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Motorhome tyre Pressures

Motorhome tyre Pressures

Motorhome tyre Pressures

Check the Motorhome tyre Pressures 

Of course, after the recent “lockdown” many thousands of people will be getting their caravans and motorhomes ready. The British bank holiday season starts this year with the Easter holiday. Significantly, this is a time when thousands of holidaymakers will be checking their tyres. Including tyre pressures, ready for their first trips away.

So us Brits do this every year. Even though we know that we will be stuck in massive traffic jams and hold ups.  Wherever we go, but especially to the coast. Never the less we do it every year. We Brits yearn to get away over the bank holiday period and the adjoining school holidays.

What we do not all do is to check our tyres and Tyre Pressures ?

You would think that it was common sense. But many set off and do not think anything about it. These are the ones that we see on the hard shoulder of the motorway. Including, the grass verge. So, having to change a flat tyre or a blown out tyre on their caravan. The worse culprits seem to be the guys who are going camping and towing a little trailer. These small trailers are usually fitted with 400×8 trailer tyres. Similar to wheel barrow tyres. Because they are so small. Therefore, it is imperative that you inflate them to the correct

Tyre Pressures for carrying the weight that you have in the trailer, this will usually be the highest pressure for this type trailer. Motorhome tyre Pressures

I have seen hundreds of these trailers parked up with a wheel missing. Because of the tyre blown out and the owner not having a spare the same size. If you use this type of vehicle! Then you must carry a spare wheel. So, if you are doing sixty mile an hour and you have a puncture in one of these trailers.

Then the small tyre will simply disintegrate. Because of its small size and the weight that it is carrying. Of course, a spare wheel is a necessity. Also make sure that you are buying a spare wheel for a trailer. Importantly, these are usually a six ply tyre that are made for highway and NOT a wheel barrow tyre. I have mentioned this because many people make this huge mistake, we have seen this many times.

This is also a important thing to think about when buying a new tyre for a caravan or mobile home. Motorhome tyre Pressures

Make sure that you buy the correct tyre that has the correct weight carrying loads; It should tell you what tyres to use in the hand book or make sure that you fit the same tyres as your vehicles original equipment.

In motorhomes, the tyres are usually of a higher ply rating than normal car tyres. As we all know, some of these vehicles are massive, even as big as a double-decker bus, so it is very important to get the exact tyres with the correct ply rating and load rating, In my opinion, it is always best to fit the exact same tyres, even the same makes of tyres, as your original equipment.

This will ensure your safety and, probably, your fuel consumption. I know that our customers are on a tight budget, but in this instance, buying cheap tyres is not an option, If the vehicle is fitted with Michelin tyres, then replace them with exactly the same ones using the same tyre pressure, and unless you are really unlucky, you should have a problem free journey as far as your tyres are concerned.

Tyres can help with fuel consumption

As I have said earlier, fuel consumption is very important for the motor home, as some of these vehicles will only do about fifteen to twenty miles per gallon. So having the correct tyre pressure will help to maintain the correct mileage performance. How it works is that if your tyres are underinflated, then your vehicle engine has to work much harder to drive along. This is known as “ROLLING RESISTANCE”

Also, a good tip is to check your tyre pressure when the tyres are cold and to make sure that you have a valve cap fitted, to ensure that the valve does not leak and reduce your tyre pressure.

You should always know what the weight limit is for your type of vehicle . Importantly, do not exceed these recommendations. Also, spread out the weight throughout the vehicle; this will

To maximise the stability of the total unit, we have all followed caravans that are swerving about doing 60 mph on the motorway. Of course, this is also illegal and dangerous.

Another really important point that is sometimes overlooked is to keep a spare wheel for your caravan or camping trailer. Also try it on the vehicle before you set off on your journey; we have had to help many caravan owners who were stuck on the M62 motorway because their spare wheel did not fit. They may look the same, but they could have different stud holes and offsets, so try them out before you travel on a journey…See more at:

Have a safe and carefree holiday ! Motorhome tyre Pressures

 Keeping tyres correctly inflated ensures an even wear rate, leading to a longer tyre life. Under-inflated tyres place excess loads on the outer edges of the tyre, causing the shoulders to wear more rapidly. Over-inflated tyres will experience higher wear rates in the centre of the tread.