All Goodyear Tyres Stuff

All Goodyear Tyres Stuff

Of course, they kept up the spending on new tyre development. Something that GOODYEAR TYRES  were very passionate about. The company started to bring out new products on the back of these new developments. Passionately, new tyres began to emerge. First ones been the The Goodyear Eagle GT and the Eagle GA. I remember these tyre well, they were modeled for the more luxury cars in the early nineties. These new products helped Goodyear tyres to regain the market share that they lost to t

Goodyear Tyres

Goodyear Tyres Test Track-Tyre Tests in Luxembourg “Scared me to Death” ??

Goodyear Tyres Test Track

Goodyear Tyres Test Track-New Goodyear tyres “Vectra” tested in Luxembourg

I remember receiving a phone call from Goodyear tyres. Thus, offering a place for Peter and I to go to the Goodyear Tyres Test Track to Luxembourg. Hence, to attend the World launching of Goodyear tyres new product the “Vectra tyre”. This was a brand new product.Hence, from Goodyear Tyres. For this reason, would fit somewhere in the centre of Goodyear tyre price range. Hence, this was not going to be in the  cheap tyre range.But was an all season tyre giving the tyre good grip in all kinds of climates.

Peter and I did not know what to expect. Therefore, we happily agreed to attend. We flew to Heathrow Airport  in London. Where we were to attend a champagne reception. We  then were to board a jumbo jet to Luxembourg. This was going to be a top class weekend. I could not wait to find out what the next day would bring. It was all kept a secret by Goodyear. Unknown to us a similar event was also taking place in Donnington park the week later. But Peter and I were asked to attend the premier event in Goodyear Tyres Test Track Luxembourg.

Goodyear Tyres Test Track; Hanna Mikkola a Goodyear tyres test driver

The following day. After a top class meal in the hotel. So, we were driven by coach to the Goodyear test track. Each party was given a number (raffle ticket style).

Goodyear Tyres Test Track

Goodyear Tyres Test Track-A typical Goodyear franchise in the USA will be fitting for Goodyear Online

Goodyear tyres had a fleet of bog standard Vauxhall Cavalier 1600cc saloon cars. Fitted with brand new sets ( of the then unknown), Goodyear Vectra all-season tyres. When our number was called out we were to proceed to the pickup area where we would be driven around the test track by a well known professional driver to test the tyres under very stressful conditions.

I do not remember all the drivers, but some were very famous and very fast. They were  Russell Brookes, Jacki Stewart, Donald Heggie and our driver first time round was no other than Hannu Mikkola. All these drivers were regular test drivers for Goodyear tyres, from rallying to F1 Grand Prix drivers, top class test drivers.

We were given crash helmets and got in the car driven by Hannu Mikkola. I made the first mistake by jumping in the front. The first part of the course was a straight ending in an 180-degree bend. Hannu revved the car to its limit and let the clutch out. My eyes nearly popped out and my stomach came up into my throat,(I think I screamed out but the engine gave off so much noise that I wasn’t sure). I was literary scared to death and I was totally pushed back in my seat with my eyes totally closed with fear. Peter was in the same bad condition sat in the rear seat.

Goodyear Tyres Test Track

Eric Roberts

At these speeds in a bog standard Vauxhall Cavalier. Frighteningly, the car and the tyres were making screams and noises that I have never heard before. I was literary frightened to death. The new Goodyear tyres did really well but were burned out after only two laps of the course. Significantly, the driving was so intense. When we stopped Pete and I shot off to the beer tent. Consequently, downing a few beers as fast as we could. Afterwards, we sat at the same table as Hannu. Importantly, who turned out to be a great guy and we had a laugh. Especially, about our extreme driving experiences ! Alter lunch we both threw our track tickets away and vowed never do this again. Goodyear tyres were great hosts and money was no object! But boy was I glad to get out of that car. 


Goodyear Tyres Test Track

Goodyear Tyres Test Track-Vauxhall Cavalier as used by Goodyear tyre test team

Continental tyres are experimenting by using the sap of the humble "dandelion" plants. Of course, this sap is also of the same molecular structure as latex rubber.

Goodyear Soybean Tyres-Massive compound ingredients breakthrough wins global prize

Goodyear Soybean Tyres

Goodyear Soybean Tyres

Goodyear Soybean Tyres

Of course that we now all know about the  growing awareness of the nutritional benefits of consuming foods made from soybeans. So, what are they? Soy beans, aka soya beans, are a species of legume and are often classified as an oil-seed. Naturally, soya beans are known to have been in existence in China some 5000 years ago. Having been consumed and including use, in medical preparations. Hence, for at least the last 2000 years.

It was many centuries later before soya beans are grown commercially in the western world. It took until 1906 in the USA and 1910 in Europe before there was deemed to be a sufficiently large enough market to encourage farmers to grow soya beans in significant enough quantities.

Now soya beans are used in millions of food products.

Of course Goodyear tyres like many other tyre manufacturers. have been looking for alternatives using rubber latex in their tyre products.

Soya beans have have become one of these natural ingredients that match the molecular structure of latex used in the production of rubber in tyres.

Other tyre companies that have come up with similar natural products are Continental tyres. So, Continental tyres are experimenting by using the sap of the humble “dandelion” plants. Of course, this sap is also of the same molecular structure as latex rubber.

Yokohama tyres are now using the oil extracted from orange peel skins. All these methods will give tyres a greener more sustainable tyre product in the years ahead.

Eric Roberts

Van Wheel Alignment Including SuspensionThe Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company has won the Tyre Technology International Award for Innovation and Excellence in the category ‘Environmental Achievement of the Year’, during the 2018 Tyre Technology Expo in Hannover, Germany. The technology represents a breakthrough by Goodyear. So, in applying soybean oil in the tread compound of tyres, instead of traditional petroleum oil.

Source: Goodyear’s soybean breakthrough wins global prize

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Goodyear Eagle Efficientgrip-A look at this popular Goodyear Tyre- Car Tyre Online

Goodyear Eagle Efficientgrip

Goodyear Eagle EfficientgripCheck out GoodYear Eagle Efficientgrip Car Tyre Online at GoodYear India. See GoodYear Eagle Efficientgrip Car Tyre specifications, tyre sizes, features & benefits.

Goodyear Eagle Efficientgrip

Of course, like these other fuel efficiency tires. So the Goodyear Eagle Efficientgrip tyres use silica filler, but this is where the similarities end.

In these Goodyear tyres the silica is blended into a different compound. Compared to what is used in normal fuel efficiency tyres. Recent studies have found that the fuel savings seen over the life of a set of  Eagle Efficientgrip tyres. Naturally, off sets the Co2 produced from the manufacture of the tyres. So making them one of the most environmentally friendly tyres on our roads today.

Consequently, tyre engineers have been building tyres designed for fuel economy for quite some time. Of course, by mixing silica into the tread compound. Reducing the friction between the vehicles tyres and the road surface.

Reduced tread life a downside

Significantly, these Silica based tyres do dramatically reduced rolling resistance. Which leads to better fuel economy! Downside is they suffer from decreased tread life. So, compared to traditional carbon black tyres.

Of course, In addition to the material characteristics of the tyres. Subsequently, the Goodyear Eagle Efficientgrip tyres also use a dual tread zone design. So, improving the  tread wear. Consequently, recent studies have found that the fuel savings seen over the life of a set of Goodyear tyres off sets the Co2 produced from the manufacture of the tyres. Making them the most environmentally friendly tire on the road.


The fuel-saving tyre that keeps performing for longer.

  • Fuel-saving and environmentally friendly,
  • Long lasting better braking on wet roads,
  • Quiet, comfortable ride
naturally designed as a new environmentally friendlier tyre. So, the Goodyear EfficientGrip provides driving performance while reducing fuel consumption.
The EfficientGrip has the great handling and braking qualities you’d expect from a Goodyear tyre – with its Fuel-Saving technology and outstanding rolling resistance (13% better) the Goodyear EfficientGrip provides excellent mileage and reduced fuel consumption.

Eric Roberts

The popularity of the new Goodyear tyre, “the efficientgrip” has quickly spread around the world.

Source: Goodyear Eagle Efficientgrip Car Tyre Online | Goodyear India

Goodyear Vectra 4 Seasons-Winter tyres time is here again check out these Goodyears

Goodyear Vectra

Goodyear Vectra 4 Seasons Winter tyres fitted to Jeep Patriot This time of year we are starting to fit Winter tyres. In the month leading to winter, October/November is the time leading up to much colder weather here in the North of the UK. The days are getting shorter and the nights longer and colder.

Jeep Patriot having 4 new Goodyear Vectra 4 seasons tyres fitted

In the past three years. We have had worse weather than normal. With very heavy snow falls. Not as bad as some countries but enough to warrant drivers fitting winter and all season tyres to their cars. The trend in the past few years has been to fit winter tyres. Especially in the hillier district of Northern England. Our Scottish friends have been fitting Goodyear winter tyres for many years now, because they can be virtually certain of having some snow falls all throughout the winter months.

Here in England we have had a run of mild wet winters, I can even remember one year when roses were blooming at Christmas time. But for the time being we have been having much colder winters similar to Continental Europe when the wind has come from the East, from a very cold Russia. On the Saturday morning we had a particularly busy day fitting winter tyres to most cars that came in to my depot in Halifax UK. We also fitted a few different brands, which is always nice to see. Not all our customers go for cheap budget tyres, and some drivers prefer the leading brands.Winter Tyres Important

Saturday was a Pirelli  sales day, everything we sold seemed to be these two brands. One car that caught my eye was a Jeep Patriot, who was having an oil and filter change and four tyres fitted. The tyres were 215/60R17 Goodyear Vectra 4 seasons. These tyres are in fact what it says on the tin, they are not full blown winter tyres but are developed by Goodyear tyres as all the year round tyres.

Goodyear Vectra Winter Tyres-4 Seasons had a good write up from top German Car magazine Auto-Bild

This tyre has had good revues from the German Motor magazine Auto Bild they said that…”    “Top class all season tire. Well balanced and safe on snow, short braking distances on wet, high safety reserves on aquaplaning. Quiet and comfortable, low rolling resistance.” …

Checking the oil level after oil and filter change

The oil was changed and the tyres were fitted and the customer with the Jeep went on his way.

Article by Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. Working in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. So. worked for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. Of course, I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre. Blogging about anything to do with cars and their related products. Naturally, that will help my business. We are members of Point-S and MotorCodes and are also a Unipart Car Care Centre.


Goodyear Airless tyre technology-New Concept tyre from Goodyear to debut in early 2018

Goodyear Airless tyre technology

Goodyear Airless tyre technology

Goodyear Airless tyre technology

Michelin and Goodyear tyres are both involved with airless tyre technology . Of course, Michelin’s effort is called the  Tweel. So this is an airless tyre that has been invented by Michelin. It is designed to be used in place of traditional tyres. Subsequently, there are several features which make them an improvement on traditional tyres.

Although car tyres may be their ultimate aim. Then the plant industry looks to be the first to use these tyres.

Of course, the big advantage, will be the fact the they are puncture proof. Punctures are a big contributory factor of down time due to punctures. Both Goodyear and Michelin have been trialing plant machinery as a step towards a type of car tyre.

Other researchers have come up with an ‘adaptive’ tyre. Which can adapt itself to different weather and road conditions. No need to change your summer tyres to winter tyres. So, the concept tyres will actually adjust their tread automatically. Of course, to suit the colder conditions.

Whether you are driving on a smooth motorway, a rough gravel road. Or in sunny, snowy or wet weather. Then the tyre will recognise the conditions and elastic components. Hence, within the tread physically change the tread. In both the longitudinal and cross-rib directions.

Goodyear Airless tyre technology

Instead of tyre pressures to worry about. You have the tension between the sheer band and the spokes. Including, the strength of the spokes themselves. Different handling characteristics can be introduced. By choosing a concept tyre with different spoke tensions.

Tyre design and manufacturing is a thriving industry. Companies are always coming out with new ideas. Researchers are always working to come up with the next big thing in tyres. With inventions such as the Goodyear tyre. Punctures will be a thing of the past. So,the adaptive tyre means the same tyre is suitable for different weathers. Including off/road and different terrains. So all that remains is to conquer tread wear!

It will be interesting to see how these concept tyres evolve in the near future. However I am still not convinced as to their suitability for use on cars?

Eric Roberts

Attached article explains about the Goodyear Airless tyres

Goodyear Airless tyre technology to debut in early 2018 – Overdrive

Goodyear Wrangler SUV Tyres-Sponsored feature:Could be Your SUVs best friend Especially in Winter?

Goodyear Wrangler SUV Tyres

Goodyear Wrangler SUV Tyres

Goodyear Wrangler SUV Tyres

Has it happens, I simply love my new Jaguar F Sport SUV. As a garage owner I have never been one for “posh” cars. In fact just the opposite? As a result, I have spent the most of the last 40 years driving about in a van of some sorts. We lease most of our cars. So when the Jaguar came along as a leasing option. Then I could not resist but to get one.

Not that it is very expensive, but the fact is that I still class myself as a middle class working man. Of course, I did feel a bit sad when I went to any trade meetings in my van. Whilst everybody else came along in a nice car. For this reason I decided to go for the Jaguar SUV.

I must confess that the car took a bit of getting used to at first. Therefore, the first thing that I did not like. Consequently, was the Start/Stop system. Fortunately, the Jag gives you the switching off alternative. When I was an apprentice mechanic back in the day. Then we were always taught not to switch you engine off for a short stop. For example at traffic signals. Hence the car would use more fuel switching off, that letting the engine idle.

Goodyear Wrangler SUV Tyres

Subsequently, we are now told the opposite? Another part of the car that I do not like. Thus, is the fact that there is no spare wheel. Just a tin of sealant to try get you out of trouble. This seams like a cop out to me? In fact before winter arrives I will try to source a steel spare wheel that fits.

I am also concerned about the nice big fat summer tyres that are fitted to the car. Naturally they will be great in summer, but it is winter that concerns me? These large SUV’s really do struggle in winter. As a result, I remember the first bad snow fall a couple of years ago? We were inundated with the owners of large SUV’s looking for winter tyres.

These big vehicle were hopeless in snow and ice with their summer tyres. As it happens my jag is fitted with 25555R19 Pirelli P-Zero tyres. From experience, I know that they will be next to useless in winter weather. Especially on ice and snow?

Although the attached excellent article is about the Goodyear Wrangler. So, I am going to fit a set of  “Nokian W3 SUV” tyres. Not that I dont like the Goodyear Wrangler. I just think that they may be noisy on the motorways and dry roads.

However we have fitted the Goodyear+Wrangler+HP+All+Weather tyre in the 25555R19 size in the past with good results. As a result, I do find the Wranglers are more rugged and are extremely durable. Of course, this is why they do not get damaged easily. Hence, they can be used in heavier vehicles such as jeeps and the Land rovers ranges.

Goodyear Wrangler SUV Tyres better for tougher vehicles?

In fact the bigger vehicle companies such as Honda, Mazda, Toyota, and Jeep. happily fit the Wranglers  as their original equipment tyres. This shows that the company is well known and reliable in the market. As a result, their tyres are trusted by some really big car and vehicle companies. But I must add that these would be on the bigger 4×4 type of vehicles.

Goodyear Wrangler SUV Tyres


I prefer to use the less aggressive winter and all-weather car tyres in the correct size of course. That is my reasoning for fitting the excellent Nokian winter products. In fact we were thrilled to get a sale from a customer with a Mercedes SUV. He swore by the Nokian W3 SUV tyres. To the extent that he even gets a better mileage coupled with a better winter grip.

These first hand reports really boost our confidence. Hence, when selling a certain product. But please look at the Goodyear tyre products in the attached article and make up your own minds.

Eric Roberts


How to choose and use the right tyre for your SUV.

Source: Sponsored feature: Your SUVs best friend – Feature – Autocar India

Goodyear Car Racing-NASCAR, teams hope new Goodyear tyre means better racing

Goodyear Car Racing

Goodyear Car Racing

Goodyear Car Racing slick tyres ready for the NASCAR races.[/caption]

Post updated

Goodyear Car Racing Tyres NASCAR racing news

Kansas City Star
NASCAR, teams hope new tire means better racing at Kansas


eric roberts‘s insight:

Goodyear Car Racing tyres create a new compound for NASCAR at Kansas City

Goodyear Car Racing

Goodyear tyres have always been involved in motor sport. The whole time that i have been in tyres has been spent following  progress in the World of motor sport, back in the days of  rally tyres winning everything they could, to the days when they supported F1 cars.

Goodyear Car Racing. Of course, developed this new compound tyre .Trying it out on the Atlanta race track. Consequently, over a month ago. As a result, the  track that was raced on was in Atlanta. Using  an old track and most of the tracks surface was old and worn out.

The track at Kansas. Thus,was only re-surfaced a year ago and is consequently very smooth.


“Has been difficult for manufacturer  to meet the demand at a track like Atlanta Motor Speedway without sacrificing reliability. But Goodyear Car Racing has taken steps to address both issues with a new “zone tread” technology. Which will be used for the first time . Hence, at this weekend’s race in Atlanta”…

Read More:

The Goodyear Car Racing company. Therefore have put much time and effort into developing tyres for motorsport. In my opinion this is one of the reasons why they are amongst the Worlds leading tyre Goodyear Car Racingcompanies.

Eric Roberts…

Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. Hence, I have worked for a couple for national tyre companies in my younger days. Before starting my first business. Consequently, I now own a garage and MOT testing centre, here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre. I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products .Helping my business. We are members of Point-S and Motor-Codes .Also a Unipart Car Care Centre and of course Tyre-safe.

Pirelli WRC return -Pirelli tyres are to make a WRC tyre supplier come back-Aug 2013-Crash.Net

Pirelli WRC

Pirelli tyres are to make a Pirelli WRC

Post updated  2/2/2014

WRC News. Pirelli WRC to join Michelin, Hankook and DMACK in supplying tyres for the World Rally Championship next year. Read more at!


eric roberts‘s insight:


Pirelli tyres

Pirelli WRC Rally tyres are to share as one of the suppliers in next years World Rally Championship 2014. I can only say that i wish them luck, because after

Pirelli WRC

Pirelli WRC Rally tyres

there F1 disasters they will need all the luck they can get. Things have now picked up on the F1 scene with Pirelli Carlisle becoming more experienced and established.

Goodyear , Hankook  and DMAC tyres will be the other three tyre companies that make up the four suppliers.

Out of the three tyre makers I have only had any experience in the Rallying world with Goodyear rally tyres. I will be interested to watch the series next year to see who comes out top, the only other rally tyre maker i know in recent times has been Yokohama who’s product has been very successful in recent rally’s, but not on a prestigious event such as the World Rally Championship on TV, I can’t wait ?

As a 2015 update Pirelli tyres have also retained the tyre supplier status to the F1 racing scene from 2016. Pirelli approached the F1 bosses with better offer than their rivals Michelin tyres.

Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. I have worked for a couple for national tyre companies in my younger days, before starting my first business. I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre, and I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products that will help my business. We are members of Point-S and MotorCodes and are also a Unipart Car Care Centre.


Eric Roberts…

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Goodyear Tyre Care-as Holiday Travel Season Begins – Sacramento Bee

Goodyear Tyre Care

Goodyear Tyre Care

Goodyear Tyre Care as Summer Travel Season Begins Sacramento Bee Goodyear outlets are distributing the RMA’s “Be Tire Smart, Play Your PART” consumer booklets, which stress the importance of inflation pressure, wheel alignment, tire…


eric roberts‘s insight:

Goodyear Tyre Care

 Goodyear Tyre Care

You should call in to a Auto-centre or your local Goodyear Tyre Care centre and they will check out the state of your tyres, usually for FREE

Naturally, this time of year is when millions of families head out on their  holidays.

Therefore,it is very important to have your car checked over . Including, your tyres.

As a result, you should call in to a Auto-centre . Or your local Goodyear Tyre Care centre. Of course, they will check out the state of your tyres. Usually for FREE. Consequently, if you do want to check the tyres yourself. So, then do not forget things like looking  out for sidewall cracking. Also, if you are carrying any increased loading. Such as luggage or extra passengers. Then increase your tyre pressures accordingly. The pressures should be on the inside of your car door,if not look them up in your cars service manual, once again your local tyre centre will also help you with this. Like many other tyre manufacturers Goodyear Tyre Care will be issuing booklets giving motorists good information about your safety and tyres.

Goodyear Tyre Care-So be safe and have a good holiday

Goodyear Tyre Care are also promoting safety in Europe read more…

“In each country visited by the Goodyear Blimps, we will take the lead in promoting road safety messages using innovative campaigns, high profile events and social media to engage with drivers and their families. The Blimps will be the heroes of a tour that embraces road safety initiatives across Europe” said Hugues Despres, Goodyear Brand Director. Over the coming weeks, Goodyear will reveal full details of the road safety initiatives and major events that will be promoted by their aerial ambassadors, named ‘Spirit of Safety I’ and ‘Spirit of Safety II’, in each country and today reveal the type of events where the European public can get their first sighting of a Goodyear Blimp for over a decade.” You should call in to a Auto-centre or your local Goodyear Tyre Care centre and they will check out the state of your tyres, usually for FREE

Eric Roberts

Members of …

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Goodyear Tyres sidewall says “support our troops” TYRE GOSSIP- Indianapolis 500:

Goodyear Tyres sidewall

Goodyear Tyres sidewall

Goodyear Tyres sidewall


Post Updated 10th Jan 2014

Indianapolis 500: Goodyear Tyres sidewall to Show Support o… FanSided ESPN business correspondent and bona fide stat nerd Darren Rovell shared an image on Saturday afternoon that showed off the custom tires that will be used during the race to show respect…


eric roberts‘s insight:

Goodyear tyres

In my opinion this is a fantastic gesture. Goodyear tyres are to use the side-wall on the tyres that are used in the Indianapolis 500 series, with the words “Support Our Troops”, iGoodyear Tyres sidewall

Goodyear Tyres sidewall

This is a great gesture from the Goodyear organisation and the example should be followed on a larger scale here in the UK we support a charity by the name of “Help the Heroes” and this is a similar thing. THANKS GOODYEAR

think this is a great idea from Goodyear tyres.

This could be rolled out all over the World and perhaps help raise funds for say “Help the Heroes” campaigns, where a special edition tyre is made at an extra cost, to contribute and also to keep the Goodyear Tyres sidewall support our troops in the mind of the public, may be worth looking at, but congratulations to Goodyear Car Tyres for this great idea. For more reading…

Eric Roberts

This was a great gesture by the Goodyear rubber company. Thus, to honour the troops. By adding support the troops on Goodyear Tyres sidewall. Of course, that took part in Indy race series.

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. As a result, I worked for a couple of national tyre companies . Before starting my first business. Consequently, I now own a company here in the UK. Locally known as Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre .Blogging about anything to do with cars and their related products. hence, that will help my business.