All Michelin Tyres

All Michelin Tyres

So, the compound on the Michelin tyres, is generated from computers. Hence, to provide the tyres with tread pattern . Of course, with, high-void tread pattern with interlocking tread blocks. Naturally, this is also backed by placing the sipes in a way that rejects and throws out pieces of grit and gravel. At one time tyres with many sipes would also be noisy when driving on normal tarmac roads. lastly, the Michelin tyres, with all their siping can now run much quieter, on normal tarmac roads, due to the computer design.

Michelin Primacy 3-tops Auto Zeitung summer tyre test : Tyrepress

Michelin Primacy 3

Michelin Primacy 3It’s summer tyre test season, or at least the time of year when the results are published. German car magazine Auto Zeitung has evaluated ten size 215/55 R17 W/Y products. Its decision to only test …

Michelin Primacy 3

Michelin will always be up at the top. Hence, in tyre development and the quality of the end product. Therefore, these tyre test by the German Motoring  magazine. If you are considering buying some tyres in the near future. Then you could go with Michelins.

Source: Michelin Primacy 3 tops Autozeitung summer tyre test : Tyrepress

Michelin Cross climate short test-UK winter 2016 -Now Proven 2018- YouTube

Michelin Cross climate short test

Michelin Cross climate short test

Of course, by getting the correct tyres for your car means you get a better performance out of it. Specifically, with hundreds of different patterns to choose from how do you know which ones are the best for you?

Choosing the correct tyres mean that you should choose a top performer. Including a tyre from Continental, the Conti Cross Contact LX 2   .Performing well in all areas of the independent tyre tests. Of course, which included handling and breaking on dry and wet roads. Including, rolling and aquaplaning resistance, (the power needed to turn the tyre).

Naturally, the other top tyres came from manufacturers Michelin, with their Cross Climate all-weather tyres.  Goodyear and Dunlop with some tyres performing better in wet conditions than others. Amongst the worst performers’ where offerings from manufactures Runway and Maxxis. Subsequently, all tyres tested performed well in one or more areas of the tests.

Winter tyre tests

In the test of winter tyres however it was Goodyear that came out on top with their winter tyre Ultragrip 8. Of the all-round tyres which you can use both in summer and winter the Vredestein’s Quatrac impressed the test panel the most. Pure summer tyres where proven to perform badly in wintry conditions.

Price wise, all-season tyres cost a fraction more than pure summer tyres do while winter specific tyres cost around ₤ 30-40 more. If the recent English winters with snow and ice continue it might be worth investing either considering in winter specific tyres or to fit the car with all-season tyres.

An online magazine recently tested tyres from 12 different brands covering anything from the premium to the budget and suitable for all cars from family hatchbacks to a new Rolls-Royce.

A good video about the very popular CrossClimate by Michelin. This is different to an all-weather tyre. Hence, Michelin say it is a summer tyre with winter tyre capabilities. Thus, the CrossClimate is well worth a try.

Michelin Cross climate short test

Eric Roberts


Michelin-Yokohama Tyre Price Rises-among those set to hike prices – European Rubber Journal

Michelin-Yokohama Tyre Price Rises

Michelin-Yokohama Tyre Price Rises

Michelin and Yokohama Tyres ready to be fitted to your car, At Pellon Tyres in Halifax UK. But price rises will be coming our way in 2017.

Michelin-Yokohama Tyre Price Rises

Michelin-Yokohama Tyre Price Rises

This article in the European Rubber Journal. Hence, is further proof to me that tyre prices are at rock bottom. Therefore, and need to rise. Because, I have been in the tyre trade now for over forty years. Hence, I have seen the rise and fall of tyre prices many times. Due to differing circumstances. Naturally, inflation and stagnation are one of the reasons. Other reasons have been the shortage of raw materials. I can remember a shortage of raw material “latex”. Due to bad weather in the latex growing areas. Hence, this pushed up the price of tyres.

As in many other industrial areas, then the raw materials that tyres are made of has been steadily rising. Manufacturers can and have absorbed the costs. But price increase are imminent. This report sets out reasons. probably a lot better than I can.

Eric Roberts.

Source: Michelin, Yokohama among those set to hike prices – European Rubber Journal

Michelin Tweels-Golf buggies-New wheels to benefit from Michelin’s Tweel technology : Tyrepress

Michelin Tweels-Golf buggies

Michelin Tweels-Golf buggiesA Michelin Tweel airless radial tyre-wheel combination is now available for golf buggies, initially in North American markets. Michelin North America has announced the launch of the Michelin X Twee…

Michelin Tweels-Golf buggies

I must admit, that the golf buggy was not in my mind for the recently introduced “michelin Tweel” invention. When it first came out, I could not understand exactly what Michelin were doing. These were not wheels and they were not tyres. The tweel was going against the main business of manufacturing normal tyres that we all know.

As expected, the new tweels were tested on some car models. Hence, I think they were tested on some BMW models. Thus, later in the tweel development, they were tested and introduced onto plant machinery. This was an excellent idea?

Plant hire equipment had always had problems with puncture repairs. Hence, when I was a tyre fitter in another life, then much of my time was devoted to repairing punctures in small dump truck wheels. As a result, the tweel must have saved the owners of these machines, thousands of pounds in “down time”.

Larger equipment, such as farm tractors, could be the next. Although, I am not sure how big and strong the tweel can be made. They would look like the old steam roller wheels. Of course, the tweel would be much lighter. Because of the new types of metals used in construction. This article in the excellent Tyrepress, opened mu eyes to another use for the tweel. Hence the golf buggy.

At the moment, the golf buggies run on pneumatic tyres. These tyres, run at low pressures. Because of this the buggies are susceptible to puncture repairs. Therefore, the use of the tweel will eliminate this problem. The tweel can also be fitted with a heavier tread pattern.Hence for a better grip on rougher terrain.

More information about the tweel-

Source: Golf buggies to benefit from Michelin’s Tweel technology : Tyrepress

Michelin Rally Tyres-C3 claims stage win on Col du Turini :

Michelin Rally Tyres

Michelin Rally Tyres

Michelin Rally Tyres

Rally news, photos, forums and statistics – simply a great community of dedicated rally fans.

Therefore, more reading-

Source: C3 claims stage win on Col du Turini :

Michelin Bicycle Tyres-Singletrack Magazine-New 2017 Tyres From Michelin

Michelin Bicycle Tyres

Michelin Bicycle Tyres

Michelin Bicycle Tyres

I know that I do not normally write about bicycle tyres. naturally they are tyres are therefore are all related to other tyres. For this reason, and also the fact that many motorists now own bikes. Hence, I will include some interesting articles that I come across relating to bike tyres. Michelin tyres were the front runners in cycle tyre inventions. Of course, the Michelin brothers invented the cycle tyres and tubes way back at the beginning of the century.

Eric Roberts

Four new rubber lines coming our way this year.

Source: Singletrack Magazine | New 2017 Tyres From Michelin

Michelin Tyre Policy Saves Money-MD Transport chooses Michelin | HGV

Michelin Tyre Policy Saves Money

Michelin Tyre Policy Saves Money

Michelin Tyre Policy Saves Money

This claim does not surprise me? Michelin have always been the world leaders in truck tyre management. Hence, my experience in truck tyres goes back about forty years. Of course, most tyre dealers know about the quality of the Michelin truck tyre casings. When the original tyre wears down to the limit, then the old tyre is used for retreading. Michelin tyres are perfect for the job. They were then and they are now. So by using the Michelin system then these trucking companies can not lose.

Leicester-based bulk aggregate haulier BMD Transport has cut its monthly tyre bill by 25 per cent after switching to a Michelin policy. The family-run company reported the savings soon after switch…

Source: BMD Transport chooses Michelin | HGV

Of course going forward then Michelin are still number one! Especially when it comes to the quality and performance of their truck tyre range. So, even when the tyres wear down to the legal limit them the truck tyres casing is still regarded as the number one to be re-treaded. Importantly, other brands can only come a close second. Of course other truck tyre manufacturers are getting close? I am thinking perhaps of Bridgestone tyres.

New Radial Tyres

New Radial Tyres-Tyre History-Early days gave a hard Ride when fitted with wrong suspension?

New Radial Tyres

America was slow to take to New Radial Tyres

Of course in the early days of tyre development. So, the American tyre market was much slower to use the option of radials. Especially, on the new cars that they were then producing. Predominantly, the rest of the world including Europe and the UK were starting to use New Radial Tyres in much larger numbers.

New Radial Tyres

New Radial Tyres; The Michelin X was the first steel belted radial tyre in the World and gave double the mileage, although the grip in wet weather was nothing to write home about.

Especially in France and Germany with Peugeot and Citroen leading the way. Of course, fitting Michelin tyres on most of their early Diane models.

However, things were very different across the pond in the USA. Indeed, they tended to go for the Bias-belted tyres, which complimented the type of suspensions. Consequently, that were used on most American cars. One of the problems they had with the New Radial Tyres was that the precise handling. Hence, showed up hidden weaknesses in the American cars.

Ford became the front runners in correcting the problems. Introducing “radial tuned” suspension on the new Thunderbird and Lincoln models. Modification enabled Ford to offer radials  as an optional extra. Indeed, this started in 1967 a couple of years after I started my career in tyres here in the UK.

At first, the offers of radials were not taken up very well. Of course, by the public and one of the reasons was supply problems. Other major car makers followed fords footsteps. Though subsequently, they were supplying sub-standard radials. Therefore, suffering quality problems. Because radials were in their infancy in the United States.

Many of the manufacturers had to replace these sub-standard tyres

Firstly by importing Michelin tyres. Michelin had tyres that were tried and tested without any quality problems. Accordingly, one of the biggest players in tyre supplies in America was the department store, Sears. Sears controlled about 25% of the American tyre replacement market in those days. Later,that settled down to about 10%.Because their competitors had all  started to sell New Radial Tyres. This ate into Sears tyre numbers. Sears had done a deal with the tyre makers Armstrong Rubber company which supplied Sears with their Bias belted products, but things certainly picked up when they started to introduce radial tyres, making them one of the top tyre retailers in the States.

Ford used the first radial tyres in America

In 1968 top Ford officials had a meeting with the Michelin company. Offering to fit their radials to the new Lincoln Continental as original equipment. Michelin would be the exclusive supplier of tyres for this new model. In general, the American public knew that radials  lasted far longer than the Bias belted tyres that the were used to driving on, sometimes up to four times longer. It is widely reported that Ford paid $19.50 for the first Michelin, only $5 more per tyre than for bias belted, this was indeed a great deal for Ford and the first American cars rolled off the production lines on cheap Michelin Tyres UK.

Eric Roberts

Van Wheel Alignment Including Suspension


Car Tyres Days Gone Bye -Michelin-Dunlop and Goodyear were the Market Leaders in the 1960’s

 Post Updated 22nd Dec 2013/22nd march 2016

Car Tyres Days Gone Bye-My car tyres beginnings

 Car Tyres Days Gone Bye-My very first job in the auto trade was as an apprentice mechanic in a small Yorkshire garage. I only spent four years there and after having an argument with my boss we decided to part companies. The best thing to come out of my old job was the fact that I became interested in tyres. Very strange you may think but that’s the truth. I had to repair all the punctures  and fit new ones using a tyre lever, a very difficult thing to do, until I got the knack of it.

Most punctures in those days were to tyre inner tubes. Most  in those days were fitted with tubes and were used right up to the tyre becoming completely bald and beyond. There were no laws in my early days this would come later on in my career.

I was now at home under my mother’s feet looking for, a new job. To my surprise, a vacancy for a  fitter appeared in the local paper. My mother rushed me off to the Briggs Auto-centre centre, within minutes of the advertisement appearing. The then manager a guy called Brian interviewed me and was very impressed that I could take off car wheels and fit and repair them by hand using tyre levers.

I received a polite letter saying that I had got the job. My mother was more pleased than me, because I would be no longer under her feet and she would have my weekly board money coming in again. I started work the week after and soon got settled into the job. I truly loved my new job and settled into my new role as a fitter.

This was to be the begging of my lifetime love for the  industry and was to set me up to run my own business in years to come.

The company was called The Tyre House , a local company soon to be bought out by the ever-expanding Dunlop retail outlet called Brigg’ s. Briggs were a group of  companies and were soon to merge with another group called Marshams , this was later to become National  a wholly owned company of Dunlop .

In those days, the major manufacturers were hell bent on buying out any  distributor to consolidate their share of the market. This was due to the ever increasing market

Car Tyres Days Gone Bye

Car Tyres Days Gone Bye-Vintage Avon tyres from the 1960’s often seen on upmarket cars such as Rolls Royce and Bentley s

place as cars were becoming affordable to more and more people as jobs became more plentiful. Therefore, more people needed tyres,

 Car Tyres Days Gone Bye-The first car tyres law came out

 and I was promoted to office manager for my enthusiasm and it was beginning to get easier promotions in a large company such as Dunlop made at the famous Fort Dunlop tyre factory in Birmingham UK. I eventually left National Tyres and moved to Goodyear owned company in Leeds to try my hand with giant earth mover tyres, but will never forget the friends I met some of whom were friends for life and my first job in the tyre industry.



About Eric Roberts

Hi, I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the
Garage and we can offer Next Day Delivery Car Tyres and we have been in the battery industry now for 40 years. I worked for a couple of national
tyre companies before starting my first business. I now own a company here in
the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre, and I am a keen blogger about
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Car Tyres Days Gone Bye

Car Tyres Days Gone Bye-sort of cars from the 60s

Michelin Tyres World Beaters

Michelin Tyres World Beaters-A great video explaining tyres and How Its Made HD

Michelin Tyres World Beaters

Michelin Tyres World Beaters

As a tyre retailer in Halifax Yorkshire, UK I can tell you that Michelin are not the easiest tyre manufacture to deal with. Therefore, we sell Michelin products but through a third party wholesaler. Over the years I have tried to deal direct with Michelin. But I find that they are not flexible enough for a small tyre business like mine.

Of course, I think very highly of the Michelin tyre products. In my opinion, i think that they are the best tyre in the world. Of course, other tyres are starting to catch them up, but they are well in front at the moment. The text bellow accompanies the video and it is well worth watching.

How Its Made Michelin Tyre

Michelin is a well known tyre brand across the world that is located in Clermont-Ferrand region of France. The company started operation on 28th May, 1889 and two years later, it procured its first patent for the detachable pneumatic tyre. In the year 1900, the Michelin Red Guide was published and in 1911, the Michelin Sports Association was created. In 1916, it had built the first paved runway in the world.

During 1920 to 1930, The company’s large rubber plantations were operated in Vietnam and it invented the ‘Micheline’ locomotive and pneumatic tyre for railway cars. In 1934, the tyre maker introduced the run flat tyre, which is also called as self-supporting tyre. This firm had filed a patent for the new radial tyre in 1946 and later adapted its radial technology to truck tyres

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