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Shock Absorbers Update

Shock Absorbers Update

Shock Absorbers Update
Shock Absorbers Update

Shock Absorbers Update

EricRoberts‘s insight:

The car in the picture needs more than shock absorbers

Cheap Shock absorbers tend swing in and out of fashion? About twenty years it was all the rage to have your shocks checked out and replace, much the

same as wheel alignment is today. All the large equipment manufacturers were making machines to enable garages to check the shock on cars that were in for a menu car service.

So the role of the cars shock absorber. Shock Absorbers Update

is to keep the car’s tyres in constant  contact with the road. Giving the car optimum grip. Of course, when the car is cornering and braking,.

Shock absorbers are part of the cars springs  suspension. So if the shocks are worn, the vehicle’s ride and comfort are compromised, and you will get the feeling of drifting. Especially when cornering and general insecurity when driving.

I remember visiting a motor equipment show in London; I think it was in Earls Court. One of the companies exhibiting at the time was SUN Garage Equipment. Subsequently, SUN were a well-known Garage Equipment Suppliers, well established company and had on display a wonderful looking shock absorbers testing machine.

I asked for a demonstration and was very impressed with it. Shock Absorbers Update

The machine functioned by the car driving onto plates and shaking one axle at a time with an electric motor-driven shaker. The machine then printed out a sort of impression of how the shock  absorbers performed, If the lines were close together and tight-looking, then the Car Shock Absorbers were alright.

But if they were sort of wobbly and not consistent, then the shocks would wear out and need replacing Shock Absorber Replacement was a lucrative business for us The Sun machine was very accurate and popular amongst our customers.

Shock Absorbers Update
Shock Absorbers Update
In those days, we used a few different makes. Shock Absorbers Update

but we became impressed with a brand called Monroe Shock Absorbers and tended to stick to this brand for the quality, and we also had a good deal of interest in the local factor, which helped in our decision to fit them.

I was most impressed with this machine, as it gave a print out and a visual aid to the customer. It was only a matter of days before I ordered one and had it delivered and installed. What a great asset this proved to be. I believe that VOSA the UK MOT governing body, are considering a similar thing, with vibrating plates to test the shock absorbers

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