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Quality Car batteries- And other top tips for driving your CAR in the wet winter conditions

Quality Car batteries; driving the car in winter conditions

One of the most obvious but important parts of winter driving is to prepare  for the bad weather that will be certain to affect us. Every winter we are bombarded by bad weather. So, most of us will get caught out and unprepared for the journey back home from shopping or from work. This happens time and time again. Of course, to many motorists who get caught out in heavy rain. Especially, flooding similar to the weather this week, or a really fast and heavy snow storm. If you check your car out you will eliminate most of the worry of bad road conditions. Feeling, safer and glad that you were prepared.

  • It always pays to have your car checked at independent local garage for a pre winter check.
  • This takes the form of checking your levels for antifreeze. To make sure that it is the correct strength to withstand freezing temperatures. Also your screen wash and oil levels must be checked. The early dark nights also call for your lights checking. How many times do you see a car with only one head on, that looks like a motorbike from a distance ?.
  • The most important things to check are your tyres. I know that I harp on about it, but please buy a set of winter tyres. So, this alone will help you on wet and snow covered winter roads and give you much more confidence when traveling out to work or to the shops. Many more drivers are now switching to winter tyres and are spreading the news to their relations and friends, they really do make a massive difference when driving on roads in winter time.

Check the depth of the water before going through in your car

Other advice now relates to flooding. Flooding has now become a common scene here in the UK. When you approach a flood please take care not take your vehicle  in too deep. Try to avoid the flooded road if possible. Especially, if you must go across the water make sure you stop and check your brakes on the other side. Of course, a minor point is that water could damage your exhaust pipes and catalytic converter a few weeks later. Another part of the car that is neglected in winter is your car battery.

You can easily be caught stranded away from home if your battery lets you down. If your vehicle is over 5 years old it may be better for you to change the battery for a new one before your old battery lets you down. Remember it always happens when you are away from home and will cost you less to replace it , than expensive breakdown charges. if you do have to buy a new battery do make sure that you chose Quality Car batteries. They often come with a better warranty and will last longer

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Revolutionise Your Tyre Shopping Experience

Sunbeam Rapier Cross Ply

Sunbeam Rapier Cross Ply Tyres

Sunbeam Rapier Cross Ply Tyres
Sunbeam Rapier Cross Ply Tyres

Sunbeam Rapier Cross Ply Tyres

One of the great things about my job. Hence, as MD of Pellon Tyres,. No two days are the same. Thus, the only unfortunate thing about this is that your time does fly when your having fun.

As expected, the other day I had a motorcycle battery to deliver (we offer next-day delivery). Because it was only a few miles away in Bradford, I decided to deliver the battery myself. I will very often provide batteries in the nearby towns in West Yorkshire. We try to give the best service to our customers through our tyre shop and websites.

However, I arrived at the house in Bradford. Sunbeam Rapier Cross Ply Tyres

So the customer was out. Therefore, I hid the battery under a bucket and left a note. Thereupon, on my way back to my van, I noticed an old car parked up in

r’s driveway. I love old cars and often write blogs about them. Hence, this was no exception.

The car was a Sunbeam Rapier. I was over the moon and took a couple of pictures. These cars reminded me of when I was a young mechanic: my friend Richard Ellis worked in Dewsbury at a Routes garage, and I worked at a BMC garage ( soon to become British Leyland).

We always shared stories about the good and bad points of the cars we worked on, including the Sunbeam Rapier. I do not remember seeing one until the other day in Bradford. I think the owner of the Sunbeam is a member of the Sunbeam Rapier Owners Club.

Sunbeam Rapier Cross Ply Tyres

The Rapier was an upmarket version of the Hillman Minx; the early ones only had a speed of 85mph. The Rapier was given tail fins and a new-style grille for the radiator, with the option of a convertible body, making the car look cool. As far as I can remember, they originally came out on cross ply tyres in the sizes 590×13 and then 600×13, but I stand corrected if you know better.

In 1961 the convertible came out and was a very sound car; it had whitewall tyres. Sunbeam Rapier Cross Ply Tyres

and was fitted with a walnut dash with two-tone paint, making the car look unique. The Rapier was out at the same time as the Vauxhall Cresta and the Ford Zodiac, all iconic cars of the time.

Lastly, I hope this blog brings back some memories, as it did to me. A story from a motorcycle battery delivery sunbeam with 590/600×13 tyres