cars to be fitted with turbos (as I am going to abbreviate them) was in the USA, back in 1962, when the Oldsmobile Jet-fire and the Chevrolet Corsair cars were fitted out with the first production car exhaust turbo. These cars did have a few teething problems such as engine knocking, but this was corrected with a few modifications.

One of the next important developments for the turbo came in 1973, with the beginning of the oil crisis. The diesel engines of the time were expensive enough, but the addition of the


Turbocharger almost hidden away

turbo to these engines made them even more expensive. However the fuel crises and the expensive cost of fuel made the turbo driven engines more cost effective because of the fuel savings.

The next chapter was in the 1980’s when governments started to issue legislation to restrict fuel pollution in the new cars that were produced at that time and this was the beginning of almost all the cars produced, having a turbocharger fitted. In fact this is about the same time that diesel driven engine cars became more popular to make for the car manufacturers. The turbo diesel engines were giving a high performance with much lower fuel consumption.

This trend was started off in Germany, in the late seventies and early eighties, when Mercedes Benz and VW started producing production cars that were fitted with a Turbocharger and a turbo charged diesel engines the Mercedes 300 SD and the VW Golf Turbo Diesel models.

The turbocharger into the 90’s and beyond

The main emphasis of the Auto manufacturers was now to drive down the amount of emission’s that the cars were producing. Governments all over the world were throwing huge amounts of money at the problem in order to drive down the carbon gases that cars were producing. The turbo charged engines certainly helped to fulfill this achievement. The advantages of the Turbocharger were that the engines could have a high performance, whilst at the same time be produced with a lower CC, engines were made smaller with more power.

The engines could be made smaller with higher torques and lower speed ranges at the same time. The engines would also become less noisy, we all remember the terrible sounds that would come out of a turbo less engine, and we needed ear plugs to drive some of the early diesel engine vans. The biggest gain though was the fuel consumption. The early diesel engines used to eat fuel, but with the addition of the Turbocharger , the fuel consumption lowered dramatically, cars can now get as much as 80 mile to the gallon, with other added improvements, that are happening all the time.

Our customers know very little about the turbocharger that is on their car.

The Turbocharger can be very complicated to explain, but I will attempt to put it in simple terms, that is the only way I can understand it myself anyway. The basic design mechanism of the


How a Turbocharger works

turbo works in a very similar way the jet engine. The jet engine draws in air from the front, compressors the air into a chamber where it burns with fuel. It them blasts the hot air out of the back. The hot air then drives past a turbine , which in turn drives the air pump at the front of the engine. At this stage the heated compressed air is pushed into the car’s engine to make the fuel burn more efficiently. The cars turbo is very much like a small car engine, it uses the expelled exhaust gases that are produced in an engine to drive a turbine, this spins the compressor, which pushes more air/oxygen into the cars cylinders  which, allowing more fuel to be burned  each second. This is why a Turbocharger can produce more fuel efficient energy per second.

Theoretically Turbocharger care, by the car owner is only down to general care and servicing of their car.

Clean oil is very important and indeed one of the main problems with turbo care is when dirty oil is sucked into the turbos lubrication system. It is also a good idea to make sure that your engine warms up slowly on a cold morning. The cold thickens the viscosity of the oil which could starve the Turbocharger of oil, but with all the different oils that are used now, then I am not sure that this applies any more.

It is certainly a wise thing to make sure that your vehicle has the correct type of oil and that you top the engine up with the same type of oil as used in an oil change. If you are not sure, have your car serviced by a garage of your choice, it is not worth the risk, some turbos are well over £1000 each, and you can’t do without one.

Hope this helps.

Eric Roberts

  Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts..

Peugeot 406 Lights

Flexi Exhaust Pipe-Astra VXR can it be Repaired? We can sometimes save the customers there Money.

Flexi Exhaust Pipe

A Flexi Exhaust Pipe can get you out of trouble?

Over the past 15 years we have seen a massive change in the way that car manufacturers have changed the way that exhaust systems have changed. In the early days we used to keep

Flexi Exhaust Pipe

Astra VXR in for a noisy exhaust system! Flexi Exhaust Pipe to the rescue

huge stocks of exhaust parts( including Flexi Exhaust Pipe) in stock to service our customer’s cars.

There were many different exhaust manufacturers around at the time supply the aftermarket with mild steel replacement exhaust systems. Some were good quality and some were bad quality. At the time we would guarantee these mild steel systems for one year and they did not last much longer than that. At the time I was a great fan of the Unipart exhaust, because they were perhaps the best fitting exhaust system on the Mini’s which were very popular at the time.

We found though that the worst problem apart from half of them did not fit correctly, was the welding. We had to balance the cost of these exhausts with the quality of the fit and the welding. The cheaper exhausts were welded by hand, and were awful quality. We would have many comebacks from faulty badly made exhausts. Some of these companies are now long gone, but the ones who have stuck it out are the better quality systems. These companies such as Bosal, went into aluminising their exhausts to make them last longer and gave them a two year warranty.

However they would still rot from the inside due to the mild sulfuric acid that was emitted from the engines of these cars.

Catalytic Converters became the new influence with better quality exhaust pipes.

Then along came the big revolution, for the humble exhaust pipe, the emissions test. The new greener car engines started to come out with catalytic converters. This was to control the

Flexi Exhaust Pipe

Catalytic converters complete with its own Flexi Exhaust Pipe used to come boxed up like this one

pollutants that were entering the atmosphere from the car’s engine. The cats were made from a honeycomb of ceramics and the catalysts that are used are made from precious metals such as platinum, palladium and rhodium.

It is my opinion that was because of the improved status of the exhaust system including the catalytic converter that the whole unit would have to be made better and therefor would last

Flexi Exhaust Pipe

Astra VXR with a new Flexi Exhaust Pipe welded on to his existing exhaust system

much longer. In the early days of catalysts, companies set up making up the replacement cats with imported universal units from America, so if your cat went for any reason then the cheapest way to replace it would be to make one up in a kit form including a Flexi Exhaust Pipe and weld it to the old exhaust pipe.

As time went on and the emission laws became stricter, then the cats became more complicated, some having two lambda sensors fitted and Flexi Exhaust Pipe which were also becoming an integral part of the exhaust system. It is not uncommon to find some cars with two cats on the same piece of exhaust system.

This is where our Astra VXR Flexi Exhaust Pipe comes into the equation.


The more complicated the car and engine then the more complicated the exhaust system will be. Some cars even have exhausts fitted that are more complicated to get at physically. They weave and bend into the most complicated places that you can think of.

Some of the cat/exhaust combinations can cost as much as half the value of the car in some cases and when we told this VXR owner that the replacement system for his car would be well over  £1000 he nearly fell through the floor?

Fortunately we have a guy working for us who can see his way round these things and Ryan came up with a great solution. He suggested welding a new flexi pipe onto where the break in the exhaust pipe was. This would save the customer hundreds of £’s just coming up to Christmas. All we had to do was to check and see if the exhaust was thick and strong enough to take a weld, and it was.

Ryan measured up the flexi-pipe where it was to be fitted and welded the new part onto the existing exhaust. The guy could not afford the £1000 in the first place and so we were all happy. We can confidently give the guy a guarantee on the job and he went away another happy customer.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and Exhaust  System Repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts.

Eric Roberts

Toyota RAV 4 Poor Acceleration Problems

Toyota RAV 4 Poor Acceleration Problems? Caused by the “Suction Control Valve” (SCV)

Toyota RAV 4 Poor Acceleration Problems

Toyota RAV 4 problem just happened overnight

So, as I have said before, one of the great things about owning a garage. Importantly, is the diversity of jobs that we can encounter. Hence in any busy working week. This past week was no exception. One of our lady customers called it with her car, a Toyota RAV 4 !

Toyota RAV 4 Poor Acceleration Problems

The Toyota RAV 4 ready for the engine work to be carried out.

Alarmingly, the reason was that the car was performing badly when trying to overtake. Especially, when she put her foot down the car was very slow to respond.

She had a new Duel Mass Flywheel fitted about six months ago ! Interestingly,  she had wondered if this could have anything to do with the cars recent problem?

The Toyota RAV 4 was fitted with the 2.0D-4 D engine. Importantly, she had not experienced many engine problems in the past. In fact apart from the clutch the car had been trouble free.

Ryan road tests the car !

When Ryan our workshop manager took the car out for a test drive. So, he noticed that the engine warning light was also illuminated . So on his return he plugged the car into our diagnostics machine. Finding that the code PO627 came up. When we looked the code fault up on our diagnostic site. Then it stated that the problem could be a couple of things.

  1. That the internal fuel was below the target fuel pressure that it should be, despite the engine ECU opens the Suction Control Valve (SCV)
  2. Fuel blockage.

Toyota RAV 42.0 D Engines are fitted with a Denso electronic high-pressure fuel pump.  Controlling, the fuel rail pressure and the volume of fuel and are both replaceable items. Denso also make the Fuel Pressure Regulator (we call it the SCV) that can cause the lack of power problems with the Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV 4

Arrow pointing at the position of the diesel pump


Ryan suspected it to be the SCV and this was confirmed by a quick phone call to a friend of ours that specialises in diesel engines and fuel pumps. He told us that the SCV Valves had given most him most problems with this particular RAV 4 engine fault and so we took onto ourselves to tackle this particular problem.

New SCV ordered for the Toyota RAV 4

We contacted the customer with a price. Reluctantly, she gave us the go ahead to carry out the necessary work on the car’s engine. We could only buy the SCV parts from the Toyota dealership. Unfortunately, they were not available from any of the local parts factors.

The first part of the job was to remove the two bolts that fasten the radiator expansion tank to the car. Allowing you more room to work. Importantly, you can see this in the picture the arrow is pointing to ! Where the fuel pump is located. Down near the yellow dipstick top. Ryan then had to remove the remove the air intake/inter-cooler pipe.

The only difficult thing that Ryan could see was the location of the pump, that the SCV’s were located; they were located at the back of the pump, making the job a little fiddly.

When the new Toyota RAV 4 valves arrived. Hence they were both coloured differently. So,one was green and the other red. It was important that the new ones had to fit where the old ones had come from.

Toyota RAV 4 Poor Acceleration Problems

Image showing the SCV valves in position ready to be changed, note the red and green colours and the Allen key type bolts that can be difficult to remove.

Hence the colour coding.

The valves are held into the pump by two heavy duty Allen screws each and were eventually freed by using an heavy duty Allen key type bit that fitted into an impact wrench set, with an extension tube to give him some leverage. This did the trick and the screws finally gave in to the pressure.

An important thing to watch out for is that the valve seats have two O-rings. These O-rings must be replaced and refitted into the valve seats; Ryan lubricated them when fitting them back, before the new valves were fitted back onto the pump.

Possible loss of fuel !

Another observation is that you will lose a small amount of fuel when doing this job, so protect the immediate area of the pump with some old cloth to soak up the diesel that comes out and you will not make a mess on the rest of the engine or the garage floor. We also thought it would be worth fitting a new fuel filter, and so we did.

When Ryan completed the work, he then re-set the Toyota RAV 4 engine diagnostic trouble codes , with our engine diagnostic machine and it then only took a couple of attempts to re start the engine, because there would have been a little trapped air in the system from when the valves were removed. If you are doing this job at home on your own one of these vehicles, we do recommend that you keep everything as clean as possible and do not let any dirt or other contamination onto the new valves.

The job only took about an hour

Including the ordering of the parts. Later the car was road tested and found to be cured of the problem. Happily, our lady customer picked up the Toyota RAV 4 paid us and went on her way a happy customer.

This problem can also be found on the following Toyota models

Toyota Avensis 2.0 D-4D (CDT220) 1999>2003,Toyota Avensis Verso 2.0D-4D (CLM20) 2001>2005,Toyota Corolla 2.0 D-4D (CDE110) 2000>2001,Toyota Corolla Verso 2.0 D-4D (CDE120) 001>2004,Toyota Corolla 2.0 D-4D (CDE120) 2001>2007 (90bhp & 109bhp),Toyota Previa 2.0 D-4D (CLR30) 2001>2007. This information is from Blue Print.

Eric Roberts

Toyota RAV 4

The new set of SCV valves ready to be fitted ,note the new sealing rings.

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Peugeot 206 Estate Clutch

Deaf Drivers Can Burn Out Clutches-Importantly, because they cant hear the engine revs?

Deaf Drivers Can Burn Out Clutches

Hard of hearing and Deaf Drivers Burnout their Clutch

Deaf Drivers-I realise that this is a sweeping statement and that people have varying levels of deafness, in fact, I am a little deaf, probably due to my disco days, when they used to blast your ears out

Deaf Drivers Can Burn Out Clutches

Peugeot’s burned out clutch after only a year of use

every weekend. According to the following website… deaf or hard of hearing as some like to be called can learn how to change gear by the feel of the engine’s vibration. The different vibrations coming from the different engine speeds can teach the driver when to change gear.

This advice is given to hard of hearing drivers. So, who are just learning how to drive. But I think that the problem is when the elderly driver becomes deafer with age. We have one customer in particular who is profoundly deaf, Consequently, but refuses to accept it.

He first came to us with a clutch problem about five years ago. Since he fell out with his old garage. So about the fact that they would not change his worn out clutch under warranty. He had the clutch fitted about a year earlier and he had burned it out.

Although most quality clutches come with a 2 year guarantee

Of course, this does not cover wear and tear due to bad clutch control. But the guy did not think that he was doing anything wrong. Slowly, the  deafness had crept up on him and he could not hear the engine noises.Telling him when he should change gear ! He had become one of the millions of deaf drivers on our roads.

The first time that he came to us we fitted an LUK Clutch. Which incidentally we usually use ! We think that they are one of the best products on the market and cover a great range of cars. The clutch was fitted and the customer paid his account and went on his way.

We could not believe the noise that his engine made when he set off. It was a miracle that his Peugeot 206 didn’t blow the engine up. He could not hear the engine noise and the engine were revved up twice as much as it should have been, very similar to a learner driver who tries to drive for the very first time. To our surprise, he forced the gear into first and the car took a jump before setting off, we knew it would not be long before we saw him again.

Deaf Drivers Can Burn Out Clutches

Peugeot 206 ready for its new clutch fitting

Clutch failed again a year later !

True enough about a year later, the Peugeot 206 CC turned up on our doorstep with guess what? A burnt out clutch. We were not surprised and stripped down the old clutch to take a look. Sure enough, the thing was completely burned out and we had to tell the guy that the problem was due to him being one of the  profoundly deaf drivers, now on our roads. Unfortunately, we had to bite the bullet and explain to him that the Clutch Replacement was not covered by the warranty and he would have to pay for a new one fitting.

He went on to tell us that “that was why he fell out with his old garage”, but we knew all of that and stuck to our side of the story. He finally agreed and began to realise that this was going to be the price to pay for him to keep on driving his car.

We have now fitted yet another clutch to this Peugeot 206

Another three clutches later, he has now accepted the fact that the way he drives will burn out a clutch every year, and yesterday we fitted a new clutch bang on time about a year from his last one. The guy is a lot happier now and accepted that being one of the millions of deaf drivers, it was to be part of life, he lives on his own and says that he never really talks to anybody other than himself (a bit sad) I think. Deaf drivers will have Clutch Problems.

Deaf Drivers Can Burn Out Clutches

New and old clutch together

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Eric Roberts




Peugeot 206 Estate Clutch

Ford Focus Clutch- Diesel TDi 2004-with Clutch Problems.

Ford Focus Clutch

So, in recent weeks we seem to have had a run of cars with clutch problems. Consequently,that have been brought into my garage Pellon-Autocentre, here in Halifax UK. I think that most garages will have these runs of cars with different problems. Sometimes it may be brake problems or sometimes we have a run of exhaust pipes dropping of. This particular time it has been clutch problems.

Yesterday was no exception? Sure enough first thing in the morning an AA transporter turned up on the forecourt. So, with a silver car strapped to the back. Happily, the car was accompanied by an old customer of ours. When his Focus was unloaded. He came into the reception to explain what had happened.

He told us that he had recently been working away down in the south of England. While he was away he had started to have problems with his clutch. He told us that one morning he was driving to work from his accommodation and called in for some diesel. When he arrived back at the car, the biting point of the clutch was very close to the car floor. Also, the rest of the pedal was very sloppy and loose.

He managed to drive the car to his job

Subsequently, he is a builder for an housing association. Who own properties all over the UK, the head office is here in Halifax .He sometimes has to work away to help sort problems out. Although he was having great difficulty selecting his gears. When he first bought the  Focus about 18 months earlier he was told that the car had recently been fitted with a new clutch ! Of course, this was one of the reasons that he had bought the car. Visibly, it appeared to be in good condition.

He called out a local garage that topped up the slave cylinder. Also telling him that the clutch pedals on these Fords have a black plastic hinge type thing attached to it. Importantly, which is what pushes the master cylinder in. This hinge is attached to the  pedal by a metal rod. The hinge is held in by a clip and it is this clip that can come off. So causing the cars clutch problem. This was sorted out by the garage and for a few days all appeared to be well with the  Focus.

Ford Focus driver could smell clutch fluid?

He noticed a slight smell coming from the cars cab, but he did not know what it was, it was apparently clutch fluid that had leaked from his previous problem. The guy told us that after the

ford focus clutch

Focus Master cylinder bearing showing the broken bush

garage reportedly had sorted the Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi problem out then the car gear change was still a bit lumpy. After the job was complete the guy decided to risk it and drive the car back home to the North via the M1.

He decided to call in at the services for something to eat and a rest. On his return to the car, he found that once again the clutch pedal was down to the floor pan of the car, but unlike before there was no bite at all on the clutch. His company had provided their staff with AA breakdown cover, for their employees who travelled away to work, and so the guy promptly called the AA out to the services.

Inspected by the AA

The AA man inspected the cars clutch cylinder to check the level, but soon noticed that the cylinder was empty of fluid. He said that the Ford  was susceptible to these type of  problems and diagnosed a broken master cylinder. There was nothing that he could do as far as road side assistance, and so he proceeded to load the car onto the back of his transporter in order to take the car to the garage of his choice, which was our garage in Halifax.

When proceeded to put the car on lift, and found that clutch fluid was seeping out at the bottom of the clutch housing through one of the vent holes that are there to alloy dust and dirt to evacuate the housing. We diagnosed the problem as a master cylinder failure and reported back to the customer, who by this time had borrowed one of our courtesy cars and gone back to work somewhere here in Yorkshire.

We removed the Ford Focus gearbox and clutch housing to reveal yet more problems?

The engine was dropped and the gearbox . Removed and then the Ford Clutch housing was separated. Revealing the clutch assembly. We found that the hydraulic cylinder bearing had in fact got a broken seal and needed replacing. Then we found that although the  Focus diesel should have been fitted with a duel mass flywheel. Subsequently, this car had been converted to a solid single flywheel,

Ford Focus clutch

Ford  showing old worn out clutch assembly

Including a normal type clutch plate and to make matters worse ! Incidentally, both were damaged. The flywheel was broken and the clutch plate was worn out, and also needed replacing.

We phoned the customer on his mobile! Of course, he was not very pleased to say the least. Having, expected the clutch to last him more than the 18 months that it had lasted since he bought the car. The old parts were saved for the customer to look at as we always do. Another small problem also occurred? We had some difficulty matching a new single clutch plate with a new solid flywheel, as the old one was a cheap clutch plate and had no part numbers on to match a new one.

With the help of the motor factors we were able find the correct parts and rebuilt the whole assembly. The car works fine now and the customer went away highly delighted, after his initial shock.

The diesel Ford Focus can be converted to a solid single clutch system

When the customer had left I looked at some Ford forums about the conversion to a single clutch assembly and the general consensus is that it is fine to do it. In fact Ford transits can be converted by using genuine Ford parts. That is made especially for these conversions. Also I have heard that many taxi companies convert their taxis to the single clutch system.

For more Ford Focus clutch problems…

Eric Roberts

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Peugeot 406 Lights

Toyota Corolla Rattling Noise-Driver first noticed a Rattling Noise when Setting Off

Toyota Corolla Rattling Noise

1998 Toyota Corolla driver  thought his exhaust had gone

So, this customer of ours had only just bought his Toyota Corolla.  About six months previously in a private sale with no come backs. Of course, he wasn’t very pleased when the car started to rattle. Especially, when he was about to set off on a journey.

toyota corolla new clutch

new clutch ready to be fitted

My customer did not think much of the noise when starting off. Consequently, he just thought that the exhaust needed repairing and carried on using the car. Another few weeks down the line he noticed other slight problems

Sometimes it was difficult to engage the clutch and find the correct gear. Subsequently, he really struggled to force the gear lever and engage the gear. But neglecting the problem, he still did not do anything about it. So, and carried on using his car. Thinking that it was just one of those cars and the problem would go away.

He said that on occasions the car would also get stuck in reverse gear and the car engine was starting to cut out when the gears were stuck in. The guy said that a friend of his told him to check the clutch fluid under the bonnet (hood), but this was OK. He still did not suspect the transmission at this stage and carried on driving the car.

Clutch can be suspect for a few reasons

One of the commonest clutch problems on a Toyota Corolla .Of course,is a seized up clutch cable. Or the clutch linkage may require some lubrication or adjustment. This can show itself up if the plate does not release completely. The clutch may slip if the springs on the pressure plate are damaged or broken. These cars are now sixteen year old ! So, if the clutch has not been changed. Consequently, then it likely that it soon will have to be changed.

The car soon became impossible to drive . Reluctantly, was constantly getting stuck in gear and the engine cutting out. The car was eventually brought to us on the back of a car transporter. Later was brought into the workshop for examination. By this time the Toyota Corolla Rattling Noise vehicle had no drive at all. However, it did not take long for us to diagnose a problem with the transmission, probably the clutch.

The job was assigned to our up and coming clutch specialist Alex.  Who proceeded to strip the car down to inspect the cover. He first disconnected the battery and started to remove the drive shafts. Of course these are the steering parts with the rubber boots at the ends. He then took out the bolts that were holding gear box case to the engine. Subsequently, slid out the transmission so that he was able to inspect the parts.

Clutch plate was smashed to pieces.

He was not surprised to find that the clutch plate was smashed into pieces and was the answer to why the car did not have any drive at all. We replaced the  parts with new LUK

toyota corolla clutch

Toyota Corolla clutch showing a close up of the damage.

parts and rebuilt the transmission connecting all the parts together and finally reconnected the New Car battery.

The  Corolla engine sounded in good shape and Alex proceeded to test drive the car. We can always tell when a job has been a success because Alex had a big grin on his face and it was another clutch under his belt.

Read more :

Eric Roberts

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