Hydrogen Fuel cells

Hydrogen Plugin Mercedes

Hydrogen Plugin Mercedes

Hydrogen Plugin Mercedes
Hydrogen Plugin Mercedes

Hydrogen Plugin Mercedes

Hydrogen Plugin Mercedes Makes Debut

I must admit that I am losing the plot regarding the number of alternative-fueled cars that are now being developed. On the other hand, I am very pleased that other forms of fuel are been experimented with.

None of these companies has yet disclosed any sales figures, but their fuels represent much larger pieces of the alternative fuel market. The EIA report for 2016 included less than In the United States, about 500 hydrogen-fueled vehicles are in use, and about 330 of those are registered in California.

The size of this individually

produced a marketplace of AFVs (Armoured Fighting Vehicles). As a result, may never be officially counted or calculated. It’s clear that the shift from petroleum to the next generation of fuels has already gathered a lot of momentum.Indeed, things are now moving on at a fast pace. It is also clear that individuals from around the world.

Thus, are not waiting for big automakers. Including their governments. Hence, they should decide what fuels they should use.

The only problem with hydrogen cell vehicles is the lack of re-fueling infrastructure. However, things are slightly improving, with a new hydrogen fuel station opening on the M25 here in the UK and several more in the pipeline.

Hydrogen fuel cells are certainly one of the ways forward and emit zero emissions. Indeed, UK supermarket chain Sainsburys has opened a hydrogen fuel facility on one of their sites.

Hydrogen Plugin Mercedes Makes Debut: This new model from Mercedes will only re-enforce interest in this type of alternative fuel.

Of course, there are three major categories of alternative fuels in use now. One that we seem to have forgotten about is biofuels. Also, we have electric power and hydrogen power. Subsequently. We have the electric-battery cars versus the hybrid plug-in cars debate. for example, hydrogen fuel cell vs. HHO (which does not appear to be catching on).

Also, biodiesel vs. ethanol. In fact, biodiesel fuels are also being made from algae.These alternatives, though, seem to be falling behind. The main emphasis is on the drive for the total electric car (EV).
There are hundreds of videos out now about converting your car to use these other non-viable fuels. However, things in this direction are moving really slowly.

Similar companies exist and sell plans

parts lists, and instructions for converting a car to run on electric power (mostly of the plugin variety). Books and instructions on how to build biodiesel kits and recipes for growing algae biodiesel are also easy to find online.

Individuals have produced hybrid cars and vehicles running completely on all of these alternative fuel sources.I must admit, though, that in the big picture of things, these are very small numbers. One company sells the instructions and maintains a worldwide support group.

Hence, for people doing their own HHO fuel conversion,. So, it was reported that more than 11,000 people bought their product last year.

There’s the difficulty of tracking just who is converting their vehicles and how. The EIA has surveyed private fleet owners. Including quasi-government and local, state, and national government bodies. Thus, to get the basis for their calculations,.

There are plenty of automakers, small and large, around the world coming out with different variations of all these cars. Including this new Mercedes model.

Hydrogen Plugin Mercedes Makes Debut-Lithium-Ion may have a short life?

We do need alternatives. The electric car era will be very short because Lithium-Ion batteries are made by using “cobalt.”. Cobalt is a very rare commodity, and we will soon run out if the current volumes of use are not restricted. We also have had recent developments with the good old fossil-fueled cars powered by the good old-fashioned lead-acid car battery.

Mazda has developed the first gasoline engine that ignites by compression instead of a spark plug. Also burning much greener with less poisonous emissions. Yet another good step forward?

Mercedes-Benz is putting the finishing touches on a fuel cell version of the GLC ahead of its debut in Frankfurt. We don’t know many details about the car yet, but Mercedes has pulled back the curtain on the development process leading up to its launch.

Source: Mercedes prepares hydrogen plug-in hybrid for Frankfurt debut

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