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All Car Repair Articles

of course car repairs are what we call a “bread and butter” job. Hence, i thought that i would show a video to demonstrate the things that our technicians have to do when repairing a car.
We often have our customers ringing us. Significantly, they ask the question, “how can i tell if my car needs repairing”. Therefore, I usually answer with the same explanation. You’ll know when the vehicle requires attention! So, when a car eventually arrives in the workshop. We treat it with extreme care and attention.

Motorists shun diesel cars-while eco-friendly sales rise – BBC News

Motorists shun diesel cars

Motorists shun diesel cars


Motorists shun diesel cars

I do not believe in this propaganda, from the BBC.It is just more rubbish put out by the government. The government were the ones that put out word about diesel cars being more ECO friendly than petrol driven cars. Neither do I believe the number of people living in London with respiratory problems, due to diesel emissions. Please see the report published in the carbuyer on the link below?

What happened to the fact that diesel engines can be converted to use biofuels. This is the recommendations that were coming from motoring organisations. This conversion,would help us to produce more cost-effective vehicles.Also. that run more efficiently and with cleaner engines. Diesel engines start by a compression ignition system instead of a fuel-injection system, they do not have spark plugs.  WyoTech, say that the difference can increase the efficiency of diesel engined vehicles. Thus over petrol driven engines. For this reason, by as much as 30 percent.So, what has happened to the claims. That as bio-fuel becomes more and more available. Then diesel engines can easily be modified.

Now they are telling us to scrap our diesel cars? what a load of tosh?


Motorists are turning to more eco-friendly models as diesel sales decline, industry figures suggest.

Source: Motorists shun diesel cars while eco-friendly sales rise – BBC News

Main Dealers-Independent Garage- Which type of garage do you find the BEST VALUE ?

Main Dealers-Independent Garage

Main Dealers-Independent Garage

This argument has been a long standing “bee in my bonnet”. Hence, from the normally large premises. Thus, lit up at night with all the best lighting and signage. In general main dealer garages have many more larger overheads than the Indi garage. As a result, prices are bound to be more expensive and repairs to your cars will be higher priced.

The guys that run the main dealer garages, then they are usually tough guys. You have to be tough to survive when selling a certain brand of car? Most of their wages are topped up with bonus schemes. Of course, this means that the “hard sell” could be more imminent. I must emphasise hear that not all main dealer garages are the same and I am writing generally and not about any specific garage.

So the fact that I have worked in the auto industry for forty years should give me a reason for making a opinion.Especially, when it comes to people’s complaints about service and repair costs (after their car had just had a service at a main dealer). The latest one that I witnessed.Came from a customers comment on the

Main Dealers-Independent Garage

This guy had problems with his Ford Kuga.

I have a 2011 kuga in September last year my engine light came on went into limp mode I took it to an local garage that did a diagnostic tests and shown it needed a DPF regeneration.
Unfortunately he couldn’t do it as the software that was on the Ford had to be done by a Ford dealer. I tried another garage told them the situation and they had all the latest version of software and it still wouldn’t let him do the regeneration. No charge on both diagnostic
So of to ford we.went.
They charged me over £400 to supply and fit a new DPF sensor £50 from a dealer.
I’ve recently had the engine light on again and it’s gone into limp.mode.
I phone ford and told them I want it looked at and guys what they want to charge me. Could this be the same problem again ?

After reading this you will see that the main dealer in this case Ford. Once again, the guy in implicating a bad deal from Ford? I am not sure? All you have to remember is that the main dealer garages have larger overheads than the Indi garages. Indies are normally a family business and in my case carry high moral values. As a result, I think that most other Indie garages will give a truthful balanced opinion regarding your car’s welfare.

Eric Roberts

Mechanic Dragged Off His Truck-Panic as mechanic gets dragged off truck by runaway car

Mechanic Dragged Off His Truck

Mechanic Dragged Off His Truck

Mechanic Dragged Off His Truck

This sort of incident is not really funny. Handling cars on hoists and lifts can be dangerous? Of course, all this equipment is operated by steel ropes and pulleys. Including, these car transporters. It can be very easy for a wire rope to slip or even snap under pressure. This type of accident is very rare. In the past forty years, I have only known of one incident.

Consequently, a wire rope snagged on one of my car ramps. The young lift operator came running into my office screaming out and panicking. Naturally, I was keen to look? To my horror, the car was literally hanging off the ramp. Of course, a steel rope had somehow become loose and allowed the ramp to drop. As a result, the car was slowly slipping at an angle.

Speed was of the essence. The ramp needed propping up to save the car from falling over all together. My first instinct was to get some wooden props from the timber yard across the road. This could be used to level the ramp whilst the wire rope could be dealt with. Anyhow, this is what we did. The wooded prop was placed under the insecure corner. Necessarily, we could now level the ramp off, making the car safe.

We then called an engineer. Hence, the guy found that a small guidance pulley had snapped. Hence, releasing the wire rope. The faulty part was replaced and we were able to lower the stranded car from the ramp. As a footnote, ramps do have a safety system. This safety system had kicked it to prevent the car crashing off the ramp and any injury to our staff.

Eric Roberts


Source: Video: Panic as mechanic gets dragged off truck by runaway car

Exhausts Changed-to meet new European Union Emission Laws

Exhausts Changed

Exhausts systems also cost much more than 10 years ago

I can honestly say that I have lived during the most radical changes ever made to cars, due to the new rules about “global warming” and emissions from cars. Back in time when we had Vauxhall Vivas Cavaliers, Chrysler Horizons old type Minis and Ford Cortinas life in the garage was much easier and certainly more stable.

The exhaust systems on those cars would stay the same year after year. So much so that we could order systems in the hundreds at a time and kept a large stock, that we would always sell. In fact we could order exhausts systems by the container load and they would all be sold, (happy days).


Then the computer came along and car manufacturers could very quickly change car models, they became very flexible changing parts on different models at will.

This included systems. We were finding that Exhausts.  Like other parts would be left on the shelf unsold. Hence,we were becoming very reluctant at keeping exhausts on the shelves. Without, getting stuck with them.Consequently, at this time exhaust wholesalers began to spring up.As a result, and in a short period of time. We decided not to keep an exhaust stock at all. So, and leave it to the wholesalers.In fact. The last stock that we kept in was from Bosal Exhausts. Probably, (the best Exhausts in the World) and that was in the late nineties.

Exhausts Changed

The next thing to affect Exhausts were Vehicle Emissions controls. These were introduced by the British Government. Thus, requiring that cars had to be fitted with “Catalytic Converters.” These cats as we know them. Therefore, are fitted between the car’s engine onto the exhaust pipe system. The gas from the engine is filtered through the cat. Into a very fine filter system. Made from ceramics to withstand the high temperature. The cat has also some precious metals to help filter out the particulates. (this is why the cats are so expensive).

Some car models have a direct fitting cat to the engine. Thus, the engine sends out waste gasses. That are filtered by the cat. As a result, then the cleaner gases pass through the rest of the system. The Exhausts Changed boxes contain a fiberglass type material. Naturally,  that has an extra filter effect but will also muffle the sound that the gases make when leaving the engine. We all know how noisy a car is when the exhaust breaks.

Exhausts systems are better made these days


bmw mini back box a modern type exhaust

Some cars have two or even three boxes depending on the size of the engine and car. Here in the UK we do not change the exhaust until it actually breaks, and the we have it replaced and in my opinion this is the best thing to do. Even the worst looking rusty old Car Exhausts  can last for years and it is no use changing your exhaust just because it looks rusty and old, replace it when it breaks, unless it fails the MOT test. The main part to fail on the test will be the cat, if it fails the test the cat will need replacing.

To summarise Cheap Exhaust systems are far better made these and certainly last much longer, cats are also well made and will only fail if the ceramic cone gets damaged or if you go through flooded water, this usually affects the engine management system and your engine light could be illuminated on your dash, triggered off by your cars computer and a replacement will be needed.

Eric Roberts

Lane departure warning Device-Explained-By the Excellent Car Advice-from CarsGuide

Lane departure warning Device

Lane departure warning Device


The technology behind lane guidance systems should have even the biggest non-believers ready to welcome our robot overlords.

Lane departure warning Device

This is another great article from CarsGuide, As usual, I like to add my opinion. One thing that did hit me in the face. Hence, the poor condition that the white lines are in?.Especially, when driving on the Continent . As a result, I drive in France a few times a year. French roads are not very well equipped with good white line markings.

Accordingly, then I think the UK has pretty good road markings. Also here in the UK, we were the first to supply drivers with traffic lane guidance. Albeit not by using modern electrics. I am of course talking about “cats eyes”. The reflective glass balls that we use on our roads. These were invented  in Halifax UK, by Percy Shaw. 

These cats eyes and serrated lines have helped drivers from straying lanes. However, Japanese car maker Mitsubishi, invented a camera operated system. Therefore, this system could alert driver when it drifted out of the lane. Thus, the system was first introduced on the Australian “Debonair” model. Because the system became very popular. Then many of Australian cars now have similar systems on today’s car models.

I do wonder about the fact of the lane departure advice may be a fore runner for the driverless car?. Perhaps so?

Eric Roberts.

Source: Lane departure warning explained – Car Advice | CarsGuide

Fuel Gauge Showing Empty-What Your Car’s Low Gas Light Really Means | Mental Floss

Fuel Gauge Showing Empty

Fuel Gauge Showing EmptyGet the facts before gambling on an “empty” tank.

Fuel Gauge Showing Empty

This is a situation that we have all found ourselves in. So as drivers, we have all left our fuel tank down to empty. Hence, some drivers, such as my brother in law, make this an exact science. For this reason, these people know exactly how far they can drive. Consequently, with the fuel gauge on the empty mark.

I am at the opposite scale. Therefore, I have to have a good half tank of fuel at all times. Of course, some drivers are not as well off as others? I have been at the filling station many a time and seen people just putting the minimum of say £10’s worth of fuel in their cars. Nothing wrong with that, but your tank must be empty for most of the time.

This article has a proper graphic. Thus, showing how much gas many car models have left. Of course, when the fuel gauge is showing empty. Then this article is certainly worth a read.

Eric Roberts

Source: What Your Car’s Low Gas Light Really Means | Mental Floss

Nissan Micra passed MOT TEST- after much Welding to hold the car together again?

Nissan Micra passed MOT TEST

Nissan Micra passed MOT TEST

A young couple with a new baby brought their car to us a Nissan Micra.Hence  for the MOT test. This was about the third year running that the car had been tested. Thus, by us and believe me the car was not getting any younger (like us all). The biggest problem with this Micra was the “rust”. Because, oh boy was it rusty.

We had advised the corrosion on its last MOT test in 2011. But nothing had been done and the rust had got worse.Especially with all the rain that we have had here in Halifax West Yorkshire. The young couple that owned the car.Were like us all “cash strapped” .Therefore, could not afford to buy another car. So like all “kind hearted” garage owners I did them an affordable deal. So that their car would pass the MOT test and last them at least another year.

Our top man at these type of repairs was our old mechanic Andy Mawdsley. It took Andy one and a half days to do the body fabrication and the other little jobs that needed doing to get the car through the test. Our main worry was the cars “cross member”, which is a piece of the body work that connects the two front wings together and stabilisers the whole car. The part was totally unavailable from Nissan or all the replacement part specialists.

Nissan Micra passed MOT TEST

Nissan Micra passed MOT TEST;Nissan Micra rotten cross-member

Passed MOT test with flying colours?

Our last resort was good old E-bay. We found a company that produce obsolete Nissan parts and we had a cross member by the next day (wonderful). The Nissan was all finished and the Nissan Micra passed MOT TEST with flying colours. The young couple were happy with the job and the price and we were proud to help them, with a bit of luck we may have customers for life.

Eric Roberts


Timing Belt Time Yet ? When Do I Need To Replace My Timing Belt? – ClickMechanic

Timing Belt Time Yet

Timing Belt Time Yet

Jake working on a car timing belt

Timing Belt Time Yet

Subsequently, this is the one thing that our customers dread to hear ? Sorry sir but your timing belt is due for replacing? Hence, this is one of those things that is at the back of every drivers mind. Motorists, know that it is one of those jobs that we can’t really get away with not doing. Unlike a tyre ! When you could buy a part worn if you are cash strapped. Significantly, then timing belts have to be changed. Otherwise, it could be possible for you to blow your engine up.

As follows, timing belts, come in two types.

Hence, chain types and rubber belts (similar to the old fan belts). Of course, it is easy to check to see which type you have fitted. So, these days you can check this out by checking your   workshop manual. In a word the internet is now the best place to look for any fan-belt related information.

Unsurprisingly, I must confess that most of our customers are happy with our diagnosis. Happy, to have a new belt fitted when required. Knowledgeable customers, know what the consequences are if the timing belt is not fitted. In some cases the timing belt and water pump are on the same set-up. So when the timing cover is removed we can check out the water pump and associated belts. Consequently, if the water pump seal has gone and leaking water. Of course we can carry out any other work required at the same time.

Eric Roberts. Timing Belts 

Timing Belt Time Yet

Lots of car owners come to us asking when their timing belt (or cam-belt) needs replacing. Replacement intervals will depend on the make and model of car, with some belts lasting up to 100,000 miles. The timing belt is one of the most important components of your engine but also one of the most fragile […]

Timing Belt Time Yet

Source: When Do I Need To Replace My Timing Belt? – ClickMechanic

Ford Fiesta Timing Belt Problem-What happens when your Timing Belt Breaks

Post Updated 31st Dec 2013

Ford Fiesta Timing Belt Problem;Your Car Timing belt must be changed when recommended

When we carry out routine services we always check the changing times for timing belts, and inform the customer if the time to change will be coming up in the near future. Most of

Ford Fiesta Timing Belt Problem

Ford Fiesta Timing Belt Problem;Picture showing pulleys with timing belt fittedj

our customers will take notice of us and have their timing belts changed.

The reason for the need to change the timing belt is simply that the belt is made from rubber based material similar to the materials used on a conveyor belt or indeed your fan belt. The timing belt over time will start to perish and eventually break, these Timing Belt Symptoms are easy to spot. To prevent this we at Pellon Auto Centre make a note on the customers service sheet of the time or mileage that the parts require replacing. When replacing the belt we always fit a full kit and not just the belt, this should eliminate any future problems after the replacement  has been fitted.

Ford Fiesta Timing Belt Problem

Ford Fiesta Timing Belt Problem;some of the damaged parts on Fiesta

The timing belt is a very accurate and precise part of your car. It is the part that allows all of the engine to work together. When the belt breaks the whole of the inside of the engine is thrown into turmoil. Some lucky people can get away with a timing belt breaking with no damage caused, and can just get away with Timing Belt Replacement, but this is extremely rare and most motorists end up with bent valves and a cylinder head job.

Ford Fiesta timing belt broke and shattered top half of engine

Ford Fiesta Timing Belt Problem

cylinder head ready to be re-fitted

This week we had a phone call from a distressed customer who just thought that his car had just stopped on his way back from Manchester. When the car was towed in we found that the Ford Fiesta Timing Belt Problem,was worse than we thought the belt had actually snapped off. After inspection by our then mechanic Andy Mawdsley he discovered that the timing belt breaking had caused further damage to the engine. The valves were all bent and the cylinder head needed skimming, at a specialist engine company. We also have to supply all new gaskets (we only use Unipart gaskets) and complete timing belt kit and the whole job can be quit expensive. The moral of this story is that you must change your timing belt when recommended by your service centre. Also when you buy a car with no service history you should get the timing belt changed to be on the safe side, then you are not facing a much larger bill in the future.

For further good reading about timing belts click on the link bellow.

About Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and Cheap Car Tyre and leisure Battery business now for 40 years. I worked for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre, and I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products that will help my business.

Kia Clutch Failure-After examining the car needed a Duel-Mass Flywheel

Kia Clutch Failure

Kia Clutch Failure ;These days a clutch is not that simple

During any normal working week. We may get price inquiries for customers. Especially, with a Clutch Repair Estimates for their car. Some of our customers are just wanting a price from us so that they know

Kia Clutch Failure

Kia Clutch Failure;Duel mass flywheel

what to budget for.Hence, and other people are shopping around for the best price.

As a business we find it difficult to pitch the correct price. Because a Kia Clutch Failure is much different to say pricing up a tyre. The prices can vary a great deal. Between say the different qualities that garages use. We know that we could get reconditioned clutches for most car models.

But we prefer to use the best quality clutches available. Because many of the original equipment clutches are made LUK clutches . Therefore, we prefer to use them, As it happens, if we cannot get LUK then we go for original equipment clutches. We find that in the long run. We never get any come backs with the better products. Therefore, we certainly do not want to be having to do a clutch job twice.Because of a faulty product. Lifes to hard as it is.

Kia Clutch Failure

new Kia clutch installed by Andrew

Also we are finding that a lot of modern cars are now fitted with duel-mass flywheels, these were invented by LUK in coordination with BMW in Germany, because the diesel cars were very jumpy when changing gear and BMW wanted a smoother gear change.

Kia Clutch Failure

So this system of different springs on a separate flywheel that fitted between the original flywheel and the clutch plate was invented. Many of the other leading car makers have now taken this option up, but it means much higher repair bills for consumers when their Kia Clutch Failure happens, because usually the duel-mass flywheel goes as well, but we dont know until we have stripped the car down to the clutch. A case in point is a job that we have just done on a Kia. The total job timed at seven hours came to well over a thousand pounds, where an older conventional clutch would have been about £280.

This is the reason why it is difficult to give an exact figure when pricing up a clutch for a customer.

Please click on to the link bellow for more clutch information

Eric Roberts