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Independent Car Care Halifax

Independent Car Care Halifax

Independent Car Care Halifax
Independent Car Care Halifax

Independent Car Care Halifax

This year, 2024, at Pellon Tyre and Auto-Centre will be our 40th year in business.

To celebrate, we are holding a huge party for our customers and suppliers. Consequently, who have supported us over the past years. In that time, we have tried many different trade associations to better us and the customer experience by offering different things that would improve their experience when visiting our garage for tyre servicing or, indeed, general repairs.

The two organizations that we are currently associated with are the best that I have had the pleasure to deal with.

5 years of care

We have been an Independent now for five years and have benefited our customers with the service that they offer. They consist of a blend of normal-type garages, fast-fit centres, and other motoring organisations and are the largest network in the country (UK).

Because we are all independent garages, we probably carry out car servicing in slightly different ways, but we all work in the same ethical way, offering our customers top-quality service with genuine monetary savings that we must adhere to as part of an independent quality car care centre.

We use top-quality service schedules price list that are available online.

The price list says 2012, but we are sticking to these prices for the near future. On some car models, we will use the Autodata car servicing manual to give us the exact requirements for the customer’s car’s needs. Just to mention it , we do have the computer equipment to correct and re-set any of the cars service lights when the service is completed.

Original Equipment Quality Parts.

Another bonus for our customers is that we use 90% of quality-sourced parts on their cars. This ensures that we fit real-quality parts when we carry out a service or repair on our customers cars .We constantly ensure the best parts are used. because we offer a 12-month parts-and-labour guarantee to all of our customers. Of course, this is applicable all over the mainland UK.

So if you are going on holiday,. I said to Brighton from Halifax that you had a problem with some work that we carried out. Then you could take the car to the nearest Car Care Centre depot, and the problem would be sorted out for you to carry on with your holiday, which is a great bonus for all the customers.

The second great organisation that I have joined has been Point-S !

Operating an online tyre pricing system to compete with the other independent online tyre retailers. However, the difference is that the pricing system is to help local businesses. So, compete with the huge national tyre retailers such as Kwikfit . When you buy a tyre through our buying system,

So then the sale comes to us at local level. We are then contacted by the customer, who arranges a date for the tyres to be fitted. This is a great system for a popular local tyre centre to compete with the big companies. Confidently, it also means that our customers have a choice of where they can buy. Of course, knowing that if they have a problem in the future,. Then they can still rely on our great service and guarantee system.

Both of these partners in our business have helped us compete in this ever-changing computer- and internet-driven world Many thanks.

In 2024, we will no longer be part of the now-defunct network of car care centres.