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Tyre Damaged-Rough Red Planet Rocks Rip Rover Curiosity Wheels and Tyres – Universe Today

Tyre Damaged

The Space Reporter Rough Red Planet Rocks Rip Rover Curiosity Wheels and tyres Universe Today Photomosaic shows new holes and Tyre Damaged in several of rover Curiosity’s six wheels caused by recent driving over sharp edged Martian rocks on the months long trek to…


Eric Roberts’ insight:

Have lessons been learned about Tyre Damaged on Mars

Well it looks like the Mars Curiosity lander is having wheels problems?. The rough Martian rocks are taking their toll . On the vehicles and the so-called “wheel damage”. As a result, as this article shows pieces of the Alloy are breaking up . Are falling off due to the rough and tough terrain . Of course, that the Martian landscape has thrown at them.

I personally do not know what the treads are made of. Although, I think that they were made at the American Space Laboratory . Consequently,out of aluminium . With a rubber or stronger material bonded to them together with some sort of tread pattern, similar to the wheels and solid rubber tread used on fork-lift trucks here on Earth, but obviously, much lighter, the brightness must Tyre Damagedbe a huge contributory factor. But for tough conditions you would need a different system.

Thus, to prevent Tyre Damaged .

Enabling,  the craft to cope with these conditions. Perhaps tyres that would have some sort of low-pressure system. Would have taken some of the brunt of the workload. Particularly, same as the ones used on Earth, such as on the small Utility vehicles used on farms to drive over rugged terrains, these treads are tough to help prevent Tyre Damaged and because Mars has some atmosphere, a small on-board compressor of some kind could keep a low pressure in a more conventional type .

I suppose that these problems may be overcome on future missions, but it could be a good idea to look at the technology that we use on Earth, that has been tested and used over a long period of time. Tyres can now be made of many different materials, not just rubber, to avoid Tyre Damaged, many synthetic and lighter materials are used in today’s tyre industry and this could be coupled with some sort of tyre inflation system that we use at the moment.


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Toyota’s Prius EV-Refresh, hydrogen fuel cell Batteries on tap from 2015 – Newsday

Toyota’s Prius EV

Toyota's Prius EV

Toyota’s Prius EV in Belgium

Newsday Toyota’s Prius EV refresh,

hydrogen fuel cell car on tap for 2015 Newsday The next Prius, which is expected in 2015, will include improved batteries and smaller, more powerful electric motors, and will be built on the company’s new global…


Eric Roberts‘s insight:

This is great news about the Toyota’s Prius EV Hydrogen Batteries

This news is good news for the many motoring fans.Thus, who think that the future should be a mix of technologies. In the World of cars. The past twenty years alone we have seen many new developments. Of course, In the battery World.

Apart from modifying the ever present free flow lead acid batteries. So we have seen the new battery types such as AGM and GEL batteries cropping up to serve as back up Varta batteries. Hence, for many industries such as computer back up systems and even for the early computers that we all used. All this new technology was introduced along with need for progress and the appetite from consumers and industry for better and faster electrical equipment.

Toyota's Prius EV

Toyota’s Prius EV

Toyota’s Prius EV

This development has never stopped. Of late we have developed many new types of batteries. As a result, that were funded by Governments and large corporations. So, to satisfy the need of the ever expanding electrical and engineering projects. Whether they were large or small.

The next generation of batteries was to be known as the NiMH, Nickel metal hydride batteries. Mainly for use the ever expanding miniaturization of personnel computers. These were followed by the invention of the Lithium- Ion batteries . Invented in the 1990’s for use on the Stealth aircraft in the USA. Also used in the space program by NASA, the American space agency.

The latest surge in Toyota’s Prius EV development. Came when there was an urgent need to save the Earth from greenhouse gases. The main culprit is pollution from fossil fuel driven cars. So the Governments of the World. Have got together and agreed that emissions had to be reduced. This caused a frantic rush. Thus, for the car makers to come up with an alternative fuel supply. Hence, to gasoline products. Of course, the answer would be the electric or the hybrid car. At first car makers came up with the Lithium-Ion batteries and are still developing today.

Toyota’s Prius EV Looking for alternatives

However because these cars will not travel far. Of course, before the batteries require re-charging. Scientists are trying to come up with an alternative. One of the companies to do this is Toyota’s Prius EV from Japan. This new type of Toyota’s Prius EV battery is called the Hydrogen-cell battery and in my opinion will be the winner of this technology race in the future.

The car. Toyota’s Prius EV is expected to be coming onto the market as early as 2015. Already gas stations are been prepared by adding Hydrogen pumps on their forecourts. In my opinion, yet another step forward.

Article written by Eric Roberts…

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