All Michelin Tyres

All Michelin Tyres

So, the compound on the Michelin tyres, is generated from computers. Hence, to provide the tyres with tread pattern . Of course, with, high-void tread pattern with interlocking tread blocks. Naturally, this is also backed by placing the sipes in a way that rejects and throws out pieces of grit and gravel. At one time tyres with many sipes would also be noisy when driving on normal tarmac roads. lastly, the Michelin tyres, with all their siping can now run much quieter, on normal tarmac roads, due to the computer design.

Michelin Bikes radial tyres-have been developed for superbikes

Michelin Bikes radial tyres

NEW DELHI: Michelin Bikes radial tyres-French tyre major Michelin tyres is looking to have a bigger play in the Indian two-wheeler market for which it is expanding its product portfolio.



Eric Roberts‘s insight:

Michelin tyres are always at the frontier of tyre development now the Michelin Bikes radial tyres.

The development of these Michelin Bikes radial tyres. So, event does not surprise me in the least. In all my years in the tyre trade.   Michelin tyres have been at the forefront of tyre development. The main goal of the tyre manufacturers at the moment. Of course, is to produce tyres that are much lighter and at the same time use new materials that make the products more environmentally friendly.

The main goal is to reduce the rolling resistance of tyres in general. This means that energy needed to move a car forward is reduced, this makes the car more fuel efficient,

Michelin Bikes radial tyres

Michelin Tyres UK vintage poster

due to the design and construction of the tyres and this together with other  factors in a cars design makes the car far more fuel efficient and there for greener in the eyes of the consumer.

Developing new tyres

All this new development is carried out by working together with car manufacturers to develop a tyre that is best suited to the car that is been designed. This is one of the reasons that of late cars a coming onto the market with different sizes and aspect ratios than ever before, in my opinion making the job for us as tyre retailers much more interesting.

The giant French company has also being busy developing other tyre products such as a new run-flat tyre for cars. This is known as the zero pressure tyre or the ZP. It is different to the other makes of run-flat tyres because it drives with the same characteristics as a normal radial tyre. The other makes of run-flat tyres are a very hard ride, due to the very stiff re-enforced sidewalls, but the new Michelin Bikes radial tyres have used different compounds and are a normal ride compared to other makes of tyres.

Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. Working in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. So. worked for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. Of course, I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre. Blogging about anything to do with cars and their related products. Naturally, that will help my business. We are members of Point-S and Trading Standards and are also a Unipart Car Care Centre.

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MICHELIN WINTER TYRES – BMW M5 Calls in at Pellon Tyres for a new set


As the owner of a Tyre centre here in Halifax Yorkshire UK, I am always pleased to see what I would call a special car call in for some servicing or repairs and also for some new tyres. This particular car was a BMW M5 in silver, the guy had heard about how good Michelin winter tyres were,especially Michelin Alpin Winter tyres were and so called into the depot and spoke to my son Aaron.


BMW M5 with its new MICHELIN WINTER TYRES fitted

Apparently these tyres were like gold to get hold of so the guy thought that he would give us a try after he was let down by one of the larger tyre companies, who said that they could get the tyres but after a few weeks. Eventually they admitted that the tyres were unavailable and so he came to us to give us a chance to find the tyres for his M5.

The tyres he wanted were 295/30R20 and 265/35R20 Michelin Alpin winter tyres. One of the problems was the fact that this M5 was fitted with 20inch wheels and not 18 or 19 inch wheels. However we knew that the Michelin winter tyres were available in Germany and because we are a member of a tyre dealer group known as Point-S tyres, we were able to contact a German tyre company who were able to supply us with the Michelin Tyres.

The guy was very pleased with our detective work and Aaron promptly ordered the tyres. They arrived in four days and the guy brought his car in to us for the Michelin winter tyres fitting. The guy is a business man who often travels to Europe and was recommended to buy the Michelin winter tyres for his BMW, as Michelin had put many hours of research and development into the building of these tyres to compliment the BMW M5.

If you own such a car as an M5 only use the recommended winter tyres for that car

In my opinion tyres play a great importance to the car, especially when it comes to high performance cars like this BMW M5. Companies like Michelin Tyres put many hours into developing the right tyres for the right car. Michelin use their great expertise into their racing tyre division and into supplying tyres in massive racing events such as Le -Mans 24 hour’s race in France. All the expertise and development that Michelin gain in these events will be used in developing tyre products for companies like BMW and Mercedes, to be used on their premium cars.

To finalise I would totally recommend that if you are the owner of such a car, then you should stick to the tyres that are on the car from new and when buying winter tyres only use tyres that have been proven for your model, as our customer did on his BMW M5.Michelin winter tyres

Article by Eric Roberts..member of

Michelin EV Tyres-TYRE TALK-Twitter / Michelin Tyres: Here’s a first look at the …

Michelin EV Tyres

Michelin EV Tyres ready for action

RT @BaronVonClutch: The #Michelin EV tyres developed for @FIAformulaE (via @michelintyres): #FormulaE


eric roberts‘s insight:

Also the new Michelin ev tyres will fit regular EV Vehicles.

Michelin Tyres UK are probably the most pro-active and innovative tyre company in the World. This new  development is no exception. The new Michelin EV Tyres are much lighter in

Michelin EV Tyres

The world famous Michelin man

weight; this is also to reduce the weight of the vehicle. This new Michelin EV Tyres does not skimp on performance with excellent grip and cornering, giving the car stability when cornering. This  will undoubtedly help the car reduce emissions. The new Michelin EV Tyres will be coming out as original equipment on the new Renault ZOE EV car. The new tyre from Michelin is not a cheap car tyre, but will be cost effective when it comes to lower emissions and savings on fuel, due the help from the Michelin EV Tyres lightness in weight. It will be fitted on many other cars including the other Renault range of cars such as the Renault Megane and many other brands of EV’s. I have noticed recently that some of the Continental brands are very light indeed weighing a third lighter than their predecessors.

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Michelin news from Eric Roberts…


Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. We also sell tyres online from our website by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. We offer courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. We are also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes, who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.

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Michelin Race Tyres may have Tested F1 Tyres in Le-Mans during the testing time?


Could Michelin Race Tyres Return to the F1 big boys ?

Michelin Race Tyres

Michelin Race Tyres famous racing brand

Michelin Race Tyres are probably the most active tyre company to participate in Motor sport. Michelin tyres have also been dominant in the famous French 24hr race at the Le Mans racing circuit. One of the highlights of travelling through France was when we were diverted on a family holiday, and found ourselves driving along the race circuit, I did not realise that the circuit was run on ordinary roads , which were closed when the racing took place, it was in the middle of the night and I thought that I had taken the wrong turning, but I felt better when I saw other cars on the road coming towards us. Michelin Race Tyres show their class and tyre expertise not only when making standard car tyres (if there is such a thing these day’s) but also in the field of motor sport. Michelin have been the most successful on the Le Mans circuit over the past 16 years they have been the tyre supplier and partner to the winning car a great achievement. This is due to the fact that Michelin Race Tyres produce a tyre that can complete the 50 laps without having to be changed.

For more information at…
There are strong rumors from inside the racing fraternity, that Michelin Race Tyres will be competing for a bid to take over in F1 racing from Pirelli tyres, and that some negotiations have taken place. But these are only rumors. It is well known that the F1 bosses want to return
to the 13 inch wheel with high profile wide tread and that Michelin Race Tyres have said that they are prepared to produce this tyre if necessary.
Michelin is thought to have tested tyres that would give them data to build tyres that would be suitable for the heavier F1 cars that
produce heavier down-force and faster cornering speeds. The tyres were tested on the track using an Audi.


Michelin tyres don’t want to go alone

According to the online magazine www.racecar-engineering .com…

Michelin Race Tyres

Michelin Race Tyres in action at a race meeting

“There are still obstacles – Michelin tyres has always said that it does not want to be a sole tyre supplier, and the comments from Korean management suggest that a prospective deal with Hankook tyres is off. And it would have to be a partnership, or there would be a tyre war, although how that would pan out would be interesting – what’s the criteria? Who can build the best tyres over a ten-lap run? The prospect of Michelin Race Tyres going to F1 could have ramifications for Le Mans – Michelin is the tyre of choice for Audi, Toyota and Porsche in LMP1 alone. In the GTE classes, Michelin Race Tyres supplies all the teams and only Dunlop competes against them in LMP2. A Formula 1 contract could stretch Michelin beyond capacity. Lest we forget, Pirelli still has a number of promotional contracts in place in Formula 1 in 2014. Regardless of the listed rumors (and they are only rumors), are these contracts that they would easily give up?”…

In my opinion only time will tell ? But it’s all very interesting stuff, I don’t think that the tyre industry has been through such big changes in recent times, with take overs and acquisitions happening all the time.

Article written by Eric

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. We also sell tyres online from our website by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. We offer courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. We are also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes, who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.

Michelin tyre tactics- Tyre Development from the racetrack to the open road.

Michelin tyre tactics

Michelin tyre tactics

Michelin tyre tactics Michelin tyre tactics: from the racetrack to the open road Michelin’s endurance racing record befits its Total Performance ethos, as the company explores new ways in which to improve tyre longevity, performance and…


eric roberts‘s insight:

Michelin tyre tactics

In my opinion Michelin tyres are still the Worlds leading tyre maker. Thus, offering tyre product excellence.

Michelin have in my experience . Always been the most expensive of car tyres to buy. Of course, the old saying of “you get what you pay for”, springs to mind . Therefore,we always find that it is the same type of well educated customers that ask for Michelin by name. Opposite to the “how much are they” brigade.

Michelin have always put expertise into the research and development of their tyres. Hence, making them hard to beat for quality.

Michelin tyre tactics

The Michelin premier AS tyre is the latest development to come from this renowned Michelin tyre tactics company. The tyre is an all-weather tyre and keeps the grip as the tyre wears down, making it one of the safest on the market.

The early Michelin tyre products were always lasting longer than their competitors. However, they had to combine comfort with high mileage. In my opinion Michelin achieved this by the knowledge that they gained from supplying motorsport. As a result, such as their inclusion in the track racing in Le-Mans South-West France. Of course,this endurance race (24 hrs) gives Michelin the platform to improve their tyre products. Consequently from on the track experience.

Michelin tyre tactics tested with motorsport in mind

It has been my opinion for many years. That a large percentage of car drivers. Simply, do not have any type of opinion. Thus, regarding the hard working consistent performer. Because many tyre buyers simply want cheap car tyres.

But the simple tyre is full of technical qualities. A close inspection will reveal that a tyre is a complex and sophisticated part of your car. Naturally, the humble tyre, has been developed over the years .To become the modern and safer product. Hence, for the faster and more energy efficient cars. That are being produced today.

Many of these new Michelin tyre tactics innovations . Have been developed with the aid of motorsport. Michelin are particularly strong at the moment supporting the Le-Man’s racing teams. But over the years have been the world’s leading Tyre Company. Hence, to support and develop the motorsport events. This experience has helped Michelin to make sure that their products will help to connect to the road much better.  Especially, when cornering and accelerating . Also just as important for when the car is braking.

What many drivers do not realize is that the humble car tyre is made up of 200 components and some of these play a vital part in road safety and the fuel efficiency of your car, in fact they say that a tyre is responsible for 20% of your cars fuel consumption and a glance at the new tyre labeling system, will show which come out the best.

Michelin tyre tactics-Michelin Energy Saver

In the these days of costly fuel prices then most drivers will want to  use less fuel and also have a safe tyre that lasts much longer, then the MICHELIN Energy Saver is made for you. Its modern and up to date technology is made to decrease your  rolling resistance, which also leads to reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions(1).

Michelin tyre tactics

Michelin tyre tactics to make a greener tyre

This is helped by using a 100% silica-based rubber compound during the manufacturing process. The part substitution of replacing some of the carbon black with silica in 1992 has helped MICHELIN to present its first generation of lower fuel consumption “green tyres”. Since these  were launched, Michelin has sold 570 million greens across the world.


Eric Roberts…

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts.


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Michelin versus Budget Tyres- Planned obsolescence is ‘quite developed’ in the European tyre market

Michelin versus Budget Tyres

Michelin versus Budget Tyres Michelin versus Budget Tyres

Michelin versus Budget Tyres

As a result ,of reading this along with other similar articles. Then I could not believe what came out from the giant french tyre company. Michelin of course. Consequently, many of the large tyre companies are now manufacturing tyres. That have a tread area that finishes at 3 mm. Of course, when I say finishes. Then I am talking about the fact that when the tyres get down to the 3 mm limit then the tyre sipes stop.

Therefore, this means that at 3 mm then the tyre is virtually “bald”. There are no sipes to drain away the water . Especially, on the Continental tyre range.

To me it is a no brainer. As a result, cars are getting bigger with the advent of the SUV and Crossover ranges of vehicles. Tyre sizes are also getting bigger and more technical tread variations are added all the time. So when it comes to premium versus budget tyres what should we expect?

Michelin versus Budget Tyres

Firstly, Michelin are of course a premium brand of tyres. Secondly, the budget tyres are primarily made in China. Premium tyre makers strive to make the best tyre products that they can . Inevitably, making the best products, using the latest developments and technology. Including sustained quality throughout the world tyre market.

Budget tyres are made for price alone. product manufacturing materials are usually pretty basic.Although I have no personnel experience, as I have never visited a Chinese tyre plant. However , I must say that we do sell budget tyres and they do a good job for the price . perhaps they do a bit less mileage . In general though we do not get many complaints.

Another consideration , is that premium tyres are also developed for different styles of vehicles . Some tyres are specific to a certain make of car. Budget tyres are however all made the same for whatever vehicles has that particular tyre size or of make of vehicle.

Many people may think they are saving money by buying budget tyres, and maybe they are in the short-term but in some cases any savings made by purchasing a budget tyre can be lost with lower fuel economy over the life of the tyre, or the loss of mileage, and that’s before you consider safety.

Michelin further re-affirmed its opposition to increasing minimum tyre tread depths (and of those that recommend changing tyres at 3mm) on 11 May when the company held a “The truth about worn tyres…

Source: Michelin: Planned obsolescence is ‘quite developed’ in the European tyre market : Tyrepress

Michelin Tweel Tyre Development- Similar to Tyre Used on Citroën Hybrid Air

Michelin Tweel Tyre

Michelin Tweel Tyre

New type of Michelin Tweel Tyre

Michelin tyres help the new Citroën Hybrid Air eco prototype to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions, increase its energy efficiency and improve resistance to aquaplaning. The Hybrid Air was revealed at the Geneva Motor …


Eric Roberts‘s insight:

Michelin Tweel Tyre Development

When I first saw this post i thought that the prototype Michelin tyre called the Michelin Tweel Tyre. Consequently which had been developed for real time use.  But looking at this I think not.

The new tyre is tall and narrow 165/50 x 18 will be the size used. This will make the tyre much more dynamic with far less rolling resistance. So, it will be like going back in time 50 years to Michelin’s first radials. They would have been 125 x 400 milimetric size (tall and thin). You know what they say “what comes round goes round”.

It was back in 2005 when the French tyre company first announced the arrival of the Michelin Tweel Tyre . To me it just looks like a light weight solid fork truck wheel with a wheel that has a solid rubber welded to the wheel on the outside. It could also be said to look like the old fashioned horse cart wheel, with the spokes fixed to a hub that is connected to the axle. The spokes then fit to the outer wheel, which is fitted with a rubber band.

The difference is in the materials that Michelin Tweel have used.

The same as the cart wheel. Traditionally, a solid inner hub mounts to the axle. Similar to a normal spokes alloy wheel. From this is another set of spokes that connect to the outer rim, the same as a cart wheel. These spokes are incredibly strong and are the things that replace the air pressure in a conventional tyre. The outer part of the Michelin Tweel Tyre rim is connected with a band of rubber with a tread pattern.

The second spokes that absorb all the impacts and bumps and respond to the cars steering are made from polyurethane and are incredibly strong. The French Company say that these spokes can be made of different strength and tensions, to enable the Michelin Tweel Tyre to be fitted to different vehicles of different weights and physical size, to help improve the handling, much in the same way as a conventional tyre and wheel assembly does at the moment. As I have said earlier in my article these Michelin Tweel Tyre do look like a mixture of the old cart wheels and modern alloy wheels and tyres and in my opinion area very clever concept.

Michelin have said that the Tweels have been tried and tested on an Audi A4

Naturally, giving the car much more lateral stiffness than the conventional wheel and tyre set up. In my opinion Michelin are a massive tyre company and I cannot see them giving up their core business, to make things like this, but I do think that the Tweel may be part of a big mix of technologies in the future.

Compiled by Eric Roberts…

Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and Michelin Winter Tyre and Car Battery business now for 40 years. So, working for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. Now owning a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre. Of course, I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products. Of course, that will help my business to grow.

Vintage cars visit Pellon Autocentre

Michelin Tyres Development-Set their Targets High as far back as the Thirties

 It is no surprise to the older drivers amongst us that Michelin Tyres Development has always been at the forefront of tyre design 

Michelin Tyres Development

This early Citroen ran on the Michelin Tyres Development XAS tyres

Ever since I started work as a junior tyre fitter all those years ago. So, I have marveled at the skill and professional work that Michelin Tyres Development  have put into their products. Even going back before my time ! French tyre makers were at the top of tyre development.Subsequently, all the other tyre companies were playing catch-up.

Enter the first steel belted radial that started it all off for Michelin tyres.

This was to be the tyre that changed their history. Including the great American tyre makers of the time. Of course, this new tyre from Michelin tyres was to be a far cry from the cross ply. Significantly, made by most other European tyre companies . Including, the Bias-belted tyres that were been developed in the USA.

The new Michelin Tyres Development was to be known as the Michelin”X”. Consequently, first appearing in 1949 (a year after I was born). This tyre would revolutionize the tyre industry ! With a product that would last longer and prove better car handling. Especially, for the type of suspension that was used on European cars.

This tyre was to be fitted as original equipment to Lancia and Citroen cars and also to the Mercedes 190 SL models.

It took a good ten years before the other tyre makers started to catch Michelin Tyres Development up, all trying to copy the steel belted “X” tyre.

Compared to the cross-ply tyre the radial gave many advantages. They  gave a much better mileage and road holding, ( I must admit that when I was in my early tyre fitting days, I can remember drivers complaining about Michelin  being bad in wet weather ?), This also gave added bonus of lower fuel consumption, a great

Michelin Tyres Development

The original Michelin Tyres Development x tyres

bonus for some of those old gas guzzling cars.

This is also the same time that imported cars were coming into the UK cars such as the Citroen 2 CV and Renault Dauphins.

More reading... “The Dauphine took over from the 4 CV in 1956, but not as a replacement. The name dauphine (heiress) was highly significant. Release was a major event on the motoring scene, and followed up by a successful career on French and export markets.  

Dauphine played its successor’s role to the full, boasting all the latest features of the epoch, such as adjustable seats, heating, and an automatic gearbox. The finish was very smart, with a red and black steering wheel and matching seats. The dashboard layout was uncluttered, and the interior roomy.  

Dauphine was a four-seater, with rear bench and two separate seats at the front. In January 1957, the US motoring weekly The Motor crowned it the “prettiest little four-seater in the world”. Sure, it was beautiful, elegant and shapely, totally in keeping with spirit of the 1960s.”…

The Dauphin did not do too well in the “Cold Damp British climate”

So, soon had a bad reputation for bad rust, but it did come out on Michelin tyres, and I will never forget the first time I had to remove one of these products  from the rim. The tyre just fell off the wheel it was so easy to do, a big improvement on the struggle we had when fitting Dunlops . In those days we only had a hand held tyre bead breaker and some tyre levers, balancing was carried out on a small “bubble” wheel  balancer which I still believe never really worked.

To conclude Michelin Tyres Development have never looked back and in the early days because of their better cornering they were used in the early motor-sport cars with great success.

Post written by Eric Roberts

members of Point-S

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Michelin ‘America’s Best Employer’- in Automotive Industry for 2017 : Tyrepress

Michelin ‘America’s Best Employer’

Michelin ‘America’s Best Employer’

Michelin ‘America’s Best Employer’

Whenever I read this type of article, then they jolt my memory . Although this article relates to Michelin USA . Consequently , mind  took me back in time to the 1970,s . In those days then Michelin owned a distribution warehouse in Leeds Yorkshire UK. Of course Michelin truck tyres were and still are the best truck tyres on the market. The Michelin quality was second to none .

In those days then I worked for C Neild tyres in Gelderd road. Hence, just down the road from the Michelin distribution centre. In those days Michelin would have two deliveries a day . Because of this we were very friendly towards some of the drivers . Subsequently, the drivers were always telling us how good an employer that Michelin was . In fact, one of the drivers explained that when he moved into his new house . Then the French tyre company actually bought him a new washing machine .

It does not get much better than that ? So it comes as no surprise to me that Michelin have been voted as one of”Americas best Employers”.

Eric Roberts

The Michelin Group has been selected by Forbes magazine as one of “America’s Best Employers” for 2017. On this year’s list, the company is ranked first in the Automotive Industry and 34th overall o…

Source: Forbes names Michelin ‘America’s Best Employer’ in Automotive Industry for 2017 : Tyrepress

Dedicated Michelin Man Restaurant-This Restaurant Is Dedicated To The Michelin Man | Londonist

Dedicated Michelin Man Restaurant

Dedicated Michelin Man Restaurant

This London restaurant is well a look at. Furthermore, the whole interior of the dining area is dedicated to the famous Michelin man. Therefore, it makes me wonder if they are looking for a cheeky star or two?

Michelin stars are very hard to come bye.For this reason, then I have only visited a Michelin star restaurant, The “Star Inn” Harome near Helmsley  a great little market town in North Yorkshire UK. Consequently, I have also written a couple of blogs about our experiences at the Star Inn. Because I have always been interested in anything to do with Michelin tyres. Finally, you must take a look at this special restaurant. Who knows one day you may eat there?

Eric Roberts

Dining with va-va-voom.

Source: This Restaurant Is Dedicated To The Michelin Man | Londonist