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All Car Repair Articles

of course car repairs are what we call a “bread and butter” job. Hence, i thought that i would show a video to demonstrate the things that our technicians have to do when repairing a car.
We often have our customers ringing us. Significantly, they ask the question, “how can i tell if my car needs repairing”. Therefore, I usually answer with the same explanation. You’ll know when the vehicle requires attention! So, when a car eventually arrives in the workshop. We treat it with extreme care and attention.

Vauxhall corsa suspension

Vauxhall Corsa Suspension Problems

Vauxhall corsa suspension problems

Vauxhall corsa suspension problems

Vauxhall corsa suspension problems

So, another busy Saturday saw a few different cars with mechanical problems. Importantly, it looks like we have gone back to the “pothole” problems again. Of late we have seen a few broken springs and tyres with bad cuts. Reluctant councils only repair the roads after the public have complained. Incredibly, or the claims for compensation damage increases!

So, one of the first cars to arrive belonged to a young lady. Consequently, the car was making rattles and banging noises from the drivers side front. Of course a sure sign of a broken spring. Sure enough we removed the front wheel to discover that the cars coil spring was in two separate pieces and a new one would be required.

Vauxhall corsa suspension problems

Alex given the coil spring to do

Alex is now one of my experienced mechanics and we sought the customers permission to carry out the spring repairs. However, Alex discovered that the top suspension mounting bearing was also badly damaged and required replacing! In fact we could have re-fitted the part. But the suspension leg would have creaked loudly, Especially, after the grease that we place in the bearing had dried up.

We were lucky enough to locate a new suspension top bearing and housing and Alex build the suspension unit back up again. So, the young lady was notified that her car was now ready. As with all our customers we explained in detail what we had done. So, she thanked us for our service and headed off into the Sun in her rejuvenated and extremely quiet Vauxhall Corsa.

Vauxhall corsa suspension problems

Damaged top suspension bearing

Just as a footnote! Well Vauxhall’s are a very popular car in the Halifax area! Primarily because we used to have a Vauxhall main dealer in the town for many years. Also the Corsa is a popular car amongst young people in the town.

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

Rack and Pinion for Steering Problems

Rack and Pinion for Steering Problems such as Steering Stiffness, Steering Pull or Steering Wander

Rack and Pinion for Steering Problems

Rack and Pinion for Steering Problems;

Steering problems are part of everyday problems here at Pellon Autocentre, in Halifax UK. For this reason i am showing this video to explain the things we have to do when repairing and diagnose these problems.

One of the things that we find is that, many of our customers do not know that they have any steering problems at all. What happens is that these problems build up very slowly.Therefore, the driver does not know of any thing that may have gone wrong. Steering problems are often picked up by our mechanics when carrying an MOT test.

Occasionally one of our customers will complain about their car pulling to the left or right. This could be a few problems including the steering out of alignment. Steering wheel movement, usually relates to rack and pinion problems. This can be picked up by one of mechanics giving the steering a visual inspection. Whatever problems occur with your steering we are always willing to check your car over and give a free assessment and a price quote, for any steering work that may require rectification.

Rack and Pinion for Steering Problems

Hard to steer? Don’t pay a mechanic! Step-by-step instructions to diagnose, service and troubleshoot a rack and pinion on automobiles. This video covers testing, installation and operation of a rack and pinion with advice on properly bleeding the steering system fluid. Sponsored by BBB Industries – makers of premium alternators and starters that meet or exceed OE form, fit and function.

Wheel Alignment Saves Money-Tyre Wear and a steering wheel that pulls you to one side.

Wheel Alignment Saves Money

Wheel Alignment Saves Money

What Causes Your Wheel Alignment To Be Out ??

Wheel Alignment Saves Money

Wheel Alignment Saves Money

In the Halifax area of West Yorkshire, we have a high incidence of cars requiring Wheel Alignment, the primary reason for this is driving over potholes and speed bumps, this can alter the vehicle’s steering and suspension geometries or damage critical components such as tyres and steering parts. Out of aligned wheels, reduce the vehicles safety or create extra running costs, also destroying the tyres prematurely, but by ensuring the wheels are correctly aligned, this will be avoided, and drivers can minimise the effects of any pothole or speed bump damage and ensure they remain as safe as possible.

The recent severe weather will inevitably increase the number of potholes. And will be the cause of the damage. Because the holes may be covered over with snow and ice. This severe weather could cause some serious safety issues for drivers, if a motorist knows that they have gone down a pothole they should get their alignment checked, most auto centres will give you a free Car Wheel Alignment check, and you only pay if the alignment is out and it needs adjusting.

Wheel Alignment Saves Money

Another sign that your wheel alignment is out. Therefore, is that your steering wheel may not be straight. Consequently, this will need all the front alignment re-setting. Naturally, this could take an hour or two you could incur an extra cost. So it may be wise if you asked for an estimate of the cost. Another thing you should watch for when having your alignment checked is the problem of seized up steering parts. It is a possibility that the  garage or auto centre may have to use some form of heat to free off seized steering parts; This will take much longer, and an extra charge will usually be applied, a good once a top auto centre will warn you of this and give you the choice of to have it done or not.

Wheel Alignment Saves Money

Any good Tyre operator will give you a full tyre service for free, he will check your tyre pressures, your tyre tread depth, in the UK the tread depth is 1.6 mm for 3/4 of the tread width from the centre of the tread to the edges, the will also check your tyres for bulges and cuts and then inflate your tyres to the correct pressures, this will be all part of the service which should be carried out with a smile if not go somewhere else.

Wheel Alignment Saves Money

Wheel Alignment Saves Money; To sum up have your Laser Wheel Alignment  carried out at regular intervals. Especially, if you think that you have hit a pothole. Or gone over a speed bump too fast. You should always have the alignment checked. Especially,  if you are having new tyres fitted. In addition. Even if the auto centre asks you to come back later. A few days will not scrub your tyres off. Furthermore, have your pressures and tyre wear checked regularly. If you have any doubt of what tyre to buy always go for a mid-range make. This will mean that you get good quality and the tyres will be cheaper than a branded make. Once again a good garage or auto centre will be glad to help and check your tyres for free.ELast Line From The Boss about Wheel Alignment Saves Money

Hi Eric Roberts here I hope you enjoy my article about wheel alignment. website called  and are members of  POINT-S


Road Potholes-Could Mean Wheel Alignment many more mechanical Problems

Road Potholes; wheel alignment reduces your “tyre wear.”

In the Calderdale district of North England, we experience a high incidence of vehicle owners needing Wheel Alignment. The main causes for this is driving over

Road Potholes

Road Potholes;This car hit a pothole and broke the spring

Holes in the road. This is because the local council are reluctant to carry out Repairs. This includes safety humps. This can change the car’s steering and suspension geometries. Potholes can also  break key parts such as suspension and steering components. This effect can reduce the vehicle’s safety or add expensive extra costs. The effect can also damage the cars structure permanently. But by ensuring the wheels are precisely aligned, will be avoided. Motorists can eliminate the effects of any pothole or speed bump injury and make sure they stay as safe as possible.

The latest bad frosts will, without the doubt, multiply the quantity of potholes that cause the destruction. Because mud and snow could hide the potholes. Then it can cause some serious safety issues for motorists. If a driver knows that they have hit a pothole they must get their  Wheel Alignment

Road Potholes

Road Potholes;This bent steering arm caused because a car went down a pothole

Most garages will give you a free of a charge tracking (alignment) check, and you will only pay for the job if the wheel alignment is out, and it needs adjusting(except for Four-Wheel Alignment).

Wheel alignment should be carried out at regular intervalsRoad Potholes

Furthermore, to sum up, have your wheel alignment was done at regular periods, especially if you think that you have hit a deep hole or run over a safety hump at speed. Continually have the wheel alignment corrected if you are having new tyres mounted on your wheels. Your tyre centre may ask you to come back afterwards. Then a few days motoring will not effect the wear on your tyres.

Have your pressures and tyre wear checked methodically. If you have any doubt which tyres to buy, then go for a mid-range make, this will mean that you get good quality tyres, and the tyres will be at a better price than a leading make. Once again a good garage or tyre depot will be happy to help and check your tyres free of charge.Also your wheel alignment of course.

Eric Roberts
Toyota Yaris Clutch Problem

Hi I would like to introduce myself. Working in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. So. worked for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. Of course, I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre. Blogging about anything to do with cars and their related products. Naturally, that will help my business. We are members of Point-S and Trading Standards and are also a Unipart Car Care Centre.

VW polo-Broken Spring Problem Cured-Customer thought that the wheel studs were loose?

VW polo-Broken Spring

VW polo-Broken Spring; One of our customers came to us recently with a slight knocking sound coming from somewhere on his car. The car was a VW Polo and made in 2004. Our customer was new to the area, and this was his first visit to us. The guy came with a recommendation from one of his family members.

He explained certain things to us over the phone. We asked him to bring the Polo to us for inspection. The car was bought with a reasonable 29000 miles on the clock and was in good condition.

The brake disc and pads had been replaced at 32000 miles. After that, he had trouble with the wheel studs coming loose. He said that the noise was very similar to the noise that he could hear now.

The guy was from the north London area of the UK and was visiting family in the Halifax Uk area.before his journey north he had fitted, a new set of four tyres;

VW polo-Broken Spring

VW Polo new spring fitted and ready to go.

this was at 33,500 miles and just before the MOT test was due.

On his way north, he had called to see a friend in the Nottingham area and this is where the knocking noise had begun. The thoughts in his mind to back to the wheel stud problem a few months earlier. He called into a local garage in Nottingham and had the wheel studs checked for the correct tightness.

They were fine, and he carried on with his journey north.

VW polo-Broken Spring

Much as, like many other cities in the UK, Nottingham had its fair share of potholes in the roads. First of all, he did remember going down one particular bad hole but thought nothing of it.

The slight rattling noise was still haunting him as he headed up to Halifax. He was convinced that it was a wheel stud problem? He drove the Polo very Carefully, not exceeding 60 MPH, on the M1 motorway.

He told us that he had turned the radio volume high to try and drown out the noise.

Consequently, Ryan Linton our service manager, road tested the Polo and then lifted the car up onto one of our ramps for inspection. Furthermore, was the problem easy to spot? It was a broken spring. Simple? The spring had probably broken when the guy had run into the hole in the road in Nottingham.

Finally, we fitted a new spring, and the happy customer went on his way.

What Future for your Local Garage-New technologies could mean the Death of the local garage

What Future for your Local Garage

What Future for your Local Garage; I have always regarded myself as a guy with average intelligence. One of the things that I have not been enabling to get my head round is the future of the auto industry. As the owner of a small garage and family business. I am plagued by the speed of progress in both the computer industry and the connections with the relentless drive to electrify the car industry (EV vehicles).

Here in Halifax, the UK we service all makes and models of cars. It is noticeable, however, that we need more and more diagnostic equipment to enable us to

What Future for your Local Garage

Ryan Linton carrying out an engine management check.

carry out servicing and repairs.

I am not a technical person and only understand the basics of how the modern car engine and emission controls are connected and work. A computer system now runs Today’s modern cars. Car engineers had to come up with a system that transformed the combustion engine into a leaner and more fuel efficient cleaner vehicle.

The system that we now use enables us to connect to the cars computer with a connector. This is known as the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD). The OBD is the multi-pin port that is used to connect our equipment to your car’s computer, and it will read any code faults that mat exists. Then the necessary faults can be read and then rectified.

What Future for your Local Garage


At the moment all garages are protected by laws, here in the UK and the USA, this is as long as we are trained and can use the equipment. Car manufacturers will by law have to give any new and relevant information out to the rest of the industry.

Up to now, I have seen no problems. Except that, we always have to update our machines to keep up with changes made by the car manufacturers. I suppose you could say that this is just progress?

We all know that the speed of the internet and mobile applications such as phones and satellite navigation systems have developed. Well, this where the auto industry sector will be developing shortly.

Furthermore, the new word is now “telematics” and the possibility of linking it with other things to do with ways of reading your cars computer information, through wireless means.

Telematics are now used in the black box’s that are fitted to monitor young drivers and reduce their insurance premium. As a result, these black boxes can inform the insurance company of everything that the car has been doing. A sort of spy in the cab.

Most of all, this technology along with a new system of monitoring the cars security will be known as the  Vehicle Station Gateway (VSG). This VSG along with Unified Gateway Protocol (UGP), will do exactly that?

What Future for your Local Garage

This new concept will be able to link your car to any designated garage with the correct equipment. As a result, this will support driverless cars and also intelligent transportation systems. Full information will be available, about the condition of your car. Including, where you have been and where you are going. This knowledge will be available to more that one organisation. It will not surprise me if this is not coordinated to deal.  With terrorist movements as we will all be tracked when driving around.

Consequently, our only chance for survival as a small garage will be if the special tools become affordable. Furthermore, it will be important for the law to support us so that we will be able to keep up with the new technologies that will be bombarding us.

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Daewoo Matiz Engine management Light problem?

Daewoo Matiz Engine management Light problem?

Daewoo Matiz Engine Management Light problem?; Engine management light problems are a common feature of owning a busy Service centre, like the one here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax UK. I would not be lying if I said that we get two or three cars in a week for related engine management light problems.

I must say that it is one of those things that can scare our customers to death. They can drive their cars around with a bald tyre for months, but as soon as a warning light comes on, they are straight over to us for our opinion and possible corrective action.

Our latest light on problem came from a lady who had a Daewoo Matiz Engine Management Light problem? The woman said that she did not think that her car was running properly and was a bit sluggish. Also, a picture of an engine lit up on her dashboard.

As most customers do, (no matter what the car make or model), she panicked. Our customer  was waiting at the door ready for when we opened up the garage

Daewoo Matiz Engine management Light problem?

The problem spark plugs?

doors. This problem can indeed be anything to do with the engine management system. From the expensive coil pack to a faulty fuel injector.

Alex, one of my mechanical staff, plugged our engine management machine into the car and read the fault codes. The code came up as a cylinder misfire, which tied up with the ladies statement of the car not running correctly and sluggishly.

Daewoo Matiz Engine management Light problem?

Like many of our customers think, she thought she was going to need a new engine and was probably on “tender hooks” waiting for us to call her back with our assessment of the damage and the price. We checked most likely cause, the spark plugs. Indeed, the plugs were in a bad condition, and we suspected that this was the cause.

Everything else looked fine and so we fitted a new set of plugs. The car ran much better and so we reset the engine warning light, and road tested the car. Everything ended up right, and we informed the stressed lady customer, who was highly delighted with our low price repairs.



Tyre Blowout-For unlucky Hull City football fan on his way to the playoffs? Hull Won

Tyre Blowout

Tyre Blowout- Saturday morning working at Pellon Tyres here in Halifax Yorkshire, UK is always an interesting experience. We can get all sorts of people with different problems to solve on their beloved cars. Would this Saturday be no exception?

When we arrived first thing in the morning.We already had a customer waiting for our attention. The vehicle was Seat car. The driver was accompanied by an AA van.Who apparently had just towed the car in from the M62 motorway (about 5 miles from Halifax).

Because, his Seat had had a tyre blowout. Like so many of today’s cars, there was no spare wheel. The AA have told me on many occasions that many of their callouts

tyre blowout

Inside of the tyre showing tyre blowout damage.

are to stranded motorists without a spare wheel. Most of the drivers do not even know, that many car models come without a spare wheel.

Tyre Blowout

Because, many of these cars are on run-flat tyres. Some are not and only carry a tin of tyre sealant, as a temporary solution. The sealant is only good for the odd nail or screw. However, would not have been any good for the tyre blowout on this particular vehicle, which had suffered bad run-on damage to the tyre.

Consequently, as you can see in the image the tyre was way beyond any repairs and the Hull supporter had to buy a new tyre. The tyre was 215/55R16 and we fitted him with a new General mid-range tyre, made by Continental tyres.

The Hull city fan was more than happy with the price of the tyre and off he went on his journey to Derby, to watch the important playoff match. Incidentally, Hull went on to win 3-0 and the day recovered well, after the supporters bad start with his tyre experience. Finally Hull won.The Tigers were promoted to the English Premier League.

Kia Sportage Clutch problem-Customer had bought a second Sportage but the clutch was slipping?

Kia Sportage Clutch problem

Kia Sportage Clutch problem-This is the sort of thing that we have seen before? A customer of ours has bought another second car and the first decent journey has ended up with some sort of problem. In the case of this Kia Sportage, the clutch started slipping.

The worse part about it was that after being the owner for 4 weeks, the guy took the Kia on a two week trip to France. This particular model was a 2.0 CRD

Kia Sportage Clutch problem

Kia Sportage Clutch problem-Showing old worn out clutch

injection and had clocked up twenty-three thousand miles.

Everything went well until he drove down the French AutoRoute (French Motorway) on his way to the South. The Kia Sportage Clutch Problem started. He felt

Kia Sportage Clutch problem

Kia Sportage Clutch problem, showing gearbox

the cars clutch slipping on some of the very steep inclines that are common on the French motorways. They build their motorways over the top of the hills, where we cut through the hills to make the inclines less steep.

Kia Sportage Clutch problem

The clutch did not slip all the time only when the car was overloaded and also when the guy had to accelerate quickly. Otherwise, the Kia performed well. The customer finished off his holiday, without any further problems and made it back to Halifax in Yorkshire.

After a few more weeks he noticed that the gears were getting more difficult to engage. Finally, it became almost impossible to get any gears and so he brought into us at Pellon Auto Centre, to try to solve the problem.

Ryan Lynton our service manager, checked the car over and had no hesitation in declaring that the clutch needed replacing. The guy left his Kia and the clutch was replaced by Alex.

The guy had bought the car privately and so had no real comeback for any compensation. It is just a chance you take when buying a car privately.

Nissan Navara Clutch replacement-Duel Mass Flywheel replaced.

Nissan Navara Clutch replacement

Nissan Navara Clutch replacement;One of the car problems that increase after the winter driving period, is a noticeable rise in the number of clutches that we fit. The other day was no exception. One of our first jobs that were booked in was a Nissan Navara Clutch replacement.

Clutches fall into two main categories. These are cars that are fitted with manual gearboxes and also automatic gearboxes. In the UK, the most popular type of gearbox, by far is the manual type of gearbox

Other types do exist, but they are mainly on the upmarket car models and motorsport cars.

As most of my readers probably know the clutch fits between the engine and the manual gearbox and this Nissan Navara Clutch replacement, was no different.

Nissan Navara Clutch replacement

Nissan Navara Clutch replacement

The clutch enables the driver to change gears, in response to the car engine speed. This enables a smooth transfer of power, from the engine to the gearbox.

The clutch plate is made from a similar material to your brake shoes and eventually, wear away. Like anything else it depends on how the driver treats the clutch, as to how long it will last. The guy with the Nissan Navara could feel the clutch slipping when the truck was fully loaded. He also had problems engaging his gears on occasions.

Nissan Navara Clutch replacement

He brought it into us here at Pellon Halifax UK, for us to check it out. Sure enough, the clutch was slipping and in need of a new one fitting.

The Nissan Navara Clutch replacement, meant us removing the gearbox away from the engine. The Navara is an inline unit, which means that the engine and gearbox are lined from front to rear, driving the rear wheels.

Alex was allocated the job and he soon started to remove the holding nuts and bolts. The Navara is a big vehicle, compared to the clutches that we normally fit and Alex had to use hydraulic engine stands to take the weight of the extremely heavy gearbox when it was removed.

When we checked out the parts, the computer informed us that this model could be fitted with a Duel mass Flywheel (DMF). These were invented to take out many of the stresses and vibrations that were associated with diesel engine cars. In my opinion, some vehicles do not need it. This has become more obvious to me, when certain clutch manufacturers, make an alternative solid “Blue-Print”clutch to replace the DMF.

We contacted the customer and explained to him about the DMF and the solid clutch. He phoned back and gave us permission to fit the solid clutch. This was fitted and the gearbox built back up. The Nissan Navara Clutch replacement was complete and the customer collected his car and away he went.