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Type of Tyres- a Woman’s Guide to help increase tyre knowledge for safer driving

Type of Tyres

A Women’s guide about tyres and helpful tips

Not all Type of Tyres are created equal. Yes they are all round- at least they should be if they are in good condition. But there are a variety of Type of Tyres for a variety of uses, situations and road conditions. So before you buy just any tyre, buckle up and listen up and learn a little more  about tyres for your car and safety.

Summer  Tyres

These are the standard type of tyres that are supplied on most vehicles when we purchase them. They are all Type of Tyres that can handle well in both average wet and dry conditions. The water channels that you see in the tread area of the tyres allow for normal traction (meaning they grip the road in normal summer weather) during rainy weather they can cope with average type rain fall and the spray that is associated with this.They are the average Type of Tyres for normal weather conditions. This type of  tyres will be on the car when you buy a new one.

All Terrain and Off Road Type of Tyres

If you’re a woman who likes to use her vehicle for off road driving regularly. These would be the tyre for you. These are usually fitted onto mostly SUVs and light trucks. Of course, such as Land Rovers. About tyres explains the fact that sidewalls of these types of tyres are stronger than the summer tyres. Featuring large tread block patterns that deflects mud and slush from the contact patch. Improving grip on loose sand or gravel. Hence, when you go on your off road excursions. The best type of scenario for these type of tyres, would be one that the farmers wife may use.

Winter Tyres

If you are in an area with chilly climes with snow and ice and low temperatures. So, winter tyres would be your best friend. These will ensure more traction on snow and ice. The main difference between all season tyres and winter tyres is in the type of rubber that is used. Winter tyres would need to grip the ground more to keep the vehicle in control so the rubber that is used is mixed with silica. These type of tyres keep flexible at low temperatures enabling the tyre tread to grip in the cold conditions and are used during winter conditions.

So when should I change my tyres?

There are several things to note that would indicate that it is time to replace your tyres. Here are the most easily observed ones:

  Tyre tread– The pattern that you see on your wheels is called the tread. Its primary function is to divert water from beneath the tyre to improve traction and maintain smooth handling. If your tyre tread has been worn down to 1.6 mm or less, it can no longer perform this function effectively and this could cause the car to skid on wet surfaces and cause hydroplaning, where your  car loses and control and can cause a crash. For safety reasons, it is recommended that you change your tires at a tread depth of 3 mm.

 Tread wear- Observe how the wear on your Type of Tyres look. The pattern of the tread wears can also indicate other problems which may have caused them such as under inflation, which can cause wear on the outer edges of the tread and leave the central tread area less worn.

While knowing when to replace a tyre is good stock knowledge to have at your disposal, the best authority to determine whether your tyres need replacing would be an expert tyre dealer. A dealer who would have the experience of the use of a variety of tyres across a variety of brands on a variety of car models.

Winter Tyres Insurance

Falken Winter Tyres 2024 Update

Falken Winter Tyres 2024 Update

Falken Winter Tyres 2024 Update

The Japanese business Sumitomo Rubber Industries, which has been a leader in the tyre industry for more than a century, introduced the first falken tyre in 1983. As a result, Falken Tyres is now the fifth-largest tyre producer in the world. Falken Tyre offers a wide variety of tyres and uses cutting-edge technology from the competitive world of professional motorsports to make sure all of their tyres are in advance of current worldwide trends.

The Falken Tyre brand stands out from more established tyre manufacturers thanks to its involvement in motorsports and high-intensity events like the Red Bull Air Race. Falken Tyre is a youthful, innovative, and enthusiastic company.

Falken Winter Tyres-Scotland a Winter tyres Haven-Falken Winter Tyres 2024 Update

It is not rocket science to know that the further north we go in the British Isles, the colder it gets. Winters have become second nature to people living in Scotland, and this is the time of year that the Scots get ready for the inclement weather that will be heading their way. I have visited this beautiful country in all the seasons of the year, and you can guarantee that if you travel in late autumn through early spring, you will encounter snow.

Scotland has recently enjoyed very good snowfalls in its mountain ranges.

You must visit their website, especially the one I am most familiar with, the “Cairngorms,” to appreciate the winter wonderland and great skiing conditions that you can enjoy there.

Apart from all your skiing equipment, there is one thing you must not forget. Before travelling to Scotland in the winter, you should install Falken winter tyres on your vehicle. Or you should have a set fitted if you live in Scotland. Even if you are visiting the lower mountain ranges of Scotland, you are advised to buy a set of skis. You could be caught out at any time during the colder weather after the late autumn frosts.

Now, let’s talk about keeping your motor running smoothly- Falken Winter Tyres 2024 Update

especially when the frost starts biting. First up, give your car battery a once-over. Pop into any decent car battery service place – they’ll usually do a quick, free check for you, no fuss. With today’s cars packed with electronics like air conditioning and fancy management systems, a robust battery is more crucial than ever.

But here’s the real game changer – Falken Winter Tyres. You know how it is around here; even a bit of rain can turn the roads slippery, never mind the snow. If your tyres are as bald as a coot, you’re asking for trouble. These Falken beauties are a must, especially for the bigger cars and SUVs. Think BMWs, Mercedes, the works.

Winter tyres are now becoming a necessity for Northern England

Motorists living in Northern England are now starting to become familiar with the same climate problems that they experience in Scotland. Anyone can now get caught out in a snowstorm during late autumn and the whole of winter.

Most of Northern England is in hilly districts, from the Pennines and peaks of Derbyshire to the North Yorkshire moors and the mountains of the Lake District. This means that motorists in these areas require better grip on their cars. Car owners need at least a good normal summer tread pattern, but what they really need is one with a lot of tread. However, this won’t help when it starts to snow, and if you don’t have Falken Winter Tyres on your car, you’ll get stuck even in flat areas.

Winter Tyres will last for about three winters-Falken Winter Tyres 2024 Update

Of course, as long as you switch back to your summer tyres in the spring,. Naturally, this service is carried out by many local tyre companies, such as Pellon Tyre Centre in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Consequently, when you buy your winter boots, they will store them for you and re-fit the summer ones. Of course, once the threat of further bad weather has passed,. Nonetheless, the first time you need them fitted, they are free. followed by a small charge for re-fitting the following spring.

Nevertheless, this has been a large success in the past three years. Moreover, we are looking forward to seeing our repeat business in the years to come. Many of our previous customers tell us about getting stuck in the snow. They were able to avoid trouble because they had chosen the correct product for their vehicle.

Winter Tyres Insurance

Falken Winter Tyres: when the snow arrives in 2024

Falken Winter Tyres

Falken Winter Tyres
Falken Winter Tyres

Falken Winter Tyres

So, in the past, it would have been simple to just call the boss and take the day off. correspondingly, or pretend to be ill. But now, in these difficult economic times, when jobs are scarce, you must get to work. Whatever the weather has in store for us,.

It is now a truth that we begin work earlier as well. As a result, they have shorter lunch breaks. In reality, I arrive at work one hour earlier. In addition, I’ll take a ten-minute pause to eat my sandwich. This is due to the fact that none of us want to miss any business. As a result, in these tough times, this also rubs off on our workers.

They, too, want to arrive at work on time. People nowadays do not wish to take sick days. because of the stress we are all under. As a result, in order to keep our businesses functioning, especially in the auto industry, we must ensure that they are not the ones who become trapped in inclement weather. As a result, you may be late or maybe miss work entirely.

Check your car battery and Falken Winter tyres.

True, the first thing to do when winter hits is to check your car’s battery. Any reputable car battery service shop will perform a complimentary battery and alternator test. Trustworthy people run the majority of businesses. As a result, if the battery is fine, they will notify you.

As a result, the entire test only takes around five minutes. As a result, an appointment is frequently not necessary. A free test will be performed so that you may just drop in at lunchtime (if you have one).

This is more significant than it was previously. because a 12-volt battery (vehicle battery) has a lot more electrics to contend with. especially on newer vehicles as opposed to older vehicles. Such amenities include air conditioning, automatic windows, and onboard electronic management systems. As a result, the battery has a lot more to deal with.

Winter Tyres Falken

The second most critical thing is to make sure your car has proper winter tyres. If your car has bald tyres, braking distances (stopping distances) are dramatically increased. Even on rainy days outside. They are completely useless in snowy situations. Nonetheless, individuals are driving around with bald tyres on their vehicles. a threat to everyone. Winter tyres: For the best results, use winter tyres.

Winter tyres are also required for SUVs and larger vehicles.

We have fitted thousands of these winter tyres in Halifax alone over the last four years. As a result, customers who have used them are now spreading the word. As a result, they told their friends and neighbours about the benefits of this fantastic product.

They are also available for high-end vehicles like BMWs and Mercedes. Winter tyres are required for all vehicles, including SUVs and people carriers, so invest in them for your own and your family’s safety.

Taking time off work due to illness or injury is simply not an option in these uncertain times, is it? No matter the weather (or, more commonly, the snow and ice), we must all persevere in order to keep our jobs.

Everyone is getting a head start and taking shorter lunch breaks.

I typically sneak in a ten-minute snack while waiting for the rest of Halifax to wake up, generally around one hour beforehand. Surely we would not want to miss out on any potential revenue? We managers aren’t the only ones taking a hit; our employees are anxious to avoid tardiness and the dreaded sick day as much as we are.

Keeping your vehicle in top shape is essential

but it becomes much more important when the frost begins to bite. Check the condition of your car battery first. Just take your vehicle to any reputable auto battery repair shop, and they will gladly do a fast and free inspection. These days, a strong battery is more important than ever because modern cars are loaded with technology like air conditioning and complex control systems.

Falken winter tyres, though, are the true revolutionary factor.

The roads here are notoriously treacherous in all weather, so you should probably just ignore the snow. Tyres that are completely flat are a certain recipe for disaster. These stunning Falken wheels are an absolute necessity, particularly for larger vehicles and SUVs. Picture luxury vehicles like BMWs and Mercedes, and so on.

Falken winter tyres have been steadily trickling onto Halifax’s streets for the last many years. The comments have been absolutely astounding; word is getting around like a chippy on a Friday! Consider purchasing a set to ensure your protection and the safety of your loved ones. Remember, we’re fighting not only for the weather but also for the survival of our livelihoods.

Winter Tyres Insurance

General Winter tyres-2: Part of the giant Continental tyre group

General Winter tyres-2

General Winter tyres-2
General Winter tyres-2

General Winter tyres-2

Here in 2024 we are considering great dificulty in supplying our customers with Nokian tyres. Due to their manufacturing plants in Russia and the present conflict there.Therefore our new best choice will be Falken tyres.

General Winter tyres; Winter tyres are a must have safety item

Almost all the vehicle owners. Hence, they will have to consider their tyres and wheels during the winter season. For this reason, traditional summer tyres will not be able to perform well during the winter. So winter tyres have become a popular topic and choice among vehicle owners. Therefore, they tend to buy a new set of steel wheels. Together, with winter tyres for the car during the winter. Thus, it will help to assure the safety of the car during the winter.

A wide range of winter tyres can be seen in the present world. General Winter tyres-2

Naturally, they have the ability to fit many car models. Winter tyres come with steel wheels. For this reason, they come into direct contact with the road in a snowy winter. General winter tyres are made out of a rubber mixture. Along with steel and fabric. Of course, they have the ability to survive tough conditions in the winter. If you install cheap winter Car Tyres for your car during the winter, then you will have the opportunity to have a safe journey. Thus, with your family members during the winter,. Therefore, millions of customers from every corner of the world purchase General Winter tyres .

General Winter tyres-2

Plenty of winter tyre manufacturers have started their businesses because of their popularity. There is a high demand for winter tyres during the pre-winter season. People can look for the perfect tyres for them from the available variety. General Winter Tyres is one such popular brand of winter tyres, and it is recognised as a budget brand. Apollo Winter Tyres and Vredestein Tyres are the leading brands in the world, and they have gained a good reputation by providing quality tyres to their clients. You can find the perfect winter tyre for you at the local market after considering your requirements.

After purchasing the  tyres– General Winter tyres-2

You should follow some steps in order to ensure its safety and use it for a long period of time. You have to check the tyre pressure at least once a month. All the tyres are designed to perform well at a specific temperature and pressure. For example, the Apollo winter tyres are available in different sizes and have different pressures.

Tyres can be subjected to both over- and under-inflating. Therefore, you should pay some extra attention to the air pressure on tyres and the service manual will assist you with that. You must also align the wheels of your car in a proper way to reduce wear and tear. These steps will assist you in using the same set of General Winter tyres for three or four winters with no problems. Car owners can change their set of tyres during October and have the peace of mind and safety to have a pleasant journey.

Winter tyres storage at Pellon tyres in Halifax

We at Pellon Tyres also offer a tyre storage facility. We will fit your  tyres for winter and re-fit your summer tyres in spring. This gives you 3 or 4 years of use out of your General winter tyres, and you will be much safer whatever the weather throws at us.


Winter Tyres Insurance

Nokian Winter Tyre Test Winners Again-Nokian Tyres succeeds again in independent European winter tyre tests –

Nokian Winter Tyre Test Winners Again

Nokian Winter Tyre Test Winners Again

Nokian Winter Tyres have become a world wide product name. because of their outstanding ability in winter weather conditions.

Countries with all winter round snow and ice have felt the benefits of fitting Nokian winters for a long time now.

Here in countries like the UK, then we dont get the same snow affected winters as our more Northern counter parts. However Nokian winters will help protect you family in all winter conditions.

In my opinion then safety is paramount. Any driver that finds themselves in a skidding car fitted out with summer tyres will vouch for that.

So there is nothing worse than loosing your car on a wet or snow covered road. Millions of drivers have experienced this, but it can be avoided. Cars are now getting larger and so are the tyres. Ladies love to sit high up with good all round vision of the road. In actual fact so do I ! This is because when we are in a higher up seat position we all feel safer (ask truck drivers!!)

One of the slighter down sides of the SUV’s and Crossover cars is that the tyres are larger and in many cases narrower. This is how they have been developed with the car manufacturers. Of course, these cars are fitted with summer tyres. Nothing wrong with that! until winter comes along. I will never forget the first winter when the BMW and Mercedes SUV’s were on the roads for the first time.

Nokian Winter Tyre Test Winners Again-SUV vehicles were useless in the first snow fall that we had.

Here in Halifax UK where it is very hilly, SUV’s were getting stuck everywhere. As a result our phones never stopped ringing. People were hunting around for winter tyres, they were getting hopelessly stuck. Since then drivers have learned their lesson.

Hence, many drivers are now fitting Nokian winter tyres every year. So, just as a safety precaution. These tyres are superb in winter conditions and will enhance your families safety when having to travel in snowy winter conditions.

We at Pellon Tyres recommend any brand of winter tyres. Because, I have personally tested and tried the Nokian Winter tyre brand. These tyres are superb. Not only do they give extra protection when driving in snow and ice, but also heavy rain. Especially on motorways. Another Nokian bonus is that these tyres are really quiet. My family car is a large SUV and the winter tyres do not make any difference to road noise.

Of course these Nokian Winter Tyre Test Winners Again are well worth recommending. Check your tyre size online

The premium tyre manufacturer Nokian Tyres has once again earned a series of outstanding assessments this year in independent winter tyre tests performed

Here in 2021 then Pellon Tyres are still happy to be the tyre dealers for Nokian Tyres in Calderdale Yorkshire UK.


Nokian Tyres succeeds again in independent European winter tyre tests – Automotive World

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Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4: 275/35 R20 102W tyre specifications, review and features

Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4

Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4

Not many Michelin Pilot Alpin PA 4 customers here in Halifax UK

Tyre retailers in Leeds and York. of course,  do get a larger share of the BMW’s and Porsche’s as we do in Halifax. With this in mind, we do see some of these famous marques in our area. Of course, we have also fitted a few Michelin Pilot Alpin tyres to these types of cars. The drivers that bring this type of car into us for their tyres. are people that trust us with these valuable machines; we do not scratch their alloy wheels, that sort of thing.

The customers who use us also give us good feedback. I have been a tyre retailer now for 40 years, and it is surprising how they like to chat with me, especially about their tyres. The people with these types of luxury cars are usually very knowledgeable about their cars, so they like to chat.

One particular guy owns a business that supplies wall insulation and also installs it in buildings.

His business is doing very well. Consequently, he likes fast, sporty cars. So, his latest car is a Porsche. Fortunately for us, he came to us for a set of winter tyres . So, to fit his Porsche car,. For this reason, he was visiting friends in Germany, and he normally drives in his Range Rover in the winter, but he decided to give the Porsche a run-out.

Like me, the guy is a very big fan of Michelin tyres;

in fact, he will not have anything else on his car. He insisted on a set of Michelin Alpin tyres. The guy’s name is Richard, but the tyres he wanted were not available in the UK. We have some good connections and suppliers in other European countries, so we had a ring-round.

To my surprise, I found out that Michelin makes these tyres in two different tread pattern designs: asymmetric and directional. At first, I thought that there was some kind of mistake, as I found this very unusual?. Sure enough, when I called Richard, he did know about this and wanted the asymmetric pattern that was recommended for the Porsche models.

Michelin pilot Alpin in two distinct pattern types

When I checked this out with Michelin. They told me that they thought that both Tyre Tread designs had their own successes. Achieving, the end desired result for both types of tyres. Both tyre designs are subsequently, made from what Michelin Pilot PA4 Tyres call their Helio-compound rubber mixture, compound 3 G. Which is a compound that is made from sunflower oil and silica and traditional rubber. Giving the tyres more flexible sidewalls. Therefore a better gripping tread surface in cold weather. Especially at temperatures bellow 7c .

Indeed the new MICHELIN PILOT ALPIN has two different tread patterns.

The reason is that we worked simultaneously in two parallel ways: one is made in collaboration with Porsche, the second one in a more common way. The two solutions have succeeded to achieve the desired result. Both of tread patterns respond perfectly to the “ridge-n-flex” philosophy and use the same elements but in a slightly different way.

We finally received and fitted Richards

, and off he went to Germany with his new Michelin Pilot Alpine tyres fitted.

Another customer who fitted these tyres said that it was the first time that he had bought a set of winter tyres. But he now feels that he can fully measure the benefits. Especially in treacherous weather conditions. Winters are  the difference between getting home safely and getting stuck in snow.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-Centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles.

Winter Tyres Insurance

Car Winter Preparation: Preparing your car for winter

Car Winter Preparation

Car Winter Preparation
Car Winter Preparation

Car Winter Preparation

Of course, I write about this subject on a regular basis! Especially as winter approaches. Although winters have been very mild in recent times,! Then I can still remind drivers that it was not too long ago that we indeed had some bad snowfall.

Including the so-called “Beast from the East” phenomenon. As a result, the cold air blast coming out of Russia surprised many millions of drivers. Vehicle drivers were, in fact, caught up with all sorts of easily rectified problems.

Of course, we may discuss the necessary steps a Halifax automobile owner can take to safeguard their cherished vehicle in the lead-up to winter.

Halifax Drivers, Get Your Vehicle Winter Ready Now! Car Winter Preparation

Winter preparations for your vehicle are more than just a chore—they’re an absolute must in Halifax, where the weather can be merciless. In preparation for winter, here are some suggestions from locals on how to keep your ride safe and dependable when the snow starts to fall.

  1. Seasonal tyres:

Based on what we know about the area, the winters in Halifax may be rather snowy and slippery. Putting on winter tyres instead of your usual ones is an absolute must. Skidding and accidents are less likely to occur on roads coated in snow and ice, thanks to these specialised treads. Make sure to periodically check your tyres’ pressure because cold weather can affect it.

Part 2: Antifreeze and Coolant: Car Winter Preparation

Your engine might take a serious beating in Halifax’s frigid winters. Always use the recommended ratio of antifreeze to water when filling up your vehicle’s cooling system. Doing so will keep the engine coolant from freezing and harming it.

  1. Verify the Battery:

Your car’s battery may experience increased strain in colder conditions. Get your battery checked up before winter arrives to be sure it’s in good shape. You can avoid being left out in the cold if you replace a weak battery before it fails.

Kit for Surviving the Winter: Car Winter Preparation

A winter survival pack should be kept in your vehicle in case you become trapped in a snowdrift. Things to bring are a small shovel, non-perishable snacks, a blanket, and a torch. The weather in Halifax is notoriously unpredictable, so it’s wise to pack accordingly.

  1. Fluids and Oils:

Engine oil and other fluids can thicken in cold temperatures, reducing your car’s efficiency. For use in colder climates, you might want to think about reducing the oil’s viscosity. Also, to avoid freezing, use a winter-specific washer fluid recipe.

  1. Inspect the wipers and Lights:

Winter driving, with its shorter days, makes visibility all the more important. Check that your turn signals, taillights, and headlights are all functioning properly. Since they are subjected to heavy use in maintaining a clear windscreen, replace old wiper blades.

  1. Anti-Rust Formulation:

Winter road salting is common in Halifax due to the city’s maritime position. The undercarriage of your vehicle may rust more quickly if exposed to this salt. Protect your car from rust and corrosion by using an undercoat or rust prevention.

Identifying People to Call in an Emergency: Car Winter Preparation

Remember to have the numbers of local emergency services and towing companies on hand as a last point. Being prepared for winter weather by knowing who to contact in an emergency is crucial.

If you follow these instructions, you should be able to drive through Halifax winters without any problems. Even when winter slams on the brakes, you may drive with confidence on the picturesque streets of our town because your automobile will not only survive but thrive in the snow.

Screen bottles frozen?

So, apart from drivers being caught out trying to drive through snow with summer tyres fitted,. Another main problem was cars with frozen windscreen washer  bottles and their associated plastic pipes. To prevent this, all that was needed was to fill the washer bottles with the correct strength of washer solution? I must confess that our total commitment to advising drivers about fitting winter tyres is starting to pay off.

November is the start for many of our customers to fit winter tyres on their vehicles.

Drivers are now aware of the vast safety features that winter tyres offer. Our advice is that all winter tyres are better than driving on summer tyres. Significantly, in winter driving conditions,. However, we do recommend that you consider looking at the award-winning Falken Winter Tyre range.

In recent times, we have also recommended the fitting of all-weather tyres for all-year-round safer driving. Much more winter car protection advice is given in the attached article from the Metro Newspaper.

IF YOUR car has any developing faults, winter is the time when they’ll be exposed. Snow and ice generates cold and damp, which can be very bad news for cars. Road salt and grime can also cause problems, and can quicken the appearance of rust if left unchecked for long periods of time. Fortunately, there… View Article

Source: Wheels: Preparing your car for winter | Metro Newspaper UK

Falken ZE914 Run Flat Tyres

Falken ZE914 Run Flat Tyres

Falken ZE914 Run Flat Tyres
Falken ZE914 Run Flat Tyres

Falken ZE914 Run Flat Tyres

“Run Flat Tyres: A Yorkshire Revolution:

Halifax Drivers’ Journey Since the 80s”

Halifax’s Journey with Falken Ziex ZE914 Ecorun and Pellon Tyres Since the 80s”

Think about this:

Halifax is a town steeped in history, from the magnificent Piece Hall to the enduring legacy of the industrial revolution. The year is 1980, and the town is located in Halifax. At the same time that this historic event was taking place, the world of automobiles was experiencing its own revolution with the introduction of run-flat tyres. This revolution would eventually lead to the creation of the groundbreaking Falken Ziex ZE914 Ecorun Runflat tyres.

In Halifax, the Run-Flat Technology was first developed. Falken ZE914 Run Flat Tyres

The development of run-flat technology was a crucial step in the direction of automobile innovation, and it occurred at a time when Halifax was thriving with industrial brilliance. When first introduced, these puncture-resistant tyres were met with a mixture of interest and caution from the drivers of Halifax, who are known for their discriminating nature.

On Yorkshire Roads, Safety and Convenience are Priorities

There was a strong resonance among the locals regarding the safety benefits that run-flat tyres, such as those provided by the Falken Ziex ZE914 Ecorun Runflat, offer. With these tyres, which are well-known for having reinforced sidewalls, drivers were certain that they would have the peace of mind they required when driving the stunning yet unpredictable terrain of Yorkshire.

The Increase in the Use of Run-Flat Tyres and Pellon Tyres

The local Halifax company Pellon Tyres, which is well-known for its competence and excellent service to customers, has arrived. They played a significant role in educating the community about the advantages of run-flat tyres around the time that they started offering the Falken Ziex ZE914 Ecorun Runflat. By demonstrating the usefulness and potential benefits of this cutting-edge tyre technology over the long term, their direction contributed to a shift in public opinion.

adoption of technology through the use of TPMS and Falken tyres. Falken ZE914 Run Flat Tyres

The incorporation of tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) into run-flat tyres, in particular the Falken models, has significantly improved the convenience and safety of driving for drivers. The introduction of this technology was a game-changer since it enabled drivers in Halifax to check the condition of their tyres. This made it possible for them to travel through areas such as Shibden Valley in a manner that was more secure than it was scenic.

Falken Run-Flats Provide a Seamless Experience for Travellers. Falken ZE914 Run Flat Tyres

The Falken Ziex ZE914 Ecorun Runflat tyres, which are sold at Pellon Tyres, are a prime example of how innovation and dependability can be harmoniously combined. The use of these tyres meant that a puncture would not result in a sudden end to a day spent at Eureka! the National Children’s Museum, or a memorable trip to the Halifax Minster . On the other hand, they offered the assurance of a safe and uninterrupted journey, which the locals greatly value.

Using Run-Flats to Celebrate the Automobile Heritage and Future of Halifax

Today, when we travel through the ancient streets of Halifax, run-flat tyres such as the Falken Ziex ZE914 Ecorun and the expertise of local enterprises such as Pellon Tyres reflect more than just advancements in the automotive industry. They represent the progression of Halifax from its industrial beginnings to its current status as a contemporary community that welcomes technological improvements in order to live a life that is both safer and more efficient.

Run-flat tyres, particularly those produced by Falken and championed by Pellon Tyres, stand not just as a tribute to technological innovation but also as an essential component of our local motoring legacy, displaying our resiliency and flexibility. As we continue to negotiate the roads of Halifax, run-flat tyres are a testament to both of these things.

Winter Tyres Insurance

Winter Tyres Insurance: Could fitting Winters Affect Your Car Insurance?

Winter Tyres Insurance

Winter Tyres Insurance
Winter Tyres Insurance

Winter Tyres Insurance

So, I always find it strange to hear my customers say, “Will my car be insured if I fit winter tyres?”. I used to think that they were joking at first. But for some reason, they were very serious. Apparently, it was something that they had read in a national newspaper. When I checked this out, it said that if you modify or change your car from the original specs,. So, then you should inform your insurance company. Subsequently, you could not be insured in case you had an accident.

I suspect that this covers thousands of motorists. Importantly, driving about today, “with what they would consider minor adjustments” to their cars. Of course, such as fitting winter tyres or a “go faster stripe “down the side.

There is no doubt that winter tyres do affect your car’s performance. However, only for the better!  By making the car drive with better control and brakes. Especially in winter weather, from rain to ice and snow. As long as you stick to the same size and the advised load rating for your car. Then you should be fine and proud to fit the winter tyres.

Insurance companies should give you “discount” for fitting winter tyres-Winter Tyres Insurance

Even this year, our customers have asked about the affect winter tyres can have on their insurance. So I thought that I would look into it a little deeper and write an article about the subject. In my opinion, I think that you should get a rebate from your insurance company. Of course, if you make your car safer by fitting winters to it,. In fact, the big debate for me is, “Are cars with illegally worn tyres insured” and the answer is no. But I will look at that in a future article.

The problem has also become an issue with the insurers themselves. Consequently, after a deluge of inquiries from worried car owners,. Strangely, they thought that they would not be insured if they fitted these tyres to their car. According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), the problem has been taken up with its members. So, now over 90% have agreed that they will not increase premiums. Happily, for their customers, they fit the correct winter tyres on their vehicles.

Winter tyres much safer- Winter Tyres Insurance

They also agreed that fitting winters to their car. So, it made for better road safety over the winter period. In fact, many of the other European countries make it a law to fit winters between November and March of the following year, so why should the British motorists be penalised?

A statement from the ABI says, “often motor insurers will not charge an additional premium when their insured customers use winter tyres, provided that they meet and are fitted in accordance with the vehicle manufacturers’ specifications and are in a roadworthy condition”

If you are unsure about your own insurance company’s stance on the matter, then you can either ring them up or go to the ABI website, where insurers are listed who comply with the “good to fit winter tyres “rule. The web address is “ABI a guide to winter tyres“.

Winter tyres will not incur extra insurance costs- Winter Tyres Insurance

As I stated earlier in this article,. So, the insurance companies often increased the cost of your insurance if you modified your car in any way and did not inform them; things like an upgraded, modified engine spring to mind. They regarded you as being more likely to have an accident if you had modified your car, and your car may have become a bigger target for car thieves, so an extra premium would have been charged.

At first when winter tyres became more popular, the insurance companies gave out mixed messages, but the ABI can now confirm that winter tyres are a safety issue and are a great improvement when fitted to your car during the winter period.

My own advice would be to inform your insurance company that you are fitting winter tyres. You will, not have to pay any extra premiums. Some companies do require you to inform than a list can be found on the ABI web-site. Nick Starling, ABI’s director of general insurance, said: “Insurers do not want to penalize motorists who take steps, like fitting winter tyres, to improve their safety on dangerous winter roads. Last year cold weather came early and there was some uncertainty for customers about the insurance implications of fitting winter tyres. This commitment clarifies the position for motorists.”

A good tyre retailer will have a website where you can legally convert sizes. Important and should be accepted by the insurance companies. Some insurance companies, such as Tesco and The Co-operative Insurance Company, state that you are alright to fit winters, but you should not oversize them. Oversizing any tyres is not a good thing anyway?

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Camshaft Sensor Peugeot 206

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)-and summer tyres-can both give you Temperature Problems

 TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring systems).

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

So, “Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems” have been around for quite a while now. it was developed to compliment  cars that were fitted with run flat tyres or cars that did not have a conventional type spar wheel and tyre.

When a run flat tyre loses pressure, there is no way of knowing so a special valve with a sender, was invented and when there is a loss of air pressure in the tyre the sensor in the tyre valve picks this up and sends a message to the cars computer which lights up a warning light in the cab and alerts the driver that something is wrong with one of his/hers tyres.

The idea is a simple one really,

but it is not that long ago that a driver would not go anywhere without his spare wheel? How things have changed. Now most cars are fitted with in cab warning technologies and it is very common for us to see on a daily basis.

There is however one thing that has cropped up, those drivers may not know. This is that the Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems in susceptible to temperature changes. This is basic science, when the temperature rises then the air expands and when it cools down then the temperature lowers.

Monitoring Systems valves.

When the temperature drops on cold freezing night. Then so does the air pressure in your tyres. Pressures can drop as much as 10 psi on a really cold night. This can then trigger off your tyre pressure warning light in the car.

It may not happen to all cars! But it is worth noting that if this happens to you. So then you will know what has been happening on that cold dark winters night. In some cars the light will correct itself. Going back out as the air temperature rises. Subsequently, you could increase the air pressure in your tyres and this will stop this happening.

The second temperature related part is the way a summer tyre acts when they get cold too!

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

TPMS and summer tyres in the cold

This temperature issue is probably a little bit better known, but here goes. Summer car tyres and winter car tyres. Importantly, have different chemical compositions in their tyre compounds. The main difference is the addition of “silica” compounds. Into the mix that makes the winter tyres.

The different compounds are there to give different characteristics to the tyres in different weather conditions and heat and cold. Summer’s will get much stiffer and harder in cold weather, making the tyre more difficult to handle when braking and cornering. This change in character starts to come in when the temperature gets below 7 degrees.

Winter tyres remain flexible in the cold-Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

The winter tyres with their different compounds will remain flexible and pliable in colder weather and this combined with a tread design that has been developed to dissipate water, slush and snow, makes the winters  the perfect fitment for your car from November to march here in the Northern hemisphere.

If you are looking for a set of tyres for your car at this time of year then I would strongly advise fitting winter tyres, they have been proven time and time again to be the safest option for your car and your family.

As an update then the Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) have increased to nearly all car makes and models. So, the importance of tyre pressure to save fuel and emissions cannot be under estimated! So, moving on a few years since I first wrote this post then a few things have happened! Firstly, as reputable tyre dealers then we have to keep a large stock of electronic valves to replace old ones that break or just need replacing.

Going forward we are finding that most problems are caused by seized up metal valve caps. So use plastic valve caps where possible. Importantly, when the warning light comes on please check out the tyre and the tyre pressures ?

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