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Hi I would like to introduce myself. Working in the Garage and tyre and all Car Servicing business now for 40 years. So. worked for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. Of course, I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre. Blogging about anything to do with Car Servicing and their related products. Naturally, that will help my business. We are members of Point-S and MotorCodes and are also a Unipart Car Care Centre.

catalytic converter

Catalytic Converter Care: Regular Servicing can help your Cat

Catalytic Converter Care

Catalytic Converter Care
Catalytic Converter Care

Catalytic Converter Care

This is an interesting point; I suppose that regular car maintenance has an effect on all your car parts in the end. Your catalytic converter (CAT) is a crucial part of your vehicle. Therefore, it is fitted with your engine and the rest of the exhaust system. Thus, some are attached to the manifold, onto the engine; these are known as manifold cats, and some are fitted at the end of a short front pipe on the rest of the exhaust system.

Bigger models of cars sometimes require two cats; cars such as BMWs and MERCs usually have two cats fitted, which is very expensive to replace.

Your cat’s primary job is to clean up the engine particles that the engine omits. Catalytic converters are made out of ceramic. Thus, with added precious metals (another reason why catalytic converter care is critical),. Naturally, filter the dirty particles from your engine. Thus reducing the pollutants from entering the atmosphere, this helps us to clean the environment and is part of the UK MOT test.

Bibliography: “Cleaner Roads and Greener Halifax: The Crucial Role of Catalytic Converters in Our Modern Vehicles”

To begin,
Consider this: You become enthralled by Halifax’s breathtaking scenery and rich history as you drive along its winding roads. The catalytic converter, a small marvel concealed beneath your vehicle, is the last thing on your mind. However, what is it precisely, and why should we be concerned with it in contemporary automobiles?

In essence, what is a catalytic converter? Catalytic Converter Care

A catalytic converter, colloquially known as a “cat converter” or even “cat” for short,. So it is an extraordinary apparatus concealed within the engine compartment of your vehicle. Its critical function in mitigating detrimental emissions consequently contributes to the enhancement of air quality in our picturesque northern town of Halifax.

With its picturesque moors and serene pastures, Halifax has a long history of embracing the natural environment. However, as the number of vehicles on our roads continues to rise, air pollution has become a concern. In such situations, catalytic converters are of great assistance.

Catalytic converters are engineered to convert noxious byproducts of combustion into substances that are less hazardous. Catalytic Converter Care

These organisms fulfil the role of environmental protectors by facilitating the conversion of carbon monoxide (CO) to carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides (NOx) to nitrogen (N2), and unburned hydrocarbons (HC) to carbon dioxide and water (H2O). This chemical ingenuity guarantees that the emissions from our vehicles are considerably less detrimental to the atmosphere.

The unique combination of natural beauty and historical significance in Halifax is a treasure that every local holds precious. It is crucial to preserve our environment for the benefit of future generations. Automobile catalytic converters are a minute but crucial component of this endeavour.

One might imagine traversing the picturesque landscapes of Brontë Country or admiring the cobblestone streets of Halifax’s town centre while travelling. Knowing that catalytic converters help to preserve the local environment by reducing the amount of air pollution that our vehicles emit, we can do so with greater peace of mind.

Regulatory Standards: Catalytic Converter Care

The United Kingdom, including Halifax, strictly adheres to the government-established emissions standards. Contemporary vehicles are not merely permitted to have catalytic converters; they are mandated in order to satisfy these standards. Noncompliance can lead to monetary penalties and sanctions, thereby underscoring the importance of these consequences.

Fuel efficiency and performance: Catalytic Converter Care

Catalytic converters have the potential to enhance fuel efficiency and overall vehicle performance when operating at peak efficiency. They optimise our journeys throughout Halifax and further by ensuring that the combustion process is thorough and environmentally friendly.

In conclusion

As a result, adding catalytic converters to modern cars is a key way to protect Halifax’s beauty and appeal, going beyond just being a technological necessity. These discrete devices assist us in diminishing our ecological impact, adhering to regulatory requirements, and travelling through our cherished city in a more environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient manner.

Therefore, the next time you drive through Halifax in your vehicle, spare a moment to recognise the catalytic converter that quietly operates beneath the surface to ensure that our roads and air remain fresher. This is an additional method by which we can enhance the quality of life and ventures in our community.

Salutations, esteemed drivers from Halifax, and may our forays consistently be mindful of the ecological impact of our vicinity!

Your cat will only work correctly if the engine operates with the correct ratio of air to fuel. Naturally, this was where your car service comes in.

Most cats take care of themselves: catalytic converter Converter Care

So, since writing this post, the catalytic converter has become even more important. Especially with the tightening of exhaust emissions regulations coming from European governments. Of course, this important filtering of the gas system is on every new petrol and diesel car produced these days. So, diesel cars and vans call them the “particulate filters“.

However, they work very similar to each other, filtering out poisonous gases from the vehicle’s engine before emitting the gas into the atmosphere. It may be interesting to know that the catalysts are made up of some precious metals.

Precious metals used in catalytic converter

So, one of the main reasons that many catalytic converters are stolen  from vehicles. Thus, many of them contain some rare metals. Given these points, the main metals are rhodium, palladium, and platinum.

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Right to Repair Law- Could Brexit Affect repair Laws?

Right to Repair Law

Right to Repair Law
Right to Repair Law

Right to Repair Law

The reform was all about setting new rules to take into account the intensity of competition on the markets for the distribution of motor vehicles and spare parts. Also for the provision of repair and maintenance services. It covers cars, trucks, and buses, and all types of garages, small or large.

The Commission found that competition in the market for the sale of new vehicles is strong. In this light, the current sector-specific rules create an unnecessary straitjacket that prevents

car manufacturers from organising their distribution systems as they see fit. The European Commission has therefore aligned the rules applicable to motor vehicle distribution. This applies with those that apply to distribution agreements in other sectors but with a three-year transition period to allow dealers to adapt to the new measures.

Right to Repair Law

Competition on the markets for repair and maintenance and for spare parts distribution is less intense. Consumers who may suffer harm as a result of anti-competitive practices are at risk. This could push up car repair costs when servicing a car. The garage The repair and maintenance industry is very important for consumers. Not only for reasons of safety and reliability. But also because repair bills account for 40% of the total cost to car owners. Unlike car prices, the cost of the average repair job and  servicing has actually risen over the past few years.

Consumers are feeling the effects of rising repair bills.

This also includes  servicing costs during the present crisis. They are more price-sensitive and drive older vehicles that require more regular maintenance. The EU Commission has put in place a tougher regime for these markets. They will make it easier to enforce the rules. Particular problematic issues include holding back technical information, not releasing spare parts, and refusing to honour warranties when consumers have their cars repaired at independent garage servicing facilities.

Independent garages and repairers such as Pellon Autocentre

are important because they give consumers more choice. This helps keep the price of  servicing and repairs competitive by putting pressure on prices due to competitive pricing. Also to  authorised repair networks. But for this to happen, it is essential that garages can get the technical information necessary to do the repairs and carry out the work on increasingly sophisticated cars with increasing amounts of technology.

Right to Repair Law

Since then, withholding “technical information” will be dealt with directly under the EU Treaty rules on restrictive business practices (Article 101). Manufacturers, spare parts shops, and repair shops generally have a market share in excess of 30%. In addition, guidelines are also being brought in and contain detailed clarifications. As to the notion of technical information, cross-referring to Regulation 715/2007 on type approval of certain cars and all subsequent implementing regulations.

New rules will assure that garage servicing companies have access to technical information for models that are type-approved after September 1, 2009. By making a clear link with the 2007 car type approval regulation. The EU Commission will ensure both consistency and access to technical information. cars put in circulation before that date and allow the presentation of technical information to evolve and continue in line with technical progress.

The EU Commission remains committed

to vigorously enforcing the rules on access to technical information. This was demonstrated in four cases brought in 2007. This was to ensure that car manufacturers disclose the necessary information to independent repairers and garage servicing facilities. Garages like Pellon Autocentre are in the Calderdale area of West Yorkshire.

Right to Repair Law

By strengthening the enforcement of competition rules. Including the garage servicing sector and maintenance and spare parts markets. These new laws will contribute to creating a level playing field between car manufacturers, spare part producers, and garage servicing.  Thus contributing to lower prices for spare parts. This has to be very good news for the garage servicing , garage repair, and spare parts industries. This result must give us great pride. To all the different groups and individuals that spent hard-earned money lobbying and writing to their EU and local MPs. These new laws are similar to the “right to repair” laws in the USA.

The new “Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation”,  will continue to help lower the cost of service” for 13 years until 2023.

The EU Commission will constantly monitor the situation in the markets for motor vehicle and spare parts distribution, as well as in the market for the provision of repair and maintenance services including garage servicing companies. The EU Commission will also monitor the application of the regulation in cooperation with national competition authorities and stakeholders. Once again, the UK garage and motor industry can continue to work hard and give the public the service and competitive pricing they deserve.

Pellon Tyre and Autocentre thinks that the Right to Repair Law, coming from the EU, will be kept when our government decides on which legislation to keep and throw out.

Cars and Climate Change

Are Hybrids here to stay

Are Hybrids here to stay

Are Hybrids here to stay
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Are Hybrids here to stay

So , if you had asked me this question a few months ago,! Then the answer from me would have been yes.

Importantly, I thought and hoped that this particular format would be the way forward.

Firstly, it appeared to be a good compromise between electric cars (battery-driven) and fossil fuels. In my opinion, the electric car that we have at the moment is too extreme. This car will cut the jobs of millions of associated industries. Including the garage industry that has supported my family for more than half a century.

All right, let’s have a conversation about hybrid cars

Which have been the topic of conversation that everyone is talking about these days. Is it true that they are going to be around for a long time? To begin, let’s go into this topic, but let’s do it in a manner that is authentically Yorkshire, with a touch of regional flavour and a mention to our colleagues at Pellon Tyres, who are well-versed in the maintenance of these contemporary automobiles.

To put it another way, hybrid automobiles have been making their way through our streets for quite some time now, and it appears that they are becoming as commonplace as a damp day in Halifax. The question is, however, whether they are merely a fleeting cloud or whether they are as enduring as the bricks in the Piece Hall.

Begin with the fundamentals, shall we? Are Hybrids here to stay

Cars that are hybrids have a combination of a petrol or diesel engine and an electric motor. It is similar to having a typical Sunday roast and then adding a little spice to it; you get the best of both worlds. You have the dependability of traditional internal combustion engines, as well as the efficiency and kindness to the environment that electric power provides. It should come as no surprise that they are starting to gain popularity, especially considering the current state of the price of petrol.

These days, hybrids make a great deal of sense in particular locations, such as Halifax and the wider West Yorkshire region. The ease of gas for longer excursions, such as a trip across the Pennines, and the efficiency of electric for zipping around town, for example, from Pellon to Hebden Bridge, are both available to you. Also, let’s not overlook the clean air zones that are being established in urban areas. When you drive a hybrid vehicle, you are contributing to the improvement of the air quality in the vicinity of locations such as the Halifax Minster.

Now, here’s the catch: Are Hybrids here to stay

Hybrid technology is still in the process of developing. Even though they are more environmentally friendly than cars that only use gasoline or diesel, they are not quite as green as vehicles that only use electricity. This is comparable to making the transition from coal to wood; it is superior, but it is not the best. In spite of this, for the time being, they are an excellent stepping stone towards a more sustainable future, particularly for those of us who are not yet prepared to switch to an entirely electric vehicle.

When it comes to stepping stones, we find ourselves at Pellon Tyres once again. They are preparing themselves to service these cutting-edge motors by keeping up with the times and acquiring the necessary equipment. They are equipped with the knowledge necessary to ensure that your hybrid continues to function as smoothly as a pint of Yorkshire’s finest brew, regardless of whether it is a routine checkup or something a little bit larger.

As a result, are hybrid vehicles here to stay?

At the very least, for the near future, that appears to be a possibility. Those individuals who are interested in lowering their carbon footprint but are not yet prepared to make the transition to completely electric vehicles will find that these vehicle options are the ideal compromise. The ownership of a hybrid vehicle in our region is as simple as waking up on a Sunday morning, thanks to the presence of local heroes such as Pellon Tyres, who are always willing to assist with maintenance.

In conclusion, hybrids may not be the answer to all of our prayers regarding the environment, but they are a huge step in the right direction. Because of their practicality, growing affordability, and the availability of local support, they are just as simple to maintain as a conventional automobile. Therefore, a hybrid vehicle might be a very nice option for you to go with, whether you are driving through the breathtaking landscapes of Yorkshire or simply going to the store in the neighbourhood. Keep yourself safe on those roads, and don’t forget that your local garage can assist you in maintaining your vehicle in pristine condition, regardless of whether it’s a hybrid, diesel, or petrol that you drive. Greetings!

Bigger than the coal industry’s demise. Are Hybrids here to stay

People in the automotive industry are very worried about the infectious drive of our government towards the greener planet lobby. This minority of people is, in my opinion, just hell-bent on scuppering capitalism. of course, in the guise of people such as the “Climate Rebellion” protesters . Telling me that the world will come to an end ?

I just wonder why the world did not come to an end after the significant amount of poisonous gases. Subsequently, from fires, bombs, and guns in the first and then the second world wars. Surely this should have brought the world to an end! According to there philosophy!

So, our government is determined to bring a massive collapse to the auto industry.

Once again, you are bringing us something that we do not particularly want. The poorer people among us will be the ones who suffer! As usual. Of course, they wont be able to afford the expensive electric cars and will have to walk everywhere! But perhaps that’s what they want us to do! Return to the cavemen again and get rid of those terrible motor cars that try to kill us with their awful fumes. What a load of rubbish ?

The latest is the hybrid cars that the industry has spent billions of dollars on. Will be a part of a greener Britain. Well, surprise, surprise. Let’s just hope that they may see some sense before its too late. Finally, I have not yet seen a single tree planted here in the north! Perhaps it will be just yet another thing to neglect us with, just like our infrastructure ?

I paid a bit more for my plug-in hybrid than I would have for a gas-only vehicle, but the money I’m saving on gas feels like a debt I’ve

Source: Here’s how much owning a plug-in hybrid saves, and what it costs – Business Insider

mot testing and car servicing

Car Servicing Very Important

Car Servicing Very Important

Car Servicing Very Important
Car Servicing Very Important

Car Servicing Very Important

So, although this is an older post, it is still very relevant. Subsequently, recent times have proved that our customer base is now a well-balanced mix of male and female customers!

Because of the many blogs that are aimed at females. Responsible car care advice is very popular amongst lady drivers. Importantly, this attached article is a great example of good advice for all motorists regarding having there vehicle levels checked out at regular servicing intervals.

“Why Your Car Deserves a Yearly Check-Up: A Nod to UK Car Owners”

Greetings, fellow citizens of the United Kingdom! It is time for us to have a conversation about something that might not be as exciting as having a cup of coffee with your partner, but believe me when I say that it is equally as vital. I am referring to the practice of having your vehicle serviced once every year.

I am aware of the thought that is currently going through your head: “Why bother, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?” Not quite, to be sure. Let’s have a conversation about the reasons why this yearly ritual is of such vital importance, not only for your vehicle but also for you.

For starters, let’s talk about safety. Car Servicing Very Important

We are not just concerned about your own safety, but also the safety of your passengers and the safety of other people who use the road. The maintenance that you get once a year guarantees that all of the essential parts of your vehicle are in excellent condition. Think about the brakes, the tyres, the lights, and everything else.

Keep in mind that the goal is not only to avoid accidents, but also to ensure that you have a sense of calm. Isn’t it a welcome relief to know that your vehicle won’t break down when you’re driving on the M62 during rush hour?

Let’s get down to brass tacks now, which is money.

Performing routine maintenance can really end up saving you a few pounds in the long run. Taking care of it on a regular basis is similar to keeping an eye on your garden; if you do this, you won’t have to perform a significant and costly cleaning out come springtime.

Cars that are well-maintained often have a longer lifespan and are more efficient in terms of fuel use. In addition, an automobile that has been well-maintained has a higher resale value. That way, when you feel like switching things up, you’ll be able to get more money for your old set of wheels.

“But, I don’t have the time!” I can hear you sobbing. Car Servicing Very Important

Nevertheless, here’s the thing: we understand that modern life is a stressful place. However, if you put in a few hours once a year to get your car serviced, you will end up saving a significant amount of time in the future. It may be a tremendous nuisance and a time-consuming process to deal with breakdowns and repairs. In the Lake District, you certainly do not want to find yourself stranded on the side of the road with a vehicle that has completely given up the ghost, do you?

You might think of your car service as being similar to the yearly Halifax Agricultural Show if you are someone who enjoys learning about the history of the area. An automobile service will protect and maintain the ‘health’ of your vehicle in the same way that the show honours and promotes agricultural heritage. Respecting and taking care of what we have, whether it be a prize cow or a trustworthy hatchback, is the focus of this endeavour.

Getting your automobile serviced once a year is a no-brainer, to summarise.

Not only does it save you money, but it also saves you time and keeps you safe. In addition to that, it is vital to being a responsible car owner. Instead, don’t waste any time. When you take your vehicle in for its annual inspection, you can drive with complete assurance, knowing that you are doing your part to protect not just your safety but also your wallet and your vehicle. And hey, if you happen to be in the vicinity of Halifax, stop by our garage; we will take care of you right away. Have a safe trip, everyone!

Brakes are extremely important. Car Servicing Very Important

Practically all mechanics will tell you that the most important part of the  service is that all brakes and suspensions are checked. Responsibly, all the tyres are inspected. Of course, check for safe tread depths. Tyre pressures are tested to ensure the correct pressures are in the tyres.

Lights, wipers, and horns are also inspected. Importantly, whether its just an oil service or a full service,. So, the car should be thoroughly checked. Of course, to ensure a safe car to drive and peace of mind for the car owner,.

Hannah Gordon, our resident mechanic, explains why regular maintenance of your car is important.

Source: Why Servicing Your Car is Important –

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Pellon Autocentre Leaves Unipart

Pellon Autocentre Leaves Unipart

Pellon Autocentre Leaves Unipart

Eric Roberts, MD of Pellon Auto Centre, recently attended a regional meeting of Unipart Car Care Centres (UCCC). This was in a hotel in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. New plans that mean that Pellon Autocentre joins Unipart were unveiled to upgrade their new image among garage members. 

UCCC members will be offered complete new signage. Consequently, by using Unipart’s updated logo,. This logo is very similar to the present one. Because it appeared that there was only a slight modification to upgrade. Eric Roberts says, “The new image looks very stylish. Although there is not much change, the new design will look very useful. Especially when bonded together with all the other promotional effects that will be on offer to us.

Our garage images are in the Unipart style and colours.” Pellon Autocentre Leaves Unipart

Unipart will still provide their garage network with their website design service to help their individual garages build their websites.

In keeping with the previous system, Unipart will be funding this service. This offer has been taken up by over 500 garages and has become a favourite feature for the garages in the scheme.
Motorcodes will still play a significant part in Unipart’s big changes; this will ensure an excellent standard of quality across the complete network. Therefore, it is crucial when offering a nationwide warranty service to the network’s

Pellon Autocentre Leaves Unipart

A brand new feature will be the introduction of Ben Collins (the former “sting” from the Top Gear motoring programme on TV). Ben will be helping promote the Car Care Centres at a national and local levels, holding regular events across the country.
Another new feature will be the introduction of more training facilities. Garages participating will have access to Unipart’s technical helpline and training staff support. “This Pellon Autocentre leaving Unipart service will be of great use to participating garages such as ourselves,” says Eric Roberts.

Unipart will be revamping the existing web site.

This website will be fully optimised and search engine-friendly. Links to participating member websites. Furthermore, offering the partners a right online image with the facilities to offer online service and MOT booking.

Furthermore, the new workwear was also on display for the garage owners to browse over, and the meeting concluded with a buffet. Unipart’s marketing director, Wendy Williams, conducted the meeting in a very professional manner, and it felt that all the participating centre members in attendance were looking forward to the new changes with great anticipation.

The latest 2020 update to our total independence- Pellon Autocentre Leaves Unipart

Lastly, I have recently made a decision to leave the Unipart setup. Importantly, the organisation has recently come under pressure from other similar trade groups. So, in the final analysis I thought that we should move forward as an independent garage being able to trade with all the trade groups.

Given these points, I believe that the car parts replacement market has also had a recent shake up. So, giving us the opportunity to buy parts and service parts at better prices for our customers. Generally speaking, trade is very good following the recent “Corvid 19” MOT Testing restrictions. Here at Pellon Autocentre we are now free from any motoring organizations and totally independent.

The next organisation to follow were Point-S. I did try and see what the benefits would be. However it was to become another disappointing large organisation without much clout?

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Winter Tyres Insurance

Bad Weather Car Tips

Bad Weather Car Tips

Bad Weather Car Tips
Bad Weather Car Tips

Bad Weather Car Tips

Inclement weather could be on its way! bad weather car tips

So this attached article is more about how to handle your car during bad weather. Of course, it stands out that you should! Also, make sure the car is well serviced and ready for any bad winter weather.

Brakes and tyres are indeed very important. Consequently, a good winter service will ensure that your vehicle’s tyres and brakes are up to scratch. Ready to tackle any snow and torrential rain. Importantly, it is a great idea to fit winter tyres or at least all-weather tyres before the weather turns for the worst. As temperatures start to drop, area mechanics say drivers may want to make some adjustments to their cars to avoid cold weather issues.

Mechanics at Valvoline in New Bern say there are three main pieces of advice that everyone should know before handling their car in colder weather. Donta Berry says drivers may have already noticed, but with the change in weather comes a change in tyre pressure.

Q: Why is a winter check-up necessary for my vehicle?
A winter check-up is essential to keeping your car functional and safe during the colder months. Cold weather may have a big impact on your car’s battery, tyres, and engine, so a comprehensive inspection can help prevent failures and costly repairs.

Q: What are the most important items to check in a car for winter?
A: Check the batteries, tyres (including tread depth and pressure), antifreeze levels, lights, wipers, and brakes. These components are more vulnerable to cold temperatures and poor weather conditions.

Q. How does cold weather affect car batteries?
A: Cold weather can diminish a car battery’s efficacy, making it more difficult to start the engine. Batteries are more likely to fail in the winter due to increased electrical demands (such as heating and lighting) and decreased charging capacity.

Q: Why is tyre condition crucial in the winter? Bad Weather Car Tips
A: Good tyre condition is essential for safe winter driving. Cold temperatures can harden tyre rubber, diminishing grip. Furthermore, wet or slippery roads require adequate tread depth to ensure grip and control.

Q: Do I need winter tyres in the UK?
A: Although not required in the UK, winter tyres can provide greater grip and handling in temperatures below 7°C. They include a specific tread and rubber combination that is ideal for cold, wet, icy, or snowy weather.

Q: How does antifreeze affect winter car care? Bad Weather Car Tips
A: Antifreeze, or coolant, is necessary to keep your engine from freezing in cold weather. It also helps to keep the engine at its optimal working temperature, lowering the risk of overheating.

Q: How frequently should I check my car’s lights and wipers?
A: It is recommended that you check your car’s lights and wipers on a regular basis, particularly during the winter. Shorter days necessitate higher usage of lighting, and good wipers are essential for visibility during rain or snow.

Q: Will winter impact my car’s brakes? Bad Weather Car Tips
A: Yes, colder temperatures and wet circumstances can impair braking performance. Moisture can cause brake components to rust, and salt on roadways can cause corrosion, demanding a thorough inspection.

Q: Is it necessary to carry a winter emergency pack in my car?
A: Absolutely. A winter emergency kit should include a blanket, lantern, de-icer, scraper, first-aid kit, and food and water. It’s essential for unforeseen situations, particularly in isolated places.

Q: Where can I have my car winter-checked in the UK?
A: You can have your car winter-checked at most garages and service centres in the UK. To ensure a comprehensive and reliable check, use a respected firm that has been suggested by friends or has positive web ratings.

Finally, it is always a good idea to have a pre-winter service on your vehicle to ensure safe driving in a safe car.

Source: Mechanics: Follow these tips to avoid car trouble in chilly weather | WCTI

car brakes problem

Audi TT Hand-Brake failure

Audi TT Hand-Brake failure

Audi TT Hand-Brake Failure
Audi TT Hand-Brake Failure

Audi TT Hand-Brake Failure

Q: What is the importance of checking my car’s brakes on a frequent basis?
A: Regular brake inspections are critical for safety. They ensure that your brakes are operating properly, which is critical for stopping your car quickly and safely, particularly in emergency situations.

Q: What are the symptoms that my brakes need to be checked?
A: Unusual noises like screaming or grinding, a spongy or soft brake pedal, the car pulling to one side when braking, or the brake warning light turning on are all signs that your brakes need to be serviced.

Q: How often should I get my brakes checked?
A: It is advised that you check your brakes at least once a year. However, if you observe any problems or if your driving habits include numerous stops, more frequent inspections may be required.

Q: What happens during a brake check?
A brake check normally entails assessing the brake pads, brake discs, and shoes for wear, testing the brake fluid level and quality, and verifying that the complete braking system, including pipes and hoses, is in excellent working order.

Q: Can worn brakes impair my car’s performance?
A: Yes, worn brakes can have a substantial impact on your vehicle’s performance. They can result in longer stopping distances, decreased vehicle control, and a higher risk of brake failure.

Q: Why is the handbrake check necessary? Audi TT Hand-Brake Failure
A: The handbrake, often known as the parking brake, is essential for keeping your vehicle secure while parked. A properly operating handbrake keeps the car from rolling, especially on slopes, assuring safety and adherence to traffic requirements.

Q: How can I know if my handbrake needs adjusting?
A: If your handbrake takes several clicks to engage or lifts higher than usual, it may require adjustment. Also, if the car rolls slightly when parked on an incline with the handbrake engaged, it indicates that it needs to be checked.

Q: What happens if I skip brake maintenance?
A: Neglecting brake maintenance can result in brake failure, longer stopping distances, and an increased risk of accidents. If components wear out prematurely, it might lead to more expensive repairs later on.

Q: Do different types of brakes require different care? Audi TT Hand-Brake Failure
A: Yes, cars can use Audi TT Hand-Brake Failure, drum brakes, or a mix of the two. Each type has unique components (for example, disc brake pads and drum brake shoes) that require specific maintenance and care.

Q: Where should I have my brakes checked?
A: Get your brakes tested at a reputed garage or repair shop. For the best service, look for places that have qualified mechanics that are familiar with the make and model of your vehicle.

The Audi TT has in the past had many problems with the handbrake. There have been several reasons for this issue.

Last week, a good customer of ours told us that his daughter had parked her car on a slight slope while she went into the bank. When she returned, the car had moved down the hill about ten feet. Luckily for her, the cat had come to rest against a very high pathway edge.

She was kind of scared and reflected in her mind: what could have happened?

His daughter was in her late twenties and worked as an insurance broker in Halifax, UK. The family brought all their cars into my garage for servicing and repairs; this Audi TT was no exception.

The father then called us and told us the story. The first thing that we asked was, “Whether she had put the handbrake on at all?” He said that this was the first thing that she had checked.

The car finally arrived at the garage, and the young lady left it with us for the day. I often look at particular forums on the internet. The Audi forum did come up with a few different problems associated with Audi TT handbrake failure problems.

Audi TT Hand-Brake Failure
Audi TT Hand-Brake Failure

Audi TT Hand-Brake failure

We put the Audi TT up onto a ramp and removed the wheels. Although the problem was with the rear handbrake, we always check all the cars brakes to be on the safe side. The car was registered in 2005 and was an 1800 Turbo special edition. A 225 BHP engine powered the car, giving it high performance.

Alex had the responsibility to repair this car. He set to work, examining all the parts that make up the handbrake. Everything looked in good order, so Alex greased the moving parts and began to examine the discs and pads.

The brake discs looked in good condition. Audi TT Hand-Brake Failure

but Alex noticed that the pads had a shine on them. Shiny pads usually mean that they have “gone hard.”

We decided to fit a new set of pads as we suspected that this was the culprit. Alex completed the work and tested the handbrake on some of the steep hills that surround Halifax. He ran the car, making sure the brakes were hot, and checked the handbrake again.

Finally, another satisfied customer drove away into the sunset.

mot testing and car servicing

Cabin filters Not Changed: Often forgotten

Cabin filters Not Changed

Cabin filters Not Changed
Cabin filters Not Changed

Cabin filters Not Changed

Taking a Deep Breath: The Advantages of Regularly Changing and Servicing the Air Cabin Filter in Your Vehicle

The air cabin filter in your vehicle is an essential component in the process of preserving the integrity of the air inside the vehicle. Altering and maintaining this filter on a regular basis brings a number of benefits, not only to your health but also to the functioning of your vehicle.

Improved Air Quality

The air cabin filter’s primary job is to remove pollutants, allergens, and other potentially hazardous particles from the air that is drawn into your vehicle. This results in improved air quality. Changing this filter on a consistent basis helps to maintain the air quality inside your vehicle, which contributes to the driver’s and passengers’ comfort as well as their overall health. To put it simply, it functions as the initial line of defence for your vehicle against airborne pollutants.

Reduction of Unpleasant Odors:

An air cabin filter that is kept clean can also help with the reduction of unpleasant odours inside your vehicle. The filter eliminates contaminants that can lead to unpleasant odours, ensuring that your cabin maintains its pleasant aroma. Therefore, if you want your car to smell better, all it takes is a moment to switch out the air filter.

Improved Performance of Your Heating, Cabin filters Not Changed

Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System A clogged air cabin filter can have a negative impact on the performance of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. It can reduce the amount of airflow, making your air conditioner work harder, lowering its efficiency, and increasing the risk of needing expensive repairs. Altering the filters in the HVAC system at regular intervals ensures its continued efficiency.

Defogging Effectiveness: Keeping your car’s air cabin filter clean and in good working order can help the windscreen of your vehicle defog more quickly. Because the moisture level in your vehicle is better managed thanks to the filter, your windows and windscreen will defog more quickly, which is an important factor in maintaining safe driving conditions in certain weather conditions.

Believe it or not, the fuel efficiency of your vehicle can actually be improved by maintaining a clean air cabin filter and having it inspected regularly. When your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are running smoothly, it puts less strain on your vehicle’s engine, which in turn can lead to better gas mileage.

Money Savings:

Performing routine maintenance on your filters can help you avoid more expensive problems in the future. A clogged filter can result in expensive repairs for a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system that is failing. Changing the filter in the air cabin is a relatively minor expense in comparison.

Lengthened Lifespan of the HVAC System Changing the filter in your car’s HVAC system on a regular basis can lengthen its lifespan. By putting less stress on the system, you are helping to extend its overall lifespan, which will save you money in the long run by preventing the need for premature replacement.

In conclusion, the significance of regularly servicing and replacing the air cabin filter in your vehicle cannot be overemphasised enough. This straightforward preventative maintenance task boosts the quality of the air, improves the performance of the vehicle, and may even end up saving you money in the long run. Any person who owns a car could stand to benefit significantly from performing this simple task.

Keep in mind that the air cabin filter in your vehicle is more than just a part of the vehicle; it plays an essential role in both the quality of your driving experience and the overall health of your vehicle. With a properly maintained air cabin filter, you can not only breathe easier but also drive more comfortably.

So, this image tells a story. This is a cabin filter that should be changed on most models of cars. Of course, they have not changed!

Cabin filters are very important. Importantly, they filter out all sorts of nasties from entering your car’s cabin. Demons like pollen and other invisible irritants make many people feel really ill! Hay fever is the enemy that comes to mind.

However, there are many other little monsters that can get into the car cabin area. Dust particles from all sorts of pollutants enter the cabin when the filter is removed or not changed when required.

Should it be changed at the correct servicing interval? Cabin filters Not Changed

So, these filters are part of most vehicles big service. However, they are often overlooked and not changed by many service centres. Here at the independent garage, Pellon Autocentre, we save the old service parts and physically show our customers the dirty parts. In my opinion, this is the best practise. including the old air filters and oil filters.

Corteco has highlighted the importance of regular cabin filter replacement. Cabin air filters work to block out pollutants and irritants emitted by other vehicles on the road. Throughout the colder months, filters work to demist the windows, what happens if there is no cabin air filter, Never change cabin air filter. Cabin filters Not Changed.

Source: Cabin filters are too often forgotten, Corteco says – Garagewire

Winter Tyres Insurance

Winter Car Check: Winter conditions will soon be upon us.

Winter Car Check

Winter Car Check
Winter Car Check

Winter Car Check

As winter approaches and the weather becomes as unpredictable as a coin flip, it’s critical that we Brits give our automobiles a thorough once-over. Winter in the United Kingdom, particularly in locations like Halifax, can be a bit of a drama queen—one day it’s all sunshine and rainbows, and the next it’s like something out of “The Chronicles of Narnia.” That’s why a winter vehicle inspection isn’t just a nice idea; it’s critical for keeping you and your family safe.

Let’s break it down now, shall we? Winter Car Check

Here are the most important things to look for when winterizing your car:

Batteries and electrics: Car batteries can suffer over the winter. You don’t want to be stuck at Sowerby Bridge with a car that won’t start. Check that your battery is in good condition and that all electrical systems are functioning properly.

This is the lifeblood of your vehicle’s cooling system. It not only stops your engine from freezing, but it also keeps it from overheating and protects against corrosion.


Your car’s tyres are its shoes. Would you walk around in flip-flops in the snow? Exactly. Check the tread depth and make sure the tyres are appropriately inflated to withstand the Calderdale roads.


As the days grow shorter and foggier, good lighting becomes increasingly important. Examine all of your lights, from the headlights to the brake lights. You must see and be seen, especially when navigating the misty Halifax hills.

Windscreens and wipers:

A clean view is essential. Check that your windscreen is clear of cracks and that your wipers are in good working order to manage the increased rain and snow.

When it comes to safety, your car’s best friend is its brakes. Check them to ensure they are responsive and in good working order.

Emergency Kit:

This is more than a precaution; it is a requirement. Pack items such as a blanket, torch, first-aid kit, and snacks. You never know when you’ll need them.

While you may perform some of these tests at home, nothing beats a professional inspection.

That’s where Halifax’s Pellon Autocentre comes in. These people know vehicles like the back of their hands and are well-versed in the local weather’s penchant for throwing curveballs.

Pellon will provide your car with the winter maintenance it needs. They can check your antifreeze strength, make sure your battery is ready for the cold mornings, and even check your winter tyres, which are crucial on those icy Halifax roads.

But why is this so significant, you may ask? Winter Car Check

It’s all about peace of mind, after all. When driving through the moors or navigating the congested streets of Halifax town centre, knowing your car is winter-ready takes one concern off your plate. It’s not just about avoiding breakdowns; it’s about keeping you and your family safe, no matter what the British weather has in store for you.

In essence, a winter check is similar to a winter coat for your car:

it’s important, protective, and, in certain situations, lifesaving. So, before the weather turns “Game of Thrones” on us, stop by Pellon Autocentre or your local garage. Let us work together to keep our cars operating smoothly, our roads safe, and our winter rides as cosy as a Halifax pub on a cold evening. Keep warm and safe, and keep those wheels going!

car brakes problem

Car Brakes Problem: What are the common causes

car brakes problem

car brakes problem
car brakes problem

car brakes problem

Regular servicing will ensure that your car will have a minimal car brakes Problem. However, things can go wrong in between services. Mainly due to the weather conditions or dirt and grit from the roads.

In my opinion, though, the main reason for any car brakes Problem is neglect?

The Importance of Performing Routine Brake Inspections at Regular Intervals:

A Local Perspective from Halifax

Having the privilege of being the proprietor of a garage business right here in Halifax, United Kingdom, I am well aware of how essential it is to maintain your vehicle in pristine condition. The routine inspections and maintenance of your brakes are something that I would like to discuss with you today.

Although it is something that is sometimes disregarded, it is of the utmost importance for your safety while you are driving on the roads. Take a seat, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and join me as we discuss the significance of having your brakes checked on a regular basis, with a touch of regional flavour and a tribute to Pellon Tyres.

The Extensive Automobile History of Halifax

In the past many decades, Halifax has had a long and illustrious history of automobiles. From the gorgeous journeys through the breathtaking countryside of Yorkshire to the bustling streets of our town, our automobiles play a crucial role in our day-to-day lives. In addition, there is no place for negotiation when it comes to the safety of commercial vehicles.

The Importance of Brakes: car brakes problem

Your brakes are, without a doubt, the most important safety feature that your vehicle possesses. In the event of an emergency, they will assist you in coming to a halt, preventing crashes, and ensuring your safety for the entirety of your voyage. Just picture yourself driving along Halifax Road or on your way to Pellon Tyres to get your tyres replaced when all of a sudden you find yourself in need of braking, but your brakes fail you. It’s a situation that every single one of us works hard to avoid.

Regular brake inspections can save lives.

In light of this, why should you get your brakes tested on a regular basis? Basically, you can think of it as a checkup for the health of your vehicle. In the same way that we go to the doctor to learn about potential health concerns at an early stage, doing routine brake inspections can help discover and treat faults before they become life-threatening circumstances.

There are a number of local garages in Halifax, including Pellon Tyres, that provide professional brake inspection services. Among these tests are examinations of the brake pads, brake discs, levels of brake fluid, and the overall performance of the brake system. By identifying problems at an early stage, it is possible to avoid accidents and costly repairs in the future.

The Local Touch: The Particular Obstacles Facing Halifax: car brakes problem

The one-of-a-kind topography and local conditions of Halifax add an additional layer of significance to the requirement for brake maintenance. Your brakes may experience additional strain as a result of our mountainous terrain, small winding roads, and constantly shifting weather conditions. If you perform routine inspections, you can be certain that your brakes are capable of safely navigating the curving roads that are found in our really stunning town.

Have a safe and secure stay.

In conclusion, the significance of getting your brakes tested on a regular basis cannot be overemphasised by any means. It is not enough to just maintain the condition of your vehicle; you must also preserve not only your own life but also the lives of people who are travelling with you on the road. Make sure a knowledgeable local business, such as Pellon Tyres, takes care of your brake inspection and maintenance needs.

Keep in mind that your safety should always come first, regardless of whether you are driving through the historic streets of Halifax or making a pit stop at Pellon Tyres. Therefore, make sure that you schedule your brake check as soon as possible so that you can make sure that your travels are not only fun but also safe.

By neglect, I simply mean that drivers miss servicing their cars.

  • Things to spot if you are having  Brake Problems are as follows:. The one that we often spot before the customer does is a soft or spongy brake pedal. We often notice this problem. When we are driving the car on the ramp,. On some cars, the pedal almost touches the floor pan.
  • The usual cause of this is that the car has a fluid leak. Coming from either a brake pipe or brake cylinder. In occasional instances, we find that water could have formed in the pipes. This is  due to the fluid overheating, and the resulting evaporation turns into water.
  • Other common Car Brakes Problems can start with a squealing sound coming from the car when braking occurs. This is when the brake pads are worn down to the metal backing, and the sound is created with the metal of the worn-out pads touching the metal brake discs. If your brakes make this or any other
If so, then it is best to have your brakes checked by a reputable garage.

These are the most common problems that we see in a normal week at Pellon Tyre and Autocentre in Halifax, Yorkshire. If you service your car at regular intervals, then these problems will be picked up before they manifest themselves as faults.