All Pirelli Tyres Stuff

All Pirelli Tyres Stuff

Pirelli design leads to the creation of the Pirelli Cinturato. Naturally, this tyre was created in the 1950s. Therefore, and was originally made from a textile belted construction. So, this tyre gave great comfort and road holding qualities.But as for all textile construction tyres was a little low on mileage. Of course, and could not compete with some of its rivals. Namely Michelin who were streets ahead with their steel belted X range of tyres.

New Pirelli Tyre Compound-Pirelli considering sixth F1 tyre compound for 2018 – Speed cafe

New Pirelli Tyre Compound
New Pirelli Tyre Compound

New Pirelli Tyre Compound

In my opinion then Pirelli are making new compound tyres as a fine art? With the majority of the racing teams opting to fit the softer tyre compounds available. The giant Italian (Chinese owned) manufacturers are using a larger number of compounds than ever before. In fact the 2018 season is expected to bring 6 different compounds to the race series. Consequently, there is now going to be a bigger choice between hard and soft compound tyres.

Pirelli were praised by many during last year’s F1 season. Hence, for trying to improve the competitiveness of the F1 racing. Although most of the teams were still playing it safe. In my opinion then F1 a reputation for being a bit dull. My friend along with millions of other fans is an avid F1 supporter. Spending hours in front of the TV, watching the pack of cars whiz round the track in front of his TV .

Of course my great interest is in the tyres? I find it fascinating to see the different procedures. Hence, that are carried out by the specialist teams of tyre experts. I actually experienced this myself? I attended an F2 meeting at Snetterton race circuit in Norfolk, UK.

New Pirelli Tyre Compound

At the races the tyre people carried similar operations on the F2 tyres. Things that I had never seen before? Tyres were pre heated and kept in a special tent to be kept warm. This is to keep the tyre tread compound soft. Also they had a guy whos job it was to take stones out of the tyres tread area. Because the tread area is so soft. Then small stones from the circuit stick and penetrate into the tread rubber.

The official F1 car tyres supplier Pirelli has manufactured a selection of new tyre types. Including new 2017 tyre sizes. These are used in the new eagerly anticipated racing season. Taking over a few years ago as the official supplier. Pirelli,enhanced the races by introducing tyres that wore faster. Which in turn made the races tighter and more exciting. Keeping my friend Andrew firmly perched on the edge of his seat.

Pirelli have also chosen to involve the F1 TV viewers who are sat in the comfort of their home. Like Andrew, watching the race.So, making it clearer which set of car tyres the drivers are using on their specific vehicles. The colour markings for the tyres are now a rainbow mixture. Of course, from for intermediates which are for use in damp races, and blue for wet tyres.

By making the races closer. Then the F1 governing body, hopes to make everything more exciting. Keeping us all on the edge of our seats. The less difference there is, the more the drivers will lose a race or win a race. Based on their driving skills rather than the other technical choices they make.

Pirelli Cinturato Tyres-about the new Rover 3500 fitting Pirelli Tyres

pirelli cinturato tyres, advert

The Pirelli Cinturato tyres from The great Italian tyre company

Hi i love to show off my old tyre adverts this Pirelli Cinturato advert is no exception.

Of course, the Pirelli Cinturato Tyre range have  been in use since I was a tyre fitter. Unfortunately, way back in the in the early 1970 s. Consequently, this type of tyre was a popular choice. Especially on the MGB sport cars and Alfa Romeos. Significantly,  the most popular size was 165×14 radial tyre. But the tyres were used on many Italian imported cars in those days such as Fiats which were fitted with the Cinturato tyres. It all kicked off, when Rover brought out a car with a 3.5 litre engine under the bonnet. To balance the car out with a new type of suspension, the knew that they would have to use radial tyres.

The Rover 3500 was to come out with Pirelli Cinturato Tyres fitted as one of the original equipment tyres. The Pirelli Cinturato Tyres came out with a twin steel belt and a further belt that was made out of Nylon. Nylon was a fairly new material back then and was renowned for its strength and elasticity. The Pirelli Cinturato Tyres, was known to us as the CN 36 and was remembered for its strange looking tread pattern. The pattern was almost like a winter tyre pattern.

Because it had a steel belt it was always going to give the driver a good mileage on his car.

In my opinion the block like tread pattern would have been very noisy on certain roads, as i say it looks more like a winter tyre. In fact i can remember some of our customers complaining about the  Pirelli P4 Tyres. So,being on the noisy side.  

The Rover 3500, also cam out on Dunlop tyres, and these were said to have a quieter ride. The Dunlops had a rib pattern around the tyre circumference and so drove much quieter.        

Pirelli have these days been famous for their involvement in the F1 motor racing scene. Of course, also keeping up with the tyres for modern vehicles including the run-flat tyre range.                                        

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Pirelli coloured tyres-debut on Italian police cars and look great in blue

Pirelli coloured tyres

Pirelli coloured tyres

Pirelli coloured tyres

This follows to a previous article by me? This is a great idea. Hence, to enhance the look and colour match with your car.Accordingly, this Italian police car looks great. As a result, I do think that this will become successful. Colour matching will be a thing of the future. Consequently, I am very upbeat about  the new tyres.

Of course, we have all seen the colour coordinates that are visible on the F1 racing cars. As an entrepreneur, I am always looking for something different. Especially, in the tyre trade. For this reason, I am always happy when new things come onto the market. I am not sure how these tyres will be marketed. Hence, I presume that they will have to be ordered specially?

Eric Roberts

Pirelli’s new coloured edition tyres, which were launched at the Geneva Motor Show, have made their road-going debut with the Italian police force.Lamborghini has donated a new Huracan to Italy…

Source: Pirelli coloured tyres debut on Italian police cars : Tyrepress

Pirelli Connesso: Coloured smart tyres send information about your car straight to an app – BT

Pirelli Connesso

Pirelli Connesso


Pirelli Connesso

Pirelli has unveiled its plans for smart tyres. Therefore I  am all for tyre development. Especially, the idea of your tyres sending back messages. Hence, about important things, such as tyre temperature and possible loss of tyre pressure. This technology is already used. As a result, I suspect that most of these developments have come from the Pirelli tyres involvement in the F1 racing scene.

In conclusion, Pirelli are going down the right road. These tyres will be rolled out on the supercar range of luxury cars. I suspect, that other car models will follow.

Lastly, I really think that these tyres look special and with the correct wheels will make cars stand out in the crowd.

Eric Roberts


Pirelli Connesso: Coloured smart tyres send information about your car straight to an app – BT

Pirelli Carlisle Plant-4,000 jobs secure after Cumbrian Pirelli plant go-ahead

Pirelli Carlisle Plant

Pirelli Carlisle Plant

Pirelli Carlisle Plant

This announcement, will be great news for the Pirelli employees in Carlisle Cumbria UK. Almost all the tyre production. Hence, here in the UK was shifted abroad to both Europe and China. Consequently, this only left us with a couple of tyre production plants remaining. Indeed, this came at a time when all British industry was watered down. In my opinion the auto trade in general was badly affected by job losses.

Britain was to become a service industry. Massive swayes of industry were closed down and relocated to other countries. I suspect that it was all part of the EU’s plans to dumb down the British economy and weaken our position. Undoubtedly, as one of the world’s greatest innovators. Thus, when it came to engineering and manufacturing.

As a result of the dumbing down, we have being left with vast areas of waste and derelict land in places like Sheffield here in south Yorkshire. Once the greatest steel manufacturer the world has seen.

This is one of the reasons that so many people voted for Brexit. Anyhow good luck to the people of Cumbria and let’s hope that we can now attract many more engineering and manufacturing companies back to the UK.

Pirelli has been given the go-ahead to expand its Carlisle factory, in a move the firm says will secure almost 4,000 jobs.

Source: 4,000 jobs secure after Pirelli plant go-ahead

Testing Pirelli Tyres-3500 F1 tyres taken to Spain for Barcelona Testing

Testing Pirelli tyres

Testing Pirelli Tyres


Testing Pirelli Tyres

Sometimes, you can read a headline, and think wow, surely that can’t be true.Consequently, this headline hit me straight in the face. Specifically, 3500 tyres is a lot of tyres. Of course, it would enough stock to start two or three medium size tyre depots. These tyres as I understand are just allocated for the F1 car testing. Therefore, not even for the actual racing.

Pirelli, along with the other major tyre companies. Regard this huge amount of investment as a necessary cost.In other words to sell tyres, to us the general public. Indeed, Pirelli would also take hundreds of tyre technical staff. Hence, to evaluate the different effects of their tyre compounds.Because, I do believe that the number of compounds could be moved from three to five.

Testing Pirelli Tyres

Of course, it is true that over the past years that Pirelli have sponsored F1 tyres.Then other products have evolved. Without doubt, thes must include the Pirelli P Zero range of tyres. Including, the “supercar tyres”.


Pirelli will take more than 3500 tyres to Barcelona for the first eight days of testing with the latest-generation F1 cars. –

pirelli winter tyres

Pirelli Winter Tyres- Pirelli recommend that UK motorists to fit “WINTER TYRES”

Pirelli Winter Tyres

Pirelli Winter Tyres


SUV owners are especially vulnerable to snow and do need Pirelli Winter Tyres

Of course, I am convinced that the tyre trade are not targeting the young drivers. Especially when it comes to teaching about tyre safety. As the owner of Pellon Tyre in Halifax UK. I am finding it more common for young drivers, to be making tyre related mistakes. Naturally, that only slight observations would correct.
Including running on tyres that are completely bald and well over the legal limit. Many young drivers including married and single people. Consequently, do not appear to or just do not want know anything about the car. Especially the tyres?

This brings me back to winter tyres.

Any driver who fits winter tyres on a regular basis, knows how much safer it is to drive about in winter weather. Even in heavy rain, the driver will feel much safer, with a good set of winter tyre fitted to their car. You can handle anything that an British winter can throw at you.
Some of these young drivers are driving about without any tread on their summer tyre, never mind winter tyres. These drivers are also the ones that take the risks on bends and speeding on our roads. This combined with bald tyres is a recipe for a disaster. Unfortunately this is what happens. How often do we see a car on its roof in a ditch? too often, many would say.

So lets target the young drivers with more education about tyre safety and the use of winter tyres.

Pirelli Winter Tyres

SUVs like this Mercedes ML are much safer driven on Pirelli Winter Tyres

Here at Pellon tyres. We have noticed that the vehicles that are most affected by bad weather. Hence, in winter are the SUV vehicles. As a result, these cars have been fitted with very large and wide tyres. Thus, by the car manufacturers. Because these cars are at the luxury end of the car market. Requiring them to be a quiet and comfortable ride.

This is why they are fitted with summer tyres. In my opinion the job of giving these cars a much safer ride. Especially in winter. Therefore, has been solely laid upon the car owners. SUV cars perform very badly in winter conditions.As a result, should either be parked up in winter time. Hence, or fitted with a set of winter tyres. Because of the very large tyre sizes, these tyres are usually only made by premium tyre manufacturers, such as Pirelli Winter Tyres. They produce an excellent winter tyre for the SUVs called the “Scorpion Winter SUV tyres”, the new saloon winter tyre from Pirelli tyres is called the “Snowcontrol 3”.. Pellon tyres UK

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“Pirelli urges UK motorists to fit Pirelli Winter Tyres The Pirelli Winter Tyres Scorpion Winter SUV is designed to be much more balanced for cold and wet weather conditions, Pirelli told Tyres Accessories, while retaining its ice performance qualities”…

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Pirelli tyres are not known for their winter tyre products here in the UK, but it is a growing market all across Europe and it is a market that they would like to be part of. This Snow patrol 3 tyre will definitely help them achieve this in the winters to come in my opinion.

Pirelli Snowcontrol 3- Snow in Feb 2017-Forecast Winter tyres new addition from Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli Snowcontrol 3

These Pirelli Snowcontrol 3 tyres also have a special directional tread pattern with wide central grooves that to optimise pitch sequence that enables them – new from Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli Snowcontrol 3

Pirelli tyres have brought out this new winter tyre the Pirelli Snowcontrol 3 to try boost its standing in the winter tyre market. The giant tyre company has good standing in the home market in Italy, but slips behind in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Pirelli tyres  have brought out a next generation of winter tyres. Thus, the Pirelli Snowcontrol 3. So to follow in the footsteps of the of the snow control 2.

This new tyre. Therefore, has the advantage of having a greener credential than its predecessor. Most of the leading tyre makers. Consequently, are now going down this line. Most tyres are made of large amounts of oil based materials. For this reason, the shift is now to use materials that are not petroleum based. As expected, use other types of oils. That are much more environmentally friendly.

This Pirelli Snowcontrol 3  winter tyres. Naturally, from Pirelli are classed as Eco-compatible. Therefore, will have a minimal impact on the environment. Thus, without effecting the  performance.

These Pirelli Snowcontrol 3 tyres. Have a special directional tread pattern. Hence, with wide central grooves that to optimise pitch sequence. Of course, that enables them  to be much quieter and reduce much of the road noise that were once synonymous with winter tyres that were once a stumbling block for many motorists. In fact this tyre already complies with the new 2012 EU directive on the lowering of road noise it I also perfect for use in mild and extreme weather conditions, anything that the European winter can throw at us.

For further reading about Pirelli tyres…

Pirelli Snowcontrol 3

Pirelli tyres ready to go

The Winter Pirelli Snowcontrol 3 offers greater traction on snow and ice while also improving grip in dry conditions, thanks to its wide lateral channels and directional tread pattern.

Pirelli has extended its range of seasonal tyres in order to meet the needs of a market that increasingly prefers products that ensure a low environmental impact and lower fuel consumption, but without sacrificing safety and comfort.

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Pirelli Truck Tyres

Pirelli Truck Tyres-Reduce Tyre Breakdowns for Yorkshire Truck Company

Post Updated 3rd Jan 2014

Pirelli Truck Tyres for Bedfords of Batley

The Bedfords trucking empire was started in 1927 by Mr Nelson Bedford. As a result, who started his business off the back of the heavy woolen districts booming textile and clothing industry. Of course, in the early days ! Nelson wanted to be a single operator. But his son Ronald joined forces with his father in 1952. Consequently, by the end of the 1950s the business had grown four fold. Nelson sadly passed away during retirement in 1957.

Ronald was now the top man and by 1968 the fleet grew to over 20 lorries. Ronald did not want his sons to join the business ! Surprisingly, David joined the trucking company in 1972. Specifically, the company were now trucking for the printing industry . Because of this the fleet had now reached 40 vehicles.

In 1991 Davids brother Robert also joined the company and Bedfords continued to expand until the sad deaths of the brothers in 2007 and 2008.

The company is now run by a trust together with directors and managers and has now reached significant growth due to excellent customer service and diversification.

One of the main concern regarding the trucking business was to try a reduce the number of tyre related breakdowns, the fleet these days is over 85 trucks and more than 135 trailers.

In 2011 the company decided to start using One of the main concern regarding the trucking business was to try a reduce the number of tyre related breakdowns, on their fleet. They use a mixture of Pirelli Truck Tyres new and remould depending on the application. 

 Pirelli tyres reduce Bedfords tyre costs

Pirelli Truck Tyres

Pirelli Truck Tyres as used by Bedford Transport Batley

The contract with Pirelli Truck Tyres ensured that the tyres were correctly fitted to the right applications and correctly twinned with tyre pressure monitoring systems in place, so that problems such as low pressure can easily be spotted and rectified. The results were excellent and after a nine month period Pirelli Truck Tyres had reduced the companies tyre breakdown rate thus reducing the tyre related costs. More information about Bedfords Transport.

Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years.  Working for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. So,now owning a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre, Consequently, I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products that will help my business.

Pirelli Tyre Engineering-how to design a tyre tread a Pirelli article

Pirelli Tyre Engineering

Pirelli Tyre EngineeringSource:

Pirelli Tyre Engineering

This is another Pirelli article. Hence, about the engineering techniques involved in designing their tyres. As a result, of their expertise and involvement in the motorsport scene. Strangely enough, we do not have much of a call for Pirelli tyres here in Halifax UK. Of course, many of the Pirelli tyre these days are fitted to what I call the “upper class” supercars. Naturally, from Porsches to Aston Martins.

Our customer base, although strong drive about in lesser cars. Of course, we do get some of the more expensive cars, but not that many?

Because of their involvement in the F1 race scene. Then Pirelli have developed tyres for the new development of supercars, that are on the luxury car market. Therefore, we do not get much input and sales for the new input of Pirelli P Zero tyres. This article is interesting and worth a read.

A milestone in the development of the Pirelli range, Pirelli P ZERO™ has been chosen as original equipment for the most performance orientated and powerful models on the market. Its asymmetric tread pattern improves braking performance and enhances handling and control. Excellent in wet conditions with improved safety in potential aquaplaning situations.

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Engineering: how to design a tyre tread