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State of the Auto repair Industry: In my Part of the World

State of the Auto repair Industry

State of the Auto repair Industry
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This is in reply to your tweet, “Why Your Employees May Be Looking to Quit.”.

State of the Auto repair Industry

I am going to try to answer this complex question! As the owner of a small garage in the county of West Yorkshire, UK, there are many factors. Long-term, then, it all boils down to how you or your management treat people (your staff, of course).

In my opinion, this is why small and medium garages have always come out in the best health when times get tough. I have now been running my garage for almost fifty years. Many of my staff are long-term employees.

These good people are diamonds and should be looked after all along the way. Millions of small and medium garage and autocentre owners will know exactly what I mean.

We all hear horror stories about how the national garage chains treat there staff. Forcing them to work extra hours and always having to sell addons when they are not required.

Customers are not stupid-State of the Auto repair Industry

I always make sure that my staff is looked after so they, too, can make a good living out of the business. Some owners prefer to do this illegally . However, I prefer to use various bonus schemes. I must emphasise that these bonus schemes are not tied down to any targets in any way.

All my married staff have settled into nice homes and have a good standard of living. This is how it should be. The only thing that I ask is that they are polite and helpful to the customers. All my staff are taught to be multi-taskers.

Not only do they do the job of repairing cars, but they can also take the customers through the whole procedure of paying for the work done, issuing sales invoices, and dealing with credit card payments.

I find that this gives the staff and the customers a better shopping experience due to the personal contact. Another thing I ask for is that my staff have total access to our computer system and can also answer any phone calls.

We do have receptionists and depot managers- State of the Auto repair Industry

However, should they be busy or on another call, then any member of staff can take the call and have the power to deal with the customer if they can. Customers are not stupid; they can see that my garage is a well-run and happy operation.

We are not perfect, and sometimes we do get a bad apple. However, they are sussed out early, and it is usually through my staff.

I could go on for ages, but to bring things up to 2022, where we are now, then we do have staffing problems going forward !

At the moment, because people are keeping their cars longer, we are packed out-State of the Auto repair Industry

We are also an MOT testing station and are booked up for three weeks at the moment. I am struggling to find at least two new members of staff.

It looks like younger people do not  want to get their hands dirty anymore. My only hope for the state of the auto repair industry is for some return to the apprenticeship schemes we had in days gone by.

Once you get them then you must work hard to keep them ?

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