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Of course, Continental is the premium tyre brand you can trust. Importantly, German engineering that delivers superb braking. Including, handling, performance and safety through technical excellence. Importantly, also including innovation and design. So, our grip and safety performance is proven all year round. Consequently, Continental tyre are the only company to win all three Auto Express awards. Predominantly, for best summer, winter and all-season tyre, in the same year. Having been recognised with a unique Auto Express Product of the Year award. Finally,  to celebrate our success.

If you’re looking for peace of mind while driving, then you’ve come to the right place.

Continental Tyres Halifax offers a range of sophisticated tyre technology solutions

So, enhancing ride comfort and ride quality, and mitigate the inconvenience of a flat tyre. Feeling distracted and bothered by excessive road buzz, for example? Then you may want to invest in a set of ContiSilent tyres for a calmer, m­­­ore peaceful journey.

Or perhaps you don’t want to be caught short by a sudden loss of air pressure, for example because of a damaged tyre? We can provide a fast, efficient, and safe fix that will enable you to continue your journey until you get home or reach the next garage.

of course,*ContiSilent™ tyres offer you our innovative noise-reducing technology. Its main purpose is to provide you with more comfort. Including, peace and quiet. So, by reducing interior car noise on all road surfaces. Continental ContiSilent™ tyres are equipped with an inner tyre absorber. Made from polyurethane foam. Which is attached to the inner surface of the tread area. In winter, in summer and all year round. Importantly, the foam stays intact, no matter the temperature.

Vanco campervan tyres

Importantly, the Vanco Camper is the ideal partner for your motorhome. It meets the demands of camping vehicle manufacturers, as well as campers and caravaners themselves. So, it complies to the special „CP“ (Camping Pneu) tyre standard. Its base van construction gives you excellent mileage potential. Whilst the use of extra reinforcement. Enabling, up to 5 bar of pressure. So, ensuring optimum vehicle stability even under heavy rear payloads. Whether on or off-road, the Vanco Camper gives you peace of mind with a smooth safe drive.

  • Extra driving stability for rear-heavy camper vans
  • Improved durability in rough camping environments
  • Reduced stopping distance on wet surfaces

Latest tyre developments

So to move to more recent times then Continental have developed the C.A.R.E concept. Consequently, this stands for “Connected. Autonomous. Reliable Electrification”. So, this system consists of a tyre and wheel system which enables vehicle fleet management operators to keep a track and a mobile management system. So, this will be operated remotely via a “cloud” based computer system.

Importantly, Continental has won a prestigious award for their innovations. Especially in the categories of IT , engineering prowess, and imaginative innovation. The judges on the ERJ, in September 2020 also said,

 “a proactive approach to meeting OEM requirements with technology-leverages that should have significant impacts on the wider automotive industry,”

As with many similar systems such as “TPMS” then the C.A.R.E tyre system has also sensors but the difference being that the sensors are built into the tyres construction and not the wheels. Importantly the sensors are connected to the “cloud”, sending out constant data. Hence this data reads and can store the tyres life information. Of course reading important things such s the tyres pressure, temperature , tread depth and also any possible damage to the tyre that may of occurred.

ContiConnect live

All things considered then the new system will be known as “ContSense”, transmitting live data constantly. So, data can then be used by the ContiConnect live tool. Giving out constant live data about the vehicles tyres to the fleet management.

So, another added bonus is that the wheel and tyre assembly combine to make a near perfect ride the vehicles occupants.