Car Service Tips For the First Time Drivers

car service advice for the young drivers

Having a Car service has always been seen as a big expense to the average motorist and certainly is for the young first time motorists. Most cars will need an annual major service, and in my opinion for the driver on average mileage should have one or even two smaller engine services.

This (the smaller engine service) usually means the oil and filter changed and the rest of the cars fluid levels topped up. It is also a great idea (if you can afford) for cars over three years old told to have the main service carried out at the same time as the cars MOT test. Your garage will probably advice you to have the MOT test carried out before the service, this is always best practice and is recommended by the Ministry of Transport as the correct procedure to follow.

 It also gives you control of your spending budget. Indeed what you should do is instruct the Car Garage to inform you of any failures that the test may throw up. You must also ask your garage to give you an estimate of the cost of repairs to your car to get it through the test.

Many customers of garages do this! Because if the cost of your repairs are high, you may not be able to afford to have the car serviced, indeed you can then cancel the service for a later date, when you can afford to have the service carried. The best practice though is to have the test and the car service carried out in the same day. This will ensure that your car will be in the best condition for your summer holidays or the possible harsh winter ahead.

Most good garages and auto centres carry out a car service  to a high standard.

They will carry out menu services according to the manufactures advice. Indeed many garages and auto centres use a service menu specific to your car. Thus, by typing your registration number in to an automotive computer such as “Autodata”. Complete with software that will print out the exact Car service menu. of course which is for your make and model of your car.

This also tells the mechanic the precise type of oils to use. This is very important due the diverse types of oil now used in modern car engines. Another advantage of using this technology. For this reason, is that the computers will advise you on the time or mileage. taken, before your other parts of your Car service may need changing. Including the important cam belt. This information should come in the form of advice. Written as an advisory on your service sheet.

The advisory report that you are given should not be overlooked

But either acted up on at the time or looked at on a later date. Most good garages will give you a the repair costs  at the time of your test or service. Importantly, this price should be good for about a month after it has been given. However if you go back at a later date it is always advisable to double check the price! Of course, before you have the work carried out. Also, it is also worth considering that the part that was advised upon may have got worse.

Including the possibility and indeed spread to yet another part. Giving rise to the advice that work should be carried out as soon as spotted and advised by the mechanic. In the first instance at the time of the test or service. Hence, if your finances do not stretch to having  the work carried out. Please get the work done as soon as you can afford it may endanger yours and other people’s lives. 

Another good piece of advice

Of course, is that if you are new to an area and you do not know were to have your car serviced. So, you should look for a garage carrying the “Independent garage Code Of Practice” emblem. This will ensure that you will get fair pricing. Also, that the garage has been checked for good practice and procedures by the RAC of Great Britain. Any quality control procedures by the service centre should give you confidence enough that if any problems occur. They will be dealt with in a fair and proper manner. In general any garage you carries out MOT testing, are usually up to a good standard and are also regulated and controlled by the British Government ministry department known as VOSA.

The usual way to find a good garage is by word of mouth by friends or relations.

Other methods are yellow pages or Google on the internet. To summarize most garages and services are good at what they do. Most are aided now by sophisticated technology. It is important (and indeed one of our policies) that you get a company that offers you pricing before the job is done. In order, that you also give the garage you phone number. So that you can be contacted if any extra work is required. Or indeed just to tell you that your car is ready. Also try to go to a garage that is regulated by a trade organization. Foe one thing, then if there is a dispute your problem can go into arbitration and hopefully resolved.

servicing a BMW mini at Halifax

In our own case here at Pellon Auto-centre. We have not had a single case to answer for up to 2020. So, any disputes are usually handled in an amicable way.

Also people do vote with their feet and a busy garage is usually a good garage, How Much for Car Service, happy motoring.  

Finally look out for good results in “Google Reviews”