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Fibreglass Coil Springs: Made from Fibreglass

Fibreglass Coil Springs

Wow ! I could not believe it when I first heard about the new development in automotive coil springs.

Fibreglass Coil Springs

So, coil springs have always been one of the most likely components to fail the British MOT test. Because they are stuck beneath our cars. Subsequently, they are open to everything that the elements and the roads have to throw at them. After all that, they are expected to help take the strain off the car. Of course, when going over bumpy roads and also cornering and generally helping our cars give the owners a comfortable ride,.

The springs are open to rusting and, at the same time, cope with the horrendous roads, full of potholes and generally in bad condition. The coil springs usually meet their end when the car does drive over a pothole and one of the coil springs breaks. Some rattle and bang, but some break off at the top or bottom and are not detected until the dreaded MOT test or they are sometimes spotted on a service.

Coil springs have been around ever since I can remember and much longer

But now there is a new kid on the block: a coil spring made out of glass fibre and epoxy resin (FRP). These new springs are everything that the old steel versions are not. They are weather-proof, which means that they will not rust, and they are chemical-proof and almost unbreakable.

The other added bonus is that they weigh a lot less than their conventional steel counterparts. The FRP springs also consume much less energy than their steel cousins.

This new technology has been developed by the Sogefi Group which is very well known for their innovations and new developments in the auto industry, and they have now come out with this excellent coil spring product that I am sure will sweep the world and replace its steel counterparts.

The Sogefi group has specifically set out to create a replacement product for the steel coil spring and come out with something that is half the weight, which, along with other lighter materials, will help cars become more eco-friendly with less fuel  consumption than when fitted with conventional steel coil springs. Another plus point for the FRP coil springs will be the fact that they can be mass produced.

I am not sure that it will be a good thing for our garage businesses: Fibreglass Coil Springs

As replacing the coil springs, one of the main suspension parts, is part of our bread and butter income, if this helps the consumer, which I am sure it will, then I am all for progress and moving forward . I must admit, I have noticed that the steel-made coil

springs seem to be getting thinner in stature and not as robust as the ones that we have been replacing, so it might be time for a change, and who knows if they do break on impact . Because they are made of glass fibre and epoxy resin, they may just be repairable.

This material has been around for some time now and is very flexible and repairable. I was also wondering if we would still have to use our coil spring compressors. So, to remove and fit a replacement spring? probably. I also wonder if our replacement Fibreglass Coil Springs suppliers will have to keep both types of spring manufacturer products in stock, and will one replace the other?

Ford KA in for suspected broken coil springs. Fibreglass Coil Springs

This leads me to my next little snippet. About a car that was left with us the other day . So, with a knocking noise coming from the front of his car,. The car was an old-style Ford KA 1.3 (2006) with a petrol engine. The noise wasn’t easy to find ! Happily, we found that a broken spring was the culprit.

I have read about the new style of FRP replacement Coil Springs. I cannot find where it tells us about their strength. Hence, whether or not Fibreglass Coil Springs will outperform steel ones. But changing the steel spring has certainly become good business for us. So only time will tell.

We got permission to change the broken spring from our customer, and the job was done. The KA was picked up later that day and our customer went home a happy man.