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CAR BRAKES TO BE UPDATED: AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking)




car brakes to be updated for improved road safety

This is one of those articles that can be difficult to write. Of course, due to complex and differing points of view,. Firstly, the ruling, although not compulsory, is aimed at the car manufacturers. So, to update their cars by the end of this year (2014).

My problem is that now I am getting on a bit! I am realising that my concentration is getting a few seconds slower than when I was a younger man. A couple of years ago, I did a battery delivery to East Yorkshire. On a nice, sunny, clear day. Because of my passion for cars, I am always looking out when I pass a garage or a parking lot. Just in case I see a vintage or classic car.  So that I can photograph it for my blog.

On this particular occasion, I glanced away from the road as I passed an old Land Rover parked in a field. I was driving at about 40 mph when I turned to look back at the road in front of me. To my horror, the traffic had stopped ahead of me, and I had to slam on the car brakes ! Of course, as hard as I could. I missed the car in front by a whisker. I was really shaken, and further on I had to pull into a pub car park. Thus, I re-composed myself and thought of what could have been.

This incident and the fact that there are millions of other drivers

So, you are in the same position as me. It propelled me to reflect on the snippets that I had been reading about a new system that would be introduced in 2014. It was in the think tank stages of the Eu New Car Assessment Programme then, or (Euro NCAP).

The system known as AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking) will be expected to be fitted to new cars. Hence, by the end of this year (2014),. The new technology will become part of the crash test assessment. So, cars that are not fitted with the AEB car brakes will not get the 5-star rating for road safety. Michaels Van Ratingen, the secretary general of the Euro NCAP, says…

“We don’t want to force the car makers into this immediately, but we’ve made it very clear that the best way to ensure a five-star rating from 2014 is to have AEB on the vehicle,”

He must be disappointed though because at the moment only just over 20% of new cars have the new system fitted.

Your car  will, be much safer with the new car brakes system fitted

The new brake technology will reduce my quoter of near misses. Importantly, I have nearly had it in the past year. So, reduce the number of small bumper-to-bumper accidents and hopefully “whiplash claims.”. It’s a new system that uses radar, lidar (laser), and also video technology. Happily, to warn the driver of an impending frontal collision. This must happen to all of us on the congested roads here in the UK. Before priming the brakes and eventually performing an emergency stop.

The new system is expected to save up to 8000 lives-CAR BRAKES TO BE UPDATED

in the EU Countries alone, but not everyone agrees and thinks that better driver training (as in my case) would be a better option, he says…

“Although you are right to a small degree in that “advanced drivers” are predisposed to better driving, the techniques they use are hugely influential. To prove my point.

I train learner drivers using the system of car control and commentary skills. In the last decade, I have only had one pupil seriously injured in the two years after they passed their test. She was hit by a stolen car, travelling at double the speed limit, on the wrong side of the road, and coming around a blind corner. I do not select my pupils by their predisposition to advanced driving, but I do train them to a much higher standard than is required for the driving test.”

In my opinion it will be the same problem as ABS car brakes. CAR BRAKES TO BE UPDATED

It is alright if your car has them fitted. But not the other guy who doesn’t have them fitted. Until all cars have the new In my opinion it will be the same problem as ABS car brakes. It is alright if your car has them fitted. But not the other guy who doesn’t have them fitted. So, it is going to be a lottery of the does and don’ts. If a line of cars all have to slam on. You will stop because you will have the new car brakes system fitted. But the car at the back of you may not stop because he has not got the new car brakes system fitted.

All new CAR BRAKES TO BE UPDATED and technology is going to help motorists in today’s heavy traffic, and I am all for safety measures that will help this cause. In my opinion, this is a great idea.

It will also save the future lives of some cyclists and pedestrians, so there is no reason to be negative about it. This is one of the best ideas to come out of the EU Parliament, amongst all the other rubbish that they dish out.

I am not sure if the car manufacturers will be using standard systems or doing their own thing, but as a garage owner, I say “bring it on”. Brakes safety is one of my biggest promoted subjects and the AEB system will be a great advantage to us in the long run when they are fitted to all cars as standard  

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