Insane MOT Test Proposals

MOT Testing Halifax-Wheels and Tyres-Explained

Pellon Autocentre is an MOT Testing Halifax station with over 20 years experience.

MOT Testing Halifax is part of a series of explanations. About, how the MOT Rules works to keep your car safe and legal. When you prepare your car for the MOT test, the follow advice will apply. Especially, when dealing with wheels and tyres. The first thing to check are the wheels. As a result, if you have alloy wheels. Because, you should check for serious damage and cracks. Also, you must have a full set of wheel nuts fitted. If your car has steel wheels and plastic hub caps. Of course, the nuts will not be checked by the tester. Thus, they will only be checked if you remove the hub caps before the car is tested.

If any nuts are missing then this will result in a failure.

According to the DVLA MOT Rules. The tyre condition is very important. Testers look for any side wall damage and for any cuts or damage to the tyre tread. The tester will also check the tread depth. Using his official tread depth gauge. The legal limit is 1.6 mm across three-quarters of the tread width . This can be detected by a visual look at the tyres. Of course, before you present the car for a test. Tyre manufacturers build into the tyre treads a wear indicator bar. For when the tyre wears down to the bar a bald patch is visible. Police officers also use these bars as away of a quick check of tyre condition. Especially, when stopping a motorist for a check over.

Spare wheels and tyres are not part of the MOT test,

MOT Testing Halifax. You may not present a car for a test with a temporary spare on the car.Also, you must present the car with the best four wheels and tyres on your car. Tyre sizes are checked on the car on the same axle. But other information such as load ratings are not checked.Because, this is deemed as too technical. As a result, some cars may break the law. They are not part of an MOT test and therefore will not fail.
It is always good practice to have your car checked out or have a service when you have your car tested, this will ensure that your car is legal and safe. Pellon Autocentre is leading MOT Testing Halifax area.

Pellon Tyre and Autocentre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. 

MOT Test Fee: How low

MOT Test Combined with Car Servicing

MOT Test Combined with Car Servicing

MOT Test Combined with Car Servicing
MOT Test Combined with Car Servicing

MOT Test Combined with Car Servicing

Unlike a vehicle MOT test, servicing is not a legal requirement for your vehicle. However, you will probably find that regular servicing can help to keep everything.

Eric Roberts‘s insight:

We all must be responsible for our cars servicing and  test

Sometimes I find it a great shame. Incredibly, we are in the motor trade. Insistently, you have to keep harping on about servicing your cars. One of the main excuses in recent times! Of course, there has been a recession. Recently, car drivers just haven’t had any spare cash to spend on their vehicles. Consequently, we have all seen people just putting £10’s worth of fuel into their cars at the filling station? Ridiculous, but true !

In my opinion,

I think that these people should have some kind of budget. A sort of “piggy bank” and save to have their vehicle serviced. Including any mechanical work required when it goes in for its annual vehicle test. Incidentally, it is estimated that 4.7 million people miss their mot testing date. I am sure that drivers either just flaunt the law or are not aware that driving your

A car without a valid MOT test certificate is an offence referenced in Section 47 of the 1988 Road Traffic Act.

Also, driving without an MOT test.

will make your insurance invalid, and you may receive a fine of up to £1000. Is it really worth it when you can have a vehicle test and a service for most average family saloons for around £150? If you are not sure where you can go to have your vehicle serviced, you should go online and look for your nearest local independent garage; they will offer you excellent service at a fair price.

Once you have had your MOT test and service you should be safer for another year, although I recommend that you have an engine oil and filter change in between the tests to be on the safe side. Also, do not forget to check your levels at regular intervals, say once a week, and top them up when required.

Here we are now at the back end of 2024, nearing Christmas time, and the price of fuel has plummeted. The only problem is that the price of oil and petrol is not following as fast. The experts say that it may take a little longer for this to take place, but I was just wondering if services for cars would also be coming down. I am not so sure , but I suspect so.

Insane MOT Test Proposals

Best MGB I Have Ever Seen: Comes in for an- MOT TEST

Best MGB I Have Ever Seen

Best MGB I Have Ever Seen

I could not believe my eyes when we were presented with this beautiful MGB sport car for its MOT test. So, I am just going to show the images that we took so that you can see for yourself how nice this car is.

The MGB was a very sought-after car in the sixties and seventies

In my opinion was one of the signs that you were doing better in life if you owned one, I had the poor relation the MG Midget. I remember working for a Dunlop tyres subsidiary at the time and the MG was fitted with 165×14 Mainly Pirelli Cinturato textile radials. The guys who owned them (it was a man’s car and not many females owned one) were mainly self-employed builders and architects, this was the car for them.

Of course, the fascinating thing to me is. So, out of the 387,000 cars produced, 90% were sold in America. Consequently, they were as popular as they were in the UK. Subsequently, these cars were built from 1962 until the last car in 1980. Hence, the first MGB GT versions rolled off the production line in 1965. As a result, by the end, over 125,000 of these splendid cars had been built. Of course, with about a third going for export.

The MGB became the world’s top-selling sports car: Best MGB I Have Ever Seen

Selling well over half a million cars. Therefore, it was the bestselling British sports car of all time. So, by this time, the cars were fitted with more of the Dunlop tyre products. Working for a Dunlop subsidiary. Thus, we had more and more of these excellent sports cars entering our auto centre. Of course, for tyres and car servicing.

Over the years, the MGB has retained its popularity. Even now, in 2014, there are many companies making and selling spare parts. You can even buy full-body shells. Hence, full-body shells were launched by British Motor Heritage back in 1988. Lastly, the shell was also used to produce the MG RV 8 in 1992.

The Rise and Fall of the MGB Sports Car in the UK Introduction:

 Picture yourself cruising down the picturesque British countryside in a classic sports car, the wind tousling your hair as you take in the scenic beauty. Chances are, the image that comes to mind might be that of the iconic MGB sports car. In this article, we’ll take a journey through time to explore the rise and fall of the MGB sports car in the United Kingdom, blending in a bit of local flavour to keep things interesting.

The Rise:

 The 1960s were an exciting time for the British automotive industry, and the MGB played a pivotal role in this era of motoring history. Introduced in 1962 by the British automaker MG (Morris Garages), the MGB quickly became a symbol of British sports car excellence.

 Its sleek and timeless design, featuring those iconic chrome bumpers, captured the hearts of many. Local Touch: The MGB was a common sight on the roads of the UK during the ’60s and ’70s. It became a symbol of British motoring prowess and was embraced by car enthusiasts from all corners of the country.

The Popularity Soars:

 The MGB’s appeal extended far beyond the UK’s borders. It found itself a fan base across the globe, making it a popular export. Its combination of affordability, style, and performance made it a true contender in the sports car market.

 Local Touch: Many MGBs were exported to the United States, where they found an eager audience, further boosting their popularity. The Fall: However, as time marched on, the MGB faced challenges that eventually led to its decline.

 Emission Regulations: In the 1970s, stricter emission regulations came into play, which posed a challenge for the MGB’s older engine technology. Modifications were needed to meet these new standards, and it affected the car’s performance. Local Touch: The UK also implemented these regulations, affecting the MGBs that remained on British roads.

 Competition: Best MGB I Have Ever Seen

The sports car market became increasingly competitive, with new entrants offering modern features and designs. The MGB, with its classic charm, struggled to keep up. Local Touch:

 British car enthusiasts had more options to choose from, including foreign competitors. Financial Woes: MG faced financial troubles and changing ownership, which impacted the company’s ability to invest in updating the MGB. Local Touch:

 The uncertainty around the brand’s future affected the confidence of UK buyers. Conclusion: The rise and fall of the MGB sports car in the UK is a tale of a beloved classic facing the winds of change. While the

MGB’s production eventually came to an end in 1980, Best MGB I Have Ever Seen

 its legacy lives on in the hearts of car enthusiasts, both in the UK and around the world. Local Touch: Today, you can still spot a well-maintained MGB on the roads of the UK, especially at classic car shows and local gatherings.

It’s a reminder of a bygone era of British motoring that will forever hold a special place in our hearts. So, as you take that imaginary ride through the British countryside, remember the MGB, a timeless icon of the UK’s automotive heritage.

Consequently, the technical details are as follows:

Tyres size: 165×14 and later 185x60x14 or 15 inch with alloys

 Engine: 4 cylinder in line

 Capacity: 1,798 cc

Bore & Stroke: 80.26mm x 88.9mm

Valve operation: overhead operated by tappets, push-rods, and rockers.

No of bearings: 5 main

Power output: 97 bhp at 5,500 rpm

Maximum torque: 105lb/ft at 2,500 rpm

Compression ratio: 9.0:1

Carburation: Twin SU’s

Clutch: Single dry plate

Suspension: front; coil and wishbone; rear; live axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs.

Dampers: Armstrong lever arm front & rear

Steering: Rack and pinion

Brakes: hydraulic with servo assistance. Front; 10.75″ dia disc. Rear; 10″ dia drum

Maximum speed: 104 mph

Acceleration: 0-60 mph: 13.0 secs

Fuel consumption: 25 mpg.

Of course, the facts were courtesy of …