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Significantly, and according to information I have had. So, scanners/cameras are placed across and along the full length and width of every motorway lane. As a result a radar picks you up as stopped in a motorway lane.

Naturally, the authorities are supposed to be on hand immediately to attend your broken down vehicle. So, and move you off the motorway. So, You legally sit there in your broken down vehicle. Whatever lane you are in and nobody is likely to run into the rear of your vehicle and kill you because of two reasons.

Bridgestone Prize Winner-Automotive Blog Grandmother wins surprise £20,000 BMW with Bridgestone – Automotive Blog

Bridgestone Prize Winner

Bridgestone Prize Winner

Grandmother wins surprise £20,000 BMW with Bridgestone – Automotive Blog

Bridgestone Prize Winner

It is very refreshing to be able to see an actual prize winner. Therefore, how many times do we see these competitions.As a result, and never see who is the actual winner. This reminds me about a few years ago. My wife Michelle, was an avid competition fanatic. Michelle would enter all the competitions available.Especially, on our local radio stations.

Thus, it would drive me crazy when she thought that she had a chance of winning and she thought that she knew the answer to a said competition. One of the competitions was to win a brand new Toyota Yaris GT. She spent hours and hours checking on all the clues that were released on a daily basis. As expected, Michelle thought that she had formulated the answers. The winner would be asked a type of riddle that was formulated from all the different clues.

All the winner had to do, was to be the lucky 100th caller on that day. Of course the odds against being the 100th caller must have been tremendous? On that particular week, the guest presenter was Tony Blackburn. When Tony gave the go ahead for the 100th caller then Michelle went mad trying to get through. On that day she did get through and was the 100th caller. She gave Tony Blackburn the correct answer and was the owner of a brand new Toyota Yaris GT.

Source: Automotive Blog Grandmother wins surprise £20,000 BMW with Bridgestone – Automotive Blog

apollopower battery

VW Polo Batteries Online-A great way to buy a cut price battery

VW Polo Batteries Online

Buy VW Polo Batteries Online;VW batteries one of the most popular selling on line

Buy VW Polo Batteries Online

VW Polo V (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course, the world of car battery marketing has changed drastically. Especially, in the last six or seven years. Gone are the brands of battery that we were all once household names! So, brands are now purely set behind national borders and more localised. Instead, batteries are now been produced that were at one time one label. But are actually built by another manufacturer. A good example of this is the Varta and Bosch labels. These batteries are exactly the same products. Of course have their own marketing labels. Globalism is here and the battery makers have openly embraced these changes.

So most Car batteries are now made by the giant battery companies of the World.

Consequently, and just given brand names. For example Varta batteries are now marketed by a Manchester company here in the UK. However they are mainly made by Brookfield Business Partners LP and its institutional partners.

Importantly the Varta label and the Bosch label are just brand names. Subsequently, owned by a large company who do not manufacture the product. This is not to say the batteries are inferior indeed in my opinion the opposite applies and the batteries are of excellent quality.
Volkswagen’s cars such as the Polo are one of the makes of car that come out with a normal battery, usually calcium/calcium maintenance free.

The thing nowadays is that when the battery need replacing you will be probably be buying the same battery but with a different name. The German made cars tend to come out on a battery that is made by the big companies, but with names like Bosch or Varta.

 Cars like the Volkswagen do not need special batteries                     

Naturally, the VW Polo only require a standard battery that you can buy at a cheap price online. For example Varta or Bosch blue top range will be more than capable of starting and handling the electronics of a VW Polo.

Many of these batteries are offered on sale from the internet. Excellent quality ensures that these batteries are good enough for the VW Polo . Indeed including all the rest of the  VW range of cars. You could find that your VW dealer may tell you that their cars require a special battery. Not true! In my opinion this is not necessary.

VW Polo Batteries Online

You can buy a battery of just as good a quality at one of the better online stores at a much cheaper price. A decent quality battery for a Polo part number 063 should be in-between £40 and £60 delivered online.


About Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 odd years.

Jaguar XJ needs Winter Tyres

Jaguar XJ needs Winter Tyres-A good look at a Jaguar performing in winter snow conditions.

Jaguar XJ needs Winter Tyres

Jaguar XJ needs Winter Tyres

We see this thing every winter time. Of course, many models of cars will not perform well when presented with a sharp snowfall. Vehicles that seem to suffer more than others are naturally the heavier cars. As expected, this includes the Jaguar car models. The car on this video, even struggled in snow on a flat level drive.

here in Halifax UK, most homes are located on hills. So you can imagine the problems that motorists encounter when the snow hits us. Because we are a tyre retailer, then we fit all our vehicles out with winter tyres every November without fail. Therefore, it makes us laugh, when we see abandoned cars parked at the side of the roads and streets after a snowstorm.

You would think that the drivers would learn. After all we in the tyre industry, try to hammer home the safety angle of the winter tyre, year after year. I must say that we have had some success. Hence many of our customers do fit winters every year. These are the drivers that know how good winter tyres are when the snow arrives. These people are the ones that get their cars to work and school, in a safe manner.

Eric Roberts  Winter Tyres

Text to accompany video-Winter tyres needed can not even get off a level driveway, what chance do you stand on the roads.03/12/2010

Best Tyres Revisited

Cross-Ply Tyres for my Morris Minor 1000-First Models Were fitted with Xply TYRES

Cross-Ply Tyres

Cross-Ply Tyres

 Cross-Ply tyres Back to the sixties with the x ply tyres?

Must be remembered that most people are confused about tyres. After all, tyres look the same, so what could the differences be ? Well when the Minor 1000 was first built there was only one type of tyre, I know ! 

because unfortunately I was a beginner tyre fitter in those early days. Consequently,the only tyre about then was the Cross-Ply Tyres  and a few early radials.

Of course, the basic tyre is made of rubber on the outside and there are a number of layers of textile (man-made) fabrics inside. So, the rubber is there to give the tyres strength. With this in mind, some tyres even have a layer of steel belt. Of course, to increase strength still further (the steel was not in cross-plies though). Textile belts are woven sheets . Running  from bead to bead before the rubber tread is vulcanised on the carcass.

In a perfect world, the “tread” on the outside would stay flat to the road in all circumstances. Unfortunately, roads that are driven on are not perfect and the old Xply tyres gave a very bumpy ride, this also applied to cornering, early tyres used to fight the corners and as many Morris 1000 drivers know, in the early days you had to take care when driving on a bumpy road and cornering.

We then started using a more modern tyre called a “Radial “.

I remember what we called the “radial tyre”new “tyre revolution”. Of course radial tyres were to improve the cars handling by as much as 100%. As a result, the radial tyres have a completely different construction. Revolutionizing the tyre industry. Including the comfort of driving. Radial tyres became available in the 1960s. Outperforming the Cross-Ply Tyres in every way.

Minor 1000 owners say that the car was designed for the Xply. This is true, but only because there was nothing else! The car was also designed for the simple style of motoring, but things improved when the radial tyre came out.

It is now very rare to find x plies these days but if you have them fitted do not mix them with radial tyres on the same axle. It is only safe and legal to fit two x plies tyres at the front and two radials at the rear. In my opinion, your are far better fitting a set of modern day radial tyres, If you can afford it. The driving results are astounding. Especially in the wet. If you are a traditionalist you could stick to x ply tyres, but these may not be the cheapest car tyres on sale at the moment.

As always you get what you pay for.

There are some poor quality tyres from eastern Europe about today, that are best avoided, also, please avoid part worn second-hand tyres. Because tyre prices have risen so much and the minor 1000 tyres are now very rare (145×14) Firestone tyres are available for around £60 fitted and have worked well for me over the years,

Cross-Ply Tyres

Morris Minor 1000’s were fitted with 520×14 Cross-Ply Tyres and later were fitted with 145×14 radial ply tyres.

these and Dunlop tyres were one of the first companies to fit radial tyres on to the minor 1000. Many of our leading tyre companies no longer make these sizes, but a few imported makes are available. A few better quality imported makes are available from General and Bridgestone, if any minor 1000 owners wanted a price for these makes we will happily quote a price from Halifax.

The radial ply tyre is a huge improvement on the Cross-Ply Tyres

It has much better grip, better ride quality and lasts much longer, but the tyres are now mainly imported. As I have previously stated it is relatively rare to find Cross-Ply Tyres these days, but they are still available through tyre specialists, such as Pellon tyres in Halifax. But once again if you have a set of Cross-Ply Tyres do not mix radials with them. 145×14 or 155×14 radials are the largest you should fit the normal rims. If you go beyond this you will cause yourself problems with the tyre bellying out over the wheel, your car will be all over the road and is not recommended or indeed safe to do this.

About Eric Roberts

Hi, I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Battery  industry now for 40 years.

Subaru WRX-Audi A4 Winter Tyre Race

Subaru WRX-Audi A4 Winter Tyre Race-Follow the Leader!

Subaru WRX-Audi A4 Winter Tyre Race

Subaru WRX-Audi A4 Winter Tyre Race

As a result, a good video showing a couple of cars that were messing about and racing in the snow. Of course, these cars were fitted with winter tyres.

A couple buddies and myself decided to take advantage of all the snow we recently received, and tried to sacrifice our tires and gasoline to the Car Gods. Unfortunately I went out to test the lot earlier in the day, the sun came out afterwards, and we were left with a couple bare-asphalt patches, so the sliding wasn’t as exceptional as it could have been. Oh well, still plenty of fun!

Nokian Winter Tyres

BMW 320i Winter Tyres-BMW being tested out through its paces in the Snow – Douglas Park.

BMW 320i Winter Tyres

BMW 320i Winter Tyres

There is no doubt, that BMW owners, would benefit greatly by fitting winter tyres at the right time of the year. Hence, we find that it is the third owner of the BMW’s that ignore the thought of fitting winter tyres. This type of vehicle is usually still in great condition. Thus, even when they reach old age. This car is a very powerful machine. This makes it a double requirement to fit winter tyres.

The BMW range is well equipped with wide summer tyres These cars are very capable of reaching high speeds. This also makes them more vulnerable in snow and icy weather. A double whammy is the cars excellent braking system. Any driver of these large and powerful cars will know that the braking systems are very keen and accurate.

In my opinion, winter tyres are a must and important safety factor. The same goes for cars of a similar size and power. The car in this video the BMW 320i xDrive M Sport was tested at Douglas Park – Therefore, watch as we drive completely up a 170 metre ski slope. As a result, which has a gradient of 10-15 degrees in 300mm – 400mm of snow. The car was tested on snow which has 200mm under lying layer of ice which has a temp of -12 degrees.

Corsa Servicing-Costly Service on this unsuspecting Corsa VXR ?

Corsa Servicing

So,last week we had an interesting call from a young guy! Consequently, who thought that his Vauxhall Corsa was not running that well. Importantly, he thought it needed a Corsa Service. Subsequently, the guy booked the car in and turned up to leave the Corsa VXR for the Corsa Servicing.

Firstly,our technician Andy took the vehicle for a road test. Shockingly, he was surprised to find that the engine was not running properly. Sadly needing more than just a service on the Corsa! On further examination he diagnosed that the car had chronic engine failure.

Significantly, this car the Corsa VXR is a very fast front wheel drive sport hatch. So capable of speeds “zero to 60 mph” in just 6.2 seconds.Consequently this model of car was extensively tested by Top Gear. So, the revue can be seen on the attached link.

We were very surprised to find such a problem and scoured the internet to see if the problem was a common fault.

To our surprise only a few people had problems on the forums that we looked at and in general the car was getting good revues.Corsa Servicing

The car is powered by a 1.6 turbo charged engine. Secondly, the only thing we could do was to give him a guide price. Before we started to strip the engine down. Andy our mechanic loves this type of a challenge and engines are just a small part of the work that we carry out here at Pellon Auto-centre in Halifax.

Sure enough the engine top and bottom half needed much attention. Thirdly the cylinder head was taken to our usual engine experts in Manchester. So, were it was pressure tested and skimmed. Andy also found out that the car required new piston rings. Including a new set of cam shaft bearings. Of course, these were supplied by the Vauxhall dealers in Halifax! So, after a two day wait the engine was re-built and fitted with a new turbo. Because this had also gone and needed replacing.

Engines are all part of the service

Corsa Servicing

Corsa VXR just came in for a service?

We think that this particular car was having problems before the young man had purchased the car and he had just been unlucky and what was just going to be a service turned out to be a costly engine job. The car goes better than ever now and he is safe in knowing that his car is covered by the Unipart Car Care Centre warranty anywhere in the mainland UK.

 To read a good revue about this car please click on to the link bellow.

Pellon Tyre and Autocentre offer Corsa Servicing and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles.

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts



Hybrid Car Servicing

Are Hybrid Cars Cleaner-Negative Environmental Impacts of Hybrid Vehicles

Are Hybrid Cars Cleaner

Are Hybrid Cars Cleaner

Are Hybrid Cars Cleaner

Of course, if you’re in the marketplace for a new auto. Thus, you have actually probably questioned whether hybrid autos are worth the investment. While there are a number of benefits to purchasing a hybrid vehicle!

However you ought to be aware of some of the possible downsides. Including, the  environmental impacts of such hybrid cars and vans. When you’re completely enlightened on the benefits and drawbacks of your hybrid vehicle acquisitions. So of course you’ll be more ready to make a car-buying choice.

Dark clouds could be on the hybrids horizon

Frighteningly, word is coming out of the British government that hybrid cars could be banned. Because of environmental issues the hybrids are classed along side of the diesel and petrol cars. Of course that we all drive about in today (2020). Apparently, some fleet companies are noting that the drivers of hybrids. So, are not using the electrical part of the duel fuel system (electric and fuel combination). Simply they cant be bothered to use the electric part of the cars power supply. My way of thinking has probably encouraged the government to box these hybrids with the other fossil fuel driven cars.

They say that these car sales will be axed by the year 2030 ? Personally like many other “climate change” sceptics. I find this target un achievable and hope the target fails miserably?

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts


Source: Negative Environmental Impacts of Hybrid Vehicles

BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres

BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres-Many drivers with older BMW Minis find the tyres Expensive?

BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres

BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres

BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres-Many owners of BMW Minis are are just coming to terms with run flat tyres. Here in Halifax, we pride ourselves on our excellent client base, from mini drivers who trust us to carry out servicing on their cars. Trust is essential when it comes to advice about your car.

BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres-Price is important when selecting the correct run flat tyres

A few years ago I could see the writing on the wall. Thus, regarding a popular car. BMW mini and the high cost of parts including BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres. Hence, when the cars were becoming second and third hand. This time has now arrived.Therefore, with drivers looking for Cheap Run Flat Tyres.

The original mini (British Leyland) were build, for the main masses of the population. Thus, to enable working class motorists to afford a good reliable little car. I myself have owned five minis (old type) in my time and loved them all. You could get the up-market minis. Such as the mini cooper. But you would expect to pay a higher price for such things as new tyres. The normal tyres for Mini Cars were 145×10 and they would cost the same price for years on end (except for inflation). You knew that if you went on to a mini cooper you would have to pay more, because the tyre size was 16570×10, Get what I am on about ?.

Run Flat Tyres

Then bringing us back to the present.hence, came the BMW mini. Naturally, a completely different animal. This car has all the modern gadgets on board. Hence, to help in the battle BMW Minis Run Flat Tyresagainst greenhouse gases. Therefore, is fitted with many things that were not dreamed of when the old minis were around.

Cars now have to be made much lighter and one of the things they started doing was to mess about with spare wheels, no spare tyre in the boot. This was a duel effect, in my opinion, it did lessen the weight of the car but it also cut the price of the by the price of the tyre and wheel, times this by millions and it comes to a major saving. Most BMW minis started to come out on what we now know as run flat tyres. This simply means that if you have a puncture the tyres will remain strong enough to get you to safety, providing you only drive at 50 mph.

Run Flat Safety Tyres

In my opinion, the theory of this idea is a good safety feature, the strength of the tyre does not allow the car to move, thus keeping the car in a straight line and avoiding other traffic. The problem occurs when the driver turns up at the local tyre centre.
most run-flat tyres will not repair once they have had a puncture

The people that buy second and third hand BMW minis are usually young people, and mostly females and when they realise the cost of new BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres they freak out, some of the sizes now cost £180 each, that’s buying them online at cheap tyre prices.

Cheap BMW Minis Run Flat Tyres may be bought in budget brands but do not go for part worn  run flat tyres as it is more important to know where they have been and used for (the history) than normal tyres.


Eric Roberts

Automotive Jobs To Go

Automotive Jobs To Go-Sales ban of petrol, diesel and hybrid cars could start in 2032

Automotive Jobs To Go

Automotive Jobs To Go

Automotive Jobs To Go

As the owner of a small garage in Halifax UK then I am disgusted by our Governments decision. So, I am now in my early 70’s and remember the complete devastation of the coal mining! Of course,  caused by the Margret Thatcher government. As a long life Conservative supporter then I feel let down already by this decision ?

So at the moment electric cars have to go back to the main dealers with anything to do with the cars giant battery. Going forward, my fear is that this is how it will remain. Car manufacturers dealerships will be the only way that motorists will be able to have there battery serviced. In other words they will be tied down to the place where the car was bought from.

In my opinion this will mean that thousands of small garages, parts companies and indeed petrol stations will have to be shut down! Including thousands of factories making engine parts and Automotive batteries. Of course, because of lack of work due to car electrification.

Government bows down to the “extinction rebellion” lobby

So, also millions of people in the UK will not be able to afford an electric car. Nissan leaf owners are already having problems sourcing affordable replacement batteries. Because of a blog that I did about this then I get many emails asking for help! regarding the whereabouts of a reasonably priced replacement battery. One guy in Leeds was quoted £20,000 by the nissan dealer.

What I cant understand is why car makers were not given enough time to develop greener engines from fossil fuels. Vehicles out now are very green with low emissions.  Also I am surprised at our government. Who incidentally claim that they are on the side of hard working small and medium size businesses such as the independent private garage sector. Like the coal miners I fear that we will be all trodden over, by this stupid surge for electric cars.

I would love to hear what other people in the industry think.Importantly, I would also like to know why the World did not come to and end after the catastrophe that was the first and second world wars. The poison gases that were emitted over the period of the wars surely must have brought the world to an end ?

Finally we are going to need millions of charging points all over the country. Also where is all the electricity to come from to charge them all up. The country will be littered with thousands of stranded cars with flat batteries ?

Eric Roberts

.Eric Roberts

The UK’s planned ban on sales of new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars could start as early as 2032, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has said. The government sparked industry concern after it brought the date forward

Source: Sales ban of petrol, diesel and hybrid cars could start in 2032 – Garagewire