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Are Hybrids here to stay

Are Hybrids here to stay

Are Hybrids here to stay
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Are Hybrids here to stay

So , if you had asked me this question a few months ago,! Then the answer from me would have been yes.

Importantly, I thought and hoped that this particular format would be the way forward.

Firstly, it appeared to be a good compromise between electric cars (battery-driven) and fossil fuels. In my opinion, the electric car that we have at the moment is too extreme. This car will cut the jobs of millions of associated industries. Including the garage industry that has supported my family for more than half a century.

All right, let’s have a conversation about hybrid cars

Which have been the topic of conversation that everyone is talking about these days. Is it true that they are going to be around for a long time? To begin, let’s go into this topic, but let’s do it in a manner that is authentically Yorkshire, with a touch of regional flavour and a mention to our colleagues at Pellon Tyres, who are well-versed in the maintenance of these contemporary automobiles.

To put it another way, hybrid automobiles have been making their way through our streets for quite some time now, and it appears that they are becoming as commonplace as a damp day in Halifax. The question is, however, whether they are merely a fleeting cloud or whether they are as enduring as the bricks in the Piece Hall.

Begin with the fundamentals, shall we? Are Hybrids here to stay

Cars that are hybrids have a combination of a petrol or diesel engine and an electric motor. It is similar to having a typical Sunday roast and then adding a little spice to it; you get the best of both worlds. You have the dependability of traditional internal combustion engines, as well as the efficiency and kindness to the environment that electric power provides. It should come as no surprise that they are starting to gain popularity, especially considering the current state of the price of petrol.

These days, hybrids make a great deal of sense in particular locations, such as Halifax and the wider West Yorkshire region. The ease of gas for longer excursions, such as a trip across the Pennines, and the efficiency of electric for zipping around town, for example, from Pellon to Hebden Bridge, are both available to you. Also, let’s not overlook the clean air zones that are being established in urban areas. When you drive a hybrid vehicle, you are contributing to the improvement of the air quality in the vicinity of locations such as the Halifax Minster.

Now, here’s the catch: Are Hybrids here to stay

Hybrid technology is still in the process of developing. Even though they are more environmentally friendly than cars that only use gasoline or diesel, they are not quite as green as vehicles that only use electricity. This is comparable to making the transition from coal to wood; it is superior, but it is not the best. In spite of this, for the time being, they are an excellent stepping stone towards a more sustainable future, particularly for those of us who are not yet prepared to switch to an entirely electric vehicle.

When it comes to stepping stones, we find ourselves at Pellon Tyres once again. They are preparing themselves to service these cutting-edge motors by keeping up with the times and acquiring the necessary equipment. They are equipped with the knowledge necessary to ensure that your hybrid continues to function as smoothly as a pint of Yorkshire’s finest brew, regardless of whether it is a routine checkup or something a little bit larger.

As a result, are hybrid vehicles here to stay?

At the very least, for the near future, that appears to be a possibility. Those individuals who are interested in lowering their carbon footprint but are not yet prepared to make the transition to completely electric vehicles will find that these vehicle options are the ideal compromise. The ownership of a hybrid vehicle in our region is as simple as waking up on a Sunday morning, thanks to the presence of local heroes such as Pellon Tyres, who are always willing to assist with maintenance.

In conclusion, hybrids may not be the answer to all of our prayers regarding the environment, but they are a huge step in the right direction. Because of their practicality, growing affordability, and the availability of local support, they are just as simple to maintain as a conventional automobile. Therefore, a hybrid vehicle might be a very nice option for you to go with, whether you are driving through the breathtaking landscapes of Yorkshire or simply going to the store in the neighbourhood. Keep yourself safe on those roads, and don’t forget that your local garage can assist you in maintaining your vehicle in pristine condition, regardless of whether it’s a hybrid, diesel, or petrol that you drive. Greetings!

Bigger than the coal industry’s demise. Are Hybrids here to stay

People in the automotive industry are very worried about the infectious drive of our government towards the greener planet lobby. This minority of people is, in my opinion, just hell-bent on scuppering capitalism. of course, in the guise of people such as the “Climate Rebellion” protesters . Telling me that the world will come to an end ?

I just wonder why the world did not come to an end after the significant amount of poisonous gases. Subsequently, from fires, bombs, and guns in the first and then the second world wars. Surely this should have brought the world to an end! According to there philosophy!

So, our government is determined to bring a massive collapse to the auto industry.

Once again, you are bringing us something that we do not particularly want. The poorer people among us will be the ones who suffer! As usual. Of course, they wont be able to afford the expensive electric cars and will have to walk everywhere! But perhaps that’s what they want us to do! Return to the cavemen again and get rid of those terrible motor cars that try to kill us with their awful fumes. What a load of rubbish ?

The latest is the hybrid cars that the industry has spent billions of dollars on. Will be a part of a greener Britain. Well, surprise, surprise. Let’s just hope that they may see some sense before its too late. Finally, I have not yet seen a single tree planted here in the north! Perhaps it will be just yet another thing to neglect us with, just like our infrastructure ?

I paid a bit more for my plug-in hybrid than I would have for a gas-only vehicle, but the money I’m saving on gas feels like a debt I’ve

Source: Here’s how much owning a plug-in hybrid saves, and what it costs – Business Insider






Most ladies are not sure about checking their tyres for wear. Come to think of it, neither do most men. So, the easiest way is to call your local tyre and auto centre. Of course, they would be only too pleased to check on them for you.

You must look for premature, uneven tyre wear. This is usually the first sign of a problem with your steering geometry. Consequently, it could even indicate a major problem with the car’s steering or suspension. Naturally, the first sign is that you will see a bald area appearing on the inside or outside of your front tyres.

So, if you do notice that the tyre is wearing off on one side. TYRE WEAR

If your tyre is worn at the centre, then you are running your tyres with too much pressure. For this reason, this needs to be adjusted. With attention to making sure that the correct pressures are used for your model of car,. Some cars nowadays have their wheels aligned, which means that the rear as well as front wheels may need adjusting. This is particularly common in modern SUV-type vehicles and 4x4s. This regular visual check will also save you money, as a new tyre for these types of vehicles will cost you well over £120 these days.

By having each one checked at regular intervals. TYRE WEAR

You will spot uneven wear at an early stage and prevent damaged and expensive parts from becoming dangerous and costly. Most lady customers and indeed male customers can call into a local, reputable dealer and have a free inspection by one of the staff. There are no excuses.

Another way that you may about a tyre problem

This is only spotted when a new tyre is fitted. Of course, when the customer drives their car on the road for the first time. Firstly, the car steering wheel feels out of line. Pulling the vehicle to one side. Secondly, this is why you should have your Laser Wheel Alignment checked out. Especially, after you have had a new tyre or new tyres fitted. In other words, most garages have now got Wheel Alignment Machines .

customers do not understand the amount of hard work a tyre does. TYRE WEAR

Including, how much punishment tyres take. In the light of them zooming down the motorway at 80 miles a hour. So you see why its so important to check yours  at regular intervals. safety is paramount!  tyres are the only things between you and an accident. Customers in the Halifax area of West Yorkshire can call in at any time for a free check.

More reading…

mot testing and car servicing

Car Servicing Very Important

Car Servicing Very Important

Car Servicing Very Important
Car Servicing Very Important

Car Servicing Very Important

So, although this is an older post, it is still very relevant. Subsequently, recent times have proved that our customer base is now a well-balanced mix of male and female customers!

Because of the many blogs that are aimed at females. Responsible car care advice is very popular amongst lady drivers. Importantly, this attached article is a great example of good advice for all motorists regarding having there vehicle levels checked out at regular servicing intervals.

“Why Your Car Deserves a Yearly Check-Up: A Nod to UK Car Owners”

Greetings, fellow citizens of the United Kingdom! It is time for us to have a conversation about something that might not be as exciting as having a cup of coffee with your partner, but believe me when I say that it is equally as vital. I am referring to the practice of having your vehicle serviced once every year.

I am aware of the thought that is currently going through your head: “Why bother, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?” Not quite, to be sure. Let’s have a conversation about the reasons why this yearly ritual is of such vital importance, not only for your vehicle but also for you.

For starters, let’s talk about safety. Car Servicing Very Important

We are not just concerned about your own safety, but also the safety of your passengers and the safety of other people who use the road. The maintenance that you get once a year guarantees that all of the essential parts of your vehicle are in excellent condition. Think about the brakes, the tyres, the lights, and everything else.

Keep in mind that the goal is not only to avoid accidents, but also to ensure that you have a sense of calm. Isn’t it a welcome relief to know that your vehicle won’t break down when you’re driving on the M62 during rush hour?

Let’s get down to brass tacks now, which is money.

Performing routine maintenance can really end up saving you a few pounds in the long run. Taking care of it on a regular basis is similar to keeping an eye on your garden; if you do this, you won’t have to perform a significant and costly cleaning out come springtime.

Cars that are well-maintained often have a longer lifespan and are more efficient in terms of fuel use. In addition, an automobile that has been well-maintained has a higher resale value. That way, when you feel like switching things up, you’ll be able to get more money for your old set of wheels.

“But, I don’t have the time!” I can hear you sobbing. Car Servicing Very Important

Nevertheless, here’s the thing: we understand that modern life is a stressful place. However, if you put in a few hours once a year to get your car serviced, you will end up saving a significant amount of time in the future. It may be a tremendous nuisance and a time-consuming process to deal with breakdowns and repairs. In the Lake District, you certainly do not want to find yourself stranded on the side of the road with a vehicle that has completely given up the ghost, do you?

You might think of your car service as being similar to the yearly Halifax Agricultural Show if you are someone who enjoys learning about the history of the area. An automobile service will protect and maintain the ‘health’ of your vehicle in the same way that the show honours and promotes agricultural heritage. Respecting and taking care of what we have, whether it be a prize cow or a trustworthy hatchback, is the focus of this endeavour.

Getting your automobile serviced once a year is a no-brainer, to summarise.

Not only does it save you money, but it also saves you time and keeps you safe. In addition to that, it is vital to being a responsible car owner. Instead, don’t waste any time. When you take your vehicle in for its annual inspection, you can drive with complete assurance, knowing that you are doing your part to protect not just your safety but also your wallet and your vehicle. And hey, if you happen to be in the vicinity of Halifax, stop by our garage; we will take care of you right away. Have a safe trip, everyone!

Brakes are extremely important. Car Servicing Very Important

Practically all mechanics will tell you that the most important part of the  service is that all brakes and suspensions are checked. Responsibly, all the tyres are inspected. Of course, check for safe tread depths. Tyre pressures are tested to ensure the correct pressures are in the tyres.

Lights, wipers, and horns are also inspected. Importantly, whether its just an oil service or a full service,. So, the car should be thoroughly checked. Of course, to ensure a safe car to drive and peace of mind for the car owner,.

Hannah Gordon, our resident mechanic, explains why regular maintenance of your car is important.

Source: Why Servicing Your Car is Important –

TPMS warning light Ignored

BMW Runflat tyres: are a great safety feature.

BMW Runflat tyres

BMW Runflat tyres
BMW Runflat tyres

BMW Runflat tyres

Higher safety levels with BMW Runflat tyres

Keep on Rolling: Run-Flat Tyres’ Amazing Success Story, Featuring BMWs in Halifax

Hello, fellow sons of Halifax! The incredible popularity of run-flat tyres is something we’ll be discussing today, and it’s affecting the way we drive in general and those of us lucky enough to cruise around in BMWs in particular. More important than how the car handles on the road are factors like comfort, security, and enjoyment while behind the wheel. Of course, we must include some regional flavour when discussing BMWs and run-flat tyres.

Let’s go back in time to when changing a flat tyre meant making an unplanned stop in the middle of nowhere, probably in the pouring rain that is Halifax’s signature weather. The revolutionary invention of run-flat tyres has made those days a thing of the past.

The ease of use is the first point to be made. Reliability is key in Halifax, thanks to the city’s busy streets and often fluctuating weather. Our BMWs would be remiss without run-flat tyres. If you have one of them, you can keep on the road even if you get a flat tyre. You won’t have to stop and fiddle with jacks and spare tyres anymore; just keep going till you find a safe place to fix it.

On the other hand, security is a major consideration. Hilly and winding roads are nothing to laugh at in Halifax. An additional safeguard is provided by run-flat tyres. Your BMW’s handling and stability are unaffected by a flat tyre, so you can confidently drive through our town’s difficult streets. It’s like if your vehicle has a guardian angel beneath it, watching over you always.

We can discuss the BMW connection now.

The people of our town adore these legendary vehicles, and rightfully so. Many of us have had our driving experiences revolutionised by BMW’s pioneering use of run-flat technology. With run-flat tyres, BMWs provide an unrivalled level of confidence, whether you’re negotiating the tight bends of Dean Clough or enjoying a picturesque drive through Shibden Valley.

The reliable local tyre specialists at Pellon Tyres have played a crucial role in introducing this technology to the BMW lovers of Halifax. They have a good grasp on the significance of dependable tyres and the specific requirements of our neighbourhood. To make sure that BMW drivers in Halifax can take advantage of this innovation to its fullest, Pellon Tyres offers a variety of run-flat tyres.

Finally, the run-flat tyre success story

Exemplifies how innovation may revolutionise our driving experience, particularly on the picturesque Halifax roads. When it comes to comfort and security, these tyres have revolutionised the game, and they’re tailor-made for BMWs on our city streets.

So, the next time you’re out for a spin in your BMW, stop and think about how much better life is with run-flat tyres. Pellon Tyres are the unsung heroes of our community; stop by if you need some professional guidance or new run-flat tyres. With poise and self-assurance, let’s continue moving forward, Halifax!

Here at Pellon Tyres, we sell all types of car tyres. Of course, including the BMW Runflat tyres. Thus, it is found on many of today’s BMW and Mini cars. The usual thing that happens when confronted with having to buy

replacement runflat tyres. of course, the moaning customer is complaining about the cost. This is from people who have bought second- or third-hand cars. Accordingly, such as BMW minis or older BMW’s and Mercedes saloons.

I suppose you can’t really blame them in these days of recession.

Of course, the idea of BMW Runflat tyres was to give the car added safety features. Because that’s what these tyres do. So it’s understandable that the price of the tyre is more expensive. Because the tyre has more materials during its manufacture. As a result, research and development costs will recover.

The runflat tyres have special side walls that are made to take the weight of your can when driven on in a deflated state. (IN OTHER WORDS, IF YOU HAVE A PUNCTURE, THE TYRE WILL NOT TEAR UP AND ALLOWS YOU TO GET HOME AT A LOWER SPEED.).

If you have a puncture, this will sometimes be detected by a tyre deflation warning light.(TPMS) Some drivers are not even aware that they have a puncture, only noticing later that the tyre “looks flat.”.

BMW Runflat tyres

If you have a flat tyre, do not travel long distances or at high speeds. You can check the correct speed from your local tyre dealer or tyre manufacturer; the usual limit is 50 mph, but check this out for yourself, check for speed and distance, and then you can travel home safely with the flat tyre. Check your runflat tyres regularly

It is important to check all tyres on a regular basis.

Thus, preferably at least every week. This is especially important with runflat tyres. If you don’t have a TPMS system you will not notice that the tyre may be flat or, at best, have low pressure. When run on, “underinflated” tyres may cause the “inner tyre” to be damaged without detection. But this will be detected with regular pressure checks.

The BMW Runflat tyres are a great invention. But I can foresee that all cars will have this safety feature in the future. You must expect to pay more for your runflat tyres because you are getting much more for your money Check your pressure at a regular interval at all times; remember, you don’t have a spare wheel.

Revolutionise Your Tyre Shopping Experience

General 4×4 tyres-from Pellon Tyres in Halifax UK

General 4×4 tyres 

General 4x4 tyres

General 4×4 tyres

General 4×4 tyres

General Tyres has always been a favourite of Pellon Tyres, one of Yorkshire’s leading 4×4 tyre centres. The feedback from their trade and retail customers has helped General 4×4 Tyres produce a class-leading 4×4 tyre such as the legendary XP2000.

The end result of harnessing all the attributes from their past products.

Thus, using the latest technology brings you these new high-performance road tyres. These products are perfect for the SUV owners.  Whoever wishes to have the best performance for their vehicle is also gaining exceptional value for money.

Both the HP (High Performance) and UHP (Ultra High Performance) tyres offer fantastic levels of grip. Also, road holding and steering response. They are also exceptionally quiet on the highway. Once again, these General 4×4 tyres are very good mid-range tyres. Pellon Tyres in Halifax, West Yorkshire, highly recommends them.

When it comes to conquering the off-road terrain and embracing the rugged adventures that await

There’s one name that consistently stands tall in the world of 4×4 vehicles: General 4×4 tyres. These rubber companions have earned a reputation that’s not just good but downright legendary among the 4×4 vehicle fraternity. Let’s dive into why they are held in such high esteem.

First and foremost, General 4×4 tyres are like the trusted comrades of the off-road enthusiast. They’ve got your back through mud, rocks, sand, and whatever challenging landscapes you dare to traverse. Their ability to grip and navigate these terrains with finesse is nothing short of impressive. It’s like having a sure-footed guide leading you through the wild. One of the key reasons why General 4×4 tyres are so respected is their unwavering commitment to durability.

Off-roading can be tough on tyres, but these beasts are built to last.

They can take a beating and keep rolling, giving you the confidence to tackle even the roughest trails without worrying about flats or punctures. That’s peace of mind on four wheels. But it’s not just about toughness; it’s about performance too. General 4×4 tyres are designed with cutting-edge technology that enhances your 4×4 vehicle’s capabilities. Whether you’re navigating steep inclines, fording rivers, or crawling over rocky terrain, these tyres deliver the traction and control you need.

They’re the secret weapon that turns an ordinary adventure into an extraordinary one.

What truly sets General 4×4 tyres apart is their adaptability. They come in a range of sizes and tread patterns, catering to different preferences and terrain types. Whether you’re a mud-loving maverick or a desert-bound nomad, there’s a General 4×4 tyre that’s tailor-made for your style of adventure. Beyond their exceptional performance,

General 4×4 tyres have a rich heritage that resonates with 4×4 enthusiasts.

It’s a brand that’s been around for decades, earning the trust of generations of off-road aficionados. When you roll with General, you’re not just choosing tyres; you’re joining a community of adventurers who appreciate quality and reliability. In the world of 4×4 vehicles, respect is hard-earned, and General 4×4 tyres have certainly earned their stripes.

They’ve become synonymous with the spirit of exploration.

with each tread pattern telling a story of untamed trails and memorable journeys. So, if you’re part of the 4×4 vehicle fraternity and you haven’t experienced the magic of General 4×4 tyres yet, it’s time to make that change. Equip your trusty 4×4 with these rugged companions, and you’ll soon understand why they are celebrated and respected among off-road enthusiasts worldwide.

In conclusion, General 4×4 tyres are more than just tyres; they’re a symbol of adventure, reliability, and the unbreakable bond between a 4×4 vehicle and its tyres. They’ve earned their place as legends in the 4×4 community, and once you’ve had the pleasure of using them, you’ll wonder how you ever hit the trails without them.

Insane MOT Test Proposals

MOT Chaos Continues: After COVID Recovery

MOT Chaos Continues

MOT Chaos Continues
MOT Chaos Continues

MOT Chaos Continues

So this attached article is all about the chaos that the government caused by issuing the six-month exemption of your car’s MOT test! Of course, during last year’s lockdown. Many garages and MOT centres are now short of work because customers have brought their MOT tests forward. To explain, most customers of garages would have their cars serviced at the same time. Now, because of the rush, garages have a void in their work schedule. Including us at Pellon Autocentre in Halifax .

So, in there wisdom, the DVLA is advising motorists to bring their test forward. The months with a void are now May, June, and July. Because garage customers had their cars tested early, a huge void has occurred. These cars are not due to have a test until August, September, and October. It means to me that the six-month MOT exemption has completely thrown out the system’s balance.

Businesses find this difficult to balance out and will be paying staff to stand around . In my opinion, the government should compensate garages to help them through this period until the autumn.

Where is the DVLA telling the motorists ? MOT Chaos Continues

The attached article writes about the DVLA urging motorists! Unfortunately, I am wondering where this advice is going to be published ! I watch TV and listen to the radio all the time, but I have not yet seen any sign of the DVLA advising drivers. So, I urge drivers to do anything. I suspect that what they mean is that we, the local garage, have to tell our own customers that getting an early MOT would be possible.

Another garage owner that I know says that he has been really messed up by the government decision to extend the six-month MOT. Frighteningly, he says that he has had no customers since March wanting an MOT test. He, like me, suspects that it will be like this until late August. The DVSA is doing nothing to help, and I suspect garages will be closing down!

Finally, I believe that a six-month extension was not at all necessary! The six-month grace meant that millions of drivers were taking the micky! Like my own garage, thousands of MOT centres are only doing a couple of tests a week! This also includes the busy garages. I believe that the action that the government took is now causing the industry big problems. So, support should be given to MOT stations. We are losing revenue while still having to pay for MOT equipment and staff wages. This has been awarded to other industries requiring financial aid during these difficult times.

Financial Incentives could be the way

Finally, I think that the government could offer a financial incentive to try and get an early MOT test. Otherwise, drivers will not be prepared to have their cars tested early. Understandably, most motorists leave there MOT tests to the last minute. Most have a fear that the car may require expensive repairs, so, as I say, leave the test until the last minute.

The DVSA is urging motorists with a vehicle MOT due in August, September, October and November 2021 to bring their vehicle in for a test during May, June or July instead. It comes as MOT predictions

2024 is the year now! After the COVID, there has been a resurgence in the number of MOT tests being performed in our city of Halifax.

Good morning, everyone! Today, I am pleased to share with you some encouraging news from our region of the world, which is located in Halifax. Are you familiar with the COVID lockdowns? In this day and age, they appear to be a distant memory, don’t they?

On the other hand, there is no doubt that they left an imprint on a variety of areas of our day-to-day lives, including the manner in which we maintained our automobiles. During those peaceful times when our automobiles were simply parked in the driveway, let’s have a conversation about how the MOT testing, which is an essential component of vehicle maintenance, has gained momentum.

First things first, it is common knowledge that during the lockdowns. MOT Chaos Continues

many of us neglected to perform routine maintenance on our vehicles (don’t worry, I’m not passing judgement on you!). As a result of the eerie silence that pervaded the streets of Halifax, MOTs were largely neglected because there was nowhere else to go. The relevance of MOT testing, on the other hand, has increased as life has returned to its usual state.

Here is where the good news comes in: garages such as our very own Pellon Autocentre have witnessed an increase in the number of scheduling appointments for MOTs. Remarkably, it is encouraging to observe individuals regaining control of their automobile maintenance maintenance. It is not enough to simply adhere to the rules of the road; we must also make certain that our vehicles are secure and risk-free, not only for ourselves but also for our fellow motorists.

First things first, let’s discuss about the MOT exam itself.

It is important to note that the Ministry of Transport (MOT) is a yearly test that is necessary for vehicles that are over three years old in the United Kingdom. In order to ensure that your vehicle is eligible for use on public roads, it examines a variety of safety features and emission regulations. You may think of it as a checkup for your vehicle’s health, and let’s face it: we all want our vehicles to be in good shape.

An extension of six months was granted by the government for MOTs that were about to expire while the lockdown was in effect. Within the context of the situation, it was a prudent action to take. However, once the restrictions were eliminated, this resulted in a backlog. In order to ensure that we were able to work through the backlog in a timely and secure manner, garages all across Halifax, including our Pellon Autocentre, prepared themselves for the rush of customers.

When we talk about safety, we should mention that COVID-19 has not vanished, and we are all continuing to do our share to ensure that other people remain safe. Because your safety is just as important as the safety of your vehicle, we at Pellon Autocentre have made it a priority to maintain high standards of cleanliness and social separation whenever it is practicable to do so.

Finally, I would want to give a shout-out to Halifax, our great town. MOT Chaos Continues

which has demonstrated resiliency and a strong sense of community spirit throughout these difficult times. The local businesses have been showing their support for one another, and it has been wonderful to see the locals getting back out there and enjoying everything that our town has to offer, from the Piece Hall to the breathtaking Shibden Valley.

It is important to note that the MOT is not only a legal necessity, but it is also an essential component in maintaining the safety of our roads. As we move forward, let us not forget the lessons that we learned from the lockdowns. These lessons include the significance of performing routine maintenance on our vehicles, the resiliency of our community, and the happiness that comes from being able to get out on the open road. Continue to be cautious and watchful, and don’t forget that if you’re in need of a MOT, you should come to Pellon Autocentre since we are here to assist you.

Have a good time behind the wheel till we meet again, and keep those engines revving.

Source: DVSA urges motorists to bring MOT forward as exemption chaos continues

Pellon tyre online tyres and car repairing servicing

Pellon Autocentre Leaves Unipart

Pellon Autocentre Leaves Unipart

Pellon Autocentre Leaves Unipart

Eric Roberts, MD of Pellon Auto Centre, recently attended a regional meeting of Unipart Car Care Centres (UCCC). This was in a hotel in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. New plans that mean that Pellon Autocentre joins Unipart were unveiled to upgrade their new image among garage members. 

UCCC members will be offered complete new signage. Consequently, by using Unipart’s updated logo,. This logo is very similar to the present one. Because it appeared that there was only a slight modification to upgrade. Eric Roberts says, “The new image looks very stylish. Although there is not much change, the new design will look very useful. Especially when bonded together with all the other promotional effects that will be on offer to us.

Our garage images are in the Unipart style and colours.” Pellon Autocentre Leaves Unipart

Unipart will still provide their garage network with their website design service to help their individual garages build their websites.

In keeping with the previous system, Unipart will be funding this service. This offer has been taken up by over 500 garages and has become a favourite feature for the garages in the scheme.
Motorcodes will still play a significant part in Unipart’s big changes; this will ensure an excellent standard of quality across the complete network. Therefore, it is crucial when offering a nationwide warranty service to the network’s

Pellon Autocentre Leaves Unipart

A brand new feature will be the introduction of Ben Collins (the former “sting” from the Top Gear motoring programme on TV). Ben will be helping promote the Car Care Centres at a national and local levels, holding regular events across the country.
Another new feature will be the introduction of more training facilities. Garages participating will have access to Unipart’s technical helpline and training staff support. “This Pellon Autocentre leaving Unipart service will be of great use to participating garages such as ourselves,” says Eric Roberts.

Unipart will be revamping the existing web site.

This website will be fully optimised and search engine-friendly. Links to participating member websites. Furthermore, offering the partners a right online image with the facilities to offer online service and MOT booking.

Furthermore, the new workwear was also on display for the garage owners to browse over, and the meeting concluded with a buffet. Unipart’s marketing director, Wendy Williams, conducted the meeting in a very professional manner, and it felt that all the participating centre members in attendance were looking forward to the new changes with great anticipation.

The latest 2020 update to our total independence- Pellon Autocentre Leaves Unipart

Lastly, I have recently made a decision to leave the Unipart setup. Importantly, the organisation has recently come under pressure from other similar trade groups. So, in the final analysis I thought that we should move forward as an independent garage being able to trade with all the trade groups.

Given these points, I believe that the car parts replacement market has also had a recent shake up. So, giving us the opportunity to buy parts and service parts at better prices for our customers. Generally speaking, trade is very good following the recent “Corvid 19” MOT Testing restrictions. Here at Pellon Autocentre we are now free from any motoring organizations and totally independent.

The next organisation to follow were Point-S. I did try and see what the benefits would be. However it was to become another disappointing large organisation without much clout?

Find the tyres you need at discount prices using the Pellon Tyres web site.

Car Air-Conditioning

Air conditioning system flushing: Vital says Nissan

Air conditioning system flushing

Air conditioning system flushing
Air conditioning system flushing

Air conditioning system flushing

“Out of Action: The Hidden Troubles of Cars Left Idle in Halifax”

Greetings, dear people! Today, let’s have a conversation about something that quite a few of us in Halifax and beyond experienced during those COVID lockdowns that occurred not so long ago: cars collecting dust rather than mileage. Isn’t it a little bit like us, that’s for sure?

After being caged up for a while, our cars felt the same way, which was to say that they were a little creaky and out of sorts. Let’s have a look at the annoyances and problems that our four-wheeled companions might have encountered during those times when they were seemingly doing nothing but sitting around doing nothing.

Perhaps you are thinking, “Out of sight, out of mind,”

But are you sure? For an automobile to remain in pristine condition, however, it requires a little bit more upkeep than a cup of coffee does. In the course of our work at the Pellon Autocentre in Halifax, we encountered a number of automobiles that, following the lockup, developed a number of peculiarities and problems.

To begin, they are batteries. Air conditioning system flushing

They have a tendency to become irritable when they are left alone. It’s exactly like when you forget to turn off your phone for a long time and then have a hard time getting it to turn on again. There is no difference between automobiles. If you did not start the engine for a decent run while the vehicle was in lockdown, there is a good likelihood that the battery said, “I’m off for a nap,” and that it did not want to wake up.

Additionally, there are tyres. Air conditioning system flushing

When a vehicle is left parked for an extended period of time, the tyres may develop flat spots. This occurs when the portion of the tyre that is in contact with the ground becomes dislodged. It is not exactly what you want for a journey that is enjoyable all the way down to Shibden Park, is it?

There is also the matter of brakes.

If they are not used for an extended period of time, they may become rusty or stick. Imagine that you are getting ready to go to The Piece Hall and you discover that the brakes on your automobile are acting a little bit sulky. This would not be an ideal situation.

Let us not overlook the importance of animals. You did hear that correctly. There are times when rodents, bless their tiny cotton socks, have the misconception that a stationary car is an excellent spot to start a new existence. It is possible for them to unintentionally consume wires and hoses as a snack. The precise opposite of what you want.

So, don’t be concerned. Air conditioning system flushing

It is not a completely gloomy situation. It is possible to find solutions to these problems, and that is where your neighbourhood heroes, such as those of us here at Pellon Autocentre, come into play. In order to ensure that your vehicle is once again suitable for driving, we are here to perform a thorough inspection of it.

What is the lesson that can be learned from this? In the same way that we do, our automobiles require some physical activity and tender, loving care. Although you might not be driving very far, it is still a good idea to take your car out for a drive around Halifax every once in a while. The battery should be charged, the tyres should be in good condition, the brakes should be free, and the animals should be kept at bay.

In a nutshell, if you take care of your vehicle,

It will take care of you, whether you are going to the store nearby or going on a journey through the breathtaking countryside of Yorkshire.

Before we meet again, be sure that your wheels are turning and that your engines are purring. Also, don’t forget to visit Pellon Autocentre if you notice that your vehicle is feeling a little under the weather after a prolonged period of rest. Without wasting any time, we will get you back on the road!

Customers are well advised to book their cars early when it comes to having their air conditioning looked at. Especially after lockdown, when cars have been standing for a while. Importantly, things like your air conditioning are affected. Of course, all cars that have been standing for a while should have a full service and checkover.

Silly things can often occur! Because cars are built to be used, many things can go wrong with your car’s infrastructure. Silly things like gaskets can shrink! Especially rubber gaskets. Also, rubber steering joints that hold the grease to lubricate the steering can dry out, causing steering wear to advance over time.

Air conditioning fits this bracket. Air conditioning system flushing

Of course, cars have many rubber pipes fitted into their infrastructure. Including your air conditioning system. So, if the weather picks up,. When we eventually have a hot spell, motorists will panic to have the air conditioning checked out and working again.

This particular attached article is giving good advice to garages and auto-centers that offer air conditioning repair and refrigerate service. So, to bring our customers up to date, things are returning to normal after the catch-up time with the COVID-19 MOT restrictions.

Spaces are now available for servicing and general repairs. Including air conditioning work.

One of the major problems that any air conditioning (AC) system can suffer from is contamination of the refrigerant and lubricant mixture, which is necessary for the system’s correct operation. Moisture, particle formation due to uncontrolled

Source: Air conditioning system flushing ‘a vital procedure’, says Nissens

caravan and motorhome batteries

Check Your caravan Tyres-This includes Motorhome tyres- before your journey

Check Your caravan Tyres


Tyre experts recommend that owners of any trailed vehicles should remove the complete wheel or wheels .Then take them to their favourite garage or auto centre. Then have them checked by a professional member of the team. It is important that the wheels  are given a thorough inspection, this will ensure the safest possible outcome.

So, Check Your CARAVAN tyres. and MOTORHOME TYRES . The most common thing found on caravan tyres is sidewall cracking. This usually only comes to light when the tyre is removed. We can flex the sidewall with the tyre removed from the wheel, and this will show the extent of the cracking. This problem is due to the affect of ultra-violet light acting on the carbon black. This is in the make up of the tyre when the caravan is parked, and is more common on Old Michelin tyres.     

This information also applies to motor-homes.

The wheels will be checked for corrosion. Then the tyres will be removed from the wheels and checked for internal cuts and damage. This is most important as unseen damage can become a nightmare scenario. Especially, when going down a motorway at sixty mile per hour and losing complete control due to tyre failure.

The tyre dealer will then Check Your vehicles tyres regularly, the outside of the for damage to the tread area and the sidewalls for cuts and cracks. Also important is to check the age of the tyre, this can be easily done by an expert fitter. Tyres do become out of date after six years and are affected by aging in the sidewalls.

Check Your caravan Tyres

Check Your CARAVAN Tyres As stated above, cracks start to form around the rim area due to the caravan wheels been stood in the Sun for long hours. Especially, during the Summer months. And eventually the carbon black, that is used in the manufacture of the caravan  tyres, starts to break down.

Small but deep cracks start to form around the rim area. This will eventually join up to create a very dangerous hazard. Indeed this is one of the most common cause for tyre blowouts on caravans and trailers. Any caravan tyres with cracks and cuts should be scrapped and replaced with a new tyre. Finally if everything is OK the pressures and tyre valves should be checked to the correct loading for your vehicle and trailer.

Another important point is to have the vehicle loading checked on your caravan tyres.

to make sure that the wheel setup conforms to your caravan’s or trailer’s recommended weight carrying capacity. Some of the larger, heavier vehicles require more heavy-duty tyres to carry the extra load; your tyre dealer will advise you on the correct fitments by advising you to fit either reinforced or larger ply rated ones.
Check Your CARAVAN tyres and pressures, which should always be checked and adjusted when the pressures are cold before every journey. If in doubt, replace them with new and correct caravan tyres.

2020 Update

At the present time, the caravan/motorhome market has hit the roof. Henceforth, so has the tyre market for these types of vehicles. So, it is even more important to fit the correct tyres on these vehicles. Of course, the main consideration is the weight that these vehicles will carry! Especially when loaded up ready for the holidays.

Most drivers of these vehicles are responsible and do buy the correct tyres. Indeed, tyre companies now make special tyres for these vehicles. Michelin tyres are a good example. Hence, offering the Michelin Agilis Camping tyre range.

Here’s a great Email that a kind customer sent about this subject:

Dear Mr. Roberts

I recently came across a blog which appears to be headed by you.  The content was of great interest to me. So, for a large number of years, have had a 1988 Ford Transit Mk III AutoSleeper motorhome.

Which, I had bought it to try and improve on the lack of guts of an earlier Mk II Transit and to avoid the types of construction which led to continual water leaks!

I therefore pulled this Mk III Transit to pieces, using hands far more competent than myself, and fitted a 2.9 EFi V6 Ford engine with all ancillaries plus heavy duty clutch and gearbox.

Importantly, I then fitted a sub-frame with front axle, rear axle, running gear and anti roll bars etc.  derived from a later heavy duty Transit and added adjustable dampers.

They were made in France.

I enquired of Technical Dept. at Michelin of the pressures I should run at and gave the weighbridge weights for my vehicle fully laden.  Particularly emphasizing that it was single rear wheel axle set up. 

They assured me, particularly the rear tyres, should run at 42psi. So,  I questioned this but assurance was given again. Needless to say, with that pressure in the rear tyres, they looked as thought they had a puncture and would be unsafe to drive on! 

The bullion vans were running 62psi minimum on the rear and I therefore put similar pressure in my rear tyres to put the matter right.  This achieved transformation.

I therefore enjoyed my family trips to the West of Ireland and back many times and found the journeys comparatively relaxing compared with the trips in the previous Transit.

An MOT inspector commented that the vehicle was a delight to drive and asserted that it felt more like a high performance car than a motorhome. 

He further added that most people merely stuffed a more powerful engine into a vehicle and did little more, but I had created a completely new vehicle by altering the specification so that everything gelled together to create something that  might have come out of the factory.

I only had two problems with the tyres:  the first not really with the tyre, was that I suffered a burst tyre valve (fortunately when the vehicle was stationary).  I did write to the motoring press.  They seemed to treat me as a crank and were unwilling to make the public aware of the dangers.

 I fitted steel valves and solved the problem. Check Your caravan Tyres

Check Your caravan Tyres

I noted in the motoring press, after about 3 years, an increasing number of letters. Advising motorhome owners who had gone down the motorway on their side or roof through a blowout. That they should fit steel valves when running high pressure!

The other problem I had, on a trip via Galloway:  I woke up one morning on campsite. So, to find that one rear tyre appeared very soft.  I went to the local tyre distributor! And estimated that I would receive my pension book before they got to attend to me! 

I therefore put some air in the tyre and monitored it.  It held pressure perfectly.  When I got home, however, the mechanic who helps me. Indicated that one rear tyre had been cut deeply in the groove of the tread (almost as though with a Stanley knife). 

He agreed with me however that it appeared to be tyre failure rather than sabotage.  I merely fitted a replacement to match the others.

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Winter Tyres Insurance

Bad Weather Car Tips

Bad Weather Car Tips

Bad Weather Car Tips
Bad Weather Car Tips

Bad Weather Car Tips

Inclement weather could be on its way! bad weather car tips

So this attached article is more about how to handle your car during bad weather. Of course, it stands out that you should! Also, make sure the car is well serviced and ready for any bad winter weather.

Brakes and tyres are indeed very important. Consequently, a good winter service will ensure that your vehicle’s tyres and brakes are up to scratch. Ready to tackle any snow and torrential rain. Importantly, it is a great idea to fit winter tyres or at least all-weather tyres before the weather turns for the worst. As temperatures start to drop, area mechanics say drivers may want to make some adjustments to their cars to avoid cold weather issues.

Mechanics at Valvoline in New Bern say there are three main pieces of advice that everyone should know before handling their car in colder weather. Donta Berry says drivers may have already noticed, but with the change in weather comes a change in tyre pressure.

Q: Why is a winter check-up necessary for my vehicle?
A winter check-up is essential to keeping your car functional and safe during the colder months. Cold weather may have a big impact on your car’s battery, tyres, and engine, so a comprehensive inspection can help prevent failures and costly repairs.

Q: What are the most important items to check in a car for winter?
A: Check the batteries, tyres (including tread depth and pressure), antifreeze levels, lights, wipers, and brakes. These components are more vulnerable to cold temperatures and poor weather conditions.

Q. How does cold weather affect car batteries?
A: Cold weather can diminish a car battery’s efficacy, making it more difficult to start the engine. Batteries are more likely to fail in the winter due to increased electrical demands (such as heating and lighting) and decreased charging capacity.

Q: Why is tyre condition crucial in the winter? Bad Weather Car Tips
A: Good tyre condition is essential for safe winter driving. Cold temperatures can harden tyre rubber, diminishing grip. Furthermore, wet or slippery roads require adequate tread depth to ensure grip and control.

Q: Do I need winter tyres in the UK?
A: Although not required in the UK, winter tyres can provide greater grip and handling in temperatures below 7°C. They include a specific tread and rubber combination that is ideal for cold, wet, icy, or snowy weather.

Q: How does antifreeze affect winter car care? Bad Weather Car Tips
A: Antifreeze, or coolant, is necessary to keep your engine from freezing in cold weather. It also helps to keep the engine at its optimal working temperature, lowering the risk of overheating.

Q: How frequently should I check my car’s lights and wipers?
A: It is recommended that you check your car’s lights and wipers on a regular basis, particularly during the winter. Shorter days necessitate higher usage of lighting, and good wipers are essential for visibility during rain or snow.

Q: Will winter impact my car’s brakes? Bad Weather Car Tips
A: Yes, colder temperatures and wet circumstances can impair braking performance. Moisture can cause brake components to rust, and salt on roadways can cause corrosion, demanding a thorough inspection.

Q: Is it necessary to carry a winter emergency pack in my car?
A: Absolutely. A winter emergency kit should include a blanket, lantern, de-icer, scraper, first-aid kit, and food and water. It’s essential for unforeseen situations, particularly in isolated places.

Q: Where can I have my car winter-checked in the UK?
A: You can have your car winter-checked at most garages and service centres in the UK. To ensure a comprehensive and reliable check, use a respected firm that has been suggested by friends or has positive web ratings.

Finally, it is always a good idea to have a pre-winter service on your vehicle to ensure safe driving in a safe car.

Source: Mechanics: Follow these tips to avoid car trouble in chilly weather | WCTI