All Continental Tyres Stuff

All Continental Tyres Stuff

The compound on the Continental tyres, is generated from computers.So, to provide the tyres with tread pattern with, high-void all-terrain pattern with interlocking tread blocks. Of course, this is also backed by placing the sipes in a way that rejects and throws out pieces of grit and gravel. At one time tyres with many sipes would also be noisy when driving on normal tarmac roads. Naturally, the Conti tyres, with all their siping can now run much quieter, on normal tarmac roads, due to the computer design.

Self-repairing tyres: When the wheels patch themselves | CarSifu

Self-repairing tyres

Self-repairing tyres

Self-repairing tyres from Continental

Source: Self-repairing tyres: When the wheels patch themselves | CarSifu

Uniroyal Winter Tyres- To Unveil (Two New 4X4 Tyres)-Plus the MS 77 SUV Winter Tyres

Uniroyal Winter Tyres;Pellon tyres in Halifax would like to introduce the new tyre from Uniroyal tyres,

A member of the Continental tyre group.Uniroyal  are introducing two new models to their 4×4  product range. The new tyres will be called the Rain Expert and the  Uniroyal Winter TyresUniroyal Rainsport 2 . Both these types are developed for the Uniroyal Winter Tyres SUV  market. These tyres are used for on -road use. Therefore, have been developed  to give extra grip to the SUV type vehicle.Especially, in heavy rain and more winter conditions.What Does SUV Stand For ?. Sport Utility Vehicles.
Historically this type of vehicle has been bad to handle in winter conditions and Uniroyal are one of a number of  manufacturers to develop products that will make the SUVs handle better in adverse weather conditions.The new Uniroyal Winter Tyres will be recognizable from the standard road tyres with the “SUV” mark on the  sidewall, and have a different product description on price lists etc.
This new one will be available in sizes from 17 to 20 inch diameter sizes, this covers most of the SUV models on sale today.

Uniroyal Winter Tyres

As a tyre dealer of many years.As a result, I can remember when Uniroyal first became established in Yorkshire. Uniroyal, set up a distribution centre in Seacroft an outer suburb of Leeds. Consequently,with easy access to the A1 motorway.  Becoming, part of the Continental  group. The Leeds depot was then closed. Then they re-located to Pontefract as were Semperit tyres. This was to make distribution easier for the whole group. But this was also to be closed down at a later date.

Uniroyal have also brought out the  MS plus 77 which is said to set a new standard for Uniroyal Winter Tyres. Tyre technology has been consistently designed to operate in  today’s winter conditions on our roads. This new tyre gives excellent grip and road handling features in anything that the weather can throw at them.

Naturally,with excellent performance on wet and cold surfaces and a high level of safety in snow. Of course, it is a new force in winter tyres.

Uniroyal will be well remembered by the excellent TV adverts that became very famous, because of the use of animals including chimps and other primates, which were swing in the jungle using a rope and a Uniroyal tyre. The idea I think, was that the animals did not slip in the rain using the Uniroyal tyres.

These Uniroyal tyres are available now from Pellon tyres

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ContiSilent Tyres are made with black Chilli added to the tyre compound?

ContiSilent Tyres

contisilent tyres

ContiSilent tyres

Continental tyres are one of the world leaders. In using natural products to cut back on the use of petro-chemicals when making tyre compounds.

Continental engineers say that,” the Black Chili rubber compound is designed to mesh with the roughness of the road. At the same time, temporary atomic connections between the tyre compound and the road surface ensure high adhesion. Acting like small suction pads. Both factors make for the greatest possible adhesion in all directions. During braking, cornering, and acceleration on both wet and dry roads”.

These new tyres will be on sale for the use on high performance cars. The ContiSilent tyres were shown off and tested on the roads of Southern Spain, near Marbella. The event was attended by top motorsport journalists on a 300 mile stretch of roads, using cars like the Jaguar F-Type, Mercedes CLA AMG, BMW M4, Porsche Macan S, Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray and Tesla Model S.

The new design and compound mix is known as the ContiSilent Tyres. Therefore, this was included in the tyres used on these prestigious cars. Were the SportContact 6 and the ContiSport tyres. The SportContact 6 tyre with the ContiSilent technology. Were fitted to the all-electric Tesla Model S car.

ContiSilent Tyres

The tyre tests were carried out in tough conditions using the bendy mountain roads that are well known to Spanish visitors. Although I was not one of the lucky ones that attended, I have been to similar events over time as a tyre shop owner. This event was enjoyed by all who attended, as the cars with their ContiSilent

ContiSilent tyres

ContiSilent tyres showing the inner foam that includes black chilli

Tyres fitted were put through their paces.

One of the secret of ContiSilent is a special coating that is bonded to the inside of the tread area after the tyre production process. Because, this special layer of foam like material has a strong damping effect on the sound waves caused by the rotating tyre on different road surfaces. No matter what surface the vehicle is driving on, then there is much less road noise coming through to the car’s interior, making much less sound.

Finally, a great experience was had by all who attended, to witness yet another great innovation from the Continental tyre company.

Eric Roberts

Continental Winter Contact TS 850 wins German magazines winter tyre tests.

Continental Winter Contact TS 850

Continental Winter Contact TS 850 the latest tyre test from the German Motoring Magazine “Auto Zeitung”.

The German tyre results are very important. Especially when it comes to winter tyres. Germany still has many motorways. That do not have a speed limit. So during winter time they are very choosy about which winter tyres will be the best for their car.

Winter tyres are no longer the big chunky treaded tyres. They used to be. They now have to drive at high speed down the German motorways. Then up the mountains on their way to the ski slopes, in Austria, Italy and France.

The outright winner in the Auto Zeitung winter tyre tests.  Were Continental tyres, with their new tyre the ContiWinterContact TS850.

The Continental tyre company are a German based tyre company. They know how to make a winter tyre that can be driven throughout the winter months. In all kinds of conditions.

Continental Winter Contact TS 850

Continental Winter Contact TS 850 has come out on top in German magazine Auto Zeitung’s winter tyre test, closely followed by Nokian’s WR D4.

The Winter Contact TS 850 came a close first place, but the other big tyre companies all fared well with their winter tyre products. In snowy conditions Nokian, Michelin, Goodyear and Uniroyal (another product owned by Continental) were all slightly better, but they were all very close and the  Contact TS 850 came up trumps in wet braking. This tyre has a very strong stopping capability, coming out best in the wet conditions overall.

If you are a Continental tyre fan then this is the winter tyre for you. There is no doubt that the winter tyre market is hotting up, in terms of extreme quality and the ability to fulfil the massive amount of different tyre sizes that are now on the market.

When I checked the price at today’s date for a popular tyre size, the 19595T15 Contact TS 850, then we here at Pellon Tyres as a Point-S member were selling this tyre for £58.45 all-inclusive compared to BlackCircles price of £62.03 (at the time of this posts publication)

Eric Roberts

Conti Eco Contact 5

Continental tyres used in Daytona 24 hours motor race

Continental tyres

Continental reveal the challenge of supplying tyres all the tyres for the Daytona 24 Hours motor race. With 55 cars on the grid we bring around 10,000 tyres


This good news for Continental tyres, the taking part and supplying tyres for the Daytona 24 hour race in the States.

We are a great fans of the Continental product and look forward to further participation in the motorsport field.

Continental Tyres will continue as tyre provider for three of the four TUDOR Championship classes.

Of course,Continental tyres, one of our favored tyres for Point-S. A tyre group that we are members of. Which, my business Pellon Tyres! Here in Halifax Yorkshire, UK, are proud to be part of. They are also the tyre suppliers again. To the prestigious partnership as official tyre of the International Motor Sport Association the “IMSA”.

This partnership will, last up to the end of the 2018 racing season and means that Continental tyres will be the official tyre provider for three out of the four “Tudor Championship Classes”. The reached agreement also means that Continental will be the tyre maker and supplier for the Prototype (P), Prototype Challenge (PC) and Grand Touring Daytona (GTD) classes. Continental Tyre also will continue as entitlement sponsor and exclusive tire supplier to the Continental Tyre Sports Car Challenge.

Ed Bennett the CEO of the IMSA is over the moon with the recent deal made with the giant German tyre manufacturers and said,

“We are very pleased to extend our relationship with Continental Tyre, As we continue to build the TUDOR United Sports Car Championship and Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge, it is vital to have enthusiastic partners to help us grow the sport. Continental Tyre has been, and will continue to be one of our most active and supportive partners.”

Continental tyres

Continental slick tyres ready for Daytona action

The Continental brand of race tyres have an excellent reputation amongst the racing fraternity and it is expected that Continental will continue to use its exclusive racing tyres the “Extreme Contact TM”, that have a good reputation for the performance that the race drivers demand. Continental are keen to extend their reputation in the North American market and see the backing of these motor sport events as the way forward.

Continental tyres will have many marketing rights

As expected from such deals as this Continental tyres will have good logo positions on the race cars in the races where its tyres are used and have all the usual track side signage and many other marketing opportunities as they come along from promotions and different events including TV coverage. For further reading…

Continental has also extended their involvement with the NASCAR Group company as well as the IMSA.

To continue with the sport car theme. Continental tyres have developed the first legal track day tyre. This was achieved by tyre expertise and much research and development. The new tyre is known as the Conti Force Contact. Of course, will include the now famous “Black Chilli Compound”! Which aids the tyres to a better bonding to the road surface. The new compound plus a newly developed macro block shoulder design gives the new tyre superb handling when cornering at speed.

The tyre also benefits from having bi-directional draining grooves on the inside of the tread which provides excellent wet weather performance when on the track, allowing for safer driving conditions for the driver in wet weather. The tyres are available in 18 to 20 inch wheel rim sizes.

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. Working in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. So. Working for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. Of course, I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre. Blogging about anything to do with cars and their related products. Naturally, that will help my business. We are members of Point-S and Trading Standards and are also a Unipart Car Care Centre.


Continental tyres are experimenting by using the sap of the humble "dandelion" plants. Of course, this sap is also of the same molecular structure as latex rubber.

Goodyear Soybean Tyres-Massive compound ingredients breakthrough wins global prize

Goodyear Soybean Tyres

Goodyear Soybean Tyres

Goodyear Soybean Tyres

Of course that we now all know about the  growing awareness of the nutritional benefits of consuming foods made from soybeans. So, what are they? Soy beans, aka soya beans, are a species of legume and are often classified as an oil-seed. Naturally, soya beans are known to have been in existence in China some 5000 years ago. Having been consumed and including use, in medical preparations. Hence, for at least the last 2000 years.

It was many centuries later before soya beans are grown commercially in the western world. It took until 1906 in the USA and 1910 in Europe before there was deemed to be a sufficiently large enough market to encourage farmers to grow soya beans in significant enough quantities.

Now soya beans are used in millions of food products.

Of course Goodyear tyres like many other tyre manufacturers. have been looking for alternatives using rubber latex in their tyre products.

Soya beans have have become one of these natural ingredients that match the molecular structure of latex used in the production of rubber in tyres.

Other tyre companies that have come up with similar natural products are Continental tyres. So, Continental tyres are experimenting by using the sap of the humble “dandelion” plants. Of course, this sap is also of the same molecular structure as latex rubber.

Yokohama tyres are now using the oil extracted from orange peel skins. All these methods will give tyres a greener more sustainable tyre product in the years ahead.

Eric Roberts

Van Wheel Alignment Including SuspensionThe Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company has won the Tyre Technology International Award for Innovation and Excellence in the category ‘Environmental Achievement of the Year’, during the 2018 Tyre Technology Expo in Hannover, Germany. The technology represents a breakthrough by Goodyear. So, in applying soybean oil in the tread compound of tyres, instead of traditional petroleum oil.

Source: Goodyear’s soybean breakthrough wins global prize

Continental Tyres Winners

Continental Tyres UK Ltd-Spies In Your Tyres? This Gizmo Will Help Your Car Drive Itself

Continental Tyres UK Ltd

Continental Tyres UK Ltd

A few years back, on a week long bus tour of Continental Tyres UK Ltd AG’s technology and engineering centers in Germany, one item attracted more attention from journalists than nearly any of the other whiz-bang connected-car stuff: A simple tire pressure monitor.


eric roberts‘s insight:

Continental Tyres UK Ltd new TPMS and more idea

This article written by Bob Gritzinger. Therefore, is all about the new ideas and inventions. Thrown about by the Auto industry at the moment. Consequently, this idea from Continental Tyres UK Ltd has now been tested on truck tyres. But at the moment I don’t know whether it has been a success or not. I suspect it will be effective. Because the concept of a monitor. Hence, vulcanised into the tyre. Relaying out information electronically about such things as tyre pressures and the inside temperature of the tyre is obviously of great benefit to the driver of the vehicle.

The device will be able to aid truckers. Because it will also be able to send the driver information. Thus, about the load that the tyre is carrying. Including  the traction details of the tyre, with this giving the driver the knowledge that the full load and road conditions can be checked as the truck is rolling along. I don’t know what sort of signals theIce road truckers would be getting from their in built TPMS tyres?

Continental Tyres UK Ltd

The new Continental Tyres UK Ltd valve sends out the information. Hence, out by wireless signals. Therefore, is picked up in the cab by the driver on an in-car system very similar to the ones now where the TPMS Valves signals are fitted to the wheels. Continental Tyres UK Ltd says that this is all part the future that may introduce the driverless vehicle to our towns and cities. If an object penetrates a

tyre the system will pick up the loss of pressure and stop the car in some sort of safe area and the problem reported and fixed.

Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. Working in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. So. worked for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. Of course, I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre. Blogging about anything to do with cars and their related products. Naturally, that will help my business. We are members of Point-S and Trading Standards and are also a Unipart Car Care Centre.

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Continental tyres boost-high-performance tyres at Korbach plant –

Continental tyres boost

Continental tyres boost

Continental tyres boost high-performance tires at Korbach plant

KORBACH, Germany—Continental A.G.


Eric Roberts‘s insight:

Continental tyres keep on moving forward

Significantly, this is just one of the expansion plans . Including, a Continental tyres boost for the giant tyre company of Continental. Consequently, the Continental Car Tyres company and all its subsidiaries have leaped ahead of most of its

Continental Seal tyres protect the tyre from nail penetrations like this one competitors in recent years due to some innovative new products such as the “Seal Tyres” that contain a protective layer of sealant made of polymers, that stop the tyre from deflating when penetrated by a screw or a nail.

Continental tyre Sport Contacts

The protective layer is inside the Seal tyres,  just underneath the tread area. Other products to give a Continental tyres boost include “runflat technology” and new tyres that are greener and lighter to save on emissions for new EV and electric vehicles, altogether an impressive portfolio of products.

Continental tyres boost their market share by continuously adding new tyre products to their range. One of their latest tyre products is a new winter tyre the Vanco 4 season 2 tyres.

Eric Roberts…

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. Working for a couple for national tyre companies in my younger days. Hence, before starting my first business. Consequently,I now own a garage and MOT testing centre. Locally, here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre. As a result, I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars. Including, their related products that will help my business. We are members of Point-S and Trading Standards . Finally we are members of Point-S and also a Unipart Car Care Centre and of course Tyre-safe.

Eric Roberts

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Continental Winter Tyres- Some Good Advise against driving on winter tyres all the year round

Continental Winter Tyres

Continental Winter Tyres

Continental Winter Tyres


advise against driving on Continental Winter Tyres all year round E tyres Dr Andreas Topp, Head of Winter Tire Development at Continental, warned: “At warmer times of the year, winter tyres have a longer braking distance than summer tyres, and handling…


eric roberts‘s insight:

Winter tyres all year round


This has always been my point of view. Here in the UK we have had a run of mild and wet winters. Summer tyres fitted to our cars did the job of coping with this.

Then we started to have colder weather from November onwards. Motorists in Scotland were the first to react positively. Thus, to this colder winter climate. Starting to fit winter tyres to their cars. Much the same as the other European countries. Most of Britain’s winter tyres were diverted to Scotland by the big wholesalers.

As the weather became worse as the years rolled on. Of course, then winter tyres became more popular in Northern England. We now have started tyre companies using winter tyre “hotels”. Including here at Pellon Tyres in the UK. Consequently, we will store and refit your winters each season, now very much the same as the rest of Europe.

This guy from Continental Tyres UK Ltd has said the opposite to me, by stating that in his opinion that Continental Winter Tyres should not be used all of the year, this is a complete turnaround by Continental, but I have the opposite view and think that they would be much for the motorist in all types of weather.

Continental Winter Tyres To update my thoughts,

As I have said on many occasions British drivers are coming to terms with the fact that fitting Continental Winter Tyres in November early December to increase safety for themselves and the other road users, in the bad winter weather.

It is also advisable to re-fit your summer tyres after the Continental Winter Tyres has finished around Easter time, or at least after March. This is because there are two differences between summer tyre and winter tyres that are easy to explain. The one that is most obvious is that the tread pattern of the winter tyre, is made up of millions of sipes, these are tiny slits in the tyres tread, that get rid of the water, snow and slush that you will encounter at some stage of the winter period.

The summer tyre tread pattern is of a simpler design and performs differently to the winter tyre, as drivers who get stuck in the snow know to their cost.

The tyre compound is the second main difference. The Continental Winter Tyres compound has additional chemicals in the mix, including “silica”; this keeps the tyre flexible in freezing weather. The summer tyre does not have this additive in the compound and so when the temperature drops below 7 degrees C then the tyre carcass becomes rigid and  they do not handle well on a nice hot sunny day.

And so to finalise, Continental are correct in saying that it is best practice to change back to summer tyres are to rotate summer and winters at the end of the relevant seasons.

Continental Winter Tyres

Eric Roberts

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Continental Tyres Earnings Down-Raw materials costs eat into Conti’s earnings -The Tire Dealer’s No. 1 News Source

Continental Tyres Earnings Down

Continental Tyres Earnings Down

Continental Tyres Earnings Down

Conti have always been a well respected and forward thinking tyre manufacturer. In 1892 Continental became the first German company to manufacture bicycle tyres. As a result, that where solely manufactured from rubber. In 1901, one the very first models of Mercedes equipped with Continental Tyres  . Won the prestigious Nice – Salon – Nice motor race. Then, in 1904 Continental became the first company to release a tyre with tread cementing its legacy.

Continental tyres celebrated their 50th anniversary. They were to be the first German tyre company to add textiles to the tyre product with the addition of cord casing onto the market. Linen was the material that was used before this new method. This discovery was now to be replaced with a more workable cord fibre fabric. At the same time, they started to make large pneumatic tyres fit trucks.

Continental tyres celebrated their 50th anniversary. They were to be the first German tyre company to add textiles to the tyre product with the addition of cord casing onto the market. This discovery was to be replaced with a more workable cord fibre fabric. At the same time, they started to make large pneumatic tyres fit trucks.

Continental Tyres Earnings Down due to raw material costs

One of their latest innovations to take tyres into a greener future. Has been the introduction of “dandelions” into the compound mix. These dandelion plant saps are very similar to the molecular structure of rubber latex. Of course, these tyres are still on trial but things are looking very favourable.

Continental tyres then bought a large share of Czech tyre company Barum, another famous budget tyre brand, along with 50 tyre dealer outlets. They had amassed more than 2000 tyre retailers across 18 European countries and were now becoming contenders for the largest tyre company in the World, a feat that they later achieved.

Raw materials are eating away at some of Continentals profits. These increases are eventually going to affect all their tyre products. However I think that all the major tyre companies are suffering in the same way.

Source: Raw materials costs eat into Conti’s earnings – Tire Business – The Tire Dealer’s No. 1 News Source