Inflating your tyres

Inflating your tyres-DIY into How To Check Tyre Pressure and Inflate Tyres

Inflating your tyres

Inflating your tyres

Auto Talk 101: How to Check Tire Pressure and Inflate Tyres – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

Checking and inflating your tyre pressure is usually a simple process. Firstly you should check to see what your correct tyre pressure should be and you have to determine what is proper inflation for your cars tyre. Consequently, there is two pressure settings. It looks simple but some drivers may not understand this. There are two readings but most people do not realise this. Hence, the difference is what we call the regular operating pressure and also what we call maximum pressure. Of course, the maximum pressure is for when your car will be fully loaded, such as when you are loaded for your holidays.

The heavier loading may read a  maximum inflation 44 PSI. What that means is that is the maximum amount of air you can put in that tyre.Of course, without affecting the structural integrity of the tyre. This should only be done when your car is fully loaded. Therefore,you should inflate your tyre to the normal operating pressure which can be found on the inside of the door pillar or in the cars owner manual. Pressures can even be found online these days.  It is important not to over inflate your tyres. It can be dangerous and make your car uncontrollable.

Inflating your tyres

naturally, the first thing to do is remove the cap that covers your tyres valve.If your cap is ever missing you can buy a 4 pack of these at any auto parts store. Of course, you will need a pressure gauge. These are relatively cheap and can be bought from any auto-store.

If the pressure is correct to what the manual says. Hence, toy can replace the cap and you go to the next tyre. If it requires some more air, because the pressure is low, you can use the air line at the local petrol station.

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Motorhome Load Ratings-A look at which tyres you should fit to your Motorhome.

Motorhome Load Ratings

Motorhome Load Ratings

Motorhome Load Ratings

With many thousands of motorhome owners now driving across Europe. Then I thought that I would take a closer look at types of tyres that fit these vehicle. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind. Is the many different shapes and sizes of the different motorhome brands.

As a result, they range from small home conversions from regular vans like the Ford transits up to the much larger vans that we could probably live in. Hence, made by the German company “Hymer”. A good reference list of different models can be found at-


Motorhome Load Ratings-All tyres have load ratings

Anyway, back to the tyres. To begin with, all tyres have a load rating. So, the tyres load rating is related to the maximum weight that your tyre can carry. For example, in this case 108 would refer to a load capacity of 1000 kg. Most passenger cars load indexes range from 62 to 126. it is therefore possible to even over load your car? Although this is extremely unlikely. Because regular tyres have a higher load rating than they probably require.

Unfortunately, not for motorhomes though. In my opinion it is possible for the owners to cut corners and fit cheap tyres that are unsuitable. There are charts available for motorhome owners to check their correct load ratings. the best one that I have seen is on the excellent tyre safety site TyreSafe. org. Hence, this link will help you the motorhome owner to fit the correct tyre with the correct tyre loading.

In fact the reason that I wrote this blog was because today (Saturday 2nd Dec) we had a customer call in for four new tyres fitting on his large motorhome. As a result, he too was not sure about his tyres load ratings. Also he wanted to know if he had to buy special motorhome tyres that are available from a couple of tyre manufacturers, Michelin and Continental . or could he fit van tyres.

Motorhome Load Ratings-Special camper tyres are available

Motorhome Load Ratings

Michelin make the Agilis Camping Tyres and Continental make the Vanco Camper tyres. Both these brands make top class tyres, but the truth is that you dont have to fit special tyres branded as “Camper tyres”. So you can in fact fit “van tyres”. The main criteria is that you chose the correct size. Thus, by replacing the new tyres with the same size that was fitted as original equipment. Also you fit the correct load rating. In fact once again the same load rating as your old tyres have on. Of course you could fit a slightly bigger load rating, but the same one is adequate.

Customer contacted Fiat

Just as an after thought the guy contacted Fiat who were the makers of his motorhome and they agreed with me that it was OK to fit the correct size and load rated van tyres. As a final note some motorhome owners just want to buy the Michelin’s or Continentals and other are quiet happy fitting van tyres. In my opinion there is not much difference and if you fit van tyres you will be saving some money.

The consequences of fitting the wrong tyres can be frightening. If the same size car tyres are fitted to a motorhome. Of course, then many problems could occur. So, depending on the load rating differences. Problems from premature tread wear to bad tyre cracking and then complete blowouts are possible. van sidewalls are far stronger than car sidewalls?

This problem is more common on regular vans. Van owners buy a nice set of alloy wheels for their van and fit regular over sized  car tyres onto the wheels. Subsequently, we have known the car tyres to completely blow out when the van gets loaded. Another common problem is that the tyres wear out very quickly. This is due to the wrong load index of the tyre that are fitted.

Lastly, the same can happen to motorhomes and ruin your journey, So please for safeties sake buy the correct tyres for your vehicle whatever it is?

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Michelin versus Budget Tyres

Michelin Crossclimate Saves Money-Addison Lee unlocks 20% tyre saving with Michelin Tyres

Michelin Crossclimate Saves Money

Michelin Crossclimate Saves Money

Michelin Crossclimate Saves Money

There is no doubt that by fitting certain tyre brands. Then we can save money? but its not just a case of fitting certain new tyres. Of course, by now everyone knows that you can save fuel and minimize tyre wear. Consequently, by keeping your tyres properly inflated. Also by rotating the wheels regularly.

To make the next big leap in fuel efficiency. Companies like Addison Lee and their drivers can take advantage of next-generation energy efficient tyres. As a result these tyres are been rolled out. Hence, by several industry leaders including Michelin, Goodyear, Continental and Toyo.

Michelin Crossclimate Saves Money-How much can you save?

During recent manufacturer’s tests. Including the Michelin ones have also shown that Michelin’s Energy Saver range of tyres offer a whopping 8 percent better fuel efficiency. Of course than of competing tyres. In my opinion the Michelin Crossclimate+ also comes into this bracket. As a fuel saver. Although the initial purchase can be more expensive?

Other tyre manufacturers such as Goodyear advertises their Assurance Fuel Max tyres. Provide up to 4 percent more fuel efficiency than standard tyres. It all depends how the tests and savings were scrutinized. These companies use top racing drivers in some of their testing. I have experienced this myself on the Goodyear testing track in Luxembourg.

The new Crossclimate is no doubt an excellent tyre. We have sold quite a few here in Halifax UK. They are unusual in the fact that they are summer tyre with winter capabilities. In fact they even carry the “three peaks” snow marking on the sidewall. Other advantages come in the form of new compound formulas. Thanks to new advanced formulations, silica distribution strategies, and break-through tread designs.

As a result, these new tires save fuel without sacrificing tyre wear. Crossclimates give the driver all-weather traction and most importantly, increased safety. Some of these new tyres like the Michelin’s have actually improved stopping distances and better handling on corners.

Michelin Crossclimate Saves Money and is also a greener tyre.

Off course, by Increasing fuel efficiency.Thus, means that these tyres also reduce harmful CO2 emissions. Michelin estimates that installing a set of their Energy Savers reduces CO2 emissions as much as 2,000 pounds per year. Perhaps about the same as planting 40 trees!

Most major tyre retailers such as Pellon Tyres in Halifax UK. Should now have energy saving tyres, including all-weather tyres in stock. They will have the experience, training and computerized tools. Of course, to help you quickly determine the best brand. Size and style of tyre for your vehicle. Just as importantly  your budget. This is what Addison lee must have given much thought to. So when fitting the Crossclimates to there fleet of cars in London.

I assume that Addison lees also keep a professional eye on tyre pressures and down time from puncture repairs. This attached article gives you an idea of how the company reduced the costs by fitting Michelin Crossclimate+ tyres to there London fleet.

Eric Roberts

Addison Lee has reduced its annual tyre bill by 20% after adopting a Michelin CrossClimate+ policy.

Source: Addison Lee unlocks 20% tyre saving with Michelin | General News

Michelin Tyres Investing-pumped up with £4.5m boost for Dundee factory – The Scotsman

Michelin Tyres Investing
Michelin Tyres Investing

Michelin Tyres Investing

Firstly, this is great news for the Dundee and Scottish economy. As a result, any new investment should be grabbed with both hands. Indeed, this investment cannot be underestimated. Of course, with the onslaught of globalisation.

As a result, the giant French tyre makers are restructuring their other tyre plants in Stoke-On-Trent and Ballymena in Northern Ireland. Thus modernisation of its logistics and warehousing in Stoke. Also, running down of the Ballymena factory by mid-2018.
The proposal to run down the truck tyre factory in Ballymena is said to be the results of a slow down in truck tyre usage in Europe. Of course, said to be caused by the financial crises of 2007.

Stating a figure of a decrease of five million tyres since that time. Tyre imports from China and other Asian countries have also doubled in size in recent years. making the tyre market a tough market to sell into. Modern tyre factories have exploded in recent year. Thus, flooding the market with an excess of millions of tyres. Including the truck tyre market.

Michelin Tyres Investing in Dundee Plant

Michelin truck tyres are in my opinion still the best quality in the world. However, hauliers profits are being squeezed all the time. Hence, committing them to buy cheap tyres for their truck fleets. As a result, premium tyre makers are suffering from the amount of tyres that they make and then sell. Tyre building machines at Ballymena. Are not capable of making the high tech tyres. The amount of investment required to upgrade the plant is prohibitive, particularly at a time when that capacity is not required. So closure was imminent.

The good news is that Michelin are investing in the car tyre plant in Dundee.

Tyre manufacturer Michelin is getting £4.5 million of public cash as part of a £16.5m investment in its Dundee factory, the First Minister has announced.

Source: Michelin pumped up with £4.5m boost for Dundee factory – The Scotsman

Goodyear Tyres Test Track

Goodyears soy-based tyre- technology earns award for the Giant tyre company

Goodyears soy-based tyre

Goodyears soy-based tyre

Goodyears soy-based tyre

Of course Goodyear tyres have always been amongst the world leaders in tyre development. The addition of soy-bean based rubber compound  is their latest innovation. So, soybean oil-based rubber compound is helping Goodyear enhance tyre performance in dry, wet and winter conditions.

When I was much younger. I was fortunate enough to attend a six week course. Thus, at the now closed Goodyear factory in Wolverhampton in the UK. This course covered all aspects of tyres. From production to selling them. This was to set my life in the tyre industry.

Therefore I have always been a keen follower of Goodyear tyres and their latest releases into the tyre world. Including this new soy-bean revelation. For years and years tyres were made from the same old materials in the same old tyre factories. But this all changed with the need to stop pollution and support a better more environmental friendly planet.

Governments paid billions to auto makers to come up with more emission  friendly vehicles. Hence the gauntlet was also thrown out to tyre companies. As a result people like Continental came out with new materials to make tyres greener with a better rolling resistance and lighter in weight. As far as Continental were concerned then they experimented with “Dandelion” sap. The white gooey sap from the “weed” known as the dandelion in the western world, contained a sap that was very similar to the molecular structure of rubber latex.

Just like Continental, a  Goodyear team of scientists and engineers created a sustainable type of tread compound using soybean oil. Like the dandelion this is naturally derived, cost-effective when grown in large quantities, carbon-neutral and renewable.

Goodyear’s tests have shown rubber made with soybean oil mixes more easily

Of course when mixed in the silica-reinforced compounds now used in manufacturing certain tyres, such as winter tyres. This also improves manufacturing efficiency and reduces energy consumption.

By employing soybean oil in tyres. Goodyear found a new way to help keep the rubber compound pliable. Especially, in changing temperatures, a key performance achievement in maintaining and enhancing the vehicle’s grip on the road surface. Winter tyres perform much better in the cold because of the addition of this silica based material. Silica makes the compound much more flexible in cold weather. So, Enhancing the grip of winter and all-weather tyres.

Other tyre companies to come up with similar ideas include Yokohama and the use of “orange peel oils“.

Eric Roberts

Toyota Yaris Clutch Problem

Readers include decision makers and managers in the safety, health and environment arena, SHEQ practitioners and officers and various labour and non-governmental organisations.


How Replacement Front-Brakes Fitted

How Replacement Front-Brakes Fitted-This video explains what we do when replacing Discs and Pads

How Replacement Front-Brakes Fitted

2-How Replacement Front-Brakes Fitted

How Replacement Front-Brakes Fitted. This video gives our customers a good idea, about how we fit their brake discs and pads. Thus you can also, learn how to replace your brake discs and pads onto your own car. For this video then most cars will be similar to this Ford Ranger, that the work is demonstrated on. After watching this you will be able to change your own brakes and possibly save hundreds of Pounds. We do however recommend that you have such important jobs, such as brakes. Are carried out by reputable garages.

Discs and pads are probably one of the most common brake problems. Thus, this includes, brake jobs carried out here at Pellon Autocentre in Halifax UK. The most common complaint from our customers, is a “grinding noise”. Of course, usually front the front of the car. The noise is sometimes terrifying, with customers abandoning their cars. because of this we very have to get the vehicle recovered and brought into our garage.

3-How Replacement Front-Brakes Fitted

The “grinding” is often caused by the brake pads.Consequently, these pads are so worn that they are down to the metal part of the pads.This causes the pads to grind together with the metal discs and make horrific noises. In most cases, it is a relatively simple job for us to carry out. We replace the old damaged brake parts, with brand new quality parts. Quality is important to us. Because we are members of Motor Codes. Motor Codes are now combined with trading standards. This ensures that our customers are supplied with the best service and parts. Customers have also a better complaints system. Thus this protects the consumer from faulty parts and workmanship.

If we are checking your brakes and come across any other problem with the brakes. Then we will contact the customer, with a new pricing quote. We will never carry out unauthorised work.

Eric Roberts

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