Motorists Cant Afford Next MOT

Banned MOT Garages to be Exposed

Banned MOT Garages to be Exposed

MOT Inspection Manual Renewed
MOT Inspection Manual Renewed

Banned MOT Garages to be Exposed

DVSA have agreed with Ministers to make the information publicly available following the announcement by Justine Greening MP in 2012, of the Governments’ commitment to the Garage Customer Experience.

EricRoberts‘s insight:

MOT Garages testing station, owners opinion

So, as the owner of an MOT centre, I am not sure what this will achieve. Consequently, I know that there are thousands of normal garages. Strangely, they claim that they do MOT testing. Incredibly, but in fact do not. What they do is take their customers cars to an approved MOT  testing station. Consequently, having what we call “a trade test” carried out.

Of course, I am not saying that the car will not be tested correctly? But the garage does not conduct the test, and they do not have control over the vehicle.However, if the driver has an issue, he can not take it up directly with the testing station.

Customers should look out for the official MOT testing sign, Banned MOT Garages to be Exposed

Concerned car owners should look out for an official MOT sign ! Usually outside the garage premises at the roadside. So it looks the same as the one in the above image. Some garages have lookalike signs but are not official testing stations.

I can only think that garages that have lost their licence: Banned MOT Garages to be Exposed

So, to test cars because of a bad disciplinary record, still carry on taking cars in for testing but have a trade test done at another official testing station under the pretence that they still have a testing licence, or simply do not remove their MOT Garages signs as if they are still testing.

A list of banned testing sites will be published but i wonder who will read them?.

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have been working in the garage, tyre, and battery business for 40 years. So. I worked for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. Of course, I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre. Blogging about anything to do with cars and their related products. Naturally, that will help my business

Insane MOT Test Proposals

MOT Testing Halifax

MOT Testing Halifax

MOT Testing Halifax
MOT Testing Halifax

MOT Testing Halifax

Pellon Autocentre is an MOT Testing Halifax station with over 20 years experience.

MOT testing in Halifax is part of a series of explanations. How the MOT Rules works to keep your car safe and legal. When you prepare your car for the MOT test, the following advice will apply:. Especially when dealing with wheels and tyres. The first thing to check are the wheels.

As a result, if you have alloy wheels. You should check for serious damage and cracks. Also, you must have a full set of wheel nuts fitted. If your car has steel wheels and plastic hub caps,. Of course, the tightness of the nuts will not be checked by the tester. Thus, they will only be checked if you remove the hub caps before the car is tested.

If any nuts are missing, then this will result in a failure.

According to the DVLA MOT Rules,. The condition of the tyre is very important. Testers look for any side wall damage and for any cuts or damage to the tyre tread. The tester will also check the tread depth. Using his official tread depth gauge,. The legal limit is 1.6 mm across three-quarters of the tread width.

Tread depth can, of course, be detected by a visual look at the tyres. Of course, before you present the car for a test,. Tyre manufacturers build into the tyre treads a wear indicator bar. When the tyre wears down to the bar, a bald patch is visible. Police officers also use these bars for a quick check of tyre condition. Especially when stopping a motorist for a checkover.

Spare wheels and tyres are not part of the MOT test.

MOT Testing Halifax. You may not present a car for a test with a temporary spare on the car.Also, you must present the car with the best four wheels and tyres on it.

Tyre sizes are checked on the car on the same axle. But other information, such as load ratings, is not checked.Because this is deemed too technical. As a result, some cars may break the law. They are not part of an MOT test and, therefore, will not fail.

It is always good practice to have your car checked out

or have a service when you have your car tested; this will ensure that your car is legal and safe. Pellon Autocentre is leading MOT testing in the Halifax area.

Pellon Tyre and Autocentre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. 

Motorists Cant Afford Next MOT

Financial support for independent garages

Financial support for independent garages

Financial support for independent garages
Financial support for independent garages

Financial support for independent garages

I must agree with the actions of the IGA (Independent Garages Association). After all, in my opinion, they do have a valid point. Although we here at Pellon Autocentre in Halifax, UK, are not members, we are all in the same boat. Since the beginning of the MOT COVID restrictions in 2020, we have all lived in a “topsy-turvy land” of boom-and-bust MOT testing.

Consequently, we have missed out on many customers because we could not cope as a small garage during the MOT test peaks. This meant lost revenue as customers had to abandon their regular testing stations. Of course, because they were too busy. In normal times, we have a booking system and a customer reminder system. That will balance out any peaks and troughs during a normal business year.

The six-month whammy that hit us by the government has thrown all this to the wind.

We should be receiving some sort of financial help to help us balance our books in the next few years. I myself think that the rate relief scheme would be the best way forward. Not all garages are in trouble, but a balanced aid package would be a good idea.

I am pleased that the IGA has come forward on all of our behalf, and we fully support their actions. Especially in these important times when all independent garages will also suffer from the government’s incessant drive to get us all driving the dreaded electric cars, which I hope will fail.

Forward 2023- Financial support for independent garages

How the UK’s MOT System Recovered: How MOTs Bounced Again Following the COVID controversy
Okay, everyone! What’s the status? Let’s go right to the point, shall we? If you own a vehicle, you are aware of what a MOT is.

If you’re wondering what it is, it’s the Ministry of Transportation’s test to make sure your car is safe. MOTs typically conduct business as usual. But when the COVID-19 epidemic struck, the MOT system, as you may say, took a turn for the worse. Let’s explore how it is making a comeback and doing so more powerfully than a cup of Yorkshire tea.

A Quick Review of The COVID-19 Effect

What transpired, then? In short, during the epidemic, the government agreed to temporarily extend MOT certificates by six months. At first, it seemed fantastic; however, it had a downside. On the one hand, they didn’t need to go outside. On the other hand, a tonne of cars that needed a thorough inspection were gallivanting through the streets. Not to mention the strain it had on garage businesses like mine in Halifax and throughout the UK.

Regaining Control- Financial support for independent garages

Once some time has passed, things are starting to move again. There are still unfinished MOTs to deal with after the extension was lifted. But what’s this? Being British, we keep going. To clear the backlog, garages are providing special discounts, extending their hours, and generally going above and beyond.

The Positive: Technology Advances and Internet Bookings

Doesn’t it sometimes require a catastrophe to spur some innovation? The technology in garages all throughout the UK has been updated. Internet reservations have multiplied, and we now have apps that can remind you when your MOT is due. It’s honestly never been simpler to get your car serviced.

Certain regional colours

If you’re from the Halifax area, as I am, you may have noticed that neighbourhood garages have been going all out. According to a small bird, several businesses even stayed open later to make sure that each car had its due. Do you enjoy a little bit of neighbourhood pride?

Stay composed and carry on. Financial support for independent garages

We’ve handled this kerfuffle in typical British fashion. The MOT system is more robust than ever, and garages are recovering. The backlog is being cleared, and we are changing to ensure that a situation like this never diverts us off our course again.

Final Thoughts

So there you go, friends. The MOT system has recovered after a brief setback. It serves as a tribute to British tenacity and teaches us that we are adaptable and resilient. Keep our roadways as safe as our homes by getting your car inspected.

Thank you for listening, and if you need a MOT, you know who to contact. Drive safely and continue!

That’s all there is to say at this time. Searching for a reliable location to have your MOT? You’re aware of our location. For now, ta!

The Independent Garage Association (IGA) has written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Transport Secretary and other Ministers, urging them to put a financial support package in place for garages. The trade body argues that

Source: IGA calls on government to provide ongoing financial support for independent garages

Second-hand tyres

MOT Test for Safer Roads

MOT Test for Safer Roads

MOT Test for Safer Roads
MOT Test for Safer Roads

MOT Test for Safer Roads

Some motorists may think

that the Ministry of Transport (VOSA) is in a money-making  racket. You have to take your car to be MOT tested every year to pass a roadworthy test. But they do not see that having those MOT tests, . Actually, you can help prevent accidents and cut down on road deaths by keeping badly maintained vehicles off the road.

By carrying out an MOT test every year on vehicles that have been on the road for three years from their first registration, VOSA has successfully managed to lower the number of unsatisfactory cars on the road, making things safe for the rest of us.

So if you have had your car for at least three years, then you need to find your nearest MOT test  station and have your car MOT tested. The easiest way is to book online, You can search for MOT Halifax if you need to find your nearest testing station if you live in the Calderdale area of West Yorkshire.

MOT Test Safer Roads-Any testing station? MOT Test for Safer Roads

It is possible to take it to any testing station to have it tested there. Consequently, you can be on your way home soon after you get a test completed. The only thing you need to know. Hence, they are a fully accredited testing station. Able to carry out a thorough and legal test. It is also important that they don’t let you get away with small mechanical faults. Of course, that would affect  the roadworthiness of your vehicle.

After all, this will defeat the whole purpose.

Thus, the tests were carried out in the first place. You want to make sure that your vehicle gets through the test as smoothly as possible. As a result, there are many checks that need to be performed. During the MOT test, your car has to meet the standard.

So, for ,these checks,. Consequently, you will be ready to go home in no time with a pass. The bodywork on your car needs to be in good condition. Therefore, there are no rusting or rotten holes. The fuel system, emissions tests, and exhaust system. All need to be in good working order without any more CO2 than is required.

MOT Test Safer Roads-Your car could fly past the MOT test. MOT Test for Safer Roads

Seat belts and seats must not be rotted and be able to keep you secure. Your brakes must still have enough pads left in them before the next brake check, and your tyres need enough tread to make sure you have the minimum legal requirements. . Make sure your lights and indicators are in good working order, and your wipers must be in good condition to ensure they clear the windscreen when it is raining and the rubber blades are in good shape.

Your steering and suspension need to be within regulation standards to make sure you are able to control the movement of the vehicle with no loose, worn parts. Your registration, plates, and vehicle identification need to be in good order as well. So look after your car, and it should fly through the MOT Test Safer Roads.

Motorists Cant Afford Next MOT

MOT Testing Halifax area: Dont GO To Your Local Council

MOT Testing Halifax area

MOT Testing Halifax area
MOT Testing Halifax area

MOT Testing Halifax area

MOT Testing Why You Should avoid Your Local Council

So, I am now the owner of my garage, Pellon Tyre, and Autocentre, which have been operating for over 40 years. As a result, I have tried to build up a reputation that is second to none. Over the years, we have built up a fantastic reputation and trust.

We have always been straight and honest with our customers. Hence, I personally have been the owner of this garage here in Halifax. For the past 25 years,. In that time, we have carried out thousands of MOT tests. Of course, we have always used our best discretion. Carrying out MOT testing. Having always had the customer’s best interests at heart.

Over the years, we have only had one small dispute with a customer. Subsequently, that was the fault of our tester at the time. Replacing him as soon as we could. Thus, at the moment, we only have two testers. Ryan Linton, who, in my opinion, is a first class mechanic,. Naturally, a person, and has worked for me for 22 years. We now have a second tester, Mr. Dale Linton.

The point that I am getting at is the massive effort that we at Pellon have put into our garage and MOT testing service, MOT Testing Halifax area

This was, in my opinion, undermined. So, when I heard a guy being interviewed on Radio 2. This presenter was from a website telling us how we can save money. Advising the listeners to go to the local councils. Thus, for their car MOT testing,. Because if they went there,.

Then they would not be taken for a ride or ripped off. Consequently, he was basically saying that MOT centres are vehicle testing stations. So those who carry out MOT testing fail the cars intentionally. In order to give themselves the work of repairing the car.

This could not be further from the truth. VOSA DVLA MOT Testing Rules statistics. Show that privately owned testing stations. As a result, you are more likely to pass the car than fail the car. The money website claims that the local council runs testing stations.

Therefore, they are more likely to pass your car than a private garage. Such as the  likes of my own garage in Halifax. So what they are saying is we are corrupt. By failing cars just to get the mechanical work.

Local Council want private MOT Testing stations to test taxis? MOT Testing Halifax area

Other things that I am not happy with are the good reviews that they say they have had from customers of the local council testing stations. One says that they fitted a light bulb and then they passed the car, the council test stations do not do any mechanical work whatsoever, so this was porky.

Another one stated that his car had failed at a private garage and the car needed £400 spent on it to pass the test, so the guy took his car to the council test station, and they passed it without any problems.

I frankly do not believe what they say, I agree that we are not all squeaky clean in the garage trade, but we are well regulated by VOSA, and if the figures for different failures do not look right, then VOSA will give you a visit and try to see whats going on.

Council testing stations used to charge the full going rate for MOT Testing, MOT Testing Halifax area

But I rang around today and found out that they have now started to discount the tests, I think that they are under pressure to do more testing from the cash strapped councils. In fact, we did get a notification asking us if we would like to carry out testing on behalf of the council, but I declined the offer as we are busy enough anyway.

Another problem with the local council test stations is that if your car fails, then you have to go to a garage for the work to be carried out, and then they have to go back to the council for a re-test. This is a long way around when a private garage will, in most cases, have done the work on the car the same day, saving the customer time and money.

MOT testing station owner Eric Roberts . MOT Testing Halifax area

There is no evidence at all to back up the money website’s claims. Fundamentally, there are no statistics from VOSA showing that MOT testing stations carry out repair work. So, more cars fail than council-run MOT testing stations.

It is really clear that going to a MOT only testing station. Such as the council’s operations. Is likely to incur considerable cost and personnel inconvenience. Especially if the car fails on a minor fault, such as a light bulb, and has to make another appointment for a re-test.

VOSA is the government department in charge of MOT testing. Importantly, we are always watching out for garages. bad practices and make regular visits to offending garages. MOT garages are also given colour codes that relate to their testing standards. Green is the best, then Amber, and the worst standard is Red.

So, these are the ones that the ministry keeps a careful eye on. It is worth finding out what standard of the testing station is, before you book your car in. I am proud to say that we at Pellon Autocentre are in the best lane, the green lane.

MOT testing station

Pellon Tyre and Autocentre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. MOT Testing Halifax area

Comment from Jim McMasters –

As the owner of an older car I have been tempted to use the Council test stations. This year I had two MOT tests by two different independent garages. Garage No 1 failed the car on rear brake pipes and front and rear brake hoses with both front suspension bushes advisory – cost of repairs £344 inc MOT.

Garage No 2 failed the car on front and rear brake pipes and the suspension bushes and said the brake hoses were advisory with mild corrosion on the ferrules and discoloration of rear indicator bulbs which had been replaced by Garage No1 the year before – cost of repairs £601 inc MOT.

The only thing that puts me off using the Council testing stations is that if you fail you then have to fend around for someone to fix the car within the retest period which takes time and I’ve found some garages don’t want to do brake pipe jobs if they are busy with bolt on type repairs. So I think you make a fair point in favour of the independent garage for practical purposes but as my example shows, there is a lack of consistency with garages both in testing and pricing.

Catalytic Converter Theft

Nissan Navara-Blocked EGR Valve

Nissan Navara-Blocked EGR Valve

Nissan Navara-Blocked EGR Valve
Nissan Navara-Blocked EGR Valve

Nissan Navara-Blocked EGR Valve

So, we are now starting to increase our workpower after the drop in business due to the “Corona Virus” pandemic. Importantly, cars are now being driven after the long lockdown. Because vehicles of many shapes and technologies have been left unused, different problems are occurring. The other day was no exception, with various cars turning up. Including a Nissan Navara with engine running problems.

Mainly suffering from a reduction in power. Hence, the car was struggling to accelerate without much power. Immediately, we suspected a problem with the EGR valve. Importantly, EGR valves play a vital role in controlling your vehicle’s exhaust emissions. Introduced to aid vehicles that are controlled by strict emissions regulations in place.So, our laws governing this come from the European Union at the moment.

However, like most mechanical and electrical parts, they can eventually go wrong! Including this Nissan Navara. So here at Pellon-Autocentre, Halifax, we make sure that we have all the latest electronic diagnostic tools and associated equipment. Of course, all my regular customers know that we have a team of highly trained technicians. Categorically, enabling our staff to diagnose and treat any EGR valve problems.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve (EGR).

There is no doubt that the EGR valve is an important part,Nissan Navara-Blocked EGR Valve when it comes to the smooth flow and running operations of the modern car engine.  Failure of this valve can lead to a reduction in power, as in the Nisan presented to us. Other problems ensuing will include a reduction in fuel efficiency, the vehicle will start using more fuel. This problem is often picked up on the MOT emissions test. Causing the vehicle to fail the test due to emissions failure.

The EGR valves eventually get sooted up. Nissan Navara-Blocked EGR Valve

. Especially when the vehicle is only used locally. Of course, motorway driving increase the heat of the engine and therefore keeps the soot level down by burning the soot off.

So, this Nissan was found to have a very heavily sooted up EGR valve as seen in the image. After cleaning with a special fluid the EGR valve worked fine and the Nissan was back to normal running, including fuel efficiency.

Eric Roberts




Insane MOT Test Proposals

MOT Testing Re-starts- After lockdown restrictions relaxed

MOT Testing Re-starts

Drivers can have there cars tested

Despite the government giving motorists a six-month extension to their MOT due date, Of course, during “lockdown.” Importantly, many people want to keep their cars in good, safe condition. So, it is possible to still have your MOT test at the original due date. Here at Pellon Autocentre in Halifax, we are now carrying out MOT Testing for many of our more responsible customers.

Of course, we must adhere to social spacing and Corona virus regulations. However, with a little thought from both our staff and our customers, this is doable. Happily, we have discovered that the customers prefer to leave their cars with us. Prior to the pandemic, most drivers wanted to remain with their cars after lockdown while the MOT test was carried out. So, as I have said! They now prefer to leave the vehicle with us, and we call them with the test results.

mot testing

Old favourites turn up for there regular test

Of course, we often see the same cars year after year. Many of these cars are classics and vintage cars. Although legally, these vehicles are no longer required to pass a test. Then the owners prefer to stay safe and have their precious cars tested. Of course, these cars are their owners’ pride and joy. Also they find that having an MOT test carried out reduces their insurance for the year.

Of course, having the cars tested ensures that they are roadworthy and safe to use on our busy roads. In fact, two of our old favourites turned up for a test on the same day. First came the wonderful vintage Bentley Roadster. I believe that this car may be worth a fortune. So, after lunch, a wonderful red Jaguar was left with us for testing in the afternoon. Amazingly, both these cars passed the test with flying colours! They always do! Their owners keep these vehicles in first-class condition, and it is very rare that the cars require any work to pass the MOT test.

MOT Testing Re-starts

Importantly, if you drive your car on the road, you should have the car tested when it is actually due. Please don’t rely on the government’s extension time. Because your insurance company would be furious if the vehicle you were driving had flaws that caused a collision!

Catalytic Converter Theft

Catalytic Converter Care: Regular Servicing can help your Cat

Catalytic Converter Care

Catalytic Converter Care
Catalytic Converter Care

Catalytic Converter Care

This is an interesting point; I suppose that regular car maintenance has an effect on all your car parts in the end. Your catalytic converter (CAT) is a crucial part of your vehicle. Therefore, it is fitted with your engine and the rest of the exhaust system. Thus, some are attached to the manifold, onto the engine; these are known as manifold cats, and some are fitted at the end of a short front pipe on the rest of the exhaust system.

Bigger models of cars sometimes require two cats; cars such as BMWs and MERCs usually have two cats fitted, which is very expensive to replace.

Your cat’s primary job is to clean up the engine particles that the engine omits. Catalytic converters are made out of ceramic. Thus, with added precious metals (another reason why catalytic converter care is critical),. Naturally, filter the dirty particles from your engine. Thus reducing the pollutants from entering the atmosphere, this helps us to clean the environment and is part of the UK MOT test.

Bibliography: “Cleaner Roads and Greener Halifax: The Crucial Role of Catalytic Converters in Our Modern Vehicles”

To begin,
Consider this: You become enthralled by Halifax’s breathtaking scenery and rich history as you drive along its winding roads. The catalytic converter, a small marvel concealed beneath your vehicle, is the last thing on your mind. However, what is it precisely, and why should we be concerned with it in contemporary automobiles?

In essence, what is a catalytic converter? Catalytic Converter Care

A catalytic converter, colloquially known as a “cat converter” or even “cat” for short,. So it is an extraordinary apparatus concealed within the engine compartment of your vehicle. Its critical function in mitigating detrimental emissions consequently contributes to the enhancement of air quality in our picturesque northern town of Halifax.

With its picturesque moors and serene pastures, Halifax has a long history of embracing the natural environment. However, as the number of vehicles on our roads continues to rise, air pollution has become a concern. In such situations, catalytic converters are of great assistance.

Catalytic converters are engineered to convert noxious byproducts of combustion into substances that are less hazardous. Catalytic Converter Care

These organisms fulfil the role of environmental protectors by facilitating the conversion of carbon monoxide (CO) to carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides (NOx) to nitrogen (N2), and unburned hydrocarbons (HC) to carbon dioxide and water (H2O). This chemical ingenuity guarantees that the emissions from our vehicles are considerably less detrimental to the atmosphere.

The unique combination of natural beauty and historical significance in Halifax is a treasure that every local holds precious. It is crucial to preserve our environment for the benefit of future generations. Automobile catalytic converters are a minute but crucial component of this endeavour.

One might imagine traversing the picturesque landscapes of Brontë Country or admiring the cobblestone streets of Halifax’s town centre while travelling. Knowing that catalytic converters help to preserve the local environment by reducing the amount of air pollution that our vehicles emit, we can do so with greater peace of mind.

Regulatory Standards: Catalytic Converter Care

The United Kingdom, including Halifax, strictly adheres to the government-established emissions standards. Contemporary vehicles are not merely permitted to have catalytic converters; they are mandated in order to satisfy these standards. Noncompliance can lead to monetary penalties and sanctions, thereby underscoring the importance of these consequences.

Fuel efficiency and performance: Catalytic Converter Care

Catalytic converters have the potential to enhance fuel efficiency and overall vehicle performance when operating at peak efficiency. They optimise our journeys throughout Halifax and further by ensuring that the combustion process is thorough and environmentally friendly.

In conclusion

As a result, adding catalytic converters to modern cars is a key way to protect Halifax’s beauty and appeal, going beyond just being a technological necessity. These discrete devices assist us in diminishing our ecological impact, adhering to regulatory requirements, and travelling through our cherished city in a more environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient manner.

Therefore, the next time you drive through Halifax in your vehicle, spare a moment to recognise the catalytic converter that quietly operates beneath the surface to ensure that our roads and air remain fresher. This is an additional method by which we can enhance the quality of life and ventures in our community.

Salutations, esteemed drivers from Halifax, and may our forays consistently be mindful of the ecological impact of our vicinity!

Your cat will only work correctly if the engine operates with the correct ratio of air to fuel. Naturally, this was where your car service comes in.

Most cats take care of themselves: catalytic converter Converter Care

So, since writing this post, the catalytic converter has become even more important. Especially with the tightening of exhaust emissions regulations coming from European governments. Of course, this important filtering of the gas system is on every new petrol and diesel car produced these days. So, diesel cars and vans call them the “particulate filters“.

However, they work very similar to each other, filtering out poisonous gases from the vehicle’s engine before emitting the gas into the atmosphere. It may be interesting to know that the catalysts are made up of some precious metals.

Precious metals used in catalytic converter

So, one of the main reasons that many catalytic converters are stolen  from vehicles. Thus, many of them contain some rare metals. Given these points, the main metals are rhodium, palladium, and platinum.

Pellon tyre online tyres and car repairing servicing

Right to Repair Law- Could Brexit Affect repair Laws?

Right to Repair Law

Right to Repair Law
Right to Repair Law

Right to Repair Law

The reform was all about setting new rules to take into account the intensity of competition on the markets for the distribution of motor vehicles and spare parts. Also for the provision of repair and maintenance services. It covers cars, trucks, and buses, and all types of garages, small or large.

The Commission found that competition in the market for the sale of new vehicles is strong. In this light, the current sector-specific rules create an unnecessary straitjacket that prevents

car manufacturers from organising their distribution systems as they see fit. The European Commission has therefore aligned the rules applicable to motor vehicle distribution. This applies with those that apply to distribution agreements in other sectors but with a three-year transition period to allow dealers to adapt to the new measures.

Right to Repair Law

Competition on the markets for repair and maintenance and for spare parts distribution is less intense. Consumers who may suffer harm as a result of anti-competitive practices are at risk. This could push up car repair costs when servicing a car. The garage The repair and maintenance industry is very important for consumers. Not only for reasons of safety and reliability. But also because repair bills account for 40% of the total cost to car owners. Unlike car prices, the cost of the average repair job and  servicing has actually risen over the past few years.

Consumers are feeling the effects of rising repair bills.

This also includes  servicing costs during the present crisis. They are more price-sensitive and drive older vehicles that require more regular maintenance. The EU Commission has put in place a tougher regime for these markets. They will make it easier to enforce the rules. Particular problematic issues include holding back technical information, not releasing spare parts, and refusing to honour warranties when consumers have their cars repaired at independent garage servicing facilities.

Independent garages and repairers such as Pellon Autocentre

are important because they give consumers more choice. This helps keep the price of  servicing and repairs competitive by putting pressure on prices due to competitive pricing. Also to  authorised repair networks. But for this to happen, it is essential that garages can get the technical information necessary to do the repairs and carry out the work on increasingly sophisticated cars with increasing amounts of technology.

Right to Repair Law

Since then, withholding “technical information” will be dealt with directly under the EU Treaty rules on restrictive business practices (Article 101). Manufacturers, spare parts shops, and repair shops generally have a market share in excess of 30%. In addition, guidelines are also being brought in and contain detailed clarifications. As to the notion of technical information, cross-referring to Regulation 715/2007 on type approval of certain cars and all subsequent implementing regulations.

New rules will assure that garage servicing companies have access to technical information for models that are type-approved after September 1, 2009. By making a clear link with the 2007 car type approval regulation. The EU Commission will ensure both consistency and access to technical information. cars put in circulation before that date and allow the presentation of technical information to evolve and continue in line with technical progress.

The EU Commission remains committed

to vigorously enforcing the rules on access to technical information. This was demonstrated in four cases brought in 2007. This was to ensure that car manufacturers disclose the necessary information to independent repairers and garage servicing facilities. Garages like Pellon Autocentre are in the Calderdale area of West Yorkshire.

Right to Repair Law

By strengthening the enforcement of competition rules. Including the garage servicing sector and maintenance and spare parts markets. These new laws will contribute to creating a level playing field between car manufacturers, spare part producers, and garage servicing.  Thus contributing to lower prices for spare parts. This has to be very good news for the garage servicing , garage repair, and spare parts industries. This result must give us great pride. To all the different groups and individuals that spent hard-earned money lobbying and writing to their EU and local MPs. These new laws are similar to the “right to repair” laws in the USA.

The new “Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation”,  will continue to help lower the cost of service” for 13 years until 2023.

The EU Commission will constantly monitor the situation in the markets for motor vehicle and spare parts distribution, as well as in the market for the provision of repair and maintenance services including garage servicing companies. The EU Commission will also monitor the application of the regulation in cooperation with national competition authorities and stakeholders. Once again, the UK garage and motor industry can continue to work hard and give the public the service and competitive pricing they deserve.

Pellon Tyre and Autocentre thinks that the Right to Repair Law, coming from the EU, will be kept when our government decides on which legislation to keep and throw out.

Insane MOT Test Proposals

Online bookings are on the rise.

Online bookings are on the rise.

Online bookings are on the rise.
© Can Stock Photo / stockasso

Online bookings are on the rise.

Online bookings are on the rise.

How Our Car Tyre Sales Are Exploding in 2024 Due to Online Bookings
Hi there! Let’s talk about something that’s actually altering the game for us in this beautiful town of Halifax and, to be honest, all over the United Kingdom. We’ve seen a phenomenal spike in sales of cars and van tyres this year, in 2024, and it’s all because of the magic of online bookings.

The Aspects of Convenience

To start, convenience is the main consideration, isn’t it? Our clients like simplicity, and making reservations online gives them exactly that. Do you recall the times when you would call, have to wait on hold, and then try to fit in with whatever slot was open?

Well, those times are behind us. Now, you can just visit our website whenever it’s convenient for you to schedule a time to get your tyres checked, whether it’s during a brief tea break or while watching TV at night. It’s quite simple.

Drawing in the Tech-Aware Audience
Even the most tech-averse people will start to feel a little more at ease with technology by 2024. It is obvious that more individuals are making reservations online because cellphones are almost attached to their hands. Our website is designed to be incredibly user-friendly. Selecting the right tyre for your vehicle is made easy with the availability of comprehensive information on tyre brands and prices.

Increased Visibility with Local SEO
We are quite pleased with the results of our local SEO efforts. Our company appears when people in Halifax and the surrounding areas search for “tyre sales near me” or “best place to buy tyres in Halifax.” This visibility not only draws in the locals but also draws in anyone passing by who might need assistance.

A Tributary to Our History
In Halifax, our mission extends beyond tyre sales to include community involvement. We make an effort to establish a connection with you when you book online by providing some interesting local history or fun information. Did you know that Eureka is based in Halifax?

During the Industrial Revolution, this once-thriving mill town was home to the National Children’s Museum. These small details are what give our service a more localised, personalised feel.

The Trust Factor: Trust is very important. Our online pricing transparency and plethora of favourable tyre types, provide prospective consumers with greater confidence in selecting us. They can read what previous customers had to say about our prompt service and excellent tyre fitting. Transparency fosters trust because everything is visible to everyone.

Moving Ahead

We can’t wait to continue improving our online booking system in the future. Making things simpler and more enticing for our clients is our top priority. Additionally, keep an eye out for certain exclusive deals that are only available to those who book online!

There you have it, then. By 2024, online reservations will be an essential component of our plan to simplify and enhance the tire-buying experience. They are not just a trendy fad. Both online and offline, our doors are open to everybody, whether you’re a local or just stopping by.

Visit our website to discover how simple it is to get your automobile fixed. Who knows? While you’re doing it, you might pick up some additional knowledge about Halifax!

So this is no surprise to me!

Having an online booking system is part of our customer care system. Of course, not only for booking jobs but also for keeping records of our customers purchases for warranty purposes.

In fact, we have two online booking systems! This is for our MOT testing customers, and we also have a tyre lookup and booking system online.

Garage work provider has reported a 205 per cent surge in jobs requested, rising from 27,000 in April to 85,000 in September. After initially seeing repair requests grind to a complete stop, the uncertainty of

Eric Roberts was not very pleased at the decision to stop MOT testing altogether during the recent covid 19 pandemic. Testing was suspended for six months and a massive backlog later on in the year certainly kept us on our feet.

Going forward to the spring of 2021, things have now settled down, and testing is back to normal. So, our garage customers have been very helpful and understanding during this horrible pandemic.

Social distancing and mask wearing are still common practices, and we have had no problems with complying with the law.

Source: Online servicing and repair jobs surging with 205% increase – Garagewire