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All Car Manufacturer Articles

Significantly, and according to information I have had. So, scanners/cameras are placed across and along the full length and width of every motorway lane. As a result a radar picks you up as stopped in a motorway lane.

Naturally, the authorities are supposed to be on hand immediately to attend your broken down vehicle. So, and move you off the motorway. So, You legally sit there in your broken down vehicle. Whatever lane you are in and nobody is likely to run into the rear of your vehicle and kill you because of two reasons.

Dual Mass Flywheel-changed to Solid Flywheel on Peugeot 307

Dual Mass Flywheel

Peugeot 307 Dual Mass Flywheel change? Or was it

Dual Mass Flywheel

New Dual Mass Flywheel fitted in place

If you are the owner of a Peugeot 307. Then if you’re DMF( dual mass flywheel) starts to play up on you. Thus, you may like to know.That an alternative solid flywheel and clutch is available. Hence, as a cheaper replacement.


We at Pellonautocentre here in Halifax UK recently did just that. Consequently, one of our customers asked us to road test his car. Because he suspected that his clutch was on the way out. As a result, sure enough it had gone.Unfortunately, when we checked the clutch out. The car had a Dual Mass Flywheel clutch fitted.

He brought in the car and we split the gearbox to get to the clutch.Sure enough it was fitted with a Dual Mass Flywheel.It comes as a big shock to the hard up customers. Thus, that these expensive clutches are fitted to a regular type family saloon. For this reason, we knew that some of these Dual Mass Flywheel units could be replaced. By a standard solid flywheel and clutch. So, we made a few inquiries. Sure enough there was a normal replacement for this model. Peugeot 307 takes a normal solid flywheel and clutch. Consequently, not the- dual mass flywheel -originally fitted

Dual Mass Flywheel

We gave the customer the choice. However, I think the fact that it was going to cost him much less for the solid flywheel. Swung it in the solid flywheels favour. The standard one was fitted. Finally, the job was completed. Afterwards, the customer went away a bit better off and very happy.

After looking into this a little bit further. Mainly into Peugeot forums on the internet. I discovered that most forum contributors. Subsequently, say that it is all-right to carry out this conversion with only a couple saying to stick to the original Dual Mass Flywheel system, it is a case of “pay your money and take your chance”.

To show you how a Dual Mass Flywheel Failure works I have added a link to a good you-tube video please take a look…

Dual Mass Flywheels were invented to smooth out gear changes on diesel cars, I think this was originally in Germany by BMW in association with LUK clutches.

Dual Mass Flywheel-Lady with RAV4 complained that her car would not pull very well

On the same day we had a lady motorist turn up complaining that her Toyota RAV4 would not pull very well and there was a rattling noise coming from underneath her car these were typical Dual Mass Flywheel Symptoms .

We put the car on a ramp (lift) and sure enough the car had a broken Dual Mass Flywheel. Because the car was not performing well with a suspected Dual Mass Flywheel Failure, the lady decided not to go for a cheaper replacement and we went on to fit a new LUK full DMF replacement. The car and the lady owner went away a happy customer knowing that we had cured her Toyota RAV4 Problems. This just shows two sides of the story, one guy wanted a cheaper job doing on his Peugeot 307 and the Lady wanted the correct replacement for her RAV4, it is always good to give the customer the choice.

Duel Mass Flywheel

Peugeot clutch


Article by Eric Roberts…


Yokohama Race day-Invite Ryan Linton from Pellon Tyres in Halifax to a Special Track Race Day Special.

Yokohama Race day

Yokohama Race day treat for Pellon Tyres

Yokohama Race day

Ryan before setting off in his Yokohama Race day events

One the good things about dealing direct with the tyre manufacturers. So, is that from time to time we get a special treat. Of course,some sort of day out for the boss (usually a visit to their tyre factory). Or one of his key staff members, in this case Ryan Linton.

Consequently, last year we decided to join an independent group of tyre buyers. Hence, known as Point-S. As a result, this enabled Point-S to build up a Nationwide Tyre Dealer set up. Enabling, small town tyre dealers. Like ourselves in Halifax UK . Thus,to buy direct from the tyre manufactures. Of course, who were previously not interested. In selling their products to individual tyre dealers. Such as ourselves.

Naturally, this was a great opportunity for my business.We are now forming relationships with some of the Worlds top tyre companies. One of them is Yokohama  from Japan, one of the Worlds finest tyre producers. Of course,the tyres that they make are second to none. Including, there quality and durability. As I say we are now very proud to be the Yokohama Tyre dealers for the Calderdale area including Halifax here in the UK.

Yokohama Race day

We were over the moon when we recently received an invitation to a  Yokohama Race day, to attend a race day that they had organised at the renowned Bedford Autodrome, courtesy of This was a great treat for us ,but unfortunately the boss Eric Roberts was feeling unwell, (and he can’t drive fast anyway) so his place was taken by his chief mechanic Ryan Linton.

I am sure that Eric will admit that he is a little old for driving racing cars and Ryan was the best choice anyway, Ryan has a great love and knowledge of all types of cars and loved the total experience from his day out with Yokohama Race day at Palmer-sports race day.

Yokohama Race day-Yokohama tyres recorded the full day

 I would like to thank Yokohama Race day and Palmer-Sport from Ryan and myself for such a great day out (the weather was great too).

Ryan testing his skills in the BMW M3 at a I would like to thank Yokohama Race day and Palmer-Sport from Ryan and myself for such a great day out (the weather was great too).

We were also fortunate to have the full experience photographed and put on the their website, so that we can download some pictures of the day out. I would like to thank Yokohama Race day and Palmer-Sport from Ryan and myself for such a great day out (the weather was great too).

Some of the cars that Ryan raced were Land-Rover defender, Formula Jaguar, Caterham 7 and Ariel atom 3, all of which can be seen on their web-site…

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts.


EGR Valve Cleaning Video

EGR Valve Cleaning Video-Ford 6.0 Litre Powerstroke: EGR Valve Cleaning Procedure P0401-P0402-P0404

EGR Valve Cleaning Video

EGR Valve Cleaning Video

Naturally,with the advent of modern technology. Therefore, a lot more of the public are enticed. Hence, to buy their own vehicle. Thus, emissions of this massive increase in vehicles. Hence, pose a threat of causing air pollution. Of course, there is nothing wrong with modern vehicle engine technology. Especially, if it is benefits us all.Consequently, it could  cause much more air pollution. Because of the continuous increase in car emissions. Of course this would become a huge problem. Because of this increased threat of pollution. So in many of our universities, then automotive engineers have figured out a solution . Subsequently, this was to integrate EGR valves on automobiles.

Therefore, the main function of the exhaust or the EGR gas re-circulation  valve. Therefore, is to reduce oxidation of nitrogen through the reduction of combustion temperature. Hence,the combustion temperature can only be reduced. This is when the EGR valves send some of the exhaust gas through the intake manifold. So then back into the vehicle engines cylinders.

EGR Valve Cleaning Video

EGR Valve Cleaning Video to keep cleaner engine emissions.

Consequently, there is no doubt that the function that EGR valves carry out is extremely important. because of this then the EGR valve it is now fitted as standard on many vehicles. Basically, vehicles are fitted with two types of EGR valves.

Importantly,the EGR valve on a vehicle, along with the combustion temperature can be regulated. Of course this so it will not become too hot.Thus preventing the nitrogen to react with other compounds. As a result, through the use of the EGR valve. Then it is possible to lower the combustion temperature . Of course,this is to lower the amount of nitrous oxide produced by the vehicles engine. Importantly,this process prohibits the formation of smog. So that is a harmful threat to the environment. Making a safer and greener planet. This video explains all about the importance of the EGR valve in modern engines.

Eric Roberts



Formula One Cars – Grand Prix Cars a look at the F1 car operations and Dynamics in detail

Formula One Cars

Formula One Cars

Modern Formula One cars are mid-engined open cockpit. Hence open wheel single-seaters. As a result the chassis is made largely of carbon fibre composites. Rendering it light but extremely stiff and strong. Thus, the whole car, including engine, fluids and driver . Weighs only 605 kg. In fact this is the minimum weight set by the regulations. As a result, the cars are so light that they often have to be ballasted up. So to this minimum weight.

The cornering speed of Formula One cars . Is largely determined by the aerodynamic down force that they generate. Which pushes the car down onto the track. Of course, this is provided by ‘wings’ mounted at the front and rear of the vehicle. Also, by ground effect created by the movement of air. Under the flat bottom of the car.

A significant difference in the design. Hence, of the latest breeds of F1 cars . Is that they make far greater use of vortex “lift,” or in this case, down force. Since a vortex is a rotating fluid that creates a low pressure zone at its center. Creating vortices lowers the overall local pressure of the air.

Since low pressure is what is desired under the car. Thus, allowing normal atmospheric pressure to press the car down from the top. Creating vortices, down force can be augmented while still staying within the rules.

Formula One Cars to limit performance

The aerodynamic design of the cars is very heavily constrained to limit performance and the current generation of cars sport a large number of small winglets, “barge boards” and turning vanes designed to closely control the flow of the air over, under and around the car. The “barge boards” in particular are designed, shaped, configured, adjusted and positioned not to create down force directly, as with a conventional wing or under body venturi. They are designed so that air spillage from their edges will create these vortices.

The other major factor controlling the cornering speed of the cars is the design of the tyres. Tyres in Formula One are not ‘slicks’ (tyres with no tread pattern) as in most other circuit racing series. Each tyre has four large circumferential grooves on its surface designed to further limit the cornering speed of the cars.


Engines are mandated as 2.4 litre normally aspirated V8s, with many other constraints on their design and the materials that may be used. The previous generation of 3-litre V10 engines are also allowed, albeit with their revs limited and with an air restriction to limit performance.

Formula One Cars to use air restrictions

For 2007 the V8 engines will be restricted to 19,000 rpm with limited development areas allowed, following the engine specification freeze from the end of 2006. As outright speed and power are effectively being capped it is widely believed that teams will work on improving reliability, and the torque range of the engine to improve drive ability.

A Honda Formula One car, running with minimum down force on a runway in the Mojave desert achieved a top speed of 415 km/h (258 mph) in 2006. According to Honda, the car fully met the FIA Formula One regulations.

Even with the limitations on aerodynamics, at 160 km/h. Aerodynamically generated down force is equal to the weight of the car. Hence, the often repeated claim that Formula One cars are capable of ‘driving on the ceiling’ remains true in principle. Although it has never been put to the test. At full speed down force of 2.5 times the car’s weight can be achieved.

Formula One Cars can achieve a lateral force

The down force means that the cars can achieve a lateral force. Consequently, of around four and a half times the force of gravity (4.5 g) in cornering.Thus, a high-performance road car might achieve around 1 g. Consequently, in corners the driver’s head is pulled sideways with a force equivalent to 25 kilograms. Such high lateral forces are enough to make breathing difficult. So the drivers need supreme concentration to maintain their focus for the 1 to 2 hours .That it takes to cover 305 kilometers.

Modern Formula One cars are mid-engined open cockpit. Also, open wheel single-seaters. The whole car. Including engine, fluids and driver weighs only 605 kg. The aerodynamic design of the cars is very heavily constrained to limit performance . Thus, the current generation of cars sport a large number of small winglets, “barge boards” and turning vanes designed to closely control the flow of the air over. Under and around the car. A Honda Formula One car. Running with minimum down force on a runway in the Mojave desert. Therefore,  achieved a top speed of 415 km/h (258 mph) in 2006. According to Honda, the car fully met the FIA Formula One regulations. Of course, Pirelli tyres play a huge part in the cars stability and cornering manouvres.

Nissan Qashqai-Diagnose with Noisy front Wheel Bearings Problem.

Nissan Qashqai

 Wheel bearings are a common thing to fail on modern cars, including the Nissan Qashqai, because of the pressure exerted on the wheel bearings?

Your front wheel bearings are located inside the front hubs . Thus, of your car coming in pairs, there is an inner bearing and an outer bearing . Of course, that are located inside your front hubs. Where the wheel fits onto. The wheel bearings need much lubrication . So are packed with special grease.

Nissan Qashqai,wheel beaqrings

Nissan Qashqai,Old wheel bearings hub before removal

The job of the bearings is to allow the cars wheels to turn freely. Of course, the Ball Bearings support a thrust load and a radial load. Consequently,the thrust load comes from the weight of the car . Also, the radial load comes from the forces that are applied to your when cornering. Bearings sometimes come separate .Having to be pushed out and the new ones pressed in by a hydraulic press. Subsequently,  many come as a complete hub unit with the bearings already assembled. Of course,as in the case of this Nissan Qashqai.

As a result, the usual complaint about noisy bearings . Is that the customer can hear a whirring noise from the front or back of the car. Naturally,the cause is usually because some dirt or grit has entered the bearing and mixed with the special grease that is supposed to protect the bearings in the first place. Ryan Linton took the car for a test drive and soon recognized the problem on the Nissan Qashqai to be the wheel bearings.

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The customer booked the car in for the wheel bearings to be changed.

The week later the customer left the car with us and Ryan changed the complete hub with the bearings included. Wheel bearings are a common thing to fail on modern cars, including the Nissan Qashqai, because of the pressure exerted on the wheel bearings due to the heavier cars and extra low profile tyres and wheels all adding extra pressure to the bearings, both front and rear. Apart from being noisy the bearings can have play in them which is also an MOT failure here in the UK.

Using new Nissan Parts the Nissan Qashqai was completed and road tested and the noise was cured for a happy customer.

Nissan Qashqai,wheel bearings

Brand new hub fitted to this Nissan Qashqai

Eric Roberts…

Mazda MX5-Pre-Winter checks reveal urgent Brakes work for this Mazda MX5 Owner

Mazda MX5

Mazda MX5 Pre-winter checks include checking your brakes

This time of year we are carrying out many pre-winter checks. Hence, on many different makes and types of cars. Of course, this is one of the great things about been an independent garage . Therefore, not linked to any particular franchise. As a result, every day we take in what comes and just get on with the job in hand.

Mazda MX5

Mazda MX5 for compete brakes fitting

We take on almost most things that can go wrong with a car these days. Of course, if we can fix it then we do it. One of my greatest things about my job . Consequently, is also the fact that we carry out work for whole families . Of course and their cars and vans. As a result ,we try to encourage this by giving away small gifts when they bring in their cars for a service or a repair carrying out on their cars.

Like many other garages . Of course, we may give away an freebies such as air freshener. Or this time of year,( near to Christmas), We are giving away lucky bags of Christmas sweets . Hence, to all the kids that come along with their parents . While their cars are being looked at and repaired. of course, over the years we have found this a very nice touch. This helps to maintain good customer relationships . Resulting in a continuous flow of good business and happy customers.

[bctt tweet=”she had been charged over £700 for an average service on her Audi TT.” username=”pellonauto”]

Mazda MX5

How often do we hear people complaining about the service or price they have received from other garages and franchise dealers? One lady customer who drove an Audi TT came along to us on the word of mouth from a friend, who said that our service was second to none and the price was right on most makes of cars. This was about four years ago now, she had been charged over £700 for an average service on her Audi TT.

We have different price range for cars based on the engine size as most garages do and publish it on the internet, under car servicing. The lady saved herself half the money and because we are a Unipart Car Care Centre (UCCC) we used quality replacement parts with a nationwide guarantee against faulty parts and labour, she was highly delighted and we now take care of most of the cars in her immediate family,

Mazda MX5-Brakes problem on a Mazda family car

Another family who come to my garage for work carrying out are mad about Mazda MX5 cars. Both the husband and wife own a Mazda MX5, a great sports car. The two cars came in recently for a pre-winter check which included their Disc Brakes checking and winter tyres fitting on their cars. When we removed the wheels we found that both cars required urgent Car Brakes work carrying out, one car in particular, the wife’s car required a full set of discs and pads. We were given the go ahead to carry out the brakes work. We fitted the cars with Yokohama W winter tyres and the brakes parts were Unipart.

Mazda MX5

Nice new discs brakes and pads for this Mazda MX5

If we had not checked the brakes then at least one of the cars could have had more serious issues during heavy braking in wintry conditions, however the job was completed by Ryan Linton and both car owners were happy that their cars are now back to full spec.

Eric Roberts…

Peugeot 407 Shock Absorber-fitted to the Front Roll Link- Peugeot 407

Peugeot 407 Shock Absorber

Peugeot 407 Shock Absorber;  Designed to make the car more stable (and it worked)

Peugeot 407 Shock Absorber

Peugeot 407 SW new and old part showing clearly where the shocker fits

One of the reasons for this unusual front suspension design was to improve the handling a suspension to make the driving experience more dynamic. The design really worked , the front roll link has a type of bolt on the ball-joint, which holds the Peugeot 407 Shock Absorber on, as you can see more clearly on the picture, this assembly is known as the “double wishbone and a linked carrier hub”, this along with a modified rear suspension with the shock absorbers inclined to the rear of the 407, helps to optimise the width of the cars boot,and also gives the 407 much more improved handling and driver and passenger comfort. Indeed the New Peugeot 407 is now praised for its ride and handling. Personally I am not sure about the part been made out of an alloy type metal, as far as longevity goes, but only time will tell. car models in general usually have the roll-bar fixed to a bracket. The car in the picture failed the MOT test, because the part failed, but the new part was readily available from the main dealers and the Peugeot 407 Shock Absorber was on its way after a re-test.

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More reading…

“This specification consists of axles that make extensive use of lightweight aluminium alloy for enhanced performance:

Altogether a more stable car with its new suspension system the Peugeot 407 Shock Absorber.

Peugeot 407 Shock Absorber

Peugeot part after fitting

Article written by Eric Roberts…

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. Members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. Selling Dunlop tyres online from our website . Hence, by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. As a result, we offer courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work . Leaving their car with us for work doing. Official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes. Of course, who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.



Ford Escort RS1600-My First Dream Car

The Ford Escort RS1600 would be the one for me,(but it never happened) ?

Of course, the first time that I came across this car, was when I worked for one of the Goodyear tyres outlets Tyreservices GB. Unfortunately, the company no longer exists ! But in the sixties and seventies the company was a large thriving business. Significantly, this was the time that the tyre manufactures were expanding at a rapid rate. So were  buying out tyre retail depots all over the UK. Trying to secure a top place for their tyre products.

Whole companies and single tyre depots were bought out by the tyre giants. So, in order for them to have a full coverage of depots in Great Britain. I remember getting promoted to Branch Manager .

It was then that I became interested in car rallying.

Ford Escort RS1600

Tyreservices began sponsoring a female driver called Chrissie Ashford in the late 70,s !  She was from North Yorkshire not too far from my depot in Huddersfield . All the depots received a memo asking for volunteers to fit the Goodyear rally tyres for Chrissie Including a few other competitors at the local rallies. Including stages of the Mintex rally staged in Yorkshire.

So, thinking this was a great opportunity for me to gain some knowledge . So I became involved and this is where I began to be interested in the Ford Escort RS 1600, because this was the car that I would be following around the rallies.

I believe that the car was then known as the Ford Escort Mexico and in 1970 the car became available to the public as a road going version called the Ford Escort Mexico. I can remember that we still had some working “woolen mills” in the area. Consequently,the Mexico’s were often bought by the rich sons of the wealthy mill owners. So we changed few tyres on these cars, Goodyears of course.

These Ford Escort cars were tremendous to watch

The road version of these classic racers the Mexico were miles away from my budget, as a branch manager we were poorly paid and could not afford one of these cars even the second hand car cost more than I could afford and in fact kept there prices high, I remember that I had to make do with yet another Mini.

The Mexico was capable of doing 0 to 60 in about 10.5 seconds and would cost around the £1100 brand new. Far out of my reach ! You must not forget that in those days there were no easy payment deals. That are available to today,s car buying public. So, this car did not have many competitors either.It was virtually in a class of its own. Even today one of these in good condition would

Ford Escort RS1600 on goodyear tyres

Ford Escort RS 2000 Rally Spec

cost you anything up to £20,000.00, (that’s how good they were). This car was tremendous to watch on the road and in the rallies.

The tyres were mainly different sizes of wide 13 inch, the road tyres were different to the rally tyres and the battery was the first type of heavy duty with the “bolt on terminals” part number 085 battery (still available today)

For far more information…

“The engine however, was the most important part of the Ford Escort RS1600 as it was the first block that Cosworth – at the time, a very small company – had produced. ‘Cosseh’ as it became known as in later years, bored the engine of the Twin Cam out to 16 valves and dubbed it the BDA (Belt Drive A-Type). Cosworth used a clogged belt drive to spin the cams in time, and combined this with twice the number of valves. The result was the 1.6 litre engine having an increased output from 109 to 120 bhp for street use, and the RS1600 cemented its place in the hearts of driving purists over the world thanks to its light body, sharp handling and decent amount of power”… .

This was a great part of my life as I also met my wife, who also worked for Tyreservices GB at the Dewsbury Branch.

Eric Roberts

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. Members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. Also sell Discount Goodyear Tyres Online from our website Using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. Offering courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. Also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes. Finally, who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.

038 Lucas Battery- And New Tyres for This Wolsley Elf Mini

 038 Lucas Battery and Tyres that we fitted  were 145X10

I am totally amazed at the number of classic cars that are still on the today I thought that the time I reached my sixties, all these cars would have disappeared, but how wrong can you 038 Lucas Batteryget.

When Spring arrives all these old cars come out of their garages and are proudly driven about by their owners. This is when we see these cars in my garage, not a week will go by without us seen at least two classic cars having new tyres fitted or a new battery fitted or delivered from our internet site.

038 Lucas Battery

Triumph Spitfires are fitted with 038 Lucas Battery

The most popular battery this year has been the 038 Lucas Battery. This is the battery that was the big seller in the late sixties and early seventies, it fitted most British Leyland cars including the Wolsley Mini as  well as Vauxhalls and Hillmans. The 038 Lucas Battery fitted such cars as all the Mini Cars and 1100,s Vauxhall Vivas, Hillman Imps and many more. Many other models including the Triumph Spitfires also used the 038 Lucas Battery, making the battery very popular, even today.

Many of the older models were fitted with a 6volt battery system, which we still sell today. There is only one company that makes the 6 volt casings and this is in South Africa. They export this battery to all over the World where it is labelled up by many companies including Tungstone batteries and Numax batteries.

Back to tyres ?

038 Lucas Battery

Wolsley Elf having its new tyres fitted

However this week we were honored to have a Rolls Royce Wraith and this Mini visit us the Mini was owned by a local retired business man from Sowerby up in the hills next to Halifax, who called in to buy two front and have the wheel alignment corrected.

Anyhow the tyres were fitted and the wheel alignment carried out and of the car went. I cant wait for next week to see what the next classic car comes through the doors.

Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Leisure Battery business now for 40 years. I worked for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre, and I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products that will help my business.

Bridgestone Jaguar Tyres-celebrates finishing new Jaguar XJ220 tyres with a documentary film

Bridgestone Jaguar Tyres

Bridgestone Jaguar Tyres

Consequently, One of the greatest cars ever made is the Jaguar XJ 220. Unfortunately, many of the car experts, did not like the car and were very disappointed when the car fist came out. The new Jaguar came out fitted with a V12 engine. As a result, the engine was mounted at the rear . making the car suitable for racing use. Indeed a version of the XJ 220 the XJR 9 . Went on to win the prestigious Le mans 24 hr race .

This has been a special project for Bridgestone tyres . Although Bridgestone Jaguar tyres are available for all Jaguars tyre needs. Then the development of tyres for the XJ 220 was to become a special project. In fact it was stated that no profit was to be made on the sale of these tyres.

The XJ’s  tyres

Consequently, were originally the sizes of 255/45zr17 and 345/35zr18 and could cope with the cars top speeds of over 200 mph. Consequently, owners of these cars could not buy new tyres, as they were not made and unavailable.
As a result of the tyres being unavailable then Bridgestone have now started to make the tyres available again. Including the Potenza RE031. Of course, Incorporating sports performance with ride comfort, the Potenza RE031 is original equipment (OE) on selected vehicles. Original equipment (OE) on Lexus RX330.

After months of development, Bridgestone has finished creating new tyres for Jaguar’s iconic 1990s supercar, the XJ220. The tyre manufacturer partnered up with Jaguar specialist Don Law Racing to create new rubber for the turbocharged supercar, the British firm also supplied the original pre-production car that Jaguar originally used for testing.

Source: Bridgestone celebrates finishing new Jaguar XJ220 tyres with a documentary film | Evo